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French Used Aerial Mail
Service During Hun Siege;
Balloons Provided Means
Communication During
War With Prussia.
Interesting Description of
Transmitting Dispatches
in Ancient Times.
When tlio average citizen rend In
tho papers a few days ago that an
airplane mail service was ( ).
started between New York, Phila
delphia, nnd Washington, and that It
would probably be continued to Jlos
ton, he gave a Kasp of astonishment
and commented pointedly on h im
practicability of the thing. Or, If
he was mure progressively Inclined,
perhaps he remarked to friend wife,
knitting on the other side of thn
"Well, well, how the world docs
Re' on! What will they ho dolnic
next, I ' wonder 1"
And yet, why hot? The parrying of
mall In almost in old an the human
rare. Ancient Persia had n iiwlft
and efficient mall service lonif he.
Tore ArtHerxe led his giant arm
flown upon (Irerpe. If nn I'.gyptlnri
soldlnr 4,000 year ago winded to
tell his sweetheart In Theben that
the papyrus sweater' she had knit
ted for him was Just right for the
trench life In Niih.U. the lotier wan
delivered. The Inon (if I 'em irni
hla mall about as ouhkiy and surely
as tho modern business man
Always, too, the mall ha heen
carried bv the bent and quickest
system Ufa country afforded, Al
ways thn latest devices or invention
..Were aelr.ed i)n eagerly hy the men
who realised the vast Importance of
the malla. The swlfcst' runner, the
speediest horse, the surest winged
pigeon, the fastest boat, th rail
way "fiver", have been (elected an
the mnll camera Ho It la hardly
surprising lrVat. aa the pnsalhllitti"
of. tho all-plan bePonie more1 and
more apparent the ureal canya
winged hlrda ahould become the fast
est of all poatmen,
Official Pigeon Points. ,
Aa a matter of fact, when the
New York-WaahlriKton airplane mall
ttrted It was not tha f trait time that
loiters have been carried by air
craft. During tho alone of Paris
by tho Hermans In tha I'Yanco-l'rus-
inn war, the French government I
organized a balloon Ma.il .erviie. ;
A, M flurnutif Was In chin Ke"of
the air mall, and although spot !u! 1
Kiujrp cum, were bo III to destroy j
them fifty. neve,, out of aimy-fourj
went successfully through or' rather i
across the invadliiKT Hnea live of i .
ttia,. biilloolia were ill pf m c and lip,
were lost at Ken. The aggregate ;
welKht of the mail carried In this I
h.'iv wiM eight and half Ions
The balloons, however, were not
the onlv niol.il mail currier of ihei
piiat, A I'cinarkuhiv well oieimlzod
pll.;eon pout wn established between;
I 'n Mi iind'.Tnuis during the elexe I
Three hundred and sixty. three of the
w!ii;ed mcssenttei,, were sent out i
fr.nn 1'iirin ami fifty-seven returned :
Willi dispatches.
Hume of the'- dispatches were of
(Vial documents f,,r the Knglieh
embassy In l'arla The churlte wn
10 centu a word, with a rcxlKtralhoi
fee of 1 2 cenl.fi
I'luefina hli'e nlwnvn tie'-n reron
nled letter rarriera. I nofflrlnl
pisreon poata uer.- c'liiiinoo In the
tiitblle aaes. In Italv renulr corn-
iii'inlrritionH weie niitliitalned be
tween Heverill eltleM by InenllM "f
IMKeonx I'robablv liomlnx bl'd.i
have been lined t( beur lettelm in
M eenturlea The lireelc, wtio prob
ably copied the' I'erilnriH, emtiloyed
tin in to convey the name of
Olympic vlclorn to their respective
In more modern times before the
Invention, of (tie electric toleraph.
they were need hv Htoek brokers
and flnn nelers and by newspapers ft
report euch events m yaetit racee
The Dutch (rovernment establlshi-d
a civil and military piiteon poetul
svstem In .lava and Numntra, ob
iHhilnir tha birds from Haadiid. They
were uaeil In China for centuries
Their use In modern warfare U too
well known for comment.-'
Iog have been much used as
mall oarrlers In eold countries. The
most common method la the doKaled
t'nlll recently It waa the only way
of dlslrlhullHK mall In Alaxkii and
Is still lined In tho northern see
In the days of the Klondike and
the jrojd. rushea which followed,
picked do teams, selected for their
strength and apeed, carried the mails
from "outside" to the prospectors.
They oflen mado amnxlnir time. In
dividual doirs have been used In
Siberia to carry lettera or' dispatches
much on the principle of the hom
lnr plKeOn or tha Hed Cross do(r
The first latter rarrlar waa. of
roursa, a man, probably tho beat
Movie Stars Pose far War Painting;
American Artist's Work Is Praised
' J . . - , V. mar 1 W.H X rwmw
jtt ; ft
afS 2 6
June 28, Is the Day
"SoiihuImto In lYiincc,"
Mnry Mick ton and Wallace Hold posed for 4 lie 0r11.in.1l
i.ilnt.. for thn benefit of the Ked C'roaa by oIk.i l'iin.l..n
11 really remarkable piece of work.
new war jiaiiilin.
. f 1 bis 1 . . . , r 1 1 1 . : -'. '
w , : K in . v. n aM
! I erira a 11 1 1
'I 'pupil-
of ah "..pt,.,.
runner of the tribe which aent him 'atnti..iie,. in
out. I'rnbatily thn hlKheat develop, j put, h,.s ,
ment or tne runner system waa In
Mouth 'America, before the Span
iards came. Iloth Mexico arid Peru
had lonir established postal systems
when tho CoiHitnntad'iiiH kinded.
The mora elaborate of the two
was thn Peruvian. At Intoruiis of
five miles alonir the well-kept mill,
tary roads built by the Incus enrtil
hulld limn were erected. A uutobcr
of runners, called "c!inSMiils." eie
n-'wlo r" in
It was
call It
,. 1
I w,
.1 pa-.clief
fruits and
im to the
was so
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'lis I
rnesKu-cs frequently trav-
roller 11 day.
Nlro 1 he system w;ia similar,
hieroKlyphlca of the Aztecs
I,:,,, nit the even cruder .method of
-.'the Peruvians, It Is claimed by old
. j li.-lciiaiis that some of these Mexl
I can couriers traveled four to five
lifucue an hour.
The couriers who brought news of
hat ilea, or similar affairs of public
InieriHt. were uniforms whose colors
viitiid according to whether the tlci
Inps waa good or bud.
A late, aa tho beginning of the
twentieth century the mall between
Valparaiso and Luenoa Aires waa car
ried over tha Andes by runnera on
'Ua. The Chilean and Ars-entlne
R-ovornment maintained a corps of
300 picked men, mostly Scandinav
ians who took the mall to and from
tho railroads which ran, to tha great
mountuln ranges. "
Tha traveling was done nt altitudes
of from 1,000 to 11,000 feet and
the routes wre bo difficult that It
often took alx man to travel 100
mllea. It waa not until a railroad
was built through the Andes that
the service was discontinued.
In countries where horses were
used th mounted courier replaced
tho runner. Xcnophon n the Ana
basis describes the swift riders who
bore meiuuKos and letters In Persia
anu ner trioute atatea. lielays of
men and horsea were maintained
along tho Rruat roads and the system
used varied little from that em
ployed In this country ami In Eu
rope up to the nineteenth century.
All the (treat Kuropean and Asiatic
nations of antiquity had portal acrv
lco by mounted couriers.
Mull llouta on Nile.
In Egypt the Nile bonis were the
precursors of tho mail steamers of
It Is an Interesting fact that it
waa a Maasnrhusetts man, Kdmunit
Oummer, who, 1 170 7. established a
.rRuiui pi Net service between the
West Indies and Kneland.
The system by which papal et-
1 i", ucirces anil mcssaKes were 1
transmitted was possihlv tha first1
Umrouis-hJy oriranmcd postal svstem I
In medieval Kurope. The couriers'
were monks who were sent from city !
to ri'.y al over the continent They i
were pahi regularly and the records'
at the Vatican as far back an the j
twelfth century show the sums ex-'
prnded for these mensem; era. I
The t'nlverait'y of ParisVi-anire.t
a service of Its own in the thirteenth
j i co 111 ry 1
In If. 5 the lords of (he eoIlnc I
!.-f hngluml ordered that "noste. b...
tween this and the north sho-ild
eche keepe a hooke and n,a(P ,.trV(, 1
of every letlre that he ahaP receive 1
the time of delivery thereof m,to ihrl '
hands of the parties named As :
early aa the fourteenth century let- '
ters bear Indorsements which 'show !
that they were carried bv men an.l ',
horses under government control I
Mall earrvlng in this conntrv was
fo st by mounted courier an.l ' ,'er i
I'V each. The Po c,i'!e,t s!,',. i
c ad, perlnej" began about 754 ;inH J
".no hi u.n, lviifii railroads
Ijri.refi.seii P,, far that
be sent by them.
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1. 1 r
rvldoncra of I'hrhlatorta ClvllliaUon
l ouiid I ndcr Water nt Idgc
of Uonn City.
Boston, Mass., was Inhabited by
human beings at least 2,000 years
The people who lived there then
were fishermen.
They used axes of stone to cut
down trees and fashion timber Into
useful 6hapea.
At a time when the climate of
rtoston was as warm aa the climate
o( the Virginia coast Is today, the
Tlostonlans of the post-glacial epoch
constructed a wooden fish weir at a
spot under what Is now Iloylston
street, near the 'lingers building of
the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
Ilurlcl I l.sli Wlcr.
These facts are not evolved out
nf the editorial Inner consciousness.
but are deduced from a communl- ,
cation on thn post -glacial history of'
Itoston recently submitted to the
American Academy of Arta and :
Sc.cnces by Prof. Henry W. Shimer, j
an accomplished paleontologist,
which has been furnished to the J
Sun by a fellow of tho academy who
resides In New York. I
Tho Iloylston afreet f.sh weir.
when discovered, was embedded In j
a deposit of silt and shells from
13 to 15 feet in depth. "How long
a time was consumed," says I'rofes-
S'hlmer, "j,, (ne deposition of
to 15 feet of silt and. shells
Is lareely a matter of conjecture.
i set,.,, i,. v ... ", P. has been estimated that tha MIs-
" -in, v.nr Higher Than Col-I siesipnl river deposits a foot of mud
oncl. ar(. l.iil..ti.li.rfr IVrxniw)" Jin 200 years. A similar rate here
Mllit.irv Advlsori would have required 2.500 to S,000
AMs-wimum iyears for the
If not Indeed MOO years ago. Such
Is the atory which a few sticks In
the mud tell to the vision of science.
The revelations of this prehistoric
Iloylston street fish weir make it
plainer than ever that a fish Is the
most fitting emblem of the com
monwealth of Mafsarhusetts.
Costly Quarrels.
"Confound those feminine squab
bles! They cost mo a lot of money."
"Whenever my w ife quarrels with
another woman, she gets up a big
dinner party nt as to Kiiub the other
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mail eouii
of til.'!
an, I fo
the I
the I
r.l t
. J 1 1 n i n
.rma.0 Army,"
oL.ll All.-ig..r. ,
rtnan offj,.
accumulation of this
The:.-reat age for the fish wler Is con-
ac, firmed by the preservation of the
POI1. Iwoo.l of which it was composed. It
"iis considerably carbonized; its sur
"une ;, , , . Kt,.k -j .iiber wet
';:";"'r rank than colonel, ; 'r llry , vory brittle." The weir
f .he men who have risen I was probably erected when tho re-
1 belong, to the K'"n wfl!' ''"posed, or aimoai e
'i posed, at low tide and covered at
i.vs the newspaper .high. tide; In which event the land
elbow and
low.'!' ,'U.s:,
"ll is the
no ai at !.,ii.l.'iwlorff
rne They ,',,!i, inner high c, :
n -.ml. b,.lnK l.ndcdorffs personal
an.l iiii.iici.ato .,r ,.m.ji.-.' '
Their name, an irivrn undee th
Men of Action " Th.... -.,
bind von Merr, I.ieutenant-frilnn.i
I.ieutennnt-t'olonel p.auer.
. a lOr Von I'rt,.L-..l
I Major von Harbou,
' lleyer.
I All of these seven men. It Is said
i have come to the front since the he-
ginning of the present war. They
are characterized as "men of untlr-
energy. drive and capacity for
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must have sunk from 16 to 18 feet
since the early Bostonlans took fish
a Iloylston nfreet.
The weir consisted of interlaced
vertical and horizontal sticks. The
vertical rods appeared to have been
roughly sharpened with a stone ax.
Whether the form of construction
resembled the fish weirs used by tho
North American Indians In the days
of the 1'llgrlms we are not Informed.
It may lie that the remnants ob
tained were not sufficiently abund
ant to permit a comparison.
Peopled 2,000 Years Ago.
At all events, we may rest as-
suied that Boston was peopled 2,000 j
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