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Remember the Date
September 12
Americans Register!
onjiBoiu-a ouUTBrr nviriru.
VOL. XIII, NO. 350.
TtnTT mi rtnya.
l Ttv.ll bU"l ION.
exex- ' - - j' mmm 'vak
Ninety IVr font of American:! !
in France Are Sent to ,
His Command, j
Allies Are Within 10 Mile;
of Famous Front of j
Gorman Defense. '
Battalions Are Composed of
Three Instead of Four
WAHHINOTON. Bi-rt. 7r--r.wr
trtlioa of Amrl'nn trnn.i m t!ii
AmrlrJin cM tnrn tn Yn, iv i . j . i . .
cAdln rpMly and Onr i! I ir !i
Inn now him uivIit hm ilii'. t ri in
mitnd murf limn I") pr r.ni ol thu
troop who hiv ri-rhi"l tl nihi-r
M. Thin w rvl1 lorlny I v
General March, chief of t,ff. w ho
M.I4 that nior than !o pr iril nf I
th Amorirann now arf? In Hi Ameri
can clom.
ffnrl Murch rnnfii. nn comm,nl
, to th purpo nf lhl runcpntri
tlon H ill4 v. hownvnr, ihm ihi
cimiom of brlmidlnf nvr rtiviiii.nn
with th Trench on Itrlliah fnrn
to huilcn lhlr prspnmtlon f-r fmt.i
lin duty hl not been ah'iii lniid
"But our men ro ever ihr
now prtty wll Initrucii1." t. M
1. "th tlm ihv ny In Mi tnin
Inf cam pi ovr thora la vry
null h'
Ganrral March announced lm.r'"n'"l thnf certain Inflivmuai en
that tha Twenly-anventh divtmi.n. ' pnu and nome indimtrtea ourhl
prevloualy training behind the l rit-j n-mpicd entirely from the
lh line, la now on thu line in Flan- '
dera. Thin waa Interpreter! to menu I fieneral Crn--.1r and hla iff hiv
that lha dlvlnlon imnn would he
wunarawn to Join rrt.hltiK armv.
ninilenburg I.no 10 Mili a (iff.
In Ma ravtaw of the hattl aitii.
Ion. Ganeral March poin'ed out that
Ihe Germans are rtrralinu slonit n
110-mlla front from Ann Can l'mi ,
aotna. tlk.iB.. .,.11. T , . V. I . 1 1 I
lnh and Americana in clo pun. ml.
Official repoTta ahow that th ene
my now la einy mllea from Purl.i at
hla loel approach In that ill v
fJeneral March added, while the old
HlndenburK Una, from wh'ili tljc
rrawteat Oarman effort of Hi' nr
waa launched laat March, aiiniln nt
tha point of maximum dunnnro only
ten mllea bayond tha presi-nl anie
"Tha praaura whlih forced tM,
retreat, " Oeneral Mxrrh a.ilit. "enme
at two polnta: tha 'Hrlt.ih fr"iit be.
ween Arraa and T'eronna anl tha!
Kninco Amerb-an aerior mi the p! n I
fin of P'llMnna "
Peviawm the proi;'M In ndi '
e-.njr i.rnerai .narcn u!i me !"-n . w ,'i nira him in rlars 6 ea un
I'h Ihruat toward funhral hid; fit f,lr null'try (ri Ire Jn cne he
pauted alona; tha lina of tha sn-.. ! rP,i to mint In thla country be
n'arhaa and the C.mal du Nord wtUi i fore tmn abroad and waa reler'ed
fambral only ,vrn mllea i,v and I be will he piirci it, l.m. s If copy
nn natural obatarlcs Irnpedlnif lhe!(.f the naminii i' ph 'i-lm'a crt1.f I
road to that obfertivo lo ttie toean 1 cute In u nt lo Hie lnr.it bnnrd
time, h'owever, the Uritlah crossed 1 - --
Ihe cannl further pou'h imd swi-pt
forward vemerdiv and tod.iv toward
Ihe Hlndenburg Una north of : t !
Quentln I
Of lha thrust by fba French and j
American forrea. General Mirrh! .U f'l f K'i ' N CITY, fept. T
eald j flilrf .liiK'tca fold of tha ata'a au-
'The Franco American drh e ; priTue curt this nfti-rnnon aunpenile,
aeroea lha plateau nonh of H"Ksinn j ihe n,,,.r ,f f,rruii Judre Plate
directed agalnnt the flank of the i,lrh Homa'i :,lv would hare
I'hemia de. Iiamea. lifter a m-nk ofi ,,,,, , , r, ,,i,,.,.t (.u f irca hi K.m
vera flhtlnt. forced the rniuv loj,,,, ,-tv nd Fl litila, Mo., and nil
f ill bark without further arsixtanre I thnied the nr r.cmp-inie( In r..n
from lha Vwla flgr allied tnrres t mua bai alng -rent f irea unt II tha
crossed the esle Alane rldxe nd . .oipretn.- emit paesra on the case
b'ld raachart the Atnn nveV on a , cl-' i-ion In t.iie rase la enpeciad
10-mlla front Inat ntajhl " before tha end of tlr.H vear. Tha
Unn rower Pralnrrl i cmiditiopa of th B'ipercadiaa.
Turther .vld-nra of the drain nn',"'";1 bl "", "'"."e cor. are
r;arman marowc, dnrlna Ihe firhi- " M, '.n' r -mpanv iniund the evtr,
tnrof lha Wat fer n,on.h. reacb-d nt '" " "; " b' " l""kJ'
Wajihtngion todav It nfflrtal d', ho ds ,h. r-a-e pubi c
... t ... . rvir r "mtti ton hii'T no auHi'trl'v
companies Instead of four. I' n is
eald, as reserves were not asa'lsov
lo keep four cbmpanv units up lo
recesaarv atrenath. In this pro. en
of consolidation, forty iJermsn rn;i
menta are said lo have been :i..d
put entirely
,;,;,n,., '
Ol-e of bo I":'" I
It also Is alatf"d tha
the German class of
1lsappe.irin! and th
class mua' he drawn on to fill Kip
The dispatches nnte that Hie n 'i
tary efficiency of the rinse of I i
In very loiv as Ihe bo s nr erlmu' ' I
by undarfeedint Amerirm imopi
rrlvlpf In Franre eah itiort'i is
equal now to fully one half of tin'
tierman annual recruitment
P Ttie Aseari.ted Trs.s
TAP IS. saturdav. An," SI
characteristic etorv ,oi'l "' '
tenant V'oncW's exploit In brini-liu:
down three Gernisn m i.-hln-s
Utt 14. He downed 7 en. o;v t:ii
chine, ,lnre bis fl'st. T of the 7
bavlnir falli ti in flnme.
The srounu Ment.-n.anl on ,,,:
14 was at the head r.f a pa'.nil .otic
mllsa within the Germs') lm. li-n
h" law four enemy chaser p! 'n s id
vanclnf. After few. shot., ."in
Fonrk' Ihe flt.'t Herman pla
plunited tn the ground In flan .m-l
was soon followed by th ni l
machine, Fon.-k did not ic no -to
fire on the third Hero hi i-i :
but the fmi'th bcnn I's liiil ' "'
hefme tha fiist hid n- i-h ' I t o
Fonck landed
"Flravo, l-'onryi ThrSe at mie'
Mow!" rame from every iH Tlir.'
wa. fllenre for a moment then, with
oeitaln reuret. Fonrk t.'eri,'',
"Xut a Word, tliftio t'.
The Weather
Tl U'K, h-pl. f
Matiint.rn ft''1, villi'
o urn iu, DurtU wind,
W nut.
i"-its( nit
'AN r,C oe., X
lVf.1l tl A ijrn,
Funa fair, irmf ,
aim-tor fair
HtiniUr fair. imr,
Morula r fair
l.oi ISHNA rr
Siirdtv and MflndaT
fair, firmtr; Aluu
da f i r
AliK V'M: fir,
tinn nlMoortr fair
mr 1 uaaday
K'ir,Ja- nd Von-liT
fif, Tnaii gn-T
kNHAft r.tr
humUr. wtrrntr iu
.n(fi rwiPtior. , Man
Mm at
'li v 1 r : .
north inil ortior
Ornwdi-r Adds Supplement tn Qnr-
Ibmoilrc; In (over Information
j for . Industrial rirmplloim.
j WAMHINGT"N'. ST'- 7 A lP
liV.p.rrii lo the u-ies'lonnaire which
I men between 1 . and 4 V will ho re-
quln-.i to fi;i out after Ihey register
next Thudiv In" heen ntdered by
H i. r,rnM! m a t .-.h a I rener..,! In cover
S,nf - rm ,,, ,-en..ry for the nmnt-
ln r.f .i si i . u ji 1 iinpHn iiml'r
ma n pnwir art.
The aupplrmnt will connmt of a
Ir.Kln lunf It will h fulfil out hv
ci, h tcfci:.'rniit i lalmlng ciamption
cxn-llv us In ili" mam qucntionnalr
Ki:ulailinB aovrrnlnt tha appll-
i catlini of the Ihw hnvo now hcin
rn.plcifi'1 Th point chiefly ill"
' pulcfl .!ic th tcnlon of drift
jnr'-n t? prrpre( bun ttorna np'n
I rl.ihhificntion of Inf1ntrla. whlrh
nffiM Iv a nnmor or m
erninTt aitmif!"irtlon. It wa rP-
htld 'kjv no general policy ahould
be nloVd and tha rertilailona t'C
l-ir,l shortly provide that exemp
tion fhall be printed onlv on e
dence produced In Individual canea
Honrde mnrt determine In each caae
ttmt a T-Kiitrant la enfiineH In an
iT iipiion or Induatrv neceaaary to
Ihe war and al.m.thnt the Individual
invnlu i) la riTit-ary to the enter
prl n
Tha riillnt avea ah'p'da a lha
one vlrlii.illv erempied Indualrv.
I'r0ont Marshal ijeneral frowder
nnt'ouiic,j loity that Americana of
ill aft atte who are reclatered at
home, but who are now working In a
cIMIian capacity In rY-tno or Kn
l.md will bn r'ven opporiunlty by
'heir Im-iil boards lo apply f"r vo!
'inijn' enhainient abroad with Ihe
Ann-Mem epeditlonnry foicea If
'he.- a e calie for Induction Inia
nil!,'lr- pejvire
In ci-e ii m.iri In relected, be.
rnti of ilui''i! .luwhilitv, when
h- ;eh hi. h cnMi'nienl. hla lo al
FARE HELD UP BY C0URT!or,,rr alnrping the manufacture of
nan! the accent fare.
St ilnl for rtn .siirif mini
ba la
in- i lo each passeoaer when he en
'li a itrret irii, Hils being payahle
t. bear, r at the bank If the cnurt
'it i.tr the fi-rent fire.
Despair Grows
and Mutinies
I OM f-cpt 7 - General de-to'-i
a ' ;r.ii i' n of the population and
v. ;dc-privi and rrowtna; disiwtis
tiiM' -i in the liermin army. ac.
i "'i;j snicj l y mutiny and desnr.
i. i.iis i d's ril.e, in a dispatch
to th I'.nlv Te eirraph from I'f
1 . i tr! ila oi cot retpnnHeptt under
r. 1 1 n ..f I'ini i f I i I Ji " i' rrt siiopd
i nt ,iii, thai Inf rni.i!lon t".ichln
him I- i-o i-c' i. lion il as to Inspire
. p- ' mo Ion , i. .-, n ,. that, he h.ia
li. i'lU'l no rol.'ii ition fi "rn (J.
ll'.nrl'f'.VH enillC'" whlrh Oslsll.
l;-ie-. t',.. au'ha'u-lty of the Infor.
m uimii t. ynn-l a doubt
He assert. t'al tha German
i"ny is f,l!e I ul'h 1eaponden.-v
jir d r-t.-'ipv- u-ith mutinous spl-lt
nod that u! irmlnK mitbteikf hive
o riii'Kd in si-yer.il inula, ptim-i-pal'v
l'a i-'iiiu mti.l Hile.sli. tine,
ii'r,ii.nt ikf the Ari,s front tr-toma'-d
In a w h I" Uni'lun dt-
. .--I i-n-t I ti' tTied and Itana-
I o In r.1.l..H, M-reie tl is la
I, i . I i-i ,i i i . ...n i nop and 'he
in j'l'iv . . r r-to' of Ihe t-lieaian rel-no-n'-i
risu'ted In nearly a hundred
el il men l"-i!- cm -t I
i. 11:0 nuoil'rr of l-trrOnim s re
m-i iin-li's; the corre-usondent se,
iri.l it is ' ' no i 'e t hat the;-e are
more than 21 "on dcer'ere In Mer
lin a'-'tte Karre numbers are
n.i'l'itl IhrnUKliiiut Hie oi'inHy
(TiaJmian Glvoai Ixinjmt Talk I"mr
IVrUyrfTl tn Tlo""'1 In TtdllnaT f
New ITnvlalima.
rmlUMLlnn IUIUou W ill Oil Off
Iihxmim IlrMH tM I'ndcr I IkIiI
Illlllnn liollar lrj.
Trrajniry Hd WTna INilnio: (nrpo
rallolla Not "Hit llurd." luiu
tica !!ao Hfsary Ilunli'ii.
WASHINGTON', b'ept 7-ftpla-nanon
of lha h i.l 01 - ma K liu iohi'i.
bill, which Impoaes moie tnu cikiii '
bllllona In tavis on Ihe Amen. ,iti
people and authonrea twi.a thai'
amount ly Mt-erly bonds fnr pet
year, Hli conrlude.l In the house in. ;
day by ( hairman kitrMn of the
wmvs and pi' ann coriirnl'iee Mr
Ki'rbin siarird Kpe!i.iiiK iir'ir.lsy 1
His addii':.s Is ibi- lonisi cr d"
llerd In the house
I'robahle efferi .f prohlblHon lea;.
laUtion on tha nation a revanues win
frankly discussed bv Mr Isitrhtn
In cuplalnlnn lha beerage ..rnmn
nf lha war tai measure lie si'm
look up the war and e. esi profiis
feaMires as well s . lloe affrrlinK
pnrpoi al lima Htld In x it rl -m
Future upward ravialmi of lanes
Mr Kltrhin sta'ed, mut he me.
under conditions etiatlns afier the
ptohibitlon Iralslatlnn I" raised and
if It Is necessary lo fiio), new l.
sources, several hundred million, ran
he obtained by tariff Inrre.aea. trnss
aalea and consumption lair
Mr kilirben declared rnporatlona
lire not 'hit hard" by the bill, whlrh,
he asserted Is satisfactory aa a
whole to Secretary MrAdno
!'ark. he ald. mue' bear Ihe
brunt of novarnine.nt financing and
for this rc.son a stamp ta on hank
iln-rks diacntir-aalnit depo.Ha, wa.
not recommended
Tobacco laiea. Mr Klt'hln ex
plained, are doubled by lha bill
while lha lutury ' lmponi hll real
luxuries. The automobile tse, he
thouirhi, wera "rather high"
"Vint the automnhlla owner cn
pay It." he ald. adding, howavar,
that lha prapoaed avalem of Impoa
In autoinohila luenae ln.xea hv
horiepower meaatireinanta. waa tin
)uf' In aoni respecis
In dl.cnsalnir the lui'iry arheijule.
Mr Kltrhin called attention lo the
. action Imposlm a lax on ahtr'a
coiling mora than each He aald
any man who paid more than that
aum for whirl durtn the war
hnuld ba taxed, adding h hr"
aelf had never worn a shirt coa'lnt
mora than 1 1 Ml
Oeneral debate cm. the bill will
continue next week Iadera believe
now that minor committee revlalnne,
poaslhlv of the Imnor taxes tiecause
of pending prohibition e(lslatlon
and debate will prevent a final vote
before September 17 or 1 J.
In hl.a address today Mr Kitcnm
aald Ihe hill should be enarted by
both hou.ca of rnnxirn hy Novem
ber i. If national prohibition .
enacted, new lax sources will have lo
b found to replace the ll.lfiO.OOd,.
"00 eatlinated lax on alcoholic bev.
eraaea provided fnr In tha present
measure, he said
Such If (flslatlnn. Mr Kltrhin ald.
nmbahlv will not be necessary ha-
for next .fir The administration
peer i i erern orr l nut wjii rsu.e n
loss under the present bill of about
Urn nnn.onn
Hun Shipn rrf by Peru
A re Turned Over to V. S.
1. 1 MA, Tern. Sept. T Followlrta
Ihe authorization bv the reruvi.in
lonarei. an airnrment wa mgnert
here today transferrin tn the Amer
ican fovernment control of the tier,
man shipping interned In I'eruvlan
ha rhora
Six steamers and four sali ne ves
ssls. toial!ir more man 2V0O0 tons,
are Ihvolved
Thllllpp lvila
'MADISON, , Sept. 7 - -With
all but one precinct reported. Gov
arnor F. I,, rhllllpp rlalm re nomlna.
nation for governor on the republi
rn ticket by :2 votoa over Hoy
Among Huns
S(art in A rmies
and the authorities are havinjt the
greateel d fflcully In trulllng de.
serters, owing; to Ihe connlvan--
of the working; claseea .N'eyer.
Ihele., hundreds have beep ar
rested and generally these have
been aenlenre,! to 15 years Impris
onment A great number of lut
prisoned deeertera, broken bv aolt
tary confinement, have br-en re
leased and sent back to the ranks
TVaobedlence and defence of
offlcera Is common at the fron'.
according to Ihe i-nrrespnnden' s
Information and a similar spirit
I. abown In tha munition fa 'orle-..
wte-e 'he workera deliberately are
aiowipg up, with the result tha
th" output haa been e-erlously de
'WASHINGTON. Sept 7 .p..
pealed repor's of disaffertimi In'
th rank, of the Herman mri,
well authenticated mrn mi, of
nmtlnlis on fjerman werfhlps and
the ainown disaffection aiuong the
varimia peoples of the Auetrn
llunararlan empire, continue to at
tract the greatest Interest here and
to stimulate the speculation over
the possibility of a breakdown be
hind the German lnes Secretary
liineing Indicated today that Ihe
situation was reoelvlr.a; careful l
Icnilnu. i
I man, rtilng Tank auid Rhahaniaak
Am Takrn In M4f Adrmncas;
4 rat('ka Also MaJ( (Vainav
Nniirala Warn IVilahcrlkl to rmarldje
.nfrty for offliinla; Arrcsta Maile
In l'rlriic;ral ami Mnarw.
Tris AtkoO.led Pret.
I. A PI Vi ibTOrK. Hundav. pept 1.
i'ii Hie l .url frnnt Japanese iav.
alt v his no upled Inian a' Ihe
ion U"i of the Iman and I'aaurl
iier. I ilsonei. teport con.terne
t on in the rurka of Ihe bolahenk
forre. nn the ni.entery nf the pres
ence pf entente allied ioopa which
Hiev .lid not suspect until they were
In S tual contact with them
i in the ManrhurUn front General
Seiiienoffa ( orsark. have reached
Hie foriflraiinna of lint a la on the
,1 an Siberian railway. I In mile.
Ismiiiie.nl nf Tehlla. the capital of
I Trans Maikalia ,lapar)ene cavalry
c.nerd 'he rlnht whir look I'hina
I Vang af'er a sharp fight and cap
I ture.i o r) prisoners and a barrage
tnln The enemy la retiring Inward
the imon river, milea northeaat
of rtnrgta
The Japanese are Issuing fold yen
nolea In an effort to Improve the de
paraie currency .Ituailon
Th" Amer'rsn Ped Crosa la pra
parlnc a Fled i rosa hospital baae at
.irM-t5jK roncTs
Sy Th. Aisa'.iM Trail
SHANGHAI. Sept. T Japanese
force, have occupied Ihe town of
Khabarovsk. Siberia, according lo
advice, received here from Vladl
wMt on rniN
R NOW rl f I.AHIT).
Sf Ths Atenrislsil Prti.
The nueslan bolahevlk council t
nlagevlrahtchen.k. rapl'al of lha
Amur province pf Aria tic, Pu.sla. h.
declared war on China, berauaa tha
Chine.e (overnmant la aandlnK
Iroopi to the northern Manchurlan
front. Tha Slherlan frontier hsa
been closed and 'ha bol.herlk.1 are
conflacaHnsT Chlneaa property.
rni.Krnri'iSTs MrsT
rrioTFXT comsith.
ahevlkl authorities at Moacow have
been warred bv tha allied powera
through the minlaiera of Holland
Denmark. Bwltierland and Norw
that they will ba hl! peraonally re
sponsible for the aafety of allied
consular offlcera and mlealona now
detained In Russia
Keporta from I'etrograd received
today through Stockholm a.v tha
Maximalist papers ate openly ad
vising the murder of French and
F.n1!ah nationals In Te'rograd.
.nnf sts of nKvotrnoyiimi
AMSTKHDAM. Kept. 7 A large
numher of arresta have been made
in Moacow under a decree dated
Septemher t, ordering tha taking
Into melody of all of tha aoclal rev.
olutlonlata of the right and tha tak
ing of hoatagea from lha Hourge.
oisle ptrtlea and groupe of former
officials aa a precaution In raae o'
new consplricles. Moacow dispatches
etale The persona arreatad ware
chiefly social revolutionist! and hlh
ei'ClsM.it lea.
t.r-RM ny r.ins
rAftlfi, Sepl 7 A ireatv of al
Hanre h.a been concltjded between
Germany and Finland under whlrh
the entire man power of Finland
Is put at Germany a disposal, ar.
cording ,tn a dirpati h lo the Ma'tn
from Copenhagen.
NFW TOP Kr Sept T More than
t.M-l men were Inducted Into mill
l.rv service anal ll.nno othart war
adjudged seriously dellniuent aa a
re.ult of the a'acker roundup In New
V.-k and northern New Jersey
early thla week. Charlea F. Dewondy
chief agent of the department of
.tustlre. annonnrad today. A total
of 0.H7 men were examined.
Of those classed aa dellnouenO
Mr. Dewoody said, many will be
proven draft dodgeia and aenl to
camp. Mr Dewoody asserted that
In New York city 21.112 men were
examined and 76 aenl to canton
ments, while 2,45 were rated a.
seriously delinuuent Of M.s'a who
passed Oiroujch the hand, of oli
cialiiru In New Jersey, 143 were or
dered Into service and 12. MS war.
listed aa delinquents
Ituntian Traveler Say
Premier Lenine In Dead
STOCKHOLM. Friday. Sept.
Contrary fn teporta received from of. i
fb-lal ho'shevlkl ruiirras, travelnra I
who have arilved at Maparanda, j
Sweden, from Moscow, oaeert thit
Fremler lenine is dead j
New management of " 0ir now
guaranteeing best In lire and acres, j
sorv service Weaiarn Auto Supply,
toinpanj . -'Ad V. j
Go 5 Miles and
Advances Lines
J I'utn Cole lileane Out j
j ' So. Carolina Race
Nat II. Din I
Cole ilraee la out of the race for
Ihe .emitorslilp in Hnu'h eioy'ts
Nat H IU.il won out over him in ihe
pt iiii.i riea. I- ortner Governor lMease
was a strong anil-war man before
the I nlted Matea Huew down Hie
gauntlet io Germany and haa bol-
hcvikl lendenciea now
Firth and Ponrrr rvrnr of Arx ldonl
M Viilii; Ho In Hiiapllal;
Two Hadly Inliiri-.!.
Vr. C. P. Unn, South 1 .11-
Mna. O. P. Idnn.
Mlaa Marjortn I.lnn.
M lee frrnnaile) Liun.
Goonco fWott, II yeera old Oil
oeffo. Three people are at tha Okla
homa hoaplitl aa tha reault of an ac
cident wherein Dr. UnnS. automo
bile collided with a atreet car at the
corner of Fifth and Denver t I
o'clock laat night. The automobile
lost one pf lie wheels, and all of the
glass In It was shivered, while the
atreet car was knocked Into the
front vard of the Imuae at I'enver
and Fifth
Dr l.inn'a face la badly cut about
the lyea. although hla condition la
not considered seiloiie Mia I. inn la
believed to have sustained Itnernal
Injuries, although Just to what ex
tent she la burl haa pot yet been
determined The two tuhters of
Dr and Mra I.lnn suffered hut minor
cuts and bruises
Mrs Ml H MrHevnoMa. 711 vA eit
Eleveniii atreet. and Miss Thomas
hn Uvea across the street al 7 1 2
West, Klevent h. were el alit'y ehiikrn
up In the accident Minor hruisea
Is Ihe extent of their Inlurl'a They
were treated at their homes by Dr
N. W Mavainnls
Wltneaees .ay that the ctrt car
waa headed Inward tho wen, while
the automobile was going uotth
None seem In know piel exactly bow
Ihe accident happened Dr. Linn
aald. el the hospital :
T waa going north In my automo.
bile, with my wife, Iwo daughteK
and a lltle h"y who I. Msltlng In our
neighborhood and did not see the
atreet c.r until af'er I was right .in
It Then I do not remember any
thing until J was brmiKht here,
where woke up "
The street car w-aa In charse of a
motorman named Gordon, h hn es
raped unlnlurel Ilsrold Mc'lrath
manager of the street car enmpany
save It la the fltst ac l lent of the
kind he has known where so few
ere Injured There jserc f.ve fieri-
pie lu the street car
Dr l.inn'a automobile, a bl .To'.
dan Is not very lnd!v e tia ihed ifie
wnrst Inlurv tn It helnn the' I
one of the front wheels Th--car
Is badly smashed about, it
e 1.
ward end
Beer Substitute Are
Affected in Xeiv Itulina
.WASHINGTON. Fept 7 Minn,
fa' Inters of near leers and eubH
lute, for beer. whl.-l have -leieloped
a fiourishlna bicineea m iwhl"l
lion tirrltorv. f' w offi-"i'iv e.
plattie, tndav. are ut us mo- Ii a f
fected b 'Ii- deciin-n In .- il off
brewln i f beer ss thor.e who mske
the hi ! ill hei
r i ire M f l . in r
tl e
dollars have been
esled In
When in in-ill "f
glasses walk tn Hie
b.'it'k end of tin1
American Jewelry
store ami riare what
1 save in rent. Ander
son, the Optician; 7
Flast Third.
Qucntin Canal Is Crossed; Mangin
Breaks Ilindenbur Line; Hritish
Gain on 17-Milc Front.
With Hun Salient Almost Flattened and De
fense Broken Allies May Attack on
Cambrai and Laon Flanks.
PARIS, Sept. 7. French
four to five miles on Ihe Somme front, according to the war
offii-e announcement tonight. They crossed Ihe St. Quentin
tanal at Tugny hridjte and St. Simon, capturing both places.
Progress to the north of Vauxaillon was mado and Celle-
siir-Aisne was captured.
The Frpnrh hold the general line from the western out
skirts of Vaux. FliKiuierres, Happencourt, the east of Tugny
bridge iml of St. Simon, Avesne, the western edge of Jusey,
the railway from 11am to
LONDON, Sept. 7. Field Marshal Haig'i troops have
forced the f'.i mians to retire a considerable distance along a
front nf about 17 miles, extending from Havrincourt wood to
Tieauvois, according to the war office announcement tonight.
They have also taken a strategic point around which there
has been much fighting on the west bank of the Canal du
Nord on the way tn Cambrai. ' ,
1H KLIN, via l-ondon. Sept 7
dn both Mea of tha Cambrai.
Teronnne road that were rear
guard engagsiaenia In front of our
new poaltlnna," ya. the official
Matru.i.iil fiutn jrncrul h'adjiur
ters tonight. .
"There were local engagementt
betweeu th Alleita and tha Alsna."
Br Tie A !' led Pr
Marshal ecb'f aljcceaslnn of ham
mer blew, alnnt; the tierman Hnra
from fthalma In Arraa alnc July
II have now well high completely
flattened out the great hula-ee cre
ated bv the German offensive of
the apilng and early eumnier.
Further still, the well rn ordlnaled
progress of liia a'taik haa brought
blm to a point where he may well
he able to snike a s'lll mora dia
aatrnua blow lii Hie German defen
sive ustem In Ihe west.
I'lom I.aon lo t'ambral tha Hln
denbur line Htooil aU last year In
the wav of the allied armies ...Ultig
to dtive back Ihe enemy from
northern Fiance and Fland-ra. Ut
ile Imprrnslon was made In that
line except ternpoi at lly In General
Hvng. drive below Cambrel laat
fall Already In Ihla tummex a cam-
ign, however, the line haa been
pierced on a wide front along It
northerly atrelrhea bv lha Itrltlah
and wlthlti-tha paat few houra II
hue been penetrated In It. foutherly
rearhef by Ihe French.
May Tnro Mniv.
It appeara that Marshal Forh'e
plan may prove to Invobra tha turn
ing of the line on both Ita flanka -at
Cambrai and Latin. In the north
tha Hrltlah have been for aeveraJ
dya in a po.itlon to deliver what
might eaally prove a vital atroke
on the wnt of Camhial where Ihey
halted at tha Canal da Nord. and
made no move inward driving home
the blow which the logic of the alt
nation points to aa Inevitable
In the auiHh Ihe armies of Gen
erl Fetam have now fnugh; their
way to poaltionf .where the left
flank of the line la under th-ir guns
and- fie e-tyes of t.tie defensive posi
tions are beinnnlng to feel the if
fed of the pound tign On Ihe west
ern outskirts of the bastion of. HI
G'-hain. defending Ij.oii. Ihe Fr-Jnch
jalna ly nt linns!, are in advance of
;the Imr. ihey occupied In 1 J 1 7 , and
I further smith below the main bss
lion, are standing on ground whlih
I had not been In allied bands since
1914 Fuither north they ate be
I fae I I rt ehtnri en i.niaaH
ri' """i r,,rv ,h"n """" ,f ,n 1
,11 i lol.stn mass f !
The French drive seems clearly t
aimed .t tins maslf. which, ari-ar-i
ertly Is safe from rupture bv a front '
at'ack seems nol nn.iketv in provi
the (itert:e nf an encircling move
merit Tliiw. honevrr may have tn!
h s tit Ihe fiir'hcr r-tlreinenl r.f Hie
i.errr.ns nor'fiward fr-im the Alsnej
In the .rn' 5'irh a rrtlie-vent Is!
I e - -i . I I s i loe . ital'le. J
ire I b --.I ni I ii. ,'
.i"o;. of iiceirs; In t-isiol
edeohiiipr line at Ihe point"!
ii bad not vet heen reached
nen'ied rapidly yesterday b
e Krenrh and rtrliiiih. Th
the II;
w h e I e
W M e '
,.,.p -I
t-.ti foiv4;. it an accelerated
I...-.-.W tl-e i ' i in brat-I'eron ne
til .'in-l on thai f-.-nt Itself tbev
ca ly ate co-e I,, I lie line. Soutt"
Hie hnimtne the bVench pressed
bevnnd letftn'er and moved tiri
cirv a'oog a A the line opposite
f -uii hrlween la.fc-fe an) SI
no Hie Alane there waa little
-luini' tnyrsrl the western prtrt of
-,l,e (mtil where l(,e X-nrtleanf a n C
1 repr h ar on the river, facing Ihe
..riioiPn ep"etie(ie. alo-iij the rana!
which pai li.c.-i trie .'leani. Fuither
troops today penetrated from
Tergnier, Apiigny-Rouy and
east tha Germana are giving up
gruggingly lha angle formed by -Ov,
Una trending off aouthea.t ward
towarda lUitlma. offering parilcu
larly stiff oppoaitlon to the Franco
American fnrc.g near Itomai, be
tween Rayillon and Montlany-tur.
In Flandere the Brltjsh made
rnm f-irthrr hnanay, but fauna
tha German raaleianca stiffening
around LaiHgaae. The Germane d
par.ntly do net Inland to give up
armeniisra in inia factor, but art
reported hurriedly fortifying the, rf.
ITlon defending It
PAHU, Sept T The mid-day
communique from tha war office to.
day waa welcomed aa on of Vhf
finest of the recant encouraging aer
lee. aa It ahnw.d that General Man
gin had taken another bite nut of
th Hindenburg m. Ha did thla by
rapturlnf n.rl,ls. of which the al
llea only occupied th outaklrta at
the furth.rest point of their 1117
Tha Inroad upon th old Hn wa
further emphasised by ' th enlure
of Aulera and nassole Auler.. whlrh
the Uermana had held tine 1114
Pf Til. AlMrl.te4 Pre..
ON THF AlflNFrKONT. Sept' T.
The attempt of lh German, to retain
their foothold on Ihw aoulh tlda of
the Alan canal In a wood to th
west or Vlllera n Prvre waa nul
lified hy a amall hut brilliant opera.
Hon early thl morning The dense
little wood had heen packed with
machine guna, under cover of lha
German rune.
Whnt Yvu Will Find
In Tndau'n World
0nra Kwt Bartlnv.
Tftrikt .Vtr t'nfir f'crahtnf Vlnt?
.r ffiii nt A m r r-aj in rranrgj ajra
m un4rr cofittunnd nf Amertrtn (rri
Oi r'n-attnnat rlairua inr lutf F ilr
all tat tsaa KfD dri to r)iiinon
n'rfl far 'irpva el tTikili iiptwi!
'lairn irr tfrnptlftn
Auni am! street r ( i!!lrTf - Kt pr
.fit in ho. i. till teult f 'iltaipn
ff u(jfTinf,i!n anil alrrAtt far In 1il.
lail nifht.
lIDt'l ft
tin rtnal
Hoi rd rroii t. Vnn
Pre Airp'n Tnp ('pHin Hn will
iw fitnn with him U ptir
Mhirt,l r- fion - if (hjf bv tt.
r tr
T'H "V ' ' Mn t A rtn leerv
irr tit ln at organisation will run
nii.ftff rv'-i f rafi'ifii in thai att
f')r tr filt Que.uoonir Jtr ig
ofr-iii nf r, ima.r tt refU
(at ilt viot lu ktinw. Heal tl
'ream A ,11 fm (t(a'if1 ViiiMi of
Amrf ia frc wflrM frt.ea Hun don
tn-nn Bikonl lo fXjai C nt . say. Hh
' Casildi !rr
iVn Amaricg.n !'nr1if Kn- rniTen-
rtiati Iteri I hard nr -rilxa ln.rai.i
i g lelli-f fnrrrri"ii r'inij of Jliiltt
tri rinju 1 inrrr ban le
fiy f Vr.rtw inrv tli it thu
with), than (ilonl V-k, tn.l whit
b aafi la Hhoni.tlf .
Fftt-ttr. la-tlon.
t.Tff a 4 War Wort. -V'lft ff Io.jI
anl tialf Hfirl. of intrfr-I tn ajl
rdi1r.i al l.n - Hra r nl
l. thai lh.
r ali'e o' -
WofIiI I.e. nfa att
ftnti ttv hit tha fi'of
Sw Yntkr li n l eHrf W hnt lh
am WNrir( e finf t" '-r ami
hat liif wou-'l- lika Vn wear. rr J
cril'l TnUa Wfmn !o frn'- - W'tM v an
fntartin.f fi-r M A.
An'. i 'l 'O'ih'. K-Ir -I'ini rtt (h
niotriwt nrl filln tli hill
OiMtr. , j Uy --Third ram nf VrM'i
rvrahlng Will CavhUi Name nf thai
killed and Missing In Arllon M
l aat a They Art nrporwd.
Courier Will Bring Memo nf Mew
Only TrmixirarUi ltaahld tt
llrport Thrm tn Keiavdansa, 4
WASHINGTON, rlept T Under
a new policy of reporting ca.ualtle
In th Amerlr.n expeditionary force
adopted by th War department, tha
namea nf th man wounded wilt ba
ant to tha I'nited Slate by courier
Iwlc a weak and only lh namea of
th dead and muwlng will b ebt1
hy General Per.hlng whan tha y
tern la fully In ffct
In making thl announcement te
day, General March, chief of ataff.
aald General Perahlng hid, not her
tofore awnt In th naiftaf of ma
.lightly wounded becauee generally
lh man had returned to duty before!
th namea reached th t'nlled ftata.
In a reply to an inquiry from th de
partment. General Perahlng had re
ported, Oeneral March aald, that
i her wr twtnty thouaand audi
taanaltle up to August It.
Under th new plan, tha iama f
II th wounded will b nt to tha
I'nited Htatee hy eourtar, togthr
with their hoepital record ao that
a aiatement of tha dlagnoal can bat
furnlehed to ralallv of th man..
Mooh Dlscwswlnn Cawxl.
"Trier haa been torn dtacua loq
In th United Slat about air ea
ualty lLata," id Oeneral March,
"and th war department haa bea
trying to get In touch with th eiaot
nondltton of caaualtle In Franca
beoaus w. have heard from a num
ber of eourcea of relative at hoina
receiving tha Information dlrot from
tbalr people In Franc of man be
ing wonnd.d whan th war depart
ment had not notified ah rclatv
at hum. At an early eiage la tha
reporting of caauaJty Data General
Perching asked for authority not to
report alight caeualtle. bou tha
men would ba ck an th firing
Una bsfor th report, after lnvU
gatlon could rcacbth llilied State.
It Waa thought ttien it would almpll
fy mailer aod prevent xulaa worry
lo relative If that 1 ayetem war
adopted. -
"I hv got a report from OenrtI
Perahlng aa ta th number of tho.e
caaualtle. In addition to thote whluh
he haa publlahed. ao aa t b able
to give the (acta to the America
people. 1 am glaring tha facta to tbe
people bereuee I know they will fee
any caaualty Hat with deiermlnanoa
aid c.ourag whatever It la. '
. ' ' IfJ.OOO Caaualtpc.
flnral Prhing report that n
to August 10, there war twenty
thouaand raaualtlei which h had
not reported which were Hated by
doctor light men who hay
gone to hoepital and gon back to
lha line, and that aort Of thing; bat
In order tn meet, what I think te be
th )ut demand of th people at
home, I am gqlng tq hat General
Perahlng forward by eourlr t ua
here the entire hoapllal record f
th American xpedltlorrary torr4
giving all cAaualtiea. no matter If a
man I In a hoepital only a day,
with a medical dlagnoal of each
raae. Thee will be put In th hand
of the relativea. General perahlng
will r.port death, mlaslng and auoh
major caaualtle.
cours'e of army study i
WAflHIVGToy. Sept. T T
course of study .and training for th
students' army training corpe waa
announced today by the eommltt
on education and special training
of the wur department.. Eleven
hour a week, or botit on-quartr(
of lh weekly period, will b de
voted to phyeic&l training and actual
Instruction In military theory and
practice. ' A gre4 part of th re
maining 41 hour, however, will be
devoted to lecture, recitation, lab
oratory work, etc., a a neceaaary
foundation for thl Instruction. i
fiuhtert lo b .tudled Includ
mathematlc, physic, chemistry,
geology, geogTphy. topography end
map making, hygiene, sanitation,
military law and government
Study of Ihe English. French and
German Isognasee also will be In
cluded In the curriculum. i
Ilaruch to Meet Cotton
. Senator to Talk Price
WASHINGTON. Kept T A co-fen-nre
be' ween chairman Bai-ili'h ef
the war Industries board nJ sena
tors from lh cotton I'.tei wiU b
held net Monday at whlcn hi ie
cent announcement of pluia lr "to
appointment of comrnlaalon to
sin.lv the cotton slluHlo-1 with a
view of fixing prices will b die
cussed. Fenator Hmlth of nuth
Carolina today announced.
Tlila tnlmtil Humane,
l it' hin t horseshoes has hworn
so popular in ihe army that at a
miinher of places It ba. been found
iie-i'-ii'ii v tn nation guard to pre
vent the men from stealing the shoes
oft the feet of the horses, Put no
(me one has" et been found dr
ii 'eniiun 1 atr.al th. eboo from a
,.,r,iM-T'1''ii'C" t--t.VT t .

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