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Kew Hirtrants May lie cnnmiricU
la Time lo l'rcvrnt t ailing
Two Jnunedltuuljr.
Hot Kvcn Members of Tnral Selec
tion Bri1 Know What In Com
ing Beyond Nm dill.
"Every Class A-l man In the city
will be culled thin month," salil
Chairman John li. Slmrmnn of the
lorn 1 exemption board .yestenlay.
"'After this clang Ih exh.ni.stp.l 1 do
. not know what orders wo will re
ceive from the department ami I nm
not (folnf? to speculate on it. We tile
oheyinK order, not irivinc out .ate
ments wondering; who will be cilloii
Hundreds of persons In Tulsa
have been asking the question with
in the last few days, "When will t li e
men In t'ln.is 4 he called'.'" On ni--rount
of the rapidity with which
Clans 1 men have been sent away
within the put two months, men in
Class 4 and their wives and fricndu
are becoming more keenly Interest
ed in the qutstion. Hut thero is no
wny of nnswerirm except by guess
work an.1 that Is even more doubt
ful on account of the fact that no
one knows, not even the members
of the exemption boards, what or
ders will be Issued after Class 1 has
been exhausted,
1 In the official notice from Adjt -
Gen. Gipson yesterday, notifying the
local hoaid to prepare to send SOO
men to Camp Travis the last ik
of this month, the iiflJut.inl-Ke:K r-il
Instructed the board that if 'lny
should not be able to fill the iin!:i
from Clans 1 to notify lilm. It was
eupposed that If the city had not
had sufficient men in Class 1 the
adjutant-general would take the
number available her'a and make up
the deficit from Mime other county.
It is supposed that after Class 1
has been exhausted. CIhhm 2, then
Class 3 will be e-illed until they
have been exhausted. Then, will
come. Class 4. which embraces' mar-i
rled men with dependent wives,
mothers, brothers or sisters. There
are only about 100. men in the sec
ond class in the city draft. 00 of
the third class and about 100 in the
fifth class. All the others nre In
Class 4, which embraces several
hundred registrants.
If men are called the next six
months as rapidly as they have bci-n
called the past sixty duyx, it is
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Preparation. Exelcnto is (uarantoed to do
or you get your money omen.
Price. 2S by malL Stamps or coin.
Writ, tar eartlcatare
thought the second and third classes
in Tulsa may be exhausted by No
vember. Hut this la pure guess
work because the government n.ay
call the new registrants, who have
reached the age of HI since Juno 6,
11 17, as soon as they nave filled
out questionnaires, been examined
and clusHified.
Attorney 11. I Wand of the city
board thinks It will be two months
fully before these young men a-e
called, which would send them
away sometime in August. There
are 65$ men of this class In Tulsa.
Home of theso will of course be
exempted on various grounds. A
few married and others will have
Men are continually . being
switched from one classification to
another because of changed condi
tions. If a man in Class four be
cause of a dependent wife or mother
should loso his wife by death or
by separation or his mother should
din. he ih at once tak:i-out of Class
four and placed in Class 1. Simi
larly, a few have been taken out
of Class one and given a deferred
classification, where they appear
and convince the board that they
are entitled to It.
It was Impossible, of course, to
classify several thousand men with
out a few mistakes being made, and
uj these develop they are corrected,
Sniiie comfort is given men In
Class four In a "grapevine" report
from Washington that credits l'ro
vost fleneral Crowder with express
ing the belief 'that men In this class
who remain It it that Is, men
whose dependents do' not die or
from whom he Is freed by accident
or other misfortune will never be
called to the colors. Adjutant Gen
eral Olpsoiiis also reported to have
made this statement:
It Is considered certain that the
100 men In Tulsa who are Iq the
second class will be called this year.
These are men who Hre married
but whose wives nre not dependent
upon them: who either have an In
dependent Income or ffe capable of
making their own living.
Likewise those of ('lass three, It
Is believed, will also be called be
fore the first of the year. Hut all
depends mum whether the govern
ment rushes men to France the next
three or four months as rapidly as
during the past two months. Ev
erybody knows that the situation in
Franco lso critical that I'resldent
Wilson is going tri rush every avail
able man over there Just ns rapidly
hs they run be sent imd that he
has placed no limit on the number
to go. Hoth France and Kngland
arc calling loudly for all the help
L'ncle Ham can furnish.
It appears now that If the same
rato is kept up during the next
sixty days, the I'ntted Htateg will
have more than a million and a 'half
men In Franco by September 1.
Summer Suits
Make Your Plans
Ohio Place Addition
WHATEVER may be your need for tomorrow
you raay have the same taken care of on
Fhort order by telephoning a brief, crisp
Want Ad to the Tulsa World. Phone 6000-G001.
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Good Morning Judge!
fuzi fi"iryli''f
THEY WIIX. TUT more In a Jit
ney than Jhe critter is supposed to
carry, and consequently have to ex
plain to the police judge why a
nickel looks bigger than a car. It
cost C. V. Washburn $5 yrsterduy
afternoon to overload his car.
SiiMKHonY SA1I Itnv Hubbard
stole something, and raine tir and
swore out .1 warrant for him on the
charge. He was arrested iViiims
duy night oy ii': -.-is tiiii'lherniun
and rack, ml h!i case vJ c.'.wtd
In due ord.T yi'K'.si'iUy aftcrrj-n.
However, thj coinpl.iiiiin.; it:.ts
forgot all a joi' l t ai i did not show
up. Dismissed, as inns'.
- I -
ltKINi? ON Til Kill Knees In a
playerful altitude around a blanket
spread out on the floor r.il'in f the
Ivories seems to be a favorite p-it!mo
with a certain bunch of f'o negro
boys. Cost them J3 apiece to en
gage In the national neki o -j ulimc.
"AW WHATS the use? I was full
and I might as well tell - world
as not, for the whole worl 1 Knew ''
before I did. ' Thus did Charles
Chapln convict himself as a very
plain drunk. He was lei off with a
five dollar plaster.
A W'KKK Alio, K. U !. n '(fs
un on a vagrancy char'. There
was a fine of iL'fi assesset again',
him, which was suspended : long
as he remained at work He old
remain .at work for thru whole
days. Satisfied with having fulfilled
his duties, he did olherwn-i than
work. He was-arrested a i :i I -i Wed
nesday night on complaint. He ai
found on the back upstair. porc.-i
of a building on Main street witii
his shoes off. At the station a mis
cellaneous assortment of kays on a
ring was taken from him. In tne
bunch was a first-class lock-pick.
Looked a little suspicious to Judge
Warren, and he let hlni have the
pleasure of considering a fine of
1100. besides (he opportunity to servo
out the original sentence of J25 on
the vagrancy charge.
A PLEA OF GUILTY always an-
tomMlcallv sets the fine for a p. d
at 5. Charley Hendricks found
this out yesterday afternoon win n
he told what a violently mr no
had when arrested.
father proved a poor reason whv !
Hill Ileebes should not pay J J for thej
privilege of speeding an automobile
around In the b ness sect Ion.
'All Slin' IS lilAH ter be hack,
ledge," said ljirry Flnley, familiarly
known to the court as "UuMus,"
when he answered to tho usual
charge of vagrancy against him. This
Is a perennial charge and seems
never to be erased from tho blotter.
Larry bad promised to get away
from town a week ago, under a sus
pended sentence. This time he was
ordered kept In Jail until this morn
ing, when he will be escorted In state
to the city limits and headed toward
Vinita, where he says his homo is.
HOW Altyi'T that Flag, turned
wrongv end about, behind Judge
Warren's bench? ought to be turned
around, so thut the stars are to the
left end when tho stripes aro hori
zontal. If it Is hung with tho snipes
running vertically, the stars should
be In the upper righl corner.
Kcv, J. w. Abel Will Be Speaker
' of .Mii-tliig On t.rivu
wisl Tonight.
Negroes of Tulsa have always
proven themselves patrloljo to a
degree little known to most people
of this city, They ham bought
Liberty bonds. Thrift ntamps and
entered into all patriotic, moves to
the extent of their ability.
Jt a patriotic, meeting tonight
among tho negro members of the
north side the principal speaker
will he Kcv. J. v. Abel of the First
Methodist church. Tho meeting will
bo held at 1120 North (Ireenwood,
where a representative gathering of
the most Inflilental members of the
race will attempt to explain Issues
of the day to their brothers.
Kevernd Abel will speak lo the
gathering on, "Patriotism and Iove
of the,. Flag." ,
Woman Ito'larr Urst lVtllJon Was
(iranlcd Without Knowledge.
A suit for divorce wan filed yes
terday In the superior court bv Mae
Chase from F.dwln Chase, l'elltion4
rends that on May, 1 9 1 A, by demands
of her husband, she filed suit for
divorce, that .they might both go
west and take up seperate rlaims.
This ease she alleges never came
up, however, and they lived as man
and wife for several months, when
she. filed the second petition for di
vorce. A lawyer advised that there
were no grounds,, to grant the di
vorce, and the second suit wus
In the petition filed yesterday
Mrs. Chase alleges that without her
knowledge the first divorce was
granted, and she was given the cus
tody of the four children. She
now asks for a division of the prop
erty, whlrfi Chase is attempting to
dispose of. 1'roperty is valued at
I Sis. 000.
Clara Kmlth also filed petition for
divorce from Arthur Smith on the
grounds of cruelty. The wife OBks
for $20 a month alimony.
In tho district court W. L. Whit
tington asks for divorce from Julia
whittlngton, and names abandon
ment and desertion as grounds.
Whittlngton also nsks for the custody
of their ono child.
Willies In Dohn-ff Murder Case Will
I-Vwc Same Charge.
Alison Ivy was arraigned yester
day In Justice Lee Daniel's court on
charge of the murder or John
Dobreff, a llulgarlan, who was shot
to death December 22. At the trial
of (larrett Bailey held last week In
j Ihe district court on the same charge,
i Ivy, w ho was one of tho witnesses.
admitted he was at the camp ut
the time of the shooting.
Ivy was committed without ball
for trial In the district court. lie Is
I also being held under a $2,000 bond
for stealing an automobile from the
I Hoxana rctroleum company. Hear
ing, on the larceny charge will bo
i In Justice j. j. Slacks court im
I May IS.
Stale Inspector Here to Take Action
Against Delinquents.
Have you failed to apply for your
automobllo tag? 1. Kohorts, state
automobile license Inspector, Is here
from Oklahoma City nnd will be
gin Immediate prosecution of de
linquents. '
Inspection this year Is later than
usual, due to a breakdown of the
press st the state penitentiary, w here
all tags and application blanks are
pidnted. The departments In rharge
of Issuing licenses miffered some de
lay. Mr. Itnbertg will probably be
here two weeks. .
has nothing on
this ohio Wizard
Discovers drug which loosens
sore, touchy corns so
they Wt out
Tou rerkless men nnd woUien w ho
are pestered with corns and who
have at least once a week Invited
an awful death from lockjaw or
blood poison are now told to use a
drug called freezone, which the mo
ment a few drops are applied to any
corn, the soreness is relieved and
soon' trie enUre corn, root and all,
lifts out with the fingers..
This new ether drug Is the recent
discovery of a noted Cincinnati
chemist. ' It Is a. sticky substance
which dries the moment It Is applied
and Is said to shlmply shrivel the
corn without inflaming or even Irri
tating the surrounding tissue or skin.
It Is claimed that a quarter of an
ounce f froeione will cost very lit
tle at any of the-drug stores, but
Is sufficient to rid one's feet of
cvrry hsrd or soft corn or callous.
You are further warned that cut
ting at a corn Is a suicidal habit.
SU Works OmrM- Will bo i.lvcn to
'liable Mo, I. Mils o MUe up Hack
Work Classes to Itculii Monday.
Sessions i, ,., , s,.,,.r
lliilldlnns From u to I2::in
I iach Morning,
There will be n reeular summer
hoii for pupils Hung in Hie cilv.
lo make up ,.i, K mK, and fur those I l'uplls In crest ed in doing high
who are well, in iiMliiu snlif.-ls (school work for credit will meet HI
For the muni pari Hie work will lie! tin ,l,,.i Heliool Monday at f o'clock
conducted on i, e ,l. .ai tin. 'iii il pl.ui, to till!. ot ilie mailer of linsdlica
a Jill will i II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 hl weeks heiMli- I I loll, and In ascertain If possible
tnng Monti. iv. .Mine 10
The hours will l' from
each day. The school
especially for tlio-ie win.
time on aceoiini of s,i-k
account of being m
a to i;
. :u
s designed
have I. .i,l
i'i'.-h or on
d.lv Sellool.
1 ho board of education bs punned
to loiiduct this s liool tie.. t th"'!,,,,.-,.!!.,,, Mig Mn.lo to Ie
students In order that tln-v in Ik ii I .
not ufcr liny disadvantage be.
causa of the Irregulartic ilium,; (to
IMist year at times when schools
..r .... ...
of fuel or half-day sessions I ause
of li.el, of ,. oil, II, or ,., ..I , I .
Nu Highl ltiilcs.
Tliere will be no rigid rule;, rela
tive to ihe districts. Sliiilcnis inn.
attend "(tie school most ronvenb-iu.
In order to ascertain llin i-iiroHinent.
thero wll be teachers in ihe various
buildings, as hereinafter named, !,,
enroll and classify the impis. It
may be necessary however, to merge
soma of t'lese scnoois into one, in
order to economize In tenctiini: force.
nnened for enrollment nd ir-Trsifl-
1 lin ioiiov."K e ii o.
cation, with the following tcailuis
In chargo:
Owigc SehooL
Name Orade
Ulead teacher) JuUn. Ij'nch . 7 K
Letta Wamplcr T ii
Mrs. Holmes 3 t
Alma Port
Irving Ki-IiimiI.
(ITead teacher) Edna Allen .. 68
(Jenrude West 4 ii
to Prevent It From
Growing Gray.
There Is no occasion for you to
look-unattractive or prematurely old
because of gray, streamed with gray,
white or faded hair. Ion't let this
condition with its look of age rob
you of your youthful beauty and the
Wonderful opportunities which life
offers. No matter how gray, pre
maturely gray, lustcrlcSH or faded
your hair might be. "Iji Creole"
Hair Dressing will revlye the color
glands of nature promote a healthy
condition of the hair and scalp and
cause all of your gray or faded
hmr to become evenly Clarke soft,
lustrous and beautiful. This prep
aration Is not a dye, but an elegant
toilet requisite which Is easily ap
plied bv simply o.mbliig or brush
ing through the hair.
"I.A rilF.or.F," IIAIll IflRKSI.Y
to prevent your hair from growing
gray and to restore a beautiful dark
color to gray or fuded hair. Hold
and guaranteed bv all good drug
stored everywhere, or sent direct for
ll.iiO bv Van Vleet-Mansfleld Urug
Co., Memphis, Tcnn. (Advt.)
Ginger ale that fairly snaps in your mouth
that has the real Knger np nd flavor to it.
Remember the name fix it in your memory
so it won't get away Sheboygan Ginger Ale.
No "burn" to its refreshine; piquance just a
delightful tickle for the palate as it slips down
and a taste of the kind one smacks the lips
over. Lively healthful pure good for tho
grown-ups and the youngest of the youngsters.
'Phone vour rrocrr or drusffltit for s rats.
Ecrvrd at
country ana towa tluba ana OD dining tut.
Bottled only by
Shtboyfrnn Rinti Bmr, Satmmparillu and lamon
Mf mqumJIy tufMiriot
It Is always a 'error to old people and a naace at some time or anouVer to every
human being, young or old. It is the forerunner of mote ills and suffering
than almoat any of NATURE'S PANGEB SIGNALS and should never be
Unwed to ft unheeded. At the ery in indication of constipeboa get DR.
Tim" 8 LIVER rilXS which for 72 years has been successfully used for this
most prevalent of all disorders. Far sale by druggists and dealers everywhere,
.Br. Tuffs 8Jm fills
KathriM' Hill .
ll-lililglolt Seluwil.
i! - -
I tci.iii i Claire I'nino ,
7 S
.1 4
I M. i '.islv.'V ,
,lpliliut t'opiiand
l aco a! In
Vila Clinton svliisd.
a.l tc.iiiicn r.criiice
Ipliellllel.l V0
llalcv.m 1 i.l nihil' . . . Lower guides
lliirair Mann seined.
I Head ii ichi'ii Liiiiln:'.i,aiis.ic 7
Volnea. llnirtltim - 11
'.l l hcrino i Vx .1-4
Aiico Malice
(Head teacher I Illicit livvsis
Agio s Lenox
i -
1 - S!
- li
I I lead tca. hi-i ) M:iie Mossmer 4 !i
I'iov I mrvi'v li -s
IMitie Falniillil
V, lli-t lie
will b suffici'tit lium
in.sH work.
bef I.
t. rmuie sounv oi "i.umi lings
on t.reeiiwiMMl.
. , ., ... , ,.
I. HMO .1III..I IIH-! oe.ll no
( ""- " l' ' r "
; Bccor.lll: g to Officer Ijkllgley, Ull'l
llie p., in e n:,M. I.e. ,, Having H ;ieni
deal if trnuble flllhllg who Is re-
tisil.lo iiie pr.tio:otinu of a iwo-
tooin shack on will, li rent has liven
oh inr for Ihree 'nonlhs. cnniblin d
with "ci.id r.tc.t' tli.it fairly gllilr,
a j, -. ler, ho ltniiey s'artetl Inok
ttig ai.ein-l for sotite tanso of tho lu
coiH;rint, Sai-l cine was fottrol ftii-1 ar
rested V e.lne;..lav. Its Ii. ime is
I'rctt. ninl li.il was porter ai the
clothing rtorc However, I
Iter tia liiu- foiind moIi-i, goods ttiatl
l.illled In d. vripiioi, wiili muff miss.
IllM ftntll lhe. Uo,e. tliein was no one.
to li foiiinl It, "nli.er tnwi" wtio
Mubl tell wlii r.t he or site got tho
clothes. So Fred had lo be lurnc.l
A Small Bottle Destroys Dan
druff and Doubles Beauty
of Your Hair.
" Within ten minutes after an Appli
cation of Danderlne you can not find
a single trace of dandruff or falling
hair and your scalp will not Itch,
but what will please you most will
bo after a few weeks' use, when you
see new hair, fine and downy at first
yes but really new hulr growing
all over the scalp,
A little Danderlne Immediately
doubles the beauty of your hair. No
difference how dull, faded, brittle
and scraggy, Just moisten a rloth
with Danderlne and carefully draw
It through your hair, taking one
small strand at a time. "The rffeet
1 amazing your hair will be light,
fluffy and wavy, and have an ap
pearance of abundance; an Incom
parable lustre, softness and luxuri
(Jet a small bottle of K'howlton's
Dsnderlne from any drug store Of
toilet oounter for a few cents and
prove that your hair In as pretty
and soft, as any that It has been
neglected or injured by careless
treatment that's all you surely can
have beautiful hair end lots of 'It If
you will Just try a little Danderlne.
always pleased,
equally satisfied
ira'ting fountain!, hotel, cafeff.
Transportation Will He Paid to Ala
bama; Scvolil y-flo to Iesvo
Tulsa Is expected to furnish 200
of Hie l.ooii onrpentVra asked from
the niate by the slate employment
btitenu for work In Mussel Hhoals,
Alabama, neur the large Westing
houso plants ut Sheffield ami Flor
ence. About seventy-five have reg
istered iiii carl Lee at the Uoston
Our Smart Spring Suits
trimmed with silk are hand-
cut along easy, 'graceful (
lines to begin with.
The fabrics, patterns, linings
the handling of every detail
shows smartness at a glance.
Not in an obtrusive way, ,
1 L ' .Jit. iL-i t 11 i '
ana rennemenc wnicn u i
I Irnn-um oa hoaiI -II
ll nuunii tio uwv vwt fcn. , , i j
A Particular Store for Men
look for thoee iro labels. I
Acrporc isan all-wonted Priest
Icy fabric that in itself says
. volumes. ' -
" But we go further. C L & B
r workmanship has added to this 3
1 delightfullycoolanddressysuit- - I I
ing, that hand-tailored siritrt- '
5f I ness which can be found only
in CL&B Specialty Apparel.
tffi ) Aerpore has the beauty and ; ; i
J i softness of handle usually con- i
1 nnea to imported worsccas. or
NaturaIly,itsopenweavemakes Bp f!
I it cocj and comfortable when 1
I the mercury seeks par. But be I
-i sure your Aerpore carries me j,
ZTZ CL&U label. , , jf 1
I For the CL&B Aerpore Suit J :
r- ; is a masterstroke in Style and li j -
1 . a " Distinction: Priced to please 11
ii I c. the careful spender. . i
gj rr 1
bulldlnx, who la in harf of the
bureau, and will leave Saturday.
The pay is HO cents an hour for a
day of eight liourc, overtlina li
cents, and Hundays It an hour.
Transportation Is advanced thes
men provided an agreement Is
signed to work to the extent of re
paying this amount , f "
The federal and state bureau of
employment are to be united In this
state and will assume the nam of
federal utats employment ee.vice
under the supervision of examiner
In charge, Curl I.e, who Will holJ
office in this seotlon.
but with that simplicity -q 3
wiui uiat Bimpucuy -n
and refinement which U
known as good Utte. ,
SZO to S55 I

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