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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, June 10, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 7

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LAUNIlKV (Villi. rW-W.nt.il, ipri.ooei
laundr, Kirl.; good pa, ;
Vta.n. 171. "II for .up.riiit.ndeul
v gmr l.unry Jn'"-i,--i
trnTTwfuy Kprid. apiIt t
Tul. UVstsir. Bbo. Bior.. ov.r
J'.lac. Thetr.
CTiTBES'a : Wante'iT 7prienrei wait
re.. . :ir.. Apply Bo.. Te. Room.
f eon South Maln.
tflffTE"" WASH-WOMAN anted. Cell
gu 8. Victor Avo., . Sunday or ev-
. . . r T
tVOMAtf wntod for cookin, housework
.nd Imn.lry. 81 Kst Nineteenth,
phone 83!'0.
X Uf KKSSFIS Two eaperieneeil wait
resses.' " r week; i,r's' ".""
Superior Tea Koom. 514 r-oulh Main.
STTl'ifiW8T:i'--l'wo' iUrtse5
reases wanted. Apply t one., Superior
Tee Kooir. SI rtouth Min. ,
WANTETV--- Fxperlerieed mrl (or housework
nil cnokine; good Wl'l, nir room,
l'hotn Si'-l-
Wsisft Saleswomen
"Wanted Highly experienced ilww(imiii
wanted for our walut department.
I'ermanent positions for proper
parties. Apply Scldenbach's, J ID
Houth Main street.
roTlTKAIT JlKN- lUka '''.!. per day
ing my pt riotio (lag portraits; 14 hour
Berries on prints ana finished work;
nl for dataloguo. K. H. Koberta Par
trait Co., Kansas City.
rMLKSMENKor Oklahoma and Haneaa
to avail .he P. A E. check writer. COV"1
Initial feature, burna protected aatne
National banka. Sea Mr. Blinn. llolel
BOOK KKF.l'ER Volition ail"" bookkeeper,
have entire charge of booka for an ac
tive oil corporanon at the preaent time,
but dealro a change-, I am B3 yeara
ol'd, atrnng and energetic linn'l answer
nnlcM ynn can pay $150 or more. C
87 care World.
CHAITKEI'R AND W1KB-- E-tperlenced,
colored, widhea poiliou with pritate
J family. Thone M7 It.
FIFI.D POSITION Wanted with oil com
pany; ten yeara' epricn.-e in eaMem
Oklahoma and ha thorough knowledge
of Indian titlea; can furnish het ref
erence!. Addreaa P. . Dm 1934, Tula
MAI,Ij eel booka to keep evening: quail
ficalion A-1; ceirpeniiatioa reasonable.
Addreaa C 03. rare World.
WANTED f'arpenler work; by day or
job. 307 North Boulder. Thone 1109 .1.
WANTKItPoeillon driving private car by
neat appearing young man exempt from
draft. P-SS, rare World.
WANTED .lob running truck or tractor;
experienced ; etale price. C. L. Bolea,
' filial. Okll. Kuril Box 92
WANTED Position a distributing fore
men or field superintendent. 1 yeirs'
experience oil ind gis in pipe line end
production; best references. Address .1
r. Allen. .40 Weit Mountain St.. Eu
rekl Springs, Ark.
TOT'NO MAN Mirrled, now employed s
office manager, is desirous of making new
perm&ynt connections, preferably with
goil cawjpany, 100, careWorJJ.
BOKK'XPBR-.Tlv years' eTperienre,
capable of taking full charge of books,
prolctlsnl. wioU pnsilion with reliable
prosperous fifm; would consider book
keeping ind Itenographic position if
vrell paid for the combination work.
Addresa Miaa R. E., 317 Wost Eleventh
Street. .
: OFKIOE, WORK Ijldy, good 'dueatloii.
1 wish otfic. work, booka, eome ateno
trpli work. C an. rare World,
PBT OPERATOR Wanted, 'position as
PRX operator; have had aeveral monthe
experience and can furnished the beat
of reference!. Addresa Box C-87 World
or phone 6643 J.
STENOGRAPH ER- High-class esperlenced
, stenographer deaires position of respon
' ubillty. .xperiencedjn law. oil and gas
and ouier lines. l i o. r '' '. -
WOMAN of superior "character, ''y "J
ple.ing personality, will go to""
as companion to lidy, chiperon or
.kiu'. nurse for tlii aummer. Thoni
4931 J- : ...
x.rf.v "rir rorTiPMENT For aaie,
.utomobll repair .hop. Inc "dlnf S-in.
lath, with taper sod milling sttaeh
ment; 20-in. drill press, power tacK
aaw. emery Hand, sir eompreaaor and
' tank line shaft, pullcyi and halting
8 h p Wgner motor, bench snd nna
tools. Ownor goinf to war. Phon
fOR"SATlE AdmJr.1 iltny with license
Csr nesrly new; imill csib. psyment
will hsndl. Thone.ajM;
f iVti "SALE The business, marKinery and
leas, of the National Block oompany,
minafseturinii .rtlfieil stone loc. ted
,t R15 E.st Fourth '"1'"'
( .), comnny t ibov iddresi.
fOP fiXl.E Fancy grocery, doing about
$4,500 a monlhjM-en run
!,;r. niliA Jock; on. of the best
(nested strsts "iy. Invoice .bout
14.000; owner going to wr. 11. A.
Hose. Phone n4ti
fixtures: best loc.non in city- invoice
price; discount on fislurel. C-63 cire
v World.
fO0ERY8tmE--For ssle. clicip rent;
living rooms In back, invmr. nock with
fixtures, $700. Cll 3A?e,.
RA VE" yni" proposition In Tulsa or 'Iclnity
for capable bualnes man with fJOOO
snd lervlrei; hotel, irereantile. town
site: would consider associate who could
eo,n! Investment; reference! exchsnged.
C 32. cre World.
ffARDWARE"FTO(:K'--"For "sal'e.'ind build
ing in the best sgrirnltural distrin of
Oklahoma: stock will invoice with hold
ing about f t 500. Address i; T. Kr-n,
Mn,K ROl'TK FOR SALE And ,-om:lte
outfit for hsndling sm. For pamni;
Isrs call 524 West Fsslon or phot 4141.
PAI'ER ROl'Tr-The best paper route in
Tulsa; must he sold this week on ac
count of going to war. C 07 World
FA YlNtJ-TRA NSFK.r" business for ssle or
trade- $2 000 cash, required. For psr
ticiila'ri addrcas P. 0. Box 1138, Tulsa.
f ARTN'BR Lady holding option on cmp
ty small hotel in heart of Tulsa desires
partner wilh $1,500 to help buy fornl
ture: referencea exchanged. Phone Airs
lwis. 5543.
PfrrrriE 8HOW For sale, on. account of
mitltsry services I mull sell one up to
date picture show In new nil town, doing
good business. Address Box 63, Cyril,
H EST A TRANT-j-FoTsiT. doing good busi
ness under good leaae. Jnqilir t B03
South ldln. .
ST AURA NT For sale. American Eagle
Cafe; doing good hnsiness, located 230
East First. Good proposition to reliable
"A'i68TOCK of general merchandise for
ssle: groceries, ihoes, Indies' snd gents'
furnishings: doing $40,000 s yesr;
rents Teasonlhle; old snd want to re
tire. O. Jeffsrs Mercantile Co., Inola.
WILL pay"cash for" Obsibiau oil Ms or
contracu. Phon 1444.
WANTBDLesVe'eloss'to prodiwilon for
drilling. Minot A Minot, 8 Holland
. JhMc.
1 St'AN"DAiSirTirrT"BiH on locstion TwiTl
sell with drilling contract or allow
Sarty to nse rig and drill on interest;
OO-obl. wells semes forty from Iocs
t tun, 84. Lynch. Bla, Eask Tiurd, .
100 Af'UK ' IV. .SE -Own 1 3u"Tnteeet;
31 10 It Hknauleee county: producing
well on tola property before; make me
n offer. AdJreea J. Koise, W.llsvlll,
Bl't 8 and set; boUL and rooming houses.
Phone MS.
DO Voir want ro sell your hotel or room
ing house! If no phone n.1H.
1) H. MII.I.F.It. wilh Yadon Inyeatmenl Co..
dealt onlv in rnomtr.r houses and fur
nished rooms.' 2i Virat National Bank
Ulilr. Phone fins.
Glaaa t Co.. over 1'Hac Theater. PkoMe
dOIII and 1534,
Win FXS and rooming iouts- terms;
some rl bargains. 8e Chsrobarlam,
Kemp Bl Iff. Phones 64.18-9606.
HOTEL For sale, by owner, 3 room ho
tel. on South t one block from
Friscaq depot. !!t :.vmg f'ty on account
of rick ne.. phone ST 7'-!.
Hf)TF;i -For rent by July.! 1 room
modern hotel ; Uo tlire room, both In
Wkt TuU; wiltr nd irwrrufe; munt
bp rt-ipoimib! partir. Apply Khn'i
Ticpt ntnre, 15 Kit Kirtt. -
flOTKbFor sale. 25 room, new, modern
hotel; will lell 5 year lease or lease
ami building; splendid ly . furnished ; do
ing capacity business. Room 304 Han
cock hldg Miami,Okla.
1 WANT I'll Bl'Y a rooming houae, where
can I go! Yon phone fi-'tit.
PifONF, m ii. baa buyer for room-,
ing house.
TOOMINO HdOPE Alllaon Keafty Clm
piny iur has the rooming honaes; Urgl
or aufail; anywnere, a fee
ROOMING HOl.'SF, For aale. close In
money maker Must be sokLJfrtswerk
AH cash. Here u whure your money
talks. rnone Ci.lM
R'KiMINO llOI'SJs Id-room rooming
rTrmransi eufoisiness, opposite union
ststion, "TTu"i East Jwuglas, Wichita,
" " ROOMiNO iTotvPK
19 rooms, rlpht downtown, 1 1-2
blorku from Motil Tulsa. Newly
paperod, woodwork aLl newly
palntoil, (tond ruK. and a real good
buy for 1 2 . f 0 0 : termsi on part
342 ntiblrison JKIdff. Phone 756t
We loan money on furoilure, piasnot and
Victrolaa in your borne or ekorage. A.
I. Moor head, 230 New Aull Uhlg. I'houe
AETNA Building A Uan Association, Dav
enport A Ratcliffe, agenla. room 210
0illett Bldg Rea eatatejoane.
CITY REAL ESTATE InanV; joVj' yean on
business or residence property In Tills
at 8 per cent intereat; no commission;
principle payible ony time after first
year or at end of five, yean; inlereat
230-227 Iowa lllilg. I'hune Osage 3150.
Let help you to ooy a isrm or Improvs
the on yoa havst. W buy, aell or ex
cling farma.
Phone Oaag 74it Room .112 Robtnm)
MONEY to loin on Tula "real estate and
farms; if you want to borrow money
see ua; we hav one hundred thousand
tn loan. Lilly A Bankston, 13 East
Fourth. Room 212. Thone 541. Texas
Hidg. ;
FhENt.Il -Yit.ii.it Eiench wouisn wishes tu
form c!bfs(b to teach French: private
li-ssona elso. Phone Vivian Pilon, 8627,
hetw-n 10 and 12 a. m.
Bl'11, 1KK8 Two ecrew tail bulldogs for
sale, also Iwo pomeranian dogs. Call
Wedneaday, 1412 East Admiral. Phone
f 1H9.
FOR RALF Tesoi of young "Perchroh
, marea. 3,000 Iba. ; aonnd; alao on
chunky mare, weight 1,400 lbs; lound;
sr fosl by jack; 2- sts at work bsrnesa.
913 Sonth Main.
OV rrTtCK For is'lo. two hor.TsTlso
good milkrigon. Fifteenth snd Lewis,
Rout No. 2. Orrfn Plekson. .
MCST sell st once lesm of good work
msrei. weight 2,700 lbs.; hsv no fnrther
ns for them; no reasnnibl offer re
fused. Call M19 South Cinelnnstt.
PROPERTY "for exchange; Haynea-391T
model chnmmy roadster, in fine eondl
lion, to exchsng for thrifty young est
tie of equsl value; Aberdeen. Angus pro
ferred. Addrsi Bog 88B, Rsnplpa, Okls.
CHICKENS For ssle. 15 nice he"nis"nd
rooaier; siso s lew young chickens
Call in the morning si 1917 South i'or
est. Phpne 8809-R.
ROOSTF'lvl-For asle, fins bi R"ho"d7 IT
land Red roosler. $2 50. Phone 5533.
Herfa, rooatera and friei; mirket prices
piid; good weight giisrsnteed : ship us
your eggs. Sanitsry Cash Grocery, 112
NorthMin. Phone 013 et MS.
WHITE I.eghorn laving hens; young
chicki inH friers; old Truity incubator.
Phone 472.
DINING ROOM SUITE For sale, first
class fumed oak, cost $285, sscrifiee for
1 25. 2 II West Second
FURNITURE Severs! piece of furnitur
for rale rhesp. 40R Esst N'lnth.
FIVE ROOMS Of new fiirnitur for ssle
at s bargain, l'hon 570o.
F1RELBSS O0OK.EK For sale. Phon
a" i it.
fl'RNITlVRE nriighl room fnrsaTi.7Thi;
noose for rent. Owner leaving city. Call
ni e.i norm iienver or pnon 7709 R,
sanuary cones ana maiiresB, flavennort,
lihrary table, cheap if taken st one.
103 Fsst Fairview.
FOR KALE- A map In a few houaehold
goods good bed. rug snd other things
yon must hsve; alao new grafonolo.
$25. Phone 5731 -R
I have $1,350 worth of fine
mahogany furniture, as
good as new; will sell for
$700; terms to right party.
Can see furniture in house.
Phone 1152
fnbNARHA S. 417 For aaJe, 4 rooma of
furred oak f ami ture; nood condition.
B ax train. House for real, -TtsMtuubU
PEaRSONAL property
11 A HOd A N Y Living room pir wirk
r uH c ; taM and (tior lm,h ; ''l
9x13, orp Btrt rug; niw rfMit true
rmnfn, and whita namt rt-ti 'ijcnWf.
Vhontt .1161. '
WE will tato you mnpy on vryihtng in
hoimehold rroli btraut w ill for
raih only, o w bavtt notSiti but Vr
pain tri ('(., W, Biatttiti Fur ui lure
Co. 23 WmI Firnt.
ErMSON KKi'OKHS - f .3 vi!u," RfHwl a
ntw. at hjtlf prn f hiirrlay rrorninK or
riy fTfn.nff lir!wieu . an4 7, thu wrvk.
4lrt Wont Fourth. 1
Vr.l'LTiS "pl.NO rVtJt "Vif.V, "Mahogany
fifunh, good fonditiun, -'i0 tu(h. i'hour
WILL tak irflnt car of piano for
Btoraup; no chil'lrn. phont 3T',fi .1.
OAS ENfJTNK ---For . t a narific,.,
on "h, i H, 3.'t, (Stj-hrtrrvpnwrr in-
(fine in viry (rood rundiiHtn. In'iuir
Warner .Ifwflry fane
N. Y
OIL LKAWKS And iowuhlp piata, ar.d all
other ott field for mi in iioek and for
ale by OMa 1'r", ?15 Kii Third. Tulaa,
Okl., phone 423. Wnti tor catalog md
Jrl If : tt'a fres.
rilKSSPRK TANKS - For aa'e. ona 75x20
and one 7220 peiisure tank". anif a.
r.'w, will niVft fine muni I main milU ;
rheap. On "22n Ft.'..in ktill, in,
plate throutihniit, verv lif price. p. O.
Hoi hallao, Trtaa
TWO fl'ulH 10 ILFR .SHELLS--For le.
cuilahlo fir a til la. mnd with Kintr'e
iottom ttheeta. on 7'Jxld tuinilar ,oil
er in eod rondijiiiiu; A-arraius. I'. O.
,SK- For Rain, lint) r.ill top d.x kKR
.Ui-;jrrl hljj phone LVHl
V(lir fiU .L- I' r nwr i t tr rlok n.l
Iro Sinifr ivwine machine aitd iihikiM
rahiner, phona ST
OLIVFR T Y P K W R 1 T F K - - - H ! i tf h t ! y 1 1 n'e d
real harpam if taken at once ; Sunday
morn trip between & and 7 p. ni. thig
week, 4 1 Wat Fourth
PA PER"" CLIPS A ' full ine'prKed ViVht'
Tulsa Rihher Sramp Worka. Hay ward
Bldr. phone 1411
pood condition. Firnt .:t5 takes it.
Call at 17 21 South Main
STENOTYPF -Aimoat nf-w," reasonable" if
taken at onee. lint t' 90. raro World.
H10HE8T CASH prtr paid for roni
band auita and aboea Pbon B2Ifl.
lAKgi;KKAlR COSTirW ES --Maaqiterad
roatumea for rent; out of town onleri
filled hy appointment. 819 South Dea
er. Phone; M14
HIOiTekTPRI('EH for aerond hand "ciotT
lnfihne and Phona 71 4fl.
BUITS Httvat raab price paid for man's
etroodhand avita. eoata ana tronaera; al
liuy ahoea andliata. hona 6445.
Wanted to buy
Secczsd! iasii CEoEas.
and nhnesj. T-'lve dollars to J0 paid
for buIIh; hlKhest prices paid for
shoes- We buy old gold and silver.
Ptionj 7940.
6UITH AND FHOKfl Unheal prlcea iak4
for men's Mcond band aaita an 4 thukt.
J)irk Hardon. Phon 4fl.
GEWINQ M ACUINR GwA ilron-haad
White rotary or Sinfer aewlng mahine
for aal t-hp. 119 Kat Second aueet,
phone 7788.
MI S C M.L A K E 6 U S F 6 B JB AXE 26B
FOR 'SALE Pipe Viae; 2 Vj piiiiirt ryho
der; pump Ja.'k; earth augur and' other
amall toola, rheap. phone 72H7 or call
1 fiHH Faat Jeffraon.
FOR SALE Doublfl dnim Irf'lper ; wood
ateam hoiiting enfine, uiod on Wricht
building, alao lo.orm feet wond hand
four by four. W, H. Johnston, (.'orUov
FOR "JUL E OtiB 10 hWepowVr" "D7V."nio"
wr; one 5 horsepower 1. P. motor; one
IS horsepower rertirai sUam boiler.
Apply Hote. Tulia engine room. Ask
1 o r M r ,A 1 1 e n
GARDEN HOSK-SQ feet for asle; never
i.peu. rnone 7".
rrTlL's vxix ersaiTn ew-;. kTl "
Where the enterprising hiblipnl and
newamonecr (tiTe yon pre-eminent of
virrica m aaifstnansnip. lie aticeoda in
promnlfratina; a successful undertaking
o eTariaanniny stirks at the aame.
ttAlV(XATS OfThe waterj-ruof kind.
A. L. Wait Rubber Goods, Turner bldg.
Th Ird an dM a i n.
BUICK 1917, five-pasaeneer ; fine rendi
tion to trade for lot. or rbeap im
proved. Thone 13a7 7231.
STER Property for eirhanne; in fine
condition, to eucbanira lor thrifly young
rattle of eqnal value, Aberdeen An ens
preferred. Address box 3H6", tSspulps,
to trade, on Main street in Fe.rlton, Okls..
lor Rood second hattd far; must trade
at once; also will trail good second
hand piano for rood rhonograph. T. If,
M fHreoriro, Fr r J ton , Ok In ,
K B Nr D A M 1 1 a a "eorii r ioti would sell
or exchanre for Ford touring car. Thone
owner 7720.
JrORTII SIDE Tl.oraTfYfo trade fo7
hirh class rar, f'adillar or Packard pre
ferred. Call after n m. at "07 North
(Theyenne R A. Pibb.
WANT to bny or trade remdenr for close
in acreace. 1' nones 1 7 -72;i I .
WILL give income property in Oklahoma
town, near, Tor iiirnt car- would con-
lder Ford. Phone 1 3.7 7231,
40 At'Rr-S-Ainly 3 milen out. "to trade Tor
food car; would consider varan t lot.
;honea 1 nr!7 1 .
Id IN KRAL LEAAHKR-For-falo or trad
near late strike Spavi4iSr HMK' Okla
lead at two to twelve fret; what tiava
you 1 Sickness. Call at t.Tand rooms,
14A West Second
160 A CR E5 iaVproved "farm" i n Fn Moti
oonnty. Xrk., . miles of hirh school
town, 12 mile to school snd church and
on ooonty road, all wired in, ha house,
barn and wll water, only ar acres
cleared ; will sell or eichange for room
Tig house or Tulsa property. Price
fttS-ner acre. Phone and K7r.
wfte owner. 412 Potilh Kenosha. Tulia
AiteHKR. W7" 1220 Kor rent. 3 room
nn furnished apartment, modern, leasn
reaanhle. pbnne H2fi.1'H.
APARTM F.NT- 3 -room."" unfiifnUhTi;aiid
one furnished sleeping room in Mary
Hrockman Apt. phone 3701 .
APARTMK.VT-- For rent. 4 room modern,
$t'A iT month. Frederick A Roherte,
212 Rank of Commerce bldg. Phon
BOY I) ELL APrS 1 VrWapaTrmMtt
located first floor, with private porches
and private garages: hot watr. phone
FOR RFNT----3-roorn modern apartmprtto
party buying furniture, cheap. Phone
- 7124 ,T.
Four rooms furniture thrap.
Also apartment for rent, $45.
Inquire 31G E. Second street
PARK, .. 1304 For rent. 4 nice cool
rooms, screened in porrli, rn be had
rir'it now.
APARTMENT For rent, completely fur
nislid modnfi apartment, four room effi
ciency; reiTwnces rcnutrcd Phooa
Ubrry Apt, We- Thitjd,
Al'AUTM EST HeautifHlly fiirnuhrd apan
nieut fur rent from .luly I to ,t iitcniln'r
l1", located corner Twelfth and Lmivir;
'..') i-i r month. Phone 7 H r i .
CII K YEN N E' A PTS f 1 ti out!, Chcy f'nnV,r a
in w south apartment.
CAitSON, S, U-'6 Two rooms, l-s!h snd
kitchfti, froid and back porch, posf8kijn
June 1A
F L W t H U , 8 . ' 1 2 3 f C o ui pTeiely f u r n i a h c d
fnr room apartment, inciiifimg piano
titfhta, water and telephone furimlied,
Phone 7?7i.
ELEdAST ATARTUEVT. eomplet-ly fur
nifthed with all modern convenience.
hghu, ras and wster free. 4'all Cynihu
tour I, c-.r ner fifvetilh snd SSuth t. htj
eiitirt. J'Uone or
ll'UHJK, E , 1214 -4 rooms funnahi'd.
modern, prlratt bsth. phone 7 Hi" 7
"VM N, N.l 71 In Kennetb apart ment a.
anna qf two rooms and hath. funnhed
for housekeeping, to married couple.
Teferen'ea required phone 1 1 1 I (
MAIN. S'.. 1105 For rent, 3-room furnished
ni.arimrtii. Ant. 201 i can be sf Mon
d.v after 9 o'clofk. Phone J or
4 M K
MS TH, W ; 4 1 7 - For rcnircloae 'in' three
ronin' innilerr. dunlei apartment and g
rat;e. f27 per month; providing you buy
t furniture.
vivTir v . I? r.ASiT lynv 1apts
fitrntahed snartmH.ts. living room with
, Murphv hd a, kitchen and bathroom,
lare closets., delightfully cool; second
and third floor. Apply Apt. 20. s r
2 o tlo' k p. m,
ON At'POl NT of draft and learinif city
will sell nicely and completely furnished
1 room apartment wn n purnio imm
kitchenette, phone, light a, water, gas.
aenhion the l.Mh or earlier. C Uti World
ROOMS - hcautifullv"" furnished " suite of
rnoma with h..tl south exposure, on ju
11 y ine. inesi if desired; alao garage
siare. Ph,one 2530.
G it M 1M " LOWER FlVUWeTFfurniVhed".
can give lonir lease. Call S3 1 3 or
3..6I R.
6 R )OM A PT -"-For "rent, 5 blocks of" bus f
nej renter and poat office, providing
you buy the furniture. Phone 5(2 92.
liRl'Y. W . 1324 For rnt. 3 mom house
itni'Lt.ER,'"' s7"Hft:r-Sis room duples
hniifti- for rent and furniture for sale.
Terms, phone 71HH
noi'LDKIt. N.i''"rT3.---pVrtiT" furnished it
rooms of duplex house, .immediate pos
eettftinn, water and gas paidi weekly
or flrt monthly in advance. Sterling
Investment (Jo., 13 Turner bldg, Third
and Main.
BrNrtVlZ-W For rent, fl room bungalow
111 Orcutl addition, one hlork from new
Cat hot-' church and school, on car line
with IS minute service: all built in fee
J urea ; bent paper and light fixturea.
Inner A. Orcutt. Phono 5fi30 tt.
CHEYENNE, N t 628 - For rent sevun-
room modern house, elertric lighls, ftirn
i'nrc for ssle, reaaonshle. Phon J
CHEYF.NNl':, N Five toom house, newly
decorslrd, large living room, dimng
room, hedroitm and kitchen, screened
back pnrrh, cistern water piped to sink,
email baaninent; upataira one large alecp
ir.tf room, bathremm, rlnseta snd store
Too; garage (or one car; tf;0 per monili.
Thw V1. A. T. You.pf
bcPLEXIlfr.SE--For rent. -"j5w,mi of
duph'K honae jn good., location, laumlry
room In baarjnent, aUcping porch. Phone
D L 1 ' I . E X HO :thVriTr'ilni
iuvm duplex houae on South Main: gar
a.e;. garden and fine well; 100 per
month l'hon e . 1 2 5. 2 .
FOIt RENT room houi.e. c'lMcrn sn
garaire, rhotce location. Phone 472
FOREST, 1711 For Tf-nt, ;! room house,
on "mitt car line. 120. Call 3311; 3'2l
iAiiiMn"'iii tmig.
FOR RENT FurnVahe.rrfour""rooma,"'niod
ern,, clone in on anutheaat side; exception
ally well furnished; mc-ve in today. Call
!' "'" Ilh"n 40.10; res. 6721,
FOREST PARK For rent, new 8 -room
nouss and large closet, close to cat'
line m Forest Park addition, 920 per
mon in. API" i .i.iniMnin 1 renion.
LEWIS, N . 13 Si v room modern boose,
Call at 14 South Victor
MAIN, N. 715 Foor rooms and bath,
hardwood floors.
MADISON, 8., 409 S room modern home
for rent, providing vou buy the furnl
ture; f'JOO take rntture, garden and
chickens. Phone 2117 J.
KlNTH, V?., 213 Tenroom house, two
hatbs, wen or goon: water, south front;
get key front bona In rear.
NO HT H SID B r rent, 4 room house.
(40: 3 room bouse. Kendall, $26. phone
N R f 1 1 "Mft R E f." N f) "add 1 lion, neaTTniir j
room house, largo sleeping porch, fruit
ein siisne trees, gooa wen. ah icncea.
Phone 7H8.
CTICA, s!. 327 Mof ft room house, pert
ly modern, nnf urnishod ; possession at
SIX ROOM rOTTAOK For rent, modern,
servants quarters and garage; south iida.
rnone hiol.
Tf.riRACB. 8 , J 03 For rent, room bouse
$4.1 mon th. phone tl.131.
VrHTdR.R. ani For rent, 6room mod
urn house, $05 pp.r month.
5-ROOM modern bungalow, r65 per month
Pall at 2 Bouth Gillette or phone flf
9 -ROOM house, baaomrmt and garsge, rent
$75, close in,aoutb side, lurnaura lor
saje. Phone hQ9
tSTON, R.. 1601 For rent, one modern
o room bouse, providing you buy furiJ
turn, phon 7H13-R.
rent. 5 room,
July fnrniahed, for 3 months; avaUab!
I. phone jlsac" 772.V
III' NO ALOW Pro, lily furnished five room
bungalow In coolest part of Tulsa; gar
den. Phone flri,..
Si : Nj AliO W- WVrf7iirnTshed ronu. rood
ern bungalow at iJi-nver Col ; silver,
linc-n, iiano, girace. rail T l i, or ad
dress Tins 0B4, care World.
EIGHTH,' "W., 210 "Furnished " r room
houao, fine location, close in; a bargain
to rcfTponsible parties.
FOR HfcNT for sumni.r, beautiful . furii
ished modern hunralow. phone 410.
Fl'RVIHHkll HOPSK 4 "rHim, 'gas! well
water, nalf blo-'k jitney, $li) week. Phone
FlltXI". W., 1215 ft room house io rent
to parties that will buy furniture; good
-well and garden.
FOR KKNT -'For "summer.'boautifiiily ftirn
ifthed nine room modern bungalow. Phone
FOl .iil'KLNTTl" fC. miirroomfur"
v. I shed rwiuse for rent baaetnrDt, acrv
art's quarters and srarac;.
FOR RFNT-- FiveTiiofti . furnif.h'd hou-e
Kendall, $30: four rooms, .Souih Detroit,
$:f.. Phone 470,
FR KKNT B'-autifuT motlern" "south sid.
home, five rooms. Lath and sleeping
porch, hardwood floors in three rooms,
nicely fitmhed th roughout ; also garaee.
provided you buy the furnished. liyx
r pp World -
FiU RF.NT 7 room bouse with basement,
cioae in on south side; mahogany furni
ture. H tern way irrand piano, splendid
libracv, oriental ruga, etc ; must be seen
to bA sppreeiated : wilt lease for 6
months or longer to responsible people.
Phone S7M. ,
rilOF.NlXr R . V.5 Five room home for',
rent and sleeping pornh located in very
nice neighborhood. close to ear line,
furniture for sale complete or by the
piece, some terms if you buy all, a tar
gain Jftaken at snr-.
KlNTH, W., .1.3 New ft" room hour-a, bnti
ti fit 1 1 y fnrni-hH including piano ; south
froC't snd garsge; real rlune m on fto'ith
went side; fnt permanent: inuat have
pood rnference. I nquiro at the above
TAfOM Ar"N.r"220, 'ParOTili" "Addition -For
rnl. nicidy furnished new h"uae.
two rooms, sleeping porch, twu ciobttia
and Laliu PIukio 49 Or
Ms. N. H' Kl-is-ftnlly fiirfii-hed fi rvUm
1. th home Mti itieeping pireh, ga t
r-th-e fur two frs phone ;HM.
1 It 1 1 1 M MuDERN Mnl Fit .aie 'or
li.'iite furniture of 7 iimihi modern house
in-'lttdii'tf pinno, t''nw,r, hoiuva.fnr rent
with t.-4- ;ii"" smith V:iw,.d.
Owinj? to1 ono of our
tenants licinjr drafted
wo havo ono of thn
most desirable offices
for rent in the World
tldjr. For further
7 ff
, I.-1-
i o
at the World Offin'.
Wc have a few more very
desirnhlt offices for rent in
the old World Kldtf. Tor
further information
1T0 inioaims
at the World Office.
WARKIIOI'SK- Knr r.nt, all or part f 2
story brirk wareboiise. Atlsa Transfer
A Storage Co. .
I MirrEl.LAfcEoOB J? J.!!
FOH HKNT--l)HBiralile." Luilness buildinc
In Kl londo, Kan Hlse 1 lijr 1
feet; well u-aleil. I'essession .Ii:n li.
V. A. Oslmrn. over Citnena Htst Hnk,
Fl llors'lo. Kan. '
SKWINd MACKINf',8 Bented bj wk r
month. While Keviln, Memn vo, sis
Kaat Second street, unone TTo.
HeN(iAl,OW Wanleil to rent, four or flvs-
rfom inortern Imnyulnw In northern or
eastern sri of city; no children. U M,
care World. '
GARAOK- Wanted
to rent, elota In.
I'hnne .S207,
TWO LA 01 employed wonld Ilk to
lis rhr of home hf iarlv lesvlni
fir summer, best of care given same,
A-l references aa to responslbilltlea,
honesty, etc Phone 813.
WANTKIi TO KKNT by .Inly J, amsll hooa
or hunralow untnrnuhefl ; anults: giv lo
cation and teruia. Addresa K A, csr.
.WANTKll To KKNT A or ft mom bon-
palnw or bouse bv ood and permaoent
.tenants: want tn leaae not less thso on
y-sr; eill g'laianter property to be kept
tn esrcllent condition, both hoas and
grounds. 1'btine 74U7. Will glv. refer
ences worth while
FOR KALE -The fallowing tracta in faa
simple : tin n snout w tison no acres, s
sw s snd nw sw ae of section In. c ow
he and nw nw ne of aoc, SI twp. 23 N,
range LI E in Tulaa county .Charlotte Srv
killer 40 acres, nw sa-SH 2 N IS K In
Nowata county: RobertA MoLemore SO
l acres, s n ne and ne svne of action
I 2:i NU E In Rogers county; Wat
I san Keirhum 60 acres, nw Sk of ne hi
ana ft or aw or ne '4, section V,
township 35 N, range 14, Washington
county, 12 miles from Nowata;' Wolf
Pettlt 50 acres, se, of nw 14 and nw U
of sw 14, section 1ft, township 35 N,
rsnge 15 E Nowata county, 0 miles No
wata; Jennie Nugen no acres 8 of i
A. section 24. township 24 N. rana-e 1$ ,
E, Washington county, 4 milca Ramon a ;
,11 in Kqnirri 4uo acres, se 14 or na
se section 3 of sw H of section 1.1,
E of ne 4 se A or se i of section
14. township 14 M, range 2 N. Chero
kea rounty, miles NW Marbl Olty,
La ho it tk Co, room AOS f. k M. Rank,
Fort Worth. Tea.
7 ACRflH- Improved, close n, only $4,750,
terms, rnone i.T7 7:ti.
A (JOOI) IVKSTME.NT--We have it, A
two story business house on Went First
street. This is trackage property and
will always be valuable. For tnirk sala.
$-V('00. Hee Wetsel 6 Parks, 308 Ault
Hid. Phone 011481.
BeNOALOW-5 rooms, garsge, dosira'bly
Iocs ted on east side; $J,fr00t terms.
Phnne 1955-310.
Bt'NfiALOW A new 5 room bungalow, lo
cated near Wheeling street, on east side.
Price $2,00. $.,00 down and $.(5 per
montfc. A snsp Phone fi(1 or 40-42.
BOSTON, R. -For 'sale by owner," five-room
biingitlow. hardwood floors throughout,
will sacrifice for $4,7-10 If sold at ones;
$l,no will hsndle. phone 6419.
ni'NtiALOWVNew ft room modern bnnga
low. clsteru, garage and chicken bouse,
good card en, f met location north part
Of ciljr. J'hnne 47H2
IirNti A LOW iior sale, sis-room fur
nishtd huncalow, near car and Jitney
line, $:,2 $.,00U cash will handle.
Phone fl ao.
IH'MJALOW- 5 room, living room across
entire front, nice mantel and fixtures,
built-in features, screened porch, hesu
1 1 fnl decora lion n. garsge and driveway
Price $l,ooo, $1,000 cnh handles. II.
A. Riise Phone M02
Tl KI.l.Yl FjW A DI'ITTO N 6 "rwrn h u n ga"
low juat ready to occupy, beautiful der
oral ions and lighting fixturea, base
ment. beautiful east front, full aire
lot, fine shade, near Moniincside. Price
$4 .Vio, ratty terms. 11. A. Rose, phone
nrNOAI.flW - Fr ssle Ijy owner, fl ronm
v.-tiite stucco huncalow, Inelmlins break
fast room. harlwH)( floors, rislern, ties,
meet, Ikk-ii. fruit and shade Irene, east
front lot. sire y.'.tl.i.i: built for .a home-,
loavinii c:tr utily reason for sejm,
Vrircd for r,iiir-k sale st ft;,'.'0 wuh
terms. 1'hone C72'i or C'l'H.
I. I NC1NSAT1. N.. tile For ssle, .". room
Ininiraiow. See owner after li p m
COTTVUK .M'dcrn ,r. room cotlSi:c Sonih
Ynrltown- inc.. Ir-raiity; price only
.1.30; $00 cash, ".0 per sronlh. I'honr
ijri'l.KX IlilVK - For sale, new mo.irrn
fi room, on Heft Se'-onn part cash, hal
rft'iee on rea.onslile terms I'hnne l-Hiil.
EAST HIIiK Four room plastered house.
three porches, line well, frnil, M hsnt
to hold eicut head of horses, 11,700, $vOo
ensh. I'hotie ,r,J.
ItAI-'I'IN, W ? rooms, new. modern bnn
pslow, hardwood floors throiiicliout the
house, 2 screened porches, Urs-e bae
nlent, laondry tubs larfe Ksrace and
fruit trees; immediate lo. session ; at a
rreat hnrreto Fhoce 107?.
FOR RAI-K -A nice . well built 4 mom
bonae; full lise lot, .ewer iq, electric
lights, (r'wd well; lot lenced, ontbulld
t n ire., rood front porch; F.ast Fifth slreet;
price $3.00.0; $") es.h, bslsnco
per month. Phone i:i7.
lli'Mlv -A brand new six room home for
you, haa bssemt-nt and Farsce. oppo
site (Wimtry club, must be sold, make
me sn offer. Phone owner, 4"4C
Hll:8F. and two lots two MoeVs 'from
post otdre. Iirumnitht, tikla, to trsd.
or sell. Aildrei juer,.l'. U. vx bit,
l'uia. - .
HOl'SE 4Mr'uT - For -sale. nevT J room
an. I iargti eloael, c.losa to car lines, m
PoTfst I'ark addition Prtia $1,000,
$V will handle, balance flu per wo.
Apply 13 .If, South Trenlon
IN M.KIMl disiance, 4 rooms and bath,
except lotially nice shaded lot. A good
-buy Price $1..S0. phone (049
MLF, RllMiK- om. 'J-story rent
deiu- Trice f7,vSO, phone I9i.22l9.
NORTH SIDE -Close in, a S room mod
ern bungalow, price f.l.t.'.O, $1,.'0 caab.
Phone lst.91 or 4"4-'
S'Rn HIDE - For sle,"fl room bouae,
strwtly modern, clone In, south front,
full me lot, price $00; $ !.nnrt canh,
balnc $i0 pr month'. Call Finch, with
Allium Realty Co. Phone" 4744
NEW 7 HOtM house, oak fUora through
out, basement, furnace and garage If
j on want a nice home at a medium
rrtt e you shouM aee this without fall
rice $H.r0(i See Wetsel l'rk, 2'
Aull h'dg phone 049
ONE 2 alary hotuc ; nine rooms ; furnished
complete: gas. electric Itjihta and water;
cheep for i a.h : owner going tn wsr ;
aftk for p, C hrotimaa. pout office new
niatid, Stind Springs. Okla
1' Utlv HILL -naeiitiful bungalow " five
rooms snd break fant room, oak f lo'irs,
hanfiuent, garage tf wanted ; modern in
every reaperti Phone owner, H229.
M'I,L YOl It PROPERTY Want to sell
oir property, vacant or improved, flats
dwItinnR. We have rittotnra wan
ing Phone 7 1 4 or !tW
10 1 I 11 SIDE- Close in. modern & room
c! t4(,e( (.srag'e and servants' nnartera
Pti,i: ' puaei, ii)fr, for location and
SI Hi UMW HUM K 011" Kami Springs "ear
line pn.d lot, two room houpe and other
b. 11,. Iiti,!.. 1M fn ,e bonM for 7n0
V-tei Jt parks. S04 Ault Rldir. Phone
T' i It I r! ROOM HorSK. "and "lotrtwd wei'l
f watf-r frnit trees, in West Tulsa;
f t i.i ftow it, jn p,r monih Vlone 1223.
imird, k , ?m For ssla, a nice new
li.. us.- in KrmUll, half (.lock eaaf of
Lt-is ., rm line, owner leaving city;
f -!.VM'1 .mi. 'Akcfl house and furniture
TKVMtiV c l4rs Kjr iU ntw
room h'"i'- nh Lath, .sot 1. SO foot tot;
go4,) w, i j,,,, WS(,r, fruit and shade
tr.e, owner
2 S CRES ror Mle,
blot k house lM'Hi.
S acres, slont
friiii trees, rratnea.
bfctiea, ai a barfcam if sold sMn ; mile
eat, m'U north of l.t'F'a and Ad
miral J ! fonneil,
b ROOM MODKHN -Horace Mann school
district : a bargain ai $'...r'i0, $'i.O()0
fab and tcrma Phone 1714 or HM.
Phone ttt.'.
Dirt foot lot. J'rice "$fl,000.
2 -'19.
EAST FRONT iTu'thsrder'iOaloi";
bargain. T'hone owner 7720.
,FIVE LOTH for aale. Mitchell rroVwTTd
ditton, $.',1.0 up. Will make forma to
suit you. Hner A. Orcntt, ,,fl,ir.R
OOOn'j'iOf ROslKf.-We.'iild Trade foMtint
car. Call at 3 N rlh Kosedale
HOW lfi flHK-('i(ise in on Houth Itould
er, 60k 140 lot, s nice reaidetice on It
now ranting for $S a month. Rem em
ber, thla is dose in, in Ihe 700 block.
For quirk sale I can deliver this for
$11,000. phone rt4rt nr 717 R.
II A PLK nTlHi K"l 00 " foot corn ef, $ , 5 00 ;
worth, th money Phone 1065 2219.
FA RMS would be jrlad to have y On "call
or wrfta for Information on soma of lbs
best farm lands in this section of the
country. J. A. Rooms, F."0.-Boi 37S.
Phone 301 V
FARMS Wo have several good farms for
sale near Tnlsa; the best market town in
America: good values. We buy, sell and
exchange, farina and loan money an them
wherever located : lowest rstes. E. A
UHy Bankston. 313 Tessa bldg.
70-AOKB FARM For sale, about half
mile from city limits Tsvtlequah. Okla.,
fine 70 acre farm in cultivation. Ad
dress Farm, room 3, 39 H. Re flood
Pt.. Mnakogee, Okla. Phone tOOtl.
for a drag stort FRiott Iend Co., 430
Kohlnaon fltdf. Pbon 831..
V A OA NT LOT Wanted to buy a vacant
lot on nortn sloe tor nasn. tiive loca
tion and price in first lettar. Address
i-i", care norm,
Price must he rlrht. Phon 9720
WANTED TO" Titjy Yhru or four room
bona; $inn down and $40 moctfi
Address t; , caro wona.
WANTED TO"" BUT from owner for easiV
It tn H-remm 'home antilh aide nreferreri :
would consider liewaera. Address C-91
fS.OOO to $l,noo cash for avrsYr nous ar
bungalow ; give) location, frontage, fun )
tails. Address. K 2, cart World.
Real Eatte--"All Kinds"
Insurance- "All Kinds"
Investments "CUIt dge"
Phones 1IS70-.594.
Will put you in possession of
a dandy four-room bungalow,
New and up-to-the-minute.
White oak floors, white enam
el finish, mahogany doors,
good electric fixtures, full
sized lot; one block from car
line, and the price i3 only
D. C. Powers
306 Bliss Bldg. Phone 816-020
Fsrai off 210Aares
IFgit the Momey
210-acrn farm, 6 H miles from
SprinKfitld. Mo. Finest stork and
Brain farm In southern Missouri. All
fonred and crnns-fr-nred, good five
room house, two lartt" burns; and
plenty of other necessary' outliulld
inirs, fine windmill, wttll and tank
for watering stock, two big sprlnus
In posture, family orchard. The
crop goes with the farm and con
sists of 40 acres of wheat, which
looks fine and will make from HO to
35 bushels to the arr; 20 acres nf
oats; 20 acres of corn; and 35 acres
of fine clover meadow. Plenty of
machinery Included to take rare of
crop. This farm Is owned by an
sued fiian, who- 1" too old to give
It proper attention, therefore he
wanti in sell It. Price, .100 per
acre, with splendid oterms. If you
are interested in thla farm, come to
my offlco and I will convince you
that it Is a wonderful farm for th
price. I will go with you to Spring
field, and If yon find that I have
misrepresented it, I will pay your
expenses while on the trip. Photos
of this farm at my office.
W. Hi. Clhambcsrlain
211 ft S.. Boston. . Phones 5431-3606.
For EKaft it Lsas;
h Tw-3tkir;y Eirick Gairs Emsldk .
mil Equipment .
Fine showroom, wash rack, complete machine shop; com-,
pressed air piped over buildinp; gas and oil pump, etc.
Huilding has approximately 18,000 square feet of floor space.
Immediate possession. Located at Main and Twelfth street.'-.
Ideal for larce auto dealer or can be subrented. Will givai
lease to responsible parties. For additional information sea '
329 liobinson F.ldsr.
ffl.onri rnflh hartrlleii nn sparlment
KitKV terms nn hnlnnrft nr will fskn isnmn trnde Post buy In sv neiw brick
Inmmn property In Ihe. city. Hullt-ln fonturosi, Murphy itt-a-dor bads.
rHngcs, rofrifc-rritors, utiv, all romplotn, Lit us show you.
14.000 cniih ami slralKhf S ye.ir
apartment on rHt slrt, li'itscil $1M)
$2,000 rash nnrt strnlKht mnrlenffa
Iphoi1 at tG monlhly; t-nst sliio.
$1,000 rash and terms burn l-mom
3 blnrkii auuth of WanhliiKton school,
$2,500 rash and $90 monthly buys
040 North Houlder; rented $ 14(1 'monthly, l'rloa $6,300.
Tli nse properties are all good bargains. Make us an offer ea any of
Room 13 Turner Thg.t corner
M the
Am getting ready to go with the boys to
Berlin in the interests of democracy, - 4
and must sell the following; property: .
My residjyjicp, a white 'stucco bungalow, six rooms,
including breakfast room; hardwood floors, basov
ment, cistern, lawn, flowers, fruit and shade trees;
east front lot, size 75x155. Something different.
Priced for quick sale at $6,250, with terms. '
Colonial home, six rooms, hardwood floors through
. out, tile bath, two fireplaces,, furnace heat, large V;,
basement,' garage and servant's quarters. Price 1
$11,000. Will take $1,000 down and balance like rent. J
Stucco home seven rooms, sunparlor, hardwood .
floors throughout, tile bath, two fireplaces, furnC-e-.
heat, extra large, basement, garage and servanfff, ;
quarters; east front lot, 100 feet wide. Priced
at $12,000, with $1,000 downbalance to suit. ' ,
1 Phone Owner at 6720 or 6224
TOR SALE ..',...'
127,000 High-clans oolonla) home, Maplo Kldgs district
Corner lot, nine rooms, reception hall, full sis
basement, heating plant, two baths, laundry,
three-car garage and modern servants' quarters,0
" Klegant and well built
112.000 Hrlclc home, eight rooms and sleeplnf porch.
Full slae basement, mating plant laundry,
finished quartered oak. Imported decorating, ga
rage and servants' quarters. A real boms, to th
best location of the south side.
lift. 000 East front, nine rooms, reception ball, dining
room, living room, sun parlor, kitchen, four bed
rooms, sleeping porch, first floor finished mis
hiignny, oak floors throughout,' basement heaU .
ing plant, garage for two cars, servants' quar
ters, lot 75x150 feet. .
113,000 Klght rooms, basement, laundry, furnace, coat -or
gas, large tile bath, best of plumbing and
light fixtures, Imported decorating, hardwood
floors, ivory finish, servants' quarter and' ga
rage for three curs. This property could not be
duplicated for 115,000 today. New, and a beauti
ful location in Mornlngsldo.
111,000 Eight rooms, hardwood finish, full six base
ment, heating plant, servants' quarters and gav-
,. rage, on Houth Cheyenne in Stonebraker Height
Immediate possession, and a bargain.
111,000 Kight rooms, sleeping porch and basement Best
location - an South Baltimore. Large garage,
servants' quarters and cistern, hardwood and
enamel finish, furnace. A No. 1 value for th
$9,360 KlKht rooms, east front; basement furnace,
ivory flnlhh, hardwood floors, garage. New,- and
a bargain. In MornlngKide.
f 6,800 Hli roomseast front, Houth Haltimoro. A close
in location on this beautiful street. Tills horn
Is modern, up-to-date, almost new, with large
parage, and immediate possession. Part terms.
$5,000 Hlx rooms nnd sleeping porch, south side, only',
block from Ktonebraker Heights. Beautiful
shaded lot, garage, well of water. A home com
plete that will surprlso you in every dotal).
$4,750 .Six rooms, east front. South Baltimore. Nssfttljt
decorated, and a bargain for the money.
If you are interested in improved residence property, thl
is the best time to buy.. Most of the homes de
scribed in this list are of the best of construc
tion, double floors, outside walls storm sheeted
and papered. Wo have a number of high-class
brick homes, one of tho best in the city for $36,
000. Our experience In selling and building in ,
city places us In a position to show you the well
built home, and the best values in residence
property. Wo have a large list of vacant prop
erty in Momlngstde, Maple Ridge, Orcutt Addi - '
tlon, or any of the best locations of the south
side. Telephone us for appointment and sea our
list before buying.
to .
with yearly rent a. 1 vslus nt IT. BOO.
mortunsrn for bnlartc) bays IS -room
monlhly. 1'rira only ft, 000.
tor bslsnre buy 12-room apartment.
fries only 14,000.
morlern duplex at (OS Sartli atreet.
l'rlre only $3,000. (Rented $40
two six-room duplex houses. 631 and
Third and Main BU. Phon 5361

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