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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, August 26, 1918, Image 8

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Oklahoma. Man .m"ig Thie In
irrwxl ai nnataiillnnple; run.
ulilona (n1.
wash I s'oTi 1 n". auk n "f'i','
and rnlimr.1 nan of the I' ' H
gcorpion, Interned at CoriHtiin'Inop.f
bv th Turkirh government aim a
April II. I''17. are being accorded
Mcellent I r . i rnent ' and nil In
good health. U. navy department
gnnnnm-ed tnnir.ht u i"n receipt of
report through the hwetlHh Ipn.ill'.n
11 itt.ne'.intinofila The r'P"n wlinh
lella if the ' oioiniona of living r,f
tha three offltera and Ml men of the
gc"rpt' n'a iTrw waa the drill detailed
word lit elved aim I ho gunboat n
Interned for failure ! Imr lulki.ll
.iiii It-Tore III" If I hour ,riii.
Tii new "f 'he S' nrplnn rerene
w Ii.iIimkiii.i' and ibiind.int fund. ili
report ktae Kimib.iU a-amee nn Me
drill t, r . . i n 1 nf the TurVlah nil 11
la'er i.f manna, Mt.Ha under enmit
In t'nneianiin"p. dally in,wepapera
and hooka air allowed Ihe Ameri
cana A healthier anrlinmge for I ha
pcorplon hea been ptnvlded and rn' n
have been permitted 10 vlalt drntlita
In lha city.
Th announcement glvaa Ihe nam'-a
tit lha man Interned Amiiiii 'ha an
baled man ii P. Ilmnphi lea, Kil
Itriftfi. iklM, iiml ii' Taylor, 1'aiter.
Tann. A number of (ha nun art limn
(nnatanllnnple ,
WABHIVfjT'N. Am Ja In r-
ar 'hat lha regletratinn nf man ha.
Iwaan lha age, "f l and il and IM
nd.4ft veara mav ha held wiihln ten
(lam after tha man power bill ren
dering men within ajch ageg liable
in iliaft hai baanme, law. Trovint
Marahal Oeneral- Crowder tonight
announced mrthoda hy which the
registration liny be given wpu pub
licity. ,
Nawapapera. poatrra, handhllla.
Uraat car Uganda, four mlnuta man,
mlnlalara In churrhaa and leacheie
In achoola, motion picture theatara
and labor unlona will ba need hy tha
provoat niaratial tanaralt offir to
inform tha approximately ll.10",onfl
mn In tht t'nltad 8iata of thatr
obligation to rtltr
NEW YOUK, Au ! -dtranunna
If not draatlr. manauraa ara, to la
taken for h proilmH Ion, ronaarva.
tlon and dlatrfriutlon of ataal. At a
ronfaranca In Waahlnfion Thuradav
lha ovarnmant a aatlnmiaa nf ra
(iilrementa for tha riirrant half -ynr
war p lw-ad at II.AOO.flliO Inna. about
Ihraa million tnna rrtore than ai.
atad a- faw waaka .
II J f
oma Hospital
SVvSe ConIat of
lit rirapraof building arrange
for porpoaa.
and. Modam and eomplat aulp
mant undar en root
Ird. Character, parlance m4
skUi oi- HWrtant m '
Tta great ak)ata af A aaanltal kra
el?a, re i a aaa aaoratiea ai tie tirai
lk tralalaf e( ahrlrln aareeel
aaleattaa al etaelael taaiMn
aea' e-
.reveeitee al aiaea. ITiiaae are
la Ike Oilakmt Uaaallal
aa4 II la apea ka Ike prafeeitee.
Dr Weed i- ninion, PraelnVat.
likaa H. C. C. r.irarrlrr, It. S,
Pr. V. II. Carlrmn,
Iaaldant I'hyalulan
Ninth and Jackeon ntraa:j
Phona Oaage III
fll-li ralaca Pldg.
Phong 111
llt-ll-14 Wright Bids. .
Law ef Oil and Oag
Law e)f Corporation
National Pank
Tula. Okla.
quy W. MeCullocn IL Chaffln
rifth and Boaton I'honaa 135-911
I'HONE 10ft!
Children Cared for During Working
oh Hiopptns Houra
Eichanga New for Old
14 and 14 Woat Baeond
New locatlon
19 Wat Third
Q)r. I. Angstrcich
lacond Main I'bona 111
llftdqui.rtr for Kryptok Ltnii
Kor Ian yri mintiT of tha Mi
lantli- hotel in Knnn-ia ('Hy, "'l ona ,
if lha il knnnn hol'l man In H
middla waat, l"liarl M I n f : I I ,
l aroinaa tnanaiiar "t Ho'al Tilin tlii
moriilnc, voa fi I. Jnmaa. hn h-n
pnrrliail n tint"! In K"mh M ' i
j-rrifial'l lainr in Tii1j s '--la I -I v 'iinl
It on lha .,h ih'D mmnii'V
"I'm rrtthar jilaimarl wi'ti ThIni
ha all ' I llui.k Lin ! In I U '
llnlal Til laa und lt. . . I r n-. I.n I if
(rmiaa, in lint lirl' Willi J l"' ' U'
tlnnM IO IliaUa II ifrnxl llnlal, ill!' I iifl
itinhilinn to do avrt, no.ra I a. 1 1 ill
aoan-1 nma litrla iirnr f ri t mil
Vlhul tha lintal piif'tniia win' im-'I
than I'll go III attorn for g;tinif ! I "
thfm "
II I". IWanrian raill1;ni l'li t1 "
hoial aa urn. ritint ii iiinici Hi
Ta. In l, ill i.ion ,li- Inlilirf II
.llini'' II dllltrillil I ,11 n,t I, Inr
idanlifad wth tin i'i i,'. i ii i r , ' i'i'i
Jarl, Jmliini",,, h i. iha .u
p.li II of I r r,t AM I I I l 1
1 1 . i Krntiill'- a r f
Mir o liar nf tha hot'
li, " ' aa. Ira
of lii .i loi i: i' man I j,s . t i
fli r
Col. in.
i. Ml I
mil ti'
(In I no. Il le IiimiIi In Iw -I lu-t'.ill
Ion n In inori; Wiiot-i IMInr i
Arraiijtiiiriiia Mulo. )
- i
I'.OHTf'N. Aiii; 1 Iw I' ''"'
Amarlian laanna .lul. m'l r.f i- i'
alllila Ii) tha , lu'dula .u I i n in' n I ,
fur tha world tih h ci' '" ii i i j
I'raeldant I', in .lnlinon of tin Aim-'
i-n k,ii;ia in I'lmii.:,' mi .'ii'i' liv
I'taeolant II II I Ml" if Mi" In" I
Inn li.am tha Imii'ih I-i,Iii. an
nnllioad tOlllH'h' I'laHld'Tlt ttll"'.
lid Ilia l.rnin.a.il t i oliv Mo
f ii i.i
In I hn'.iifo w
m no f 1 1 1
M.a fll-l ,
to the
an mi
llneton f ii oi lla
,,-l art mifciainant
Ihii K lfi"'" W a,liia,tn v iii'l 'I Inn i
dav, Hnpiemlier i jml fi in Hweinni
ami Ml" na( two in S 1 1 nr .1 i - inn I1
fmri'l-iy. Haptainlii'i iiml " in ' til
riiin He did nut raf-r to Mi" oihai
(t.imae nf the irl'i If any ware ra
quired j
If tha lli, .Inn (lull Mine the
Anierlran langiie pannan' I will re
fuea to ahlda by the ai heilule. iir
ranirenianla for Mia world aarlaa u
given rml hy I'lawldanl .Nihnenn In
ChlraH" on fUlurdav," Mr t raiaa
Id "Km Ii a efliniul- In riot only
vary unfair to the Koaton rluh, Imt
It la nil I n ait It to lloaton fine and to
tha ret haaehall town In the Antarl
run league
"While It haa hnnn the tiietom for
the ronterollnir rluli i,w ih-m 1n toae
a roln to llai'lda t.,illl lln plitre of
the rtpenltig of lh" a"i lee, I do not
rnl nil walvliiK (hut fornfulitv ami
plaving tha firal two gantea In Chi
cago and then rnmlng to linalnn fnr
two gamea Hut I Uii aliaolutaly
npunaed to playing three gamee In
f'hlrago 'and then' aa 1'iealilant
Johliaon aava. 'play the rainalnlna
gamee. if any,' twhatrrr tint
Ineanal In Hoaton '
'Tha Ideal arrangement would ha
to play the flu: two gamaa on Wad
neaday and Thuraday In Hoenan and
tha negt two, Haturdav and Hundjy
In Chlrago. Tha erhedule na given
nut by Mr. Johneon "will nareaaitatn
tha paaalng up of hnth the :turda
and Kunday datea whlih I th ik Ii
a hlg mletake Tha aerira ahotilil
ba ao arfingad that rarh rluh ahall
have tn equal ennnre to win. The
ripanaa of an eitra trip betwerr tha
two rillea ahniild not ha ronaldereil
at, all Thire la ahaolmely no ren
nm for curtailing tha mn ir "
NEW' REGISTRANTS WILL BEu.e ,.;; ' ,'" ym.V .,. ,,i,."
J gat how long It will lake In gel
tha 140 men reglatcietl In Tniai
h.ilnrdav Into the armv la a matter
of aprciilallnii, hut Miner wlot g'
Into Cle 1 mav anpeet to get culled
at an early date They will mi
douVtadly all he Ig the difft ty
October 1.
Aa tha men ware r.'giaterad )
terday, they wera given (iiilluii
nalrea and Inatrurled to fill them out
and return tht in at once Thia wna
an Importaniaji'rocednre, and no man
ran aay no tnat lie oidn t gat ,i
qnaatiunnalre In the paai. thai hue
been ona of lha favorite etcua'-e
With thf ralla already on hand I
about all of I'laaa I men outalda uf
Ihoae regiatered HiUindiv are lallad
fnr eervlre A , ynntingent of t i 0
leavea Tueadav and (hare ate con
tlngjenla to go nett wark whnh1
meena that about all of thnae in
holh tha cltv and rountv I eta in i'lu
I will he enhaualed h- Hepiamhet t.
Aaanrlated. I'reaa Information vaa
erdav aald tnnt the new r'giair.mta
would lie etimlned al orne and
railed at an ratly dale
lit I irf for
Tht Bio.U of Rliiir '
Ii iit"it trtnTft-unl tir
(f--tltr fr ii t o a( I it S I it
tn-ti In tie htHt n ! ifirrtM
t'.i ton iflnrd ingitnt rhl '
Complft Outfit $1.25
Ai Ifmln ;
rml iii-en if
itrur.'Hil nl
. ipl el pure.
nt , l-
Ilia. Inhalattiin I'liainlenl I'n
tyilnrnilo Sprtna, l oin ajj
Oii.ati of
r v ivi is ai i.vs m'i
"' f.,r IXl.io.l l-al-on
:i'l 11',-lt.iJ I'lile,
1 In' I ami to .leu.
ljlta ii,i
l-fcitlaa 11.000 Rawtrfl. p.i,.
nit nj tr.l Sur. ..,-f'il ' M'.i l',,
aiUKit. f'altljt r a 1 . a i- imi nf I',,
aiati ek.lianla hnntatti n
tt a a. Na hi'm. pin er I n I r i ' r a
t.ni. Mail 1 lioiihlt sue.
'rl ! i aa Willi lf-lt,
. iilhirijlaii Kaimilj U , li'J
KL.. City, Mo.
ll- T
Vim bti
L Fever
i,lllnr lllr n nr I n I Ion I'mw-nla In
trra.ilrii Slliiailon In That on-rn-iiliiti;
I'liifl ll m r(1 . Too.
r.'Avl .., I Tnl. ll,l ar-ftnd fill
ll,l!li ln Mp ni I'-. 'tv own
,H. tin- laitlfo.i'n of !! tlnn !('"
no In lli 1. 1, vi imr t'-l-ii. iif'-r
wlil'll ,l I'Mii I ii i , . M t , II VIII I'H Is'i-'l
i 1 1 1 f , In K n,i .i ii in' 1 1 inn Mh.il )
Mr Hilipi if Mia yVlin "f ti ll
h. iin uitli t afrr'-lii- !., Ilia n
c a 1 1 1 1 ' i. r I"' II
in i II M ' 1 1 1 I a f ,
linn t-nnrd
, It li.i'i I, am
' rhlm l In I, a I
i "1 1 n ,i' ft 1
In ,t i mini l'
I M,i- I..,!.,!,
j avail II .1 , 1 1
, th a 111 f I mo i l
I I'll,. I I ' I '
i h tiuc l ,i i i
, ,.l n, r li,
niv I Mi
ifn 'I
Mi 'i ai
. ,ll
i If . l.il'V
In ii II,
II IM fa
II 1,1,1 t,a
I 4
lllll I
Mir I
I ,,.,1 I
A I .. in n'l
'III , I Hi .1 II
1,11 1 I' I
Il 11 1 1 1, ll 1 1. "I
. n
' I
lni, t,, I, a
1 1 n I v I ,, , II 'I
I I nil W I ;J
, iliii v .I'll :
, l
. I; .,
i e a
I '
1 1 ,
I 'Hi"
ll' I
1 1,
Mill I OIlllNl
1 ',,
,,f Ml" rh
l a t i ,,,lal '1 I'
, I i,. ,n in, I I
I .
fl. ii
r ii
n't.ii,,t t.
I .n i ik
in III"
Mint ,
. , 'a, In
l.fulil '
'I ii, i a a-ti
' II I liaan
I In "I mil .nit f
1 1 I A' 1'i-r ii 1 ,1 k
Ml'In'hiT ''ll' ll ft I
'I '
'l III I'f
' I a I ' 1 1 1 n I a
, the ,it,
a, I oil Hie
i-xif n.tiiiij
in 1 1 inn f , i ;t t mi'
in l i f Mia i nun, i
t In- l H i i m I n ,i I
I l ml . mil,. i
I ml. r Mi" I.i. ii ,
1 1
In, I" It, a v..n.r
in ti," i ,'iinii v
i r,l I n i uillll V
Iiiii h ii ri'iiti Irle.l Willi f"li-r"tl
Mil' illy loalK nf Ml" i inn, ty anil
Nil nl (! IIII..1 1 Inn ll.l I I'll ll.lllilllllg
M." nutli r ntli'r Mini Mia i li,unlai
if f oiniiiar'-e, A A ftnall, of lha
Ki'plll'lli rtll 'i"ll,tl I'lilllllllt i e, tnflh
ii girit il"il of int"fifii In Mm jiru
tirem. and hi l n ,iaiinrt orgetiiat
lion on elm , iliy lloit give ef
f,r!le r".llta
Itei-auaa if the fiililni'ka of the
ronliet. Mope vlin huie fnllnweit
thf matter f"l. til it til" hatter Judg
ment of tha n.iri inoi a people, - will
Ii, i, ,il u i , , I Ii .t t Miry will flii'illv
conclude (hat In'ITia long run. thav
i, mid i,,,i win, nid ulll aiirca to let
Mia i lei linn aland
WAKlllNii I'i i. Aug S -I'lin
pai Ih fnr n alihtlv hiKhcr prlra fnr
avigar In the i miaurin'r In the gear
fiiturn Hria fmeia'.' hy the food ad
in I ii i a I mn tml.iy mi itnniiiiiicing
that (he aiiK.ir eiiin!lcnlloii hoard
In order tn minimize ine'iiialiilta lm
twaan. prlci Of the old iind new
i Tope, will p i r,Ti n aa all auaar a' Mia
nlil j.rlce and le aril lo the holder
hi I ii new price The In, f ane lo
i unmiin'i'. It la eald, will not aiiioiint
to li.ni a than a rant.
f jmT(i.o w.
Tha new hill at the Htoadway.
aiurting yeatard.ii"'. aftenoon. la one
(if nninv highly emai ia:ning f" turea
'"ilien Al i ii u ! In a inami'
Koom" In the title of a aplamtiil
rotnelv anil hv the Two Trilne ihii
kit h,ia a good moral and tha a'l
cone lintel will) riiuaic on a r,iie,,,
f their ow n inventlun. Walter Hlan.
ton ti I'd. aie aaan in a reuirri en
gaginriit In which la feiiiiirail the
antiiM of it k in lit rimaiar whoae daiic.
lien, t linry.A t n preenl a (level
Ha well aa an ed ma I ion a I arntflntf
and InlKing ekit on the war Itai
,l, Kliir.1 i,n'eha,., of a ri-fmad nn.l
cultured voice and hnev lnnh'v rn
tin t. lining eong prngim inrludliiK
e'liinj nirr.i K.ilph and Mnv are
n'nii in an el' featuring t !uti ew itig
Ina, Innullnu. etc 'lha picture pro
yi im la one nf tnerii and in a llitmn
lo n r. rd weekly und two noma, Ilea
featiirea llntv .Moray and Hefty
lilvthe In ll five real phnloplay en
tilled ' All Man "
Cit Briefs
IMt M "11 1 MI'S' tll l e kiii
Mia V Ml A Tnradat t I I o
Via pi ,ni to ijir ,r ila,arl hi
lo, k.
i .imp t'lke. Ark
I N K V i N
I'UKe'i i.vs aw pad a
II, id."
1 1 tr t.
1 1 h-:
ia ni
u e , 1 1 . r ,x
i .i"t i a f
ealanla a-'intd
ilia police alalinn
1 1 a: . I t.
Ml" I 'in ten I Ml com
K All. n.uM ra-
' 'k I hi '111. I Will i'i'.
i i
I" I u
it'll i TI' 'S'
' t . n
I '
i n i . i nk .. oiding I ' mf ' tn.i
lino, n I I lie I, l I '.I.I 'ion I .la, 1 1 I F
l,lie it Die I Ik ' J llntlnl ll'V Ofrllll'
,! inaKe 'ha ; l , a l , 1 1 , 1 tl Theie ale
fig III .III,,'. Ill I lite
AM' It l" M it Nt ll I K thai I, .night
, Hid I ' ;',M,.! n k-hl me ll:''t,"ia In
the niilnn fm the cnnaeritttinn ff
fu"l l i 'i I v i l ii '''ii-. 'is a - l.ri',1
A.l'y f,, 'it''. If.-'l nil t'e ll-ied
'n a 'll et ' :mi l' . i ". ti nil. he I, - la. i ' , d
by tha fuel adtiiioatt ailnn
. I
TWii Al'Tl'.M' "I'll y S titolan I M
ur.liy h.i been r Inroad to tlnn
owtieiii hv tint "'ili'i' d "p 1 1 t ti ia n f
A Miyn'll. ow t" I by I' 1 '.ia
fotd, r. J 1 S Xanthtia, . found
ami! In jet of th" a.ty llayti'i, l a
Infgiri. tn l" Mi' per. m fmind
nri r the i 'ouni rv rluh
t .
A NF'W r
'nl 1' ATI"" HI- H will b i
ipal pie counter Til's
the d.'partiil e of I . I'
lii. t hat pi i, ", a n.l i.
e (Ml the rn l ,lt I "
N Jo hint mot in i '
.. t, , i '.i in 1 1 like " a
r:,'n I.- difti'-tili tn f '..
th" niiinn
,i v fnlloi in
1. M '1,1 li,
-l i n .- I .t lei
p. a ' ... i en
k II .a
eu ,' i , a tn inn- 'ar a in,ii,.r
r 1 , ; t,, p, ,1 1, a ,l p 1 1 in . 1. 1
A IT i'! .ir,"n; fiau 1 wa fi'a.l j
I It '.-t l t 1 11 ..I 1, i UK I P-'
le TnNa l.n-ii't.g t',1 ,, ii : e, I'll
ik- 1 ' In 1 r the - i '. nf I. in Is I'll
nth. I , , n ' i ' I') V. til i,., '..v w
I 1 1 '"
due him. he Imu-ea
J ." 11 l f..r 1'in l th.M
" It, it! tile rttllO'l"!
1 1 i ll I" .lame, l
! ' M 'I h, 'int. -nil .it '
I.' Ill .,' he p.!,,
im ' li , I ' ll t,
3,-ki I ii
A I mutt mni and
other 'li-feinlHllia In tl
I'dWIIIitM )., nis'tiei ,,f Ihe ,irll
pined l.dwanla buildun;. .
I nut-
ICI tni
Wv ..."
. ... i .
l.W l.iAfl I
D.V.CIIU'L'ITH'C 'The Creat.UovcV'
MAKUU.LIU 1 1. CI.AIUO oevj CdbtnJ.
The 'I'alara (iffara To I'lne IhotopUya fnr Thin AVaek'a Program
College Military
Camp Move
IMaii Is fur Young Men to
Stay in Srhool und Still
Have Army Train i njr.
Mnny Knroll for First Ttrm;
Ciovcmmt'iit Kmphasizes
Importance of Study.
'Wlttf rraaldcnt Tt McLiitrlo. nf
tha M.laea' liuaelia Inaiiluia of Tech
nology errving aa educational head nf
iha atudenta' a'mv tralnitm- rarpa
lid a l iff of well knuwn t lx 1 i lime
to help m the taak. the war depart
ment a plan to he averv importart'.
collene In the rountrv a military poa'
for the training tif-mm for the arny'
and nuy la making rapid headway
(n July IH three lama training
rampa at I'lhtlabiirg. N V . Nun
KTanciaco. ("al, and Fort KherMan,
III, with atti-iid.iin e of V.Ofiil maiu-
tiara of collcL'e faciilliaa and felertad
atudenla licK-in ii aixtv day cniiia- it"
eigne. 1 to prepare men tu aniat in I
the work of military tytM i i."'1',ri in
the i nUcKt'B thia year
Ptaili of the plan hve i' haen
announced bs lha war depuMiieni ,
"The plan la an nttempt to molil-i
lise and dmrl"P the Inaln power of;
the young men of the country fori
fhaa,. rervlraa wh.ch danoiml aparia!
tiVnuiK." aaa the war depuriniant
"It a ohlact la to prevent the pri ma
Hire enlistment fnr active eerwee of
theae men who could hy extending
the period of their college training
' """"
In In announcement the depart
nianr p.nnia oui ir- iiaem mi man,.
trained men aa i rafffera. engineer!
rt.ic tnia. chenii.itj arid adinimatratora
of eery kind
' The Iti'i'i i tam e of thia ree l can
not la ton afronglv einphagie.."
aaa tha war ,kpnm'tlt rlrculjr.
Th, a la a wur m yhlih aoMieta ara
not nnlv nurkmiieti, but alao eniel
ncera. i fiamiata, phvan.-lgfg, geolng!at
dortota and pi ;a I ! t a In many other
llnea S.-.i 1 1 f :- Iralninc la India
penaahle Kngineering eklll la needed
hv the offlcaia who dita.-t eierv im
portam,, mllii ii v opeulinn and w no
control o ir llnea of tranaport tt'l ml ,,r
roniniunlciilinn In Mia eame wa v j n, ,,,,,
, chemical and phvaica I V m?w le Je are ; rn ; t
,ln cniiKtant .tatn.in I at the fiont ai,...,
n M ind-Roaflino-
iiuphlm v West,
Team, (Jrt
"Siangall " a mind I'.id'.ng !-
cieatfd a tifailnn at Mia I'mpr. in
'h' .'i'.r i aft i I iv and lat ivght wnli
the mi at .imartng t -mine a"irita ri'a
a. nn h Hemnd doubt he la tin'
n,,,' l h'chlv .'iltt'-ated '1 "IT In inft li"
,1 ,i
ii,' i
I l 1 1 1 1 1
Intiya th'it only huni'tn M"n"f
,.dl'- of i,llll'g Hie il, llln,
nn the typewriter, tailing Mia
I aiiea
f childieti. coun'ng the i"t"
nn car, la and M e number of ilava In
a 'v.'i'k, tt-lhng tha dv of the rti"n'li.
c.lke walklrg and Inn umei a Me ntli'r
tinyel atiinla ll" la a l"a amlei I'I"
iltta'tinn end the Tu'ii, kidliei.
h icd all .a iltn.
Th'a la Mi bti program "ir I'm-
praa 111" "f'e'l I1" pit'o" 111
timnth That" uni t a -."ot . t on the
hill and laHUghlln A w.th their
I'afe I ...tia.v. mia" eklt aligtue. k -log
and dam leg ar e tha r'aae-eat
ent et telnet a thai have b.n here In
titiiB. They uio cm I'll mil
RubkRT kAUlu a
Training .
Gaining Ground
well aa liehlnd thf llm-a. while Mia
l.iak of n.i in k tha livea and realm'.
In the lif.ijn of hundieila of limn
aanda of nundd a lis for the aeiv
hra of regimenta of military phi?;
nana The aclentifm training pie.
puree a man to fulfil! one of finer
illnhly apeclullted dutiea. and tha
more liberal training which heli to
'leyalnp the rUultMea of laaitarahlp
needed hy the nffiref or adnilniatra -lor
are'aaential elementa of tnilciry
"Thf'boy who eailata In thf am.
lenta' army training corpg v-VTI h
a nienib'T of tha army of tra niied
rltaten. lie will he provided hy thr
war department with uniform and
equipment, bait will be on f'irlouirli
Ulna aVd will not receive pay ay
will undergo tctuliir tr.illlniy Ira n
lug aa ;i pait of h:a comaa dtir'.ni-'
the coKeae year, will ait'-nd a alx
wceka ratrn for rigid and Intensive
tnllllarv iharructKina . 'wjyh. privatee
pay. atiY will ho auhjeci to the call
nf tha preaM'm for active earvlca at
anv time, ahould thf exlgenciea of thi
military aituutton demand It The
policy of the government, however
will he to keep meuihera of thia rorpa
In collage until their draft r I
reached and th war department w,l'
h ive the power to order am h inet'
, cnllnvle in rn.'ega even after thetl
draft age le icurhe.l whenever Mieir
wnrk la aurh that the nee, la of t'ic'
a.-r lea a $ . for nictnia. ancina. -
j chemiaia and the like are an, h ha !'
mal-e tha' cniirae advlaahle "
j Tha atiidcnfi' army Ir.iinlnc cn-p
lla adminiarered hv the r,immi"ee on
education', land epeclal tr,t:i'ini,- '
!the. war depkrtnianl .w hlch it. , r
j tlon of the tialning and h"r'i"!'ii
hiani'h of the war p'ma il iii.nn ,,f
! the general alaff I'nnipeiarn off.
icerannd non-rotnmlaaionad nffcr
I will he gaa.gned to the tarlnua inn
tiitiona to carry on tha ik of mi
t(lrv matrurtlnn
n V,w of the educational i
me of the new plan, 1 1 r V 1'
(l , l.,mi,.ll,l,.r f d o a';,.
ant ii epv of tile w.it depirt
atlltetnent to achnnl ,i"1 ci,:;ik,
uMvea Ihroilchniit Mia ,,,'in'r
Thrco t aca I la ml I
I'KI.UI'iM V r rv a in
The ctlii'ini' '",.!' nf i.,, i! t.,
day n.iudet down the fl,wiiL,- da
fltintlt "I "til S fli .1 1 t Allr 'iiilntv
dialt.it court mill!' ',, of minder
ar, I lif,. sau'ein .-, nffrme, i lur
i hn.nin
I 'Nll'l,
nut i
lim, PrinoM a
(iiphtMirn Dancin,
nn Ovnti'tn.
lie a. I li n at a h nd I f c n
"hi'li l ahf ei d ll , hin
er rmi ii of i ppj ( i .i
half d urn !iia at
Ihe eirle fmni the
i n I'i i 1 1, i i : h t hair
ll g nn -ii I er. ' The Hi!
la ar, other iiniixn i Hv f
S I li I l' Mi' I'liar.von. Me .v'.
ed:an, pie.iaee h'l and. en. -o
Iv w H'i hla mnsa. aim laa
plra rinial" l- !m en: 1n I
car. wrh : rcf-ned ,ici,.
hei open 'he i-h,,iy ilttd a
The rutted Ft fee Wir Itevlew.
aa I'll th" lit.-.M views f"'m lha frol'.
H tha curtim Min'f nn.) ahnwa hmi'
the nilaMv Hr'Ufh fl"i l gtnirdlr
t lit- p 1 1 h ii a i a ' ' i tha I- i ' yh rla n .
nal while ,. ",'' i rti m l. t- ' tire gnln3
Von can't miaa ll nn tha Iji i't rfr
Mil (hla wci k.
1 i "rJaJ '-' l-Tm eJi -
, - -''-''-I
llilflirwt Slnilillne nf fnxli I catuc li
Jli-lil ly Tliri Two I'oni-, ll''i'
U U'M'U'a llcconl.
NEW ytiKK. An
niado enre of I l.'a
pennant today hy
.nil '
', Mi"
rt .Ml 1
Kline Of a dnnhln e
Ivn fllleuiC'l'l "'.
ertglle opponent In
ill hT I'.o it, m. tin 1
,ii I.
hy fiur g.iinr.1 .iml
. i..n i
l..,i."r r
,, N"iv
. Hli'H
i ;, mi
it. won
i li , iijn
The 1911 Ni'.'.'i,
Incraiiea,! their n, i
York lnl v.ei-1,
g'linea out i.r n"
nn out V t n I r
one aunia on' "I
and al .o v. i! Ii
' . i, ,n .11
I ml. Iml
In tho Aii'"i
Vldad two urn
a.t'ln'd oil Mi" I
'. Ill t III 1 1
I".. Willi"
U ,1k Ir, n l
fed S"X j
I.oiiin mi !
. ll I, .U" '
,, 't W ll ll I
no . i
lie I'M III
. . A ' l .; i i -1
out of foil!' '
I'val.ind vi i
Ion In f ii ii i
twice unll
f , m r h I ' ft
Th" ""!
nf , ami a
riin.i. In'K.
a n I r ir
1 1 ml in k' y i '
1' I ! .m fni
N 11. Mi U
. t .
h h
i n mi
I In. t!"
i '
i i
I t,h
I'mni r III
llfo.,1.'. n
I'ln t'l-.f,
ll..l.n, ,
H l', .
Anr-m 1.'
I at 'en
I Irtr ami
V I n
Sew "'i
I he
t-l !'".:
I'.lr, l
I'hna.l. I'll
1 1
1 1 ,
1(. ra a i , a f m
Join t Ha
li t W I
. I I '
11 t'l
ri'crii it inn'"
Anv .il'l'.n
ihe i, ivy .1 ii
111, , I, eel
leg under w i
mitt. ii ihii
I, hi ,1." I . '
I .. . t...
T. M'i-
lilt f. I .'I'I'"
I I..
t ll ll I III I"'
i. I'.u'
nit to
Will g I", a I Tie
I I I, ,1 m i '. I"
I llilf..
,,t' 1111
1 1 1,1' : e ir I a"
he, II " I'" le
tn.it i in I1" i
r- who have
l.llll.l- defect
I-"t III
'1 i ia
A in:
Aim'" t
I on 1
turn', f
nl :li irv
the I
l M 1 'III ,,f'
I,, Ti x.i N ' rd.iy
I'JmllM til. I l.ll'iail
HanrieM.i li la 'I' I"
rineiicer nf I 'ec.it nf
i "t, f i
r .1 1 1 1 l
:. I
I "arrh nf
:!. V
iitiKtcsa in
Mm I .till dial ' "'I
of I n kantiv Ilia I
nd thai .1 t Ho
,1, ferti d V A.
the ai
ls I , " .'
f '.c.-'l Miiillt fm" imgrraa in
n,l ,1, -ii ;i I I 'fit nab a lead
,, linn 0 "I'H. th" letillll"
In In-ih I ik
haunt ei v nc.u ty i "in .
,x w
Mlicee.l Mil'
1 ,1 tl '1 1,1 a I " (nr
W'ft tint
(if Interest iHHl1!!'1 J
-frnui n f.-w .-.'i.H -f ' " "k-
Mr end Mr. V. ai'. I M " I ' ""' "
I Muaaop-e e we. i, ' n a
I n. f M. . M.'t! ' "' ' ''"' M'
j ii.,-.-. ii. , ;
,t, ,,, M: I. SI'il 1. !'"
. '. in .' t I ' " ' v ' ' "
V . . . a,, I i ,,, lull ,. I
t . I ,X I , i ' '11. I ' : a
Hon.. .tt ' 1 "" '''
p. , ,' I .i.il.i fnf I t Hit"
M.a rn-''" I ' r .,. ti il.i ilk hi' r of,
Mr and M - . S i I'er 1 Hi ., i, h. ta
a n.,i !,. r Tn i n, ii-l tn rt'h"m In. nor
I I, i nine iii t:,e ii ,n ,.,f up point n, en I ,
la-, in a " t ",! i nt a' Ihe 'etrrni'' I"
ll.,ini Man Urn. I'll vtMtelil'll t"
i . act tit.l;,.n t hat ton W. '
i II it. Inr of I'a.laa had cutf-t n I
,., , . . ll a int.. of .,,,,.,..,,' tnr tin
i'i.... . ,a, . - , .... M , 11.,.. I In in n ' I
fii,,'li,s hntinre.l a fipnce.'f Im Mo
. 's'.,,,. ,,f l klurnaa of Mill I ' 1 ' 1 f , . - ,li
, ." ! a.on a" I M'aa T'lMl" a m i l 'f
,. ;i "
, ' I'nrff 1,'M',. Il'llli! H'l'l I'' I
" l , ii I , I p"t w Hi ii i tn ' ,1 ' ! ' c - -
M's w i iii;. nia"'i' , i mmMMmmmmmmam
,' ,i'." ,i,,.1 M it, iMiinl.i Hmi.. .. V '
,i ,. . i. i nam in iiwii." aa
I 1 ' , i letent inii'l ia if the Tnl-.l 9
!.,,:i,'n, r 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 I a of the In, I'd S
I 'J ; ; ',' " ', of ilia t . 11 f ". ' i in. Mini
I are n, ih'n,' p. apa I 'it MitlH fnf the etl
I tilt , .oin. it if viellota tn the Vela-
lev i.irni i."timn in Septetnher, tl," ca-r eg
lit in, ,i n.i, ,-hi a. "i fnr Mi" pieM'iit ii inn in h
I . . ... r- ........ t . . k ... a
I I M ll I I t r f 11 C'l , I in' I 1 1 ,1111 -S rw .-nill II "H'l '"''' ,
k'"H coiiniv , 1"'. ills 11,,'li't nut, IB aaaaaaainngawnavaaaW)jTgajajajajaBjMI
b "il law rf T!ie mitilnlMei. roM-t 'I nt- a Met H . '.
,1 in, i t (i I I- r.-t I. A lo .1 '1 J
I Koaai-r I. oma iVhrn, K I' Haitian.
I I-, .L Mi.hewa Mit Matiiir.' M l,e,l,.,i
I ..' ... ..... v i. i'..,...i u aa lit' i mi, I
;iit,!ii.iui. .m . - - I - , aa
i II Kn.k- ir , W. 'I' in ' Iv W ll 9 lo .1" 1
, t oil!"', i, , , 1 1 T I I I" I - i'"l K"l"'tt K ""I I"
I ' , , i , ,i i ,x 1 1" 1 1 . m I y 'in' a
Membera nf the l I it ami n. una nf ,nll" i
I the part a a-.l.ll'"t .it" a." f -'haw-. F hill .1 .
I . . . . . . 1 , , i El
11 I .1 1 1 111 l'X I .- l , . , , . . , . an
1 1, , i I. at i.e n 1 1",' '' w i' a ..ii
i i i ,,, i - ! it. ., !2
, nt'l I "' "I' dMt.a W. H 1 "'M b'i E ,,,, I,
I ; I!---. S H. I'l-l-h I' 11 -I ' "' x J , ,, ,,
N.,1 C . ;:! aa I l Moot It..!. L 1
i he In l I ' -I " f . II K'.'K . M y i, ,
I: n ' n- ..i I I il "ci-". II l: i ''' ' "
Shun-. i.,1m,",I ' i iml, W l: B
111 Moppe,! the !. ,..,,, ... !. . v..... I.',, I Su t U " ' '
Kir.! l"iin. aft. I r . Mvc'x l:t,i,e Ada ma. irv.i-n M ' ldi-i.
.-fi. I limi.ir a I mi ;,. ,:i. 11 II '.! r .1 v ,m j b-1 "initi !
r-l ll pi fot in- I ,ei enter and I'" I. I- 11 i .!:!. K
Th,. a ll.-, I ti.lt "' i li "II be tept". U f)
it'ltn i iilf'iv j a-'. e l ni ii'vi.in.' , r ii-in-, m
l.'I'Ulf'll pn- I I lilt" l AJ.'i - S u I'llti-h. I'o.lla.l U '"
a i- 1 int ii i " ! a ' i . I ' I'i'i! 1 i no e I : r , Mi-" H ''' 1
. . . . ,'.,!.. l , , A I ' so , ,1 lei fl M tl ll
.', h con,, ri.t.-l-nd. M't- !' m 1'ur n .lln-ii. K in -
H',id''b"K'- '"" rl'',; MV''- '" I
her mi- W ''"-, . M, nile,,,-Ma, M lit gut. I M
' ,'. Mi own. Mice.,-. Mij-x I. la," Itiiinnm D
' ""' ham, I'l tl.ic.: If x I. "inM ; I'- V' B
" " ",. ,..', r , , i ' i " Slam M.a-. ''I'll I
II it per. .1 ii'in M- a l:m-i Itrown. B
Kuinattia, At ix M a r ,i ret Aco-iia. Ai-'g
K"iit:ii" M.a l.e iii-lce llt'imi; I'm- 9
Lin Miia-Knth I irui.r, l'pl. M!m gj
lt.it ' Mrmich. ! ,lil Una, ai'.ek n Forl-'ut
i ; ne 1'oi.ley . I Inn, I nr. it. Min I" I mi. : I "r
I,..., i. ii. i, i . ,, , i ,. if. 1 1., MiaaKa'b. H
fn. i ill Aim FT It I N'l'IH. I'M.. Aug
'. Tutii aoii ti e trophy cup for
i I iiy ri pri iicnliitlnn In vialtnra
t Mm a ii M ii 1 1 mil, i pararle tliere .
idii tl. I.ilioin.i v. in a.irile, Die
ip fnr trio I 1 1, eat a'nte repraHPntu-'
ii The Kiiitn hud I2S rnra; Kan
'I Tiil-i hid 40. und Wichita
I i .in T!ilit" three nklahoin i
Mi l , I I t I, I ,.i lad. U taen al.'ltcn
mi I, weie re,re-anted In It.e
,.u .de
with i
held In connection
( I
l.rn.itlinoiir for Ih"
the Hi Ulan luliita relief
unHULf oiuirx oujnrMill ,
M ii jit i ' ! I f f 1 1 in Intra Jiaa hla or
tin, ilinll .'lfw.,l for the openlm;
"t Hie lir.iinl Mnk cnnipany r,inn
'I'll. c, mil'. iti oiat,a hi tlin r : r i . t
I. I, ,.'," neu Mill. 1 iv Willi H p"
,-',' next Silll'l IV Willi ll p"
IN uni'ina I'liturae will ha
nf Mm pmsr-iiii. a'urting '
ii ji ii , I i i n i' mi; 1 1 1 1 o ,i a li ' h "
"ii the i oin p iny ' m not pl.iy
. ..a., a
I, V Mi.it
.1 .,iil
2 l lii) a n Week
' 1 U I .
I I K ll.l
t Ipi lla
.1,1.1 V I I JO ii
'Tlio Until'Mir
n Soiiantlniinl Viwtcrii I'lny
How xynnlil )oit IIUo to Iw trlcil
.Imlr" Sex" thl.t
1 1 ..HI, 1', itUIII. fi. ::!, H
h ;iu.
lilhlrcn I IV
.AlllllM iOl'
War Tag l:tr
nil itxnw
i inn v
s A I t III) Y
idK.i. alii'aJ
Yi Iall Opening Sept. 2 and 3
jot). Ill h' Thit;d Street. Telephone H29.
S. Maxirtll Smith and K. A. Gu'we, Proprietor.
the need of , more
it. null nnl b.iim
on, y i, nn! all' in i angemanta i-mild be mailo lor "-"
iii'imi, Mr. (baa IM re haa offered 1 turn v,,r
,1 : ,, l spring tl th" Sinttipi't" Hoafvltal Co. for their
wlihli Mia compnnv h.ia incepted. The Mlseea Kall-
. ... ......... ... rl.a laaat COff
patctl to mvn
thine ii nu In i ent mint
1 tn i;.in.ie:v low rates
. i... i....
number oi niin.'a who havo K-,ae and ure continual y
Ml .... , a-e of our eol.lica. and without a modern "
nM .ial where the M.k can be taken rare of. a goon
,,le nil! bo left at home to auffor, whera they will r
. , t ,i akillcl nitondanta The Pand Spring"
. .ii i during tia. M Hf II Ot HI
' , hen,
t-'hPiu- for us, and
Hi,ni t heh. nn -pat c
; of draft IR', '
iiniiynnlc' tl'iapllal C
i chnilv Inatltu'lon. but
... ...... ..., 1 j.,.an
,,-e inn
tanlt irv rininiel furniture
te 'noma. Kvory
No eMrii charge for etnndat
hmiriral No aMra . hatgea for
work to be practically lulf the
The public la advleed to take
Vlled In v!:.it the lilatllutlon at
titer Information Cull 1952 and ak for the
ONTIKl:n fHMM'r.tlif T.
luiva taken mora than 17,(100 pnt.
onara and laige numhera of guru
and eraal nnnlllU a ...ni, .
iit,,f inair nanna. r,oni
of the priaonera taken have i,an
identified a rnmlng from Aiutro.
1 1 iium.i nan unite
Tho Ormang ara launching
eirnng roiinterattacka agnmt th
frail, h l.eiwaen the Olae and Allett,
rivai a. In n endeavor to hold n-
(itneral Mangm'a army whirs "i.
1 threatening the entire (iermn front
I In thia ri-Hlnn H're alao the far.
rn ma havo haen rainfonad by troon.
,n" 1"1 monarchy. North ef
t.niaon. n the region of Hagnam
""" n Mrth.r Pro:
jrrc'a eaatwarri ana now are hrtt
Mi., iiallrnad lino running from finn.
mni to Iion. A conaiderahle nim.
her of additional priaonera huva
f.illen Into I'limh Ininda.
An at there h.ia hri'n no move.
ri"'ii' nv inn vrniHlia amn tha
caln river to Indicate that a retire,
roent toward the Alalia la In Imme.
jiniir pins(M',,. inn yiniaroana and
I French in thia region rnntiniie ta
' heavily ahell the enemy'a hark at mi
rnoii as a ckxv.
Willi Hetty Itryilm In
I Viril W eekly Two Comedlr
J or vai in mi. i.r. u
4 SHOWS 1 :v I :it V PAY 4
.nol. f'lllc 2 if,. 4:45, 7:4 t 13
I'd tuna 1:00, 8 4j. ft.4., IS
. ni,
Woman Suffrage
Iicfort" your wlfo ga
pin v.
Tuciilny nml W oil neaday
T1UKS. SANTAl lll In
"The City ol
l'urplc Dreams"
Husbands 'Only."
and hetter hoaplt.xl faclllllra In
hanili-apP'd by havlni; no pi"r
tno t'l'ni "
on their put they nauirn'.'
.nnl verv Kood aarylci at a nMKn
i i ii.v aleo realir.o that with
ih.- mothera and father, whoa
the wlvea and children
of young
for s.ervl"e young
nirn who ate
doea not Intend thia hoapltal to
mreiv w lah to plum a minimum
Kverv room in w rti nn "i-"-
nnu pi o en ,
room Bteam-neairu.
d drug ...c li aa at. rHrd y
electric fana In rnom. All X ray
coat of other luboratorl-.
age of the above e.nJ I" In-
tiny tnno
1 -.f.i.tiig..-v-tir,-iayaja rMTf ','rrt'''"gTl f''''"1ana'aiiai
ayaynWa1Waj J a .apaJwajj Igelfj.-gMf Haa, fy, e,

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