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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, August 22, 1918, Image 3

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WiBini aaad Was WMk
mmm P II O N K A 0 0
ol companies) In 1'ennsylvanla
l. .....r.i.ivlnir ftniiicit to & rre:it e.
n - - '
7 trTll. .'U .Jiiiyuj
I mWg M TWr4,ic to tnka tltnir
sent Its
in til
l'rV uP'V' " ' tfHeWnr
ndable luil
uutil now unit
llfiW CUUllll,Nel- WtH WM Satisfied
t.,,riin1i"HI", 'f ver manage
t'KvW' WerM'i,a,.mlne?
!Ll4f,4WtWirc:n' lpi'ice,l
(v,iaWuiWmI( lit golllery
JlMWV" jiah'l b: ii V .- i
oi iiov no Haw nn v .
vlik:b:i iirifl(-ii, Iyi knitting
soru'irwab baaWitiarrtajra reduced, the
Ismi ?nB"l wales uslb fKeal It him
iiao-ipoaxtif nr'ytim euly for
(ltHieHnitiaaa. O'diiiltHrtg will In. ro-
tieved lo MUM knli hM innMl caen
l Atoa1 iikfilnrng ptiiw'wiII bo un
i ennos f Uni tTJ ItM Cross has
lia).iiW erWmrlhtrthWY'to American
tfCisaeiil WW a "sweMsra. 134. "00
iinrrt'srw ifftft 'wrirtiltfU. r;'.ooo
J4U''l,lirifioe kiilN of socks, n
ti.enrlliit B,6?4,iNstlrla. which, of
utMHlll)'l'nlltl(HUllg., Kiftr "aimln.w) women will be
IiM'Tlly' July f t year to uimIhI
In the cine of-tlln'Miek and wounded
riKiw'llti,iy, Surgeon tlen-
r.il (inrgiut imiV today In ini
tial! oWWirS-l lata.' ' fining wlvn wild
hflWrellaefljfiitlng In Franco won 1,1
I.XlVMtfrtiiOHf ' nspltal seale'iinta
1 " tH"' tiwrlnAtV of the b0.00
MMyifTWir,'if,'tmlnoi1 nuraca ami
vll,ia''t7 ' eVrvIra ovrnieaM. To
supplement ill upply of graduate
nunnH fli army medical department
haa etailahci (hit urmy school of
nursing ut which phyah ally fit
young women Iwiwwii !l and 15
yearn will be trained and eent abroad
H m thn lined nr men fully 16.000
women run be. lined aa hospital
amiunun or Ktudrtit nurmn In th
I lined HUlia.
'"a Cor Van Nordin haa ro
Tlved (.prcml army rilatlon In lb
Mlh Infantry In Krnc for her
"HrrvlcfH t,( tha rHinient," a:oord
Inif to reri-nt rriioru. Miaa Van Nor
drn hiui been In rharvi of a Hlva
tlon Army rinltin whb'h Ima fol
lowed thn rcKlnient In thrnn arrtura.
him luia rnlubliNlied tier hula clo'i
bnhlnd front llnra and nflxn had
to un denfiieil cfeM. alublea and
ronfK-aa hounra. lart of the time
aim Iihm workeil 2T hoiira every third
duy berauae there wrm cn'i three to
help lh tlm work and the aoldlera
aimply hud to have their hot choco
luie ul niKht when Kovernnnmt aup
pllea were not lo be hud. Miaa Van
Nonleu a in thlx country now on a
ehort leave of ulmenre but alio ex
pecla lo relurn to Kranci in tha fu
ture. Tim army citation waa made
lum an if alio were a regular mem
I'cr of the ii'Kiuient and aim la the
onlv vtom. in who la permitted to
wear the lexlnieiilul InalKnla.
It John 11 llawklna haa remored
hla ilentiil offlre from 216 S HoiKh
Main to 70.1 and 704 Mayo IUiIk ,
I hono IHIIJ Adv.
our people at home have I he a. mm
feeling aa our aplem Im ut tin
front, thnro will be no iiremtuti
peaee," aiil Itepreaentatlve Vounit
of North ' Ihikotn today on l,l i..
turn from a vIhII to the Ktiroe:ii
baltla fronta. He dei-lnred Ainerl
can aoldlera nVe more thnn tuiin
talnlnif American alanriiiriJi of (.'in-,
pernni' and morality.
Itepreeentatlve Younc returned
from abroad with a party Including;
Kepreaentatlvea Klnchelon of Ken -
tuckv; TIMman of ArkanH; l:int,,ii 1
.m l i
Of Interest to Women, j
The aoul'a dark cottage, baltere.l
and decayed,
Ita In new light throiiKh rhlnki
that time haa mnde;
StroiiKr by weakneaa, wlacr men be
come Aa they draw near to their eternal
- Waller.
of 1'allfornln and i hundler
Thompson of Oklahoma
The delegation broimbt word tint i
France. Knicliiml and Italy t n.
tiualaatle over the American fon-,.H
lit the front nnd that Amerb.in n
Illative hue had a manic eff
allied morale.
i t on
Jinlllnitcr Hrnl"T Held
CilNCOHD, N. II.. Auk 21
eral aervlcea fur Vnlted Htaten
ir Jacob II. (lullln.cr rie
here thla afternoon, renaior iiinr
I'abot 1odne paid tribute lo Sen i
tor (iallliiKer'a memory In In. f
addrena. A ronicrenalona K.
tlon attended the funeral.
Nw Telephone Iitrertni le am
Kit to prcea Heptember 1. Any mr.
rer:tlona or chntiRea deiirr.l nln.nii
be made before that dule, Smuh
wealern Hell Telephone company...
Dunlap Bros.
Corner Second and Boston
Big 3 Day Grocery Sale
For Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Everything to Eat and Wear
At Lowest Prices in Tulsa
New Autumn Dry Goods, Furnuhlngt, Clothing, Shoes, Hats,
and Ready-to-Wear arriving daily.
Specials for Thursday
Campbell's Soups, all kinds; can 10c; 5 cans for
Large nize Toilet Paper, regular 10c seller; 5 rolls (or . . . .
Jiffy Jell Ice Cream Towders; packaged; 3 packages for .... .......
Specials for Friday
Fancy Sugar-Cured Ticnic Hams, as long as they last, pound ... 23c
Best standard Milk, not compound or substitute, 5 cans for " ' -c
ila. for ... . ' mCd,Um 8,Zf' reiru,ar 30c t0 25c seller, can 17c; .1
The following prices are good for THURSDAY FRIDAY nd
AlUKUAY or as long a. present stock now on hand, lasts:
Blue Bell Creamery Rutter, beat butter sold in Tulia rt k . . . ,
pou-ds (16 ounces) net weieht. Our nr ,V not 15 ounces. but full
Prn n.i nrr 1 il . . . 44c
.,wtt., ui.u uviurt, i-iu. canons, sieel cut A fBn o i
the equal of any coffee said in Tulsa at snr. ' n. lJ b&nl. fcruarantee.l
City Club Coffee. 1-H. cans, steel cut. A fancv Roo-nfa '"' "' 23t
to be the equal of any coffee-sold in Tulsa a 40n . "antee City Club
Mb. can 32c; 3 cans for ' Ul,,er P"ce. Our price,
Tat-a-Cake Flour, for cakes; requires
no sugar, eggs, etc., 23c; 2 packages
for ...45c
Log Cabin Syrup, pint size 23c
Criaco, fresh stock, small size . . . ,44c
Medium size , ggc
Large size $1.75
Pnsf Tni.IL. ,
n-guiar 15c s zo . i.ir
Grape-Nuts, regular 15c seller ... 13c
1 a"'"LoIat regular 25c
'-'-"kb 19c
liest Locos, regular,25c size, can 19c
.4 in?Jmer da' fuI1 Pounds.
7c; 4 packages for . o
Extra Special
Nice fat Dressed Springs or Rroilors, is; to 2.-lb. average; pound
ixice iat uressed ilens, 3'2 to 4U-lb. average; pound
United States Food Administration License G. 36027
T)i i.iiLr-l,l.ia Weil. line
Tho fcilliiwIiiK fruiii the l'lllluirh
' 1' ) I'om of AiiffiiMt 14. will lo f
lnterat to frmla of (ha lnhlal roll-
"A rn!(y wr,lilln win aulrmnlrrt
I t niKhl In th( Voriia pf Mr. nnl
Mi hail.. u. l.uka of Naw llftli-l-hi-iii.
!. (),vlr danghtnr. Mln
M u HHot, l.uki.. Iioi'iiiiik llin l.rlilt
"f Mr Arthur l.liM'H of Tula. Okla..
""r "f Mn KmI (ii ltli-aton I.lpim of
An.t.in,,, HVHiiun. Orrhlila, fi-rna
""I muliiu furiiiffl lirlilul arih In
'h" Iimmk rmuii liffnra whli'h Hv
W. I lava rmil the arrvleo at 7
"'I'" h. TMi hriili", who waa lvn
' " " v I'V Iwr f.ithr. wora a (town of
niii cvirKrit i ri'px, hiAVlly litad-
S.ii, I hii.i f.nnhliuif.1 with ahor( ahlrt
I,.- .1 r""l t'"'l'- hca.li ahailnwlnar whit"
""lid ,,,i. rr tun veil Van
' "iiitht wild a rln la of orntKi bio".
"i whl.h frll In a ihowfr at tha
nrlil sim iMrrl.-.l whit" gladioli In
Mx.w. r i-u-,1. MiHa 1. Milan l.uk", aa
l r aipr'a nnly Ktlcnd.int. apprar"d
in ;i frn.-u of irll pink iirKandl. an. I
niMi.il NiiMiincr flowcra In tint of
I'liik in l.,ir mon!n ' with Imr rna
'' K.lwar.l I. 1 Union of Tula
.n tlm ..-,t man.
"A mm cpiinn follownd tha aorvli'.
Mr mi l Mr I. ok,, and Mra. Uppit
r....uii,K ,), ,r,ui rouplo
Mf I.UkM tt.im i-rwn.ii vit Willi
'(iiHt: of ipli..,i rm.rn. and Mra
l l'p wan attired In rrru-dnti'd fllrl
; ' " (iMnhlimil with rirt. Ilnr flow
r .ff Catlrlya orrhlila.
"t'nvora won. laid for Hitht at (h
hrM.il UMn at wlilrh tlm mntcr
pi''i w.ih onhlda and pink and
hli- Kiimnur fliiwra. Mr. t.lppn
and hi hrl.l.- Iiavi. r.mo for u wmd
'l.nK' trip aiiwiiiit tha northi.rn lukea,
mid aft.ir Sipi.-mhrr 1 will l at
hoint In Wriil Twrlfth atrt. Tulaa.
i A ni nn if t. I'liinhurnhrra 'hn ut
tti'l''l thn wdilliiK wrro Mlaa Klal"
I I.oulan VinRlinK, rlaimlitf r of lr.
and Mra c f. Ylnnlln of Wood
, atrrot. Wllklnibtir; Mta 1.1U
Htiv"na (ioldrn of North avanuo,
1 VMIkliialmric, and ' Mlna lorla Jon
;1U1I of Hill nvrnuc The brld" waa
t fdm atpd at Mr". Homwra' a hool In
Washington. I. (., and Mr. I.lppit at
trn.lcd private erhoola In Httxtiuritrt.
and latrr atudlid In Knglaml for aov
rral ynra. Mra Mpp will rrtuin to
I'ltUl.tiiRli today."
l.ii-kl of Tnlvt I ti mil Hud Sirnnge
I'rollng Hit llnitmnd III IVeiu j
Wa-i Alltc In hpllo of ll H.rt. ' I
king Maid for Trana-MlKxtaalppI
' n . i.i i Aiih.Mlnrrnif nt rirrlv
! ye'tciday of thn appointment of
Mta JiMinlo Yeraer kim na mnld
! t inn..v tut ft.. kl ..I.
--. ......i.. a. inn 1 1 n n - ... i ni. inni i i .
division during (ha Confederate re
union. The honor mine to Mlaa
King through (leneral K. M Van
V.nndt. Other memhera of the
(rana-MlanlKalppI purty are: Mra. J.
('. Mua of Kalian, matron of honor;
Mlsa Phlngo Cnvell of liallaa, apon
aor and Mlaa Mae Ilrlant of Hope,
Ark , mnld.
Mlaa King waa born and retired
In the antith and will Tarry wllh a
great deal of rhurm and grara the
honor which haa rome to her. Hhe
lx a daughter of Mr. H. H King of
the Nfwnum apartmenta.
Mle nianrhe Itowman of 41 Weat
Thirteenth alreet. aaalated by her
mother. Mra. Charlea J. Itowman
enterfulned Informally at tea Punday
evening, having aa her gueata Mlaa
lllanrhe Claggett, Mlaa Vivian Coo
ler, Mat llarrlann Fuller, CapL Tnr
renre Hake, Ueut Ktigena I.lll?
from the arhool of fire and I .lent
llranvllle Hancock. jho motored
oer In hie aeroplane from I "oat
Kleld. Kort Hill. Dally Oklahoma
Seventeen children, memhera of
the Junior Kndeavor of the Klrat
Chrlallan rhurch, accompanied by
their auperlntendent. Mlaa Mlldreil
llughea, and Mredamea li. K. Mum
I'uoba and Woolen aa rhapernna
picnicked at Hand Kprlnga, Tueaday
Miaa Delia J'owra and Mr. TV C
I'owera, who have been pending
i the paat aeveral weeka with their
honie-folk In Indiana and at the
: northern lake reeorta, will retii'n I
I to Tula Penlemhe "rh.v -vlilj
I make tha trip .n their motor ear.
I Mr". Plrd MoOulxe left at the flret
of the week for Kanaaa City to
vlnlt her parent", Mr. un.i .in . . .
Kldgaway, and lo. accompany Mra
; Itldgeway to Chicago and northern
lake reaorts.
"We iint nnd our men out to
live. in. I to die'" ilicluicl .Mra llan
I'ei y, wlf of I. lent. Jan, en W 1 1 n -herv.
Her hual'allil waa lep.irted
j dead from vmmiii.Ii rcci lve.l July I
lmn, uilliia ia loinpany coro
I inainler, hu l'd lua men over I In
I ' I would not lit lleve my hiifthand
waa .dead." Mfa ILmibrry aald ye",
terday. "The meeeagn frein Waah
Ingion, July II, ill. I not lonvime me,
j nor th Inter arm lalnr cotifirtiilng
ill I would not iilleml the meniorial
held fur Mill at I'ltleluirg. Kan ,
AiiKUHi 4 I.e. una.' aunii'tliiug aernied
I" till inn that tin aim ulive "
Mia Ilunliety la vlal!lng her
aiatrr, Mlaa .1 t'lalre lniiie, tea hor
of Im'orv In the Tulai puhlic achoola.
at 111) Wrat Kltihth atieet, aft. I a
i.'onvaleaclng ftom a collapae or
( aaliiocil l.y tlm new", flrat of the
death and Ihi.t of the alt tiinra
woiiti.lini, of In r hiial.au, I July IK.
any one of atilch waa rnouith In
kill him, he eiiti-a. The Itniilenant
la now In u l.v hoapltul at the
inuiith of tlm Iiire river and enpecia
In recover in two or three nmniha.
The laal leiier leriuvcd from him
waa written Auguat 4t and liewa
ftiiiu tlm g.i einnmiit rcirlveil by 1 1 In
wir l.int rtiimliv iinnoiincril thai,
rontraiy In Dm foimer rrnnrt, lie
j H ai Mllll 1 1 v 1 1 1 k
Only lUavntlT Majriieal.
l.leiiten.iMi lliiiihi-ry mid hla wife,
who are cll kimwn In Kauai" both
hukli'K been ineinlieia ,,l tlm faculty
of the I'lttehurK aiale normal arhool.
were imirrleil litimeili.itely after the
lieutenant a enliaiuieut, Nowiolier
li. 117. Ili Bailed f"r Prance May
4 thia year. ' He and lila coiiipany
parth Ipaled In nil iigageuietit In
the Chateaii-Thli'iyji. a-clnr, near
.SolaaoiiH Th t,ol wf the advance
of lna company la tol l In a letter
from him written In tlm hoapltul:
"Our command moveil over the
top at 4 a. m. Tlm enemy Immedi
ately opeheil fire upun tia nnd the
whole men. waa mn.tn ItIkIU a day
bv rocketa of varioua deacrlptlona
With our Iwiyuneta we raptured ma
chine guna, artillery of nil forma and
a ronat.iui an ram of German aol
dlera. "I got two mllca without being
hit. Thla brought mn to th creel
of the hill overlooking the Herman
poBltlunM. Here I luat a few uren out
of my company by ahrapuel fire.
The men began to crawl thumgh u
wheat field. Inaluntly, howewr, ma
chinn guna openeil up upon ua. Here
I got a half apent bullet lu my left
(high. We continued our pmgreae
aflor we iad lontled a Herman ob
aerver and made him pav for hla
obaei vatlon w ith hla life iur irog-
reaa continued verytirpidly until the
enemy let down Vlarrag. We
loat conalilerahla ' men hrre. A
ahrapnel gun of the enemy fired
aeven Hmea at me without Injury,
hut with the eighth I thought my
lega were torn from my body.
Many Ncrloiia W omnia.
"One huge piece of abell went Into
my right thigh, amallnr plei ea Into
my head and left arm. I place. I one
of my llciitenanla In command and
told two of my orderllee to drag ma
to a ahell hole. Thla waa about & a.
rn. and when I got lo thia hole I
waa nroneoua '
1-ator after being harrn.aaff by
enemy bulleta upon every movement
that revealed to the enemy be waa
living thn Knnaae.man managed to
rrawl one mile In one day without
food and walv.r nnd waa picked up
by nn ammunition clerk and taken
to a flrat aid atatlon and thence In
tha boNpllal.
ma Itininrknblo Courage.
Mra Hant.'ry'a courageoua "plrlt
from the beglniuiig of her hualmnd a
enhatment which prompted her to
lake tho platform and beg of the
women to brace up and not aend
their men to war like "whipped
doga" waa noticed by military o(
flcrra who reiiueaied her to apeak
lo the anldieia and their women
relative! whenever poealble and
aprrnd a goapel of courage ami
cheer. Her habit of optimlam aua
tnlned her when Die report of her
hunt, ii nil a death reached her Hhe
Bent hi in away to live, ahe aald, and
aim would not give him up.
Mra Hanhery haa talked to the
aolillera at Camp (Ireen, Camp Mllla,
Main Street
Ht-twccn Third and Fourth
Values to $27.50
A wonderful collection of new Fall models. Fringed
panels, pleats, sashes, draped effects are tho import
ant features of these beautiful Dresses. All sizes.
special for
Today, $19.75
You'll Suncly Need a
SkirU are more in vujrue this
neaflon than ever before.
Today We Are Offering
$6.95 Skirts $7.95
V!ut to $14.50
All wool aergea tailored modela.
Juat the kind for the bilalneaa girl
or woman. All alien.
Today, $6.95 and $7.95
Waists !
beaded And
embroidered. To
day special. All
each, $5.88
Show Great Quality
Styles are numerous. The
middy style and the reg
ular coat sweater
for popularity.
The color range U large
turquoise, coral, buff, co- "
pen, rose, jrreen and
many other shades.
$4.95 to $14.95
'amp Mcl'heraon and In th women
In many cltlea, ualng her theme to
llffen the morale of bar hearers.
'Make them believe they will live
to return, make youreelf believe they
mill rtluin" the nfficer'a wife, whoa
filth waa Juatlfied, aald yesterday.
Th family of Lieutenant Hanhery
Uvea at Knld. Okla. Four of hla
brotl.en are in the rvlce.
WAHIIINUTUV. Aug. tl. A mw
priority Hat of Induarlea ta reoelv
oal, trunaportatlon, yabfxi:' material
and financial aaalalalire, with pro
vlalon frr civilian naeda, la being
compiled by tha war Industrie
hoard. It will b laauad. It la i
pected, within the nit ten day or
two week, according to announce,
men! today. Th llat alao will form
th baala for operation of th werk
or fight order.
Captain Mllla Killed.
NEW YOHK, Aug. II Captain
Phillip O. Mill, former Harvard
football player and a eon of th
hit (leneral Hamuel M Mllla. chief
of artillery, IT. 8. A , wma killed In
action July It laat, according to
Information received her taday by
Ic KlHartat Comlnoea.
P.elal to T Wai4.
imi'MHlOMT, Akla, Aug. 19
Drumrlghl'a Ic rkinln I continuing
and apparently (tier will 1 no ur
reaa In tha situation until winter
put an and to hut weather. Th
iM-umrlght lea company la unable
tn supply th aVmand for lew hers
and a a result ahera I considerable
auffarlng tronng parsons who ar 111
aa well aa otharw. Ilualnea organl
aatlona her wll probably take up
the matter In aa effort to ameliorate
condition. If poealble. Not mora
than a third or th residents of thla
city ara being supplied wllh lo at
th present tlm.
Man marry for companionship;
eome gat It and aom do not. No
woman who 1 dragged down with
allmant peculiar to hr sex can be
a fit and happy companion for, any
man. There la, however, on iVded
and tru ramady for such conditions
In that fanwaia old root and herb
medicine, Lyeta R. Ptnkham's Veg
etable Compound, and no woman
who Is afflicged with dlaplaeement,
Irregularities, Inflammation, ulcera
tion, baekarba, headache, nervoua
neaa or "th l luee," should reat until
ah haa ,lvn thla good nld-faah-loned
remedy a trial. It will restore
health and Influence your whole Ufa.
Reliable Mefbod of Hair Cart
Hair la by Kr th moat conspic
uous thing a'jout ug and la probably
th most aajlly damaged by bad or
rareles treatment.' If wt ara "dry
careful In hair washing, w wlll
hav virtually nd half trouble. An "'"
eapeclally fine shampoo for tills
weather, on that brings out all tha
natural beauty of th hair, that dls
solvee and antlrely rsmeve gll
dandruff, rsceaa ell ahd dirt, enn'
aaslly b naed At trifling apena by '
Imply dissolving a teaswonfiU of
Canthrog (whloh you can get at -any
druggist), in K cup' f hot '
water. Thla makea a' full cup of 1
shampoo liquid, enough ao It la easy '
to apply It to all tha hair Instead
of Just th top of tha head. Thla
chemically dissolve alt IropurlUe
and crsi-tea s soothing, oonling
lather. Rinsing laavaa . th scalp
apntleaaly clean, aoft and pliant.
While th hair takea on th glossy
richness of natural color, alio a
fluffl.ie which makes It Mm
much heavier than It la After Can
throg ahampuo, arranging Lha hair
la a pleasure. Adr.
Mr. and Mra. Thomas J. Woods
announce the birth Auguat 20 of a
son, who la to bear the name of hla
father. Mra. Woods waa Ulanrha
llouae before liar marriage two
jcurs ago.
Mta P. P. Portler and daughter.
M 'H Juliette, are leaving thla morn
ing for Kureka Hprlnge. Ark., where
they go to apend the remainder of
the warm season.
Girls I Make Pleaching
Lotion if Skin Is Sun
burned, Tanned or
Mrs Walter Smith has concudei'
wiek'a vlalt to Mra 11. 1". He Ion-
i fie, In the home of her parents. Mr
ami Mia K. K. Pent. Z0 Bouth Main
street, returning to Chanuta, Kan.
Mlaa Ijiurette fiimmons left on
Tneailiiy In company with Mr. and
Mia Jamea It. Cole for Han Antonio
ami vnrlnua points In Texas to re
in. nn for two weeka.
Mra C R Jones returned yeeter
diiv to her home In Springfield. Mo
after a vlalt of ten daya with her
ituiiKhter, Mrs. Jack Hamcl. and Mr
Rquaa the juice of two lemona
into a nVittle containing three ouncea
of Orchard Whit, shsks wall, and
you hays a quairr pint of th bead
freckle, sunburn snd tan lotion, and
completion beautlfler, at very, very
amall ooat.
Your grocer haa the lemona and
any drug More or toilet counts will
supply three eunrea of Orchard
White for a few rent. Maaeaga this
sweetly fragrant lotion Into tha face,
neck, arms and heads eweh day and
an hew freckles, sunburn, wind
burn and tan disappear and how
tear, aoft and white the skin be-
Xal It la harmless. Ads.
I Mra Thomas It. Shaw, who ef
'some time ago to upend the warm
aeaaon In Colorado, is quite 111 In
M:?aa Parlbel Wantland has re
turned to I'urcell, after a pleaaaht
iait In the home of her relatives, Mr
an I Mra J. 1 Wantland.
ndtlNh (ami all lew lowrr.
I.o.MKiN. Aug. II. Krltish caa
naltlea reported In the week ending
fcd:iy totaled 1.41 1, compared wllh
an upgregate of ,; reported In
the previoua week. These are dl
vl li'l aa follows: Killed or died of
wounds --Officers ilO, men 1,307;
wounded or missing Officers I5,
men .20
Arrived Otcrajra.
Ano'.her Tula boy haa arrived
"over thT." I. I Klgler if 1210
I :at Second has had word that hla
ofyOlaymond, ha arrived surely In
r'igiics. 11 la In th Hind Infantry.
Plush and
Cloth Coats
Our Work
I Backed
By YfjSra of
Wo A No
Kf -la I If
In ArtlNtln
Rivkin I hono 4I
Valucs Up to $37.50
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
There are fifty coats in thecollection, coming in black
silk, seal plush, black pony cloth and plush combinations,
Hurclla cloth, velours and the new rough wool. Some of
thcue coats have, collars, cuffs and pockets of Chafe's
beaver, while others have collars of real beaver or Kit
Koney, and still others have collars of self material.
Kvery coat in the asHOrtment is lined with guaranteed
satin lining, both half and full lined models shown.
Ijirge, geruTous collars, cuffs, pockets and belts mark
these coats as above the average. They are trimmed with
large buttons and buckles, nome of the coats being fin
ished off with two buttons of Chase's beaver at back of
belt. The colors of the cloth coats are taupe, reindeer,
tan, brown and navy.
Third.and Main Take lilcvator
III rv
w 1
4 P o
I 7 1 it
New Fall .
Suit, Dressea and
e par ate Skirts.
You buy them for
ess berause of our
upstairs titration.
' .PTIi '"'i-!","1f""

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