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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, August 21, 1918, Image 5

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l'KOKIA. la., Aug . 20. I'flven
luck ly humealcktien. a 1 1 .1 ut
the family ha dlmgTacrd, John i.
I Ictisljut, abacondliig caahlcr of the
I I'roria poet office, r t u rt i' ij to I'roria
! toduy aud wa wrrrated. Federal of-
N0Y0N PRESENT OBJECTIVE' filial, luiv been oil Uen.lng'. trail
altiio July 27, when h. left l'eurlit
carrying U.ono of th government
poat office emplocei,- (my roll. Ilen
a.ng brought back a lig amount of
I tin money ha had .toen.
'fflrcr. Inveit igat lug tbe ce no
aro of ilia opinion that Heimlng, who
m ho.r to a till In (ieimany and Unit
I two hiuthrM In tlm IwiJucr'. army.
I wu. In mi way onnnecied with the
liicrinan apy avatciu In America,
hlngtin M-rali-glHt Srr Infold
inrnt f 'niin,liriiHln I'lan of
Picking'' f Hoyo I'm ki t mid Con
trol of Supply Unci I (cl
pi 4 uum Kt-trcnt hy Foe.
WASJUMiToN Aug. 20--Interpreted
ut firm iin a loi al operation
Intended prima-ily to rn.ihln the
ullu't to retain romplt te potocriinn
nf tlm Initiative on ih I'lcmdy
front, the tapiilly dcvqtopcd aiicen.
of 1 1 1 o Frriu h cini of 1 1 1 n n to- j
night wa arc. ,:i d l y many mtii-l
t.ny official In rrt a a definite audi
folly prepared .(foil hating a pa
cific part In tlin larger .Irategic
plant of Mamlial I'd h,
ltent advice tonight.' tlcavrlblng
th advance of thr French Truth
plrcd to inaku him mure rugged I:,
body. Illiue HO'lahle, J f li-lialll.
amhiUou. beticr informed atoui
n a Hi re. t miming, lift' saving and
ulhh-lic game
N. wHiiov (MHiiiK n sn.M,; M,ii,.,r, ! J Lead and Zinc A'of
irnimni; a, n-iiinrc lluii 'oae.-,
I lit; 1 til Ire Ouifii.
l n u.
n la;
VVASIIINUTWN. Aug 20. -At the
re.picst of t ti Hovel nllieiit ut The
.N.-Uiri land, (he war trad luai 1
ha ifianii'd luTiiilnilon. for the
I H'.oauiali.p .Nit-uw Auiatei dam to take
army for two and u half tmha on a ! c.iix.i of eii tlioumnd ton or
fr , ,,., ,, .,,11,.. 'reuln to II. Hand. i he peiio:wi
taKrn hy rtperm heer
( oni'lui-u f
w .i.i ifianled. an announ' ement to-
li:t'lt Ml
after un agieeinent had
idi'ni that the major plan of the , maii,. wherehy th Niruw Am
Hied L'nriallBxImo, tlm InaiiKUl a-I "rd.im on lt lo'xt tup fnon thin
i t Hho h rnni" dh the attark
rmht fiank of tha Kheiinx-
llenl m far more cumpie
hnN ti'rn ppoNeil in
It In hrlii'ted u'k to
ninny will tarry it uimu i"r "u
i . i ' . K ' a i relief ( imiii.O'h."II.
Tm ten tluiunand imi I'uign hlcll
tho Menw Aiimteidam lit to airy, In
Din opinion of offtnaU. will InHorn
,rriea or action whiilil- "nppiy ui arum i..r "
'' i very monient untd tlit' e nu of that rouniry anil n
Jf .1 wintir ram makcH t lie neutral ririghhnia can he liatvinnrd.
y v, .. of l'li inU ami tlm plan n
'r'lamler iniinMii f.ir la if,-'' I "lliiist Man" IIoiiikI ti"r.
ficmp mmell.enlil I ." I -Hi, o..
.-.Al l l-l A. , ii K
t oIihtvcih irrrr that the Im-'
mediate ohiTtte of (ieueral Man
jrin h fiin iH ! . 1 1 - I in h the
pnkiim" of the It ye pocket with
the mi hne.mcnt control of the iin
portant mipplr linen nriwern that
city mid Noon. l-of The larKer
ohjectin toward which elfnrta of
the ftlll' are helm; h-rlt w.l nfcii
the capture of ,nyon and a rrmilt
anf l.re.ikdown of the iirrman de
fcii.i e line over n front .of B-'ore
of ml!'-
AciuiH.n of the llrltinh army
fiel of Aim, nround the Mervllle
erlnr, .1i"4 thought to he linked UP
with th; liiinei plan. Not a few
H? rateuiHt.i in arni circle foresee
In the mar future n more Impotl
ant thriiMi l.y tlnne fnrrt complet
ing the cycle of offf'HH.v: from
I'.helm ti, the pea.
Itilph M"-
nn. named "lnM man hy mut
uant Nipulpana when he icceiuly
mud an ou 1 1 .igenua attack on a
7 yiar-ul.l uirl here, wan hound our
to tlo next anion of duitrici eonit
following In preliminary hearing
bef.ue Jnlicn .1 llaivey Hinitli
today At the tune f th" nlleneil
a'ta.k Morln ni nhnt and einni.i.y
wounded In the ahdomen hy the eii
rair.d father of the lntUi girl-
win nleancd from .1 Tulna honpital
where he wa taken for treatment
and hroiighl Kick ! the county
J. ill here neveral week ao.
.. I.
I Ml
Military training w.oi a i,.
feature of the in-w nho v i
camp tie Jil at ifomiiiy I js
t ho pant w eek li ndi i the I .
of ). fx Hut k holder, Ioh
of the V. Al IV A. I i: i i v
Ir enjoyed the nutiui,-, li. !.,.,.
for He ven ilin pjun 1 1 1 un
mart hlng to and from 1 1 1 , - r.il M
The lilggent contribution in hi
camp was tie w.iti r, who It w ,,.
I'uon y .Mr. Montr, a in uLy ,,
I An farmer on w hone I m l u ,. i,, , .
were camiin I'imii lif-v i,t on.
hundred gallons of wii'r v,-rr i,,.,
each d.iv, without w h ii h
line Icon Imponmhle to I
the camp. Kay l'iilow al-. , ,,..,
ten gallon of ice ii c i.u to I. -i , ,.,
It ihution.
liming hell fcoiimtcii m c, ,,,,
the mornlOKH pi'giain ;,
In the foMoning milci; l':.n; , , ., .
callniherue evcrclien, li.i i ,,
.1-miniite i ' i ii i- , tent -1
ntildy, hieikf.mt at 1 . ':. 'J
council, hlannel and iumiii i i ii,.
nupeivincd titoriiini: rci'-t'. .,
i c k u !ar morn I uk muiii, ,i t:.i t. . , .. (
tent made ready for ti,,,
spcciioii. Iilnner w a at 1 ''.i' (
lowed hv two hourn if w i, u , , it
The halance of the .iCi ic, t, w ,.,
for H'hletlcH, hl'ch.lli, si i:i,oi.l c
arid other recreation A't.-i n,, .,.,
at fii.ia there were n i.o n i ,
OoalliiK. cainpfne coinn i.,..'
cull eniertalnimnt. I.ithii iie o i'
at 'J .10 for n nine hour v i , p t,, ,,,t
the hoy in prune coml .1 .nn ,r n,,.
next day fun.
Taught Hoys Itanklni;.
W hile In camp p.,-.!, u e!a,
llMhi-d to te.lch i h- I' i, how to
wilte check iiu l I ,w io en. for
their inone v. I oirw . M p i w ,, ,,,
three humlriil i Io ,.. w .I'.i,
ami at One t.i ie ih.. I j , ..'. n ,it ih"
tank nmout).')d to -.c,
I'rlii weie cn.n for the ! -i
nwlmmer. the h. l,,., ,-, the I
CIMlper, the to N' ,(; .no, in, I c.iin.i-i
an. I Ihe h nl Kn;t!i r The IHMe f.-l
low who km' the h.onl n 1 1 - It om .i!o
hn.l Ihe credit for hoym (!n. most
thr. ft tamp
At h ml . !k-'i'v letter were writ
ten home dur.m.- camp ,n,d one d.iv
letttr Were n.., o ,,. ,MM ,U( ,..
a l-:.k'ht Imn. In, t. in, en of
rherkera Were played and no h
than nix hundr. d i- um n ,,r h,,i...
I MIAMI, tlkla, Augunl 13 li.ihk
inn among the fori-m out milieu and
imlln of the ilihtilct I the llorothy
,,i ' loll, who h In in a dun all to ItncU,
I ! On uti'd on the Kcnoyer Icon, ad-
S ii .ml ltolM,-ftl liiuuii-' Inn' of N)
iou.i In on l.lni x ni h i. in ral
i'cmlilni; ; lliclalcil.
V ASM I NtlTi i. Aug ?ft -ll.-nie
addre:c of the 2 i ifflceiK and loi-n
Joining the I'lcher mining lea.io on of the Ainei lean cxped it lunar v l"io
Ihe yscnt. who were ctt'-d for gallantly In ;ii
Ihe mill, which Mil company lion t lii ncra! I'ernhuig In li! imn-
cmpletiil two w eek ugn, I uf I, DUO minimi for entenlav, wrie an
t.iun lapaciiy, nteiini driven. It han noiihci-d loiclit hy the war dcp.ut
pnneii it capacity hy handling aa ment aa follow
luMi a M)0 ton of dirt In a 10 hour l.teut I ol Frank II. Adam, At-
"toll and a moat nri'iioinrnal record Untie t'lty, ,N. J
New Georgette Frocksl
of 2'in ion of leud uml iO loiia of
Jok h.ue hren rei'OVelcd 111 a two
""I inn of nlngle rlilft.
II nil e 1 1 n 1 1 . which I down to
Ho- I - i . 1 1 1 of jii7 (ect, ha encniin
l iel a tun foot face of noil, I lead,
Hhii" in ihe field nhift al 111" union
'! h'h a lei olid lead ntl Ike W ILN made
i o,i-jiiei .ihle dilllniK haa he n
d'lie a!l ocr the forty acre leune.
and Iho , t r lit entltii. lotv lliut Hie
oiopniv I. in iiniinually good lead '-'l'r"inia
Ii. c.nii i A nlle I flow heing drilled
.oil for a Momil field nh.ifi. and an
""ii an i.i.neii the nhaft will hit mink
and ill llling w III heKHI.
I'. lioxelle, llogii
Wllnon. Kalania
.Mil J lleolK"
l ap! l lareme K. Miiehner, llunh
ton. Kan
lieut Jamiw M
too, Mich
l.ieul. I' lloliKaidt
I. Hut. J.ilicn . I.egeudie
Vol k.
lieut John M'AMliur, iiakland
addi c
Ihe I mm, m I'o her Mining com
p'lny whi.li hit recently leaned i'o
i 1 'in on Ihf lloldehrod leane couth
of Mo. f, iin N,i I liohleuiod mine.
I' ne mug lli" completion of itn mill
'lli" n.iil .m formerly known an the
I vi in ity mill ,,f Jnhlintow li. Mo. It
m or .i I, ne type, modern tliroiichoiit,
' i'"'! it :i ii n Ion ami electrically
and it in hoped that It will
ly for operation hy rieptem-
l.lou! har.rn V.
tcr loo, low a
I ar ut. I n ona rd '
Ian i.i. N M
Ijiut Wald NV
llo I l Ucll
l.lrol. I -111 1 1 i-l I '
fo.k, n
M in AM. i M II I
Neig i: It II
li.'i'.i, i 'Ki.i
.'a-1 y, A CI ll UI I'
K I n. I.
."-I i g Kavinond I'
hiiri-, I'a
oip ( I ivt 'it II M
M tenout 1.
oip lolK.-lie Will. Ha
I 'en io.) loiiii i
i'. op I ' I l"l, II iMford.
1 'o i In i .ic a . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 I
11 I I a I ' ' ' 1 1 1 I I ' h : in I' li hi l I '
New O
t'li.l piiian. a
llonkln. I', im
llinker, nddren
Miephnr'd, No,
'neii, l.amar. Mo
I ion. ti ii ji, -
W.IIO, I'lllt to Oil,
i 'rouln. I'ittn
ne, ,wt l.ouln.
n Id l een
I lo- null Mia ft nhow up ore nt 2nK
o'''t nod lonlinuen lt the name loi
' f --t, a t e i i'ii t annay nhowmg a I
i -i of 12 per cent lead and
' ill en l.ol KIM 11
Ihe lidetii Lead ami Zinc ninii I'l'iain l I r. 1 1 y
pan, I. i .ii.'d norlheant of liouih it given,
m a 'liatt down 217 feet and iii I'm ii licit rum I.
' tour iitlm opi rating the company nlle, t'hln
h' lien aide tu take out only a Private S. J Kcnly
4" foot drift, owing lo the high face given.
and lie n y ore dirt going lulu the I'nvate l.onla II MarkenrhUer.
mill I lie ditt ha heen running a Orlffith. Iiol
hlrli an 4 per cent anil the average, I'mate '. l'ieiulng. uiiieniri"d
oiitiuil han heen 30 car of Jack nnd
thioe , .ii I, ,. i. In (,f lead iuii ll Hhaft.
I lew in, liieell
ii. I. In
Shoe .Manufacturing
Styles to lie Limited
Eiusily Worth
of $4()a()()
Io it !i wliitf nn fU'sh really
w ninlt'1 fu! Dn'r'si'.s nf (leorg
ctt" rt pf ;'iitl iTi'pc do chino
lii:ii(lt(l. ht'U'lcd .iiul cm
lii(iitlfi( il I'ffi-t'ts dainty cf
ifctiv dresses fur aftornoon
stiiii-fiiinial affairs and for
. tivct wt'ar, too not loft over
from this scu'iun's soiling
luit a spooial purchase on
sale uhilo tlcv last at
& 1 8.75
Third Floor
Kllcliln Announce Moiiniirc M)
I Ve Intnnliiiinl on Monday a
Orlglnnlljr l'lanninl.
nly 01. Till wa
I Ik day and n murh larger ale wa
exiieeted. hut only on representative
apfienreu nnu m muni or ununnai
ale nielhnd were n'ieiiided
Ijint monlh the Shrlner and Klk
had aeparale dav. the Mirlnern aell
ItiK I'.iiN 4.1 worth of utauipn and the
Uk 13.474 91 worth.
Thone In charge of the hank pre.
diet a ood day tomorrow when l on
deii company employe will hn In
i harae.
Wlnalow May N 1W lcni.
ti.iiiu "fl ifflclal enn-
i .li.i-'. ii
flrmatlon of th reported dentil or . noes , WAyiTlNtiTi .N. An. 20. I - (
Lieutenant Alan F. w ina'ow or nan n.inv mifnr. im,f,-tiirer from New
I'.lver Knrent, III., an American nlr- I The In! two dun win vlnitota' i l'glan.l. Chicago. ,st. Ininl and
fna, I locking. dii al . (.n u i ,v there Here other ectlon of the country heitan
II visitor up I on Sind.iv 1 'I Sun-, a nei lea of ennferencea today with
A rtlnpatch from 1'iirl on Anrutday ive'iiiiir I' I: I'-niut, chairman all man Hanich and other official
1 . repined that Lieutenant ma- j of the I.jih work committee, pave of the war Industries hoard rnlatla W ASII1N iT( )N. Aug !0--T1ie
low wa killed In neilal fighting nt j a hurt t.ik aio',,,.1 the cunp f;re I to llmlllng the fiiantifacttiro of Hhoi limine wav nnd ineiin committer,
the end of the preylou week Winn- Mr I :u I- hoi.i, r re p... in t he en m p lo tlm mors canentlal aiylea and after an iill-dav illi'iilon of admln-
tul I'l 1-veiV ri'Oei't k'rillle. Ii...n. ..,. I.I..,.. .,,,1 cih.r An.
f. neMshoyn nt ived i It I undertood plan under con- 1 tnlt of the IK. 0110,000. 000 revenue
nop and most of Mlderatlon ronlemolule atamnlna re- ! i.m u .. . ,,.i,i. . fiul
--n Mul.l of Honor. tlie, rurtu-d honor h.,d.:,-H which tall price on the ahoe. lagreen.ent on the detail, of tha In-
NAHM VII. I.M. Tenn.. Aug. 10 " " 1 ; Lome ami xce profit t. ached-
Mra (ieorge Urandon of Jackon. w .... .,,, ,,"'!,"' " ',m'"''ncil. ,.H. c-halrmnn Kllchln ronceded
Tenn . ha. heen -elected aa matron m(, ''tb 7 . V ,,. ' ' '"I, 11 ' I" Vl .. f!'-" i." "Jl ' that It wa. douhtful If tha hill cohld
f honor of Tennee,; for h m- " , , . . ,, , h reported to the ho,, hf tha
federate reunion which will I. held I ' '"'...'l'?. h 'Le ? committee hy next Monday. He an-
S,!. nt !M War Stamp Imnlc yn Mlp rr-""- " , ; " '
i.... .... -...i i...., ,..,.,fin,. , ! .tu lviiit rur iiP'iiv u iii'iiu'ri ni ...it p
1 ii ii v i j it i n i . i i Miw, niiK'iiiiiMig i - ,i i,-., . .. t , i
Closing Out Lingerie Hats For CliilJrci
at 1-3 Off
Including all the Vandever nummer
Hats fur Children. Regular from
75c to $9.00
atr iin not only Hludentn nt the I'ort Hherlilan offl-
nt Tulna. ikln . AiiKunt : . . Minwn f,,'v ,, ,;,., ir
niairmi .. ............. . n. .. . r,, , . , ,M , e c ncllvitle cem' training camp who hava heen
nirmliighain and Macon reunion.. throm-h..ut the .1 iv win. !, nppe.ile.l recommended for a cuinmiaalnn, It
' 'o the hoy. Put licit rod ei nnd In-1 wa. untiouni'ed today.
First Showing of Women's New FALL BOOTS
at a Price to Reduce Our Enormous Stock
$18 White Boots
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A beautiful turn-sole Boot with 21-1
kid covered I,ouis heels. Special until
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kid covered heels. Specially priced
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sole and also in light welt; a hijzh
class Louis aluminum plate heel and
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flounced, however, that there I. nil
niieatlon whatever of the hill rais
ing the total H.OOO.OUO nt'O aolifht.
Mr. Kllchln announced that Hee-
retary MeAdoo In hi lateat lettei
agreed to tha plan of dividing htial-
Into group for purpoae. of do-
that a tnailmuni of 12 per cant da
ducllon which tha cotnmlttea hofl
liropoaad to glva to mining and kin
dred har.ardoii. anterprlac win too
great and that 10 par cent wia mora
equltahle. Tha coinnilttee In all
prohahlllly will wrlta Into tha hill
a dlvlalon of corporation, and other
huHlne entrrprlne. Into two group.
for deduction purpo.e. In tha war j
profit, tax on the hala of pre-war
earning. Theaa group. prohahly
w ill ha: Financial and tranaporta-1
tlon concern.. Including all puhllo'
utllltlea, I per cant deduction and
manufacturing, mining. ga and nd
wall and other miacellaneoii. tul
naa 10 par cent deduction:
A auhconimlttaa headed hv rtep.
reaentallva Italney of Mllnola wa.
appointed and will report tomorrow
In favor of a draatlu tax on opium
and other narcotic, with tha pnr
poa of meeting tha ntuatlon which
wa craated hy the declalon of tha
Biipreme court which took away
much of the affecllvenefc nt the
llairlmin antl-iiiircotlo law.
Infant's Dresses
Special $1.95
Made of fine sheer batiste and
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IMw'tixm'.l All cr Wing t'Vf.
AdvertlitiK ropy wa th proirrum
at h weekly ineetlnn of tha Adver
tlalng cluh yeaterdny noon at tha
private dining room of Hotel Tnlna.
I MmMiMNlnna and crllh lm of differ
ent adverlling i-ainpalgii In Tula
occupied half an hour of tha cluh'.
I llcaul Fiiir-Mtnnl Men.
Italph Taltmt h hean nagiad
rhalrnin of tha four-nilnuta .peak
I era of tha .tale.
fONTlNt'KO riU)M r A 0 K ONB
,mot difficult irround hut the at
tack la atlll proceeding.
In brown, mahogany ami black,
with aluminum plate heels.
Special until flJK QK
Saturday at $0.00
$111 Officers' 'Shot's; a plain
toe shoe of dark' tone red in
bluchcr effect.
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in brown and white;
to close out at
ftR O S,
318 South Main
nT Tha Amoelalelt Tren"
Krom Holnaon to the Tielglnn hor.
der tha Herman nrtnle In varlnu.
Important .ector are helng put to
tha teat hy the French and llrltlnh.
And It I a tct that aeemlnglv hode
' 111 for the Teutonic arm, for nr.
' where have they heen ahle to hu
i tain tha liock
! Northweat of Hoia-on, from the
Aln to the (line, north of the li!e
! to the region around Itoye; In ine
Arra aertor and northward on the
famou I,v aalleaVi, tha ()ermn
i everywhera hava heen rompellad to
fall Imclt under the preura of tha
L'.e.rh ami llrltlli triin.ia
In a new offensive lumciied hv the 1 hand and which are the kev.tone.
rench. ileneral Vaitgln over n f-nnt to Hi" enemy unm nn..
of approximately 1". inula half ti
Along tha Rearpa diver aa.t of
Arm. Field Marahal Mala', force.
lo hava kept up their harnltig
tactic. ag.lliHt tha enemy, who ha.
heen compelled to fall hack araat
ward along tha Hcarpa river. Th.
tirnnaua related vlgnroualy, but all
to no purpoae. anil tha Hrltlah ad
vanced their line lo tha aa.t of th.
vtllaga of Fmnp'OiK. Although llalg
claim, only a alight forward move
ment here, particular algnlf Icahce at
tache, to II hy rennon of tha fact
that tha Herman hava baan driven
hack until they are virtually upon
tha old haltla Una a. It alood In
Ueccniher, 1 S 1 7 . Jr
Northward tha l.ya aallent again
haa heen narrowed down hjr tha
biirrntlon of tha Hrltl.h wihn, north
of Mervllle, hava taken tha village
of Vlrrhoek and t'ouronn and
alo reached tha hamlat of l-'rCpln-etta.
Thla gain repreaent. a for
ward movement of ahout a mil. and
a half and place, tha IIHItah a.trlda
tha road running aouthaa.tward lo
Vlriorlew Imixirlant.
Taken all In all, th. new Tlrtor-1
le of tha allleil troop, ar highly
Important one. Th advance of the
French northweat of Holaaun. taken
In conjunction with tha auoceaaful
maneuvera on tha I-aaalngy aactor
aouth of Koyw, where lleiivralgne.
ha b"n captured, eeemlngly mean,
that tha enemy force, from tha
Homme to Ihe i ilea oon moat give up
their pnaltlona and retreat eat
ward Indeed, It aeem not Im
provable tiow that Nnyon I. well out
flanked on tha aouth and aotitheaat
nnd th" Clennnn line Ik none too e-
rina north of nuloii Hint the
enemy will he under th neeeaitv
of moving hi troop northward
from the yrale toward. If not acron.
the Alne.
Tha Herman, atlll are atuhhornly
conleallng with the Iirltih point
of vantage the line aouth of the
Homm mar ( haulne and north of
Key which are atlll In Herman
for thoag of 11 and 11. with th II-yaar-old
youth, to b called laaL Tha
amendment make, mandatory what
XaxTetary Maker hag Indicated will
b th. policy of tha war department.
Kaiin Nuppnrui Admlnlatratlon.
Itepre.entatlva Kaiin and thoe
Joining with Mm In .upport of tha
admlnl.tr.tlon provt.lnn vesting au-J
thorlty In th. prealdant to alabllah
the order of call ra.rv. the right to
oppoaa th. MrKen.la amendment nn
the floor of the houae and e.prrd
th. belief that the amendment would
be rejected. Chairmen I lent and
other, who eipreaaed them.elvea a
diaaallnfled with Hcrtary Maker',
promlaa to make regulation, for a
apar.te cla for 1 year-old buy.,
and defer their rail a long aa po.
Ihle, however, ware confident to
night that tha linu.e would retain
tha amendment. If adopted hy tha
houae a .harp controveray In con
ference I. eipected, a. th aenate
hill retain, tha admlnlntratlnn pro
vision for eiecntlv dl.cretlnn In
.eatahllahlng call.
' "Work or fight" leglnlatlnn. Chair
man dent aald to night, la not con
templated by the holt coinnilttee.
The committee w aald to take the
poaltlon that the legtalatlon I. un
neceaaiiry In that preaent draft re(f
tilatlona protect tha government
At th cloalug hearing of the com
mittee today, organl.ed labor' pro
test agulriHt the "work or fight"
rlauae In th aenate hill wa pre
sented by Hecrelary .Mori lon of th
Amerlrnn Fedei nthm of Labor, w ho
declared labor I loyal, atrlkea are
not "appreciable" and tha aenate
amendment would bring the odium
of "lacker" upon worklngtnen and
b bitterly reenta..
Mr. Morrlon .uggenied that big
employing Inter! were aecretly be
hind the Icglelatlon, which he (la-
nounced un.parlnglf aa a ftevart
plan to put into effect a poller ot
labor Con.erlptlon.
To ncport BUI Today.
Th home com m! tie had hoped
to report out th bill today, bot th
McKeml and other amendment,
eaua.d th. withholding of final aa
tton until tomorrow. Ther alio wu
aald to be a dlapoalllon by eommlt
tee member, who oppoeed th orig
inal draft law . and other adminis
tration, to hold tii action on th
man power meaaure. lb war de
partment was underatood t bv.
been crltlclned .htrply during th
cloaad coinnilttee .eeailon.
Tomorrow the commute plana to
perfect th McKeml amendment,
act on pending; minor amendment,
and report th meaaur. to th houa
preparatory to con.ld.rmtlon Thur.
duy. Pending amendment Include th
propoaal of Chairman Ient to re
move reatrlctlona agalnat granting
commlanlon. In youth under SI
year, of ite and that of epreeea
t.itive McKen.la to write Into law
the noting draft regulation requir
ing aervlce of married men Who do
not .upport their famlllea.
"Tulfia'n Largest Shoe Dixtribulbr.
from 1'a'liy "n Ho. ii',. to tlin Afni'
perir Sotnioni. tfi' Itemil in on
flahlina have ci , rh d i, forward
line to nn ipm depth of two and
'n half mile and In the flrat phnnen
'of the battle had turned to I " ranch
pnaaeaalnn numeroo' enemT-hnld vil
lage, and farm. In addition more
I than eight thmt"nd Herman have
been herded behind the line, prlnon
I era.
Attack f.oc On.
At !yt report M.miitn'M men irf
' til lo. l d aftet I he ei.e.n v and ut
i tfo lal a. ' omi'Ih placid the I'teto li
on iuii. ' ;n .1'. tniH vie't in n.lv-inie
of the poHitlon oiillined III till'
1 1 rem-U ofricul commutUcallon,
With the I
..litre of Men i aiKii'i py me
I t-Mieli. however Itove a i pa re n t ly
l on the ecu .f f.il ll.K and with lt
H1(Mr i! do ut.' !- -t the ectlre line north
ward to the .outline alio win give
w ay.
Tan, Red or Freckled
Skin In Family Shed
ooyTiNrrn from pagk onb.
rrMlnrt !o f 1 t fr'1-r of r:Wn fnr
iM rtit'ii within th nw rlmft limits.
M'. riiitin.lltff viii-il ft to 7 to v ri'f
l?i .in ;iM:-ri.1imnt rr T 1 !y !lrl-rr-
.t-!it.'ih' i
tm.ra mrxA K.tv ht.1l Ke .Mn1 k-.ftt UtUftllr l li(fl-'tnl
1 rvft ituiptuLvfti
To frfv jMMir innim'f evnllrd ikln f ll
tnudlinni, tt9k !. Iilolrhra r tan, Ut
hti thinf lo d li io fret yourvelf vt lh
ftktn tUnlt, Thii it ..ail ccompUih.il
by th nt f KrllQkry nrciolUi wu,
hlh f 6onr rti r ha4 t nf 4ni
i torn at nlKbl yu eold crfatn,
wanbUff ll off (ft th morning. 1 1 infdi
tfi lh flffn!kiif aurfac) akiu bcita t
(Mint off in f'n tier Ilka parttr-V
(i rati nil U tr nun- om.-r carf akin in
a1itf Snt. witMout ba- m ! In
rttr iiif rr ' h rr'ttn lavrr nf Iin
privtltnK thftt fell limn 201 mi othir j On ounr of mrrolitl
Scalp Broke Out In Pimples.
Disfigured. Cuticura Healede
j5 "'
My whole calp aa
daadrutt and If 1 crllhel k
break oM In Iftiieerbha eha
plr. When 1 acrattffd
thete. they would taiflaaa.
and make larg aora rue
tlon., cau.ing me to be die
figured. I could not reet at
night and my hair 111 out by
A file-nd recommended CegJ aa
Soaie'Ilid Ointment, I triad a eop
and U did o eeell that I
mora, and I ad three eakaa l
end two brae of O meaner vahea) I
wa heeled." (Signed) H. E. aglraa
R. P. D. t, Boa 6i, FH.petrk-.lt. Ala.
Clear th. fore ol imourlrie Ir
dally u.e of Cuticura Soap and oots
tlon! louche, oi Cuticura Otnttnent.
Ie, a Ink rrm M AMl 1 1 I
'Cawm, iae. IL a ire ' " i '
. rwaalBMiai. h m m.

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