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You're NOT Giving
Kick In on War Funds
You're (Jo i n g t o Face
the Ret u r ning Yanks
Soon (id Rijjht PAY
VOL. XIII, NO. 47.
FOE MUST SIGN jAllies Rapidly Hurling "KAISER REFUSES,
OR BE crushed; Teutons Back to Bo?der! TO QUIT THRONE,
Br t wren Defeat on Field an J
Hrtiiliition at Homo Little
Choice Is Given.
Lansing Announces Develop
ments Momentous Consid
sidenttion of Truce.
Fur I.a.-t Time Emperor Sits
At Headquarters to Pass
On Hun Action. !
(.ii.i.ii of whether Hermany" will
in.-n l-r immediately or w.i.i ti In
rrii.h" I In'wn the advunc.i..; al
IiM i. 1 American armies mi the '
ki-'. front ami Iho revolution a:
, ii r. il tonight Willi an lAtr.i-1
fiM." i "v con ferencr ;il I ; i' rm. i n grca I 1
Jiim :; i.ir'-r-- Marshal 1 !i lias 1
r;vfr: '."'.1 11 n'rlm k Monday morn- j
Ir.k'. I'ariS time, for the answer.
V !. ror. ferenre the kaiser is re-
port t to I'", perhaps, appearing for
(! ia." Chip an supreme war lord 1
an'!. .i-Mniinn to Herman wireless
r-p";s. ilef in? the civilians who are
f t ::? through submission to the
ri.-vi'.ih In save something out of
the wrn'k nf an empire. A roriir
was il ie fun' time during the night
Tivh !! " li M "f the Amirlcan and
:;.i"l i-mis'lce terms, handed to
(, Hi nr.. .il ctivns behind the lines
ti;i v m;r.i! by Marshal Koch. Hp
earn '1 thi" word, sent ahead by
nim'fM that the allied commander-Ir-ch.i-f
bad refused a provisional
rr::m of hostilities and demand
id an arswer within 71! hours,
(.ovrrnnirnt Is Advised.
tsa American government was
r "adviied from Pari late today of
h reception of the tiermans by
M.ir-ha! 1'nch at 10:35 o'clock in the
r.rv : r e and its result. Secretary
I-at.i-".g immediately made the news
r-ib!:r at the state department,
j.rer unofficial Information t the
movements of the Herman courier
r,,i krodi?e of the difficult roads
eve- which he must travel for 100
iniies after leaving the allied llnea
Vd li the concern that he could not
t; bark with a reply before to
morrow, rven if not kept waiting
fn ,i .incision.
tti the meantime the result is
an e.l'd here with entire confidence
Hint calm. American and allied mil
firv men say the end must come
Tji kly one way or the other; that
if the 'Hermans are unable to agree
amTB themselves and accept the
":ed terms the problem will be
si't'.f.l for them with no Treat de
'y. Some believe tnat acceptance
a'5 ire i and will be hastened, now
th.it a final effort to quibble wih
le.-'il.tie-i stopped is ended, on the
Mtmry thet even the kaiser himself
nei-t rea'tze that unless peace Is
iru.! ouirklv there will be no gov
err merit in Hcrmany to make It.
Hi viva's In New York and clsr
. r toriv of the premature peace
iVnoi'sirations started yesterday by
ti false report of the signing of
h .irniisttce led President Wilson
tn il-rcet Secretary lapsing to an
t"i':r.,n that as soon as any decision
n r(rird to the, armistice wns
ra. h"d it would be made public im
rreo. itely hv the government and
thi' any statement that news re
r;i.riiiB this event was being; with
h' i was utterly faliw.
A" Inlerestine quentlnn was raised
l tVe s'atement In the report to the
An iiicio government on which Seo.
ri'u-v I.mlrur based his statement
. that the Herman envoys came with
f l I powers. Fince the delera.tea did
ri.l se fun powers either to slsrn or
r . t the terms and instead referred
'him to prand headquarters, it w-as
rn.'iM.o; here as certain that they
'.mi" ni'h the hope of accomplishing
S'T.ethinir more than the stjrnaCire
of nn armi-lire. Tt w-as believed their
P'irpe was tn Inject matters wnicn ( ..j rather resent tho idea of talking
can he considered only at the peace i ahnl .p'v,ni,' 1n ,n united war work
fnrr..-r-,ep "fund." said K. W. Marland. state
P has v.een made very clear, how- rn;llrm,in rf ,n. war work rampalgn.
pvir ,,nd emphasized tndav in offi- ( who .s n Tulsa veeterday. In run
Jjal disritches. from France. 'ht nPl,tUin wl,h thf, drlv "i tct that
Mirsl al Kor h'M powers were limited jn3lenil nf giving' wo folks permitted
.-"! y to the drastic military pro. ,o reman Ht nom0 are 'pavjng' a
mm p-ej.-rihed by the supreme war , l)pj) WP nw(1
.iin.i; i ersilliee. ,
N- mfornia'ion chareinc .Take.
M'.n wuh murder on September 1".
'f i; . Snucnlis. w-ris filed yeeterdny
Kf'i-r .i'ir, itp n the ju,slice court of
Sl.n. Sotiiralis wan arrested
'he iliv after the alleired murder.
w-a'ved preliminary in Slack's
He was bound over without
f district court, but on hahea
c'i hi 'ore .fudge Rrerkenrnlire of
ipcrior cniir. wits allow-ed bond
in iv
n nn of $ r . o o 0 .
i'd etuie against hi in was dis-
by County Attorney C.eorse j "Kverv business man. every m r
md proceedings .-eared oer i ,.n;tn4, PVery farmer, every laborer
h:s time with the object of in t),is country should pay his deb'
wing bail. J.ike Mays is it 1 to these bovs by riving to the united
! war work campaign verv dollar hi
"iiniflU rinai
r'K!.AHOMA CITY. Nov. 8
'''". inland mlnmt; ra.mp on the
"''iir? and I atiirter county line,
"be honor of being 'he fust
kl.ibouia lo raise its iiio!n
' unite. 1 war work c.iiiira:gn. i
r mi vi lion committee visited i i
v.-i last Sunday and found 'he I
il the crrlD of the flu The 1
on of tho IocaI committee
much wan wanted When
"r, ,j
$:.00n he replied, "thi
i icadj na )'0a ca drive 1
Tfl.M. N.ir s - Mmimum. 'It,
luiiiimuai 4.'.; uortli windk fttid rli-ar.
OKLAHOMA: "irdiy and Hun
da f.r, ijiti n.i. h crunKe in ti'mirr
1.1 urc
Uit'ISlAVA: ' Sa'iirilnv parttjr
flo'i.ty, Ifx-nl iiii)irrf .'-uiiday gfa-i--4''v
f:Kvs.-, StiirU nJ Sim
ily tfein ii.v UTr, mil uiiKii rhan(
in t'tnT.i rhiijf
EXST TK.x s- Ktiurda pnlr
''i.'.'ly ' .il il.iwurii on His ru(,
J-.. .. lav (mr
UKS!' fU-! SHiiirii.i and
Stiiula f i : r n.. i.i.i h nnire in tetn
pi-r. rif
K iA' l.r Kinrdjr and
."'.inlay, wurmrr Sinil.
Man. I II of at I last T-i in Scnali
mill II! in loner liraiii-h Assiireil
on Illicit lli tiiriii.
Ixiilco lo I lea. I Inrnpi ItcUitlons
t'oiiiiiiittii'. I'liirn-c 'i mi i u- uilil
Warri-n Aiiripriatiiiis.
WASHIMiTi i.V. Nov X. A re
publican majority in iho next con
gress of at le.ust two in tho hen.Lte
and of not lesa tlian 43 in th house
was amirfil from returns today
from the wattcriliK (loililful district
of last Tuesdays i 'lection.
Word from Hetroit of election in
Michigan upon alriinut complete un
official retorts of Truman II .Vi.
berry, republican' candld.i:e for tne
senate, over Henry Kurd, democrat,
incrivmcd the republican sii iaio roil
to 49 a bare, majority. Tim Ueino
crats have 4(1, with the Ualn cn.v
test between Senator Numn'.. Jcnio
crat, and former (iovernor tlooilinK
aUll in doule.. (in thi face nf al
mokt ruinplets unofficial reiurnn.
Nugent haa a majority of nearly IdO.
but Goodina; has demand . I an i l-fn-aal
count whkti will bo made
November 13.
Heturna from the laat niiiminb
house district Ihe tccond Montana,
where ti republican waa olectei lo
the se.it now held by rtep.-esiinlojlve
Jeanoxte llankin. uns'icccjaful ln'lt
pendent candidate for the acnato
were received toda.
On the facf now complete un
official returns, the po'ilicil lineup
of the next house la h follows, llt
puhilian. I'oS; democr.iii, 1JI; in
dependent. I; 8ocialiS'.
Itciulillcuns to Control.
I'rooptct of holding not lc.i. than
it seats In the senate, rei;:inl!eea t
tho outcome of the Idaho ront'ist,
places tho republican in a powition
to lake Cna'.iol of tho teniae troni
the demoi'rata. and ra-'irvar.i j it.
With 49 votes necesrii-y tn control,
however, republican lMdi'4 realize
t) in t nreanlzinion will il.'i.nnl upon
unbroken parlan uliKnmi ni.
Itepubllcan control of luitti senile
and linuff and harmony of a vion
between the republicans of iioth
bodies are expected here to hne
much effect on Ii k hIih .e. poilt u.
I.kn the re-orpinization of the
house, republican organic tilr-n of the
senate principally affects chalrm'tr.
ships and mujunty con'..-ol of enm
iTiitteea besides leginlatlon. Senior 'y
of service Is the almost unbroken
precedent in the aen.i'e, an In tho
house, of electing commilieo chair
men. With the republicans holding In
tact their majority to organize the
senate. Senator l.odgn of Mastrachu
actts under the seniority rule, would
Paying, Not Giving, Is Idea
in Raising United War Fund
..... T. j-k, .
to thoi
splendid Yanks who have
knocked the wind out of the kaiser,
and If we fall down at this grave
hour In raining a fund In excess of
what is asked, we are the most un
grateful people In the world. .
"lyet's nult worrying about what
our share is. Our share la every dol
lar we have earned above bare liv
ing expenses during the war.
"The boys over there have) given
every moment of their time; have
given their business opportunities,
and havn offered their lives to win
for us the coming years of peace and
prosperity. When thev return they
will have no accumulated weunn io
show for the months they have
served us.
has saved since the war began.
"The flinrt ral';d n'xt wrek ! v ,h"
united war work cumpiign wiC be
"1 In providing comforts and eon-
venienees lor our ooys nurirm i '
long period of enforced (idleness in
the camps, providing for them e 1 i -rational
opportunities and sur-o i n l
irg them with every promotion
apainin sickness and ilin'ase.
"The i'lfluenza epi lenil has ki led
off more
men on our ramps
lenrl lVrshins has lost in France
"The money contributed next w-ek
w'.ll bring your Poy tiar-K io on
bark to
better, heaJthier man and may be ,
Ihe means of saving b.s lifi"
This is the mes.ci.Ke of the man in i
ehar of raisins; Oklahoma's uo'aj
i ih. ojcroilag tiflcoia ot the 4
British Take AvesnCS'
and Enter Tournai
Haig Reports.
Large Area Is Liberated
By Continued Drive To
ward South.
Forest Holds Arc Won;
. Serbs Cross Danube
Into Hungary.
1iOMmN. Nov. g.Tho iiilnrc
of the Important town .of .eaii'M
anil the oivupatlon of the woli-rii
IKirtlmi of Tournai arc reported
In Held Marnhul Hull:' official
(uniniuiilenllon loniulit. Iioth
north uml south of Ai'Mnrs (he
Itrilish troopa hac pn.sMi the lino
of the .imiix-MuulH'iixr roail.
I'MtlS. Nov. H.-Hir I'nii.li
troopM arc i ontliiuini; to pro- the
t.cruuins. iiilng ilrlten the eiirmv
from further large areiut on the
soiulicrn part of the buttle front,
aeenrillng to the offlciil eiiniiiiu
iiliiitloti l.ncd tonight.
Thi. Ahmoi'ii(1 Prs.
MTII Till! lltl.MII Mt.MV
IN Fit. WO; Nov. M. (10 p. in. I.
t.eneral (ioiirnuil tonight lioliN the
west Imnk of the MciLse rlter from
Sedan Ki the outskirts of Mc-
en-H, Ills troops during
having nuole an aiUSnce
five tn right miles.
the iluv
of from
By The Anefiaied Pnn 1
WITH TMK AMIll'.li'AV 1 111 'IIS I
"X THM VKI'SK l-'Kw.N'T Nov. s J
The right wing of (ieneral Pershing's I
foped advance. I today, pu.shnig inin
the western eiiKe of llcun y w ood
and in Ihe Woevre forest.
In the Kcurev wood reitlon the
whnle line advanced, culling off
t he
salient of the IIoih de la Mont.igue,
llaraumont and lirandeville.
In the Woever foresl sector It
wan patrols who peneterated the
edge of the forosiand they met with
resistance. This section of -he bat
tle line contains virtually the last
strong enemy defensive positions. Il k
withdrawal far to the rear is prac
tically certain.
LONDON. Nov. S. Serbian troops
have crossed the Panulm Into Hun
gary where they have been received
with the greatest enthusiahm, says
an official statement issued by the
Serbian war office Thursday.
Ill ItltlKI) T llOUDEIt.
Ily The AmoruLtd Pmv
on the battle fields the Hermans
evervwhern are being hurried hark
Railway Telegraphers
to Get Wage Increase
order granting railroad telegraphers
a general wage Increase will bv Is
sued within a few davs by Director
tieneral McAdoo. It was said today
at the railroad administration. The
advance is said to average about $30
a month.
.rn i;reat morale .ip'tii ii idi'n'i
f.ed w.th this pro.si ruiinii of the war,
'.be V. M. C. A , Hie V. W. C. A . the
National t'atbolic war couneil,
Kniiihts of I'olurnli'in. ,Iew1. b wel
fare board, war camp community
service, .American library .i.1' jeja'ion
and the Salvation army Mr. Mfir
land spent s oi.i l.ttle teni' ci T:ils.i
and cotigrat -1 la ted Mr S. to la.r. the
district inu.iati'r, on .'.' .-orpin!
oriraniz ituin In i e puiiu.c o'-r Ihe
mi 1 y luncheons of the workers in
the c.ir-.pa.gn wnl be 1 1 1 in
Hotel Tuis-i every day at noon, be.
tinning nevi Tuendav. nccording to
an a n iiou nci' ment made a' head-
I'l.-irters vi-stcrd-iy This t.ieits With
toe sntic'.f'n of the cunctl of ile
fense, Ihe it ayor and Ihe health of
ficials in i"w of Ihe facta thit the
"flu" I d in Ti'si is lo he nil.-.-.! be
fori- that ilii.e
In all pi -oIbi biii! v there will be no
I'inrheotis of tlie d club, the Itotary
club, the l.iors .'I'lh, the City club
and o'ber art i mzations din ing the
cm ji liitn Ti e inembTship r.f
th'-s" ori.- m i7.a '.otis cii-.Ht.itute a very
t.,rge pi-reentare of the workers in
lie 1 nri.l Stales war work cam-pa"-"l
jlii. u'fiit cirs and Inlerurban
operating in Tulu w.ll be 'i."d
to gi-id advantage In boosting ihi
vva- fund drive, according to i
. rt
c by the director of pub-
ir the b.g drive,
,,1-ns will be cari-ied on ttie
nd b 's ends of all f eet
l t
- n-l ii.ii.i'ijt oun cirs Ihii.iie
.l.:l "loxans as "Hick the Ka.s r."
.1 "ill' the Hun "
The Important factor in the com
ing united war worif caninii,,-i is
h ' organ:)!. ng of laimr in -Till'ii. The
ab'-r unions liave lai-n nriiiinizel
under the direction of Major H K
Warren of the tabor division and
-i-prifienta.tivee have lieAn '.-elei-ted
front every labor union in the city.
Thi.-e men will have active charge
of ihe snlirw-ji t ion smoni: the lalior
Kiiipernr Says He Can Not
Abandon Nation to An-
arc by and Allies.
Ultimatum Issued by Tarty
Demanding Abdication
by Noon Today.
Renunciation by Frederick
William Is Another Con
dition Laid Down.
)) 1l. . 1 j i . .1 I'm,
A MS TI I: 1 1 A M. Nov K ... kiiipcinr
William of lieriii.iuy h.i ile, lined to
accede to Hi" ilcm.i mis that he abdi-
a.!o, mys a ilerui.iii w In I 'ns diapatcli
pit ked up li,'! c tiungljl
To the iiilniiatiiiii of the him lallsts
the einpc inr rep.ie.l through Milliliter
of tlie Interior hirwi that he re
fused to altjii.il.i oliintai 1 1 y on the
I ground that he i ou,, imt at Ihe mo
ment of peace undertake the terrible
iespotiM.lility of handing mrr Uer
I many to Ihe entente and tlellvi ring
I up ihe country to iiu.iriby.
i I1ASI1I,, Nov. s -Tim abdication
! of Kinperor iliiatn and the rr
niinciution of the throint by frown
; I'riiice I'reileru k llllam bi foru
! noon today were demanded In an
I ultimatum aerit by the managing
I I omniici e of the (Jei inan hoelalli-l
party at i a o'clock yt-suirday aflor-
! noon to Prince Maximilian of Haden,
trie impi-rliil i-fiancelioi-, according
1" the Correspondence Soi-lallste, the
off 1,1,11 ""--an of the Mii.aiu.t party
"f i ienniiny.
J '"' niaiiaglng committee of the
(""'lalls' l'i"' considered the entire
J,J'" "'lu.itlon ami us il.K-islons
were . mho.Cccl m the ultimatum
wnicn i nuipp .scneioemaiin, social-
1st member of the (ieriiian cabinet
without portfolio, went to Chancellor
Maximilian. These decision were:
Kn st The rlghl of public ua
sembly. Second The military and police
must be ordered to exercise great re
serve. Third The Immediate trans
formation of the Prussian govern
ment In conformity with the views
ot the majority In Ihe reichstag.
l'Niurth Urciter socialist intiueme
In the relohslHK.
Fifth -The abdication of Kinperor
William a. id tlin. renunciation of tho
throne by the crown prince
The Imperial chancellor was a.sked
to reply before noon today, accepting
the conditions. Otherwltw the nodal
U's declared they would withdraw
from ihe government.
A Munich dispatch gives additional
details of the meeting at which the
republic was pi ocla lined. Several
thousand persons were present, hav
ing come by Invitation of the socialist
party. Af er fiery speeches by nu
mi rous orators, the crowd adopted
a resolution demanding the Hlxlica-
lion of the kaiser, renunciation of
I t iKht of succession by the crown
i prim e; tho int i oduetion of a demo-
'rratic regime in Uermanv; accept
ance of an armistice, no future wara
i except for national defense, social
reforms and eight hour day for
1 workmen.
I The speakers were received with
great enthusiasm. They all affirmed
'thai the socialist party limed neither
j a strike nor revolution hut desired
I on y complete reform.
I In a procession which was formed
I ttiil which was a mile lung were
I many soldiers of all arms headed by
a hand. The procession marched to
'the rojal ,'alac and the ministries,
j where the government hurnr-r.y
'posted upper's for the populace to
; remain i aim.
I HAS KI,, Nov s The Hei iin ia -I
7irt I- announces tlv ititrrparlv com
jniittce of the reirhs'tsg has tai-en no
j decision respecting tl,.' ijueHtion of
i the abdication of Hie Herman em
peror, but that ihe miiiii'ty rrooir
j nizes Ihe im perious necoe.,'v of an
icurly solu'.on of the prnbietl .
I I'.ASIll.. Nov. n - I nirttig the -v.-j
t ihK of ihe diit j ill I a ci. today a deci ,
I was passed deiosiii(r tlic iiteislmfii
id;, nasty, according to a. dispatch re.
Iccived here toni;thl finin Muni. h.
Republic Proclaimed j
hi Bavaria Report
HAS K H. Nov R - A republic has!
been proc!nice. in I'av.iria af the'
rnni luMjon of a gnat iopular mei-t-j
Ipg vesterd.iv. fays a ti li'i'r.im from
Munich under today s ila'e (
Wilson to Announce ,
Signing of A r mist ice
Vhcn Vo rd Recei ved
WASHINHTi N. '"V The !
state-,. ml was nrh"i-'e a' tin '
vv ii ;'e liic.re sti .rl ,' aft"!" la '
o do. k this I' . ol tiin.r 'bit In " .
ever word r-ame of the s irr.i.v of '
.11 rm ',ci. in l-'i i n. 1,' I'M
',.nr biiic- lf vv o.. t ..Mi ime .'.
I.t: liatclv
Mi Uinsir.g s'a'en enl savs:
"I am rei.uesie.l ami .nit tiori-..-d by
the pre." di n' to st ite that mi In
formation read. ,ni,' thin govi'ttt
re nt i onoi t n, ni: the armistice
negotiations iti l-'ran- lies been
w.'hbelil. that ii'iv s;a;emerit io
the eon'rary Is utterly fiisM ami
licit as soon as a di finite deots.on
in reirard to the arm slice has been
ri ai'hi d. It w ill be in mini M ,. l y
loadu vubl.u b Urn -ovcrUiJivUt."
Germans Get Armistice Terms;
72 Hours Given to Accept Them
I Imt of I oiumeree Thinks II l
I line to (i inmi iiic In Dlseiins
I iiitil-l rial llelelopineiits.
Winn lioiiiaiiils for War I'lirimses
I i'iis., lilriilorH nU eilunlness ns
I Mini ' lo pretuil In finiuirv.
'ok, i,,; foiwatif lo the time w hi u
w.i' .s over .ml normal eoiili
i tict nn. the i Imiutii-r of coin-
. I . i '. 'li-, ii i e asking that t he
1:1 in- t iki ii off development of the
count r.v. TheV look hleis at their
meet ii, r ve.vterd.iv to have submit
ted by the J tilled .-'tales rhaillbi-l
of commerce a referendum on the
elimination of all bureau control ami
Rov ernini otal liianaKi'iiii lit ,nf busl
nes ii' l'i Ities
"A slioe faitory wanted lo in
cna-e ,tv , i..t.i siock." explained
M i' Hale ihaltrnan of tlic Indus
Ilia! loiiimiti... of the local organ
ization at Ihe meeting yesterday
noon at Hotel Tols. i. "and we got hv
the Is-ues cosimlitee at Kansas City
and also flu- approval of the Wash
li.Ktnn nit boi ilies. but the first
thing we h.iyr to do is In show that
evil v man who Invest In the capital
stock 'nn afford lo buy il. I 1 1 1st
verv much if the people realize the
import. ime of thi" I'erlatnly they
do not understand that they cannot
make an Invest ment anticipated on
Iheh- earlnits. hut they arc required
lo have capital oo band over and
above the demands of Ihe -coveni-tn.o't
for their money before thev
can invest In a new business by buy
Ini: its stock.
"I think it Is hlrh time lo take
the hi idle off. and I Min iti si that we
take the matter up through the
I 'niled States chamber of commerce
ami g't the miitler In shape to pre
sent l i congress. Just as soon as the
war conditions warrant "
The directors discussed conditions
that follow the war and will forward
a resolution for referendum by the
national organization, urging the co
operation of all other commercial
bodies. Kach chamber of commerce
In the I'nlted Stales having member,
ship In the parent bodv will be
called on to vole on the mailer.
The matter nf a Tulsa member nn
the capital Issues commillee fhr the
district was also discussed. The ill
rectors will urge upon .1. S. Cosden.
the local representative, ipiallfving
and attending the meetings. Mr. Cos.
den his been so busy. It wan ex
plained, that he has not had the
time to attend Ihe committee ses
sions, and so many Important mat
ters are developing in connection
with Ihe oil Industry ttiat it was
deemed proper ,0 have some mem.
her who can attend at leant once
a week.
Kvery Industry that has business
before the i'-sues committee Is re
iulred to make a showing, and while
two other members sre from Mkls
limnii, they cannot be expected lo
look nfter Tulsa's Interests, and the
chamber of commerce Is Ruing tn
arrange to have someone attend the
vnrlniiH session" at Kansas City as a
matter of protection to Ihe oil In
dustry. In the event Mr. Cosden finds he
cannot qualify, the chamber of com
meree will ask for the appointment
of some other Tulsa biiHlnesn man.
Suffrage Amendment
In Leading by 5,000
iill,Mi'MA ' ITV, Nov. R. Com
nlile retuins from 21 counties in
tiklaboma, received up lo noon today.
show that 2'i I7H votes were cast for
suffrage in Tuesday's nlci tlons. while
Iho votes agalnsi Ihe amendment
numbered 1 1' . V k ;i. giving the ipiestlon
a ma joi it v of fi ."'. These .'1 i oun
tiis represent .r'lt voting precincts
out of 11. .'.nit. Official returns had
not begun to arrive at the state e'.ic.
in. n boaid offices at noon loda.
Peace to Bring Gradual
Cancelling of Contract k
V ASH I N' .TON. Nov . S i ban 1
ion H.irin h of the war iiulii-tn-s j
board author, z'd the statement to J
liii,h' l.. ' tin' i oioinc t"'-n ' "ill not i
result ill . 'Ilie'lliti. cancellation olj
war supply loli'rails but lb it oil j
tlacls Will be -ai.i' '.i. I I'ra.l.e . a-!
reiiuiri'tin tit a ri-lin", mal- .ng i j
possible to lift . ' ' iilm-iils ami n j
Mm 'inns upon o. bnarv : ndu-t r 1 1
a'tivrii' ,
Standard Oil ot Kansas
Declares Extra Dividend 1
NH'tl'llcMA. Kan. Nov Tie j
s-'amiaid M.l lomp.iny "f Kansas in i
.1 iv diilal'-d It... reguiar 'inarlif'.
Ir id. 'tol of $.'! a 'I are. papa bb- I ie.
. i ml'i-r It. '" st"i khol.Jeii, of r-" ord
on November ;io
Iv illefl S bile i eli-hrntlng.
I i 'Hi' ' 'l.'TII. T' as
I . d I luffio " . I 'i. ac id-l.'.i i v i li"'
i, .1,1' 11 wi'h a I'l.'toi li-t mg.'it wtn, i
a a ffl' tiri'l ill was in pi ogre: s i
ai We i'in rf"ri. I, ear hern The lei', j
,et i ntered Ills heart, killing bun in-'
.'itantiy '
Malnnr Is f orillllltssloilril.
M'.W V'HIK. Nov s Imd'ev'
Ki".d Malone. forn.or enilM 'oi of tip :
oil of New York, bus been i oin u . u- - '
-ioiied a lieul i-i.a 'i' In the l'uitel
.-'a'i'S n.iV" and ll.s bren hj.'itii i) (
t , in- overs-Ms transpoit iji-rvi-'a It'
v.dS announced tmiinlit, -
Princc Mux Resigns
Hun Chancellorship
Sags London Report'
lONDOV, Nov. h I'rlnee Mm
lllldlail of I i.iili-ii, ihe lillHiinl
tieniiiiii i baiii cllor, lias reslgneil,
iiiisirihug lo n (.criiiaii wireless
dispatch picked up here tonight.
The vvlnii'-s sn)s I lui l rrlnN
Mat li'inteieil his i'i-senniloii In
view uf Ihe nlleieil pal lliillH'lllai'v
sltiialloii, but thai ms epiiiiiti. of It
is still oiitsiamllng.
(.overiiiiicnl d vises Mbl-t iinllnenl
Itelliiers Ml, (Hill Mar pels Monthly
" Will Not te Neiileil.
I'lvnlence that the wur cst.itilisb
meiit lu Ihe Culled Mantis has
reached high tide came esterd.iy
w hen Dili Iv refiners In the mid -i nn.
tinenl field were advised Ibal the
gov eminent c inci lied orders for
Mi.nAfi bar i. -Is inonlblv of aviation
gasoline The order came from Ihe
national war service petroleum hoard.
throiizh tin secietlirv. .1 A Mofflll.
Thl mentis that other govern
mental dcpal'tlui ills nm1 cotnmercUl
collsiimel H ail- to get this additional
gasoline silpplv and that markets
for it must be obtained.
.1 !-'. I'amploii. seeretiiry of the ad
visory committer, for the mill conti
nent field In the petroleum board,
notified nil Tulsa refiner- of the
ranee nation by phone, and wired
those outside the Immediate terri
tory The order only f ffeolf I per cent of
the crude runs of the field, and does
not add a material sum of gasoline to
the present abundant ly supplied mar
ket, but it puts niMrketlug agencies
Into action to find disposition when
the demand Is nol so keen that
there's competition In Ihe field.
The present governmental de
mands from the mLI continent field
In addition tn this aviation purchase,
net about 300,0(10 batrels a month.
Tblk Is "navy" grades, and so far.
the nil Industry has met this demand
as well as every other governmental
demand, from all fields.
The oil Industry Is one of the few
Important ones railed on tn help
w in the war that has met every emer
gency and every demand promptly,
and il certainly commands the ad
miration of Dm business and Indus
trial w orld, Maid Secretin y Campion.
MI, I'ASo, Tex.-u. Nov. 8. Ia He
niibllna. a local newspaper printed In
Spanish, tonight printed nu extra
containing n copy or what was
claimed to be iin open letter from
Heneral I'elipe Angeles, former Villa
actlllerv chief, declaring against Iho
t'arriinzii government and proposing
I'r I'YunoiS' o asiuez Homey, for
provisional president of Mexico The
letter was dated New York, where II
was announced a junta had been or.
ganti'd to oppose the Carranza gov
eminent. I.uls Cnballero and l-inill-lano
Zapala. u-bel leaders, favor the
movement, 11 lidded.
Ilohert Collier Head.
NKW yiiHK. Nov. !' - Itobert J
Collier, Ihe publisher, died suddenly
al his home hci tonight.
Revolt Spreads in Germany;
Uprising of Navy Unchecked
AMVI'l,ltrAM, Nov. HT.le.
graphic ininmiinli allon U-lween
nisterdain anil llcrlin, l.nelss k,
Itrenieii and Hamburg ban bi-cil
stopped al Ihe risiics of Ihe llcr
lin postal autlioiilles. re port Is
current Hint iln-re have tusi-n ills
inrliiimi's at I ss(-n.
AMSTI' ItOA.M. Tli.irs-I.i' . Nov
7 III p in i The great i lei man
in i r 1 1 ie p,,t of II a m i"i i g is i'o m -pu
t.. v m 1 e band-, of i be i evo.
liitmni , a ' conlmg to !' ports
f I "in I I I i-ib'l g new spa per - pi I id -i
, ... t .... i o"i-ni- i iaz.--t.- 'I bi
ii d (lac 's 1 1 ins- on all ship., in
IS- Imi'iii
The 1,. ad'i'iart' t s of the com-
III. Idler of the poet hart been o-.
, i ,,i .1 i,v t tie old .1-1 - ' iel 'li il af er
exl-ii ng o i iiieiti - In which ma
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 .His W I I II. I
Ail- led' ' f ' V ' .. -i tool, f'i'o i.
m '.hi tic. vlii ol i 1' . of AHona T!
por' i "liiaii'b i tbeie agie. , to ai
i t.e ili-iii i ml- a bu.H'-l I.-, t i.' s..l-dlel-l
coum ',
l.oM'oN '.
Ill eiiiet, ,S. I, v
Jo,e. in 'in
Th' i 1 ' 1C s of
in. i Til-n l.i t
,111 I I' v . 1 1 1 1 I 1 .11
i nlii.K i . i ' ' i -1'ifoi !
pi, i, I, t., l" I ' i Ti ie:: -tl
' 'i !V " V I ' I a t ,' I' 1, ' : ". i : ,
: , :i .1' I I I" ' f- I '! f " '
I, a ' , I . oiio. - ' on n .: i
U' i ni li
I 111 n.e', . :,.' I I '1 II nulling be
i I ' I ' t.,' I) ' ' I'll" ' 1' V Of H''!- .
M.l tn- I ' : -it u i ted on i he 'A'io.1 r
r. :,'. 1 1 b k. ml li.'.i ...f I I a in
! ,,! -s .r. war population Was
..l.o,,t ,iiiiin i-chw'ii i n is t ni- en ji
i.., I , ..... nr.itid d i' hv ol M' c
lenli'irl- ylini'ii'i and Is si ni'id
on the wis' ..Hi. of I.mn Scfiwi-tln.
: i . ii'Hlii-as! of liiiebi ek I' i
p. .1.1
1 in
w a.-
Mil1!. Tii.ii'. l.i a city of liUMl I'rus-
Marshal Koch Pi its Question Up to Foe's
I'lmovs to Accept or Reject
Without Parleying.
Koiv'hstjitf WilJ Discuss Course of Action and
Roach Decision Proposal to Cease Hos
tilities Is Promptly Rejected.
PARIS, Nov. S. Leaders of the various; parties' in tht.'
I rcichslajf will meet tonight to determine the course -to be
i taken on the conditions of the armistice, nays a dispatch from
I Merlin to Herne printed in the 1'arin Temps thin afternoon.
I.ONPON, Nov. 8. The flermitn proposal for an immedi
ate provisional tiuspen.ion of hostilities hart been rejected by
Marshal Fochr
A d'erman courier bearing the text of the conditions of the
armistice has been sent to Spa, no other means of communi
cation leing practicable.
At allied geniral headquarter Friday mornnig the Ger
man plenipotentiaries, according to u French wireless; mes
najs'e received here, received the conditions of the armistice as
well as a formal demand that they should be accepted or re
fused within Tl hourn, expiring on Monday morning at 11
o'clock French time.
The French wireless message picked up here in from the
(Jerman delegates to the imperial chancellor and the German
high command. It concludes by asking that a courier be
sent back as soon as possible with instructions.
The message from the German delegates reads:
"From, the German plenipotentiaries for an armistice to the
imperial chancellor and the German high command Friday
morning at allied general headquarters the plenipotentiaries
received the conditions of an armistice as well as a formal
demand that they bev accepted or refused within 72 hours,
expiring on Monday morning at 11 o'clock, French time.
"The German propoBal for an immediate conclusion and
provisional suspension of hostilities was rejected by Marshal
"A German courier bearing the text of the conditions of
the armistice has been sent to Spa, no other means of com
munication being practicable.
"Please acknowledge receipt and send back courier as soon
as possible with your latest instructions. Sending of fresh
delegates is not necessary for the moment."
Spa apparently is the headquarters of the German high
command. The town is in Kelgium 17 miles southeast of
Lirge and near the border of Prussia. Spa ia about 100 miles
northeast of La Capelle, near where the German emissaries
entered the French lines.
PA Ft IS, Nov X -An official note
issued this afternoon says:
"The Herman delegates
this morning at Marshal
headiiisrlers. They made a formal
demand for an armistice, 'The text
of Iho conditions of the allies was
read and delivered to them They
tsked a cessation of arms. It was
refused Jhem. Tho enemy has 72
hours to answer."
It was later announced that Ihe
Herman demand fur a cessation of
, Ha It Iich nn the left bank of
Ihe Nieiiien river, till miles north
east of Koenigsbiirg Its popula
tion Is about 31i.0ii0.
S'.iiderhiii g 11 Prussian town In
S hleiiwlg. I :i mibs. noilbeiist of
' I'.enshiii g. In in the hands of llm
I revolutionaries, according to .1
' dispatch from 'opi-nhageo to the
huchaiige Telegraph company The
red flag lias been hoisted on the
I Mips there,
' i'oPHMIAHHN'. Nov. Itevo.
1 I'miilUs is 1 11 1 tin- north Hi'.
! n an riulwav line south of I'lens
f mug, in H- hleswIg Hobi'i in Th.s
( briai-s i iciiiiiuiii' arionn fiom toe
1 iioiiji with 1 1 11 in ii 11 1
I S'lliii' of 'I,,, lieiioan W irvl'ij.:,
from le I.IVe ariive.f III I I' 'is.
j bore, in .-'1 lib .w ig, tin- I'.e I ng.. i.
: Tnli-mli of too, '.t . 11-port., 'iin ir
j Olft'efS Wile J,,, v g I! pig ',l', 1 'ill-
! il'-i the 1 ' . 1 1 1 1 1 a id 01' Hie a .' .
Tin- H. rm.i 11 ports of I'"'
i 1, 1 v en a ii I 1 '11 v h 1 v e 1 1 a 1 : . In''
1 ba mla of s, -1, !ci-h 1 ie, 1 . , - 1 be
s'llle-WIg Volk i-l'iliill 'V
j I.iiNIi'iN, Nov ii., ,,ove.
llll-llt Wili-ii (Cciltel In ' ' si'l'Z
I tig of Vlrt'l'iiy the entile tier
tn.ill ll.i'. V b', i i'Vii' I'lofi.'l! forces
Was (aflli'l icl III 11 f.-itliv peaci.
In: in inner -o-1 1 v g to the l-.-
"1 :: Te-g-.l 1 01 I 1- Spoil 1 1 I' II t
.111 a. pi ni. 1. ' n i 1 1 flu-' w is
l.i" ;e, i,.,', . I el ,. v he addi
' i Willn l ,,-,:, iv. , 1 lii. 1, aval .if;.
i eets al'teed I., ;.i... a.ilhioitv ou r
I 11 t lie I I'l.l'l'l if ' ' C, W Olll.l p' . il -
1: e to m.ii.e I ' ll.i! sh'.'ll 1 I i'i
It',:. .si itt.i k ib.it nava. port
stali- r.aiik nit Issued.
i iK I, Ml' i.M V ' 'ITV, Nov s i'ta'e
i P. inking ' ' -' 1 1 1 1 1 , i s , on r l-ankf 1 t...
': day I- cud a .. o fill '!, c o I. il 1 1 1' 1 11 of
) .-ill sl:i e t.ini. at tile i lice of toiol-
i in i.i l'ii'la.i, No'. eiiiLer 1. '
hostilities wss for an Immediate suspension.
lUKUVtn iy KOCH.
PA It I.M. Nov . The Herman del
egates came wilhln the Krench lines
last night to receive from Msrshsl
Koch Ihe allied terms for an armis
tice, proceeding this mornlnir to the
meeting place designated by the
marshal x
The while flag bearers reached
the left wing of Heneral Pebenhy's
srmv at 10 o'clock last night. They
arrived at the place Indicated by the
allied supreme commander within
the Krench lines about 3 o'clock, this
morning snd passed the remainder of
the night there.
Marshal Koch will have with him
during the armistice Conference an
American well us a Hrltlsh repre
sentative. The Journey of the Herman cou
rier to Spa and return will require
fiii more time than the distances In
dicate, because of the difficulties of
the roads under present conditions
Therefore the receipt of the Herman
reply Is llkelv lo be delavd a number
i of hours bevnnd the time possible
hinder normal enndltlons.
I,ii.i.iV. i
I P.nt.sh vv n e -
b-ss si r-tci i . Sir Ijiiiuiiik vv hi i lung
I'ivaiis. minister of blockade, an-
, notiti'. I today that reminders had
bee', .'!,! tu 'ie go Vf r ii nn- n t s of neii-
i. 'outlines tiirtt the British gov-
en -i,i n' h,,d alwavs declii-Pd to rec
iii'i'vi' -i'i traii'-fMrs of i iipiiiv ton
iiage iniide durum var and that the
t,'iii,il i-ovei i: m entii had been
'warned H.s luajestv's governnier
1 would i-efuse to r'-cognize either d'.r.
'leg or aftic thi- v.iir intv such 'r.it.--fei
'o neiilr.il fag or ownership
I made before rhn final concern of
(n-ac... i-xci ti' with specli i-onient.
: The Hrl'l-h gov e r II men I . the in.n.
er said. h"c!s that tin
ia claim aga.nst 'lie shipping of 'h
(central povviri- in v lew nf their t'li.
I ga so limn : itie r.iti piiitir nn I th.i
th'-y do not intend I
1 1 1 e 1 1-
I claim to be defeated or J '"'-.in I
I an S'i'-it trani-fer
Killed During eb-bi sllo.i
' NKW VoItK. Nov. s -Mrs. Louise
, Thompson, w ntov. of Howard N
Thonips-in. ion lim t respondent
; of the Associated I'n-ss ut Paris
.-ml I'etrograil. ami her daughter
Mug. ret. in vears i. id. were killed
,a-t nleht al Hie height of tho cele
bration In Vounkers over the false
' armistice, reports when :i.i automo
bile struck and hurled them under
I a trolley ear Thev were caught In
I a pocket In the crowd. Mr. Thomp-
6uq died lu I'ili, '
' f.l
.1 !'!
5y ,j

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