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MUTT I " 4!r- , (sW w cr v-J . i T
, U W A Mm V tf?Vi fflk .--'t ,f -set? :
Jeff Got The
Best Of It and
The Worst Of
It As Usual.
1918. by
H. C. Fisher.
Trade Mark
Ree. U. S.
Pat. Off.
Jimmie Bronson, Nationally Known Promoter, To
Jack Dillon vs. Hugh Walker
and Otto Wallace vs. Pat
sy McMahon.
Tetty Gambling Will Be Elim
inated ; Clean Sport Lov-
ers Welcome Bronson.
J Opening Card J
J Mid-Continent j
Athletic Club
j Jack Dillon, Indianapolis, va.
1 11..... U'.lll.p lfan-ma I V I
llht heavvwelrht. . IS rounds. I
j no derision.
. Patsy McMahnn, lndtana- I
Polls,- va. Otto Wallace, Mil. t
I waukee. Ilahtwelghta, II rounds
I no decision. I
8tx-round preliminary.
Jimmie Bronion, referee. ' i
t 1'nder the auspices of the I
I Mid-Continent Athletic clnh. t
. Orand Opera house, Monday, I
4nn 17. I
Jimmie Bronson of Joplln, Known
throughout the boxing world as one
of the squarest and wisest Impre
sarios connected with the (tame and
who has been staging- bouts at Jop
lln for more than a decade, has an
nounced that he will establish a club
In Tulsa similar to the Southwest
Athletic club at Joplln, stapini his
first show here next Monday night.
The announcement that Bronson
Is to promote In Tulsa will be hailed
with Jnv by all lovers of clean box
lrg. Throughout hla entire career
at Joplln Bronson has never been
accused of a single crooked deal by
either the public, press or the prin
cipals In bouts themselves. Bron
son hns given Joplln the best In
the land. Only boxera of national
and oft-times International (.reputa
tion, have been permitted to show
before his patrons, which numbers
the administration of
GROUP 'of Blood Rem
edies, such as 606-914
Salvarsan, Novarseno
benzol Diarsenol and
such other approved
remedies used in th
treatment of
RUMS used in specific
infections of the Genito
Urinary Eystem. Spe-
cial attention given to
' all Blood, Skin ffnd
Venereal infections.
Office 123 Main Street
Third Floor BosweU
Bldg Tulsa, Okla.
Physician in Charge.
' -
1 iii in ' . . - ' ' - ' . 1 w
' " i ' "
-' -i- a...,- ,- - - --.---.-.-.m,,-.-.-.-.-.-.----..,.. ..,..,,,, - .. - - --
over 6,000. Members of Bronson's
club are leading business and pro
fessional men of the city. The clii'o
service flag now number nearly
1,000 stars.
Kmlorm'fl vby Clcrgymon.
Jimmie Bronson has done as
much good for boxing. If not more,
than any man connected with the
game. He has placed It on a hlch
plane; his shows and himself per
sonally are endorsed by all clergy
men of Joplln. Bronson has placed
the sport above the dollar. "Sports
for sport's sake," has always been
his- motto In the conducting of his
It was Bronson who, a fow weeks
aco, declared thiit ro sporting evint
or Individuals are too big for Tdl:
that that elty Is entitled to only
the best. Toward that end he hntt
secured boxers nt the top of the
rame to open the club nt the r.rand
opera house next Monday night.
Bouts with only newspaper de.
rlslons are to be given. In doing
this, It is the purpose of Bronson to
eliminate all petty gambling, which
has been, a great evil here in the
nast. and which, has threatened to
wrepk the boxing game In Tulsa.
'Classiest Card Offered Hero.
The bill for opening night as an
nounced by Bronson, Is undoubtedly
one of the classiest If not the class
lest ever staged here. Two boutf
of headline class, both It roundi
each, and a six-round curtain ralsei
are offered.
In the final event. Jack "Giant
Killer'" Dillon, former world's light
heavyweight champion, and Hugh
Walker, pronounced by the Motion
Picture Exhibitors association to be
America's most perfect man, aro
to meet Billon la probably better
known of the two, his meteoric rise
to the top of the light heavyweiph
division a few years ago being th
sensation of the boxing world
Walker has been meeting the tough
est men in his division, emerging
with credit from each conflict, mi-
ion and walker fought a whirlwind
12-round bout at Joplln this spring
the newspaper decision being a
Wallace Well Known Here.
In the other 12-round event, Otto
Wallace of Milwaukee, well known
to Tulsa boxing fails, and Tafsy
McMahon are billed. Wallace'!
clever, hardhitting style is well
known to Tulsans. In McMahon
he meets a boy who has been com-
ing along fast the fast' year, hU
most recent bid to fame bcins a
draw with Bryan l)owney, Columbur
Billy McCarney. manager of
Luther McCarty when the big cow
boy was killed by a blow from Ar
thur Pelkey. is directing Dllloni lit
and his man are to be in Tulsa to
morrow, with Walker coming Fri
day. Wallace and McMahon are
due Saturday.
Selected Leaves of,
Fine Growths
The Last at
Good aa tho
First '
pPjJ'9' and-
Superior .Rrarh, Weight and Kxpcri
aneu Wins for Iioval Boy;
Iluglws u Coming C'liumplou.
Ilnlihy One of Clevereat and (inmost
Jloys to Krer Show In Tulsa; Kid
Spcelit Wins From Van IMlu,
Monday Nighfs
Boxing Results
Kid Jordan, Tulsa, vs. Cliff I
Bowlin, Tulsa, draw; four
rounds. '
Kid Specht, Tulsa, defeated I
Van Piltz, Tulsa; six rounds. (
Karl I'uryar, Tulsa, defeated I
Bobby Hughes, New Orleans. I
Age, weight, reach and expert
ence triumphed over youth and
stamina last night, when Earl Pur-
year. Tulsa bantamweight boxer,
shaded Hobby Hughes, New Orleans
boy. in a 15-round bout.
Although the bout was one of the
closest ana most Interesting ever
staged here, It was rather slow, due
to the anxiety of both boys to pick
out an opening. However, they
showed and Inclination to mix
at all times.
A Future Chamnlnn.
Hughes Is one of the gamest and
most promising boxers to ever show
In Tulsa. Although he is but 18
years of age, he displayed the ring
crari or a veteran, within a vear
Hughes will be boxing for the world's
Bantamweight championship and
winning It too. Hughes hits harder
now than Karl, but the latter offset
the advantage of the slugger by his
superior infighting and ring general
ship. f'uryear was cautioned two or
three times for using his elbow and
once hit Hughes when breaking a
clinch. This drew hisses from the
fans, but although Puryear may
have been a little careless, ho didn't
deliberately foul Bobby.
Ilont Was Clean.
The bout waa exceptionally clean.
spectators and principals exhibiting
splendid sportsmanship.
Puryear had the advantage the
first ten rounds, but Hughes' won
derful endurance enabled him to
stage a comeback in the final fling
wnicn aimosc earned a draw. Pur
year was better In five rounds.
Hughes In four and six were even.
In tL J-round semi-final. Kid
Specht wfflatod Van Pills. Puts
outwelgheW the local newsle but
Splcht's superior ring rraft and the
use of his left brought him the ver-
aict. . Specht won three rounds.
Piltz one and two were even.
I Hughes Would Box
Fur year for All !
j Squint Stevens, manager of I
nuuoy iiugnes, immediately at I
9 the Cdnplixlnn of laat nitflit'. I
I bout challenged Puryear to a
t bout to bo held here, at Pieher I
I fliiarr.i or any point, on a win- t
I ner-t.ikc-ali basis, 116 pounds, i
ringside. j
Squint wants the bout to be j
held Saturday night Should
I Tlii-venr nnf n ct-u tn th. 1
j some other boy will be secured I
1 to box the clever little New Or- I
I leans bBttler at that dote.
We'll Keep Your Tires Up
Sanditen Service
Phone 820
Sold in Tulsa
Everywhere You Go
Bush Bents Klxdlenlnw'h in fSreat
IMtoltcrV Buttle; '(.riffs Beat
Browns lu 14-lnnlng; 3-2.
Jungulcrrs Outfleltled njid Oullilt,
Hut Hunch Blows and Take t.nnic;
Kenator-Indiau IcHtpmed.
CHICAGO, June 10. Boston shut
out Chicago 1 to 0 in a pitching
batllo between Sliellenbach nnd
Bush today. Sheans triple and a
passed ball by Schalk ai-ored the
only run.
Kcoro by Innings: ' U. U.K.
Boston OuO 100 000 1 S 1
Chicago .... 000 000 000 0 2 2
Batteries Hush and Bchang;
Shellenbach and tfchalk.
Tigers Bunch Hlrw.
DETROIT. Mich.. June 10. He
tvolt hunched hits off Myers In the
first three Innings today, and de
feated Philadelphia In the opening
game of the series, S to 4.
Score by Innings; R. H.E.
Phlla 010 020 001 4 .11
Detroit 311 100 00 8 7 2
Batteries Myrrs. Fahey and Mo
Avoy; Dauss and Spencer,
Washington Goes Ahead.
RT IAJL'IS, June 10. Washington
changed places with Ht. Louis In the
pennant race by tnking the first
game of the series from the locals
in the fourteenth Inning today, 3
to 2. In the fourteenth Ainsmlth
singled and was forced nt second
bp Bhotton. Judge "doubled to right
and Fhotton scored from first with
the winning run.
Score by innings; R. H. E.
Washt'n .20000000000001 3 14 2
St. Louis .00001010000000 2 9 1
Austin Rice Won !
I From Tom Feltz J
j In 20-Round Bout
Seventeen years ago today. Juno
11, 1901, Austin Rice defeated Tom
my KeltZ In twentv rniinrtB nt New
Britain, Conn. This battle was de
clared to Involve the bantawolght
championship, which, had been In
dispute since"1898. Rice was never
recognized as the champion, how
ever, as Harry Harris, by his defeat
or fediar rainier in England a
short time before, had gained the
veni ngni io me line, nice ana
reus lougni again a rew weeks nter.
and went twenty rounds to a draw, johlo In U99, and in 1900 played
f"'11";0' draw decisions with Hugh with St. Joseph. The Chicago Amer
McPadden. Tommy Sullivan, and leans drafted him in 1901. but he
otner good bantams later in the
year, but was defeated by Tony Ho
ran at New Haven. In 1903 Harry
Forbes became champion by defeat
ing Dan Dougherty and Tommy
Kelts but he waa soon succeeded by
Frankle Nell.
I Charley Mitchell
j and Patsy Cardiff J
j , Boxed Fast Draw j
' - - - -4
Charlie Mitchell and Palsy Car-
airr fought a 6-round draw on this
date in 1886. at Minneapolis. This
bout was with srfft glove. The
englishman weighed about 155
pounds, while Cardiff tipped the
beam at 1S6 pounds. Practically all
the spectators agreed that Mitchell
had the best of the argument, but
the referee called it a draw. It was
the custom, when Mitchell waa tour
ing America, to give the native sons
the benefit of the doubt and as
Mitchell lacked a knockout punch,
he seldom got a decision In his
favor even when he clearly out
classed his opponents. Patsy Car
diff was a good boxer, and popular
In the middle-west, but he lacked
rtie flghttng spirit and was easily
bluffed. Cardiff afterward fought
John I Sullivan In Minneapolis
and got only a draw although John's
arm was broken early In the con
test. Cardiff feared that the cham
pion was playing a game and was
too timid to wade In and nab the
title which was within, his grasp. I
'iul xoq jujuamaiddna
JO P3U U XpBO, Bq 0 UI9B HlUtttf)
HX 'Jau.od Jsqiou-n ojainuo
! '.vin dainis uoidutntio s.uosbjb
m jo jaavuvui 'auipjt uu.o
TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1918.
Score Board
.National iKiigue.
W. I Pet.
Chlcngo .30 12 .714
New York 29 14 .674
Cincinnati 29 14 .674
llOHtnn 20 24 .455
Pittsburgh ...19 23 .452
Philadelphia II 25 .419
St. Louis 1 25 .419
Brooklyn 17 28 .378
American Jjcugue.
W. L. Pet.
Boston 30 19 .612
N..W York 27 19 .517
Chicago 23 19 .648
Cleveland 1 22 22 .600
Washington 24 25 .490
Philadelphia 18 26 .409
Detroit 15 26 .366
Niuloiuil 1eogiie.
Brooklyn 2, I'lttsliurgh 0.
Chicago 6, Philadelphia L
Boston 1, Cincinnati 0.
St. Louis-New York, rain.
, American Ijcaguc.
Detroit 6, Philadelphia 4,
Boston 1, Chicago 0.
Washington 3, St. Louis 3.
Cleveland-New York, not sched
National Ijenguo.
Pittsburgh at Boston.
Cincinnati at Brooklyn.
Chicago at New York.
St. Louis at Philadelphia.
American League,
Washington at St. Louis.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
New York at Cleveland.
New York nt Cleveland.
Boston at Chicago.
i Thirtu-Eiahth
Birthday of I
Charles Dooin j
Charles F. Dnoln, once one of the
top-notch backstops of the National
league, and erstwhile manager of
the Phillies, will celebrate hls'S8th
birthday tomorrow, as he was horn
In Cincinnati on June 12, 1880.
When he was manager of the Quaker
C.'ly tenm, and even before and aft
erwards, he had the reputation of
being a fighter, and not at all in ao
cord with the brotherly-love Idea.
If anybody offers "Red" Doln his
ennt, "Red" will take his cloak also;
and whosoever turneth the other
cheek to Mr. Dooln will get a biff
on tho Jaw. Those were "Red's"
Dooln hroko Into baseball with a
.ri.f..in-i . i
returned to St. Joe. nt the behest of
the management of the Windy City
team, thus showing that there was
a screw loose somewhere in the
management of sald' team. In 1902
Dooln received a call from the Qua
ker City and caught eighty-seven
games for the Phillies that year. In
1011 he was made manager of the
team on which ho had so long been
the star 'backstop, He remained
ns pilot of the team until the winter
of 1914, when he was deposed, after
having made a very good showing
with the team. He Immediately
signed up with Cincinnati.
The "Come-back" man was really
never down-and-out. His weakened
condition because of overwork, lark
of exercise, improper eating and liv
ing demands humiliation to satisfy
the cry for a health-giving appetite
and the refreshing sleep essential to
strnrthen GOLD MKDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules, the National Remedy '
of Holland, will do the work. They j
are wonderful. Three of these cap
sules each (lay will put a man on
ins ieet nerore ne Knows wnetner
his trouble comes from uric acid
poisoning, the kidneys, gravel or
stone in the. bladder, stomach de
rangement or other aliments that
befall the over-zealous American.
Don't wait until you aro entirely
down-and-out. hut take them today.
Y'our druggint will gladly refund
your money if they do not help you.
Accept no substitutes. Look for the'
name OOLD MEDAL on every box,
three sizes. They are the pure.'orlg
Inal, imported Haarlem Oil Capsules.
Stage Boxing Contests In Tulsa
laid Twlrler Holds Reds In One Hit
and Wlns'-Aoine 1 to 0; llruvea
1'lny F.rrorlcwt Game.
Bruins Makn It Three straight by
Hard Hitting and PoUfcrt Field'
Ing; Cooper Holds Dodgers
To Two lilts.
BOSTON, Oune 10. Rudolph,
pitching hla first game of the season
today, held Cincinnati to one hit,
a single to right by Chase In the
eighth, Boston winning 1 to 0.
Score by innings;
Score by innings; R. H. E.
Cincinnati 000 000 0000 1 1
Boston 000 001 00 ! t 0
Batteries Bressler and Allen; Ru
dolph and Wilson.
Cooper Invincible,
BROOKLYN. June 10.-C"Pr
held Hrooklyn to two hits "today
hut An nt them m ilnnhte hv rtH me
In the eighth inning with two men
The steady and aubstantial
growth of this bank from month to
month ig' not only of value to us but
it also means something to you.
It means that we can give you
the utmost satisfaction in the hand,
ling of your banking business. If
' we did not succeed in pleasing our
depositors we would not be favored
with the constantly increasing pat
ronage of the public.
It means that our service is
suited to the needs of this thriving,
hustling community.
P. E
MAOKE, Chonrman of tho Board.
W. K. BROWN, President.
W. M. BAKER, Active Vice-Pros.
.1. P. BYHD, JR., Caehler.
H. W. WALL, Assistant Cashier.
if. I". WALTER
Drs. McGARTY &
Chronic and Private Diseases of
"To contract a disease is a misfoJtine but to neglect
it is a crime a'fcainst one's BelJ"
12 Years in Tulsa 212V2 South Main Street
on buses, gave the Ruperbaa the via
tury over Pittsburgh, to 0.
oeore by innlngsr K, 11. ta.
Pittsburgh -, OOO 000 0000 9 0
Brooklyn 000 000 02 2 1 . I
Batteries Coper and Schmidt;
Orlmes and Miller. '
Cnhs Knock Ocu-'liger Out
PlllLADIiLlHIA, June 10. Chi
cago made It three straight from
Philadelphia today by noclng Oesch-
grr out of the box, score 6 to 1. j
Score by innings: Jt. H. K-
Chicago 200 022 00 10 0
Philadelphia 106 000 0001 7 1
Batteries Vaughn and KMIirer;
Oachger, Main, Davis and Adams,
War Spirit Shows in
Names of New Dances
CHICAGO, June 10. "The trenoh
trot," the "camouflage waltae," and
the "cantonment canter," have dis
placed tho gavotte, the mlnuttte and
the old-fashioned Walt, tt was de
clared .today at the convention of
the International Dancing Masters
association. Other new dances dis
played were the "war stamp," and
the "airplane spin." Plans were an
nounced to Instruct American iol-
dtera regarding the newest steps.
The fans are a fickle crowd, but
they are ready to give praise where
it Is due. Since the Boston Braves
have been doing such fine work.
I TMs nm fn. fltallinSH nsn't find a single
rooter wno la wiewing tne uammer.
L. H. JACKSON, Vlce-Pres.
C. K. HOPKINS. Vlce-Pre.
Assistant Cannier.
Oklahoma Hospital
Service ContUti of
1st. Fireproof bullC.ng ar
ranged tot a purpose. . , , ., .
tnd. MtJdern and. complete
equipment under on roof. .
Ird. Character, experience and
kill of attendant. ,
Th great ebjMU ef aetpltol e
rtrs, rurs end edaratios ef is slskj
lbs trsinlni of psyileisai tnd nsrui;
1h ni1on ef stadias! katowlsdse
and xrtTtMlea ef dlaosaa. Tkase ara
ambltiM la the Oklahoma Haapttel
and ll la epaa te tka praitaaloa,
Dr. Fred B. Clinton; Pre '
Mis IL C. C. JUcgeler, Jl.vX
' Bupt. .
Dr. I. It. Carlotoa, Resident
'".j'hpslclan, - s ... : ;..
Ninth and Jackson Streets, :
Phone Osage 1990. -- .
pond BuUdW. Wahlagtoai, D. t
Oil, Gas and Indian Matters
Mow Located in Unity Bunldlng
Suites 101-111
' lll-U-14 Wright Bldg.
Law of Oil and1 Gag
Law et Corporation ;
The Law of Oil and Oas; Land
TlUes; Federal. State and Mu
nicipal Taxes .
Attorney at Law ' v
Careful attention Given to Prepara
tion of Returns for Income and. .
. . Excess Profits Taxea
Phono Mil - Jla-16 Mayo Bldg.
ijltlaa. Okla. ..... , -
' PHOKB 100S
Children Cared for During Working
or onopping jaoura
For a demonstration of
The Dictaphone
Phone Osage 895 and ask for O. O.
McCleilan, "The Dictaphone Man.
Office 217 South Boston Avenue,
Headquarters for Kryptok Lenses)
New Location It West Third
rhooe 1471
Attorney s-at-Law
Exchange National Bank Building
Tulsa, Okla.
Guy W. McCulloch H. H. Chatfln
Fifth and Boston Phones 1 29-111
Exchange New for Old
H and 16 Went Second,

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