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v 2
"My Four Years - In Germa
ny" at the Majestic All
Next Weejc.
That wonderful picture, "My Tour
Tears in Germany." Is coming back
to Tulsa for another week's encage
mont aivl film funs. If you failed trt
en it t tho Orand two or three
weeks uiro, don't miss It when It re
turns. H' the Rroatrst patriotic pic
ture that hiis been made and stirs
your Rood American blood to the
bollmK Hint shouiinn point.
It is in ton ruelH and requires two
week at prices only hnlf those asked
when it was at the Grand. At that
titne everybody
pronounced It well
worili the dollar charged, so you can
see what a bargain it will be at half
this price.
"My Four Years in Germany" Is
the story piciurlzed In thrilling
fashion of Ambassador James' W.
fierard's service In Herlln and It is
the most complete and convincing
answer to pacifists ever made. It
shows the ample Justification Ameri
ca hud for taking up arms against
the kat-ier.
It is a most wonderful production
end a super featuro in every respoct.
tl Is in ten reels and requires two
hours to fchow, but It Is such a mas
terful film thai one forgets the
flight of time in viewing It. Every
newspaper in the country has pro
nounced It by far the greatest war
picture that has ever been made and
thousands waited in line before the
. SAM'L A- 1500RSTIN
612-13-14 Wright Eldg.
Law of Oil and Ciaa
Law of "Corporation
The Lrtw ill- Oil and Oas; Land
Titles; "Federal, State and Mu
nicipal Taxes
Attorney at Law
Careful attention Given to Frepara
tlon of Upturns for Income and
Excess I'rofits Taxes
Phone 66SG 315-16 Mayo Bldg.
Tulsa, Ok la.
I'HONE 1006
Children Cared frff During Working
or enopping nour
For a demonstration ot
The Dictaphone
Thone Osnce 895 and ask for O. C.
vri.jliin. "The Dictaphone Man."
utiles 1117 South Boston Avenue.
Headquarter for Kryptok Lenses
New Location jo West Third
Phone S473
Exchange National Bank Building
Tnlsa, Okla.
Guy W. McCtHlooh H. H.
Fifth. and Boston Phones !2-ll
American Sash & Door Co.
Sash, Doors, Mill work '
the Largest Woodworking Concern
in the Southwest
Central National Bank Bldg.
I'hone 8206 TULSA. OKLA.
Exchange New for Old
14 and Wast Second ' "
3 t.' "
In Her Newest Parnlta Picture)
And Mock Scnnett's I A test Cnmcd y
"HIS "Smothered LOVE"
t'lict'r Conklln and Marie Provost
A Continuous t.urglo of Laughs
Shows: 12:30, 2:15, 4, 5:45,
7:30 and :15
Coming Tuesday and Wednesday
In Her Latest Goldwvn Picture
Three Dnys Bcpinnlng Thursday
r'oldwyn Special lYoduction with Howard Hlrkman and
Uhea Mitchell
movie theaters In every city where
It has been shown,.
The picture has the endorsement
of the national council of defense
and leading men everywhere. Among
these is Dr. Newell Dwiiiht Ilillls,
who spoke at convention hall a tow
days ago. After seeing the picture
he veluntarily gave It one of the
finest endorsements It has received.
Rear Admiral Sims
Gives Thanks of Navy
following cablegram was reeclved to
day from Hear Admiral William S.
Sims, commanding the I'nlted States
naval forces operating m European
waters: .
"At the end of the first year of
our part.clpatlon in the war I de.
sire to add my praise and thanks to
the American Red Cross for Its con
tinuous and efficient work. Pedi-
'.rated to the Immediate relief of dis
tress It has never failed and nas al
ways contrived to produce the
needed personnel' and material In
response to any call, however Kreut
or unexpected it may have been.
During the past year It has added
brilliant pages to Its glorious his
tory. I am sure all the American
naval forces in Kurope extend their
very best wishes to the American
Red Cross.' In our second year of
the war. wo hope it will continue to
be able to stretch out a helping
hand and always be the first to aid."
J Womcrt and War Work
Where Tou May Serve.
Red Cross headquarters,
every day.
Presbyterian women, First church,
every day.
Boston Avenue Methodist church,
every day.
Catholic women. Knights Colum
bus hall, every day.
Daughters of American Revolu
tion, Red Cross.
Council of Jewish women, syna
gog. Monday and Thursday.
Tulsa Women's club, Red Cross
Baptist women, church wprktflom,
every day. '
Jane Addams Chautauqua, Rod
Twentieth Century club, Red
Cros. '
Junior Red Cross, high school
building, every day.
Crosble Heights unit, home of
Mrs. W. C. Connelly.
Country club, open every week
day for work In surgical dressings.
Business women's surgical dress
ings classes. Monday, Thursday and
Friday evenings at headquarters.
Bolvlew unit, Lincoln school,
every day.
Crown Seal chautauqua. Red
Cross. '
Tuesday. (
Maple Ridge unit, Home of Mrs,
Presley O. Walker, jr.
Christian wewnen. Red Cross head
quarters. Cherokee Ilelphts unit Second
PreBbyterlan church.
'West Tulsa unit, Tuesday, Thurs.
day and Saturday.
Betsy Ross unit, meeting in home
or Mrs. w. I.. Lewis.
Kendall unit. College Hill church.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
French Wounded society meets In
unuroom ot L.1KS n.omc. .
Art circle. Red Cross headquar
ters. '
Women of First M. E. church.
Red Cross. .
Immanuel Baptist women, church
Lady Maccabees, Bed Cross
Women of Latter Day Saints
church meet for work at church.
Lutheran women, Red Cross
headquarters. ,
Orcutt Memorial women, church
Tlgert Memorial church work
room Thursday and Friday.
- Trinity " Eniscnnal wnmAn Rn1
Women's anrilKrv r.f Temnie
Israel, Red Cross headquarters.
t-ouncll of Jewish women. Thurs.
dfr and Friday.
United Presbyterian women meet
av cnurcn.
U. 8. A. club. Red Cross.
Tulsa chanter O. E. 8.-. Red Cross
Shakespeare club. Red Cross,
Drama league, Red Cross.
Aaba court. Ladles' Shrine. Ma
sonic hall.
Knights and Ladles of Security
Red Cross headquarters.
Marines knitting unit. Red Cross.
Red Cross headauartera
til noon. , .
In the course of a letter to hi.
parents, juoge ana Airs. John J.
Shea of this city, Lieut. Thomas F.
Shea, 18th U. S. Infantry, American
Prices: 20c. C hildren,
War tax extra.
i vl ill tm
To save the honor nf her family this woman made her existence ft
Kyjng lie. 8ee "The Lie" nt the Palace theater and you will appreciate
the sublime sacrifice made by Elinor Shale.
expeditionary forces, who had been
in minium rinspuiiia in f iance tor a
ling time suffering with pneumonia
and complications, pays u high trib
ute to the work of the Red Cross and
to the American women who are
backing It with their 'hard work In
the United States. "The Red Cross
bandages, dressings, etc , are saving
many lives," writes Lieutenant Shea.
"You can not Imagine the amount
used In the hospital. The medical
department could not becin to sup
ply enough of them. For a Ion
time they used enough on mo to keep
one good worker fairly busy." Lieu
tenant Shea Is pnly one of the thou
sands of American young men who
hnvo been and will be In army hos
pitals this year, if one woman can
be kept fairly busy making bandages
for one soldier thus incapacitated,
then tho need of workers and more
workers may bo seen by every loyal
American woman. Every woman
employed In a surgical dressing de
partment, or any other department of
a unit, may feel that her work Is
saving the life of someone's precious
Lleutenant Shea's comment
given here particularly for the pur
pose of penetrating tho hearts of the
women of his' own religious faffli
who have a unit that has done good
work and wants to continue to do so,
but which begs the help of those who
have not yet become workers. The
splendid women who have none their
full duty In the unit since Its organl
xation will-not be content until every
woman of their faith In Tulsa has en
rolled for work. In the last week
the Catholic unit has turned out 38
bed Jackets. H bathrobes, 815 com
presses, 1,421 pads, ,,465 tampons.
40P kits assembled, 7 Sweaters, 11
pairs of socks and 7 pairs of wrist
lets. The woman's auxiliary of Temple
Israel Is one of the most active units
in the local Red Cross chapter and
Jts faithfulness has not been sur
passed. Week after week finds not
only the- "faithful few" who are al
ways to be depended upon, hut new
faces as well. The unit's activities
are under the direction of Mr.'J.
Stern, who has proven herself a very
efficient head. The work of the
first three weeks of May has been
reportod as follows: Tampons. 662;
applicators made and wrapped,
1,705; split Irrigation pads, 74; com
pressors, 2,877j pads, 4x8, 176, with
Scene from the great war drama.
- If , a
the Rialto theater today and tomorrow. The title I. by permission of
Ueo. .M. Cohan.
,. Showing an episode; of tho grr-at all-wen tern serial
"The Bulls Eye"
Fcntnrlnor Pfddi Polo as the foreman of tlr ranch
UNIVERSAL AMMATL1) WI'.l KLY Alwuys first 111 movies
r . "II ASH AND HAVOC" lllg "V" Cyimdy
Admission Matinee and Mglns always 5 and 10c, plus lc War Tax
V :
bSndages attached. In addition to
tnis several or tn women assist in
' 'he cutting department and all are
Knitting. Apparently there Is no one
more interested in winning this war
than the Jewish women, not only
because they have a special interest
on'Bccount of Oermun oppression of
their people In Poland, Armenia and
Russia, but because their own sons
and brothers are lined up against
the foe.
Red Crois work In Cherokee
Heights unit has Increased to a re
markable degree during the past
ueek In sewing, knitting and the
making of surgical bandugns. The
surgical dressings department Is
uniler the supervision of two gradu
(ites In the wirk, Mrs. W. H. Ke
kilty nnd Mrs. A. C. Johnson. The
workrooms In Second Presbyterian
church are open Monday evening
for work In surgical banduges;
Tuesday an Wednesday for sewing,
knitting and handagn work: Friday
afternoon and evening are given
ever exclusively to bandages. . Mrs.
F. R. Reea, president ot tho unit, la
untiring In her effort to create in-
interest and extend the work. Mrs.
C. L. Ooodale still is in charge of the
Knitting. S3 knit garments have
been finished In less than-a month.
mushed garments from the Red
Cross numbered 100 articles. More
workers are needed. -
The president has called out an-
ovoer army ot men. This means
no nor eon of thousands more sweat
ers millions of "socks. Many knit
ters have slackened their work with
the mining of spring. Fall seems so
rar orr mat it is natural to think
there la plenty of time to get ready
for It but this train of reasoning
is perilous. Tne task is a big one.
Only the steady day by day work
will count not the spurt of enthus
iasm when the pressure comes. Util
ize every momont. Cnrry your knit
ting bags on the street or the farm
wagons or wherever you are. There
will be a greater need of knitted
articles next winter than there was
last. But much of this shortage can
he overcome If none of it is wasted
for any purpose for which a substi
tute can he found. Let every one who
can get any of the yarn for socks
knit socks, and let those who can
onlv get heavy yarn knit sweaters
Chapters are not placing tags on
knit articles.
The Coleman's aid will meet in the
"Over There." which- la ihn.ir .
library Monday evening at 7:3o ;
o'clvek. After disillusion of Ibej
plain for ih.i summer work Minn
Passman, soprano, f t laiemore. ',
wilt King a group of numbers fol
lowed by a lecture on "The Preven
tion of lire" by FU'rt t'h'i-r A'ller.
All nurses aid giaduatea and iio:
now In training ure requested to be;
present promptly at the hour lip- j
pointed, Mrs Coleman bus urriuiKe.l
for a series of lectures that will I f
Inestimable vhIha in tlir..,.),.i. u..:i ...
quests thHt they tiike a.lv unlngi. cf
this opportunity to gain all the In- 1
formation possible lmring tlnvo:
perilous times when so many of the
male population are needed In the
army, n la going to be up In the;
women to be nhlo tit lueel Hiieeess- i
fully any emergency thai miv niise.
New classes in dlelel's will be. or
ganlied the last of the .-. k.
Women were instrumental In oh.
tainlng Ml per cent of the solisertp
tlnns of the third national loan, ac
cording to Mis. Alltolnelte l-'unlt.
vice chairman of tho woman's na
tlonnl loan committee 'This Is the
greatest and most constructive piece
of war work which has been done b
awomen, ' Mrs. Funk iiei iaie.i when
she quoted figures snowing ni'.
women of Philadelphia raised JM'.-j
000,000 slid the women of lela.ire .
led all states with 1 2 per cent of
the quota prescribed through their i
committees Mrs. Charleg s. Ham-;
lln was chairman of the women's'
liberty loan committee of Wiushiiie- j
ton, P C, with Mrs. Woo, How Wil
son the honorary chairman of tlo
committee. Mrs. Nicholas l.ong.
worth was one of the workers j
Each succeeding day finds n In-j
crease in interest at the Country:
club workrooms of the Red t ross
Last week the average number of
workers was 36 per day. omen
m -i..u tA I u enitl unlet mace'
in which to work and residents of
the north sine linn n. c"""i'-"
their activities. Tho workroom Is
- rf,v from 0 until ' for
the making of surgical dressings.
........ ..J,I.. rceolved the
JMUnitiniia 1 fi..i.. -
greatest number of woman workers
supplied by the federal service, the
reports show. The majority of wom
en applying for employment atM tnr
work in the war Industries. Nearly
"very city In tho county, it is stated,
report, difficulty in obtaining worn-
n for nousBwurn
branches or. aonioeuw
First Presbyterian unit yesterday
reported both ' ' illv,u" . "n
those of Bulletta church as fells".
k...h iil hathrohns. 17 one-
arm jackets," 17 bad shirts. 4 pair
Fa lamas, liv msnj-uuir..
,575 oompresaes. 2,164 tampon.
.... -a. i nil kits assembled
and tied, ltull'ett'e, 20 property bags.
S4 bathrobes, 11 Kit envelopes,
caps, 11 towel.
Wolfcen in charge of the Bellvlew
Rod Cross workrooms, Lincoln
school, are appealing for. mors
workers snd an inoreano in
terest. The room Is large, cool and
ninnni residing on
naivflu.ant -
th east side and the southeast sec
tion of the city. Tnis secuon nas
,. . . .nHt t n t ihnM runnn-
lis tuui " " 1 " - . , , .
slble are anxious that it shall ba ao-
romoiisnea. s
The Queen's Dsughtsrs, an or
ganisation of Catholic women of
lxmlsvllle, Ky., are on duty each
Sunday- morning at Camp Zachary
Taylor with coffeo and rolls for the
awotofh mo htmi today
. nkw Picrrnica
Today's Screen Story
Gladys Letlife
Edward Carle
A BparkUnp; Story of Spring
time and Ijovo
Also Two Ui Comedies
. .... Attend the
Come Early' and Get Good
Pons & Pons
Gymnastic Novelty
La Petite Evelyne
Character Singing
Small Town Opry
with Phyllis Day and a brvy
of Beautiful (ilrls
a People 8
Blondi Robinson
"Just a Fool"
Three Lordons
Sensational Cnstlns: Novelty
4 Big ShowsToday
Pictures, 1:00,. 3:30. 5:30. S:30
Vaudeville, 2:0, 4:30. 7:3(1, 0:30
Week Kay Matlii''s 10c
Nights and Sundays 15 and 2."x-
Don't fojitct to bring tly
Babies Von Arc Welcome
Do Yonr Rit Kvcry Day for
I nclc Sam
Ul VIS liiWtf Wt'JZ
J.Darney Sherry and
Triangle play "Her Decision"
,'-h"WH!H al I lie M I'll n u I I.l y ui,o.
soldiers wbii r.nei;o the armv break-
f.ist iii order i.i ricelvn the liolv
i "iiiiiiuoiun r.iinit After each mi. s
these tt,.i,,,.n s,. 1 1 ; 1 1 Hie ci on 11 1 II I
..Ills have a supply of '(,. to hum
Ii 111 tie in un'il ilinoi .
Trinity F:M. ,,,al church s. lots a
large working force In It..! Cross
headquarters not only on the rexu
lar liieellin; day of tile unit, I. ill
every .lav in tl,.. week. A large num
ber of tho women who are carry
lug Hie tcnpniiMhllltv of Hie win it
loom :nid win. hue been assuiniiju
a i;ieat amount of iho woik on
since it wan opened, ure from Trin
ity church.
The League of Caihollc Women of
New York lias donated to each
KnlKhts of Columbus chaplain and
each Knltihtn of rolumbiiH secretary
Rolnir uhioail u comfort kit contaln
liiir a variety of small articles thai
tho men f ml plenty of use for in
the battle rones, n:aies Ileum A. Mc
t'artv of tlie committee on war ac
tivities of the Kmi.hti of Columbus.
Miss Thelma Lois Holmes, daugh
ter Of AV. K. ItvdmeH, Hliperlllten-
r.ent of tlio Texas r. finery, and .Mrs.
Elsie Ferguson
Seats Now
Hotel Tulsa
- lA
' f
I .
1 1 1 i
World's Greatest Dramatic Soprano and Superb Company
. r, ,
Convention Hall, Wednesday Night
Gloria Swanson
Holmes was the central figure In the
r..ffl of the horse for Ibe benefit
of the Ited Cron Inst week The
h'.ri-e was given by H (' Holmes of
ew York, undo of tho youtiK worn
nn to the cnuno. Miss Holmes Is an
i xpert hur.icw iiinan.
The woman who wrote Mr. Kemp
anonymously, eoinplalniiiK that she
went to l:ed Cross iieadiiiarl era. to
work but found no one to. eiplutn It
to her, etc , etc., La usked to make
herself known to Mrs John R.
heeler, who promlsca to keep her
busy sillier at garment makmn
In the eurKl'al dressings depuu
ment. necinnlna Monday, the Vandever
lrv ilouda company will open at
b ad and close at 6:30 In order to
allow Its employes that time for
war work. Kvery employe of the
blK department stnee Is a member of
the milt formed sud Monday snd
Krblny evenlnas of each week will
be devoted to work at headquarters
of the Red Cross.
The Nursing; Corps of the I'nlted
Stiite navy Is co-operstlnR with the
Ited Clous In It. drive to Increase
A RUry of the nnblct tmlt la wnnuuihood
Showing the baltlmthlp "Vindictive"
after it hud bottled up tho Gorman
.sub base at Zix-brugge.
Also Scenes from the Battle of
Screen Timet 11:80, 13:48, a,
S:1S, 4:S0, 5:45, 7, 8:18, ;80
Pauline Frederick
Vt '-:
' i
the enrollment of nurses, v Secre
tary Lanlels appeals to the women
of the country to aid thta branch
of national defense by ffsrlne; their
service and taking advantage of the
facilities for training offered.
The persistent workers of First
Raplist church, of which there were
34 during the past week, did ex
ceilent work, putting in altogether
157 hours' time to sewing. The work
completed folloVsi 34 bathrobes. 1
sweaters, 6 pair socks, 2 pair
Members of the local W. R. C. ex
tend an invitation to vlsltins; or o
Journlnn members of the corp. to)
meet, this mornlnir at iu:u in tne
Hiib-story of Klrst M. K. church to
join them In the celebration of
.Memorial Day.
Mornlnaslde unit No. 3 la to meet -al
the Ilellview workroom In tin
coin school for Its activities In the
future Inntead of In the homes.
Tuesday mornlnir st 8:30 has bean
set as the time at which the women
will gather.
Deliveries of material for units'
will be mada only it 11 a m. and,
:i p. in. dartns; the summer months.
Chairman and captslns of units are -asked
to keep in mind the new In
structions. At their regular meeting last
k the Woman's Benefit associa
tion of Ijwly Maccabees turned In
for the Red Cross campalfrn the sum
of I ho. The local chapter has
acknowledged receipt of same with
its appreciation. j
The Missouri cake, made by a na
tive Missouri woman, from a Mia-'
sourl woman, from a Missouri reolpe.
and auctioned at the Missouri club
meeting Thursday evening, brought
n tidy sum which was contributed,
to the Red Cross.
Utopia club members met at the
suburban home of Mrs. J. B. Manley
Wednesday for an afternoon of Red"
CroBS work. The net meeting In'
two weeks is with Mrs. W L. Lowry.
The O. A. R. knitting unit will
meet with Mrs. Carl Lee, 124 South
Cincinnati avenue, Tuesday after
noon. . '
The Rcumenln society msde a eon-! ''
tributlnn of, $Jfl.7& to the Cathollo -unit
last week.
Fine Seats
At All
Prices Still

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