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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, June 13, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 12

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aa!gaaaaaiiHiiiiii,i kiafkn
I : . ' . ,
n-Tiisiiiiii ianna.'ti
rurpo-t.- I.- to St"m Jinn Tide Willi
net J-- Mrn rut l'mutlbln I'tiforo
Murtiiitf UlR I-rlto.
"A'AKIIINC-TON, Juno 12. An -
mln.bir-r to this rr olid la a; thnt "the
n-i, tiled 1'i.fh rn-iprvo urmy no
lmiKcr fT.lM-i," 1st rrtfiirdert by of fl- j
clal I'tm iih ilimirniid to enctiiira---! j
thn fjirmn )oiultln. If Von:
Kt,:in intt!tii'f1 tf rnnvcy th Im-I
p-.siion Unit Hie allied .ri-onrve
power liail lieen pxhniiclml from thu I
florman asiault, Ihr actual Hltiintlnn
ni tlio front manil-i ma a flat contra
diction. Ills wonlH. nowuvcr. inlRht
mr-un a wholly different thlnu. nl
thouKh clfHitrnrrt to I' rnnilriiwl Hrj
Uip announcMiicnt of 11 Ki cat "victory.
Ui ford thn (icrninn attack was
mailp till" Miprrmi- war council nt
VfiNulllcn had worked out a iro
irntm for limited iionllnK of a molillit
force of Home 81)0.0011 men loiripoxed
or 200.000 Ircnrlt, 200.000 llritlHli.
206.000 American and 200,000
Italians, which wan to liavo been
miiloyed mainly to mijport nffoti
iiive nperatlonii on front eleclnd by
the Versallleii council.
Tim oi'Ktmlxatlon of this rmy wan
never completed, however, the emer
gency created by tho Clerman offen
sive rniiKinK a wholly new poolloK
HRreemnnt under which (leneral
Koch became uiipremg coinniandei'.
Jle now direct the employment of
all active uit well a reiicrve arrnlex.
No army now exima which could
be railed "the Koch reserve army."
Tho J"ruKlan war mlnlHtnr'i ufatn
ment, however, admittedly tnuchen
the very heart pf the problem fac
ing tJeneral Koch. The fact that
althouKh under uneea-ilnit nttack
nine March 21 the ulllnU and Amer
ican furcea have not ilruck back In
anything approaching a major oper
ation la regarded aa cnncliiatve profif
that the auprenia commander, backed
by the aupretn war cOumul, In mi Iv
In by every nieunn In hta piwrr to
Htem the Uertnan ruHli and M haunt
Hh offenalve power without diplotliii
hi own furco. It he I aucnotuif ul,
and there la now every confidence
both here and abroad that the bat
tle I halt won, officer bore believe
he can turn the table on the enemy
ultimately and uxe hi renerve to
cruKh ticrnmn ambition finally.
Seymour Gains 80 Pounds;
. Troutle of 15 Years
Standing Is Ended.
;. -
"I simply can't find word to toll
yon how much Tanlaa ha been
worth to me," ald Charlea Beymour,
a well known metal polisher llvlnx
at rieajwiijt View, Col., recently.
'1 had been a alok man for fifteen
year," he continued, "and had fal
len off until I weighed only lit
1 pounda. I Buffered from the ef
..' fecta of grippe, had pleurlay and
- atomarh trouble and aomethlng like
bronchltla. No one thought I would
' ever get well and a for niyaolf, I
Jo had no Idea I could live longer, In
fact, 1 waa given up to die and I
-' waa In so much Buffering that It
i would have made little difference to
; ma if I had. The people out where
v J live all know what an awful con
' dttlon I was in and the whole ooni
munllv I HiirorlHeH nt mw recovery.
"I have gained all of thirty pound
; by taking Tanlac and feel tnat i
" have a new hold on life. My atnmach
:; trouble and everything elne I auf-
fered from ha dlMapneared. I can
, eat and Bleep Ilka a achool boy and
am so strong and well that I can
'; do as much work a I ever could.
i 1 can't help prabdng Tanlao and I
i wouldn't be without It for, any
;; amount of money. My flret' bottle
j made ma feel bettor and I kept tak-
t Ins it until It madd a new man of
me. wife alo took several bot
ties' and it relieved her trouble and
built her right up. I wouM buy
Tanlac if It cost ni 5 a bottle and
think It cheap at that. If anybody
want to get It direct from me what
I think of Tanlac all thoy have to
do Is aU me, I'll tell the world
what It la and how It ha saved me
Tanlac 1 sold In Tulsa by Roy
Ootman's Rexall rug store, the
Quaker Drug Company and leading
druggists and dealers everywhere.
t H Attractive! T'o Nlnck- and White
j Ointment nirnchc Iark or Snl-
v low 6kln lU-tnovca Frccklrw, Tan.
: Sont By Mall 2.Vw Iota of Colored
Folk Use It to URhU'n Their KLIn.
: A very delightful olnlment, called
"Black and White Ointment," ap
1 piled to your face, neck, arm and
',. t- hands, has the wonderful efoct of
' bleaching your dark, sallow or
; blotchy skin as well as remove tan,
s ; freckles wrinkles, bumps, pimples
i or risings. Colored folks an report-
' ed as using it in great quant ilie. as
" lilack and "White tiintment glvc
them that soft, bright, Unlit com-
i plexlon, such as Ihcy desire, tvlfli
. light, healthy skin, making them the
' cm7 of members bf their race.
Black and '-White' Ointment 1
worth while trying. Send I5o (stamp
: '- or coin and receive a large full sized
; liox by return mail. Address Plough
i Chemical Co., .Dept. 64, Memphis,
i' Tenn. Many agents are making
an cany living rVpresentlng us. Ask
for apeclaJ deaL
Cumuli of Id fi ii-o Ici InriK Tlu'm
I'hHl-KS to lklirHM'rt of 'otlU-
try's lliiNlni'wi.
.jit-tial to Tim W'.irld.
OKI.AIH iM A 'Trr. June I!.-.
(I'vi'fM nf .i.ih'nl Mi-'Wit in'iy ex
port flu help from W.itihiiiKloii li)
tliir jtoiioi j;.innt 1 1: ,i,imh nf
l,.rifi,l (,f tl.t, wiir. Thn Criiiiifll of
.Natliiiuil 1 icl'i iih, replyinx to vv ir i
(lent by two lar:o rarniMil cii.upi-.-nu,
whohe Itjnerarlcn Incluili'l n.
tensive i i:KJK' incnB in t Uilulioinu,
auj-s: f
"Iten jliitlon such n you men
ticn Ure entirely wlilm tl,e con-
lr(l of 'ho etnle a'lo-inlHtrntioi.N ami
Htale co'jni'111 '( lli-l ( !,' . A III hi.nl I
In uMliniKton Miiiit'ii nn'eT t'ile
control of t 'kulfitlniiH iiffc:!!!,; lo-
cul HltlintlCtttrt '
The I lt latiorna Ftal Oouncll of
Iiefen lim reconwue.niled tb.it oil
county council become actlvit fi
thn camp.'Uvn iiKattiHt ratnivil
Shipping Hoard Wants
Tighter Plant Control
WAHIIlN'i W S, June 12-f.ui-J
Kre w it m hhKciI by the Miilp.lnfl
boar.l to'lav lo IlKllletl flic Kr.p
of the ei nmeni upon the con
try" Bhlpbiill'liiit; IniluHry by lir.lt
lution fiiftilililliiu thr buiiilli.ai "f
new pltlfitH or the extension cf oM,
ext ent ufnler lit cnHe. rhaliftiau Hil' -
i lev staled that. l'v;0'l"""ii w -
CHaary to prevent tntei ft'i'fiti e vw.h
Urn btmril'H pr'Kiani.
'onfrr"IHn at t'anip (.rant.
War bread being eaten bv the
KiKhty-!t li illviiotm. I nlied St.tt' H
army s'jitltined at l amp (ii,iit. Ill
In addition to turnlntt out .'O.OnO r
mora fighting nwn now eugtignd in
actual field aervlie and tivernulmi rlb
Ing l.lliertv loan", the record of
the cook and baker' school made
public recently abow that through
the remainder of the training pe
riod ton of white flour will be con
erved monthly for those In brance.
Kixtnen thouHimil pounds of field
oven bread, which come In long
loavt weighing 1:1 pounds per loaf,
and 1 1,000 pound of gaii'laou bread
In mall lo.tve are turned out by
division oven each day. Twenty
five per cent of thebrend dmu:h
I innde from non-wheat flour and
no sugar Is UMcd.
Potato Wivk In t'onnoctlnit.
The Kchnol children of orVi Con
necticut town not the large! town
by any iheun recently observed a
"potato weik," saving DOO loaves of
breatl. Of the many reports re
ceived, one of the most Illuminating
was from the superintendent of
schools for the tuwn of Orange
Conn. All his pupils made a copy
of the potato pledge u a writing
lesson snd lessons about ths potato
were given In nature-study work.
poster being hung around the
nna thnuaand flvn hundred I
pntato vlmlKoii were ltnpi1 by th
Went Ilnven nclioul rhlMron, nnrl
17.939 llc of tirtl. or nltout. 8Sl
limvpii, naved by tlirsn children In
one wek.
Matnn'M NclKliliorluwxl (Tiitw.
Tn many rltlon anrl lownn In lh
ittt of Mrtlne there arc nelirlilmr
Imorl or cninmiinlty clulm, which In
cliirln that church find othr orttun
lrallnnJ, temperance or fraternal,
rnectlnn refiilnrly and ronnliWIna:
rtinttera tmichlnir the nelKhborhinnl
welfare. Thee clnlrf have been Klv
lnir a irontl deal of nttentlon to food
rnnatrvVlon, n their prnRriiiiia
h(iw. fine of theao cliitaa thnt htm
had a war kitchen report, awak
ened Infereat rot only In rearnrd to
food conservation but In everything
connected with tho vigorous prose
cntton of the war.
Living In the 1W.
To you thlnic a clnealcul education
help a man?
Purely, Tt helpa hlrn to fnrirct hla
own trouble by thlnktna; about thoae I
of Oreekj and Roman.
Tells About Trip
to Front Trenches
-Mrs. Harriet ( liolmcrs.
Mrs. Harriet Chalmers Is one cf
the few women who have vlsl'a.l
the first line trenrhes on the han;,
fpont. t'he Is nniv tounni:. ths
countr' telling the folk at hece
what she mIw ihnd how they t,i:i
best help to win thn war. The t.cir
Is belnir made nn her own In.'i.i
tive anrl a: her own expense Shn
Is making It a point to rrach tl.e
people in out-nl-the-way places
where the v'her war speakers have
t' uo, appear.'-!.
tin V ' i '
- ".tit f-rtM,f !
WwetMsxmMrm a-t-j-aa .tij.
Famous Toners ,
I to lie Darkened
r, i
tT,7 ;jfl . rf X
1 . l
WtMilwtirlli Ilulldlng at Mght.
In preparation for poftstble air
raid on New York by tiertnan air
planes, thn pollen comioiHKiou ha
ordered all dlnplay liKht in
city nt tilght dimmed. Thi
slimlnato landmark which othrr-
lae woulil Kultle the ItnnitiinK
iii,itlrnn und make easy murk nt
which lo aim bombs. Thn Wnnl
Wtirth bulliltiiK, towerlnir hlith In the
air ami initially brilliantly Illumi
nated wyh a arlnntlflc llghllnK "'
torn, will tie one nf the liiiilillntrH
dimmed. The Hlatne of Llticiiv
probably will be darkened loo, un
der the onlcr.
Stvn-lliiiiilntl-Mllc Trip Out of
OUInlitiirtii II y It) Mnp HouUi
'I'lirtiugll In ltoitcll.
8.rrial In I lia YVullit.
OKLAHOMA CITY, .lime 15. T,.
It. Bchwaitz of Aiimrillo, 'Icxiia, tn
ilny Htiirtetl from here on a 7oo-mil
intittir trip to make a lot; of the
rusliil HliOiwny from Una rity to
Kl I'iiho, Tcxaw.
He w ill po by way of Amarlllo nnd
ItOMWCll. .Ml. ftriiwiuu cxitctt lit
take four wceka III tnakliiK the Jtnir
incy to the other tliMtinatlnn. It In
j intended ultimately to extend the
highway front Una cliy to Little
Lock, ArU.
Marries Ka.viimntl T. Itakcr, lilrcolor
of I nltctl Stales .Mint.
I.KNOX, M:irs.. June 12. Mrs
Allred Ovtvntu, Vamleibilt was niar
i i.'.l ut llolmwiioil, her country home
here, late In. lay lo Kuymnnd T
Laker, direcior of the fluted States
mint, lit , mum! of a heavy thunder
s;nrni, the t er.'-tiiony took place In
the luri-" Ti'ie,nim hull, and not on
tin- lawn as p'cinned.
Mrs. Kt-Kinald I'. VnntlerblH was
niiii'l nf hnrinr and I'nlted Stales
Senator K) l'lltinan of Nevada, best
li., in.
To Reorganize Texas
Into Class-A Circuit
n, .Tune 12. T!e
... Tcx iM le't;rue Intu
Vi,;y..tunn, prob.vi-ly
'ri.ans no tf the
inn n r.vl lltiuimntti,
I iinnn here tnttfty
i :
i ; rt
in c',tii pt tridents, an,
.Uvt'ciioii wi.l be takiHi
i he event New Orlt ans
ii are tnUlctl lo the clr-
..r ti .on w ill lt matle for
t..ist;f:,.it:ini from the Na-n-t.iil
enm nilssinn. In any
t is tlecltleil that Ihe Texas
1 finish out the season.
i un. itioit agreement
''t.,! a?itr a two-day cttu
. fc. Heat. mnllt, 11 is sahl.
it lo relitrn to the leat-uo
h ii was dropped List niid-N'.-.t
t'irit'Hns baseball men,
'eeUlents be.leye, will he
( Into the Texas circuit
i" tlinharulment of the
.tt'iatlttn or the reorcati
hit R.saClattnn thrcvt.ch
iitwln si: . I New (iteans
wo'il l be dropped.
Oklahoman Mistaken for
Bootlegger; Is Killed
AHKANSAS flTV. Kan', .Tune 12. ;
M:i:'t-y li.vM ,f Ten It ,i w a oklu., wasj
"hot ii' k killed rtenr Newkirk, Okla., :
rally to, lav hv nn ,.rCn it who mls-i
t'tnli l'nyil's ptit'iy, travHnir In nn I
Miioinohlio, r,.r iiiiimr verniers for
wh'im lltn ofri,-oi' vvor. ,!,,..
Una tnltfn tn I'll. torn I
Iti'V'l a licttlv
beot Uie molor cur wtu atopped, ,
JttaaatMV .I
, Mimh lcetlng In Ht hotil HiilblliiX
I TakiN Action Tnvt.inl Securing
.Niifletl liiiirovctiiciil.
I Coricetlcd iictloo t taken Tu
! dav by a mast iieen:g of ci'luent t
Keuil.tll. wben th-y tnel in the Ken
da 'I -.' !.("! I. '.Hiding, toward ge'ling
water .uid itewt-r cxicmtionH rt:fr
wid be arntiit-r fVietdlcg next Tii'B-
day iii)'l"t. fur i he purpo.n? of er
Ing wbJt can l,e dune toward ret
tlFitr u i'he;niia engine for flro pro
tec'lofi. A i.'omnil'le corxlstlug of Judgn
riark ami l'rof(vtfttir JoittiMon wax
aiipi'in'ed to nit e' the city park
Im. ir 1 in the Itoltinaon bullti:ng n xt
Siuui'lay to confer on celling" thit
long wanted paik for Kendall. A
hIi,! baa tteen nelegietj, Jtuit nouth
of tho itchool building It In hoped
to eel the matter Nettled In thn
noar future, bo that the children will
have a place to play during the sum
mer month.
Iletall Men hauls Will I'tlututtc Pub
lie on nillly of Pint IiiihIh of
Tula Deulcr.
Merchanla of the city, members
of the Itctall Merchants' usoeiuiioii,
formally launched the "i'.uy a'.
Homo" campaign at a dinner at t In?
Y. M. C. A. building Ian! night. Thu
dinner wan preceilt d h. a bus.tie"
aeasloti at the aHHoclaVoiit he i.ii;u.ii
ters In the Chamber of t 'nnuuerce.
The campaign will be dlrecto-l I v
nirga I'. Ijtniey, formerly adver
tising manager of the ;.iniu;r liuPt'.v
company of Ht. I.ouis, Mo .- w .11
wind net an adverlislnt; and piltln i
ty campaign In nhuw p.ititon of
Tulsi merchant th" ailv tntn.res of
buying In Tulta. The rampunn
being enflor"tl hear'Hy l,v till niein
bers of tho Retail M-rclianui' asoci
Drarrrnsn of right Million Dollar la
Klmwn I'roin I'chnnry 15 to
May 10 Till Ycur.
Special to lite World.
Falling off of ilepoMita in state
liank since February la phown in
thn consolidated Bt.iteincnt IhhuciI
tntlay by thn banking department.
On I'ebruary 15 lust, tho banks
showed deposits of 1 1 13.618.S37,
while on May 10," the date of lust
call, they were $ 1 65.OJ7.23a. Loans
Increased over the previous state,
merit about J 10, (Mill, 000, nhowlnu
on May 1(1 they were 8(l,(l'J7,oS3.
The statement showa there are duo
to hankn $24,407.
and duo from
banks $1 1.401. 220. The total
eoiircea amount to 1 1 3R,21!5.1 90, antl
the avnraKo reaerve 20.2 per cent.
IVclerntlim tlH'ut lis I -tnlilNli-inciit
at St. I'miiI MocWiif;
lUporit (.ivcii.
ST I'Afl. Minn., Juno 12 The
necc.tsiiy for eNtuhllahlriir an interna,
tlonal exchange cf labor infurniatlt'n
was tliscuttsetl late today by a com.
niillee nf the American l-'etleration
of ltbor at Its annual conyeu'.lon
here. Several other Important com
mittee ini'i'i lima. Including resolu
tions, (ul luht mcnt und orKanl7-n ion
were heitl. This business caused an
altandonn ent nf the afternoon hcs
plon of the convention proper.
The session titniidit was given nver
to tho American Alliance for ljihor
anil I eniitcrat:y. priori taiKa oy
nieiuhers of the American labor mis
slon which yestertlay presented a re
porl nf Its meetings with Knglifth
antl lcenrh labor lcatlcrs, were a
feature of this meeting.
Count Minotto Loses
on Inlrrnmrnt -A nnptilr
- " I
f'lM'CAOO. June 12 The apnen.1'
of Cniitit ,1.1'not Mlnotto from tho
: tlt,Mlntt h.tl.llliL- hl, In lin nn enentV
''tiln vii tl imn U-tod In tlt.t T'nite.lt
(Starrs court of uttpcals tntlay. I
; Mini'ito. son-in-law of Louis Swift,
I tht packer, is internet on a presi-
it'-nlial warrant at I' Ort uxletliorpe, !
I'hone CiOOO
One pnt
to nn inn m
k word raih tnaeriioa,
.'a" li- worffn
Wununiiu aiuotint old
"' oaT "and FOlIND. 7r
BIR1 fHHJ- -I ol. . j
rt'wanl if nturnp.i
k and whTt.-
1'hono 0ni:a
JtWiHM'H -l.ont. diamond in it-ntiT
ruaiulfd ly Dcarlit. I'I.oub Ji'.to.
Mi r
Kit ird. "
KNta.lll SKrtKU l.-t. p 'lV . S inon t ha
hi : airo aifd pointer tVn-A'P dug ; re
w ard of f'JO for their return lo Flka
riuh or pliin rti'3,
liol.li WA U'll KOM --Loit. tniJial W. K.
1. ; ftr.tlfr It-avo nt 4uJ Kfnncdy HUi$
and rfcviVa regard
I.tST - v'n 4 4 K.iiiim ti-t 'n run (.
twpfru-i'l tilna rtiiil .s.:id tjjtritigit. L ail
rtnn .( (tr rtw;ir,t
l,'lwT"Vfv pt'Ul J.i iTiiliT W!"I lietUI'I'V,
IiiNA Vid th
, rett ,t-d.
ItOli - Ltll ,
lemon ..tt ;
Jill rrn.rl
im 1 or, 1
M. p
K!i mr
1.1, J'ua,
'CM I lit " K
l - "'
K 11. :i p,
aide rV.11
Me. I fill
finder pit
SMAl.l. lit
turn m
K 1 ...
: t'o.-k.-'i
rflr Sill
p keeji
10 I v ;i 0
lovt '
S . t -at ;
il tlie
I I'l . ' ,tM,r 1;,..
a or pl.oi.e O;,,;
r.trar 1.
si u h i: pin
ie pin, cot'tai
" nr1l"l
Tlltr' -l.o.V ntie
an eti.Tin
rtl'm or., a'ar
l-.avt Snroid.
Cail pho
Iftvl1 new tire between
llroken Arrow
0 ini.a ,1 t , Kavan-
nnch IV o lloa 1171 Phona 4'M.
n.I. Hia psrlr who traded raincoats wltti
me by tnlitakn In the t mien,' Stale
bank, .tuna A( p!, can at 41 North
Chayanna and utiaanga for aama.
ton it- mid st Mffilavinciler'a drus aturo,
! FfCIVATK UOMK Ut TonfiniTriiVrii ';
aX'loption. Mm. .VtiroT, iuthn. Oklii.
huTIf'F: --Jiave ttkn 'mjr pi, flfl Zini,
ff thn u.Arkrt. Mrn Cmrilon Ormijr.
NuTIf public: Ti.ii -tf wsrjicl
ia fcctp off of Ih ln',niti'i uf Krue-Bt
H ration, aUo 8iunUn Hrattnn. on I.iU!
T ii r k f ci : k No . n 1 1 r. r, t ' U iu$ or
' fu'iiphiir on thf pr i'h. i owid Auy
t w found trfspF-.iijji ihr-rP will l
, priairtil'd . iy onlfr of ,loa-hTri Six.
'AyTOMOBn.ES TOK sale"
'-TiftAlK II .r trt.mfi
(. . .l( 4tnt. : I v,. aA-t-i,iT rltr
t lnfl finduioe f..r .41 rli'':
Kan I TlitH I'h. no' Slici.
rAIlld,A('"' if 1 I'-ff.. 1 raittti
lir,H. Hiih two t'iat en
J 0 1 1
rnvr ami rtira inn j.riTc I ; 1
run 11 ' 00 in i i 1 h ' 1' 1
ei, ..r"h mil, " I'l, '!.. I
t't ik i mm rut tli.i n I - 'i
v'li' run. tl,'i"lt al..ir'rH
I'(lll- Iill7 .l.ht-rv 1 0 nl ('
r-a,Ttir' i" : l.-cli o. ff fic a.
II p in , I..' I .tenth HieWn
;i r la tit: . y
r,..- for l.il.
, . ninii 'it
't:i,U.. 711
.,,r,iti't. -(
a. I aftT
,1 l.nU'- l. iir
1 r.,sri lI.tA-ey
t r'-nlitt'T in
HarMy VdunK
A 1 li.in. f.l
1: Oil ( 1
t I . ! 1
r:'. I n.
I i'i 1 '
ii,- nm t-ta
t ntv; I to
p.'ionti fio tti
One 11 7
t tne 117
one I1U7
l.l i'h t Six roadnter.
l-aker 7-paaat:riger.
fme ?bapn. .
Hci.'THwi':."! !' kn iiaiiaoh
21 1 .Nor'b ..M ini.
Leaving for the front
I have a new Packard
seven pascenger tour
ing car that I will sell
reasonably cheap. Ap
ply Box C-Oi), cars
1 SI -- '1'oiiring, nearly new;
for n"""k ia!tj. Phone 7498.
HJsedl Cmi
It) 17
Murmon touring .
Marnion chummy
I'lirhuni chummy
.$1,350 I
Hiiyups, newly vurnlHhpd,
w iro whirls
. .1950
19,0 upcr SIx
1017 Stutlebaker Six
1910 Olds Klirht .......
1917 Keo Kour
1917 Olds Kour ..J...
1917 Stutlebaker Four .
inn Kord touring
M IE. ScRiidl Si
I; Kt
ItolHTKR For aale. one gnud a
nw Weo roadster, never uff of pavciotnt
at aarrifire. TJlri South hetroit. Owner
left for war. I'hone fiO-S-J.
Pevcn-pnsseiiKer Cadil
lac. Just hoimht; Just
called lo the service
will sell for fair price.
Apply Hux U-H5, care
BTl'liK.IIAKKR Aulomobile lor aala $30u '
Phone 1131. ' i
STKARNH kMtlilT aifM: anlli fi,r 3,r6o;
lika lifw ; hit prira. 1 1, Halt. Auto Mala
a? , " 1 K VfrntiH
1 ti Al . K Kortl racar. tf'i milfs per ."tttur .
. er.fied: mu.t . !i
Ht ttnre.
III tttire. Auto Salvni-. 'JIT, K. Sreomi,
I ;
KOIt SAI.'K Four aiinliHr (aed 6 I
(lootlyrar rotd auto ratinei. 1'liuna ijtirt i
r rail 9li4 North I'lifvonna
ron HAt.R
1 30.000 Ntork t-f fa-slnirs to be
floUl at 2 j jwr c.'tit off, 30x3
r.iviriR Buru'itntrtMl fur 4.000 mllo.s,
$17.60. jOO 30.x 3 rjiMjH, p. 90.
One 1 6-vulv 1'ord lu-ad, cast $95,
will take $7,f0. Tre-st tanks, b,
Kortl fan ht'Ha, 2"o. l-ur.i Titnktn
boitrlntr fnr frunt wheoKs, $. l-'ord
hofttHiK.:. $4. Autn jack at cost,
r.rake liufnff, 8jc ft. tfix 36x1
Citslngs ut $-7.
215 East ScconJ
KA 1)1 ATDltS repairing ana' re'uremf,
aliiu ua otir leaky or wret-ked rarliaior.
we have tlia lavt -at arstem nf cleaniBa
raillaiora Ail work Ruarautee.l. Kaeott,
the radiator nan ir4 West Kirat.
FaKTS ONK ilAU' i'KirE-ITialmarall'i
and 3p; 1 ntaralanta, Unick. Keo, Slide,
baler. Pullman, 'tiiittre. Overland. Jark-
a-n. Siearna. IP.10 K. M. F .ord anj
other. Hlmi, tirra. carb'irelera. ma
netoa for all nial"' Auto Parte Co.,
phone l.MI. ;i 1 .1 fast Sets, ltd.
( ; A K. A 1 ' hi for mil, Jo per month, 114
S- nth 'a'linr
M 1 1 K 1 1 N (i.UIMIK
ern Ifarace, rloae
For rent, f-nod mod
11 I'liotia 4HI2.
lHlil.l-V hWIHSoN. I'll? - -Throe "apeed
li,trit.'v liatitliton mol'ir.-vfle for aaip;
l"-t of routlttiotl. Airily 2J1 hast
WtSITK-t roa.l.'.T bodv top for "ifaw'
for Trickey. Phona
OR 'til Viik" "for-hcht
in preferred. Phone
' IV.I VTr'!' 'I M
cir It il. lv
llv-lil I
1.1 1 .
A'. 5 I - la -Pumisht'd rooms for
AKCll UK W .
: I C It t I'll'lsektepil 1:. .,,
Ai'MIIlM. l:l.ll Two nlcel rl 11 rntsned
'iirht I: 'i"'M.,'piniE rooms; no children.!
I'tioiie 47H
AI'M I R. VI,'. 1 17 Lir''t houaekeepin'it
roomit for rent, aoni front, electric
licMs and bath l'hora 6l.'t2.
A I ' VI I H I . . 13:i!.v',Il fiTrnnth'ed' ilghi
h'O.eVc-pinr nw.m: raniry. modern; no
I rliiMr.n I'ltore 407 1 R.
A'i'M ! R .V U" 132- Two trndrrn' ii'thTlltlse''
Vreplnj: rouma l.cpsrties williont chil-
j dren.
Utis't-ON. N
rootoa for
4lti For renl, nice lar,;B
Ibtlit bttiine'ieopiitc ; modern.
lros'fON. S. rj''.' i'hree iovely furnished
honacVeepmr rooms, privata bath- mod
ern. Phone 3S6J J.
WM'..t, . Jii-lioi,. i iat .
Jt-iinf; ninelit or in .utte.. 1 Uum
- j .
""ION. s. -lint" lie ely iurniwot
.vj.ir:j rutm,
i ;i
.VI .:
N .
I .Til,
li .1.
Fur r,oit, twu Uri;t
c'.lric luhta, piano.
I' In:
"(' M i-
W . - '.i'ht hoiineift-ldtifi
I i " 1
Lh" i . frttm Mam , nioderri.
: va n i
ili 1 -S,.til.li filritnli'l
,-i ! ' t 1 1 It tl fur e
a.j ;:ritt! fur tf
Ii hi t't. ci'j. 1
m..ntn ,
V .1 ' : 1 " 1' H .
dm ks.'.k,
riH.it h f.r
t'-J7 'I o iarr ItKht
nu t ("jo.1, romfe'talil ;
' lizi-t,. k.,tii loratifia,
'. nil 'tit iuitt
e 1 :i - ii-cly fttrniitliittl
I 1 . l'oiia''kf,M,in or four
r 1 ,.f a o i e ! v f n ro isherl 5-rotntl
Ii nt,.li-ii: tail bofore S.3U or afu-r
bf I U' HT. s 'r(n,S Two' iiti nutita'
. .. 1 1 if roort n.
i'KWilT, N., UH Motlrn ftirniahed
h:"d houspkef ping roonia for rent. I'liotia
H, 30.1
rM) tn ,
-Kor rant, 9 houta-
KI.W'IMiI), (i. 30.
tooled mom for
i!"-''1' rloaa in ;
For rant, nirrly fnr
ronpltt; kltrhan prif
private fk'tiily.
Two f'rfpii'nnaliy wll ,
fiirniKhd front
. I!w"f'rn' lrimr "t mijtf.ii'wtairH. i
r-jii. 111 k., Hi4 --Two nirfly r.iri.inn
lieiit hminnkpfpiiig roouu, adjoining Latli
r'Ori.ni, K., Ift.IM Two nirely fiirriiibtnl
bi r)ouj '"'tipl No fwiall rluiiirt-n,
FKLSl'O. H., 3 1 5 Thru ttjrht hou-liy
- mi rooms for reni; cl(ie tn.
tVK. UK NT Kuril ir.lt -M rotmis for b'JUht)
FIFTH, W , Jsya-i-Kor rent, two iuhl
houh.-kr-pirig too run; hUo one lifihl hum
Vc(hii room; niodfrn.
K1C1HCO, S . U II Two room or litcht
hoiiscltpppiiifr will) Boutli-ttat tcilruoiu ;
newly )'Htf red : rlrnn 'ul modern.
lltilMi k7 141)1"',"- Two" ..gr,i " jiouii"
k re ni ii ir mom i fur rn t ,
Uiil'i-iTON, M,, ;iH"-('no nir Urft liifht
htxiript'piiig room, very (icsirabiu. I'liunn
Hol-MTOaN. k., yti Two nirely ffmishefi
nwunn for light honsck feinne, close in
on rr linn
11 U UT hnuekci-iiiiic rtiomit for re til, f 4
PT Wff f ,I'buni 2798 J
Llil HT lionnkpepifrtr roonti, $4 ; lfpinc
ronmi, $2 50 and 93 fir wtek; mctdaru!
Nnd pprinjti, I'hp 174.
M"AlN, N., 4lj For rem, houckeepinj
roomi. I'honft ft734 R.
MAVBKU Nr'J -Two Hitf of luhl
)iOafNfkftpinfr room, m r,!iT?nionrs.
Hr'nt Tf isopftlilf . I'hnTif? ll"iti
MAlN.-wfl., (iilOFurni'.lwMl ro.l for Jirht
hoiiHkuopInc 04- neejiinat ryo in.
after ii in
PHOrMX. X., 12i. - Light honsekeeDlng
rooms; near car me: rhiliWen we.mrtie.
I'HOK.NIX. 8. ll'Jttne ..f Hbt
lionnkcpirc rwm. T'h.!i( 35 7 J.
KtMtJ Two room for bonsi-koep-
in l'Jl244d J.
IttiuMS- Two roum nrt-r ff.rat;. for lijht
honHi-kpfniitc I'liotif- 2'-
f0 MS - l.iiriit "homekfttpiiitf rooms, moiT
rrn. Call 4V!53 .1.
itiMtMH Two lu'lii houji-k "-p. ntf room.
rlos in; no h J J r -ri rhnr 0M.
R(KVs1-Two m." I r " iurttitl 'C'tor' light
hoi'tfkufpjnc I tioni r1
U'dCKFORD.' Sr: ft-rl.iht" hviakepini
rom, two hramifti! inifurmsnr'fl room a,
rnrato if dn.r-d. in of tflcrihono ; on
Mn.-k nf two ''fir lir.. I'hrnio 7712.
rt'MjMS Kor rent, two furi:iithM rootni
for I i h t hn'wk- p 1 1 k: two block rant,
4 bUrka. f.uih of tti" srhool bouae. Kate
SIXTH, V MM --Trir.'O lifht hoimaVffp
iiiC room in rn)i1rru i"ni, 910 per
welc 4f ptr mnrth I'hone 8136 J.
h'K(NI), K . l-o I Two lire v scant
room.; fmrit ai'ii tak cntranco; gaa ad
(water f'lrnisLt'd, $17.50 per roonlU.
I'honf Vt
KWT Tl-S Kor rfnt. thrfo furTiihrd
ntorrtt for izhi liouekeepti)K; 92 j per
n nn t s ( ' 1 1 i 7-f l.
WH KKI,lNi. .' 4 'i" For rntTl won ir
Urc. itf. '"ii'luatit rooma. in umdf rn
Vivi'.., fur lie at houiokfiopinff. I'hone
4 V, . ,T
Brooms foii vt.ht FURNisirED it
Al'MIKAl.. MIT Front fdnKtiiT for rrnt;
sun i h rx'ioMirfl, tier trie .lights and bath.
Vhn-ip ( I
noi'lj-i N'.. i Plff?pinx room ad
.tm.mi J.ath Call AKKCu .
llOS'ltfX. S , irtu For rpnt, tlepinff
ro'in, niPinK rooiund(rara)rp. -
uh'M!;r, R712 )n furniIh lip
i"ir rnom foT rfnt. Fhono 7159.
SoSTthN. "fl". H0f I'UYaant furnUhcd
rnnT prlrata horn PhrB KSOt-R.
TiusTON' S , H01 Nicely fnrniaiied aouth
rno-n. rlnt In. PNina134fi,
Tioi 'LDF.ll, Pni H Kgant Iv Tu rnUdled
rnorr.x in prjyai home. ,h!.n",'
lU'STOr STPI 2 For rrnt, h-utifully
rirnlfh.d front room ii private home.
Vtiop. ftnOO.
11 K I Hi MM- For rpnt. baui if ul hedropm
with alcepinf por-h. l'hons 355, afttr
p. m. JV P. JVttna.
IlK M'V. W., 410-Nic'tv fumishM" alerp-
ine room. ouhrn exposnr. rime In,
itrlvate horn. a,ljoiiing belli; rentlainan
1 only l'hona IISR.
rt'FYKN.NK," R." 17 'lite room with
j aoutheaat aleeplnr; porrh: prlvata an-
trnnce; reaaonatile. l'htme .1,
I OMr.lVoNW.Sis Two plVaTaant fool
I bleeping rooma; walking diabetica. Phone
I 46',7.
i cilKYKSHiB, 9. 211 'NiVely furrlVhed
I room with elertrlr fan. eloa to bath;
rent reasonable Pb'itte 39n,V
01 1 K Y K N NE." S . , tSStf S 1 rrp i 11 "room Drl
rata home; ntotlern; convenient to bath;
(Tentlomen preferred; referencot. Phone
ClIKY KSSB. s" 410 Uru:foo! (ront
balpoetn. eouthea.t eaj-o-ure; for mar.'
and wile employed or two ladiea em !
ploted l'hona (111(17.
CINCINNATI. 8.. I4 Niro rool room.
private antranre. laren eloset. tontheatt
- eft'Otfiira. a ljolrtntf bath; mm and wlo j
rn-.p'oyeil. or two ladiea employed.
fiKNVKK. "S., "l I -SJoti'i rooma for j
ti'rt. $1 par week. Phona 55.'. 3
J lTr XVKR,'- . 312 - For rent, a'eep'in'f
I room rlo.e p Phone onR4 j
J Iil.J'HiiIT. 8.. HOI- Ltirga niodernr,v.m" I
i next to bath; thrre expoiuraa. Phone I
4Mi'9 K4S0-R.
7'V, Out lare. eieentnr
room fur rcnlli'ncn. phone mornings,
:."J7 R
IH IROIT. 8, 2n Two p easant sleep
trjf roo:ns: private family, fine neigh
borhood: iiiim.'diale poss.'i.iun of one,
the other or, the 2b Phone 21fi7.
iTkhIOIT V.".l 1 i tVA titili ieet l'ffur nVa Kd
a'eepiiff room; south exposure; lar(e
rloiht'H elo.rt ; with kitchen privllecca;
ladiea preferred. Phone lSOf,.
KlllHTir' E.. Ill Nicely" fiirniahc7rcnoi
rootn for itirl; rent reasonable. lTione
hi wool ,
N., 701 ltaement honaekeep-
rtvtma.' small cliildren welootne.
Phone 21fil ,t.
Full KKNT In a modern home, close In,
a bftrpnra and sleeping porch. I'hone
3.1 19 .1.
Two slecpinic rooma
for men, up where
it ia cool; $2.50 and
. s.
FRISCO. S.. 713 Kor rent, aoath and
ea.t expoaura. larpe room with attached
private bath; gentleman only. I'hone
407. ' ,
PlH'RTH, W. 711 Riegantly fuVniahed
atriftly modern , roorr.a cool and airy:
one larrre aoulhweat, suilabla for three
men Phone 7.M9.
Ot'THIUKT K ."fitfl-South room witrTYsr-a-e
privilecea if ileatre.l. Phone 20-".
CrrilHll. $' 21 Modern ' "sleeplnc
rr.om, private home; living room privl-
Phone 57.'fi.
Fk I N O
Ir. jt room :
phono till,
110 (FourUi.
' WfJOMS f9.B ErtjtN"SHEllT7
'LMur, rcmloa.lil, lurnUli.d ilerpinc
ro.ito In modnrn hotat!, adjoining bath;,
. - .y
MAIN. v. s.lft v.rir aeurl.l ..i,tk...t
l,-i-rli a room Phona t:27'2.
MAIN. N., JltiB t:V"sew'ly birnfthei
a'e.-pirifroiiii8 for rnt. IMtorta 80110.
MAIN H 111)3 Suitu" for Tial. "phoiia
MAIN. -V , .fin Katra larire front room";
-'." V!''1' Pn"" ism j.
MAIN s, in ii?iir.rit youus lady wanla
rnt.innial a. Pliono 21(19.
SlAltY limit KMAN APT8, 30J SoutlT i
aait ifrpinif room, roonartinf batli lor i
etia or twit vantirtnaa rtlona 0115.' I
. MAHV ItHOCKMA.N Al'fs., 302 SoutiT j fimt rlj.,, ' no othtr' nafd' aia.ly 'Tun
: raat a.arpnif room, cunnartlns bath, for' Aulomolilla (Xtru 14 W. Hra.lv
our or two en!imen. l'hona 5115 ',77r.:..7..: .-. r:- . r: .
II A IN, N 84.' Yor rant, alaoplnit porch
rtioma. for girls employed; private en
trants Phone 17B1.
MAfN, 8, Pit' t.artro llvit.ir room with,
airrpinj; porch t'Onnected, furniihad with j
MAIN, S, 13 if,' Vifaanil ehiid'rea. gains J
away lor aumnifr, will rant two ' alerp-
teg roorr.a furnit,bed the beat; reference!,
Thnna IS4H.
P. "I'll It. s" "3 W For rent, a well fuTiv
iilit-tlroom aonth aide. In modern home
IltaiM Ni,-e room with priaale entranta,
In private home for two gentlemen
I'hotie helwren 10 and 13. 8439.
RdOM For rnt,
in (rri(ij; will
unrJ houst work.
nicflv furnished room
eic hnrf fur l:iDJry
fiOI TIC SIDK Two ttrtrtlvijr furnthl
oonnrrtiur ntoiiii with batu. dote In.
Phone 7!.
BLKKIN'0 VORCU For rnt, with aU
j'in!nc room mailable for two trentleiaea.
Walkinn; rtutftfifi', 1'hon SPSS.
SIXTH, W,, 810 Nice lary. ilenpinf room
vf-ry rlont In; auirhl for one or two;
T"T '''ll'r,,,bI,, Vhoof 7314
SKVK.VTlf, K 2lu Nice"ool front rioin,
All infliijipn fni,vA;.n... .
nf iifhUirhood, four block a wmh
TuUb hotel I'hopn 8121.
f WKi.FTH,
W.. 317 Newlr fuVniahed
rooirs, aouthwaiit expoaura; ladiea or gen
tleman. Phone fi718.
VANTKI 4n or two foung laJiet to
take larire, rtni front room In pri
Tate family. FriTileje of uilng kiteh'-n
for break, ant Boa K 9. caro of
XANTHtiH, S., Ml Nice bedroom aTid
aleing po-ch: bath adjoining; new
houno; one block to jitney line. Thone
BOSTON. "N.. 619 -Modern t room onfurn
inhel, apartiaeat with garage. Phone
7 7W
FOU KENT Three unfurnished room aUo
Rveral pipe of furniture, like, new,
for ttslej hanrtin. Call 8283.
MAYHKLL, N.. "lb"? Three lVgVfu?T
iniit'J rooms fnr rent mml hut r r-
I t-i fv Phone 417 J.
H., 112 Three unfurnlaWd
monit for rent. Phone 8857-J.
S l'X ' M. W., ri(l7 twt7modMrn u n fur
niched apt. roomj; faa, water and elec
tricity fnrniKbed. Photia h296.
gAM "KKOJj; y..t U 1 Hoard and room. "
CIIKYKKNE. 8.. 420 Nicely furnished
aou theaal room tn modern home, a. to
board l'hona Slf.7.
OlIJKTTET'NT'aSHoard aro7m7or
ladi'in; take Admiral car. I'hone
5ir4 R.
ivuTn, 8
.7 1.I Sleepina ro-Jin and bird
with private blh for two rentoien or
couple where 'both art emuiojcd. Pboue
N OIIT U MI f K Sir e cool
and board in modern
RlccpiDjr room
home. Phone
W A N T KI On e 1 ar (t c, cool room w i tii
board, for man And wife employed; walking-
distance, fettle price. Box K 31,
'ate World.
couple wants snlm
houaekeepirt rooma within elfht blocke
of Third and M a)n etreeta , must be
reaaoiialile; referenea. Address E-18,
enro World.
nAdC.AOE AND MKS8EN0EB-Call 27i.
Quirk arnica.
BANKSTON Suita tleaoai and pr.i.etl $1.
Fractlt-al elaanara and hatlara. 023
Fo'tth Main, phona 5871.
WASHING AN'U UtONi.Sa CuaranUfd.
I'hon.lQOB J.
WATCH RKPAIRl.Sf) tUpart watet' sad
jewalry r.pairlnr dona by F0I7 Jewalrr
Co.; eblna eloaka rapalrad br ehiiaia
alorli ariifrt adar jaarlf fuarauvta.
Ptama47. 4I Santli Mala.
Fl'RN ITt'RK 'repairing and paliakiag. rail
fnr tha lortr jraara eaperirnrad rabin.l
maker. 7146, 1M Sotllh CinrlnnaU.
EI.KOTKIU W1KINQ and flituraa oul
wllare rani la low. aava monaf Vlnal
Chuidallar Co, S2a Soala Maia atraat
Phone 4ia.
renoTatad and recovered, returned home
aame day Phone IW4Q
Carpenter adrise with you. Appointment
Ii desired. Marquette aotel.
Call for Mra Itebtloa, 21
kimla wanted.
2 Kast Haskell.
DRKSSMAK1NU Silk Skirls, wotk ruar-
ntenl. Mra. Scott, 154 South Majbeil.
l'hona MSI R. ,
DK K SS M AK I N l Children ' a acwing and
(in(rbain drejtsea a apecialty. Phooe
4011 R.
I laKKSSYI AK1 Nil Plain and fani'y, alao
dainty band work. work guarantoea.
( all 729
DRKSSM AKINtl of all kinds; party and
evening dreaseit a aperialty. Phone 7784
or 414 Weat Third.
If I- MSTlfi'HINll 4')1 f'irat Natfonal Bank
1AI;. Ite.t In town; dona wnue yon wan.
Phona 42.12.
and oiotirJ neatly
j dire. SlnK't'r
Kat Peeond.
Sewinf, Machine Co, 111
phoo c76,
done br While Sewing Machine Co, lit
In! Second Street. Phone 7786.
1 WRITK KIRF, tornado, plats alaaa at.4
a'.itotnobite .nsnrance in the heat com.
proiea H I' I'e'tne nhene W t.
. 29
ATI. AS TRANSFER morage, moaing.
packing ()aaeJMI5f .
HAVal yoar piaaos moved rirht side np
for '3. Lear Transfer Line. I'hone
gtore with Pace's Fireproof Storage, Phona
'faro ! iso.
CAN aava yoa monny on papar bangiat and
painnnl can tor eaiimaia; an wvra .o
antead "88iyJaj;landjhonayiT-l..
KATI!ERS RKU8.. painting and papering.
phone S7e'3 S16 Sonth Boaton.
"We do it belter. '
Homo Decorating
Co Phone 4.1P2. ,
lArKHiMi ANDf AIN'i'lrlti gatlmatos
cheertttlly rivn; all work goarantaaoU
John Peteraon. Phona 23H7.
prince are reasonable; special attention
given to phona calls: only union labor
employed; prompt service. Phona Winsby
MTM.TKIRA I'll -Ijet me rat oul
miilt'etraph letters, prices rtrni
Hraill. 313
Central Natl. Bank
phone BriJ3
ItHllNNKliS in
wood Phona
pisno. 724 South El
4044 J. Miss Hibbs.
tf;YH Msda to order, gun and toekatauta
inc. welding of broken parte of Iron,
patrirc ot evnrytblng.
Jarob Novally Co,
I gin x-aai jixtt.
riuuia .Mo .
HAVKHTON tU.otr rd h.tter. .um
clranrd mil pre Mtl. 1 . lUti clntl
I u1 fioPKtia. si
lid btorkad.
Vi'l South Main.
l'hona .'.37 1.
Oar rleaiiin and prasai&g la auparior;
expert altarslious. 117 , at Sacond.
Phona 540.
WHKNKVKB von want your garments
rlraned, no faltrio la too tlelirate. I.adiaa
work a iparialty. Man'a auita clranett
and prractl. 1 1. Uankatuu. 622 bouts.
Vain, phona S37I
iri'iitioiiM v . L-M, . v ...1
BOY W'fNTKD to work ia fttctry U)re,
101 , KiirvUw
BOUKKKEFKR Wnid; gnt fx"
tierin.-t;, iury ejiinK-te-1. Adtirfh K 17,
(! WorM.
Vnid rnnrl .niHivnfart
tMiirnur wiui rerfrriK-ori; ftieailv jod.
1'urity Warkt "rl (roery, 114 Kal
Sm-nd. I'honii 1702.
h()OKKFl:PiK-M'ji""b ihveMyx
peritnpit; prefurably one fimilir with
hoilT ihfs or oil field busint-n ,
full purlieu im, ftit.ary 4Mc,, 'refw
enee in firm lutter. AddreaH k. 7, caro
CAPAHLK MKV with bookkfpln uer.
ienp. iit ! that t-spert amounting
oftrn an fi;iiiioiiitl future at this tima
in the way of a 'I van cement and salary.
Thou already hoMin; rtporniblc posi.
liona, hflwi-fn tin? a of J.' and 4 1,
who are willing lo yuVifT, without tj
terferenre to their prentint dnli-a. ir
f erred If yon are tlie oireptional man.
ted have auffirieot enthumini to mak
good in Qualify ing -for an eiitruhrf m.
rnuntanry poititiou. or Hate exuminallna
for certified ,nbl! arroumnnt, ' phonw
Koom 3 1 0, Hotel TuUa, for peroonat
hitci view.
HlfiH ( L SH hninp man now opf rating
tniittra of hia own, would like inter-
. vif with manager of oil roinpanjr who
! as opi'iur 7 far men of ralihrr; appli
cant ia vinitirg Tn'na from another n:to
and wouU like to locale Utre if aiul.il'le
ronner-Mon au be made. Addreas 5.
rare World
jANT'lVlTS Vhii7wanTd t iii-rr.
12-2 Kxcliange Natxiiial IJauk JLldg.
JOIN 1HK ARMY Recruiting offieea al
OkUSoma City. Tnlae Mnakogea, Chlrk
aika. Ardaiora and Enid. j
LAHORKRa WantiHi, clean rut laborer
who want lo work. Oklahoma Iron
MAN WANTKDMiist be afqnainied with
city; married jjreftrred Call 114 Kast
MKCHANrrSWnU'dr one." or two' ood
automobile iiici'-banu-a. Apply 017 South
Main. x
8HO K S AlTF-S i N n ted. fuli ltrca.
1H South S atn . 2 ,
BALKSMKN Wanted, experienced ale
ir.an'who can furnish n-fTnu-e to ami
lota In high (Trade (jb division with ofl
popaibilif ia; nn rst ritiooH a to ter
nutry. Rraliy Syndicate, liOJ U'd World
Diiirf. Thoue 1015.
W N TM Iond rrau wi;h confidence and
ability to inauAye a busine. P, C.
Tlfompaon. I'hone 60.
'A.vri';i)-.l'ifiy man fjr itine Ih
at Fairfax: waxtu 1 1 a day and
"KiaiKiina 1 ,pa i.itta to.
WAVTDLi A mat. fur ballary aervTra ata
lion: axparieura itntiercaiary ; jrood op
portunlly to riehl man. Kaa Mr. Aah.
al jroajothMnirK
WAVTK.I Man alenorraphar ; riuil b
raliablo, over or tinder draft aj; tt
awer in own bandwrain.- Adtir.aa V.
O. Boa MH ( .
WANTKl) Younr man about llj; tttoal ba
ataady and oaa4 appearinjt. Call 8 30
thia tmunina;. Call lur O. R. ilintoa.
Hooper Iiroa,, aOT Boolh Main.
WANTKIt MUIdia-ai!a marriad man to
learn marhitust trade; rotui pay whila
learoinjr Apply MrKwen Man-ifactnrlnf
Co., Madiaon and dmiralTnlaa, Okla.
C6TiORKI-V'OMANWan:ed for fenttrai
houaewnrlr. l'l.ona 33r,0.
Obl-OHr WOMAN Wauled, a roloratl
wotan for penaral housework, (.'all at
l'"i Smitnl)enaer
CtiiiK Wanted, who will ! ! (tonaral
, hnserork and hflp rare for habr: H
weeklr; alio aervanta tjuartera. Phono
ItTsir.VAllKR WhiTa woman wanted at
onoe. ,.ae Tea Koom, fi"3 South Mam.
DEMONSTRATOR I.atly of bnlnatia abtV
ity and neat appearanea, poaition per
manent, fond pay; rlanre fT atlyanra
jnert ; fadnata oourae ftraininjr free.
Apply to .late ntniafT'-r for Oklahoma
and Cloratlo. Hotnl Tulsi. soom 403,
from :I0 to 4:30.
- tfioi SKVHK--'h"iit" irirl or iteneraJ
hou.ework, Phona 31
HOt .SKKKKPKIt Wanted, middle aged;
won-au for paneral hounawork. Call In
person after 6 p nu, l'J'Wost Fairviaw.
UOL'.SJ.WoltK Wanted, a ciktr.al itir
or renrral housework. hl5 S. Dtttrolt.
Phone 3721.
I10USKWOHK Middle ared while woman
to do cooking; and housework; trood
borne and wane. Call at 1U20 ttouth
M'Rri Watilt'd. trained white b-tbr
nurie for younr baby. 1543 South .Sor.
folk. ph.inejMrin
PA.V1RY OIRJ.. Wanted, experienced pan
try cirl or man. Superior Tea Uootn,
514 8-tulh Main:
80DA G1K1.S Wanted.' with aiptrlenee;
f'ood aalary. Apply Campbell MitaiO
mtg Co , in person. 41n South Rottoil.
lMstlKSsWa"nteXaome "ore" t'- 'do
fine hand work. Alias Callal an, 2i
New Anil Rldf. ,
cafe, 316 South lloulder.
-Home Art
'hone 7731.
WAITRF'.SSFS wanted at M ecaca!c: ,
WAiYRKaSFti lie I.use Cafe. "l5 Faat
Fourth; eaperienced ; wantdat onee:
wTvSf KI) RtiiableT woman lur housework :
jotid cook; aervanta' quartets. Phono
Ji,:,1- -
WAITREStl Kuperieneed. wanted; no"J
other need apply. Ketchum Cafe,
Soiah Main.
VV'jtNTKri'-Otirnpatent stenographer. Ai
rly Cirl-Uaiion Manager, Tulsa Da. T
Wo rlrl
WOMAN White, to clean offices st nmht;
not over 45: wanted at once. Call 12 ''a
F.ichance National liank Bldg. liee Mr.
Wii'm.iNiJ. 8., 327-For rem, In !
change lor waahing. ironing gnd cl'1
inc; two room unfurnished house. Pbono
41(10 R. .
WANTED A firat-claar mijale aged
ored couple. Apply in person.'
South Cheyenne.
PORTRAIT MEN Make jV per day sell
ing my patriotic lia portraiU; 24 hour
service on prima and finubcd work,
write for ralalocue. E. H. Roberts Por
trsil Co.. Ksnaaa C'lty , .
WTNTK1- A few live atate or d'iatrial
salesmen, capable ol handling men m
the sale of ahipbtiiloSnc stock In a co
poration having' epprtmmately ten mil
lion dollara worth of government con
tracts; tuo ships already launched. Mrht
on Ihe wave under construction, fifteen
hundred men at work, additional con
tracts available; It will pay ""1 "?
wire salesman lo Investigate w. L. I..
1026 RnachIlldgnanaaTeias.
ACFTYI.KNFf WKti)En.Wr0. wart
wnrk; all round men; can give reference.
Phona S19S. .
ACIHTOIWanfs poaition wtih firm
rennlres highly speciaiiaed wnrk ; over
drift age- make analytical alatcii.enta
for Ihe declaration of dividends ; M''7
250 par nawttli. AdJ-s Urii, "i

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