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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, October 03, 1918, Image 2

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Americana, British, HiikhIuii and
French Making Rapid Headway
on Uoih Hunk of I lnu.
Capture of Kplurx-rgrn Will Prove of
Much Value to Archangel .oy
crnntrol; Will Aid Cwclia.
By Th. Aitorltttd Prtt.
ARCHANGEL, Mnnrlay, Kept. 30.
American. UrIIJah, Russian and
French troopa today occupy vitiate
un both banka of thb Dvlna rivrr 10
a point 126 mile north of Kotlas In
the government of Vologda. They
have advanced 75 mile in the last
two week and they now am about
3TS nillca southeast of Archangel
The Sixty-Six
"Boston" Stores
Sell for Less
Because They
Can .
"Why do downstairs
etorea ask high prices
for apparently the
same kind of footwear
that I have seen
in your ahop ? "
"Why do
you ask low
er prices for
the same kind of footwear
that I have Been In the
Vdownataira stores?" Come
up we will give you the
answer in a very few
rpatalra Hlorre In 49 Cltlee
Boston Shoe. Shop inc.
that go in our great-October sale. While our fifteen stores have
been crowded full of buyers for the past two weeks, this sale is
only getting under good headway and will be in full force and
effect every day in October. There will be new bargains every
week and you had better watch out for them. Buy your new fall
Dry Goods, Buankets, Ready-to-Wear, Millinery, Clothing, Fur
nishings, Shoes and Hats during this great October sale and you
will buy them right. The following prices are good for this week
and next. Read and save money:
A Carload
Flneat Colorado Eating rota lore
Per peck (li pound) o
Pr buhel (10 pound) tl-73
5,000 Pounds
Beet Cabbage, nice solid heads
Per pound 3lr
Per hundred s 5
100 Picnic Hams
Nicely moked and of very fine flavor,'1 ) n
cheaper than salt pork, per pound
Navy Beans
Best hand-picked grade 1- AA
I pounda for iDltlU
1,000 Pairs
Men' extra heavy blue overalls; all OQ
alxe DAOi7
3,000 Yards
Good Outing Klannel; while
and blue
Men's Fall Suits.
Hundred to select from at u avlnc of from
ZT $14.50 to S24.00
Boys' Stylish Suits
At away below regular flQ QC
clothing tore prices,
i prices, fOKttOU
The nwr Is blocked further south j is
ny ntilKlieviKl mines arm wrf
which Imvn beet, sunk Ui the i' ha n -riel.
I'l Hiu Viiitii river, howeyei, prog.
rc In u imliht i ui ti-.l und Am"i lea riB
urn ttinmiK thi' forces upylng the
important town nf Shrnkwrsk.
The Aurora boresllH is already
flaming Iti Mm northern any.
Ill their advance t j the I'vina thi'
land forces have mot Willi urtu ii y
no rislslanrc i-.iici. i i . n 1 1 i '.'I.
when tlx A n i lean wu kiIi''c " d
to he ivy in.ii iiiiiii K'iii f.i'i fur five
liotitH tit Hilthkii. .
North of Kei iieancska va. which U
near Mm confluence of l tin Dvlna
and i iIvi-ih. villages had r '
been nuilislcd by Un- Ic'li hrviki in
their flight from Archangel. This
f It-f so ant linn I h'y diil not sicep
anywhere, until Mm .Moscow author.
1 1 icn halted them at Hoi i nnoska va
with an Imperative demand to make
Hltllul Village NHIllh llf lllilt poll. I
uffcred heavily. Execution uml
iloiiredallons wire roinniiitod then-.
iitnl when the- h I i if h aimed tln !
wire given ii hi'. illy welcome. ;
Thn I.oIkIici il.l took from Arch
angel. Hi'' I" "'. fat Mis.disippl - j
llf pllKHI'IIKIT hliHlH. leaving the III-
II. n un iiM i nllpciiiin of i i.ift which j
Mlaied Kidakln Hoot In
pearl and dark dray.,
taupe, fleldmouae and dark
brown. Long-, graceful
vamp, pretty covered
Louie hoeli with hand
turned aolca. All alxea;
width AA to D
Women' good
eeamlena black .
Hundred of putr
warm blanket
-"i" "" j
" 1 -fl
V 58.95
r.eautlful plu.sli, vel
vet und cloth coat;
Tailored Suits and Dresses
Latent New Tork styles In best material--
$14.75 to $37.50
IClrirttnt Htylea In splen
did quality kIIK.h ...
In black
fancle .
styles .
0?Q Cft
Buy 4th
I. dug I'.plcndld service. uic.iIukI Ihn
fiinlnr w ..i I In t'Oiiini.Hid "f "in
i.HiN, Mil 2. Wry muivv
ciihiiiilli.i h wore, Inflicted mi the
bolshevik troops hy Mm entente
fop i s when thy ra pi hi cd I s bun-I t n
nk,ia In northern European huskm
(September ;:n, ic cording i " "'"
i fil ial Hiiiii'iii nt issued lo'l.iy hy the
1 war office. Thn tow whi'h Imd
In , 1 1 Inn c I ' I .1.1 ! I' '''' (.' h'.Nhe
i v ik i. per. Hi'. ii i iii K..reii;i, h.i'l hei-n
IfiiMifird uliJer i.eriiiati huiiervtiti'.ii
WAS'llfMi'P'N. "cl. 2 The
i-fluie .if (iil.lniKi,ii the r.iltmli
I .f fxpeflrtl lit-1 f to prm c nf gifat
ii'o.lMUncf In the Kiiamnri K-'ivern-im
m nf thn imrlh t An haiiKi'l A
i hiTl Ii.ih- in: u ri Ainfrlcii.li i hninir r
m.iili: in xh.i'ixiivf f x.iinlriiitniti nf
the ".ml mill niher ilfpohitH In HpiU
.iik"ii and It w.m ImK'-ly due I" tun
up. hi Mint lh ItMtmli expe'lllifin,
wlinhf an. rw linw Is ri porlr'l, wan
iiicli i t i kf ii
II Is .iln'i llmiiiflK lifrn Mint nccii
li.iil.in nf tspitlif i uf ii iniiy ii'Miill I"
HtdppliiK thi- prupiwi'il wlMidr.iwiit of
Hi.' ' '. liuSlns .ik IrniipM fiiim Ihf
VnlKit frimt, a innveiiiiiit lh.it hnn
I.. .-I, c.inifiiipliite.l Tur H'uiif. wefkN
With ihf Hilled trniipH drlvinic rap
l.llv null lif.ixt frimi A rclimiKfl, It
h hilifVfil they will tie nuori lil to
effect ii Junction with Mm i'.echii
mi th Vol.'-
WAHIIIN'lT'iV, Mi t. 3 (iittori
glnrmd prior to f-fpti'inhrr 2 '.
amounted to .1.7 1 9.9 1 r. luilm, fount -Inn
round nn half l-.ilfH und Includ
ing I7.'0D round balea mut " x I I
hales of Hia laland cotton, I ho cen
ana bureau toilay aniinuiiif'l Thf
Oklaliunia tnnlniare l,'i3.t'Jj MI'-h.
(llnninsa IiihI year to Sf pti'iul.ir
H'liuiintfd to :,51.6'.8 tinlca. In. Iml
Ing HI) . 5 1 0 round liulea ami 1 ' . -T 1
hair of Hca Inlnn'1; In 1 1 lo Hi.ii
date glnnlUKH wrre 4.HHI.9S9 hilm.
Including; t 4 . 8 f 5 round tmlfs uml
3 I . J 6 1 lialeii of Hra Uhuid
WAaillNCTOcf, Oct. 2 Hi-pre-aentatlve
(llllrtt nf MaHhachunftta,
uctlnR repuhllcan leader, apfaklnK
In the hnuae Inilay, advocated re
mnviil nf the railroad itdmlnlntrutlnn
from WnahlnKton lo aome other city.
Wanhlimton Ih not a rallrnail cen
ter, Mr. Olllett aritued, und he mild
while nirectnr (leneral McAdno doea
a great deal of valuable work In
admlnlaterlng railroad affairs, much
of hi work I pectiiculiir.
iv c:aii mth ok my Tin;
Delivered Any J'luce
Albert Coal Mining Co.
Phone 1073
I'hono or (all SIS W. Kaelnn
Hosiery Bargains
Men' black
and fancle . ,
Blanket Sale
nt . .
$2.95 to $8.45
Ladies' Fine Coats
$12.50 to $49.50
Shirt Waists
$2.95 to $7.45
New Silk Skirts
S6.45 to $12.50
Fashionable Millinery
of beautiful trimmed hats, verv
$2.95 to $8.45
Liberty Loan Bonds
(icL 2.- The "l
urii reported by
Iowiiik i .iMii;ilten
mmaiidiiiK' K"iierl nf the.
Anierlcin e xpeilitlonary force:
KilliiJ In iiclinn. U2; minting In
ii'iioii. :! woiinilid HfVerely. 110.
I if .1 from wounds, 14; died of HI-
i a; , I . T .'a I. 'iUu.
ikliiliiiiiiaint In I .It l.
Killed HI itf (lull
hiiifl. .Iiiiii.'h I' Wilkeraon, Hinder.
'"h.irlea C. Ilayhllp, Wade,
r'lvnn I" liiiitmi, I'alrfa.
William .1 I'amphfll, I'aul Valley.
Ilit'd of woimdit:
Herift Alfred i ' , Hr.'ulley, Hhiiwnee
U mill. led iii actlnn:
I'l IVIllff.
'i.-niKe I'. Ilflfi'le, Itutler.
Iiali I;. MaKoir., Trlhbey.
V livil I, n.nlev. I ii 1 1 .1 .
Ihivbl Woiibird, 'ink
lien . iiiiiii I''. i4jch-H. I ''HI iK.l'e..
I'land ll.iwkiiiM, Ariiiillu.
John W l.ifffl. ( hlckaMha.
killed In Anion.
I.ni Im Frank Anto'ak. I'telrnil. Mull.
Atlfilph Cuehl. Ilrooklvn. N. V
Itayinond K Mill, l-sliind 'lty, .V. V
i 'or poi a In
lltliniir .1. I'.fhn ntz. Jr , I'hlciigo.
John I", I'lvnn. ('oniifiiiiivllle, 'a.
John !; ililmer. I'eninil I'lty. Neb.
Harry Kvan. Joiiim I'levebind,
l''iank KowalUnwHkl. I'rlmnme. I'll.
John l Mci Melliinil, WanhlnKton. I'a.
I 'healer I! ItalliMev, Wltiobf. I'a.
Aiotiin T. ItobliiHnn, HeiiconH. N. Y.
Joseph Milini'iie. unnwuy, Mich.
I 'onk -
Hubert K ' Hhooli, Verbank N'Wuge,
John Willi.i'ui AdaniH, intonoirnn.
Mli h ,
MuiMeppi Anconiii. Iluffalo. N. Y.
t.m.pl, I! Alui.nil. (iinlM.lf n, Ala.
I'Mot'il I ' llelibl'oo k. Wbleman. Ark.
I 'rank I 'Iih i Iche II I. Hockford. 111.
IVitrlck I'lark, I'lilliidi'lphlii. I'a.
Kfiiben I",. IiuvIm, HlKhpnlnt. N. .'.
l inn et ! I leek, HnrkliiK. Neh.
Ai.diew Mimleavy. New York, N. Y.
Irfullo li, I'-ewell, TutneiH Station.
JatiiH Kolliart, Jr.. ftrooklyn. N. Y.
Manuel N. tiullegn. Centrul, N. M.
fhurlea A. I lamer, Kt. Wkum, N. M.
'ieorKe W, llaah, New York, N. Y.
Charlea A. Meary, Ney York. N. Y.
I'harle C. derrnalne, (llencove, City,
N. Y.
John tirny. New York, N. Y.
Jumea It Mickey. I'almyrn, N. Y.
I .en V. IliKKln, Eat Hockuway, N.
Wiildenuir t'. Johnnon, Brooklyn, N.
Hurry Vern l.nbar, Tllo. Mich.
Wlllliim Uialey. Hpeedwell. Tenn.
Harry I.lnnka, Mt. Airy. I'a.
I'aitlmlr Mnewakl, Chicago.
William r. I.owery, t'ana. N.
William Million, Concoume. N. Y.
Kdward K. MarHhall, Washington,
Lincoln T), Murl. Koryth, Mont.
Homer I.. Nlklrk, Illiiomlngton. Tnd.
Jame M I'erclval, Hrooklyn, N. Y.
Mlovannl Tetetrofcl, jrimwood, Ind.
John gulnn, tionlKal. Ireland.
John 1.. Hheot. Kugar Grove. Vu.
K ('. Stecgbaiier. Mnhkoah. W'la.
H. H. Htewardaon. Colby, Kan
A. Van I'atten. Kayettevllle, N. Y.
VV. J. Walter, WanhlnKton, I'a.
IkiiiH Wela. Woodbine, Iowa.
N. l". .Woomer. Tyrone. I'a.
iluy Wren, Middleburg. N. C.
Klnier Crowe, Laddmlale, Iowa.
William I'rute, l'hlladelplila. I'a.
II. A. Cuuimlng. Aurora. Mo.
Htephen Curtln, lfti( iHland. N. Y.
Joaeph Cucano, Derby. Conn.
Keith Pule, Hrldneport, 111.
Frank Daley. New York, N T.
Jake ramhuk. Hartford. Conn.
It. M. Iavl, White Plain, N. Y.
Frank J. Dax. Chicago, 111.
.Uniee K- Dlnan, I'hlladelphla.- I'a.
J. J. Donohue. W. Philadelphia, I'a.
Hennl Donovan, Oaslnlng. N. Y.
It. L. Kckanl. Taylorevllle. N. C.
Carleton Kill. Hrooklyn. N. Y.
I-o KtiKlaniler, New York, N. Y.
.lame 1). Kardy, Chicago. 111.
Carl Farnworth. Litchfield, Neb.
Albert Fenton. Heading, Ohio.
Ilrvan L. dullaghe,' Now York. N. Y.
It a fuel I', llarta, Taylor, Trxa.
Walter (I. tlerke, Chicago, III.
Antonio tierniano. I'ltteburgh, I'a.
.1. It. (loriiiin, Onceola Mills. I'a.
K. K. tliinlner. '.lohnaon City. Tcnn.
Henry II Hall. Hope Milln. N. C.
I'Mward Haul, Diiveiiptiit. Iowa.
Charlie C. Hayallp. Wade. Okla.
K. W. Ilelmburg, Troy. N. V.
('. M. Ilerhlg. Itidlanapnlln. Ind.
Wm. M. Iloiiaer, Keyner, AV. V.i.
H. J. llower, Khaniokin, I'a.
Don 8. llul'ert. Itedfnrd. Mich.
Harry Ka.ie, Hlngtown. Pa.
Jnmea M. Knutiton, Hen.ion. Minn,
.lame KnnlHtra, Marshall, Mich.
Thomas Kunx. St. Ixml. Mo.
John Kutla. rncaavllle. Conn.
Harry McAlllater. Hrooklyn, N. Y.
Died of Wound.
Kugene t'lemente, Tlcondemira, N. Y.
John Keppler. Stupleton, N. Y.
Timothy Mangnn, Kerry, Irelund.
T. Y. Kearns, Lawrence, Kan.
K. M. Lnughran, Hrooklvn. N, Y.
Attillo Manfredi. Hrooklyn, N. Y.
vm . i i-i
II Cross, ICVeriSh, SICk, blllOUS,!
little liver
hlldren love thi "fruit laxative.
1 nft nothing else cleanses the tender
domarh, liver and bowels so nicely.
A child simply will not atop play-
In to empty lta bowel, and the re
sult 1. they become tightly clogned
with waste, liver get luggish.
stomach, sour, then your little one
heroines rroas. half-sick, feverish,
don't eat, sleep or eat naturally,
brenth is had, system full of cold
his sor threat, atnmech-ache
diarrhoea. Listen, Mother! See
tongue le eoated. then give a tea-
spoonfut of "California Syrup of
FIks." and In a few hours all the
constipated waste, sour bile and un
digested food passes out of the sys
tem and vou have a well, playful
child axaln.
Millions of mothers give "Califor
nia Syrup of Figs" because It Is per
fectly harmless; children love It. and
It never fails to act on the stomach,
liver ant) bowers
Ask any druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Fig." which
has full direction for babies, chil
dren ct all ages and for grown-ups
plainly printed on the bottle. He
ware nf counterfeit sold here. Get
the renulne. mad by "California
Fig Syrue Company." Refuse any
vther k In) l with contempt. Adv.
J. II. Prentice, Fredericksburg. Va.
Hugij I). Hchultz, Davenport. Iowa.
Norman K. Kcngin, Hateavllle, Mins.
Hllmar W. Slelaff. Buckeye, Iowa.
I'iiiiI Slier. Kradford, Ohio.
Hay W. (Steven, Corydon, Ind.
Oflua I'. Kireet, Khelby, N. C
Henry Wolaimkl Ituffalo. N. Y.
Another List Hhow:
Klllifl In Action.
Lieulen unts:
!L. .1. Lnderle. Jr , New York, N. .
Morley (Stewart Mu'eM, .anslng, Mich.
John K. Mender. Philadelphia, Pa.
Wilbur Harris, Wist Virginia.
William 10. McliUKter. New York.
Charles H.iIhmIi. Klnon. Wis.
W. M. Llewellyn, Nurlh Uruddork. Pa.
Jot pora Is:
Klva litithr Itruce, Titusvllle. Pa.
Clifton M. Cimuy. Philadelphia, Pa.
L. It. Collins, Detroit, Mich.
K. M. F.rwln. Wallsbui g. N. '.
K. Hansnn, like a.-haganion, Wis.
.1. P.. Kettering. Cl'iaKo. III.
II. L. Tucker, i 'om fird. N. I'
Million HIi'hhIiik, Harrison, N. Y.
Unaeph A. I'.nyle, Hronklyn, N. V.
li. M. Morsi hausei , New 1 ork, N. l.
t link :
C. A. I'nlenian, Irfingpond, I'a.
Chmles Anidur. Huffajn, N. Y.
!. N. Hofldf. Waukaiina, ik
Teofil lliel-kl, Anibridg.'. I'a.
K. !'. Iliirdetie, Kvansvllle. Ind.
John W Causey. Males, Li
Dan Cohen, .Milwaukee, Wis
I'.fiile L. i 'onnullay. Hvlton, Texas.
William Dnle, New Yolk, N. V.
Carl .'. iret.ikr. Nasliknro, Wis.
W. K. Dri.-Hler. South liend, Ind.
J. .1. Parley, W'l Iki'sba rre. Pa.
F. I' leininiiii;, .New Yol k. N. Y.
Joseph I' reman. Haw ks, ).
Claude l llalsey, Itlackwell. Okla.
Salm Il.mi.er, New York, N Y.
Win. '. lleK irty, Nevada City, Cal.
Thomas lli'iinn, I'lttsbuiKh, Pa.
Charles W. Ilnadley, llradford, I'a.
I'.en Hope, I I.icIki c en, Ala.
L. H. Soviet, Kaliers llldge. Minn.
K. T. Jnyie, Jr. Hrooklyn, N. V.
M. P. Ka.lkn.lrf. Mesa. Wash
(I. II. Leary. I'nlon Course, N. Y.
James McCourt, Johnstown, Pa.
C. Mi'Cullnuxli, Haxter Spring. Kan.
J. J. MfMloin, N'vw ork. N. Y.
Henry Mcliovtati. Hrooklyn, N. Y.
Charles A. Mack, New York, N. Y.
Thomas .Mourn-) . New York. N. Y.
Ldward Katlian. San l-'rnncHco. -Cal.
Kriil Luclen .Nichols, C.rienup, III.
J. I'arnello. Province Trapanl, Italy.
William J. Hyan. New York. N. N.
David J. Khleliis. Chester. I'a.
John f. Smith. I.ennir, N. C.
Paul D. Smith, Columbia, Pa.
Daniel Stoever. Lebanon, I'a.
Herbert S Turrentlne. Wlnsion-Sa-
lem. N C
Neal Vail, Phllinlelphla. Pa.
Kverharv John Vaneltneren, Nl II
" waukee. Wis.
Clarence It. Wolfe, Pools. Ind.
Anton S. Hliizek. Cleveland, o.
Howard W Dnerr. Carnegie, Pa.
Frank I.. Ma ldis. Woodland, Wash.
Arthur W. Mi-anath, Hrooklyn, N. Y.
Kilward C. llovenstinn. Phladelphla.
jrence iM-.nanac, Nonesn. Pa.
CeorKn Smith Monroe, South Haven,
Carl Mulrain. W'hitlnsville. Mas.
Cecil P. Kneads, New Kensington,
Thornton M. Itlce. Necopeck, Pa.
Vltn Itosso, Worcester. Mass.
Philip Schron, Hrooklyn, N. Y.
Tf"nv H. West, Oxford. N. C.
William C. Harlow, Ahford, Ala.
(if.l M Mender. New York.
Joseph Hertx, Chicago.
I. 0111S F. ItlonrlKOod. Hrooklyn. N. Y.
Peter P. Hrown, Whitman. Mas.
Kalph Ferguson. Farmington. III.
Sidney Ferrl. Mlasgow. Scotland
Clarke It. Ixiwery, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Cecil N. Martin, iLawrenceville. 111.
Ivan Myers. Columbia Fall. Mont
John HaaniUKsen, Mlnot, N. Dak.
Theodore Arthur Howie. Clearfield,
Robert D. Shaw. Corry. Pa.
Stephen It. Shw., Oshkotth, Neb.
Michael Ney Hhoenberger, Fa-ette
county. Pa. .
Andrew Summa, Punmor. pa.
Karl It. Pwansnn, Hancock, Minn.
William E. Sutphcn, Valols, N. Y.
Oulseppe Trolna, Hrooklyn, N. Y.
Jame Webster. Mlddleport. Wash.
Meoi ire W. .engcl. East Urand Fork.
John H. Zinpdilnekl, Pltlahurgh, Pa.
Died lYom Wounds.
Kverett Sleeter Kirk, Wlnnefleld, jk.
Albert P. Kuttlg. Ijinrustcr, O.
James T. Pavkes, New York, N. V.
William W. Wood, Falmouth. Mas.
Frank H. Hrady. New York. N. Y.
William K. Htisoh, Nantlcoke, Pa.
Wlnifield O. Jewell. Pocatello, Idaho.
Merle Phone. St. Mary Pa.
Samuel K. Denpl. St. Jo. Texaa
Fred Mahoney, Jr., Troy. N. Y.
Thnma J. Cochran, Pittman, Ark.
Jo. W. Allen. Schenectady, N. Y. "
Ceo. C. Chard, New York. N. Y.
Thomaa Curtis, Sandusky. Ohio.
Will Kvln, Albany, Ala.
Cniver King, Terre liaut, Tnd.
Hnm Koolatra, Chicago, III.
II. K. Kronfleli New York, N. Y.
Lee A. MeHrlde, Klk Klver, Minn.
John K. Noonnn, Kingston, N. Y.
Lee Boss Porter, Angola. Ind.
Delbert Riley, Florenceburg, Ky.
Frank Arenok. Buffalo N. Y.
Joseph Haxinskl, Lynn, Mass.
Kdward J. Hell. Hrooklyn. N. Y.
Kenneth ti. Itugluss, Portage, Wis.
Isaac U Ciuttleberry, Moulire, (Ja.
William L. Pavls. Winchester, Kan.
Warren J. Decker, Philadelphia. Pa.
Henry M. Kills. Beverly, Mass.
Joseph Fernandez, Sacramento, Cal.
Carcie H. (.Unions, Redfleld, Iowa.
Henry Y. Maxwell, Angullla. Misa.
lli-nrv ivmer. r oi esi i in, ill.
Alf Hherge. Manchester. N. H.
llarrv V. Tyler, Milton, Mass.
Huron Ppchurch, Linevllle Ala.
tieorge P. Weden, Milwaukee, Wis.
Dbtl From Dlsraac.
Corporal :
Albei t K. Stelzer, Celina. Texas.
Harvey Dunne Black, Bath, Mich.
Privates :
Wm. Sheridan F-aggx, Minnng, Wis.
Leon Pullolla. Cleveland, Ohio.
Peter John Stathls. New York. N. Y.
F. M. Stephenson, Meridian, Miss.
J. H Copeland. F.lffrlngham. S. C.
Patrick J. Cullen, Jersey City, N. J. i
I Kdward Fai rell, Hartford, Conn.
Samuel J. Malone. Greenville, Tent
Leonlilns Taylor. Reliance, Tenn.
Plod lm Alrpluno Accident.
Lieutenant :
Stephen T. Webster, Augusta, Maine.
Dlcsl From Accident and Other
Carl Lee Colvln, Breckenrlflge, Mo.
Frnnk M. Mi.:iieh, Jollet, III.
A. J. Huffuiu. Pawtucket. R. I.
Frank J. Pencil, New Y'ork. N. Y.
Frank Mllewskl, Chicago, III.
Raymond Hagamann: Chicago, III.
William A. Jones, Johnstown, Pa.
Another list shows: Killed
i action, r.2
I wounded,
1 iotai i.
; mitiunir In action
degree undetermined,
Smartly ti
1 1 IP
($15 Valuce)
Hanilsnniely styled type in fine quality
men's wear serge. These suits come In
navy blue und black only and lire beauti
fully trimmed In military braid and but
tons. Belted all around. The coats,
which have four pockets, are made In
the new straight line effect ami are 33
Inches long, guaranteed Liberty satin
lining being used throughout. The skirt
have slash pocket and are gathered at
belt. All sizes 1 to 46. Regular $4ft
value. Special for three dOfi
Millinery Specials
For Three Days IQ r A
$5.98 Values at DO.JU
Rich looking Street Hats, the brims of which
are fashioned from fine quality velvet, while
the crown are of hatter' plush. These
come in color combination of red and
black, taupe and black, copen and
solid black. Hutu worth 15.98.
Special for three day, each . . .
Up to $15 Values, $7.50
i '
One assortment of distinctive pattern hat
that sound the keynote of fashion. These
are Gold Medal and LKO brand hat and
come In Panne velvet, silk velvet and Lyon
velvet; also beaver and hatter' plush in
'all the new fall shade. The trimmings
art pon pons, bands, aigrettes, wing and
Movers. Hat worth flu, $12.
Special for three duy
Killed In Action.
Sgt Wm. S. Cannon, Philadelphia.
Frank Crist, Hillsdale. Pa.
Seth J. Halper. Jollet, 111.
Max Hlrshovltx, Boston. Mas.
John A. Holme. Corapolls. Pa.
Kverett II. Johnson, Blackwater,
Wm. V. Hrophy. Waterbury. Conn.
George Kvans, Belt, Mont.
Joseph V. Favalaro. Glufsport. Pa.
Warren V. Grave. Philadelphia.
Walter E. Gude, Lacon, HI.
T. L. Lee, Humble. Texas.
Henry A. Phlppin, St. Cloud. Wi.
Eudokm 8hulak, Yanvobrn, State of
Horndno, Russia.
John Signrolla. Prov. PI Cosenta
Amenta, Italy.
Clyde R. Kuntz, Big Run. Pa.
R. A. Larson, National Mine, Mich.
Lonnle M. Lewis, Krln. Tenn.
Alexander Linde, Lodi, Cal.
RobtA. McPhail, Jonesboro. N. C.
Jame W. Madden. Hrooklyn. N. Y.
Raymond Maloney. Philadelphia.
Harry A. Marto. New York, N. Y.
Arthur Mayer. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Albrt Mead. Baltimore. Md.
Charles E. Menxke, Belleville, 111.
Albert H. Michael, Hudson, ti. P.
Klmer K. Mikesell. Homer ity. I a.
Clarence Miller, Erhsrd, Minn.
Vellx A. Miller DUnner, ii-ii.
Mocer F. Minogue, New York
K. t-
John K. Moyer. Portage, Pa.
R. T. Needel, Chicago, 111.
t.--ai VfviM. Brooklyn. N. Y.
n M O'Connell, Rockaway
John J. O Hnra. New York, N. Y.
Emory It Osborn. Montgomery. N.Y,
George Osten, Toledo. Ohio.
Carl E. Otto. latke Mills. Iowa.
James Paull. Milwaukee. Wis.
D C. Poplin. Charlotte, N. C.
J. T. Prather. Indianapolis, Ind.
Geo. T. Record. Wayvllle, N. Y.
John Rice, Manhasset, N. Y.
lke.1. Kigsbee. Durham, N. C.
L. J. Robinson. Gary. W. Va.
Joseph V.. Roscoe. Osborne, N. C.
Luther W. Russell, Ebony. Texas.
Frank Saladlno, Gary, Ind.
Herman Schindler, New York. JC. Y,
Alfred Schneider, Hrooklyn. N. Y.
Dancing Every Night 9 to 12
Basement of New Wright Bldg.
Next to Post Office
: ( . :
Lewkowitz Announces a
Startling Three-Day Sale
Today, Friday and Saturday
The tremendous increase in the cost of ma
terials, labor and all that goes toward the
making of women's apparel has prompted us
to anticipate our requirements on a large
scale, and we are able to present very un
usual values for those who buy NOW.
($37.50 Values)
Sty 111 h creation in
Coat for women and
misses, that posses all
the features ao much
sought after thin sea
son. Diagonal velours
and burella cloth In
colors' of brown, gray
and navy, with collars
of beaver or kit kat fur.
black and
These coats have button and buckle trimmed belta
Borne are full lined, while others are lined to the wals;
only. Included in this collection are genuine silk seal
plush coat, beautifully fur trlmmfd, and pony and
plush combination trimmed with Chase's beaver. Like
the cloth coats they are full lined with Liberty satin
lining. Sixes 16 to 44. Not a coat In the assortment
50 and $16.
worth less than $37.50.
for three day ut, each . .
Jo. V. Schuler, Dubuque, Iowa.
Wallace K. Searles, Swain. N. Y,
John Hlblles. Chicago, HI.
John W. Sidwell, Brownstown. III.
Arthur L. Smith. Waukegan, III.
H. G. Summerfleld, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Albert A. Waton, Colwn, Pa.
Ray Weekley, Shirley, W. Va.
Morris Weschner, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Oliver E. Wright. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dlrxl of Wounds.
M. L. O'Malley.
John M Paden
Superior, Wis.
Wayncsburg, Pa.
Earl U. McVey, Mansfield,
Ernest Phillips. McDonald,
ra. ,
James A. Benlschek, Chicago,
CLOSE TO 12,000,000 BALES
WASHINGTON, Oct. 2. This
year' Cotton crop waa estimated at
11.818.000 equivalent 600-pound
bale by the department of agricul
ture today, basing its estimate on
the condition of the crop on Sep
tember 25, which was 54.4 per cent
of a normal and which forecasts a
yield of 154.1 pounds to the acre.
A loss of Indicated production
amounting to J.iOtj.uuo bales was.
shown by the July 25 report. A still
heavier loss from weather conditions
during July, amounted to 2,482,000
bales. The early estimate of produc.
tion was reduced to 11,317,000 bales
at the end of August. .
Today' estimate, based on condi
tions existing September 2, com
pares with 1 1.302.375 bales produced
last year: 1 1,449,930 two years ago.
11,191,820 three years ago and It,
134.930 four year ago.
The condition of the crop on Au
gust 25 was 55.7 per cent of normal,
the lowest on record for that date.
Last yeur, September 25 It was 60.4
per cent of normal; two years ago It
was 56.3 and the average on Sep
tember 25 for the last ten years 65
per cent.
This year' indicated acre yield
compare with 169.7 pounds last year
They go on sale
and 179.6 pounds, the average of the
last ten year.
Tho final estimate of the year
production will be made In De
cember. Capital School Closed.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. Wash
ington public schools were closed to
day because of the rapid spread of
Spanish Influenza. More than 3,00a
teachors and pupil already had been
dismissed for observation.
Formerly Practicing Physi
cian of Hot Springs, Ark ansa
60 6
(SAIA'ARSAN) Treatment
For Blood Poison
Skin Disease,
. S t r I c tu re,
Fistula, Kid
ney, Bladder and L'rlnary
Diseases nnd all Chronic and
Private Diseases of Men and
210 Richard Building
Tulsa. Okla.
(Third St. and Boston Ave.)
Offlco hours, daily, from
9 a. m. lo 5:30 p. m.
Tuesday and Saturday Even
ings 7 to 8 p. in.
Sundays, 9 a. m. to 12 m.
Free Consultation and Advice
to All.
Rouleau Millinery
Formerly 106 South Main
New Location
122 South Main
Foettor. Artaj Ii An Army Hlf T
fcitd Men in Trslnlni C.tnpi. is C.n.
toim.nts. in th Arm and Strj tutt'i
frota blliters and Mr. nnit on tbctr feel.
Kvrr "Comfort Kit" inould cnlstn on.
or nor. bono A'l'i'i Foot E.it. th
antiseptic powder to ih.ke into th. .hoe.
It fraiti.nt th. tired, sehjoir. .m.rtinf
and kt.lt btiitert nnd tor. tpoti. Tbt
Plttttbnrgh Ctmp Mtnonl trlvite men ia
trtinint lo mtkt it.ilj at. of Tool 1
Bold .Ttrwnort. iit.

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