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i.-cri Woman ",p '",rt,'"
' ,, Returning ' Uip States.
,,,,,,,...11.... n"1 w,,,n ,,,l,rl-
U,. ,iMinii.irutlii SUrtcMl I"art
"f , .1 War Work umiaugn.
mo t f ; i you e- let,
. ..i .., Picrfi Hcrnard.
iv.!, Ii" w '"'' ' '"" ''JUU
Tu"ii,.H wM.iday afternoon at tun-
u,,-i,, , ,000.000 men In
I -nr.,
wants to come home to-
'',, y Willi lO lliuiin iiitw
i n
,, ..... r.ernarrj wu iuihiuk
., ,.,!., and fathers and broth
,tl h.s'crs of he millions of
m'., who arc hpani( the way Into
Jr..;,,. , palace, about muting R
, .fairy on Hie limted war
,nr dp Otieldr of Tulsa ha&
victory souk ol r raiKe.
. i .k , w iiile th vaiit
,,,,,1 in honor of the national
,,. chief speaker.
. liernard vnn Introduced
,,:,! nion of the song, and
,. accord, tho vast thronK
I stood for a moment with
iiriM-K f
;.;r ! ;l
;lh "n
HP'le a'1
Oklahoma Hospitla
Sendee Consists ol
1st. Fireproof building arranged for
, purpose.
tnd. Modern and complete equip-nu-tit
under one roof,
jrd. Character, experience and alclU
gf attendant.
Dr I'n'd S. Clinton. Prraldonu
Ults II ' '. 7.lciceler, H, JM.
Dr. I.ytle Alhcrton
Resident Physician
Ninth nnd Jackaoa Streets)
Phono Osag 110
Phone 2 o '. 'J 15-17 "West Archer
Wholesale Jobbers
Creamery IJuttcr and Eggs
Good Egg3 Always
YE Dr. Arthur
Ear Campbell
Nse K Mayo Hid
Throat phone 8400.
Headquarters for Kryptok Lensea
New Location 10 West Third
I'hone 3473
Efficient trained nurses. Babies
adopted if desired.
1103 W. MAIN ST.
Oklahoma City, Ok la.
Exchanpe New for Old
14 and 18 West Second
Guy W. McCulloch II. IL Chaffln
GDr.I. Anjjstreich
lecond and Main Phone 127
. PHONE 100S
Children Cared for During Workln
or booppinp Houra
trchance National Bank Building
Tulsa, Ok la,
Room 530 Mayo Building
Phone 7985.
612-13-14 Wright Uldg.
of Oil and Gas
u of Corporation
Dr. E. C. Badger
National Association
111 V., Tcoof tvi.j oi
Phone 2810 Tulsa, Okla.
S'-rlctly modern, steam heat, hot
-o,d running water in every
", ivat bath, rooms single
ensuite. Rnteg J5 per week
id up. Corner Third and De-
bowed heads an Un Impulsive, out
ward evidence of the place that thU
bravo little woman and her brave
loyal roiiiiiry l.ulda In the heart of
(Very American.
M.ul.unc I i inard Is a resident of
Pans. 1 -'ranee, iu,d. In the f.n-t tiiree
inonthH of the war lost lier husband
and every other inui. relative, and
while broki n - In-arted, Is devoting
her life to pan lotic cuisi-s.
"It Is with deepest emotion,'' said
the tittle matron, "lh.it 1 hear my
beloved sunn today. Wherever I go,
to the training camps to ull your
big cities, and to all other nations
that fly the flags of the allied arm
lea, my song la on every lip. The
MarxuI'lalFo sprung into being In
1 7 TO In Strasslnirp, when our fore
bears were at war with the name
barbarians that we are at war with
Five- Million Soldier.
"lu I'.iH. when molo.lr.at ion took
plaee, In three w,cks time S.uOfl.fiOn
of our men betmi-n the an-i of '.'0
and 4 'J were ealied to the colors.
'an you imaeine what It meant to
have .'..iiiie.OftO men taken from the
homes and Iiuh: nc.HHcH of the coun
try In three week time'' if these,
5 .(I'm, (tort brave men H,000,0u0 are
dead; living aaenfieea to protect
I-'nince from the on.auKht of the
Iltins. tine million and a half are
hopeless cripples, maimed In the
"America now tins O.ono.000 men
under nrmii. 2.0nn,ono of these are
In l-'ranee, but the grsat part are
Ktill In Ity) tralnlnir camps of your
rnun-iry e
"When thea flv m'lllon men
were taken nway from France, ouf
women fell into line and took up
their work am! are carrvlnpr l for
ward with their own. We have no
men's work, nor women' work It
Ih nil work that has to he done
and the women of Vrnnoe have
stmplv nddi'd to their burden with
out thnuKht of gain or pnblie no
tice and are thus awltlni; their men
to Htem the tide of the Invadln
11 una.
"America ha been ao Rood to tia.
Wo are rloser than :uiy two nations
have ever been before; hut let me
sny here, that If It had not been for
the timely hPlp nnd attitude of lit
tle IJoltriiim hud she done in Cier
many thought file would do ho
Bfrnld because he I small nnd f',er
many Kreat, thev would have
swarmed over l-'rnnoe nnd we would
never have needed vour aid.
Words .ro InailiMiuate.
"The war, of which you hear, la
nothing you have no conceptions
of the horrors, there I no words
possible for me to make clear to
you people a thin that you never
had In your rountry. Tour brave
sun Is n,v son mnt herbnod is a
preat principle all of the allied na- !
tions are hmnv to aid all soldiers
tie cause
their own hovs msv need
aid. A world that can feel like this
has pained something from the
"We people nt home tire honor
hound to live the principle that those
men nre dying for. There nre per
haps none In the audience who has
not someono overseas, nnd wo nre
pledged because we live today In the
greatest epoch of humanity, to keep
up the morale and good phvsloar!
health of these great nrmlea of vic
torious soldiers.
"This war Is going to give a great,
wonderful edifying principle to live
up to; a principle thnt will sweep
nwny the barriers that have arisen
between the Cathrnlle, the Protest
ant nnd the .Tew. Through, tho mln-l-tratons
of these seven organiza
tions who are doing so much for the
welfare for all our boys, we are
learning to are with the eyes of
brothers, yet worship In the way our
conscience dictates. The world has
learned a great truth since 1914,
and that Is that war Is something
more than a machine, but a conflict
of Ideals.
"The countries of Europe were
going mnd 'he past few years, run
ning a race for gold and to dominate
the world in all Ines of achievement.
They were plunging headlong Into
ruin and then came a great halt
and that halt was the world war
jthe ngonv of suffering Intensified.
vui Ol wim nuiirnnK e W f, riuni-
edge, not of the brain but of tha
heart, that all the world may be
yours today and taken from you
ruthlesssly tomorrow.
"Army officials are now consider
ing a cessation of hostilities, and If
they should, France will have to de-!
pend upon tho allied armies for aid
during her reconstruction period
moro than ever. Since June of this
year, French refugees have been
coming back from the towns of
northern France at the rate of 3.000
a daf. These women and children
are sent back to us by the retreating
huns in a deplorublo condition. Dur
ing four awful years the Hermans
have Infested that section of my
country, the homes are leveled;
treasures are carried off Into tier
many; tho whole country Is devas
tated, nnd the people In such terri
ble condition, their bodies pitifully
wasted, their nerves gone, that it
will take years to bring things back
to even a semblance of their former
Help Them IJtp,
"Now let me tell you a secret.
Americana, you have two million
men In lYance, and I dont think
that one of them would want to
como home today. They want to
Holds False Teeth
Firmly in Mouth
It Pre rent Sore Cum.
Gums shrink or swell and plates) be
come loose, which la no fault of the
dentist An application of Corepa
Ktftcd evenly on the dental plate re
lieves these, conditions. It holds the
plate firmly and comfortably in po
sition. Also promotes mouth hy
giene. 3f,e at drug stores and dental sup
ply houses. Your druggist can net
It from Cleveland, Ohio. Advertise
ment. Knocks Out Pain
If you have a single ache or pain
In your body, here Is good news for
you. You can knock out pain In one
round all you have to do Is to ap
ply Miller's Antiseptic Oil (known
as Snako Oil) to the afflicted parts.
Thin great remedy penetrates thick
est sole leather, through and
throuph. In three minutes, so that
vou can see It la bound to po ripht
.n IntA Ih. .oklnv Ifilnl. rr mitHflPS
ami knock out pain. I
If you've got rheumatism, lum-
bago. neuralgia, sore throat, head-
.achel a sprain, or any pain, don't
ii J . . 4V,rt na'ifHH'
""""a Tr.. ine 0 or
it i,n htn Minor Antisentic
Oil (known ss Shako OilJ. Money
back If not satisfied.
i THE ORDEAL l.f I J .' "k .11
iirti r0jmiimrszLCTbV) pictures itiikrakmiwUl
Scene from Alice Itrady's brilliant new ilcture. '"The (inbal of
RoHetta." which opens at the ltlalto today for a two day stay. Miss I i i . i I v
has Just opened 1n one of the hits of the new season in New York but she
assureH her uiany nureen admirers thai lu r st,j;e work will nut Intei t' ie
with her plcrUre productions.
marrh Into Perlln! and I trust and
hope that they shall. You have
three million boys particularly
tiained In your ramps, make It pos
sible for every one of thpm to see
service overseas; not In the trenches, ,
as was intended at first, but to help j
reclaim France.
(.'(invention hall yesterday after
noon was filled for thu first mass
nicotine of thu I'nited War Work
ers eumpaltfn. The slnKlnc ttt pa
triotic sunn by the Immense pather
ltiit to I he inspiritiK air of the preat
ItlllM fireiiri iit.efiort ttia nte.ttltiL'
H'diert lioice Carson presided as di
rector. After a short Invocation by Hev.
C. W. Uerr, 1 'r. Abel cuve a
short address that was as usual very
much to the point and applauded
frequently by his appreciative au
A lousiiiK ovation greeted Lieu
tenant C. II. .Mii'aiin, one of the
nine xurviviug menhirs of the Laf
ayette Kscadrille, who In a few
well i hoHeii sentences, gave a vivid
weird picture of conditions at the
from, and pointed
keeping tho seven
out the need of
patriotic organi
zations at the front, for their effect
upon the morale of the troops.
"Smokes and sweets," said the
i our, if lieutenant, "aie the two
things most vitally Important to, the
fixtiiitig men at the front. l'n the
battlefield, when a man is wounded,
a ciguret Is us soothing to sliatterntl
nerves and pain wracked bodies, as
cocaine or opium. Which would ou
rather your own boy use 7
"Imaeine, if you can, a battle
front 6s7 miles long, on which
8.000,0no men are in constant con
flict. Krom September until Chnst
tnaa. It ralnn practically every day.
While the men are standing knee
deep In the mud of these trenches,
the lied Cross, Salvation army and
other patriotic organization, keeps
them supplied with hot noup, hot
coffeeo and chocolate and sand
wiches. "Approximately 1,000.000 Ameri
cans are in Kurope at litis time, and
it is up to you to 4e that their
morile nnd fighting spirit is kept
up to the highest potnt.
"How would you like to work five
days and nights in the most terrible
conditions that can be conceived;
and then bo ordered bark for a rest
and find there nothing to eat but
hardtack and black breal. etc? This
is what we faced until these seven
patriotic organizations pot on the
Job; it Is your own fathers, brothers,
husbands, sons and sweethearts that
theae organization are taking care
of, and the citizens of America will
havo to give, and give freely. In this
enmlng campaign that they may
keep tip this splendid work for sev
eral veaxs yet to come.
"SJiow the boys In khaki that
every man, woman and enud on mis
side of the Atlantic Is back of them,
and I will guarantee that these same
boys will keep up their end on ihe
other side."
Frantic and prolonged applause
punctuated this war hero's short ad
dress. Lieutenant McCann has a
ver earnes, forceful manner of ex
pressing himself, and besides scor
ing hlghlv In the Interests of the
coming campaign In this city, won
for himself the atrenilvo apprecia
tion and respect uf the enure largn
There's a lot of information ready
for llie TO" drafuca going to train
ing camp, at the federal building,
to be given out by the Hed Cross
home service, that will help ma
terially in getting straightened out
many of Ihe perplexing problems
that new soldiers encounter when
they get Into service.
Representatives of the home serv
ice d, vision will be at the fnderal
building today and tomorrow at 3
o'clock, and every regia'.rant la urg
ed to be there at that time to get
the Information which is essential
In handllnp such matters as the in
surance allotments from pay. al
lowances from inn fuieninmiii,
manner of addressing mall,
King's New Discovery
restores' the alertness
of Yesterday.
That "all In" feeling that accompa
nies a heavy cold and ceaseless cough
Is replaced by one of restful repose
and gratifying relief when you use
Iir King's New Discovery.
Feverish flushes, phlegm conges
tion, throat ache, croupy coughs,
mild bronchitis are alleviated in
short order. Fifty years of easing
coid and cough pain havo mada it
known nationally. Sold for fifty
years. All druggists. 60c, 11.30.
jie Poisons of Constipation
. .,,.j
are gent.y hut Ptlve1y expel led
from, tho .uf ;r g ss .em I o n
K if K (1 iH" a re.
id pears, sick headache vanishes,
digestion perks up
general health i
Vnnr dnic-irist ha.s then)
jsauie as alwai. Adv.
f .
! b
IlllH,i-taiil Sfssluil MII He Held
Hold Tul-vi Tcviis (III (HitbMiU
Itepoi tnl I .Mvllclit.
licKinning nt I" o'clock ibis morn
lllg tile Western I 'et I olell 111 K' linclS
ussoi.-iatlon will hold an linporl.i nt
meeting at Mute; Tulsa 'hat will
brum lefinera tio.r, all parts of the
mid -continent field
V.. Knock, president of the
association In expected to pns.de and
as he I, as recently come from New
York will dou!,tle.-,s have much tli.il,
is of intcrtst to ripnit to the in'ol
beis. and especially at this lime when
the war uppiais to be uliout over
('. A. Ilriilcv, vice president of the
association came In yt-slenlay and
will atteml the meeting. Mr. Ilraley
has Just returned from a trip through
the Texas fo ld and is very optimistic
in regard to the t-rt nation as to n sup
ply of crude.
"I hellevu there will be enouKh oil
produced in Texas," stild Mr. Hiuley,
"to take are of the neeiia uf the
country for the next five years at
least. Heat of all. It is of a giavuy
and refining quality that Insures a
plentiful supply of all the byproducts
and especially lubricating oil."
A the Sincalr oil corporation Is
wed equipped with pipe li facili
ties and will bo even letter fixed us
soon as the lino connecting the Itnn
ger fieid In Texas with the eompan's
line now In operation as far south
as the llealdton field Is completed,
Mr. Ilniley's prediction if correct, a
it doubtless Is. will put thu Sinclair
concern in a mtsit enviable position.
The line now building from the
Pushing field to the connection with
the Kansas City line will leave the
Chicago line free to carry oil direct
to the Chicago refinery, and will pive
tho company an eight-Inch and a six
inch 11ns na far ns tho point in Mis
souri whsre the two lines blanch out.
A report of today's proceedings
will be watched for with greatest
Interest and it is hoped that now
that the war is so Yiearly over that
there may bo no necessity of secrecy
In a matter In which the oil men
are ao vitally interested. The refin
ers hav done wonders for the mld
rontlnent field and everybody is in
terested In their prosperity.
Automobile thieves nre going to
he a specialty Wfth Sheriff elac.l
James Wooley.
That !s. he 1s going to make life
so hot for these crimiraJs who make
their living bv stealing automobiles
that thev will remove their signs
from Tiilsa and go Into businefs
"I expect to appoint two deputies,
who are w'll ipiaJ if .-d, to hunt
down automobile thieves, nnd these
two men will devote all I heir time
to running them down," the s'heriff
e ect said yesterday.
Another thing No Idlers, loafers
or hoboes will be tolerated around
Tuls.1 after Mr. Wooley takes office.
"A war policy of 'work or right will
Ik rigidly enforced'' he s:i)S.
In a statement thanking Ills
friends for their support In the re
cent election. Mr. V.:cv prom'ses
aggressive warfare on bootlepgers
and eamblers and on roiinty mad
houses which he terms breeding
places of crime.
John J. Sullivan, a former resi
dent of this city, passed awav Sat
urday evening at fi o'clock nt his
home nt Hartlesvllle, after H ten
days' Illness of pneumonia, follow-,
Ing Influenza. Interment will be
mado this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
at ltartlesvllle.
Mr Sullivan wns connected wi'h
the Prairie Pipe Line company nt
this point up to three years ago,
when he was transferred to Ha.it
lesvllle, nnd wa,s making prepara
tions at the time of hi Illness to re
move to Tulsa-again and take up his
dutle at this point.. Coiiturtlnn
Influenza while here. He la sur
vived by his wife. Mrs Florence
Shea Sullivan, and a 4 -year-old
daughter Jane.
The family has a host of friends
In this city who will be grieved to
learn of their sad beyavement.
secretayw7lso will
attend labor meeting
WASHINGTON. Nov 10. --peers,
tary Wilson has been requested bv
the president to nt'end the inter
national labor conference, tl." first
tolnt assembly ever held by organ
ized labor of the I'nited Strifes and
Mexico. Meetings will begin Wednes
day at I,aredo. Texas, a n 1 Nuevo
Laredo. Mexico, Under the auspice
of the Atnerbtan Ke-lear'lon of lAbor
and tho organized workers of the
southern republic.
Klre IseNlrnys Mills.
(irLFJ'i I'T. Mis'. Nov. in -Fire
tndav destroyed the sav mil! .'ml
rraehtne shon or nc i n"r,itn-"i v
Lumber company at i.yman, jiiss.
5 nu catuiialed iotki la $200, UUU.
Call fur TOO Men
Mitlcll.in lu.,1
to Co to
llv (lie
'it in I)
I'lliplloll IIoiiiiIn l.o Tills Wtfk.
In spite (,f p. ..ire I'll II i ,
lepallinelil l n " t Nl.ippi
the war
in Hie
di n : t ill .in, I nt ;i r.
I v. II ilt t,i t r.i i:. m i'ii mi p
Ill's week,
i i "anip M'V
The tin ii i l.l be sent i,
'ii-;;.t i;, a ..i , .,!.! ,;i
and I III,. I'ikIiivmiu; is
list piipand bv the
,, the 13th , I
II, e official I
hoiird foi ' nty ami city.
t'lly t nil. (iciiiTiii sitWcc Men,
Nmi niN r I I.
(11117) Iti-i! t-trunlM.
I " . 1 e IS
I. A iiM i n, ..,bn l".
Albert T.
i . N S
lie. T I.
'. "die 1
Iln-kii, T. 1..
Te.lf.'ld, John t
Ma-shall, K
lute,. ! M.
lii.ilH'.n. Jake
Southern. H.
Is air, J oh. 10.
I . lir
II', n
I vm,
Ml Mil
Mali! I
( IIMS) KcclstmntN.
II' ov inni;.
Soil! lie II il
.it. i..- l;..i
I'l p!el. I
1 1 Hon.. n, I ;
I '
;l:o kn elder,
I 'i ink
Klehenlhall, II.
M i eeb
. W, ll.lell. IV H.
('. Ue.iIKe, Sam
OTY t'AI.I,.
(o n oral Scrbe Men Nov. II, I0IH.
iiiriit -i tlHIH) lieKlstrnniM.
Sri 1 1 1 1 1,
1...p. r.
Iln.iiii Killc, C W,
F C McDonald. J M.
i barley ! iiiklcHtcin, 1. A.
I jiK.
it. ;
K. 1 1.
'.' A F.
licklear. I.
Seton, W. M
I us lit. It. '.
I'll. union, W. P.
iHidson, w. I.
I 'ay ue, K. K
Khei el . A. T.
l'.i yd, I ! II.
Uoody. II. I.
I laiiplnith.li, M. K.
I :.i .! win. i
1 otsnll. N
('mill letol
! K ivri."ii,l.
I M. i,i;,isloi
Wl.li.cl I
I Waul. ;
II nieitt w a I
Mclli PI
Sinitiiin. Kd c
M.-Daiilel, Hilly
C. Keeling. U It.
il. Walker, W. C.
2 (I0IH) lU-glhtrujltii.
lii Kb. K. K.
D. fctt. i i:.
Kay, F. U
Mace. Kmll ..
Mill, l-ou A.
It. i ii in d irtier,
t 'tit. inn ham,
lloullll, litis
Sinn iiii'iii, N
Ik, I'. II.
Malloiy. A.
II. 11.
(jarnett, liichiird
Fetter, (hu. V.
( 'llllltXM. (,'. A.
Jones, (iersld
KiisHidl, Lewis
W eisslnger, J. M.
Ntite, Jlautsman
I ole, 1. I),
likes, M . T.
Lewis. Ileiij F.
I i ll lol l et o, J.
WliNoti. K. J.
Abbott, K7.ni I.
linker. 1!. I.o
Keith, II. II,
i'ar. J. II.
Kndet, J. J
King. Claude
Wl.llauiH, C. D.
Pannenl.urg, ((.I
hnwers. M. P.
Trimble. 1 H.
Veiidensen, T. M.
'. Ilriwer, ,S W.
W. .Shiuikey, V. C.
Illiiekbtirn, F. K.
Itobinson, J.
Koades. Nova
I'.nkcr. J. A.
Hlsco, J I!.
Little, S J
ltaiigh. H. It.
Ilniilson. T O.
MclMinald, K.
llnghes. V. W.
ltiiliherlson, H.
Purdom, F. K.
Itoyes, Pedro
Supler, J I
Smith, dllie'
Johnnn, II. A.
llardcxty. M. H.
jir, F. It.
Uoblnson, K. C.
Dean, Ulllo IL
lttand, J. C
Harnett, T. K.
Colton. Frank M.
Meredith. F. L.
Jackson, J. 11.
Mrltrlde. H.
Neal. U C.
MeredlUi. J. 11.
Fleming. K.
Lutts. ii. It.
Knight, (1. J.
Wand'T, (). J.
Johnson, ( . F.
Davis, K. J.
Hack, Henry, Jr.
Staples, Kugene
Ull, buns. J. I '.
Libber Arthur
Cox, Arthur
Wallace. A. J.
I'agley. W. N.
Thiuiont. Walter
Wheehs. Iou W,
ltnldrulge A. M.
Jeffries. A. (1.
Anhalt, I. K.
Kussell. M. It.
Polk, (war
Taylor. II. II.
Uchlyter. K. D.
K, takes lYatik
Swain. H S.
Hurt on. F. D.
Drowning. I'..
rs-quiche J 1 1.
Criffin. Mark L.
Stllbbletield. J.
Stock, 1 '. W.
Cannon, Kiigcne
llohlander, I'. W.
Kurton. ". A.
Uttle. W. A
i : inis'ti i in. I-'red
Minteer, J It.
Join s Marvin
Wlnninper. .1. H.
Cook. .1. W.
Cooper. It. T.
Richardson. Il-T.
I.-iwrence. It. R.
W.iti rfiel I. W D.
New inan. K M.
Moffett, It. D.
Kv.itis. liwell
Chamller F. K.
Webb, .1 K
Duffy. W. C
Kaiser. I M. .
Slemp- A. 11.
Cutbtirth. K. I).
Chenoweth, 1.
Mirclicllffe, H. .
(illuion, Leonard
Cottier, II. H.
J e line n, Julius
Coker. II. I.
1aw'Hun, F. L
ltlnrk. I). J.
Martin, W. J.
Perrlne, J. N.
FJmerson. W. K.
Power, It. R.
Haines, H. p.
Hlake, J. W.
ZtW'k, ltose
.Month. M. S.
MnsHinglll. K. U
Carey, H. .
K night. Henry
Htanley. (i. It,
(I Hrlen J. J.
Howell, A. C.
Moreland, M.
loney, K. J.
Khlptiian, H. T. J.
Irving, C. O.
Kratzer, H. D.
Khy. II. W.
Azendorf. If. W.
Smilh, K. Jt.
Smith, N. W.
( rtega, lxiul
Roberts M.
Itlackwood. C, C.
Smith, K. R.
W'llson, T. If.
MoMahon, J, W.
Itattenfleld. J. V.
Hlmpson, H. B.
Htolnliacher. M. J,
Quirk, H. K.
IJehrand. F. D.
t'aprlin, ft.
I've, (i. A.
Anderson J,
Keller, lies H.
Decker, (). D.
Itf.v. V, C.
Kit el, U 8.
I'erp. Win.
Ilenslev. Ijl
Hernandei, 1
(ilpson. O. II.
McCtillough, J. Z,
I ireyfus, O.
lt i ens. A T
Mitchell. J. H.
Nevln. J. (J.
Pendleton. IT. (I.
Jones. W. H.
Carrison. F.
I'ftts. (J. H
Thiuiiiinon. M. !
Hamhlin. K C.
Hector, K. H.
Slehr K K.
Wnlker. It 11.
North. ( I L.
Allison It. J Jr.
Coleman. John
Young. H si.
McCarth,. I T.
Ilennell, (i :.
Young. Tortch
Kerr V (i.
Moles. H A.
ItnhiiiKon W. A.
Howell W. N.
Cu'eib-rs H H.
1 Hnw-ell Harvey
Harder', A A.
Crtiell, (illle
"in:sp,he (!. A.
St.-wirt. (,. W.
Teter. John
Andrews I",. A.
Mit.inness J. P.
Thicker C K.
Tnvlor. W M.
Invis. T N.
I'ititz Lwing
IVitterson. F..
I'loiirtiey V '
llantze Mivrlon
Kennamer, ( . II
Reported enllste.
Williams. ('- H.
I lonb'.e. . A'.
Tlnienev, T.
Kid. I, Kobt. P.
('.inn i' D
Ferguson. (v M.
Miuh' il, A. H.
island. '. W.
Kho.iiies. A.
l-. t, off, ('.'orpe
iinnitiphiLiii, A.
West. I' '1
Wycoff. K. A.
Hall. ,Ise A.
Ilorttz. F.
,-iiipti.,ann, K..L
Michell C F.
ll.ll!. W H-
V,,iK. W. S.
Klin, weid Abe
Ash. Seymour
llarvev A. M'K.
Dunbar. D. F.
K ,:-:i' ii J T
1 .i nner, S
Worley. W. S.
Atnold. F. I'..
Hutit. Dan. Jr.
Lort:pk!n, T F.
Fv.ics, (leorge
WIlk.H A. 1.
Miirray, M. II.
I.wden, 1 v.
Mores Willie
Ti'su. I. J
Drown. '!. K.
Shark, W. A
t'rowell. I-:r I V.
Ito.'irtiiiin F. It.
I'altiter Sam
Mo-ev. (' V.
Nutter H M.
fJ'llhblefleld. C. C
',k. r W. W.
Tevi run
Wh'-'P. Joe
fiemond. H W
William, A C.
('rrfrow M .
T V.lprn
ILarpet, V. L
Taylor. M W.
Spi vr y. ' '. I i.
M V.-'m'h C ''
K "la ii, (1 D.
I.eCL'lU. I' IL
I i.in.el .1. I..
l-'r.'v, S--i m 1'.
it,,., :h .1 w.
I ;,i ,!e"Sch;i p,
Deck ". K
Llliott, D. IV.
It. C.
W. T.
J A.
I! .1
All A
an I kV
,Mi,hS S
I la upon.
Hurt, D
Kamsef .
St I eilelll,
It.!, I ,
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lob k,
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. A W
C A.
i. it
I tciiiiy.
Mom oe,
M 'oi mi
liidiel Is.
I,, w.
A ('
I'nne, .'
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1 1
Lei-son, "
Lander, J
I'm d . I
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Muido, k. H
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iloriulew, M
Nisblt, J A
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CdcW, " W
Thoi iibaiipb.
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I'iatithtop, H
Dllke. Win
Cel. hart, r.
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Motpan. A A
It lug. S II
FilipM. AllHlltl
sSitton, A I..
Hl.ick. s I
Miiirav. J. A
Marriott. H F
Dtejfiis. A.
Wilii.itr.s. J. A.
Unburn. W.
1'hlsholm, R.
Hlpps. T II
Johiison, I'. H.
Harper. C It.
Ford. D A
Klein. C J
Dra.lsbaw W
l.elle.iu, il.
I-'iiImoiii, p
III, km , ii. J del.
CiiiM.s. H T
rbiindler J. II.
Comer, A
llenlon. V H.
Cow. It T
'nmbro. I II.
Jons C I.
Mnrtin. K T.
Wolf. F F
Spitz. F A
Itlaioe, T IV
alsh. Frank
lleviiian, I W.
ttli A W
l ishorlie .1 K
HavneH. I' W
Hnmello 1' .
Ilenrv. C
la ,1 II, lief.
Mel 'Ull IrV.
II. T.
Allen, L. .1
Heed. W , lr
Sett... W F
Kills. I.b.vl T
Mark,-.-- I K,
Hryiinl. K.ldv
H.Mel.y. It D
Simmons, ic
Ling. M rt
Collins. Cndv
Homer ohn
Wlenecke, I.
C.oldsmlth. II.
NovcmNr 13 (HUM) Ni.ibf.
June 5 (IVIT) Registrants.
Hllllork. Hoy
Itriidbury, K. n.
Darling. J It.
Rriiner. W. F.
Ilehinlander, W
Harrison, J It.
Wilson, j ii.
Place, A. R.
Htufflcbecm. 1 (
Hloun. Mc K ee er
linker, Preas
Davis. 1 1 il
HolllngHWiirth, V.
Cavin, Roy
leaver, H. r.
Klaver, Wyand
J. C.
, II K
it, 1017.
Howe, A
Srploiulicr 11, 1 0 1 rt.
Chapman, II. H. Woffonl.
. F.
:. W.
V J.
J I..
Nidson, (jeoie
Money, C
Del'rlese, J. R.
Harris, W. L.
Harry. J. Y.
Ini, Karl R.
Schmidt, A- H.
Yates, A. II.
Williams, I. W.
Ijimpkln, I, J.
Hnss, (.). II.
Mnymlre, A. C.
Cross ,11. It.
Peek, W. T.
Francis, o. K.
Ktniley, W. I.
V I son. C. 11. Jr.
MeClnley, U N.
Illackwell. A. K.
Kunk. II. H. .
Tit nr. 1 1. F.
Npradlln-. JVf. C.
Wi'Clrery, t. K.
Aaher, W. ll.
lsrrott. C. A.
Purdey, R. K.
Wlkoff, Roy O.
Prince, Carlos
Chappie, J. it.
Forbes, V. W.
Klper, H. P.
Hurdett. W. O.
Itlcklng. A. I
Kstey, 1. A.
Ilsckham, A. M.
Hernard. H. H.
Thorn paon, W. U.
Mlpaun. K. C.
Robert. t. U
Hur knees, V. W.
Clark. W.
Justus, I A. Jr.
Phelps. W. Dun
Rich, Chas. I).
IJerly. (.'. N.
Hennesey, A. V.
lgn, K. K.
Frew. S. J.
Crenshaw, II. 8.
Cluunch, K. W.
Cochran, H. I"?
(truy, Clyde U.
Kox, Frank
Hood. Alfred F.
Peffley. C. V.
Mendenhall, W.V.
Wilkinson, It. K.
Doyle, W. M.
Karnes, He
Sweeney. Per V.
Mayer, P. 11.
Turner, J. It.
Itrooks, K K.
Dykes. .1. I.
Ijuik'p. C A.
Swaits, II. J.
Frazii'r, C. J.
Heiiiiliiger. J. K.
piyor, Will
Randolph, W. N.
Hrown, R. T.
Day. K. H.
Powell, M A.
Putnam. V. A.
11,1,1111. II It.
Cluldress.'r,. K.
Hunt, A U.
H'Doiiiiell, t' jr.
Thomns. R. W.
Kil l . II. It.
Abbett U I.
Cray, John
Kimllce, J. II
I'roiree. Wiiyman
; roev J. D.
Hanibo. Iewls
Wllbanks. C. t.
Thoinpson. If. W
lee,n. Rav
liavbiirn. W. M.
Fleming. () K. A
Cu.Mir, I). C.
Kmlth, (I. Ilt.
Jenkins, J. A.
Keith, 111. V.
Hold, a, L. K.
Hutchinson, W.
Chapman, V. V,
Clover, John
Magarlty, It A.
Sexton, K. T.
Peterson, A.
Klnkeade, C. J.
Walku-.e, Jos
Oatewood, II. II.
Zepedo, I.
Trlplett. H. 8.
Sample, J. II.
Smith. W. J. B.
Nanti, H. D.
Cruger, H. I
Nelson. C, W.
Hharkelford. J.
Hasen. (I. W.
Coatney, II. H.
Shlvel. II. J.
Hrumley. C.
Meadows, J
Snulre, T.
Hurrla. A. C
Vernon, I. I.
Hyers, A. K.
Fisher. W. T.
Martin, Jay
Bears, W. H
Smlttle, P. II.
Turley, W. H.
Trimble, I. W,
Ford, P. O.
Walker. H. I,,
James. W. I).
Hriioe, I O.
Toney, W
Seng rove,
Trent, C.
Mvers. C,
J. C.
Thompson. A. H.
Hnaenm, C R.
Atkins, C. (1.
Walker, (ids,
Wifitover. T. H.
Adair. T 11.
Shnnks II n.
Dean, F. K.
nffiitl. K D.
Itrtiy. Winter P.
Ittis-'e'l. i: M.
Wilson. Henry
Held. J P
Hush, H C.
Trushel AI'X
Kyles. W. T!
Smith, liobt.
Sheppard. R. K. "'
Hyun. Robt.
(lihsnn, Sjiie
Hlilpeway. Dewey
Krelter. Charles
NnreroMS. J. It.
Foster. It W.
Vdiiiuph. W J
MWonnell, a. L.
tensor, M A.
H'nges, S. F
For Our Boys
Found In
The Soap to Cleanse and Purify
the Ointment to Soothe and Heal
Ihese Iraerant, mper
creamy emollients, soothe
and heal ecrpmas and
rasliri, stop itrhini;, ilrar
the skin of rimtiir. the
scalp of rlanurulT and thel"
i i- ..i -i i V
lldllUlt Ol CIlrtLia IIU SlllCB.
rur cuts, wounds, biuis
cs, bites and Mines of
insects, sunburn or
windlinrn they are
most effective.
ftftmpl Each Fr by
Mil. Aldre pol-
rird . tulicitra
D.pl D, Bixlim."
Sold PTrrywIieie.
S,p 2bc Omt-t
mrni 26 and ibc
sr7 B
rw i i i i w
UiW il
1 1 r ' ' v ; H
A. Mi
titan. Jay
Sel.olt. II
nl. W It.
Iber. U til
(lisp. R. L. I.
lie Ii.
H aid, I, ill
u iters,
I I'.'d.go, S
riiot ,i.
i :
SI. Me. C.
V lis. .ll. s
i ,
1 1. .... .. i
I fie
Cai n II.
r i:.
let ,,
II Llll.lt,
A. II.
be N il
ll. irti, n, J.ick
Mlt.-hei:, Jess
.-bluer. I.
Shields. J 1
l.i. nn. M M.
K n I. p it ri. k .
Suet inn it. II
III, Dev en'el
I M M I Ml I , .hilill
j i.
1 1 iiiuphrey, " I! .
Il.l.lireilell. F ' I
I' .Nelll, J i
Holland. in ll
LdmHtiili. t. LeH
Skcith, John
It w in. J. H
Mitchell, j ll.
Hi tiztl. .1 i '
I'm mi r. .1 I .
McD.iniel. .1 W
Park, i" "
R. licit. C It.
I'llo Vtillev
1 1 I 111 II , n. I, .
W I 111 I Ii, s. I l.-n I,
Drown, A J.
M.ulln. II 1,.
Kenni'lt. I', (.
1 1 ok a ii. T P
Heeasley. John
Stanford. John
I lank Insoii R C.
Ruck. I.. P. Jr.
Tone. .1 .
Stnticllff, C W.
Fields. R. It
Sanders, lieu.
Re. lick. J N
I .line, W I
el J N.
i, A.
II. S.
i 'a i I
Hopels. J
It icbai ,1-ot
M 1 1 1 1 1 1 i s i n,
S. boner, i '
V hitiicv, .
I luff in. in.
ivi'l, Paul
.illlllotl., II
Til.lM.tt, C.
Sh.llpe. H
C Mites, J T
I. opari, A. Mn'
Curiy. S W.
llusklns, It M.
tiirey, It.
I Imlt. W. S
M lor. C V.
Morgan. K II
ClniiKh. ('. D.
Liiiichlln. A II.
Ruilcy, R hi
Harriett. D M
lliinlsiiian. C, K
Delbv. C. N.
Hallciaft. J D
Steward. Roy
(inn la. II.
Diirapan, Ivan ()
Hrown, C. K
Diine. Jameii
Raibbun. A.
Cover. II I.
Stevens, W. A.
II. iKiiinaii. W. A
Sbiiiiks, D S.
Mercer, V. L.
Steelv. J. F.
Tin lor, L. i).
Strain. L. II
Kearney, n. L.
Collins. K. K.
Cooper, W.
I lilt bi le D
Jones. S S
Perry. C F
( hill. I. I, K
M oln le.s. Iten
I '11 1, 1, " ii ll , J '
Moskop, j i;
Cood. D P.
Ilowlln, C K
Hanklns. T. L.
Pryant. A.
Creeti, . K.
Ciirmltlial, 1
liendret), W. C.
b'hnson. It. A.
I'e.ll e, . Henry
M.ilcoin, i '. Jt.
"net . I. T
N Hi liinli. A. 1
S- 11.. C. Iv
Influenza Epidemic ! Decreasing in Moat Sections and
the Demand is Slackening, but We Are Still 18,000
Gross Behind On Orders and it Will Take Some Time
to Catch Up.
On Monday, October SI, w ad
dressed an advertisement to th
wholesale and retaij drug; trade, ad
vising that we were badly oversold,
due to tho Influenza epidemic, stat
ing that all deals and quantity ship
ments were postponed, and request
ing thnt VapoRuti be purchased In
small Iota oyily. This condition still
prevails. ,
At this writing we have back or
der for eighteen thousand ( 18,000)
gross and our orders each day are
double our dally output. The epi
demic, however, In decreasing In
most section, the demand slacken
ing nnd we are working night and
day to catch, up. In the meantime,
we ask tha trade to be putlent with
us. j
l-inorniou Shipment Have) VIirx1
Out Kxevs Storts.
On October 1st we had on hand at
the factory and In twenty ware
houses over the country a tremend
ous stock of VapoRub, accumulated
during the summer months. This
Is now pone--we actually shipped
during the month of October over
three million Jars of VapoRub. We
are speeding up our factory as much
us possible nnd tin problem now Is
to distribute the factory's output ns
quickly as possible. We have, there
fore, for the time being, abandoned
freight shipments nnd are shipping
either by pnrrel post or express
frying to give each Jobber at least
u little stock.
Immediate Shipment to Druggists
In Influenza Districts,
preference Is being given to those
sections stricken by influenza. In
order to reach these sections lis
quickly as can be, we nre. during
this emergency, making shipments
by parcel post direct to the. retail
trade, of not more than three (.1)
dozen 3lle size III liny one shipment.
We prefer that the Jobbers order
these shipment for their trade, but
to save time we will, If the need Is
urgent, ship direct on receipt of
check or money order. Naturally,
no new accounts can be opened dur
ing this rush.
Samples anil Influenza Booklets
lYce. on ltcqtiest.
We have prepared n little folder
giving all the Information available
ho far on Spanish Influenza Its or
Gas Consumers
District Number One
Today is your last day. Do not fail to pay
your Gas Bill and save the penalty.
Our office ha been moved to the Oklahoma Gat Build
ing, 117 West Fourth Street
Oklahoma Natural Gas Co.
Carr. A. (I.
It.iblrlilpi-. C. W
Sunt h, A.
j Zeverly, O. C
Palmer, Tiled'!
Jeffries, I '. II.
Mi Shane, Win.
' Yiiuiig, i . M.
I ' 1 1 Isoii. F J.
I 1 ' i.,s, J. W.
Hulman, C. E.
Smith, J. T.
Rucy. R. fi.
McWIlllams, Hoy
Moore, L F.
I'hisman, J. 1.
Adair, J. R.
Woodv, W, H.
W ilson, V. Y.
Sandv, Jos.
King. II. II.
Mc.Millen. J. K.
I'owan, D. C.
Dunne, (!, K.
Daniels, R. C.
Rogers, C. II. '
Kd wards, K. M.
orr, .1. h'.
Rollins, J. I.
Vaughn, H. A.
Flsk, A. C.
Arp. Slier
Davidson, Otis K.
Riltledge, M. Ii.
Shoup. C. L.
Dye, Hurt
Maxwell, J. C.
( Hiver, C. Lelt.
Denton R. H.
Krlder. .1. (I.
Hell. 11. W.
Patterson, A V,
Hrown, A. F.
Hrown. It. W.
Tburman, R. W.
Jones. (). R.
Martin. J. W.
espa, Joe
Campbell, Karl
Cox. John 11.
Smith. W. K.
Le (Irnnde, Jo
O'Leary, J. V.
Allensworth, K.t
Patterson, W. H.
May. W. L.
Crabauph, C. R.
Chilton, J. H.
Parker, Homer
Duncan, P. II.
Ronar, A. U.
Cates. 'J. W.
Jefferson, H. L
Hall. K. II.
A. N.
i 1 1 iti her, i
M K.
j Robert, C.
j Arbuekle, C.
; Reasotiouer,
1 llerkiner, !'
Moore, J.
1 Hlacli. V.
; Show man
Lynch, .1.
' Scott, (i.
, ii.
Stern, o
Sinclair. N.
M 111 -Ii. .1
II. nblock. D
Stafford. I',
r.ipf. F W.
Da bison, .
1.1 1 1
Hotter, L. A.
Thompson. II A.
Ailnuin. ('his L.
Powers. (!. W.
Hreedlng, L. M.
Shorten. Ii II.
Hmiii. T. T.
Vowell. IV A.
Howard. K
I'ullbriKbt, T.
Cleen. H (I.
Sobllo, Frank
Farley. K C.
Sanders, C. R.
Sinotts. I'.d
Cole. DeW. T.
Hrown, F.leyl L.
I lat ralsiin, Jno.W
Taylor, J. A.
Smith. A It.
Ross, W. IS.
Hall, Chester
Kelly, C. W.
Huttry, (). K.
Mullory. A. I).
WhlNtenhunt, F.
Harker. A. R.
lie - My ideal of a wife Is one who
can make good bread.
lie My Ideal of a husband Is on
who can raise the dough In the hour
of knead.
igin ths symptoms and th treat
ment, and these will bs forwards to
druggists on request. Ws will also
be glad to mall to any Individual
one of these booklets, together with
a quarter-ounce sample, free.
How to Tsn VnpoRub In Treating
SMnlh Influenza.
In every esse rail a physician
VapoRub should bs used only In con
nection with the physician's Internal
Apply hot, wet cloths over tha
throat, chest and back between ths
shoulder blades to open ths pores.
Dry lightly and. rub VapoRub well
In until the 4t4n It red spread on
thickly and cover with hot flannsl
cloths. Leave the bed covering
loose around ths neck, as ths body
heat release tha Ipredlents In ths
form of vapors. These vapors. In
haled with each breath, stimulate
the lining of ths air passages to
throw off tho Influenza germs. In
case of head or chest cold, which
often accompanies lnfluenia, ths
vapors tend to keep th air passage
open, loos-n the phlegm and mak
the breathing easier. In addition,
ViipoRub I absorbed through and
stimulate ths skin, attracting ths
blood to the surface, nnd thus aids
In relieving the congestion within.
How to I'sc Vlck't VapoRub as a
It I questionable If there Is any
thing which will prevent Spanish In.
fluenza, except avoiding those per
sons who are spreading the dlseaat
by coughing, sneezing and spitting,
and by keeping up the bodily resist
ance by plenty of good food and ex
ercise In the open air. Tha Publli
lleulth Service recommends that ths
nasnl passages be coated with a
weak solution of Menthol In liquid
petroleum as a protective. For thli
purpose VapoRub Is excellent Just
put a small portion up each nostril
from time to time during tha da)
snuff well back Itsto the head.
Keep Free From Colds by Inhalln
Yapollub. '
Colds Irritate the lining, of the air
passupes and thus render them a
much better breeding place for th
perms. At the first signs of a cold
use VapoRub at once. Melt a llttl
in a spoon and Inhale the vapors
arising, or VapoRub can be used In
regular benzoin steam kettle, such
ns most drupplsts carry In stock. Ii
this Is not available, a very good
substitute to use H an ordinary tea.
kettle. Fill half-full of bollina
water - put In half a teaspoon ol
VnpoRuh from time to time keep
the kettle Just slowly boiling and In
hale the steam arising.

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