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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 15, 1918, Image 10

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I:IiII.IIh (. iiilicr.il in. in
All I in HllUi tl Nml.l.
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lll'l i ..Mini i,l .
-r mIhiw i i i t i "I
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of the I inn
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, r , , I ( ...,111 .' ll I'll.
. ' M -i i.'l .. ' : .1. 1 ..II v.
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I, .. I I... re. Ill' ' . U I. 1 'i
. ,'.' .,,!., !, ! 'I
All ..f Mi ii-:i.ii'.'-i '' : I ' ! "' '" ' '
ii portion : ; n.i- I" ( ' "" I 1 ' "" '' '' '
been ransacked .'il f. .1 . I.'-'I. i""" ii.. i.-t. ' I . '
over w.M( ii f i .'.k.i. i' 'I r'li..i
e ha ken Uimui-h tl; f 1,1 ' ' '"
In ..l.lain .-l..l. i I"' ' '"' ' ' -I ! 1 ' 1 ' ,,:
I 'iilisi.ll'l.iteil .'V. Ii Hi ' 'I." . i.'.a. 1 1 . I, '." ll'
I ,.iv. ...'..in
- I , , ,", 1... ... .1.
San. pit Mi.1 Hosier
For Friday and Satur
day Thrift Buyers
.1. ii luin.ii'.'.i i
I 'in: I f..r I. nil
i mk i:ll H, In l.l .ma M
Ml' gl .1 l.l I .1111. V
.lnv ii. 1. 1 Sitiir
I.IU'll ll
! nil
1,1... k
I' i l
('In. ire ..f .inv pair ladies' f.ut
i v l.n.ilH In Hi.' house; rHIeer
k'r.iv. I.ri.wn, while; wnrtli lo
dnv to l.i 1 1:
l.iy u ml Sill nr. I
hlle; wnrtli lo-
A few doon pairs i.f Ihosi
baby ilull hh.inH fur girls who
wear hil.l.'M nIi'h; I. ire .r I.. it
t..n. Friday ml
Kent Tin: mi n a nice .ft
glazed kl.l kIh.iv straight lasts
nr hluchor styles; mi. hip nf them
with rubber Ihm'Ih. Vnu will
sec I li.'i. i In many windows
marked H lo $H.iO.
(Mir price
. i i . i .
.((i. ... .i.
l-f ,.i - .
..I .1, I... IK
' ,,' ft, I
. I , I'll'.
ml.. Mi.
. .l.i..' I
m .it
f t'.l r .'. K
'il '. i
i....t f..r 'l i
J i ii.iiiiii i.i
i.'li.r niiri
I'nr Hi" f I
TiiIsiiiih will lulv
w iIiiomhMu: 'Ii
an. I u iiIh'II' util
t'Plll'JI, ee'llVI'llll .
lootHS, ('.I I lll'l .1
I I' 'I'" '' ' '"'
in ,v ii.i.ii.in . ; . .. ...i
: Ik- . . ii n' i il,. I 1 1
I War W..J K f , ,,
i .., i . ' i i . . 1 1
..i. 1 1. . ii ,.-i ii' '.v. , ; I i " ..
. ..i.r.il, I T . i i .H. I li
' i I !..
. .i ; i . i in 1 1..
I . i . , " vv . . , , , . . . . I I . . I '. I u It
,.. ,i. , ' i i . " ' 1 . i.. i ..' ' I., .i ii.l.'i wiir
.. , ,i ,.. : I i... I I lie .r" in
1 1 ' , ,,.. !.. : i ! . i , ' ' ' 1 1 H .11 ' i . 1 1 ' I .1 !
i i. t ...in i ..r in.. 1 . i ' . . . i . . ' i..f :
,. ,,, ! '. I ... ,1 I'.il i. ' .'. ! I ' ' I f..-. .'M l-.lii
I..'.' 'I I I 1 ' A . I . . . .1 I ..... II
. . I !.! '" ' .1 l I ! i.f
' . ' I I ' .
I I.V ft. I . . ' I ,. .
I. .1 : , . . :.
. . . , .V. .. I- , , ,.
i .... I I "i I .V ' ,!..,(
. I . ..... i i'i. ' UK..
.1 i: ii 'I a . .
. ,, i if, v ' u ;
i : i i"i..i . 'v . 'i i: V I'm wi
,',.- .i fi. ., i . -ii'.' . i.iIj.i i h,i.ii-
i ... , u w i ; i i ... . .' i i ' 'i J... i . , I
, ; h .1 ,' '.- I ,.r -r I . ,.,,
i. :., . f i. id i ; :.-i' -ii i h i .-K.i
.A'.l H.. I Hi " . ' 'I ' ' I .. .
- ,,) T i 4,1 ii-. r' j
.. . i . , i. : i.ip I ii i . nr I In--'
I.. I. : n i- :t. Ik I. ! " 1 VI i' Ii II
... -I ,i.k .ii. mi . . ! i: i.
i . ii'. r, s idto iiv.' ('ill- k - ' I in
I.HH H, I '.ilinii ll ' lit! nr m
. . v.ii.if Ik i.iin . H i" ; ,.ii.i i:
' ' i I ..
I-.. I..
1,1 1 1 I . I '
:t i.t. . a' ii u ri.ii
ii.'i wild 'i ,r...' ..f
- lui'Ky in. in; mi. I iii.'inv
I.IMH I.... I"l IIMTWIIrt tn
tinii. i'i ll..'ir llv-'M
" 1 III" ' ' . k 1 1" 1 1 1 1 ' v f
.( ..;. ,...i'ii..,j'i.
i.'.niu I'.in. i it 1 1 uf
' ... ,H.il. . h u ii V h"lr
lUJt.'inlii''". .Iliil i'il
'A ,1 Ii I 'h.illMi.lll K W. Hln
I..' X.'. II I , Vf KlIlMllttMB Kf
l, . W.if V..rk r tin ,HiKfi. II". I
irri .ill l,, ki " tli" rut.!... I.rn
. i' , t .I-.,..
fli.t!. I I ., "sli., w ' in
. I In- prnl.Tl lull nf III"1
n.. i.i an, I K"t their !
nr..u ii. ii. M'i'iiieiit him iih
I. I, .hi. lit;, nt Mi" I"'
,. I i ,,(.,', H'.fl, II t t ll" llll'CH
K M.-i 'in.', f.'"..T ..f the
... I. I i-i.l, i Ii .1 1 K elli.r .f
I,,... . I' ,. rih.iw vv.iler
i ir ilium, i .-I H,,r, W il,
K i tinman,
i. 'tis' III" rlti
I " I, v.'rv'n ul
,f the wh.ili- llit
Hi,, n-t- with whli-li
,.1-v, mm i.f hn iTt-lilnrn
in w.th Iik h I'n In eli'W AIm-I
I.U 1. 1. II..' fii'lll.l With M.,H"H
I M l f I "HI I Hit'" if ' .
fn.in A I mi aiil".
..f ,- from tli" water when
,,,i. , ,.,'.... I ill" lielawar"
in K i, . e.if.'tv ra...r
,,.c.. -i.il aiiiinai" from Nonh'ii
l.y f'hrlMlnjiher
IM H.lll.ire flieiil.
.11 I I .11. 1. 'III. II I K
f II Ml . III".
IV.'i Hi).' fllKt .lull
i i iiali hii'h first playlhlt'K.
1 fi', lulii'il hy I'.nri liil.lionn
f Km
i .(.. I li.i!'7."i n firt frnti rfiltr
me.l hy M irK I arr
. ', i ;. l ma n.
f ill r.nu lit hv .l"K Mi Keever
h ,,f A. I,, l-'ariii.-r's ha. heh.r
itiliiiimn.il. I. ".e Li K"l In )
wh.lt ).ii'V.' (tut ll ft Li K"t 'lilt.
Election in England
Arc Called (or Dec. U
- ( Itrfili,
John McCormack Coming
m$ '" : .
j i i V . j (t
.. .. . . j
lecle.l .lurliK! Ih" ii.'iht fifty yi'ri
fr.iin the f.mr rnrnnrn of 'I'hlril mi. I
Mum Klr.-rl.'i hv that Infitmniii 1 1
I,., 1 1 1. m-ari.il t.tiraii of inaiiv warn
ili'iipral luliviry nf tin S.illi.l Hm
,ii..i ,.f iii (jinirl.'riiiaMti'i m i'.i'iim
ti ii..,. i, . ..ii. I hi, I,, nvt'iiprs i.f Iiii.iii. iiiin.,iin.'". it; the hiiumi nf
thlA KlirimliP hi i.m'Ip. Milnr lta!.h ...iiii.'..t'i li'ilav. Nmn illation) will
A Wnn.H inn! i'.il J H'lrr (ill.l.miM l.e ... i'i-' mi I ii reinhi'i' ami inlllHK
',vt. n In th" nty fur Muiiie Miii.'IW'il I"" I'lare nil I H'C cinhfr 14.
,UNI. iS. .'-i.v. 14 - -( llrtinth
wii"!'KH neri.;i -A iroclarruitlon
will li" i .hih'.I mi Nnvpinher 2!, Htim
iik.iiI.u' a ii.-w .a lliiinenl, Andrew
It. ,n. ,r Utvt, i hiinr.'llor of thp p
rhi .in r an. I .. i rtimeiit mirikea-
iii, in. i,iiri,niii''", it. t ne
on, Kini.n WATKiti'itnor
MIOI'J Ma.le enpecliilly fur
men whn neeil a hIii.p (if tlilo
kind. Wnrth tndiiy 14 f,0 tn
Ii,. our
'nnr I'p
- Ixmk t'ompan
We'll loaT the baylnff lo you..
Robinson Building
FnlrnmT on KUImt Tlilrrt
MnlH Klciair r Stairway.
s V
A KpkMidld t'umdjr Torlnjr
Oprna at I with IMrturra
Wrrk-Ihty Mn4ln(4W Ifto
Msril onil Sunila)'. 3(Ki
Ynu ll laijuy Thla lllll
6 Days Only Starting
Tuesday Matinee, Nov. 19
1. W. liHIKI ITU'S
of a
mented Symphony
I All Scats Reserved
I Nights 50c, 75c, $1, and $1.50
( Matinee
-25c, 50c, 75c, and $1
MiUI orthT-t, wlirn nmiiiitnnliil liy minii'y onlcr or rhwlui, will be
flllil In wiii, iiic of ilirlr nti-lt.
Conventlnn ITall, Wodnos'lay Kvcnlnjr, November 20, 1 9 IS.
m'adoo khducf:s
tax estimate
(kytini w ntn.M i-i;k n.vs
rati, if a wiw i"iii nf iPiiiljumtnenl
ainl irantf.-r nf a.'ilvltiiw from u war I
til It ."ll.'P l.ll.tlH Im follnwPtl.
'"I'h l.'nJif.l Stitled will h" I ho for
turi.it,. iHiaHrMnur of fnoilHluf f, ruw
inatpi tiikt noil iiKiniifaottireil prixhii'tH
i of which Kurope and th rpHl of the
, wi.rlil are In dire need. Not ull of the
uIIIcm run fully pay uh In trold. fur
itniiie huvn lltllo mid oilier! untie tu.
npurp, nor licntiiiiiodltlen duriiiK the
I period of rnroiidtruction. for huiiip of
Itheni will not HiH.n be ahle to rename
norinul iiitlvUlPH, nnfl the t'niie,)
Stitte mum. I prepareil to continue,
therefnre, to enaiile the (covernmentM
of (he allien, nr Home of them, to
make purchiuiPA on urmllt, I hIiu.II
proinptljt ak the coiiKnwH fur uu
Uiorlly to rontlnuo to PsUihllnh Huch
cretlltii ami make Inarm within rea
Rona l,o HmliH to them iroverniiientfl
for purp.moH Krnwlnr out of the war.
ll ia of the utiii.JMt iin (Hirtaine tlmt
mich fori'lun Inaim Hhouhl he held
down tn a niltiimuiit un.l im noon an
I may bp, dlwontlnupl, and that pvery
I reasonable arKUPiPnt nil, mid he
I ilpKSr.l llHn the Rovii'n(n(lltji 'if the
allies to prepare tne(iiKe and their
people to make payment fur their
I exports from I ho I'nlted Statex l.y
'Imports Into the t'nlted Staled; Ihal
, Ih, In effect, to make cjmh imynient
j ItiHteiKl of paympntd by credit.
"Thin In nut only the policy vhl"h
' Ih actuittpd by a proper iIphIi-p tn he
1 helpful to the KovcrnmentH which,
'with uh, hove borne the burden nf
i the war. and lo their peopled, but Is
it If o the policy of enliultiened ml
; f Mluiiw. 11 Id to ho apprehended that
I the nuii ilen cewiatlon of lb extnmr
Mllmtry dematidit upon our Induptiv
In (he Oil Fields
llcllron officers In
lO A Hill nf MiiKk.i(ee
in hlmwinK
II W llelln.R". fienrue 1 I'arnd-
wi.rth and A. .1. OVonor, official of
the llelin.se i ill cntnpany. over the
ml fieldx while ihey await the drill
Hilt In of their first well on the Alice
Alherty farm In the doutheant of the
ii'.rtheadl of the northwest of J6-15-11
yinte correctly these (tentlemen
feel that they have much more than
a f.KtiluiK chance, and the excellent
pr.ispectd nf the Producers & Hefln
erd three lnratli.Rn north docs not
discniirace them to be sure. Their
IncBtlon Is two locations weet of the
bliC Wilcox well. Mr. Itnllrose is
lresldent of the rotnpany and Mr.
lllll Ih Kcrretary. Their well Id down
about 1,700 feet and they are ex
pecting to drill In 'In about a week.
0. K.
. They
Large Assortment
(Other Sizes 6x9, 7.6x9, and 83x10.6)
The Rug is the first article your friend sees
on entering your home. ' It adds wonderfully
to the appearance of your furniture.
9x12 Wool and Fiber $13 JO to $18J0
9x12 Tapestry Brussels $25.00 to $10.00
9x12 Body Brussels $50.00 to $65.00
9x12 Axminstcr $.'5.00 to $75M
9x12 Wiltons $70.00 to $150.00
Exchange New for Old
10 per cent Discount for Cash
Furniture Qy.
C. V. lcmlne Here.
C. W. Pernio wiis In Tulxa a part
of the day yesterday and while here
received word that he had pad In
one nf his well In Tennessee and he
Immediately left fur home. He says
that the cpolntrlsts have had It fiif
u red entirely riuht on the depth of
these tests and (tlves them (rreat
credit. The chances are that be
cause nf the fact that Mr. PemlnK'a
stuff lines up with the trend which
runs nil the wav from New York
state through' 1'eruisylvanla. West
Vlririnla. Kentucky and now prob
ably Into Tennessee Is the principal
reason why the pcolojrlcal dope is
correct. It Is a noteworthy fact that
KeoloKista that are successful are
paying especial attention to the
trends these days.
' ' " " 1
' " " i
rTlllllllllllllli... u , - -
and tirodiicts. consequent upon the
conclusion nf the war. may icmilt In (S(.K OOl'NTY, K.'. The
Hidden reduction of prices and I Mull Vite Pevelopment company has
even In iinemployinent, if wo are not ,, stun. lard rltr up for the No. 1 on
i.reniired to continue to sell on credit I the Neill estate in the southwettt of
I!: to the extpnt that may be neccdsjuy." the northeast of 8-17-17
In Gifts and, Awards
IlaVe'you any artistic ability? Many folks have. The
question is, have you?
If you do possess artistic ability,-the Rebus Gift Pa.ere,
appearing in next Sunday's World, will more than in
terest you. $500 in sifts offered by The World and
many of the leading business firms of Tulsa will excite
keen competition. Look into your supply of water col
ors and baby blue ribbons and watch for
Next Sunday's World
vie tn lli.rli Hctiiml Students.
IteiHirt at once to 1pp IjiverlnK.
5tailorH and furnishers. Tulsa Hotel
bulldinK. 11 T Miirtt Third street, fur
meuiiurwnent for military uniforms.
Rsinks with Yanks
(ftM-t Com rit)
Beo"t -the
diMpensary oondurted hv the
Tubcrculi'Hts itsnclatlon will be
npenvd in Tulni this morning for
the benefit of both school children
I and clil7.ens. it will be located in
ithe old hlKh school bulldlnR. and
! Miss Janet A. Sirott will be In charire.
I Mrs. II M. lturkey wtll brtnir the
work of the association to the public
throiiRh the medium of the schools
I of the city. Miss M. .MscKenile,
, . "tale diipervlnor. will assist m organ
I Mwk the dispensary,
i Anv one needing advice In pre-
i venting or curlnu this dread plapue
may call at tne uispensary neiween
the hours nf 1 and 'i o'clock on Mon
days, Wednesdaj1 and Vrldays, or
during business hours at the offices,
room 212 old Wright building.
The Rocker Store. 14 and 16 West Second.
Peoples Exchange
Tall Milk. 2 for. .
l'lnk r.eans, piiiiini .
9 bars White Snap ,
I'eas. per can
Yellow Snap, p. r t..ir
1'enrl White S.iap.
I'lilversil White Napiui,.,
o.lp, per case
Swift'B White Snap. r
''' $5.15
No. 2 ' can Apn, (,'
per can
Creamery Mutter r."i j ll.
left) per lb
Klrloin Steak, per II. . .
Ii.u.l SausiiKP Meat, ih
Hump roast of I,, , f
riitte Koilinc M-.,t, i.,
Nry Salt Meat, II. ,
I'rliue Uih Knast. per 1,
Kirst yruile ll tms . w I...I
I or hair, per II. .p),.
Peoples Exchange
1 nr
1 1.
$-. 1;,
foucht and bled together, but to
those who enlisted here In the ranks
they fee about the (rreat dramatic
ability of our heroes abroad.
"Let us ko to It with ardor and
industry and soon we will have our
task accomplished, and then we shall
Kive thanks to the Lord of hosts In
of home service, canvassed or knit- j the words of the psalmist:
il. solicited or Tour-minuted to- 'Then was our mouth filled with
(ether in the great cause of liberty. l.niKhter and our tonicue with exalta-
the thrill of the battle came not only Hon; then wild they among the na
to those who fourht with bayonet. 1 tlons, tho J.rd hath done (treat
but to those who with pen and word I things for them. The Ixrd hath
nf mouth eoupht to Combat 'he (Tftv. I ,irnr, cre';t thlnps for us, whereat we
rejoice, . . . They that sow In tears
shall reap In Joy. Thouph he Koeth
on his way weeplnR", bearing- the
storo nf seed, he shall come back
with toy, bearing his sheaves.
and selfishness, the Indolence ami
nputhy the pacifism, slackerism ami
(rerman propasanda that was Knaw
InK away at the vitality of our na
tional organism, on this side of the
"So far neither side has failed,
for every (,-reat battle gloriously
fought and won In Krance. we can
point with pride at a campaign
fought and curried on to a success
ful termination here. Our great he
roes overseas have achieved the final
Tlctory over there. It Is our sacred
may to duplicate a similar feat over
here, or else we can't look our boys
straight In the face, when covered
with the world's applause and glory,
carrying the flag that never knew
and with liiNl i aid, never will know,
retreat, they will come proudly
marching home.
"When you and I were young and
read some .lease James, Nick Carter
or Frank Merriwell story, we often
in our childish fancies imagined our
selves hp the leading berocp of the
book doing all
Dcnth at Sapulpa.
Mrs. C I Slieedy passed away
last evening at her home In Sapulpa,
of a combination of diseases. Fu
neral services will be held at 9
o'clock lhls morning at the Catholic
church, that city, Father Van Kycke
nun 1.11 ing. The remains will be
brought to Tulsa for internment in
the Catholic cemetery.
In the matter of Cherokee Refining Oom-
f !'?, s corporation. Bankrupt. In
vajikriipU'y No 1M4
To th rrxlitoM of Ohorokee Reflnln
Pnmftativ nf Tulaa. in lh Cnnnlv nf TiiIm
me unusual miuinuq amtn't aioretain, a Hankrupt.
they performed; and even now,
Studv Made It Possible
I IK yi'KSTION WITH YtrtXti WOMKN Knlay Id not 'Tan I
wvuro a (fisxl siuui . mil --.mu 1 niiiis-u 10 -owisiac-
Uirlly fill wirli plwe.'"
ncv fur slghK-d women wlio linvc taken a eourxr In n lilgh
, grotlc, iMi-rtMllttM biislncNt sclitsil can nlwayn uriKwcr In tlm af.
rrcivtrntlnn Is rnrntinl for nny )Srfortiuinf. Tin ittK-trtr spenils
ycjirs In burning Ills inftslii ihf lawyer studies all his II fe
lt utkep tl "iigtiH"r four 10 sit yiiirs to sxeurt a tllpbMiuu lint to
rnjoy a ilav of rcoit-ilbllity at a gootl salan' In tho htmliKttM world
the ms-csnnry InUnliig ntiiilres tt tixnunralU-ely slwirt tlnit. A
btwiiKXH iralitlng Ls tin Ixxt Hidblc ivtsiiruncc of sucxvhh.
Wi ntsnnKnd our s'IkhI ns the one that should 1m foprtniow In
your inliiil wlwn tin tlioroiigliiMxs of our oourMos, iIk cnisthlUty
of our Instructors ami the enviable n'pulallon wi enjoy nnsxig
bu.slnvs fontiTiis In tills wvtion art tons(citl.
Wo will lx gt.'Ml to send yon full Information hy retnm niall. this
witltotit any obligation wlwtever on your mrt. Iay and evening
hcImmiI. iw-ttcr lu-t HKlayl
Tulsa Business College
"Fully Accredited"
10-lll l'jwt Third Street- Thone H29
l-AllfNtl TtlDAY. UK A SI flT'.SS 1HI .I'AHF. !
I N'ottr t ttervhr Fivrn that nn tht 17th
L'rown-iiiiii though we are, whenever' y ' October, A. Ii. 191S, in aaid (hero-.rown-ups.
inoiigii "r7'." the.1"" Rf nin Oom.injr waa duly adjudi
we read a good book or ltnii he tl,krl. , ,h, ,ir, m.f'tlnc
performance of an exceptional pi.i , of rrNtit-,rt w,n b. h,u) r H
on the stage, there enmes to our ; trirt (Vurt Room in Oio City of Tnlaa, in
hoarus a lurking deeire to linpersvun- I mi diitnt, on the 2nd day o( November,
ate In word or deed the splendid i A H. 101. at 2 o'rlock in the afternoon,
hero or heroine. In fact the reason ' tame the aid rro-l, vara may attend,
nero or nert.ii. . ' h k prwte th.'ir riaimn appoinl a truntee.
we Mpnw our approval of a book ; lmlM lt,lkTUTll'nd trnMrt ,B,h
or play Is becauae it embodies our,olhM, b,mine aa may properly come bo
hidden yearnings and aspirations, it (ore aaitl uireunc.
prompts us to go and do likewise. W.RA IIRAIN'K.RD. ,!R.
And this innate desire is the d- , . Re''' In llankniptey.
i,ke element within us that ls largely Mu.koree. Okl.hoo,.. Wllfcl'll
reetponslble for all our progress and RESOLUTION.
,hePonward march of humanity. u f.',p,!:1,g'";httJr',
" That this divine spark Is alame , eanvl lo M.e S1te of Oklahoma, in pro.
in your tireasts, neens in. iuii..'i , "-.-....r i.,, ,(- , v.,.. ,inty iim o.
oroofs vour presence here today ami Tula. Oklahoma, wherein one 2n raiute
prtioin. jour I .,rr. pump thotenn, one Hpnngfielil annv rifle,
in the past, the r.eal and seir-.icri- K mik,'on ierho 1(, rt,
fice with which you carried on the cl rll(llr ,t1 on ireboli on.
work, demonstrate It without adr..M-r, one table, one lied. 25 ranon of
shadow of doubt. empty pop boiilea. fi cae of empty Hto
"That's whv I want to sav unto , Iwttiee. 10 one rallon hot water bottle
,ii.. i0 i ltn...' . ail'l t'0 trunk: wT ronf l;.atrd.
you now, -Here is oi ,r i liaii. . ( TlKRp.KORK Hr(,VKr)i
Here is your final oppottunlty to be j ,h .(0nlv W(,rk of Tl)M ()unl, ' okl4
the heroic actors, the active particl- non, f,i0 ,nj felt 0t,Pe to !! nai.l
pants In the most stupendous drama ennfm-ated eoodn to the hiirhent bidder on
the world has ever seen, and, 1 pray I Noeml..r l ih. ltils. at 2 oVIork n m .
. j ji i JjZ In the future 1 ! l" lhr "l n"1' ' tkmnty Oeurt House
Hod. wHU ever witness In the f'ltllr , , m.k hi, ro,vrt to Ihia honorable body.
The curtain is about to fall on i'" j hnwlng whai di.ipMitim he hat mad of
irreat n av. woven aroumi in- kiiihh- . tun ootmm-aien article.
ine theme of liberty, in which hu- It u hereby ordered, ronid"red and ad
Coughs and Colli don't linger
when Dr. Kind's Ntw
Discovery Is L'st'd.
You owe it to your f.ni.i v tu
yourself to keep this siai.l .r.l rem.
edy In your medicine calm.,-'.
For almost three i;eiier.i!:i.rn it h.i
been the first-choice Cnl'l and ri.'iKri
relief of millions of petip.c, jonn,
and old.
Helps to brlnjr quirk relief lnnnen
chest-stuffiness, reduce fi ver, mjoth
Irritated throats, check couKhi'u;.
Sold hy druggists everywhere
DliJ? lUliollS? t'oils(lNltlll.'
Uon't permit yourself to ..enne
constipated, as your st"in Imme
diately begins to ahsnrh .ois. ii rn
tho hacked-up w.isie ni.rie- l'ie
I r. King's, New Life I'llis i' ,l keip
well. Try them. All driiggistii.
Thanks For Those Kind
Words, Sergeant !
From: M. S. Northrop, Serceanl,
Tank Corps. Tulsa. Okl.i.
To: Tulsa Daily World, TuUa, Ok;a.
Dear Sir:
Our campaign In Tul.i his
been made a success by the result!
obtained through our full-pane ad
vertisement!, and also thrnudi the
news Items which have been run In
your paper. Kindly accept our
thanks and appreciation. Our re
sults show that all this ndvertlnni:
has been very beneficial tb oht.iin
ing men with the necessary quali
fications for our branch of the serv
ice. Very truly yours.
Sergeant, Tank Corps.
manltv took the part of both spec- JuntM that the Onnniy Clerk alio adTer-
... , in,, and ..!! ai-"urdiiir " w anr other
rxiuuut-u . ... w.. i.. . iii.:,-. -'.i
,. .. ii nn , ., , ,i nui-ini ,,u run
i lirotM-rty
(...u..,a ,...,....1 ....... .k.. uA.-.i v.
i.rder of the County .lu.lice, arid make due
, reluriis thereof, howiriK whal he has done
; in the pri miR", ae,',irili,ir to law.
Pv C S Sutni'a. Chainnar..
! SS
In thr (Viiintv (ourt. Probate l'ftl.
Noti. e-' is hereby riven in piinoianre of
an order of ihn ('ounlr (ourt of 'I'tilna
Itntors and actors, which
lover a oeriod of 32 centuries.
"The first uct of the play was
I performed in the far orient, when ,
liny ancestors of eld, liberated from!
I F.gyptian tytnnny, were first com- I
I manded by God to "l'mclaim free- I
ilom throughout the land.' The sec- j
I otid act is made up of several scenes,
Initl at several places and different!
: times. In Kngland. hVance. In the'
i sc-nn.l land of i.romlsi the Vnited j
States of America, anil in an uinet j-0nl.. stale of Oklahoma, made and en
places, wherever brnve men rose tered on the Kih .lay of November. 11)18.
against the brutal power of tyrants. ; the uml. ..mem-il guardian will offer for
'. ... ,,-l.nAMlri,' I Mle ainl sell at nubile iii.-tion lo tne hiph-
.SOW. my irifii.m. . -"''., 1. ;,!,u. . , .,! ,,,
!, on the HUh iv of November. 1SIH,
at 1 iKi el.wk. a m , the foliowinc dearribed
landn iturtted in V aicnricr County, Htate
: of OkialH.ma. tn wit ' the northit nuar
. ter of the flniithwett uuarter of Section
thirteen, and the n.,rlhaei riuaner of the
I northeast .piarter of SVtion twenty-four.
. all in Township ITS, Kaiijr.' 1.I. rontaiu
I intt so arren
1 r-aid oil and caa lease will he sold on the
,. u.,.,,1- n,r ;,r-h scertn followinit lerins an.i rondmonn, to wil
r. t rt ii""'" " Caih on day of sale a
j the denoument or tne iirama, tne
: final act, In which we, Americans.
I r,od s and humanity's chosen serv
ants, have proclaimed freedom
1 thmuglVxit the world, with malice
: towards none, with love and Justice
! for nil of (Jod's children.
1 "Those nf von who are familiar
with the construction of the ancient
was in turn lonoweii ny a cnums.
which In chosen lines and rhytmic
steps expreMOd their heartfelt sym
tmthv for and intense Interest In the
heroic players and their cause.
j look upon you, workers of the
war budgets, as the chorus, which bv
;ltj action alone can press what
Cah on day of sale an.i for not lek tlian $1
jieT arre ranti in tmnl iiaid on date of aale,
piir'-hflser lo pay all prohate rxpeiiaea, in
eluding an attorney ree.
Sa.,i sale to be held in the County Court
Reorn of '('ulna (ounly, Oklahoma, at the
tinie stated.
Dated thu Sth da " i' " 1K1S
rKTROI.Kl M I.nl.i.K Xa
47 meeta every firbl. thi rd
and fourth Friday o( i
month. , Reruiar husiait
aewaion Friday, .Not, li. A 1
visilinir Maaons int.tei.
Uaaotue Hall, south Vna.
.1. K. Hll.liT. ' M.
R B. 1IANN. Spr';
tl'I.HA I.OllUK. So '1
meets etejy Fnlav. Work
in hntered Apl-renri.e iart-
in Friday. Nov. I . tl J P
. m.; dinner (. p m ltuMri
aesmon al 7.3a p. ra V:n
tors alwayi wt'i,'.niie. ill
aonlc Hall
C. MONTFtilt'l'K " 7
Iiftl.TA l.oP.iK 4 .':'.. ii'
every Tueaday eveninj l
7:3n p. m. Work m ri
lowerafl Tuiwiaj Not IK.
alartmit 2 P m Vlnt.'r rs
eatveriallv invited. M''
AlrTlU'll BAK Kit, .
Tfl,SA" CHAIThU No - i
A. M , me.-l fir.t al'.l U"
Monday earh month .Ven.il!,
ov. 13. Royal Ar-h P.'t'X.
'isitoa we,i-,rtne.
W. M IIK.R1FF. llic rn
V, P TOM-HlN. -.'
' 20 will meet M.lienv "'
2.V order of Tempi.' '''
inr al 'J..10 p in. Ih-nr
nerved at i m All 'l"'
ln knuhts always wel-eon.
aiaaonii- Halt. Saitt Mair
S K l'YK r.,ni',ia''r'
I, j,. imiyi.k. r'y .
Ti"KAB TKMl'I.K. A A n
N M S of Tnli.a niee's
Friday in earh inonlh i
eonic Hail. Oremoni. .low"
Sat.. Not. 3ft. al " :"' f
Convention Hll All "!
Noble, are welcome.
H. N, ORK1.-'. l'olenull
One rent a word ea'h Inaerlioa.
Minimum apare 12 worde
Minimum amount one t1""' "" -r
' Want'Ad' Phones 0000-6001
Fll'M Sunday one U "r'- "
one forehead upe'li n '-'' ' " '
right hind foot: weietiin al-"..
( all al sol West Fifth . I "'
t.latiiuin diamond pin, 2 diair.
nr. and one (cold waHi. I-;;"
tut.'UKte over aeas an.i '
I.ib.ral reward. MfJ --u i Ii 1
Phone 4041 . .
LAIRS' FINdF.R KIM! '"' .;'."
and saphirei; liberal rev.ar.1 '
Call 4'H2 or Willi.
UST-ll,.neh 'ef '
return to 40n i'o,l-n lll.K r
1X)ST -Cbaniois com nurae. -m.'.v
i.i bill.. I ! ! ' ."T.c ,'
2 30 gold oiereni fm.ler l-.' '
liberal rewaru. t Wi
MiST-Chamoi. in .ure rtntw'i"' 4
y hi) gold pier.'" imdr '
14l: hbernl reward , WTl
U"ST--nill Pereiair lamb " i y.t
finder return to Mjnr llu""
u..,it, pp.r,l. .
I L(T-ladies goid-nm "'
I K7H1 . reward. , e
I LOST "IN i.ouiiy ok inn ri. ,V
Main rreet. ladies k
g3t. receive .liber.. m0Bi
IMA1.K AlRliM.K I'i i'.ie-- -
I t)ld; reward. Toone ..St.
.. .
A 4

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