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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, June 16, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 20

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it i
r I .
lint. Pea lord of nrttlsh Admiralty
Thinks Only Oiwi Kiilmmrlnc
AIUirklnr Aim-rlca.
Kir Wrrm lhallrvc ;rmAfm Hope
to Force Yankco WnrHlilp
llaik Home.
By The. Associated Preaa.
LONDON, June If.. Herman ib
riarliif activity off III AHnUtU
count cif tlie I'nlted Mtatn should not
Te lakon very sorloiialy, an the clr
mans probably will not attempt a
blockade cif the Anierlmn shores.
Thm Is tlie opinion cif Vlce-A'lmlral
Fir Kosslvn NVeymtis, flrnt wen, lord
of thn Hrltlah admiralty. The ad
miral bHInves that there In only one
submarine cperailna; off the Ameri
can roast and that Hie purpose '
To the Small
the man with a few hundreds or a few
thousands we are offering this unique
chance to enter the WORLD'S DIG
When ships earn their first cost in one
round trip; when ships costing $9,000
are sold for $900,000; when shipping
companies pay dividends from 100' to
720 per year; then indeed PRICES
RUN RIOT. No such profits are possi
ble in any other business, simply because
the margin between SUPPLY and DE
MAND is so enormous in the shipping
industry and will be for years to come.
Written statements on file in our
office show that there is no chance to buy
stock in any operating concern. Owners
of those stocks refuse to sell and it is
fairly'certain that unless earnincs were
beyond ordinary business understand
ings, that SOME price would tempt
But only enough will be sold to war
rant beginning actual construction. At
that moment our shares, also, will be
withdrawn from the market. Until that
time they may be purchased for $100
the share, par value, on easy terms of
25 cash with subscription and the bal
ance in six equal monthly installments.
How to
Get On
the Inside
Call, phone, write, uire for full informal ion.
Same will be given without the least obliga
tion on your part.
District Manager.
Gulf States Shipbuilding Co.
321-322 Mayo Building TuCsa, Okla.
Its trip aonrm :1m Atluntlg wm
frlKhton thn Anisrlr.au.
Herman ri)thlemmeen nt a"a, lh"
first Hcu' lf.fd tlni'.ia '!, Mum me!
by centra!V(! warfare In the North
ca and the Mediterranean.
Admiral Weymsa paid tribute to
the co-operation of the Am"r! n
naval futres Jri Kuropein whcts.
He ulil the American not only
weru (('aliened In Hie north hut wcrn
also n pr in tlipj n the MedlterraneHii
and off tiiliraltar.
The uppearanre of the .'Jennon
submarine off the Amerh-iin count
la an afreiiiK development from
whulever point of view II Ih etudied
and opportunity m riven thle week
lo Archibald S. Ilurd. the llntls"
naval writer, to nb'.-iiii from Hi"
IlrltlHh flret Mia lord hi, opinion
upon thle new departure on the pan
of the (IcrmaoK und Mm effect mum
the naval nt-iaiion corn-rally. Hn-re
'y In an essential clem'-m of siic
rnn In all warfain ami partl'-ulai 1
In nnval warfare, hut th"iear' urn'
Whin it chief of staff rail epn.lk With
noi nmai y reerv wiihout rivlwr In
formallon tu the enemy. In dimi'i
cratlr countries the leaders i'f lh''
fiirhtiHK force muMt i an y puhlif.
opinion wllh ttiriii.
iVftP (VHM.'!) Mfll1 I
fuNTINI'Kli ntliil IMUK OMS
ltjtlir. Warrrn ;:il arid J.
llyl'i, Oklahoma City.
In the roni;reumon.il raee In the
f;.-t di.ilrht urn I'.. 'Ilowtrd,
Tuli-.t, Jamet, K, Moore. Miami, F
Hhoeina ker. 1'fiwner, (Jolioii NJ r
tran, TuPa, Jamen H I laveniirn r,
There la no i.'irtuvjjar con1t for
any other offiri. t'lo it;li earn liavi a
nu m her of eont .ifa nt.i.
Kt'puhlii'ari t '4imllilHleH.
l L It'' .m1Iii an r.'in
1 iif'Il. ,iTil ronr''fH
( ill H i r
' in vpnul, Mi m-ii li . , J I t i
I. n.. I, r S Sl'Mit.. iikhih
una City
liariy ll.
Jh,jnim.(i ( ii ).-tiA illy.
Nrrl rt.ify i.f ;J'i(f. J(.(ltl K, S'UT'.ll
,' v;iii t I '.i w ri
1 A!ii(iTn-v i-'M'T.-il, lU-.t K
Ha tna,
Sin tf (i t axurcr,
li. l'"oeltr.
t FiMii n rw i t f n milium-!'
Jinuli'f I lM'h III'
Sl.iic Hiirifrlnti n-1n(, J, N. Hiunlt
ton t ih l.'thouwi ( itv. Va
'ninnijfi.HiHinT t l1vr, W. CI.
W'.ttljH-"-, f ikluhoirm f'lty.
('hlrf fnin" ln-)Mji(ir, .. John S.
:inirnn, McAIhit.
rrcHl'1-nt ,nn aKrlrultur, J. W.
CIMiwrll. Hrlrnti.
'mi poruMon fnnmllonir, C. W.
I.ii'lwli k, Kort CohU.
t 'fci k u pr'iji t court, Hnwcon (ato,
M nknfri,n. .
Hiii'rynip roiirt, dlntrlrt 1, W. K,
lirnwn, Mt'Alontr; dlHtrlrt 0, Ifnn
rv M'im(kimitv, iwirttrHvlll," dlntrlct
7, I'mcry A. l- nnt'-r, ( ha nITr.
(VhKrt'MH, I'McmI iliKtrit-t, T. A.
( h.t tmII'T, I rill i ; Ht'i-omt, Jon A.
KuHhm fonl, WriKi'iHT; Cum Tlnrh,
Tnlilrinih; Tliffp, f J Kowlcr, I'u
tcuu, Kour, K. U. Wult Khnwnett;
Klvn, . A. M' AU'cr. ( k luhnm ritV;
KIk. rAiit; svin. 0. H. fMulv. Ar-nt-tl:
Klght, Dick T M oi'Knn, Wood
ward l'nlt1 ptntts Hprifctor, W, H.
Johnson, Ardinorw.
; AUno Tnrnrr of Oktnhorna "itv
filial an ftn liiilnnfndfMiV In thn Fifth
rnnKTi'Mnlnnal diatrlrt.
notipr or prnur half, or on, amu
ofkhmc or tiik wmtk or oki.amom(
will riNv. aai'l hid for th re t amir j
of Ilia hrloaftor drwnhed tra-t of lha
iiutdlr aial. and arbool landa uf ine StaU .
i of Ottlalioma for oil and caa tutrixis".,
roniUliiijt of deflopd and unili io"id 1
! land. All i-an'a will b made uixin !
ar alert nitia, lo b opmoti at me m rn-c
of tbi1 Hfrrtary to th ('oniinUmon' a f
i i ha l and Offii-e at th dour of 3 o' l
ip m.. n th Ibth day ut July, I M
i and said laa wilt b aold a'd u-h
i sftiea mad in arrordanr with Ihe tt-TiiM
i and rntiditiona aa lirinaflr aet out
K.arh of aaid lrru of land wilt be r
iaed animralfly to tha hifheitt and bat
' bidder, sitbjm't to tha profrrnre nitht of
i Ih person or raona, ro-pomhon ir
rurpir.iioni, ho ar named und'-r ra-h
1 trart hr.tnaf(.r d'acrlbrd, a the iwii"f
I f tb. prefrrrnca riarl-1, lo re li-adf. aaid
t Iran at tha mail mum rata1 of rniai, my
atla and bonus oa that may be offt-reil
No bid will Ha rnnaldrred hy tha Cnm
mlaalonr of tha Laud Offirn for any
trat hreln advarttsed, which ahall ba la
I ban tha anwiunt named under a'h ti art
herein aa lbs minimum bid that will bt
Any bidder, ntbr than Ih owner of
Hi prefer mi ee r i k li t to rr lra any tt'"t,
shall brfrn fdinr nia bid. in addition, In
Hi raih lioniia offt-rrd and bid f-ir an
I oil atid iraa la on any nijrh trart, de '
point with thn f'oinmlnsloneri of the I. and
Offtr Ih apiiraiied vain of the tin
provtnenla and fiulmrnt on such tract
nr trarta bid for. in ranh or br rerti
fled rbfrk. for tlif amount of aurh ap
praisd Tain. para)il In th owner of
tb prfirnfc riRht to r lai aurh trart
or tract of land turned herein tmd"r aurh
trart or trarta, with whirh to pay for aaid
inipeovttneiitN and e-ouipmont in th. event
Hi owm-r of the prrf.,retir riiit to r
j le.M tnrh trart or tracts i!om not rir
i ri. his or il preference riajht to r la
j th asm at Ih hl?hint bid offrred then'
fur. and that Hi improvement and eipiip-
tnrnl on any such trart r tra' tn of land
' hid for, a her i-in dfrrlln-il. ahall her run
I the proprrtv of th aurreMfiil bidder in
J lit ernt lhat th ownr of tb prefer
rnr right to r leae th aam ahall not
rrln hia or ilk pr.frnre rti ht to r
! lean such tract or tra'tn Provided, that
1 Hi owner of the prcfennr. rifbl of any
i such tract or trarln of land hrretn naim'd
halt bav three da a after th bid a n
i any such tract or tracts are opened by th
, lVmtiuionra of tb I. and Office, wiibm
1 wbirh to df t ermine and notify ihe tVui
I ininio!ifrt of tb !and Office whether it
or b deir to circl U or bis pre
, ferrnr rifrht to re IraA such tract or
' trtria at (It niMtiminn rat of rental.
! rn!t)in anfl b-imtea offered IhereNir
j Ka-h bid. in additjnn to lh d"H to
, nay for th improrntncnU and equipment.
' shall it arrow pan led by a rertifird rherk
', nr bt.rk ttraft in tb su;n of Onn Thousand
1ora I $ 1 Oi'O 00 . pa able to lh i'irn
mi inur of the I and Office, a d
pomt of earnest liwiner li irmura the rxe
tut ton of Hie irjf , ihe btddrr and the
fnmi'Mur of the Iwiitl as reipiirt'd br lw
ProTtded. that nne d ixsit in the naid
amount of One Thousand lud'ars (l.0fl)j
shall entit'e tb- bidder to bid on on or !
all of iaid trart Said nm of One Tbin- J
snnd !!! ra l $ 1 . 0-l' 00 ) depoaltcd by any;
btdtl'T an earnent mu'icv i oinpltaitr wtih .
this reil'iireineiit lie relurned to said
. J.i-l.l-r if Hi. tii.l of mi.-h bidder ix nut
n.Vi nied b) lb I VmiminMoncrh of th Land
. Offire
Itid uinm oil and ca Irate upon n"h
of such irits will be received aprlly.
a'i-1 (bit M h of fitid t Tm -1 will be li Rse l
aeimndly fur a rina'ty of oneif!lh of
th oi, a'ir ras prodnred (hereon. nrd
! to Hie I tfc'i-et ieK)ti.ilte bidder, mbjert
; to lh ric'u of th 'miumMniirr f ttie
j L.in-1 ( ffire to rejri't soy Ai:d il l.li''
j T t Ui-it beiein will e leaded f ir 'i-e
l prod Oi' five l.'.l vc and n lone
1 ihere.ifif r a- oi! or c-" nnv b pridnc.-l
t i(r.( or pavinc qnnttts. .s'J 'ase
w. , fi rtl rr provide lhat if tin .! n
. rnmpltil vp-n any tract o !ead wilhin
on year from lh date of Hie lrfie !he
lest.ee iht'l par to Hie Sute of Okiaboni.1
an annual r e n t a ' In adv;mce, the mm f
t)n lHl!ar ill 001 per acre, w'n'h
tnent rbal cprrale to A!
(ion of th wH durtnf the
, such rental is paid, from yi
r tne
,ir lo year tlur
i nf I he term of I ne p-b : ami t u . t rnui
leei will contain such other and fnnhrr
tirma and roodiHons an are hereinaficr
ita;d and art forih under ihe reaper w e
tracts of land ordered t be advertised, and
aa is by the Ihws of the St a la of Oklabouia
authorised and provided
If Vh owner or owners of th preference
rirht to r 1k any of th hereinafter
d.s.-rlbd tract or tracts of land, rhabl f:il
within three (3) dav after the bid are
opened and the Homni mi oner a ba e de
ridi'd bat or which is Hie h:cht or hrt
bid, to elr-ct to take mn h !eax( at Hit bid
fo ind by the (lomnunftionrs to be the
his;!) eat and bent hid. then and thereupon
the mint of inottev tlenonited hv the nuc
ccvHful bid dor with hirh to pav for the
improvements and rqn.pir. i n t on such lriri
or Lraeta of land, ihatl b by the Com
Ttwjaa CJLPWltS
M -atfcrtar H Uwi
f OtMifta, fahaan r
l.ltivn ta telDt)
H HOUoS the x X
I sigiifri of th Land Office im:d toil d-
i livcr.d to Inn .aid own-r t tna urwferijnr i
"M t'l r-.-ait .aid tract or Iracla f i
ti gn ti.
UiUitvy ho lieiKJtl to tuch
! .1
8rt n'
tmrtK of Urd, (ho acful
l.i. J J nr nhitl. U(tfi ttl t- ulinii Jil tn-U-.t
''ttv-rt(T( Mijt'h tra t ur )'! of IftwI.
ur,tj h Nonrf ituvhUi for liy tatiUft, tiuU
hie ni'np unr with ilm tnni'of hi or
Mi hul, re- ifi Dim ownrr of thn wif-rov-iff.li
si.l r-fjuiptnnt on Ksirf tra.-t r
iia-t n UnH f'rovnicil tht. if llif i'om-
.i-iuii.rr of trie I, stul Offir nit i 1
j," i ml ,i U iffn-f on ny l or ir''t
ut I r il. 1 rircij jMiU a T kuiii S df'fHmil'!
Iijf ((in hi('!frn an rarnsv monry in rrn-fire-ton
nli heir hi dm on n-ir h rfl,
1'i-t rmiiif)R i(f K-fcl!rri hy bicj'lri OD
xiih irift or lrcii for (he urta v(
Pyiti? tin- ?itt of t)i j'niiniTcintfitii H'mI
i i p rri f t; i on UK h tnirt iir tract. lull 1
i'i :iicliii ty rturnrrf to 111" rtped! c Ind
Imt mi (l-iM)t tififf Ihr n,f
in the fwnt 1 tt ? ownrr jf llnj prrf crrt.r
r.icht ti rrjtkn any inul r Iralit hr'
I'mftfr rlrmrihed, now b'-irj developed or
ofii-ratnl, faiU t rlcn to rirro. hm prt
Iffrrp rirht to r"-l-.-ifl th- 4fnr, I it a ur
I 'iall pay to thr tiifirr f
tl.t inff rr ir nh( to rt lfav inrh trvt
or trarift. in addil!4n to tii )i i f irt up
prji , mi , of hr provr-mnU and ffq'llp
i! fr.t on mi-h trat-t or imU, Ida ct of al
HTiprovf itii'iiu and p'ltjiptnf nl placfd hy th
i1 'r of lh pn-f.-cf r.r nrht ttrofi at.r
ute h trrt or (riMsi hl-rcit lh dlf of
Ihf aTM""1,"f'nl of Ih- itumri:ittnta ud I
itiipmf'Til on mifh (raft or trrt by I
tmartl of apprair appitit-d hy (hp 'tn I
intuMioriT of lint I. nd Office r,d ir
d.iic of lha artlin of tho ihrrrii
t'l aiK-li stirrpiinf.i) lutldrr. Morli rout shH j
hr iaid in raitli hv Dim ntjrTHfiil bid I
dfr to th ownfr pf tho pritfttretire rijchl (u
re tratt in auVh trirt or trala withi'i
1") days afltr the le awarded U any
aurh Mir rena fid bidder ; and if any tur-h
Mir'-t hi fitl bid-br and Hi owner of the
preference right to re leane any eofh irurl
of lrar!i thai I he unable lo arrte upon
ittf an.oi'nt of any aurb ronU shall or
tl t-lr I mined by th f 'nuinusfcloiieri of the
I. led Offke. nt their deierminatton of the
rt.iitunl hall be binding noun holh parfic
Ivxeepl a hereinafter aprrifjed under any
trart, all iKinutea bid hr lb? bidder for a
IraM oil any t r t or iracti nhall be paw
able in raab a lb lime Ihe bai.- i
"xr-ntd and delWrrrd o thn kti (-!- f.t I
t 4 h bid mnpit li on fi'r wild or tl'lit
erd tn le K '. 'trv i-i th" (v.ntmiii. . f.t-r ,
uf (be land Offire ui-tn the Uh aim ..ht
net for thr opening of mi1 I hid' l' it I;
be B'-r.t in by n j .! it n.tti.1 b ra.i d ii
envetoiit' and msrhed ihrreon "bid f"r "il ,
and leane ' ami plaerd innle tf antitht-r
envelope p'ainlv addreMied lo lh. St"re
I a r v l (i ihr im r r of l 1 e J i, A ,
Office, and n.arhed thereon ''Oi! j'id it
itid ' j
A full and complete inventory of ill
improvements and ii)tii;Mtn'tit on i i h o' tb i
follow iri( true n 0f )lAtk hcni made
mil u on file in the office of Hie S-cre
I H r t lo thr ( 'mm m 1 n .-r of tlir I .and
(tffire fur lh inapertiin nf lht ;m b 1 1 e ;
So bid wtl! be r.m.idfred HM l'-"d to
ehat'k'r nr alter the hmr in wh:iii drilling,
lo emu ni en e ( he iml nt of r Si I V or i
anv ol
reer e
,rt rendition befein h'd out
l'.Mi'iiiiMinera of the 1 and Offire
the . right to rejer i,j inij all
The number and description of th tracts
of IhiM lo be ea-eil. I he minmi.im hid
for lr thereon lhat will be
considered ;
bv Ihr Hnnirnimonrr of Ih .and Offire.
Ih appraised vain nf th improvements
and rnjiiproettt such traru. and the
owAer of th preference rirlit lo ra leaa
iirli rrs at Ihe niasitt'Uin rite of ren.
tal'i, ro)!(iis arid tKitii-n that may be 1
nff"-trd tlierefor. ad additional terms and
lond'lions required for leasfnc aaid tra't
arc f'MtiwB. to wit :
TRAIT NO. 1 - Section Thirty three
O-ti, Township Twenty ntn ('!) North.
Ranpe One tn Weal ; Kay County. Mini
ni'irii bid, 9i.?mo oo,
Ownrr of preferenrii rlrht to release
Kav A Kiowa Oil Ho, I
TK.Cr NO a -Hertion Thirty six
ton nt. bin tw enty nin (2t ) north. Kantl
on i I ) U eat ; Kay County. Minimum
bid, ,V onti tut, to b paid as follow, in
rash, $; to 0( ; and th remainder out of
th proceeds of on eighth of th pro
duction of oil or sras from said lands, in
addition lo the on eirhih royalty, until
said bonus la paid. Th leas on tins
tr.til shall requirn that the lese shall
Immixliaiely put in a a food condition a
pOKsibl tha well iw on said tract, and
equip ihe same with air eomprraner, and
that the lest shall within 120 days from
Hi dsl of aid lea jib rommenre an addi
tional well on said trart, and proceed to
dpi 11 the same with due dillfeiw to a)
depth of thirty thr hundred f.riQO) feet,
uriJess nil or gas i found in paying quan
tities al a less depth; and faiinr to com
ntene taid well within said tint and
prosecute the drilling thereof in arrordanr
with the terms of lb Ua.te. unavoidable
CBHtialtiea. strikes, inability to procure drill
In g material and supplies, eirepted, Shall
operate at lh diprrelion of the Commia
xionrs of th !and Offire lo forfeit the
said leaae. Owner of preference right In
re lean Kay A Kiowa Oil Co, Appraised
value of improvements and equipment on
said tract, H4.7(8.40.
TRACT NO 3 Heel ion Thirteen (13),
township twenty eitcht ( 28 north, range
on 1 1 ) West ; Kay County. Minimum
bid ft POO oo Owner of preference right
to re lease Kav A Kiowa Oil Co. Ap
praised ,valu of improvements and equip
t em on naid tract. 94fl,2ri84
TRACT NO. 4 -Section Sixteen (10).
township twenty eight f2) north, ran ire
on (1) Went; Kay County. Minimum
bid 91.20 00 Owner of preference right
to re lease Kay k Kiowa Oil Co.
TIC UT NO. h Southwest onn-nusrter
a id the northeast on quarter of Kction
thirty three ( XA ), township twenty eight
JH) north, range one (I) west; Kay roun
t Minimum hid, 91,000 00. Owner of
preference rifrht to re lease Kay A Kiowa
(Ml Co
TRCT VO. Section thirty ail (36.
tow us hi twenty eight ( 28 ) north, rang n
one ti) west; Kay county. Miruinntn bid.
f'.40ii flfi Owner of preference right to
re lease - Kay k Kiowa Oil Co. The lease
upon Una trart of land ahall require that
)uni ahall within An re.r (rem tb
iL-ttf thereof, rommance a well nn said M ' rssl . 1 svn comity. Minimmn bid.
I'a.-t of land and proaerVt the drillintc of ! ' I" O'1 , Owner of i.reterence right to re--iine
with reasonable and due dilinence to 1 lse - K W Mariand
a d-epth of thirty three hundred (33tWD TRUT NO. 41 Section sijteen (tit),
feet, unletia oil or rra a is found in paymt tnwnslup seventeen (17) north, ranee four
niiantiiiex at a leas depth, and shall provide..' 1 l'an county. Minimum bid,
that a failure to commerce aaid well witntn
said lime, md
to proseeute the drimnf of
the .am according to Ih provisions o'
said lease, delays on a r count of strikes.
Inability to ae'nr drilifnr material and
supplies and other unavoidable casualties
etropted. shall operate at Ih disrretinn of
the i 'omm i nk loners of the Land Office, to
forfeit id lcse.
TKAfT NO. 7 Section thirteen 11V
tow'uslilp (wcnly seven (27) north, ranee
one ( I ) west ; Kay county, P05 f5 acres.
Minim-im bi.l. $.'1.200 00. Owner of pre
ferettci, ripht u to release Kav Jk Kiowa
TU NO is Section sixteen (
low n ship
one il
! f ."ni e i
' Oil i'o
twenty-seven (27) north, rnnre
wcm ; Kav countv. f 40 arr s
bid. $),400 0ft. Owner of pre
iht to ' re-lease Kn St Kftiwa
TliViT NO fr Kant on half of section
! thirty tlirce i'l!), townshin twenl five ( $-! n-i
i t 2 " j nnrth. raif on 1 ) wat ; Kav i re !.$.
! comity. 20 arrs Minimum hid. II. P00. 00 I TK UT
Owner of preference njrht to re leas K
W Ms -and and Cnadn Oil A Gaa Co
T1MCT NO. 0 rtton thirty six(!th
to e -b
twetit) fiv C2M north, fantre
two ' wt; Imiv euntv, O-l-O acre
V mimum bid, $3,200 00 Owner of pre
ferenre rittbt to rc.lcBie F. W. Mar
:u, nod tVtden Oil A- Oas Co
Tit UT NO 1 1 Northeast on onnrtcr
of Serlioi thirt three t1. lowns'Mp
twenty four 1 2 M north, r autre one , I i
weat Vhlc rount v. 1 fii) acre. M itiimn m
bid. $ "OO uO I iwner of reference r t j-i t
tn rc Ions--- F. W. Mariand and Cosd- n
OH k I'm Co.
TliMT NO 12 -South oreba'f of
tin Thirteen fill. Township Tw ftMv foir
'?4 North, Kanew Two West Nob:.
Countv. ai'res Minimum bid Jt I fi 0
(Vwner of p-efrrenee ru-hl to -e !r4r
K W Var'ii:d and t'.den Oi I t,n. (v,
TRUT NO. Vt-- V,rCi ont half of S -r-t
Hn ihirleen i 11 tow -h :p t w-f r.e fir
'?4 north. ra:iirf tw.i .' ) wo-i . Nob
rotinty, 3 20 acre. M 'urnr.m hid $ 1 , (''
Owner of pref ererre i ht to re -Teate- - K
V Ma'lnnd and Cod.-n Oi! & tia( t o
TI1.VCT -NO. 14 Sunt!, one half n.'
tion th irt v kii f 3 (: ) . Tow. n sti ip t w et t v 'on r
(21) norfh, rat-c. two ( j j wet , N ' I o
county. ;tJ;) arris, Vitnnnnt bid t finn uO.
'itt of prafereero r;ht to rc letue K
VV Msr!snH and Cooler, 11,1 (J Co
THU T NO ,1 North one blf of See
I'.fin Thirty sit i t; Township Twenty
f Mir (2( North Kan Tw.-. (2) West:
Noble Coin' tv. in crs Mlntmnm bid
SI t'OO t" -or of preference riicht to re-
F V. Mar'nid and Coadeo Oil k
Gaa Co,
TltA'T NO. 11 North one half of Ner.
tion .tit.'Mi (loi, b.wit.rnp IwcMy-fujr
( ) north, ran, on. 111 mil; Nntile
-junty. HAi a rn Mimjuihh bid. tl.t'UOO".
Owimr of prefcraiiRe nUl to re ir'K.
W. Marland and .'udMi j 1 h ('
TliAt.T NO. 17--Wuulh one half uf Sr
tioti Htltfti ( HO, towii.tbiu iwftity four
Cii) north, ran( out- i 1 ) yrrt Noble
rounty, ,-tin irrfn jjinrnum hid $1 ,fi' ") "').
Owner of prr.fr rrtH" riiht Ut r If a K.
W MarUnd ai.d 'iwtn Oil k ohm Co
TflA T NO. JH.- h'onUiwl Mir quarter
Of Section Kiitrrn ilht, ti)nhip tf'O
"(fht i 'iH i north, ranr om ( 1 -at ,
Kay eottnty Minimiitn bid. $1 '.Tu on.
Owner of i'rfren"e rifht to rt -K
W Mailnnd
TR.(T Mi. 19 ftr-iion aiue n ( r).
towntkhip twenty eTt-n ' 27 1 worth, ran-"
Hirer Ml rani ; rosin r v. M ifiiinnm
bid, $i'4(i 01) ra.-h- $ 0"U 'Hi o l.i- paid
out of on eiu'hlh of ihr pro i i I on At oil
from RIli! prrfiiifiev m addition to tfi"
r-riMar one c rhlh, r.vltr 1
tbia trart
r lhat H
in ty i 'il;
a wll on
- dr;ink
ie. k i ! i I
dn v from
tia d Ira. (
if Ihe atrr
fMtifne;ire wilbin
the dale of id I
and f u ! 1 pr:m-iii
lib du a'l.j r
d"pth of .T.-no f.
found In pv';,r 'l
and h'l provide
in e ne b'd W'-'I
.roef ti l r t - i ! rt '
mrdatir with H
df pth ;
f fill,
.f ti-..-
B'-'ir .!
ri r. rr v
Iaf '
' frril"'1
tit'' -'
' ! !'.m) tiff.r.
i. pr -f r i
is a-.d t"i'
S-Mi.bwfft (in nnarler
of Sr tio'i
f. r,M,
to rr tfaaf-
K Mar-and
1 - -(Ml ' h wmt
MX t if- , I "
onr nn after
tn'np twt'n
of S.t.'K-ii' HorM
t -one ' 1' I i tiort
1 W II
MitMn . m bid M"" n.
'rr of I
W Mar-i
Tit A ' '!'
of e-celion U
Hire ' J I n
VJ.U -n-if
feretice I',ut 10 re leiim;---il
S.i i ih r t nne quarter
tc-'d i 1 .1 ' , low nubip I wnly
ll. ram'.! three i !f l eatj
M iMimimi bid. $:i"f) ou
f rrrire tihl lo re it ai-e
K W VurUnd
rn r .no ,
.1- No
nnr hulf and Hie
! li f
f .Section SlXtfi 11
I H.
otm ( 'j I 1
b.d. $'t
ii no
-.e (
(iwner f tr, feri'Df'D
W Swearincen.
'I It.MT
ti i dii tii went one quarter
nte.-i i fit, township twenty
tu- ( '.'J ) i-orth rn'.'r three ( 3) ent ;
N.. e eo'tniy Minimum btd. f ::(ii).('H.
"wmr of nrrftTetii-e rijjht to release K.
V M'lan.l
TllMT V. 2' - North one half and th
BouOieant one quarter of Section thirtrn
i I i , tow null if) I weiil v.orn i .North,
ranre tu f -j i Kal; Noble county Mini
inn m h'd Jitfft on. Owner of pretermit.',
riptu t" re Vsmi - ('. W wearinjfen.
J !UI T Ml. Jii Sotifttest on quarter
of Sertton thirteen (13), township twenty-
otic (ill north, ranp two (2) aat; Noble nuBrtr of Seetmn tlurtv thr (3J), town
county Mininuiff bid. 9:100 00. Owner jthip tw enty t 'if- -o"h. rani: six (fi)
of pnfereiire rij;ht to re lease K, W. 1 at, H2 1 srr-s Haw re rn;t,ty. Mini
Mariand. I n-irn bid. 9 I ton no Ownem of preference
U.fT No. 27 ---Bonlhwest one quarter
o Merlion Ainrtv kil
iXti), township twenty-
on (211 rorlh
Noble rotmtv.
ran thr t;i a-t;
Miuinrnni i)J . $.'tOH.OO
' wner of prnferen
right to re lease K.
W Mariand
Til T NO 2 Pnuthwett one-quarler
of Section thlftythrti (33). tiwnship
twenty one (21 north, range .Ihree ( :i )
rast; Noble fnur.ty. Minimum bid 9300.(0
"wnr of pfefereifcce right to re least K.
V MarUnd
TI. AtT NO 29outhweat one qn Mer
of unction. Thirty thru ( 83 ). iow...hip
Twentv.bn (21) North, range two (
Fast; Noble county. "Minimum bid 9 100
Owner of preference tight to re lease-
t V Martand.
TRACT NO 30 Section thirty six f.3M.
township ievntn (17 north, rang three
( 3 1 eet ; Lincoln county. Minimhm bid,
99fi0.0' Owner of prference riijht lo
r -le.i-i- -K W . Mar 'and.
TUAfT NO. ftl-Neetlon Ihirty-sla (1t'..
township seventeen (17' north, range four
(4) eaat ; Lincoln county. Minimum hid,
9960 00 Owner of preference right to re
lva--K V Mariand
TRACT NO. 82 -Section sixteen ( 11).
township sltteen H north, ranee four
(4) eaat; Lincoln county. Minimum bid.
9Wb0 00 Owner of preference right to re
lease -K W. Marlsnd
TRACT NO 3:1--Nertion thirty sii f3fi),
township leventeen (17) north, rang five
fV 1 east; Lincoln rout: t v. Minimum bid,
9!KiA Oo O-vncr of preference riglil to re
lease K. W Mariand.
TRACT N't). r4 .Mtthweit on quarter
of Kection mlce drt), townthip aixtcen
(10) north range five .ri eat. Lincoln
county. M imuiiiin bid f 2 Ki.i'O. Owner
of pre ferein'e right to rr -leari-K. W. Maf
TRACT NO as West one half of Sec
tion thirty .si x ( 3(1) . townahip seventeen
(17) north, range oil Hi) ret; Lincoln
eotinty, liij ,iti arrrs Minimum bid,
9240 r0. Owner of p-efereiue right to re
lease E. W. Mariand.
TRA'T NO. 30 Section sixteen (Id).
townsnip sixteen (iti) north, rango mx
(fi) 1 a e I : I.irn-oln county. Jdituinum
9!lri0 00. Owner of prefer;
r t?ht to
re lease- - h. W. Mariand.
TltUT NO. :17 -,.! onf li.lf nf P.-
Per j
Itnr. Ihirly iz :urnFhi tniorn ilh)''i'n thirl W rlV l.iwn.'-.ip l-,-oir.on
hoflh. rri(r hi r,l ..1 ; l.inruln rotm n.irth ruriiro sown f? .'Ht : 1'riwnoo
Iv. :m !:l rr. Minimmn Intl. t'Jli.no. rountv Minimum hid. :!-o O'l Ok nor.
(Mvnor of prt'foreiicu rint tu ri) lt.':i K "f prof.--pnre riel't to ro i-ar.. Kay s
V. Marlsml. Kinwa Oil To. in. I Co.don Oil lr Co.
TRU'r N. 3H Sorlion rriito.n I 1(11, Arrrriod nluo of improTmor.( nnd
town. tup .oronloon (17) north, r.titfo Ihroo orpii'.monf on th'ul l-c( J".?., :!.!.
CI) ..! 1'ivno ro.inty. Minimum bi.l. ' Til T NO 63 So'tlhout onoqnarlor
f0 Wi. ownrr of prrferonce riln lo re- I 8orlin Ihirtr tit (Sr.). tovn.hin Iwoti
l.ao K W. Mrlri(l (v ono (21) north, r.nfo .pv.n ("I ott:
TIIWT NO. 3(1 tVrlion tlilrty .it (). 1'iwnoo ronnlr. Minim-im hid. $160.00.
towr.nliip oir'itrpn (IS) north, rinto thro- l''r of profronro ritht to n.lnif
? ontl; !'ino rounty Minimum bid. I Solht Oil (inn Co. AppnUod tain of
$l;l'M(i. Oarior of profi'reiu-o right lo imoToT-m.ntt and OTiiimtont on ia;d tract,
r I', at. - K W Mariand. I $1" n'' '2.
TliMT NO. 40---So.-tion thirtv sit (in).'
towrulini Ltriftoon (131 north, ran thrt.
" iwn.r oi preicrence rignt to
W MarUnd
TU.OT NO 42 -- Snilheast one-quarter
of Srtiin siKteen ( 1 fU . township, nineteen
( I 'i i nnrth ranpe four f 4 eiitt : I'avne
co-iiity Mn 'eitiin bul, $'io no Owner of
prefTenc tight to re-lcaio K, W. Mar-
t'iw Uihif. t wen t v
14) iHKt ; l'n nf
$ I I"'. t iwne
re len,e K W
TltMT No tt
Serifon sixteen ( If!),
i -in north, r'inire four
c'lnty Minimum bid.
' prefr.nce richt to
Mi.rland a'id J. J. Mc-
t i'.-tion thirtv tx ( f).
i '-' I nor! ti rsnite fnnr
" o i ii t v Mini .nntti bid,
" of prefer. 'i, .-e rij-ht o
t i S-ction ni.en ( 1'),
) t.nfii-.!
$ 4
re U
( 17
I 1 tH'IPf fiv
't MmitiMi-n bid
preferenr riirht to
jt.- N'ort!ifflst one ouarter
id ihe
soi!t S ore-. I'd '.f i.f Ne.-l inn ihirtv--.
town-; hut .'nrhtr.-n I K north,
i e i i -i. i : I-i vr-e rotinl v. Mini
1. 1 I"'1 "1 fnner of nreferene
h. rc 'p-r -K W M.irland. Th
....-m or i-i .5 tr-jct a . i h. renuired bv
the 'ess to comtrenr.. a well within one
rs- from the fiat.' of nu Une and
..rnect.. th drtl:ie of said well with
'o-ur,'i ,i!i?enre to a depth of ?O0
f.-.-i in- ,-tr riw j found in nainp
rs d.;nb- and Slid lease
ft;itrn to rr.mmence
'i.e tt.n ST..-'ified. aid
' the drjilititr of said
re with the prnvi-ions of
a rinsed bv strikes. In
dri'li'T material and anp
nnivoid hl t-asiial lea.
an I
j ( tr--,. ths'! op-'Mie. 1 the disr ration of
j ih- i,en:tTMitot,.rfi 0f the hand Office to
) f'T-. liud 'ease m
TUtCT NO 47 Sonth one haW and h
. -" f Vm-e-.t eic. fli, arter nf Portion Thirteen
township n "tecn north, ranc-
..1. P.... m,t. (;ni..,..m
?J-. Ml' (WI, " pavali' a. followa: I TKT NO 71- VoTth on hs.lt of
$('.n nnfj 00 ra.h at Ih tlm Hi la" I. I'"" Tw-nlv-fir (2'.V Townahin Sron (7
T'.nd and dr-iv.w a-ul Ih rmaincpr I Nnrlh. Rai Pl-tn net V.t- Kiowa
of th arroird hid to hr tid In Ihr.. ' Cminrv. Mirlmnm hid. no Owner of
nnl lnatallinnt. thr. .i and nin , rn'- rieht lo r lease J. L. Na
nionlh.. T.pe.-tiTnlv, aflrr th ilal lh tin".
(.nn. ia awardd .aid rUf.rr.d pnTm-nt I TUtCT VO 74 Vorth on ha'f of
to h aornrnd wilh eood and .uffirifnl i tln Twiy i (If, Town.hro U.n
.i-orily to h aoliroTd h th. Omrni. '71 North Hanf W.ln f 1 (O Wl:
.i..nra of h Land Offir Ownr" of Kinwx (V.nnlT Minimum hid, $1?ft 00.
nrcf"rnr riirht to r la. Pinc'air
k f5s- Pn Appril Tn'ne f imprei'
and enuiptnent i28 H3.
TRACT KO. 8 Southeast 0D-qufrtr
and sol lh one half of the aoiitbwat ona-
quarter oi Section sHiern (lt), township
laneleoti (la liorth. ruitK. ';')
I'avne county M.uimum bid. f.J.'.'JU.OO
Owr.-r ut prefeicuca nbi to ru-la- J.
t'aidv. . .
TKA'T VO 40 North writ one tptarter
an! the north on balf of the aouthwral
'tvne quarter of Mectioii Ho tu":
in..i..,.n 1 1 u I iiortb. ranira n w
rHst I'avn county Mii.iiojiiu
1,1 i00 On owner of mtvTeiicu
re K. Mariand.
TltHT S' ',0 Action thirty-alf t.T),
towiihhip nineleen (i:) north, ro"?e t
-., ! i'ajn rointy. Niniiuuru bid.
1 ) ''(' uwnm of tlrt'1",, 'itht X9
re K W Mariand and Roma Oil
Appraii-cd vaiue of imp rov emen t ud
on h)I
N(J , ' 1 - -ret ion a 1 X teen ( in ).
iiHiemt (11 north, ranp six
I'm ie r.n iiv. Mini.ntitn bid,
$(?00rii ovner 'tf preference riyht to
re K W. .Variant nd Hobden k
1,,,'ro The i.-aw! on mis tract snail
profile and r."uiie ibal the lea shall
rnnunen. a well on aatd tract within one
y.-ar from th- da'r of mid base, and-r.hall
pr ll.' Hi.' f r i i 1 1 n T of Raid Well With
r rb and due di! itfene to a depth
of : ') feet, tin' ess oil or IHa is found
in (14vim: yusn'itn-a at a Iraa depth;
, . ,i I.aM nrovidn that failure
, -,, 1 net- haul weil ant lo proserute the
-l-iit.rj the-eof to co.Ti p let ion arrordllif to
il 1 pn.siMnna of the leak, dt-laya on ac
im.it of ntnkea. Inability to prorur drill
ii 'i.aier.al ai d atippltes, and other tin
iyi.:ahir caKiialtiea eieepled, ahall operate,
in t'" discretion of the Cotnm iat.f ouer of
Ibe 1 and Offire, to forfeit Paid lrr.
TKAi'T No 62 Section thirty-sli (315),
to !,t.h:p twenty ( 'J suirth, ran? fi ve
1 east ; I'awne connly M i nun 11m bid
-hO.-"iu f0, payable as followa: $.r.O0,OO0
in rah at the titurj Ihe lch i etrcuted
and de'ivered, and tha r-ma indr of the
r tt ed btd to b payable in thren eiual
iiiisl!frpr;ts, thrp. ix and nine month,
reaper i ively, after (be dat tbji lcae is
awarded Raid dfrtnf payments lo be ie
eurerl with cnod and sufficient security, to
be a up roved by lb (.'omniisionr of th
Land Office. Owners of preference richt
tn re-les- K AS'- Mariand and ndrn Oil
k Ha Ho. Anp'ttined vain of improve-
mr.nt ....I n n i.ni e n t . (D-lflW J'l
TKAHT NO 5.'1 North on half
Hi nihnt on niiartftf of Section thirty-
three 1owrhi'i twnntv-on i'2)
norlb. ram.' five j) eaal". I'ftwiee eoun
Iv. Minimum bid. 00. Owner of
preference ri;ht To release E. . Mur- .
TRACT 54 Sou thrust one quarter
of the northwest one-nnaMer, houtliwest
one quarter of Hi norfh.-asl on quart,
T,ots J and 4. north on-.hatf of the north
went one quarter, southwest one quarter
f the i-orthwest on quarter. 1-ots 1 and
3 c f eiuithweit one quarter, noi t'l one half
of the nnr i hcat v- nunrt.T. aouiheaat
one qi:irter of the nonriesst onp-quartr
and lotS of Ih outh.'ast or.e'qiiarter S"
Hon thirty six (flfi. 4ownshin twrr'y (20)
north, rangr sis tf.) rM; Pawpe roiitity.
Minimum bid. $t.finf fo On.-rs of pre.
ferenr right to r lease - K. W , Mar.and
and Cosden Oil A Ho. '
TRVtT NO .riF'- --r'at one half of tb
anntheaat one-niMrter. nthwat one-quar-
ter and we-tt on ha:' f tb southeast onc
right to re tea- K . MaMand and Cos-
. den Oil Has
I township twent
Pert inn
1 (HI et- 'awtiee rount
bid, 912 fi'io oo it--'.!
rirht lo re irat-- - K W
Oil Cms ( o' n'd .1 I
MM irT Kll - V,
u tt nrefffenre
Virland. Cosden
M i-Hror.
one half of R
tion thirteen (ID. iowi.bip twenir t bui
north ran- v.-n "Ti nit- Pawnee
county ' Minimi-.'" bid ?l POO 00 Owner
.t iinfrnct. riL'ht la re t-ase KoPeTl
T It CT VV r.f
tion aixten
nwnaliip.. twenty (20) i
nrth, ranee aoven
Mirlimum bid.
eferencR righla to
(Jas Co. "id E-
t 7 ) eav ; rt in rotint
9, 100 CO. Own' of ii
re lease - Chdcn (Hi k
W. M Hand
TRACT NO. '.0 Vortrrw-et one-quarter
(fr) and north oil; h f of southeast one-'
unarter, Sts'iton tdirty iv f i 1 , town-
I ship iw-etttv r:o, r.otth range, aeren t ii
eat : I'avitiM. ro-Mitv. 227 44 acrs. Mini-
; mutn bid. 'nO oo ' owner of preference
right Hi re lease - -K W, Mariand.
TItXCT NO ho tr' heast one-qnarter
(fr) south one-haif of tit soutkwest one-
I OMsrter. Ser-tin'i thi-ty six (3tt), town
twentv i2'm nofih. rar.c sev?n til
"'7 71 arri-i"- l'-twne county. Mini
mum bid, 93oe (in Owner of preference
rich! to rt-Icitse-Nu'iil- r Two Oil Co.
TR UT NO. f 1 Northeast one quarter
of fr'.-elion thirty three (.13). township
elm KA-ih ran .Yn (7 east :
Tawnee county. Mi.in:um bid, 9H20.nO.
v-ner of preferenre n;!it lo re-Ira
V Mrlnt,il
southwest on-nu art-, voutht-a t one 0,11 af
t'-r of the soutbwent one (itirtr. - Section :
vitteen (Hit, towit.Vin twenty od (21) j
north, ranee seven '7i cst : 1-0 acres; i
I'awne county. Muiirntn bid $120.00- (
Owner of p"eferrnce ntrht Ui re -I rase
t ncle Sam Oil 10. Ap'traived value ol
! imi'rovetnents ai
id eflmpment f 1 1 .97 .0 -.
3 Northeast one-quarter
of Section thirty-sit (3fi), township twn-
t v one (21) norlh. ran.' scv
1 I'awne cotinlr. Miimntrn bi'! InO.OO
wnrr nt Drprcrenre ngni 10 rnirjjc
f 2
! TIMI'T NO. fll Vct in h!f of For-
T.UM'T NO. (M thatt ono-nnartor
lota"' I and 2. rVnjthwett on-onarler of
sertion Thirtv thre (3). townhip Twen
tv '20) North, ranire V.'xeht ( East
"Iti 1 J seres Pawnee Countv , Minimum
bid, $100 00. Owner of preferenre rijrH
to leaw Vtitn-her Two Oil Co.
TRACT NO (."Northeast one quarter
and lois 1 and 2 of the Southwest on-
nnnrlrr of sertion Thirt y-Six (.(' K ton-n-hin
Twenty (-20) North, ranr Kijhl fS)
Kast ?Tr...TH ticres--I'h wnee Countv. Min
imum bid. $.100 00 Owner of pr.-ferenre
riht to re lease Number Two Oil Co.
. Tit AfT NO rf North one-ba!f of the
' (Trtheat one quarter; foittheafit one nuar
Iter of the Norlhatt one-rjua rter : North
j on. half of th Northwest on nnarter'
Southwest on citarter ol te Northwest
, one onnrter; Southwest one quarter of the
j Norlhr,it one-ri'iarter ; fAvitheaxt one rjuar-
tcr of the Northwest one-nuartT : North
j wi't one qmr'rr of the Southeast on-;nttfi-fer:
a"d Northeast one o'-artcr of the
South we t onj -)o art er. of tec tion Thirteen
fill towh:p Tnfr (20i North, ranc
1 Nir (0) Kal- 4' seres Pawn County.
: Mini-T-itm bid. $40n 00. Owner of p-efer-
c!."e rtht to r'leae Costlt'n Oil k Gas 1
Co ant V W. Marlnnd
! TKUT NO Hi -Northeast orw-nnarter,
! tot 1 ad 7 of the Sott(hwt on-qnr!r, ,
Sertion Tnirtv-lhre .t3. Township Twen-:
tv 1 20) North Ranee Nine (9) Vaat !
21 1 1 arres Paw-ne Conntvy Mintmnm
; bid. $100 00 Owner of prrrenee right 1
, to r le-ite -Number Two Oil Co.
TIt(T NO. 70 North wt one-rmartT
and Sonthea' 011 -nnarter. Section Thirty
thre tllV Tiwnship Twenty f20) North,
Ranee five f") Kast : Pawnee County.
Minimmn bid. 10.000 00. Ownra of pre
ference r!nh to Te-Iea.e K. W. Vs-land
1 TRACT vo. 71 Norfhes't nn n'.iarter
s-rtion Thirlv thre (.1) Township Sev
en (7) North. Ran- Sixteen flfO Went:
Kiowa Tomitv. Minimum bid. f 160 00
iHvpur of preferenr right to r-1eae J .
I.. Natinrs. Anpeaid vain of improve
rcfttt ad equiptnent of laid tract of Und.
2 71 t 01
1 TH OT NO 75 Virihwct ort ouarfer
! of srrtinn Thirty -four (34). Township
Reen lt orth. ,Rafl((e SiTtoeit (If,)
VVt : Kiowa Connlv Mm imnm pin,
flfiOOO Ower of preference ritrht tn re
!pa .T I. Nations, Aporaised vntne of
improvernentt snd eejnipmenj of aaid trtet
Of fi fHT'll .1
(lonely Minimum
o.r..r tff nrfprnr rieht to rr-laac-
J. I. Vf'lon.
TRACT NO. 7h Ponth on'h'f of
Southeaat o&e-quarter oi SectioW Tbirt-
four (34), township Eleven (7 ) North, J
Itange hutcen (It) Wat; Kiowa Cuunty.
iJiuimuu) bid, HO O0. , Owner of jirvfer
atico ritrht to ra-leaso J. h, alionH.
TRACT SO. 7 North one half of
Northwest on quarter ; and Rnuth one-half
of the Houlhwest on quarter ; and tho
Northeast oneijunrtdr; and tb North one
haif of th rioulheas? cue-u.ua rttr of S'rJ.'
linn Thirty -five ( 35 ) , Township Feven
7 ) North. Itanje Sixteen ( li) Wat ;
Kiowa (.'ounty. 400 .acres. Minimum bid,
$400 00, Owner of preference right lo r"
leas J 1,. Nations.
TKAHT SO. 77 North on half of see
tion Thirty-ail CtH. Township Meft-n (7)
Si rth, Kane Kiktcen ( 01 ) West ; Kiow.x
Htuniy. .Miiitmum bid, $.';20 00. Owner of
pre'rrenre right to ra Uawe J. L. Na
tioi a.
TKAHT NO 71- Kast on half of s"t
tjor Kifteon Towrnship Six m)
North, ranjte J-'Utcen (IH) West; Mowa
fVmniy. Minimum ld. .)U0.OO. Ow.itr-f
prferene right to r ieane J I,. Nation.
TKAfT NO. 7U All of Hection Suteen
fHJ, Township Mix tfi) North, Kange
a.xteen (IP) West; Kiow C'outitv. Min
imum bid, $040.00. Owner of preference
rifht to re in. J. Ksii.,ns
TRUT NO ?n Ail of UrMion Twenty
one f"l). townnhin fix ffii North. Marine
j Sixteen IG) Weal : Kiowa County. Mm.
imnm bid. $fi40,00. Owner of preference
rigm 10 re-ieaa j. , jsatlons.
TRACT W. P1 All of section. Twenty
two (2'J). townohlp Six (C.) North, ranir
Sixt pen flfi) WKt; Kiow County, Mini
mum bid. fM'UtO. Owner of preference
n-ht to re-leas J. J Nationa.
TRACT NO H2 A!l of section Twenty
ei?ht (), Townshin Hix fO) North,
Ratitr Hitleen (If.) Weal- Kiowa County.
Minimum bid. 40 00 Owner of prefer
ence rielit to re-lotae J. K Nations.
TKCT NO, North wst one.quartr;
and Southwest on quarter: and riouth
eaitt one quarter : and fractional Northeast
one-quarter of faction Thirty throe (3:t.
township Fix f fi ) North, Kaiiire Sixteen
fl) West; Kiowa, County acres.
Minimum hid, $r,3X 00. Owner of pro
frenei ricbt to rrlempJ. L, Nations.
TRACT NO. M Section Konrteen f14,
townRlitp Six ffl) North. Uanr Sventon
fl7) West- Kiowa County. .Minitnuiu bid.
I VM'i.nu. Ownr of prefwrence right to re-
f 23 ) , township Six
nteen 17 ) Weal ;
mum bid, 140.00.
riphr to re lesse .1.
-Section Twenty Hire,
fn) North, riinjre S'.iv
K'nw County. altni
Ownrr of preference
Ij, Nations
TRACT NO. flrt vSeciioii Twentvfonr
f 2 1 , tnwnship Sn (fi) North, Rantr
Si-ycnteen 117) vt ; KiCwa Cnunty.
Minimum bid, 9M0 00, Owner of prefer
ence rieht to re-lrae .T I, Nations.
TRJHT JfO. P7 Wectioo Thirty sit
(36), Townchip Six ) North, Knc"
Sever.H-en .(17) West; Kiowa Count v. Mth
inmm bid. 9r40.00. Owner of preference
right to re lease J. L. Nations,
TRfT NO. H$ Section Thirty sU (30.
Township Seven (7) North, Range Seven
teen (17) West: KiWa County. Minimum
bid,. 90 40 00. Owner of preferenre right
to r les J. I, N'utinns.
TRACT NO. MKast one half of SW
tinn Thirteen (111. township Slg f fi )
fNorth. Range Seventeen (17) West: Kio
wa eonnty Slini'tmrn bid. 9320.00, Owner
of preference right to re U-aso J. L. Na
TRCT SCt. q0Wst one half of see
linn Thirteen (13). township . Six tfi)
North, Rang Seventeen (17) West; Kio
wa County. Minimum bid. $'120. no. Owner
of reference right to re-leak J. L. Na
TRACT NO. nt Section Sixteen (Ol).
' township Seven
( 7 ) North ll;inre Vi leen..
f IH) West- Kiowa (Viunty. Minimum bid.
9 'HO 00. Owner of prcfereri. e rUlil to tv
"'"nT , ' .
I TRCT NO. 92 Fractional action
j Thirty-six (3d), township Seven 7 North,
t inn sr" rwpnieen ( i - j h cm . mows -',!
acres. Minimum bid, V'i.f
j Owner
of prt'ferenr rijht la release-
J. L. Nstions.
TRAIT NO t)3- Section SrvrMeen M7).
Township Seven ( 7 Nnrth. Ka;ge Fi-Hit-teen
(H) West- Kiowa County Mini
mum bid, 9fi40 on Ov.-r.er nf preferenre
rirht to re l:isc .L T. Nation.
TRACT NO f) I So'iiheaitt one-quarler
of section Fif'een ( Lit. Township Seven
7) North. Rnni; Kiirhtern ( I H i West ;
Kiowa Onuntv. Minirrtini bid. ftOO.OO
Owner of preference right to re-lcase J.
L. Nations.
TRACT NO. 0" Fractional Routhest
one-quarler of fction Kiphteen (H).
Tnwniship Seven (7) North, rant; Fifteen
(11) West: Kiowa Coutitv. 1 t7..r3 arres
Minimum hid, $147 ft 3. Owner nf prefer
err rieht to rede" -T. It. Nations.
TRACT NO. flft Went one-half and the
Southeast or nnarter of Section Thirty
s:t (3fi), township Sit (fi) North. Range
F-Vtren (lfi) West- Ktown Connry. 4o
, pra
Minimum bid. J-4n vn tiwner oi
-.ifrnr rioht to re lease J.
I'nr frrll lnformrfinn rreirrlirf
inv o lh l-"l hrein, or n orWr i'l
(orninlirin d.'irfil. form of l.iil. rulv.
" "S"""1""' 'MTTr Mi'KTNNKY.
cn,-ntjtrv lo the Commissioner of lb
Land Offire, Oklahoma City,
want mi
Phone G000
One cent a word each Insertion.
Mmimnm space 12 words
Minimum amount era tima "0.
1 WANT I" u.1" una iH'I"'H"mty to tnana
my marr (nond. arui ai-i)uaintnc lor
th'oir limlvcsa ilnrinc lhi illnena of mjr
hushand, urant r.nrlr, and for thn floral
M nffnnr. MHH. Kl 1 1 11 1
COIN rr'ltK- -lH, hmmrd
Left in
.ma nioruirrarii . ji.
aitdfver'a ri'st room.
l'Lrti. -ISI9J.
1'hone -Marie
t'N'ia.is-ll SK-l'TKH lom. pup. 3
mnnlh n!l : alan a'd pointer fmaln
dnc; rfward of I20 for thir return o
Klk rlnb or phonn 800.
KNiiU.SH SKT1T.K Uat. larg whit and
Mark lirked KnfMali Rttr with lon
atbr hair on lira and tail, b'.a. k spot
tid rara. Will ,ayrward for ihun
at onrr, othcrwia party holdmt will ha
(.rOKTiitdd. Hn lurua, iiuvoo
or i"T2
LOST or ST01.r-.N- Kir month" old Air
dale pup. Reward If returned to 12
South Carolina, rhone 2"'-'B K.
LiiT Kxfhanito National hank cheek arid
roll of hilla in Went Tnlaa )r on ronrih
atreet corner. Iteward I'hone 4..00,
K02 8. Boston. Ii. 1). ftwynn.
UAOIKS ULAbfiKS '' S'arahall
Kielda & Co. eaae: Hlfoeal; aomewhere
rear Third and Main; reward. I'bou
HI.K TAPKIIH to owner only, on Main
atreet; a cancelled utortgaKe and notea:
return ui r.'20 Admiral, or phono 1763
MAI.K ltl"l,M0(i Strayed or alolen: a
brindl" and white, an.werinir to name
of "Count." Howard for return nr
information aa to whereahoute. 14-2
l-Niiith Cincinnati. rhonS.'i.
PV.S "-Yt." ania'i pin, aft with Iiearia; with
initial. R C. H on end of pin; re
ward. K. 'IK. car World.
,T;nK i7o.tr one '"a5i4ii new lire between
Hroken Arrow and Tulsa J O. Kavan
aiuh. P. O Boa 1174. Phone 43014.
Sn rtTLl"lost somewhere nrar 'lirj and
Main or on 'lle'.lvlew car line.
ji'es.a notify 2 t-n. NantLui.
S7HI1. l'iberalrward; ;
llAIR TOS'lC Mra Wrayhnrn Wraya hair
tonie aold at Menkeuiiller'a drug .lor.,
1 03 Kat Third
LFT SiMIAM KOMMOS "help yon hy (fir
in your life prediction ; nd birth date
and ' 10 centa. 1. L. Kosnr.oa, B177,
Loui.Tltl. Ky.
wVNTKl) fo"KNOW the place of rraiiienr
and if noaaihle the whereabouta of s. A
Vannatta, repre.enlaL.ine two rears aco
of th Corn Belt Nursery and Forestry
aaociation, nloommirlon, "111., for court
purpoaea, Jamea Jjuuta, Catouaa, Okla.
. .
riUVATK In.f.tlf.iioni nt ll kind.-
trirlly oonfi,lirlil. Mr. Kuih. 1220
..W. tl'in rhone 3'Jfid.
jNni(HjY lanuw'lriK "ttre wlmrraboilU ol
John I'enner rail liu ii.Ut
SKiSB, or whto Mr.. Krl Armfnl,
frifrl hfltvpry, Tlilp.
NOTICE -the pHUFlVl,' Tou ir7"wrDMl
t ki.p off of Ih. llnrmnl. of Krnm
tlr.iKiij, al.o Sunlon Br.lion, on l.ltli.
Tnrk.j errk So hirnliu, fiihlnj or
rimping' on lh prfmiici' i:owtd. As;
on fuund Irrtrnaini Chrruon will t.
Pr"r"'"! , Tnlr of Jii.phiiiNU.
Wanted in cxrliiiriKO for clnso-in lun
inewn lot in KrowiiiK Oklahoma town
of S.O00 population; iinprbvetnorit.i
paid out; 'clear title; $ 1,000. Phone
UAROAINS in used cars: o.ie practically
new Jeffery six. one lwde, on Veh.
thre rord roadtr, n Chandler; an
ol hers too numerous lu mention. For
ref il.r barg.Hns see C. A. 1'arker, at
J'nghrs Motor Co.. 424 F.Second.
CADfLI.AC ROAOSTKn Vor aaSe,''ln'Tiod
runiiing condition, 917.1 if sold In nxt
dav or two. Sen Sappingion at I'ui-
verm Motor company.
OKTROIT KLKtTR 1C "andrha"rgVr "alnxt
new; will aeli for rash or Liberty boo.is.
Ownnr. Mov lr.H.t. Tulsa.
Milhurn Elortrlr, almost new; will
take Mborly IUhuIh purt paymont.
Tulsa Alotnr Cur Co., Elfihth and
One 1917 Iluiok lltdp nix roHdster,
JuhI like now; one 1917 Kord toiirlntt;
inn! Jt...) rnarlstpr. Simtliwusti-rri Gu
nu:e, 11 N. iiai yt.
IPirked! IWM
1917 Dodge Tour
inr. good as new. . .
1917 Light Six
1917 C h a n d lo r 4-passenger
1917 Steams 1 1 A A
1 KO'ulufnr
. ... D1UU
naynes louring at a
substantial discount.
Kvcry ear tuned up and
ready for service.
Federal Motor Co. -
617 South Boulder St.
1 Am II m
I.ITTl.K Bl'ICK tir alp, 1017; thorouif
ly ((it.pf.r1 ; first !. rnnrlltinn. rtiout
.179H or rail ln9'4 N. Cinrinnitl.
Chummy Roadster,
leaves for war this
Car onlv run 200
miles. A
Etmack -
Bix Six Roadster. Eumper,
two extra tires, clock, Perry
lock, two cut-outs and new
top; plate glass in back; car
runs and looks like new. A
Mg Empire
Mte C.
307 East Sexond Street
' Phone 471
On and one-half ton POLE
ERS. Those TRATLKRS are of rtandafl
make. New. Will be Hold at COST.
Federal Mteff Co.
619 S. lioulder Phone 7900
almost new, $1,000; one
Rnnd.-iter. 6S0: one rre-
mier Tuiirini? car. J 1,150; one Mitch
ell Touring cur, Jl.lou.
Eighth and MaJn Sis.
1917 raeknrd Chummy, re-
1917 Mnrmon Chummy, re-
varniilflhed J--J
1917 Wlnton Tourlncr. wlre,nni1
wheels, revarnishod J.UJ"
1917 Havnos. revarni-h ed.
wire wheels 1 1
........ ..! H,.(.Ht..r . 1 1 1 f
1910 S'ipT-Six
1917 Chalmers li;;ht six.
1917 Studebaker Six
1917 Liberty liRbt Six.
1917 Reo 4-Totfrlng
1917 I'ord Touring
1917 I'ord Touring
7 " "
f. ,0
5 :
3 W East

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