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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, July 07, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Automobile Section, Image 30

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The Automobile Simplified
iiy ria:ii:t.irii r. a utiu.K ii, m i;.
An intim.ii'' t.U rn llio v-nt-Klm: umKh of ihr nut f 1 n l I U' 'h;.r uh-'i
in flurh a w;iy th.A tin? l:ini.n ran rni;!y u.nlor ( a ml ih-n.
If Jn rr-itd iittr t h'-n. a i : n if'i nn 1 ! v n pra-a i in Th U "r LI '-. h :!nti
1ay lhfr- h its tiiuu! iul t Unr if. y,u (ok Mi ( , in-n lu h a lani. jt. An
antiwm Will l"- pp l.h'.ln-i, i-ti 1 1 j m p It I mil of lim urlli n on t htt
Tft1 (if 111' ilti"I"it.(i(! Illl'l'l tllMf U."Mf,
MAKi: ThIS nl II At'T'iMOMtJ-. ( 'Ml; U I M'OM :n SCIIOMJ.
AiliIftSN all ii f 11 . r i'n ti Auto (alitor, TuIm.4 V;rli, Tulm, ikla.
L-i in i'
:(!' ;i.ly Mil
Mj ...
f;. t,.
it." f.i ...a fiMer fif the
n i ' 'iin pr p. n and
iiirn hh h j'mn' of
!n, ih N'i I, Tin will
Iff ' ha fi'l "" p hh i Uf
Mfj. Hie h i'ihl-
j Hash Prepared Under Eye of Soldier-Inspectors
V -V - -V
f ' 4 --,
im i.i:smn no. tts.
Trouble unit am of llio Miurnelo.
AM llll l'fl"(l l"''ri l.,lll, lll-'U' lite
three thlncs eHcnti,il for Ihe proper
running of the gasoline engine,
tiamnly, perfect Ignition, -ond inm
preeslon and proper mixture. In
thin lossoti we will nrHiime that com
pression and mlVute are . K , mid
that the Ignition Is by magneto.
When the engine f ills l Hurt he
Causn of no current going in th"
' spark plugs, tlio Intnrr ipniT polnti"
may h li)rt-rlrrull. tx cMinn of oil
or moliilurn. Thin In nftmi ill" unn
on a wet or foiccv ilv. 'n mn-li ii
day a rtrop of watr rnny irlno huvo
condaniMKl on thi nfrty Hpu-k p.
Itomecly: Tlioronclily wlpo nil Id"
part of th muKtmlo rtrv.
Kallur to Htart my hInd I)r rtu
to tha in(rin . Jx'ln rrankvil Inn
lowly. Tlila In llnbla to b th cum
whn th car-ba a nolf-Morlor nnd
th BtcirftRn btttti'ry 18 priwllratly Mn
chariccd. Itemody: CranH by huml
or, having no crank, Jnrtt tip- onn
fear wheal, iihlfl to hlKh n. urnnk
by turnlnir th whrfil. If oni nni
will lino th lolfalartcr for vmi hi
the Mf tlm. the lattur will nut I"
yery harit to ilo.
Bometlmra arrow R, of IHif. 3. will
work back or forth, o that the Inter
mpter rmlnta 1o not open or do not
doe. Remedy: Adhmt polnu anil
Unhten lock nut A.
Trie tecondary circuit of the maH
neto la anldnm the caum of an en
rtne. which wu ninnlnK well before,
fulllnn to atart. llowewr, the Hec
endary collector brush mav have
worked tip and o not make con
tact, or ninletiire or oil may Imvo
iratbared on the onUhln of It; on
the conductor bar or on the wifely
. epark gap. Memedy: Hcrew down the
bmh or wipe the other pail dry
The mairmito lleelf la eeldnm the
cauM of mlaelnK, eiccptlne; when the
interrupter polnta are dirty or pitied
ki iirt lo eptirk. MiKHlr-a duf to tit
Itrrntlon. whin th" iKhltinn lit ty
iniiitnrto, n JfmMHlty ilu to n f.my
.spin-It lug or t'i u litojic ur r,(-(t-i:ln'iilli-'1
Tarn of 1 Ik Miuim-in.
U'hllll "ll't It III,,!..)" In K'Miil !l.l-
Irn, uH n-iiril thn irt n r. tt o, I ;:lv
lirrn noinn nf tlio lilnr wbl. h miv
heve a he ilnno to It on-. In a I ' -1 r
wbilr. Tlte iitiirtir-to nfdw t.iil litt!
oil. nhout title In tvfn wi-tK-i. In rii.-l.
oil hole K. iirnlly M-Iii;r Miffii u-ut
I'l thin ihhM. I liiltrlit H;lV th.fi'
rl.vlrli- lnn(riiiiii-iitH Ki-itrrnlly fittm
Ti"l he Rlvi-n t.Mi much ril. nn the
oil may work Into lh Instrument
(lltd no ratlin' ii lno-t rlrrult,
( iri-iLMluiKi My llio fllnlrtl.iitor plate
ahonlil b r-moi'.l and wlp-d with
a riot h inotntniied with ,nollti.
Hhonld the dlMtrlliutor plate lie badly
rnki'il wlili rmljon 'worn from tin
brush) It run lie rnrnov.-d by jery
K ' 1 V nilil.lna with a fine emery
cloth, hot ureat rare riniel he taken
to rmnv- nil of the atiraalve ma
loiliil ufiir doSim tlile.
I'i'riodlftilly the Interrupter ehnnld
be i-xn nilnt'd and cleaned Tret the
Interrupter arm to ere If It Ii free
and sniipii cloeed iiilfkly.
Timing- the Matrnrtn.
The tlmlnK of the maanetn In done
In practically the nme way aa the
timing of the dlntrlhtitor ayetem la
done. In the dletrlhutor eviilem.
hnw.-ver any ertruirnt of the dlelrla
utor can Penally be tnken to con
noi l the wire leadnlg to cylinder No.
I, while with t,he mnicnelo It In cua
tontHry to call either the lower left
o.- lower rlnht-hand aegment (de
pcmlinir upon the direction of rota
tion). Nn. I. The atep to take are
ai follows:
1. Kind the direction of rotation
of the magneto armature ehaft and
dlatrlhutor bruih, They will he op.
.VI i 'III..-'
I. ,11,-1 wlm.
r- Tim thj- inf.jrni'to ihnft if- t r. e--Itr.-lfJl.
i-t Mtl.i-jot, nnill the '!'
Iiiliiili-r li nab l .-iiipr'-ar-hltig '
nic'i' S I, th'-n I'-oU m. the inter
r i -r ji'iini- ini'l i-ori'lmie lo el'.wly
till rt In It"- e ri Ji ft. In dlrrftlnn of ro
t t t,,ti nnill tin- Interrupter polnt
unt hM::n t' i-pi-n
7 K.ir.K-n Itir tiltafl t'-lrti fitefiil
pot tr, ctmnirf Ihe .-itliii; nod a Ho
hr frtfllti thNt tin- d'-tnl-tlt'-r hruHh
In In rnntMi't with rrrri-nt No 1
H. fonneet Die e-ond.ty ruhl'ii
t, th.) epurk plug In tlm firing or-
Thre Is one dlfferenr-e In the ln
atrurilmi a nivn nhove. and the ln-
irm'tlon for tlinlog given by one
nf the rtiuK'ncio Tnnnufnctiirere.
n.trriely, In the fn Hint I hiive told
yo'i to fl-t cvltniler No 1 at lop dnd
let nt. -t, nml Hptik fuily ri-lnrtlr-l.
iwii:'- ill rn it-i'to iniikeie' InHtntc-
tl.iti Ih tn net Honor No I et.oiit
!.ne n!f pi five e'-itlithri of an Inrh
I i,r (tletf.n tt-uvrl h.-foie deed rent-r
' , r . -1 lo h.iw Hit- m-iitk l-ver fully
I Mlvunr-p,! Whete thr flywheel I
I i,i,itki, 1 l-v Ihr o.iiniifiirttirer of Ihe
' .it or etiy.iiie with it n "M," or "mug
1 ti," tlii-n thr- Hilvtinre netilrig
it.ti'-iil-l l, uwiil, nn wli.-n the m-.ik
I M !. on ti ji, the piston will benhoot
1 one hulf inrti before di-nd renli-r If
It'.wrVr- J nil ,lu r,r,t liJty.- Ihlrt pillile
; i.ti will fir-til It nlfiio-it litiiio.-sll-lt-!
to e-t li e ryllttder the proper die-tun.'-
t"-f,-ri tliii'l - 1 1 1 -r . tiinl I
would linn use tlie retard neitltii-
Note ibat thf lever U not (iJiuh'lv
ailvanoed hh it Is uHli tin- (tint i-IIhi-lor
evstem. This )s lo-c.ii'iN'- th. iiiiik
neto has whnt la known nn ii :ik. n
Unit the apnrk nrtually ro.nes Hlnrht
ly after the Interrupter points open
A taree proportion of nini:rt-ti'S
have the distributor plate! .-i.t;nr I
na nhown In r ig. No. 1 t iI.v-I.mi!v.
II would be bad practice to ri'-H the
wires running from the argot nt to
Ihe binding posts on top, and th'-st-wires
will, therefore, be rest ;n lb'
ptutea. ns shown by the dotted lln
Kioin this you run readily reason
why ,whrn the brush revolves In n
rlorkwlse direction, the lower Irft
band argment la chosen as No. 1
The flrnrea on the top of the wires
give the cylinders to which thee
wires would be connected were the
firing onler 1. C, S, II, i. i
Tills Is Imitwltc Janb-nllig.
The tlooilyear Tire Ac Uutitier corn
puny, Akron, Ohio, haa etutiitirHge-l
ihe estulilishntetit of war gardins
to the extent nf ullowing einployiM
ffi utilize all lands of the i-oiupant
not being used for tnaiiufuctiirint;
piirposra fine garden, however, baa
been discovered to yield both mint
and vegetable, a U -pound turtle
havtng been captured In this one lust
C B A ft) D L E IT -S ( X
JFtimaus For Its Marvelous Motor
Chandler Dispatch Car
Delights Thousands
NO other fttmilar model of any mnke has won iuch wlilo pxibllc ndtnlrn
tkn as Una the new Chandler Dispatch Car. You do not fitnl In any
other csrr of Its type uch ewlft uwwplna ftrace of lino, such dashing
style, such obrlous appearance of dependable Nenlcc and nuch rldluit
The CharKllor Dhrpatch Is a fio-jjet-thoro car no matter where. Tho
great duuisls on which ttds handiuime body In mounted, dlatiniUitahcd
amortjl all slxra for its marvelous motor, Is always ready for any task.
Full of life and power and Instant In Its response to tho throttle's slight
est movement ft answers every demand.
Thousands this year havo chosen the Chandler Dispatch for their car.
The trim and appointments throughout are of fine quality. Its high
hood and radiator and beautiful electric blue finish give It most striking
Choose the Chandler as Your Cor Now
iisen-r'ii.uiiiijir Ttturlng Cor, if 795 Four-roJsenier Rontlslcr, S 7 795
Fmtr-VasMmtr KtpMchtlor, S 1 87St Fh H'hlla Wire Whiwli, SltO Hxtru
ConivrtWIc Sctkm, $1493 " Comwrtil'le Coupe, $3395 Limvusine, SJ093
ABprUts f. o. IX Clryakmd
Sl.t-(II5 SM Til MIN ST.
I'lKIVi: 7310
1 1 J, -
afar .-5tSJ?v3k VTyt-wM
Jt K: -. Ex If. - ' -LwK, J)
JxirRcxt Kanncr V.vnr Made 1'laya
I "art In Pitlrlotlc Orvnioiilt-a
Over Country,
Th largest American Flnr? ever
made waa displayed reecnfly on the
front of Ihe Willys-Overland admin
istration building, Toledo, fihlo,
signalizing that the office employes
of the big automobile .company had
registered 100 per e-nt In the cam
palgn to fill the. city of. Toledo' war
Thla Flag, which measures B07B
feet, and weighs In the neighbor
hood of 150 pounds, Is owned by tie
tmployes of tho It. F. floodrlch Huh
ber company. Akron, Ohio, and has
figured recently In numerous pa
triotic exercises.
The flag cost 1900 and was pur
chased by the rubber company's em
ployes who raised the money by gen
eral contribution, to , which no orv"
was allowed to give more than 10
During the Liberty day parade In
New York city this same -t'lag was
carried along llroadway. Over
$1,200 In coins wero thrown Into Its
folds along the line of march. Thla
sumo "Old filory," with the assist
ance of Soiiaa's naval band, was the
means of raising over $7,000 for the
Cleveland war chest.
Willys-Overland employs were
iirrnmr the most active workers for
the Toledo war cheat, nnd John N.
WlHys himself was one of lis prime
Treaty ISmught About by Xun-e-n
Makes 1'iih.Mlblc Kxportntlon nf
Cure nml Aitix-HHorio.
;irls ncvlliiK onions. hIhim-, mm riiiuilii;.' i hooping nmi liltws, In-low lit left, nml girls CHimlng prepared linen.
,,iim,.,.i i .... ii... i i, .,... i i., S..1 tiuKh ly i.rrt.nrril fur the American Roldirrs by packing plants
In the t'niio.l Mt.it. -V nun I, ..r tlo- wrk l.i-nig lnc by the Bislitrf. mothers ami swectheartu of some , of the
hovi in the Ki-rvl.e. Ii ei,.ir ,,i ion of tn- baiib nt ihe factory IriHtiri-s it eli-aner food, makea It easier to ship
ami eiud.-r tn di-te Ion.- I-' Ho- ' -oinp-inv ei-oka. Kve.ry step in the inoking of the lumh Is watched by govern
ment Iriiipc'-iorH Tbrv e.i.i t-e . -. in rvi-iy part "f iho packing concerns in their uniforms, watching tue
workmen mid thr n,.i- Inn. rv liirls peel ihe tons of of onion used in the dlnh. The meat, potatoes and
onions am cut up bv l ie "r'o.-ki-rs ' run l.v men. TIickh knives work on lug cutting hoards. Thn men turn
the ingredients Willi wooden pad. lies. Tho machine which cans the bush Heals the can after extracting all
the nir from ii. .
ullillobll- Molillli'd ill I'elK. Wi re
Itl-pollilMe for (.el tin;: Iro.pH
In Manic In Tliur.
Tho great truck, trio lor iitoi hoth
sorips expi.slllon. t" 0" nlaurd out
on Chicago's $.... iiitintcipal
pier 111 Septer i, will be in tile
moat patriotic sn-se u t.nlu.n.il upo
aitiott of war tlnic e-'-entoile
Vlien the Han hor-li . nonle tho'.r
first confident nr-li 'hr.ii arb-U-n
IlelKl'itn In th.- miii. n, ' f .-f
una the taxuiil'i of l"ir.i
to ticd for titi-iiiioHs .-to I pi' ,
are the tux Talis of .-try
HI V tod. i liii'll '"" ' I1-' 1
at once t'- t lie mivrr u'.
ir( for llio nrtny of !- ! t
used to triiospi.il lb.' il -
baeilly organired l-'ri.elir.H
l'aria to )ie Mam. 0v
reached In "io" 1,1 "I11!'
I cls.-ii w ith A. 11. I'atiersoii, the noted
V oniivcil Tlili-iy Mil uti Hour Over w, stern racing driver, at the wheel
t .iliTiii iiht Huiite on l est lYIp. j Althoucli the journey was made
A noteworthy truck performance ! over roa-bi that, in some pia'-e were
I winch Iiim ltrlv ercat.el a stir In j very much, th truck averaged
the west and called special attention; thirty miles an hour for moit of the
I to tho adaptability of pneumatic i disunion and at times attained a
i tirrs on trucks operating ir service i speed of forty miles an hour. l'iur
! roipilrini; speed, is the run of a He-1 inu' tho entire trip there wim neither
i ptiblir truck from San Francisco i lire nor niechanU-al trouble of any
I., l.i, h Angeles. Tho truck, on (lood-l kind.
Irfthe land of tlni midnight sun,
thu name FrlOthof of Nansnn Arctic
explorer, will go down tn history as
the delivering saint of Norwegian
For, as a result of Nansen's suc
cessful mission in the United States,
whence ho came to secure a new
trado treaty, the days of the auto
mobile famine have been brought to
an end and his countrymen now can
purchase America cars and tires
without International restrictions.
All Tliey Need.
By the terms of this treaty, re
cently signed by representatives of
the Unltod States and Norway, an
many motor vehicles as the Nor
weglana may require may be export
ed from this country and the follow
ing equipment may be shipped dur
ing the "present year:
Seventeen thousand automobile
tire casings, S.3H0 Inner tubes for
motor cars, 1,100 solid tlreg for
trucks, 2.100 motorcycle tire cas
ings and an equal number of Inner
tubes fur two-wheel vehicles.
"liefore this commercaI agree,
ment with Norway was signed, there
was not a tire to be had In that
country nnd used casings sold a
btph as $a00 each,' said George M.
Plckson. president of the National
Motor Car Vehicle corporation of
I'apilno In Automobile.
"Then was also a famine In au
tomobiles, since Kuroprnn manufac-
Annlversarr Model Meet Appmrnl I furors, with their factories worKlng
, .,, ,. , i,. exclusively on military vehicles, air-
or All Who inspex-t it, planes nnd munitions', were unable
Stands Cp Well. , ,,, ,,)t,v lril Norwegian market and
Reports from all over the country : wartime embargoes rrstrietej the lm
. . ,,, ,,,,i.,i,. I portatlon of American cars,
to the Apperson Tiros. Automob.le , ..,.,.., (, ,hp 0,nren,5 of tn,
company, Knkonio, Tnd , Irdlente j .r, ;,r K,Wcvrr ..Norway offered
tknt the reception beinL- accorded a tempting foreign market to ntito
the new Apperson annivers.ry model ! mobile rnaniifaeturnrs of thin coun
' ' , , try and American enrs were compet-
makes It mark another revolutonar I ,irrrssflll,y .lth machines of
epoch In mntor-rnr hulldine Thrtr , Kurnpenn make. The National com
nioneer builders of the lloosier state . pj,nv f,r eT-imple, was represented
hsve worked so ttwnv Improvements n distributor In ' f'bristlana nnd
Into this latest product of fheir that , pi, nnlers were Increasing nnnual'v.
The Norwegians were particularly
eiitliusi-'istic nver the power and
staniin;i of the National, wjilch
, roved an efficient and reliable hill
climber of the steep mountain grade
. common to the Scandinavian
) "We already hare renewed these
former sales relations and are con
fident that we can lay the founda.
tlons for a rich future business In
Norway, a business thnt will prove
wi worth the present war-time ef-f.-rts
in future days of peace."
It creates favorable discussion wber-
ever it Is seen
fjist week Walter A Johnson, c'i
er.il ninnmror of "The Field." a mi
tlonal agricultural magazine of New
York city, drove his new anniversary
Apperson from the shops In Kokomo
to New York city. 1'pon arriving In
the metropolis Mr. Johnson wrote
the Apperson Prnthers the follow
ing appreciation:
"Arrived snfely home wlll (he new
car and want to congratulate yen on
the Job.
"Tn Indianapolis we stopped off
for a. few moments. and attrae'ed a
crowd of spvernt hundred neopie it
will pay you to have a demonstr.i.or
of the car In Tndlanannlls all the
time. One old man insisted on net
ting all nf the details, risking the
name of the maker, saving that he
Intended lo get a car Just like mine
This old fellow got nway before 1 had
a chance to ruk him his name."
Ilia; Concern Furnl-dic Playground.
Since the closing nf the school year
he playgrounds of the Goodyear
Tiro A- Rubber company. Akron.
Ohio, hove thrown rapidly In popu.
larity. Hundreds of children lire
dally e-. Joying Jhe advantages the
complete ennspriient of the grounds
affn.'da. A special plavground sti
erlntendent looks after the children".
Ian nhxhiMM hi
'I' h"M
fun f itt
I ! IUH t I'
All II'" IV. t M-
I'jirlm tm.i
lll.M- ' "
Sltlrn 1 hut
tho irurU mul
ft Hi on
wfip, nn1 A in
7-ll4ll lit . It tli'-f
Kjsffssjf.l-.il --ivd I'.lt
fti'.rrli.ati te.-i. 1
e ' I 'eiits, 1 i i- l
I ,i rt I . i r t r l j :! !i-
I i - the pi-i-nci
tie tra. lor b.i
creasing patt in
rl.'.in nial-.'s liae
deared tlirtlisele-i tn t h e pe--t-ie of
France nml UeluPmi. Halv iin.l Kng
latlg Wonderful el rid r s li'U'- been
made m Itielpullv in the '' 'i- H nn.l'i
ttlictor lines. And tlm e posit . . ii.
Kept, mtier 14 to SI. w.ll ilenii.natrnte
under one roof bow 'Atiicrican iti-ni- '
nfai-turrrs have met out govern-'
motifs nnd the allies' culls for aid.
American ' lorries ' have been con
slantiv In the limelight duimg Mi
nnd June ns they rusHed fresh Vim
kre troops ihroui:ti I'lit-.s to th he'i
of fire 111 front of the Herman ,Ii:vi'm.
These "lorriet." ate, In oWil.in life,
splendlillv ifflclent trucks which,
will be shown at the iiutoinol h e and
ilccefcHo'les cvpositton.
(fflrlU of Strrl ronipunv I'tinl
Ttwy lUtvp stives of j,niinr
AitU.ly laiiy n.
Tho i'l'ii'TiV if A intTii a' iri-I1:--trml
iwuw .ii" linlimr t!i lu'-'ii-
t(l W'lTP.I ttlMt tif I'if PfH.'ll f i'l I t
" IJ11 I Nil 1 'OF H "M 't; ' fit IF J'M 1 1
v( the n.ilii'!', s u r ni:i!in.r '. h
. triln nf hfii; un.J .1iv in.- :i?
(vol -sci-i.t r i ti I Jl In thfir
Tho l';i'l,ini M-.i.ir i'ir n.rj, .t n v
nf I ;!tS''ltl';;h Ict'ciUf-y r '. ! v ' 1 t
Iho ('.it ! ! (vim i' iiiV of t hit
niy )i 'A-3'. twin sty 1: riifiif-mo. (tt tn
i;Oit m r.in-.ini! tiio l'i;r.iU Iho
H'f-.'l T.rin..i-; nn tr-.i-s 1- Nfv o i k .
1'h'l i.h-i.h;;i. (lrv..;;itnl. WsUitV-n
.(ml :uf!;,... W l!..' ti!,r.M.M
riitlim: (l-wn th"ir p:t t; u . ' r i-mwi'
an-1 . 1 1; '!,! : t ; t" ', " s 1 1 ' ! a' th'-;!'
hi s', h unc-t tc iininwlii'll' !v
ii! 1 1',1'ir i i'l i :i ?! is !.', 1 1'-1, t h :
I f"t tn n ' hm'i k ti t .
1 A v. i ' h :.. ;:r.' -a t h nf w ;t v t i '?io
! l'!-s. nil'! i' ;i!i.t ; i 1 1 : nn-'p.
i 0 l-U f-W !-!! M -s I l. . .Ill's l''M
j t "OO il.,J,MH wri'1 minili:: n.
) mtmI thT" w n f (v.'f,p''I i'i il
t.lthOf i:' ' ::--' for ill nf tl'i ''.Mpt'Vt.l
tl'Mi lm h sv":"' ,i" 1 "' 1 1'. Tl ; I ir.us!
ho f-i'in.-l. 1 r ;i il f n.i- t ho M-r
tho rfff.' m--v ho ..tf-i-:
"Tho pin i--' uf t ' 1 1 s I ... K r l f..r
I h p ; i ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 IT" p,l!'pn -.o is :i n' i iK 1 ML' fi
l!'.!!.' V !!'!! i-l tho Jii.it.t-- .'MS a i
t- r"';;. o HMppi-iiif -.t ri:if":i'! ii
j I ,,!-- '.( 'nan. ;'' f'f f.x'r
! ItSf"1!' W.I ' . I: ' Ff. I M ,! . , if 'f-,
I I -vfnr.nii. V - r. , -'
mvi W- -I"-' - I ' ' n' : : ' .r T
If you want the most miles, per dollar invested,
from your tires, and want the neatest looking tire
you can put on your car, you will buy
wn Cord
They Head the List of All
Fine Automobile Tires
Mr ii
District Representatives
Tenth and Main
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