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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, September 01, 1918, Society News and Personals, Image 27

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The Tulsa Sunday World's New York Fashion Letter
Tliei fnvck la nf hrwry .(tilnrwr llk,
with luck from dip in Im-hi anil a
nnar nf white I'lioclu-t buitiiiM. Tlir
full alor'tcrt urt lirltl In Willi tuckoil
wrl.it hia.
Alt nece-alty everywhere; :
I'lK'Uiuiy rtirMrii, inere
fort-. In a thoinurd way.
Turnimr and Iwlatlng ti
find out how good reaulta
can be nhtalned through unbearted
channel ia th effnrt of each Indi
vidual, the tnaaa uf ahopa, and the
hot of deelKner.
Thl I the aiimmlng up of the (atltchery which women have worn
entire apirit ua epi ewn-d In women' I over their contume for three cen
apparel It la nut a Continental turtr I a remnant of the rhaln-mftll
aplrlt: it la a wirld aplrlt. It per- i phut all Kuropean men wore when
vnde land where fighting la un. I they weet forth to fight. And o It
known: It rules In home from which
no filthier have gone and In which
there ha alway been a ren con
fidence in the anility to artlve at a
ronifnrtiihle onnrhialon.
The old. eaay method of drelng
ha vaniaheil. rerhup It I gnni
forever II la a tcniptaflebn to dip
back Into thej tnat and recount the
epland c adventure and experlencei
thrniiRh which women hve gone
when great war devaelated a cnun-
try and ne I M raw material
It I nni oniy mi' i uneiitution inai
follow the flag. It I women ap
parel that follow It for year tiftci
the flag baa re.med to be a ivmhnl
of battle anil leinaln only a ymbo'
of patrlotiaui All the crpat wan
have definitely changed the rntirae
of women clothe, although tin;;
may not have left upon them the
hinting lmpre!on (hat war have
left upon men' clothe Tie mal
portion or the world rarely think of
thl fact that every garment he
weara I nlmoat directly reapnnbb
to autne explnaion nf mankind
What tin been dune fnr protection
ha often remained for the aak of
fuahlon What wii dope for cnm -
fort an.l ninvenb nee. and what wa -
canned hv neceaStfv. h i been In
aiigurated Into the cony cnt lona'
echetne of apparel.
It wa after the war of the di
rector that men wore long trim
r The very ln(Rnlflcant flat bow
on the aide of a man' at,raw hat her !
been worn on" the li ft nil because i
a warrior kinK f.iiiml that the plumer j
Dunning School of Improved
Music Study
Ten Year' Experience Teacher of Voice and Piano
Villi I' ITI'II.S are plven eprrla) tralnlnir In Fundamental
I'rlnclpb of Miialp, HUtht Heading. Far Training IHclailon and
.Melody Writing, in addition lo regular Voice Culture.
I'lANO riTII.N are taught Ihe rennwned Ininnlng Fva
tem, emlotticd lv the leading Mimical F.duciitnr of Ihe world
A child will Rppompllah more In first year Ininnlng I'lano Hludy
than Ihe average 3 year' course, na pursued the old wuy. IVi
Invite comparison and welcome Investigation.
I'niia no more---tleta reaulta.
Studio Addres 204 S. Olympia, Tiilna, OUIa.
A postal enrd w ill bring you infut mntlon In regard tn the work
rhmip applied f..r.
on (h rlcht ild of hi lilmet m
rloualy Interfered with thi uprll
woril In hi right hand. . II
chanced hla plum to the left, and
In rtifmory of that men hava worn
on thu left all whatever touch of
ornamentation thr wa on their
data. Thl has tiecom c hannrabl
flxtur.. ,lt thfl orlK,n.f ,h, bow
on the left aide began In that for
gotten battle. 4
The atralght hlr(walt which
women have worn came from tiarl-
lial.li; the atralght, oiital.le ahlrt
worn by peaiuinta came from the
culraa of Pagnbert. that eaily fight
im? klna of France: and the looae
goe. Honk could be written on
change that war haa brought to
clvlllted apparel.
And what will th! great war
bring? We do not know. It I too
early to ay. Thoa who reinaln
alive In the nildat of an explo:on
have no time to think how far flung
I (he rroundlng roar of the thing
Hut of one thing everyone I cer
tain, becauae It I brought home to
each houae and earh hnp the ne
r,iie 1 1 y for Ingenuity due to lack of
Women IMlcht In Itrvertlng
I'biniTT lny.
It I no alinpie thing In llinter
down Main trrct today, drop Into a
hop and buy any kind of galloon,
braid, embroidery nr nthe- orna
inentHtion for gnwna On find that
manufactured article are becoming
more and more limited. "rtie war
Industrie board haa gone Into the
ituallin with auch thnrnughne
'that manufacturer hav beCn re
j ipire'ed to Inp off everl thnuand
'litem that are considered a non-
i Once upon a time thl world
jwhlch dyuily love a phraae, twlateil
jnnd turned the woi .1 "Irreducible
Pminlnium" In fnntn!lo way to uli
a varll y of mean Thla phre wa
a rater In popularity to l'reideni
t'levelnnd'a fatnoii "Innocuoti de
suetude." Today the expremlon thai
ha eiiperaedad all olhet I "the
elimination' of non-eentlnl." and
there re rhou inda of women who
will tell you thai that mean both
The I)csiKncrs Kralize It Is Not Piwible to Wear Cuirass Wouse and Chonilno Tunic With Narrow Draped Skirt That
reey." Vh Instep. If Masque Upturns L r'avor, Small Vaint Should Conic With It, Uut Nature Mav Object at
7 it. I eT lf 1 1 i-tory . I notiuit v Caused bv War N. ccssity Has Developed Much That Is Agreeable in Clothes.
Self-IrininiiiiK Prevail. Wide 'l ucks Used Instead of Other Ornamentation. Collars and Cuff, und Kven Sep
arate Sleeves Are i:,.uKlit by the Half Dozen to Knliven a Dark-IIued Cown That (lives Daily Service.
"ii reducible minimum" ami "mrm
I'unu desuetude." Il I wi ll f.,r un
extravagant enntlnetit that the im
doclhlii minium in run bo atrlvrl ui
through compulsion.
Tin- development of Ingenuity I
"tin nf the most puwtrful factor n
Hi icrnwth v hallnti We In
cline c i . t cm tliul basis Wa lum
becninii lothful and extravagant l-
PUJNi! HUT fret WITl' l,fle. fiotll (li.lt
I, J Nil" fi HI II 'l.i ( II ITI . Tilings have duct
Inn easy for un. Km iIik glorious
thing that thl war li.ia l.muirhi
almiit In the ami I nf A m i ii a ! the
fundamental truth (hit the lairr nf
exlraviirianre wa utily 11 layer ol
Hint ill (lit, and Unit the moment iiir
KOIll Wa culled above Itmt It i.Ni
anil acted according to Iia lusl li,i
dltlon. ThiTd lire) no complaint Tin-re
I no moaning becauae nf mrnfirc
There la no w hlnipci imt lie. nunc
what we mnlilcre. en-titlal haw
been icleguted In the rear a mm
eMenllula. Nu woman la an utterly
worthies that she la petulant be
cnuaa he cantrnt Ket eveijthinie ahe
-.i.a. .i i. a BitiinKe. aininiri
Ihlng, thla ui-lval of a nullnnal
nw.n. .--r Tiiiniun women nave
Itiinn back tn pioneer day In plrlt
nu in iinrnuun wnn ttie ume ae.
retilly nf cuurane that their amiatuta
ahnwed In other day
III a letter of a Krench officer to
hi brother In till rnunlry lie ei
proaaei th aaloundinif enperlenr nf
th French army In findlnir that the
civilian American fluht like lunle.'
limine. Ilclnif a I'renchfnan. he
Kiipped the raaentlal ami put It Int.
a phraae. If our men are a "throw
buck" tn Jianlel limine, then our
women, are almi a "throwback" to
thnae lime.
The only way lo find out how
blraaed we are In theaa day I !
cnmpre our lot with the women '.
Panlel Hnnne day. If we do that
conatntly, by readin 1iltory and
recurrlnif to the pant, we find our-
elvea In a aplrlt of exultation tha'
wa are really deprived of in little
tn (he material world.
(own Trlmmitl With UK of
A report of what- women have
don In devialnic ornamentation for
their clothe would read aa an In
tereallnir bit of war hlatury. Out
from Ihn depth have come um of
rha ornamentation. The dealnneni.
however, have fnund that the bra
I way lo trim a Rnwti I with Itnelf
There I very lull danger than of
II brrornlnir a patchwork quilt
Tuck have returned, therefore
They have been launched on the
new autumn itnwn aa anmethlnK f
a novelty. They are not permitted
In woolen rlothe. becauae the gov
eminent ak ti to omit every Inc!
of miperfluou worated material, but
we are omlltlng It by the yardage
lead of the Inch, and are finding
ourselvra quite content with rompo
n.m.n itat
-ijot.jm y i -- i'"'--.'-..,iif.A.y - -p - r
The- kci li alio- a a gown of heavy hlnrk anlln. with a bnrr. I effec t obtiilncil In Hie skirt (lirfuigli width nl t'i"
hip ami narr-. fiiewa at the hwtn, anil lhi whnlc siirfaco laid wllh lint tuck 1 lie light bmll.e flnlahw al lln
normal walsu .Inn wMli a narrow l-nivat lnl(. Tliere la a fi mi' laiflur of wliln nrgnmlr. 'I lie fluieil liul la of
Ijblivi k aatln xvl'l' a crown nf nrtnlrw.
I tiloww Uluuiical wltl UUtzk. cakracuL
vn. in n, t li u t hale ntily it ilaa!'
nf W'hiI In thrill, an I nflin noun h
'I A unman ili'p. tula un hill'
i.iih ami inp inula fnr .ninth
Them are a'em ilnt'ii mitrrlah
Willi II lllii government line mil need
ami nf which w can li,ie all wi
unit. becauae the A im-i lean in 1 1 lis i of widening Hie aiihuin lie. l.y pliii'lim
tin Hum 'nut A the wir pin- loose pleala from ailnplt In hem
-a. th.-y inn mil he avtlUMt 'There la no iiltrmpt in make a foit
n a vainly nf wiv.a nr color, aii.!;liu. frock in iiainriit.il i uddinK
tlnnr.iie il la ri'.illy wle fur, iiilnal.l in fanciful lintlnna. an un
"."nan In hpy f il.rtca) that ahe liket ! inutile. I number nf rxliu ollata an. I
ii "I 'it iheni aside fnr seasonal use (cuffs lire employed tn vaiy Hie frock
I hia m i l : fie. I manner of limn . lum fimti day In ilu.
la linl lil ji'i tinn il.le In the govern The noi km.it r.illlltrtl are loaded
un nt. an l it .a ,i i hit nf wniktii Willi Una.- rtia und. mn some
Hi i':i aside n my tin. f.ihrlia. und im.iiii li I Ii I ilk. an pit f Iiiuiih n r nu nicnt .
nut the j .ii in. -i, ia made nf Hi. a. I it (he average Hnni.in fin. la Unit a
f.llilliM .S.i U'lilnnn u-anlH tn f I II it
lnii !r In .i .ti it up with rli.ihra tlia'
ire nut nf faMunn In all iiiuiilha
time. .
Aa fnr the materia! whlrh an
valla).! in.liy. they iii.iv luat
Himmh the winter There la mii.-li
la'k of wiatniK fn tin, tiiffi.tn, piinun
'ifl.l v.'irmna lie-nv I'lm..... u.il.
tliioi.Kh.nii the mid weather, iinik-
( t1P, r.inifntliil.le fnr (he
: nr fnr hiitli.ii l.m.a.a l.L. l...
tnn uf warm
! cuvennua.
uiidei wear
and tn
Th dealitner have banked heav
lly on the in.itf of thm mut.Tiu U fo
nvit wiiiter. nu. I thiMcfoin they havi
lirnuht nbuiit th.a rraurieited f.ih
Inn of ti iiiui.lii a now n with Itaelf
which I (iil! e.ially .lone when tin
ninlerlal la anfl anil plinble.
Vihvn tuck are ued tiny are ar
ranged hoi l.nnt;illy They do nut
otifua thetinelvea with pli at which
are vertical. A few of Hie new
lkirta lire tucked from the bona of
the hip in the In tn. the luck (ouch
iiiK each other and made frrtm an
1 ich to two Indira wide Knrnetimi
tin conalllulea the entire trlinmlnK
of a (own. Hut when ttie akirl 1
extra narrow at the hem the barrel
effect I more etrlklng than It hae
been fur two yeaia.
A IViuluril N I'lmt (linlon for An
tuiiiii liny.
There I reallv an extraordinary
amount of fuulnrl worn In the
changeable Hipteinher weather. II
I o rnmfnrtable In the hmiae. and
o eaally covered In the open, that II
preaenta ltef ua fir art aid tu belli
well ilreaai',1.
There are broadly checked foil
lard In black and while, and oilier
tnat nave a dull blue or orangi
tripe or flxure running- through ihr
check Whatever the choice, rhei
are made almply. One doe not go
In for Chlneae blue, pink or ametht
the day, except when one wear
t "own in th houa that have erved
Jirough the aumnier. but color ueh
i n black and white, puiple and
brown, gray and deep blue are
In-Irhoaen In the foulard for the
I ilreet.
Thl fabric lend Itaelf admirably
If ,.tPl
fx ?
and Tnurn skip.t in tiii: i
Tlicsnnvrt fn k at lh right la nr while hmnilclix h, and Intel a llunaluu
wbJtli 10 tcUua Uo boituui nl the nurruw lUrt,
In 1 r I rim ii 1 1 mk The wklrta at
lui'Kt'.l fiulil ll.p In hem or klieia t"
lit' III. an. I When thcle in II K' i I II III III
.1 InllK 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 . II ll.ia fill' UI
rlrlit lucks tu fiiiir.li II.
There la very little .li.ipciy on Hie
mart frock, ciccpt the new mi'tlio.1
lit 1 1 v t Initial- nf
tii.ik.-d a a.'inlii
. arlannie tn I he
i Tim I.hk" fi
i ulliir
nil. I rulfi
ltnn In.
i ye.
hna areni
In li.ivr
Klven w.iv In Ilia a.inph-at of linn
nxer cnllur. und Amerlciin nmnrr
h in luki n up ut l iai the I rciu h
mi'thu.l of cuttltiK the nm a In un
fttK-atuiped opiuiluK ami fencing It
arnuti.l Willi u ri'irrnw luin-nver cul
lar of en k iinly or net.
It Ilia been ninny aenanna iilncr
ai'parale ruffa were wm n. but they
.ippenl to woncn today, nlllmiiiih the
cutialanl ii'liivfiiiitlnii uhlch I tiecefl
aury to their froHlinee la n mattei
of lime and expenac. llnwevrr. I hear
fac(ota tin not eem In bn taken Into
cntiai.lei ul Ion. The itcalie fnr the ex
Ira rufr In mulch the cnllnr rldeii
triiiinphaul over tlio thntiiiht of Die
work reiiulred In keep them In or
der (liunllel cuffa of all kind, col
ored an.eV iJilte. eeiiecl i II v In or-
.K'indv, Tiave i nine tutn beini.
I Thin luce tin irlven wny to a Rmal'
) ItTti rrm lid e.lKlna:. and many
I women crochet the old faaliloneil er
I pontine e.lKln which waa conaldered
I ;i faahlonahle luxuty by our Imme
diate ancealur.
iKitlicr MciIiimI nf IVr-licnliux Park
I rta k.
There ha been dil-ne(l ft almplf
and pupular mid nau itown made
with a luuae peplum ahlrtwalal that
haa ihort alrevr and a rounded low
neck. It I tint only worn by yoiin
Klrla. hut older women find It avail
able fur many of their daytime ar
tivltlea. It I maife In black and
other plain omber color, and It If
alio In fiaured foulard and printed
rhiffon. It allow an extra pair of
leeve. and thl trick I another re
vlval of an ancient and honorable
d;' when women were not extrava
gant and depended upon acctaaorlr
In coualantly enliven one well-cliuaen
daik-ttued frock.
Tli prte leeve ar mad of
mulln, pongee or even coarae lace
Thev are attached to a blouae o
mtilln or net. which eerve a a
coret cover and rarrle a collar that
i pulled nut over the frock.
It d'e not take much Imagination
oui rr.or
itu viauallx the ciinatant chanif that
Lin be playail upon when aep.irate
a1i.evea and collaia'are permitted In
una frock. True, they need ciinaliinl
IwaKhlna. but inanv of (hem du not
I need natch, and all uf them can be
nlly It nned at Inline.
Il la pfop healed Unit thl form of
I .In.., nu will xruw in. n e In evldenci
'aa the winter weather cniue un, fnr
Hie mediaeval aiw In Hi la nietllnd
;uf cluHiinir Ihemnelvea a Hay to keep
w , 1 1 in ami In enliven their appear-
an. Hit I. n warned In time, and do
i ti.it thniw away a ruwii becauae H
lai inhulea and aleeve ut e wut n out.
It can be nnule Into'u mediaeval tu
nic or abort apron, which can b
wuii over acpuiate aleeve ami collar
attached tn il akcletnn blniiae.
j Will tlio II lull Ualat llelnrn?
TlniM la riimur lieaped upun ru
in. r ciini in tiliiK the new Rllhouelt
Mtllrh iii.iv be epeced hefot the
iiiiliiinil liluwa Itaelf Into winter. At
p.'eaiuit lliete la no lnlentloti of any-
itliinii violent or alaitltnjr: MlTThaje I
il. i iluubl In Hie mm. la of Ihna In au
thority Hint the Inatep-leiiRl h draped
akirl will b In fuat faxlilon, and
brlmc In II f r ia I ii a aerie of draatlc
clmiiKi In allhoiielte and aarmenla
It la eaay In aen that with the "tie
hack" eh it 1. with It drapery pulled
clna. 'ly at mind the riaura and It
narrow fold wcepln the Inatep.
otie cantiot wear a culraaa blonae, or
a tnlUaiel tunic, or an oriental ah
ut the hip If thl iklrt prevail
there will come about a lighter
ho. I Ice than w )iva worn for aeveral
auna. and til waltllna nuiat b
at the normal nr abov It. Which
fuahlon will prevail? u
There la no poaalhlllty of reducing
our walata to a eaiall meaurmnt
The planked-ahad type which hat
prevailed for eight year ean war K
aahe where It pleaaei. but what
about th thoiiaand of other women.
thin and atnut, who hava allowed
their walt to broaden out Into
ciilplurRl meaaiirementaT Thill
walat have miiarlea that kra atronc
nd iinpllable. and they will not b
a.iierKcd In by rnrei. Therefor,
only the willow type tha allm, I1HI.
bonelrax youngater rarf pull In hnr
walat and tie a anh ariund It With
out being a carlcatura.
1 liusincHs of lleing
j a Houneiclfe 1
ITunk Nirnlt muff I'd ami llaked.
Flank (eaw:
3-4 nip cookad Verlht rlca.
1-2 cup atnek or water.
I teaio. infill Mil.
1-4 teaapoonful pepper.
I teaapoonful chopped onion-
I leaapounful chopped prly.
I onion.
1 carrot.
I turnip.
Wipe vteak, remove aurpln fat
and kln and lay flat on a board.
Make a dressing of meat lock. rlca.
salt, pepper, rhopped onion, paraley,
an.l spread on meat. Moll with th
grain an that when If I cut It will
ha serosa grain, tie Barurely. Place
dlred vegetable In pan and lay
meat on them, pouring In enough
lock to fill pan to depth of on
Inch. Cover and bake three hour,
or until lender When rooked re
move meal and thicken broth, ualng
on tablespoon Cornatnrrh. In th
ahaenee of meat atnek a tasty stock
may be made by dlsanlvlng 1-4 tea
spoon A miner a l.xtract of Itnaf In
one cup nf boiling water.
Tamalri Tin.
t rup rhopped rooked meat
1 teaapoonful onion rhopped fin.
1 awent green pepper.
1 pimento (chopped).
l-J cup rnrn meal rooked In,
I cup boiling Baited Water.
1 teaapoonful salt
I'apt Ika
I cup tomato Bailee.
Mxke tomato aauc. add meat.
lt, onion, pepper, and well cooked
corn meal. Put In pan and bake
I until nicely browned Herve with
'Armour Ovater Cocktail Knur.
Pralartl Ox Julnla.
4 table aponnfiil vegefole.
tali In poofiful corn atarrh.
cun hot water I
2 teaspninful Armour's I'xIraPt
of beef
cupa tnmalne
teapoonfil alt.
4 teusi oonful (lepfier
2 cup eni Ii carrot and turnip
table tinonfii) vinegar
Cut oxtail at lolnta. parboil two
mlntilps, w.ish Ihuroiighly, dredge
with flour, and brown In melted
....ll A.I.I ......l. ,.,..1. fr..n.
! ler and axtract nf beef, tonmin nd
ea'inliig Hnke alow'v I 'v hours,
adding, diced veretahle half U
hour before scry lug add vinegar
1 il
l lnvn end Plnc'ipph- ulnd.
1 SK'-I-S plt.efipj.le
I piuiml Amei.ican cheese
ltnlled dresalng
Thoroiightv wasp the lettuce, tin
In checsn cloth which ha been
wrung out In cold w iter, end place
,.n cp t'ri.am the cheese wlthj
t'lri'e tnli!etui'o boiled ilreiaslngj
an.l f irm 1'ito ha!' Arrange let-
tii.- leaves on salid plate, place one
sl're i f plt'i-apple "ti each plate
uitti chelae bulla In Hie center of
plneippl Herve with a dressing of
ivV.e.1 er.'atn to which has been
ailed billed dressing to give Ihe
P'H'.rc I 'flavor
loco! Ten,
cup cold Ipii I n f ii wl on.
I cube pineapple.
. Maraschino chertle.
1 cun pineapple Juice.
sprlrs tnlnl.
Pmir the lea 'Infusion over half a
glass of cracked be Stick clove
In the chertlr. Add cherrle. pine
apple fuhea and pineapple Jule to
Di" iea. 1'Uca tnlnt un the djr of
Till fmrk of dark blue and Willi ftgwrel fnulard haa a looae wplapa
bluuaw hrbl lnwlili a gilt bat mrd. fv akcMon bUme IsracaUi baa luoao,
flowtni alorveat and a mllui rolUr of brxt ; white ctUffoa.
About Town
Wiail Jcrarjr fnak are Im-Iiic
hmiglii fres-ly liex-auao I hey make Hie
fn-Mt liMiklng wihiI frxwk al a so mil
Mr. t'hnrlea (illhert. exclusive la
dles' tllor, juat home from New
York, ha asked ma to announce his
removal to 231 I'ule building, l'hone
f.bivew are mining In black, white
and blsi nll aliniie. Ollwr alutdce) nre)
nut lo Im obtalud ilii-ao busy war
time day.
rniieiior nimi'is uir ervun uu. o i
prompt and iwrfwct. Have you nor
lint iced (hi aa the outstanding fea
ture at thla tea room ? (II Huutli
Plnlla arc achloin aexn In klrt ISo.
hunting tn Bulla anil when llM-y llu
Ihry rtrt In twin form appearing: al
rr.iiU'r, back or alilcx.
Have you Been (ho exrpilslt
frame for the army man'e picture
at tha Tula Decorating company
etoreT Frame In Rold and battle.
hlp gray Beem to Ie the favorite.
211 Houth Houlder avenue.
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Fifth atreet. Telephone 691.
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