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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, June 26, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 8

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llidinrters Report Nod for 150
Women at Onw to Make I p
Allot nwiit of TulsA. '
Way Rohlnd In the. Amount
Ilaiidngca mill ;iirmenls Sup
MWll to Produce) lli-rp.
Thcre'a reason to I,cHivi the reiin
ell of defense wimi't far riii;.
w-hen It adopted Ita anlbmu-lctv res
olution lout week. Tl)'' rolini-ll li.i'l
In mind, evidently, cnndll Ioiim Ui.it
that nrn confronting I In- workers In
thn various Itrd Cross units through
out the city.
An R i). H. mil came out for
central hcaditiini n i "f Hi" It'-'l
Cross fur additional workers. There
bus been audi .'i n 1 1 1 1 ri ) i In Hi" volun
teers until there Is iin Immediate de
mand fur 1MI worki-n, "nil mi I-mm
the numl"r of women Iihtoik'-i, the
fiunta ii lid output of the units Is ga
in tn fall.
In tin' blindage department there
In need for seventy-five n.innn. nnil
In the oilier departments, fifty addi
tional workers -t respond,
Improved ciiri'l I tlnriK. plenty of
electric fans and ti patrlotlo In
centive., the lied Cms rfl-r fi-i-l,
should feel the workrooms In every
part of tho i-iiunty.
Recently the council of defense
adopted. a resolution reipiesllnit thn
society pages be suspended frnni
the newspapers ninl Unit "II so
cial fiinctlnnH be eliminated, no thnt
nothing would Interfere with th
war work. At that lime, nothing
was mild about th" slump In Hi"
workers ut the Red Cross, head
quarters, lint the council In wild to
have had thin Information before
It when It took t0 radlcul stand II
'The pollry of letting someone
else do It won't produce the Hud
Cross quotu," a member of the runn
el! told Tim World. "Tim workers are,
urgently needed und patriotic, women
will, w are sure, understand the al
titude of the romirll when we sug
gest the suspension of these, things
Hint ure not essential to winning the
A number of hat hrohes are being
mad, and the heavy material In
very difficult to handle. StroriK
women are i-aperlally needed for thin
Coin Coin Supply I.vhaimti'tl anil
None Coming in l.onc II" Sugar
hliortngc Iti-iiuilii" s
K you "call It hy l' f"M name,"
! yon won't Ki t It. Ynufa Ciinfitlenli.il
! uilvk-n from u lod.i fountain man.
jho drew one or Ihn runto r. It
j wan eUilent Iho drink lacked iioini'
, . , ,
'l-n , liBloiner ilnnc I It. Looked
miuirlm;ly "l Iho -io.I.i Jerk. Took
anofiier Hip.
K;iv. Ihm Inn't 'coke' In It?"
Will to tell you tho irulh, II
l-n't. It'K u BiihHtltute. A .i inat
ter or fart, there iHll't H drop of
iin ,n ivinp In Tulsa The fac
tory him It ii uko iiNed up ItH il.olil
,,f hub ir Hut confith nllnlly, I think
I'm k-oIi-k in net .v harr.l nlioul
July I "
Ho If your "coke" iloemi't have
die iiuntii, wait until July 1, When
the Inn i el ar riven.
Dcmpscy and McCartu
Sign Articles for
Twelve Rounds Here
P'lmrill I'l Till) World.
KANHAH t'lTY, June 21",. Jack
ImiipHoy Mined urtlolrH totlny to
niei I Tummy .Mci'urthy, north
wintern heinywclKht, at Conven
tion hall, TulHit. Monthly, July i
The bout It limited to twelve
round. McCarthy will arrive at
Tulmi Friday. Innimey will or
live at TuIhii. Huntlay niornltiK.
ConCpei In llrcww.
WASH IMiTi iN, June Ii5. Treal
dent Wllmin tonight Kavn hla ap
proval lo pinna of coiiKreaalonal
lefcclera for a brief recpae of conKreaa
while the new revenue bill la belnK
prepared by the houae wn- and
ineulia cominlt.
Today nd Tomorrow
wi a in 1 iHWWWamiwilUI ' I mm TTJ t I
Also Showing "Girls You Know
with iM'uullfiil M-ciica lahl-tit
Niagara Falls
CollHlanit' Tiilmiidiro ilupll
rntea tho amtfawH alio tnuilo
III "liiioli'mniT" ninl "Scan
dnl" In Ihla her latent plt'lurc
Shows every 75 minutes after 11:30.
Today's feature film spectacle a sensational seven
reel picturization of Herman Whitaker's famous novel
Starring the Distinguished Actor
Tyrone Power
Also a Two-Rcel Comedy
mi.is PROGRAM nm.i.s
Adults 10c Children 5c
Plus the War Tax
linker Will Tail Out l-1iit Number
or New ItiKlntranlH; WIO.OOO
Ut I let fiMltlun. ,,
WAHillN'flTON, June 55. - 1 ra w
lni Of order numbera for Uie H00,
000 merit who reirlstered for mili
tary aervlco 1,-mt June 5 will be held
Thuraday In th name committee
room In the aenalo office building
In which the flrt yret natlnniil lot
tery waa held a little more than a
year aio.
Secretary Ilaker, blindfolded, will
draw the flrt number from the
bowl at f 3D a. m.. niol the aelet:tlon
will continue until nil Ihe rnpaulea
cotitalnlnB the ma-lcr numbera have
been removed. With n maximum u
1.2'nl men eHtlmated from the dla
trlt ahowliiK the laiueHl ri'Klstra
tlon on June !i, It "la expected the
necont) lottery will bo completed
within three bourn.
The order In which a reiflitrant'a
number la drawn Thuriibiy will de
termine only bin place In one. of tho
five claaaea to which he may be n.i-
alKtied. AHHltfntncnt of fi reulHtrunt
to tCbiaa I. la practically certain to
entail hla early call to eolora If he la
rihyalcally fit ami. If he la Riven do
ferrcd claaHlflcatton, hla pn-otlon In
the other cliotiK'H in of llltlo nio
ment. Attachea of the (irovoat marHh.il
ireiierara ataff tirobably will draw
the rnpmilca. Am aoon na ft caiianln
1m aeleetrd It will be handed to an
other attache who will open It nntl
read aloud the number It contalna.
F.ach ti u nidi r na It la drawn will
he written upon a larwe blackboard
placed In full view of all In the
room. Thla board will then be pho
tographed. Knrh local hoard will be furnlnhed
with on official report of the or
der In which the numbera appeared
an thejr will he able to make up lia
bility Data for their dlatrlcta. prepa
ration of Biieh llala will be poat
poned until the new rettlatrunta have
returned their queallonnalrea.
Beven daya have been Unwed for
filling; out and returning theae dm-if-menta.
f CONSTANCE Vp O : , W' 11
l,SrirNriepia SELgcT'icTuiig hmsm8mJWim&
A acene from 'Tho Honeymoon," n fine picture, with Conat.inre Tal
mndire aa the alar, which la appearing at the Jllallo for tho laat times
Commend'a World's Progress
C. .1. WrlKhlmnim of New York w.im a ncst of Mr. I,orton of The
World at Hie luncheon riven to the board of directors of the chamber
of Commerce butt l-iitlay at The World bulldimr. Mr. Vrb;htMman
commrntM on the luncheon und Tim World aa follow:
Tulxu, ikl:i., June 21, 1918.
Mr. Ktiffene T,orton,
Killlur Tulaa Worbl,
Tulaa, Oklahoma.
My dear Mr. J.orton: -
I bee you untl MrM. I.orlon to accept my alncere th.'inka in lionor
Inc me with an Invitation to the atipcrb lunclveon ami baniuct of
lant Krld.iy noon, mill kivIiik me an oppurt unity of iiicctloi; your
riiiireaetitutlvo cltl.eria and commercial club dircctora. The confi
dence you have ahown In thla city nntl at. He, by the very laruo ln
veatment you have recently made In Hie newspaper ' field, may, t
truat. redound with profit and auocosa way beyond your preaent
anticipation. Von nrn entitled to the iiiohI loval peraonal auppo.-t,
not only In your bualneaa enterpriae, but for the broad xauipt yuu
have act, endeavoring to mold public opinion for broader concep
tion of the reiilalto government policies for national betterment.
Ht'ltloin Indeed doca a newapnper owner Ret hla full reward for
the lahor. atreaa und hazard involved, but h tloea if the enjoyment'
of one of the moat reapona.ihlc poHftlttn In lifo appeal to him, ami
can. If he ao dealrea, render hlmaetf of rcatiat pondihlc uat-fulncas
to hla fellow mt'ii. '
With lilKheaf peraonal reRurda, I nm very alncerely your friend,
C. J. WtlMbtaman.
Meeting In CIiIi-mko Kxportcil tn
llcwh KccMiui on l'li'Ul Prhva
tif firavlly I'lnn.
KperUI to Th Werld.
C1IICAOO, June 25,-The meet
ing of the producera and refiner
here will donhlleaa decide whether or
not 'each field will have a price act The firand theater will open ftiin
for crude or whether nil will heday, June 30. wild a aumnier policy
bought on a gravity haala. At yea-'nf niiialcal comedy and feature pic
tertlay'a meeting of the producera H turea. .The doora will open dally at
wna tinnnlmoualy decldeil that the' 12. noon, and the program continue
gravity baala waa a failure andiuntll II o'clock p. m., the houra of
would be a failure, now if 'put Into mimical romndy'i being 2:30, 4:30
effect. , 7:tr, and 9: SO. The price of ad-
Aa the' altuntlon now la. there la mlaalon will be 10 anil 20 centa.
a wide diversity of opinion na to I week day matlneea 10 centa. any
which avatem of huvlnu oil 4i theiaeat. I'l.-nty of fans are being In.
moat effective for the winning ,,fatlleil and anyone will he able to
the war and for co-operation nuiong illr"li In at the Oram! theater and
producera and reflnera. have n comfortable ae-it any tlmt
It la being worked out and a later 13- no,m' 11 o'clock p. in.
report will be forthcoming. Crr-"d wltneaa the beat In motion pic
falnly there I. no more Important ' '"' mi.a.cal co.uedy tunefu
laaue before the meetlmr than la be-I'" ,h' rnr ml K'K,J ,0 1("k at un''
Ing held here. The reflnera were In ""'''" l0- '
aeaalon all the forenoon with J. S. ' sth"Ii
n!r.r."Iln.!i'e,t,ri,r "'Ul ",;,"y rH' 'n "The Trail to YeMerday." the
it -2. i . n i . .. Met ro All Star Serlea picture Mar-
It waa Inipoaalble for the re- , , .. ,,.
flnera to agree but a Inter report may I n,,, strun,, lH,n,r w,i,irmiay
how thnt there la concerted ac i nf, Thurs,,iv, the hero buys the
tlon among them nil. Theae aamo TlM -m fit'' of a Mexican blnck
iiueatlona were under dlai-nanlon nt Kurd Texaa ttlanca. John Uuncan.
a Joint meeting of the reflnera and ,tl(, owner of the Pontile It ranch, ia
producera all afternoon nnd n aub- j nlo abettor of the Mexican acoundrel
Committee haa been In aeaslon labor-' jn alt of bia i-rooked acheine. He
Inualy working out a plan that will and I'.lanca plan to outwit the hero,
he agreeable to all nnd that , will I - i.-ikotn," ami In ortb'r to foot him.
help win the war. llmncan loana tho Mexican omc of
hla, cattle tn enlarge hla herd. Mlanra
own mark an 1 arrangea with Punran
rebrantla Puncan'a ateera with hia
to call and claim bia cattle. Thua
"Dakota" ia made a common ruatler
but vindication comes in a moat un
expected way.
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W S. R -campaign ocenra pome time
between 5 and 7 p. m. Thuradny.
The financial nrranirements have
practically been completed, patriotic
riti-.'.ena supplying the fund to pay
the expense of the stunt.
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The $150,000 New
Will Open Its Doors to the Movie Fans of Tulsa
Mabel Normand
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"The Venus Model'.'
Music on the $25,000 Pipe Organ ;
In addition there wid be a two-reel
comedy. Tyrone I'ower, virile and
convincing illustrator of fighting
tvpes, who played I'.asainlo in Henry
Irvlng's last performance of "Shy
lock" at the Lyceum thenter In Lon
don, and who "Itrutus'' opposite
William Kaversliam's "Antonv" wis
a spcakinir stae classic. Is a power j
that makes "The I'lanter," a new
Mutual special production, dramati
cally i stltticuMu'd. Mr. I'ower plays!
bia difficult role of I.ndwig Hertzer. j
the pnuthcrn Mexican planter I
w-.th an ania'.iui; comprehension
of the character reqiiiremei.;. and,
moreover, does it In harmony with
his tiulte unusual surrtuindlnira. only
a really crcat artist could irraap the
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Metro's Nov Star
The Trail to Yesterday
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tun yon as lus background. '
Bettor get acquainted with Bert In his flrat Metro for lie Is going'
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Friday and Saturday Wiillnm S. Hart in "The Silent Man."
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"The Biggpst Show on Earth
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Atlmlsslon Matinee nnd NUrhts,
always 6c anil 1th-, jilus le War
Former Memlier of Police I-fire'
l.ser Pnuileal I'olltles, JJrtsr
Miiiiinum t.hargo.
A. 0. Rogers, a negro, ex-member
of tho city police force, was tried
yesterday afternoon In county court
for an alleged attempt to obstruct
voting nt a ntgro precinct at the
lust city election, and fined JjO
From evidence introduced".-!!, aecms
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then stationed as a guard at the
polls, did not believe that the pro
per thlr.B to do.
When Jackson -went in ,to vote, it
was shown thit Rogers arrested him
Inside the lines and at leas than fifty
feet from the polls on a charge of
disturbing tho pence. There waa no
cviilcr.ee to show that Jackson waa
guilty of what Hogera claimed him
to be guilty-of. Evidence introduced
tt ntted to show that Rogers struck
Jackson on the hend and forced him
to go to the station with him. Rogers
had been ' out on bond for two
Nicholas Reported to Be
Murdered by Guards
COPENHAGEN. June 25. Rus
sian red guards have broken Into
the residence of Nicholas Romanoff,
the former Russian emperor, at
Ekaterinburg and murdered him, ac
cording to the Russian newspnper
VJia, says a Stockholm dispatch to
the .National Tldenne,
llrnws Fluey For Assault.
Jim Cullitan, a local resuiurant
boss accused of abusing a young girl
who was working for him aa a wait
ress, cuffing and beating her. A. O.
Frnnklin, an employe in the same
place, forced Cullitan to release htr,
whereupon Cullitan ran Franklin In
to the kitchen and followed armed
with a pair of brass knocks. Frank
lin took the knocks away from. Cul
litan and was then attacked with a
butcher knife. His arm was cut and
he narrowly escaped the knife a sec
ond time as It was thrown after him.
Cullitan was fined 7,ri and Franklin
dismissed by Judge Warren yester
day in police court.
Echo of IJind Deals Alleged to lw
Fraiulclent and Illegal.
An echo of the case wherein the
state accused two men of trading
fictitious property in Arkansas for
Tulsa city property and then sell
ing It, came up in district court yes
terday when Mrs. E. Irving, for her
self, two children and huaband, filed
ault for the recovery of 14.200 from
S K. Price, Sidney Lanaford, P. E.
Houston, S. E. Pcarco, M. E. Earns
and Pnftis A T'nderwootl.
In the petition Mrs. Irving statea
that ahe and family are owners of
the lease on a certain hotel property
In Weat Tulsa and that they own the
furniture contained therein. C. A.
Irving, the husband, Is In the United
States army, leaving Mrs. Irving to
run the hotel. It ia Btated that the
defendants represented themaelvea
the owners of various pieces of real
estate in Arkansas and in Tulsa, and
persuaded Mrs. Irving to trade with
them. Ro far she haa not received
anything remotely resembling a
deed to the land she thought she ws
trading for, although she believes
the defendants have attempted to
sell the property she traded them.
"'his dcnl was made on the first
of June. The plaintiff asks that she
be given Judgment for damages to
the extent of 14,200 and an order
setting aside the pretended trade. .
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