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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, May 05, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 30

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"""""t irr-in-TiMiifliril
iKwttowuiiMiinm n.i rmim, tvili,-vr-L..rt,r.JJ..i..ii . i ! i
,1 ' '.
i ' '
Women and War Work
CONTIM'H' i kcpm r w.r ' Wo
One hunilrnl unit rirlny women
(rv mora or lint i f dri t linns 'n
the work In the n j r r i . . t ilremlnK
department nf Id" ". l i i I'nil ot
the Hed I'm- in .imntli of
April. A 1 1 . Hut t j v winked
2.057 honra, 1111 an ra::c "f M".-iily
ven hours i-a, li vtirkini; day.
Mfiny of ihi v. mi.ei'i .1:1 not '.firm
unlll lilt" in III.' M... nth :n r t : lit--purlment
Is in-.t la .1, hoilt up und
it wan the firs' fn:l month of Hh
xlntenre. Tin- i:i,'.l''l amount of
time Ivt-n In Hi" rt. .11 1 h lv any cm
worker w.us rii:litv one hours, hul
there. 1110 r--.( .in of nlkty-two
lioun, hulv three lionrM, fifty-four
hours, foriv -o'Vii hunts ami flfty
fivs hourM by other workcts
The are. Hit hml marks, hut us
we Mm to mm no names iti thlK lie
eotint theae other patriotic
wnmcn will no uriln-rn lil-l here hut
the:r mimes will ho down on th
rwoHi of the Hed "ronn mm woiot-n
of spirit, wIiomb h ciirt.i urn Willi I lie
boys "over there ' Tin- month of
My In np.ili to Khow ! I t-r re
sults than April, an tho workers he.
rome holli morn niimcrtniH nml
morn en pert, nml they. In tlin u
irretrsto, put. In more hour. line
hundred anil twenty. five of thn
women of tlin unit kiikiiwiI In scw
Iiir and rkvp. alloKcther t.lliM
boor of their time to thin purl of
Ihe work, ami mum, if ni nil of
them worked In ,oth the ki-wIiik
nd nuriflral dressing depart menu
There, are women In the unit who
actually worked In nil three de
partnienta knltllnn, eewlnu ami
mirglral. Twenty-three women
turned in completed knitted work
aewed on one. or more iIhvb and
worked In the siirKlcul depurtment
one or more day each week of thn
month. These deserve, a place on
the Red Cross rol. of honor. The
beet record for hours worked In the
sewing; department was sixty-two
but there are mark r)t ftrty-eliiht!
Mrty-four. , thlrty-nlnri thirty-five
thlty-ftv thirty four, twentv-nlne
twenty-nine and thirty houri hy
other women, whlrh Indli-atea that
they worked on more than one day
each week. The amount of work
accompllahed In the month of
Have You Any: Repairs?
at Friedman Jewelry Co.
On account of selling our -retail
business to M. S. Wasserman it is
necessary that all repairs be called
for within the next two weeks.
For Your New
selection ot hlectnc Fixtures
that will giro your home the look that you will be
proud of.
The Mo d Complete Stock and Designs in the City
Dodge Electric Co.
' tOldiwl KtblHhd rirm In ib City )
Wiring, Lighting Fixtures and Supplies
rhone 1S99-741S : H. Second St.
'i l,.rs ln i,r (.rami I httiit-r
Mann's Millinery Shop
Sinclair Iltrlir., I 11 1 11 anil Main St.-. t'lionr .':li:l
MRS. M. WALLACE, representing
Henry J. Wilde
-MAST Mi Fllilt I Mi
KllllsllK I'ltjr, Mt-MMII-I
Showing a Homitlfiil Saiopl,- l.lnc of Summer I'urs. Onhm. Tal.cn
for Ntorairo and Kemixli-llng
April ;im foflow Two huiulr1'!
nml two li" elurle. four ti tjtnlj -J
11 j 1 . 1 ninety nr:1n of loitnlin hniotju'd
two 1 1 1 1 p 1 I r f . I tuiil hlnly five M T
li.tntlnfti'H. 010 hiiinlrii4 nml four
piij.iriiu roniN, ninety i-iKht I'hiiIm.
nix huiiitrril iiri'l foity inn- lienrh
envelop!', tiiy niiltit nf ur.'li't wi-.ir.
two ' opiTHtliiK K'twtn, 1hlrt sli
nweilterH. tlill'l y -1 liri-e iialiH lif
wrlHllets. eevenly four paiiit of
NotkN, hix erarfM. 1,7M i.iiIh, ti-ln
pune It JN1 wlpi's. 1.71- clriipM,
it.4!2 troporiK. I , 'I i H nilo-atorH
In Hie wi-i-U rloiiln Mat ur'l.'i y , ttie
HiirKloal ilr i'M.Hii,' o.'p 1 1 1 iiiont ttuKli
eli,lit lliltolltil a'i'1 i-vi'ji li-mpoii
-. T I f iii.IIi aha '1, friii IiiiM'IiimI anil
lilm-lv fl'.li I ;i .1 . an. I n I I Iri lo h
i'n,-loiMM. (hi' l.ttl'l alt'o I . - j 1 1 jl
fllleU. ')
Tin- I:im Cio-vh null of tin. Itnv.-i!
NeiKhliuin of Aimolni Hill ini-el on
Monday for an all -day wmhiii In the
home of Mm. Course A. Wunl, 1101
l-'oittirlu. Kverv meiohi'i' Ih ahl l t
lake u eovi'ieil ilinh for tin- Into linun
tn he ei-rvi'il at noon.
Turley w,m kIk-ii a to w InHinni
llon fur war work r'llilav I'Viiliul t
11 villi from loi iolo'iH of llic, Apollo
rliih, lin nan, ami Adiotanl A r
hour. who mliti 'i-mtf.d a i 1 1 1 in t tr
llleellliK of the I'Oltillllinltv In tin
'I'm ley i liuri h. Mib r VV Cill.ipi.
ilialrioaii of I he wonien'H wink, voi
Iteil loi al (,., l,i'a..i,ai la,
yetiterdiiy, teiurtdiiK work an f.,il,,n
Twetity.lliive palra hoi kn. Ill xwi nt
erM. ;i pairs wrtmlela, I M-iuf, I In .
'Krhhn In lo he frriidimlloii ilay
In the Hi d ('rt)M claiiei i Mi
A V.'. Coleman, v;hn for Hie I'.ml
four montliK him heen IntrniiliiK
over it hiiii'lreil women in home rait,
of the elrk, dietetna iin,l flfint-ri-tnry
hywlene Cert If pa ti-e for ioni
pletlon of Ihe flret alii work, Klven
ny Iki i.I 1 hyrtlrluua. a No w ill lie
Vnrdeilo Th jre will he denioiiNtra.
Holm In all bra nihett tudleil hy the
Vt'omi n and the day will Im 110 xvent
of reel Inlwet tn all. Women who
hnv eneieeefiilly nnnpleled the
etmrae will Im entitled In m-rve a
iflven n inihrr of hoiir In honpllalR
In tip Kiei-lfp.i hy the K11I 1 'nun,
lifter whlrh llv mnv iinnlify a
nillKeM' alilH The roinniiiirenii'lit
exefcli v til he held In the pulillc
lltirary. "
Jn npite of the nlmoKt Hupi i human
should have an important part
in tho decorations of your house,
Fixture Department
stands ready to assist you in
every way to-niake the proper
I'j'dilh Ashland Mazer
f IS5
IMith Ih the mnall dauahler of Mr. i""!1!' l " v Ihe H", Cio tr. i-iv
11 ml Mim. ileum ! lilaxei of (,I5''" dist 1 1 l.nt Iti dep.i rt men t
Mouth I'e. ,11a nml In a nrettv utile
oflWl t.ut f..-th hy the
flf.t VKr if th-1 wink lit
woitii'n In
K'i I'lllHrl
Mf.tiliill.lt li'IH I .llf.l (lllllili-I YiUH (III-
'tlili- t u r;m-.h it n Jotii tt fiitiii lin
'"''' I IMI HH'K riN''P i ti 1 1
l'l' Ai'l'l'. Wilt i,f f'Mltthllt'tl (V(T
11 n I H -.r -.. y All K'tiiiti-nt iiutK -1
t ; . i ' 1 1 v,-. 1 r ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 i" 1 i r k I mt )it-H
W.l I :m."M,1,-i! f--r Hie lifiii''-
" K in t-tfli-;- Unit lh KoVKiJirnrm'B
! i'i r-r nny ff ('itiiihf1 with AO
(I n I u rm I xtt -frtt liiiixf tt Hiii'plh'd,
I HI liv f I" lilt It MM HfH( llHirH.
aii. uu. m HMtrr worntnt rtpotiil It
m nnt iihlintv Ihui lliiw will ht
io'IVh'1" k U r'U1'' riUml'ir utnU evory olfort tho f.t four lu-
f itiiifh their own I'lilw. i'hph will
If imp piled ut IS eentH emh
The nai clary of the homo hi rv.
lee ilep.'irtmeut of Ihe BolllhweHlei
Ited I'rohi' ut n 1,'iTtii tiitnrvltw
I'oi.reriilni; roinlittoiiH iii iKiitontn'ent
town,:, minlii the following mate.
ment- "W nte dally In reeelpt of
h'tteiH from some iieivtre irertloiiii
of ear tnnti'otit towmi all over the
oiinlry, tellinit of our people, who
huvn inlKraieil and are in ,intree-
1 11K r u 'MiiuitiiinrMH. Thrtm u,oplu
haye le i,h hrnuyht home lit ifieat
ex,e.iHii, ot itlre famtll.v helnn
hii iiKht from llrltlBh 1 'iilumlila. We
have d.tl!y eullB from devntrd lve
und rnollo.rH aekln the asMlNtatire
of the ld I'mrn In Rolnfc- to their
relative (n ramp Iowiih. Kvioviliin
th, situation n we do, we uikh the
famlllex of the enllntfd men of our
11-11 1 11 1 ti n It y to di) their net of eerv
lv hy Htayln at home."
T.eonnr 1 now ha n lartte and nr
live H.'d C'rwei iiuxllliiry. orKanliieil
A 1 . 1 It 1:1 l.y Mr. I'reeton ( '. Went
of tlijj rxtemtlon committee of Tnlm.
rhapier Mm. 11. II. Wilrnx lH llu
chairman nd Mr. .1. 11 Crter.
nei-rttaiy and treeeuter I'.lKhteen
working meml'ern nlreailv have haen
enrolled anil JIH 7S" rnieed hy eon
trlhutlone aul miipere hait hern
itirneii In tu the loeul orKauluition.
The flint rm 11 la r meet Inn wan held
ill Leonard erhool limine, May 4
UoHl,U:ntM of the eommunily are
quite MithunWtli' and the wink In
well ninler way In and Hill roundiiiK
1 ,101, Aid.
Korty-eUht women have been eenl
to I' rvnee tie niiinn e hUIh l,y the
American lied iVowt aroorduiK to
Mien .1 11 tin I'elano, director of tho
derail tment of nuralnx of the Amei l
oan He, I 'n Twenty-nine of
tloiHii nuree' utile were eent over
prior to l'-rhrunry. lull, and all
are dolnir work with the children'
hiireau. They have nil had the pre
liminary eourne In elementary hy
Klene aad home rare of the ilek and
the further preparation of not le.-
limn i'J hour In hteptUU approved
I y thu ItvJ Cfuw.
tn thl week' uwuo of Hed Prmte
lliniH It 1 mat I'd thut J. U .inhtiHim,
1 htlrmaii of the Ki-rond wur fund
drive fur the Houthweetern division,
rrtiiriiel to St. Ixuila Friday nfler
j a Nerieii of rnnforencm In Little
; I'lH'li, llotiHton, I it llu h, ik l.tlioitia
My lull Topela. M'he lame at
j tetulanee i-f ihre eonlerni'eH and
! the chnrai'trr of the men partirl-
imth p Huiuaiitee the iiecroa of Ih
1 ratnp.Tiirn. It, i-nrh etate war fund
I rhiiirtiieu and division repreernta-
Uvea met to d.m'iud eveiy foature
of the rallil'Mlnti.
i Three eluh of the Youmt Wnm
I er t'hrlillun avoi'lntloii are M-ry
lat'tlveh eiit.iKeil In war work. The
; linen, em Women' eluh and Hola
I in.sine : r h'Ih )ire devotlmt two
evenliiKM a hum rarh to l;r, Croa
ii'tuitlie and the IC. A. t.'. rhih
"prtiila 1, in, afternoon a week Wot k
it;i! In the Mu11rlr.1l dreneliii: ilopart-
II elit. I'tie I iliNUt,'Hftk' W omen M and
l!eta P. isine, rlulva meet on Tues
day nlcht and the K. A. r. rluh on
I riuir-ihiv. Uorki'in are Invited to
.him any of them' iiiiIIn.
, Miiiilwni of the Carter oil cm
' i;i 11 y war work unit laive eomtileU'd
plana fer a .lanre whlh whlrh thry
! will rtitrrt.iiu I'riiliiy evening. M;iv
In, at ('otivi'iilUm lia.ll. the prm-eed
10 o lo TulHst rhaptor lied Cros
' The unit now hat a momhorahip of
' l e via no women w lih MIkh Iva
.''alio Huiihinnoii aa pi'tvident . M us.s
l''.i) r.eist. HerretJtry, Mlns Imhwi
Mofii. tiasiMin-r. The workein
. II : I'Vi'l V TlllllHtlnv eVrllitlL.' at tllr
1,l I'll, lieadnimi-ti'i to tiialie
eiit'i'ieal HiitHillie. and women 111
1 ha 1 .ii hiuu voted theni niu.t effl-
' rletll.
I-' i t vi t IVipti.at Hed I'niHt unit, eom
i'l"'''! ,,( wi'tnrn and i;lris of the
i fintrl,, met every day , luring tin
wee!. j'rU mhi to do urment mak
' mi:. Ine total number of workers
: liaviotf hern forty M "H (lordotl 1 I.
!n!'. v n ai eai'tam on Men, lay, Mr
V H I 1 ore, 'Pnemhiv . Mi's. .1. W.
11 ile'li. e,ll,ee,la : Mrs. .lay Wool-.-'.
T!:ur,l iv; M i a A. i:.' Aitk.k,
I't-.-'av Twenty fu,i HOII.1 of pi
1 .111:11. vele lead.' hl.Mt week and
krune.t e;,,nietHj( t it 1 1(.-, t hi w e t a ne
'.,11,1V: . eeven p.iu i"k, ttu'er
nv ea 1 1 t m.
i'i-on'! it.'ite hea.hiuni-fers for
on! war fun, I ilrive comment'
m a- K of M.1V JO have opene'l
't lil;i,'in i ' 1 1 utoler the itircc-
,.f ll.,-.w,1 I-
l'"lK. I'VCcu'Cve
t.u .
I. K. l-hillips,
Will Htrho ('let,'
., l.lke up l:.:s ,l!
. i ha tln.i a ,'i t !,,
state j
. I " 1:1 I H! t I'
1 1, li
lt . 1 1.-
pot! I,!,. !, otlly to renird It fil-
irMfly liy noiklei; il a lied I'tue
I 1 uii h Mr,. 1 ij'l NVvl'le. ' l"i 1 r - 1
rnan i.f T t , - woii., was In yi'ti r.l iv.
M-tifl.lnt: Co- follow IliK work ti-lli
eoits paimia.i, IS 1 . - 1 mIiIH. h I nlioi 1
oai. j
The fi.llo vlnr ' a of i'Mtted i
I'artni'Otji i itil ? loti''il lo tin- I'a.jjitiH !n
till- H0111 h v. etiti-i n illvi-loti f"f ..'an- I
nny, r hi nary and Man Ir To iial-j
M-Kion, II "4. TravK. 7I.U74. I-'iiiih-lon,
77, 1 ''; I -ike J :.. M' Nilli'ir, ;
r,ii.73l. I ...! ri . i'.iy,. l!ov,:i, .14.-I
3'il I oniphaii, .:iti'i, .l.'.'femon
Itarriit l:. J2.'. 0. an I to minor
I'limpi, ',",01 1.
fild (iri'hard. a eommunily null of
reei'tit orKani.ation. ie d'MnK won
ili'ifiil work, ai'ioritlnjr to a ri-t,ort
of Mm John It Wheeler of the
wotneti'H eomrnlitee of the Ked I'toK.i
VeMti riluy'H llenir.e-l lint w.ih i,k fol
lown: l-'ortv nlni' H'lltM tialatna.i, fit
Iti-lkTlan aprotiH. !a i.peratlt rtpi
100 fn-Kt al.l envelo,ei. lull '.hot l.i(;
Willi" Iiiiiip repotti''! e"t,'rilay
retutnltli; a Ia!ie roio-Unnutit of
wot k whlrh wa pt onotinee'l Mpli'ti-
"J,'""'"'H turned In were: I weniy
flV M (it'll Khll'f M
1 i HllltH lli.iinUH, fl
llio laii(U, It iiii in
! wi ihM(..
Mm. (lonrn M iruimnni. ihiilrni.m
at th Tu1h;i ciniiiiy women'. I'mii-
MH'-tit (tf the thinl IJIinrty loan,
jtiTi:iy rmi'lf If l'o!lowln icjioit:
;N"ufiilnT of u hv, iptioiin siir.l by
Won 1 I'M, 2 . total money nuIj--.'-rltet
thioimli the wuirwn, $l,lfJj,-
4 r n .
Tin INi Ccukh now in ;t wi-mU bp
html on J t h work in hoMpbul Kainieiit
llKiklliK una Hl-l-eilri to WiUl, .-11 to pli'
me oraer for front line pan el ma)
lie rinlnhed J hur.nlay.
r .
The K'irmi'iit ruttinn ili-,,ii'tmri,t
of the 1(0,1 t u n ha heen rnnonil
to Ihe kiih-tory of lieadipiurtf 1 In
order thai He women may have
more room in whlrh In do their
work, veevi-ii fin,. ,,.,v tutor have
hern ma, In and m-iv ronvt'inrnre
"ujiplled for ihe etitter.
Klftv iitiMlrieHM wotnrti reported for
work at l;ed Cphu heui'ipinrter at
the evening rlaj Thiirvduy and
thern. y,a ,t l.iiKe turnout lit the
merlltitt of lh Friday eveiiimi rla.tn
Whim wit In I liaina of iL,.H Code
l';iikle. o P
The lore I Hod Crow him rere.ved
an ord"r from Kouthwilerii tv-ad-iiuatli
r lor sua romtort kit l,v
lunu I . An eonn an the order for
front Hoe panel htm hern dixpo.iei1
of ti l work will he taken up.
The J. A U knlttln unit will
meet Tuduy ufternoon with Mr
W. S. 1-owi'll, 522 .South KlKin
Mr. A. T. Turfier knitting unit
I tn meet In her home. 116 Fast
Jaaper. a usual Tuesday afternoon.
The 'junior "Red Cros of Holv
Family rhoo showil up splendidly
In It ftrvf loom hat ui.i-u ..!. ....1
"flowing lii.it more than fl.SoO ar-
IIi'ImH UfAI... I HPd.l In 1.-, ........
" "... .u.oTu i-,.r hip wi ea
ending .May 1, the report 1 asfol-
iowh, j,jia an, 1 pair sock. 1
sweater, li handkerchief, 1,00(1
The April report of Huston Ave
nue M. K. church unit of the Hed
Cros 1 good one, Mhovring an In
crease over the report of the previ
ous month. It follows: 230 hed shirts,
370 pieces underwear. 112 piece
pajama. 4u operating gowns, 674
blindage. 36 sling. 1,272 ynrds
hemmed niualln, 1J tuition hole
strips. 17 pall socks. 10 sweaters, t
pair wristlets. The average number
nf winker per day i IS. Mr. T'ieo:
dure Cot Is chairman of the wom
en's work committee of the church.
Junior Itetsey Hois meet
ne-day with Mim Dorothy Fll
ott The nime of Mm O. C. ,lnk him
heen added to the list of 26 women
who during the jat week received
certificate of graduation In Ihe Kd
Cros surgical dresaimi's course. j
Victory unit met Wednesday with
Mrs. (ins, icporting us lis work for
the week, 3 pur ho. ka, 2 70 many
tailed and 11O srultrtua bandageb.
Kvety dnpirttuetit of tho First
Preal'yterii.n church Is otganlzei! for
war worr and not a dav passes but
that the workroouiH are occupied,
hoth dti.liii; the. day and evening.
Th report for the past week as
submitted ts(erday by Mrs. Hurry
D. Murdock follow: j l kit envel
opes. J.'i shot hai;s. SI sctlltrli.s
haiulaues, iv Hints pajamas. 4 ap
rons, is tin, let dra w ei s, V '.shirts. 26
bed shirts, ;,3;, many tailed band
ages. 1.2U0 kit pads, lie, 1, an
prcHsoK, V horns spent ai )iea,i
iluarter of the l;i Cioss. The
lonth's report was; 272 hours at
head,iiarte, s. l ed yards mus:n
hemmed 0:1 buttonhole strips, i.d'iO
many tail bamhiKi', I K s.'ultetiiH
bandaiies. S4 lielvrl'lm aprnnii. v'J
bed shirts J R operating gown. 2.
S ;i Knit hat, flairs. ;i,r,2S coin presses,
60 iinderiliawcr. 70 undershirts,
2fi kit pails, 26 trlanffular handagr-s.
1 : sweater'. l:i pair kx. 2 helmets.
1 S'aif, si wriKtli't.
Where to Worship
FIRST MFTH(illMT--Fift)i nti.l
Houlder; Hev .1. W. Abel, 'pastor
Sun, lav si-hoot at 0 ") a. tn., i;ot,ert
M Ll'hett. (il . sllpet llitenib tit serv -M.
I.i'hevi. jr. sa'rr.nten,l-'nt .-ierv-Metnll'K
r: tlloll bv H''V .1 W. i:i
ber of PT ii ! il l-iienilii.' st'tinoll t'V
the past"r Kpwiii tli b-ig'ie fc : t
-'Ti iS
utul lo
: I'l'.ir
avi:m'k i
-I'm: l.ouls
M'THl -l:.i:
a.-s:.'- la n l .
. 1'it, 1..
Ma: : in,:
A lie n.
4.". a li
srt v lr
a ,'lia
' r'.v.r
I le
er v
is t"
. :l.-'.
r, p. i
MpWollll lea'ije
M 't W e,'U se; V I,
itKTn:i. mi "r,'i'
p. ni.
Ml:n ami
a a i 'lai se
i i:. a m..
i' ni Jnn-
M I'M - '
i I law,
' IV e,
ttr. ,
t CKu laf
I !!!.. 1,.
I ten,!
M ri N. ,1. Oiibst'
it. Kpwi-nh I'vm'.in
hy liererend Culpepper. Onod mu-'
me at hold nr h-en. Iteeeptiori of!
new rr,enila-h .May 12. morning u:i.l 1
1 l'llll!l. I
' ; I A r- -; ci(t:i:('H -Third and1
Trenton, lev. Kverett rllmpnon
pimtor. 304 .South Trenton, Hutirt.iy
erhool at 4.',. A. A Heard. uper
inti tidi-iit. oy (lommuninn 11 a.
10. I'rearlilnR h p. m. t" tli puinr.
Kpwnrth league 7 p. in.: Junior
Irarf'ie :( p. m. I'raver meetlntf W'e.l
nr,lay t il, m., 11. j.;. Kohinsoii,
h uilrr.
fillfflT M I : M 1 l.U I A T. Kour-
"eiith and ljiiak-r. 'f v J. T. ItlleT,
I'Minr. 12.11 quaked I'hwrni UiC'l-.f.
Hunday el.ool :iu u. m.; Kpwonh
liviifiie. 6-30 p. 111., preurhlng ervire
li) 4, j a. 111.
and 1. 1'-. Vet Tilha, II,',. II. Ki
t r-1 1 1 . j.a.itor. Sundav .-hool at 1 u :
a. ru,;',. 1 1. S' hrii,ner. H,i,erlntei,.
dent. I'rearhit, nerval- at 11 a, ni.1
and x p, in., ';pwortti league at 6 l'l
p. m. j
l"kl.Sl!YTi:iU V.
enth and r.i.t-toii; Itev 1 '. v. Kerr,
paitnr. Sundav arhool at II. Hi) u. 111
MiimIi: hy tin, otrhestia, "J.4r llll, le
rlaini s for all. Sen Ires at 10 ,f,5 11.
rn und l fi. m. Morrilnic Muhjert,
"llonorlnir Mother." Kvetntiit mih
Jei t, "(Uir I luiiKhter " Hoth ser
llinli.i hy Ine jiaator. Leee,tl.it of
inernhrm and l.upii.wm of Infant at
rt'ormna- h, ivire Ad lres. I - Mine
I'lorcm e v. Ilintoti at evening ntv
ire. The ioa-?oi'ii will meet iti ih
pastor's Mirny at the rloan of rara
ptearhliiR si rvlre for tlie reception
of memhers. chrl.-n l.tti Kndeuvor at
7 (i. m. 1'iayer ineetiiig U'ednesday
!1 p. m.
N KCi N I I'll KS 1 1 YTK 1 11 A N' Zu
ni and Harton; Hev. A. l'l. Weston.
la.ilor. MornluK Herviro and Hllile
erhool 10:.iu KvenltiK worehlp at k.
I'raver nuellui; WedneHltty at R p
m. ited ('runs Tuuaday and Wednes
day, work on Kiirtrieul. drealniM
Campflre Kill Monday 4 30 p. m
Hoy jiroiit Tuemlny 7:30.
kell and llullette; A. 10. Weston,
pastor. Hunday school at 9:45 a. m.
C. Falwards. superintendent. Chris
tlan Fndeavor 7 p m. Evening- erv
Ice at X . Herinun hy l'rof. i II.
COLLF.iJF. IIILI-Beventh nml
McCoy, II. C. Millard, pastor. Hun
day school ut 10 a m.; l'rof K. K.
We y e r, superintendent. Mnmiik'
service ut 11 o'cluck. Huhjoct "The
Iiebt We iwo to tlod." Junior Ku
rt eavor at S p. m.. Christian Kn
deavor at 7 p. m. Kvenlng sermon at
S. subject. "The Testing TirnTr1' Mid
week prayer sorvleo Wednesday K
p. in. Special music on Hurnjuv at
both morning and evening service
Hed Cro meet In basement of
church each Tuesday, Wednesday.
Thursday and Friday afternoon.
H YTKRLV.V I'heyenne and 'Camer
on; Hev. ','harle K. Neweomb. pas
tor.' Hible school at S.4i fl m.; Mr,
tioorge W, Urovos, superintendent.
Red Star Cooking School
2 to 5 o 'Clock Each Afternoon This Week
Monday's Menu:
Corn products, corn and rye rolls, scalloped hominy grits pudding,
conservation muffins, tamale loaf, salad dressing.
First M. E. Church Fifth & Boulder
;i ' J
Bring spoon, note book and pencil.
I'riiirhitu' at 11 a. m. nnd 8 p in.
Christian I'nion servire 7 p. rn.
F I It ST HAl'TI.-'T-Koiirlh a n d
( "ill. Ini.a'l: H"V. l.uther i:. I-'loyd.
paalor: "tudy ,hone 4.',7ll-.l: lieorK'e
V. Ili-rhold, finatiri U secretary of
fire phone. 4,'i7!l-)l. Hlhle school ill
li; II n a. m ; I' W. Hryan. Htipriiu
tenderH. S( 1 v Irra at 10:. In .1. m. and
l p. 111.: situ, otis hy the jiii stiii-. The
Lour Suupei will I"'. (ihsrrved at
tile iniirmmt hour. All four youtik'
people unions meet at 1,-4", t. m.
Mid-week I'Mjit service Wednesday
S p. 111. Hed i'mss work-room open
daily CX' rpl Sunday.
and HorUI'oril: Hev. C. 1'. sder, pas
lot, ri'Mi'i ii' i' 117 Smith Vic.tor.
phone ( isaije ,'V ",i), S'inday prhool
:: a. tn. in rhaik-e of !'. K. Har
ton lTi'a. iunK at 11 and R by the
pastor Siii.hiatu hand 2:30 under
lender-hip id Mm Kverett, Senior
and J unior H. V I'. I', at 7.
CRIH SlMNil-Servlce every:
Snudiiy at .Mission on Sand SPritiK"
iiiirrurbun line.
First and .Noaalea: Hev. W. T. Scott,
pastor, Sum'ay school at 9:4j a, m.;
Charles Fon, supcrlntenilerit. yotmu
I'euple's society at 6:311 p. n.. .Mrs.
MorriHun, superinrfendent; r-'utibeama
at, 2 p. m. Mr. William, superin
tendent. I rearhlnii at II a. 111. and
s p. m.
WEST Tl'I.SA - F.: II. I'wen, pan
ti.r. llihle srhoid at 10 11. 111 , J. A.
Harmon, superintendent. I'rearhin,'
at 11 a. m. and H p. m. hy paator.
Hapilzlng ut First church at 4 p. m.
H. Y. 1'. f. rnwet at :30 p. m.
ladien Mission society meets ut
church Wednesday i p m.; prayer
iiivellug Thuisduy at 7:30 p. m.
rarily meeting in the courthouse,
Six'.h and Houlder.) Meade K. Uutt,
pastur, residence HOD Houth Houl
der; phon 2477. lilble school at1
S:45 a. m. At 11 a. m. Lord supper
and rov'arhiiiK. F.vcnitig service kt
6 p: in. Kttdeavor services at 7.
school ul 10 a. m.
Fighth and Houlder; Hev. John (1.
liriring. pastor; Hev. lianli'l Fletch
er, assistant. Children' mas at :1S
a. in. with instruction in Christian
d'M'trine; hlijh mass and sermon at
10:4a a. ii..; evening; devotion and
ltiiiuiy clas.s it 7:110 p. m. week
days; first mas 6:41 u. m.; sound
mass a a m.
l:(.l,lsll H'THKltAN.
ST. M.M.K'S (First Lutheran)
Fifth and K.wood. key. Albert ,Mas
sry, iiastot. l'hone 6711-J. Fifth
Sunday after F.sstcr. llihle school
9:4fi a. m ; business mooting of
school 10.',30a. in. Morning service1
11 o'clock, sermon by" tho pastor.:
KvenlnK service 7:30 (after May 1
The riht way
to stamp
KqW this Ovatmcnt helps yow hair
To keep your hair lovrly and abundant you
must, by the proper treatment, keep your scalp
healthy and vigorous. 4 !
Is your hair dull and lifeless ? It can be made
rich and lustrous. Is it greasy, oily, or dry and
brittle? You can correct the condition which
prevents the tiny 'oil' cUnds from emitting just
the right amount of oil to keep your hair
soft and silky.
Try this famous shampoo
Before shampooing, rub the scalp thoroughly
with the tips of the finders (not tK3 finger nails)
making the scalp itself move in little circle. This
loosens the dead cells and particles of dust and
dandruff that clog up the pores.
Now scrub the scalp with a stiff toothbrush
lathered with Woodbury's Facial 'Soap. Rub
the lather in well, then rinse it out.
Next apply a thick, hot lather of Wood
bury's Facial Soap, and leave it on for two or
three minutes. Clear off with fresh, warm''
water, finishing with cold water. Dry very
t 8 p. m.) Mre. O. O. Hplndler or
S'lnlst and musical director.
I TRINITY EI"l.SCl)l'AI K I f t h
land Clnelruiatl. Hev. c. V. Klln,
I rector, Fifth Hunday after Kuster.
i Holv (Communion ft' phnmh uh,.nl
at 9:S0 o'clock. Morning prayer at
11, sermon hy the rector. Kvenlntf
Prayer and instruction of 'confirni
ants at 4.20. Men's rluh Tuesday
night at 8 o'clock.
FIHST CIIUIICK-- Itrockmnn's
hall, Ninth und Main. Sunday erv
Ires at U o'clock a. m. and 8 p. ni.;
suhtect, "K erlaminB I'unmhnient."
Sunday srhool at 9:30 p. m. Wednes
day evenitiK tcatlmonlal meeting at
H o'clock; A free reading room 1
maintained In room 30K Mayo bulhl
I11K. open ihiily from 11 a. m. to 5:30
p. m. exceot on lenal holiday, when
It I own iiom 2 to 5. The public
is cordially Invited to uttend the
readintf room.
Come into our Corset Department any day next week
(May 6th to 11th) and learn just how a properly fitted
corset can improve one's daily comfort and health and
give the figure natural and fashionable lines.
thoroughly. You will enjoy the healthy, actfv
feeling it gives your scalp. You will soon see
the improvement in your hair how much richer
and softer it is.
For ten or twelve snampoos, you wilt find the
25c cake of Woodbury's Facial Soap sufficient, or
for a month or six weeks' general cleansing use.
Get a cake today. Woodbury's is for sale at
drug stores and toilet goods counters everywhere
throughout the United States and Canada.
Send us 5c for a trisl-size cake, together with
a booklet of the famous Woodbury face and
scalp treatments. Or for 12c we will send you,
in addition to these, samples of Woodbury's
Facial Cream and'Facial Powder. Address The
.Ainlri'w .Terpens Co., 1258 Spring GroTO Awnuo,
( llirliinatl, Ohio.
If you livo In ftuiado, addrews Thi Andrew
.Tergrn.s Co.. I anil led, 1258 Sbernrooko, Ktrcc-t,
I'lTtli, Ontario.
metln held at county courthotiM
In the county courtroom each MUn.
day at 3 and 7: JO p. m. Meeting, 4r,
alo held Wedneaday and Friday t,
7:30 p. m. They are open to all wli
deaire to lome. Intorestintt Hibl
topic dieuk4ed. All are welcome.
Service every Lord' day In the
Irving Mohool. Take the Owen Hark
car. Kible study at 10 a. m.; I "jrdt
"upper and preaching at It o'rlocli
alo preaching 7:J0 p. m. W.
Witt, mlnintnr All Wh rnrih,K'..'
cordlnir to the New Testament ars
I'lUST CHfUCH Fifth and po
rla; S, K Johnson, pastor, Sunday
school at 10; preaching at 11 anil
7 :20 Sunday, Tuesday and Kr: !y
night at 7:15. All cordially tnWWi.
1'IKST CHT'RCH Reorganised 1
Tenth and Hockford; Georun ,
v,.,, ian,i, rtuiiuMj nriivil a L J,,,ij
a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m. All an
cordially invited to attend ail our
In the newest styles will
be shown during the
week by---
Mrs. Winston Dotherow
Fnifory KcprpflontatlTO
Miss Vannie Reed
'V Corsftlcro
Mothers with young
daughters will be able
to obtain some valuable
information on this vi
tal subject.. si
Every woman is invited
and will be welcome.
T. W, Coverdale
ili'if ::
V.OI K'.'l-
ml i
liruKh. tiri'sitiunt.
ma it u Uonxl it will I'ti avrvko ai unt, 11
a. ui. mu n ,p. ui..

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