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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 16, 1918, Image 14

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ZZ -----,5 1 4tC t,v:y:i': i "i" MM-a-B-g-B-aSa
-- p i i m - r ms m xr wtr. riiif r.v.i.v,irr.(TrkniT,wi; r-r i i
yK&m '- r.... y. onrut-a. kop- lwafl
' - - - , . j..
: : .-
- Uovr nor William hmhi lo Mill lli
In Isno fr Offliv To Hcesilt
In (luuiffiti,
speculation ii to His d.iy the
prmirtont will rend In a inKnlii.LtliJii
fnr federal JihU'h the ejuflern dm
trlrt of ikUUumia. Iin'reanes, In t.
HppoiuUliem In tXplM'K'd lit H;n".l
uny hour. Jt m li;cu w.-iw d Unit
thn prcmderil delayed tlie appoint
mem If iuv if grout dclnll in
nili nlMj to the. war's tr.rmlnuUofi, uu l
How thiiJ lie Ikui Lhul Job pretty v 11
In hand arid tho election Ih 'Vh, Mi
hr Iiiiiii liuil Juli of a Jiidlrui
j riJ 1 1 ii t limy k'I to H" lp of lil
"Unfinished tlljffllirHM llllHli't."
Il in Miiil lliut (iiv rn.ir WlllluinH
Ull JltUHIK I-1K III llln MlUl'lU'HI
that Jiln force nUll suind, OK'iiuli I i
tior f'iKiuil?'Lll,"Ui Iulv not '-ii f i.
tliiiHl.uil.i: alKiu! iilnu CHtiutor ii'ii
and btuialor iore have t"Ui rrnlui I
'Hie Mnskosoe Times I einnornt
alia axteiujun lo ill" fact ili;it with
the ruunuig of the imv JijIk tin
Hill be a lJi jp In Urn pcrMiiiin.J uf
tlm dork's offlim ami luu 1L 1'. J i -n
iiaiin. Ilia iirnwMit i Ink, mivcmi li i
nU, tl court t'HJJlff, imuiKi-Uilnii
and 13 Lulled HUH "a cuiiiinlsiloJH'r,
located ail over (li dim ru t, will In
hanged. Tina iniiuiia tint Jud
Wllkilia, tho prumuil cuiiiinmmKiiir In
Tuli , inny bit replaced Willi a drm
ui ml.
Striking to Ilia lnuiit are the
Will rla and liurta luu adorn tliu
walla nf lli IU'4 Cro i iiomo neivlrn
Iim'oIviiik office.
Al'niit two feel xiiuirn In lilze, W illi
enormous black lettering upou "
wlilta urouiHl, tli lotterhig aiuJ
lustrations c.ipliUH simply ajnl very
definitely til iUn rulings arid pio-
minus f Uje war rlek Iruiunuica law,
CnverlUK In floUui Hie coiiipmwi
t'His received by dependents for llm
death or Intal dltubllllA1 ( faddlcm.
the hrni-flla and lliiilUiltona, uJao t'ic
guuUfltMUiun iirtrumary Ui lculvs
aurh puyiiirnt.
A chart ahowlnjc tli amount ami
time of iaymtiia tot douth ujid dia
ablllly and alno lliu ITiniod ."-H.U
Miivurniiient i.nnlly liiauranre for
t'laaiioa A, II and I'. AllotiiD'iita, linili
ronipulmiry and voluiuury uml "ili-ri-tilllona"
explaining worda mid li'imi
navd hy the war d pari iimmi t und
Ihone of tlm nr ink iiihuiuim o Mil.
TM n card nic mniMiiully IiiU ii'hiiiik
and of Krval lniprtuni o In Hint llivy
do away wlLh unni'i't'iwiiry vplana
'tlana of avoii thu almplrat (irnin unit
rulin by the hoimi wrvlce woi kern.
Tbt) public la ciirillnlly Invllud In
call at Uio rnci'lvlUK olflro In t iiu old
Wright bullilln. turner Third and
Cheyenne avenue, and view thn poni.
ra. The Infortnuiloit nu dlitpluy may
l Juat the omi Ihlnn ni'rriry in
clear away tho piTplexlilrH Inclilriii
to obtaining your anldler a alluwitn ,
governumnl allotment oy Inmiiunct'.
w. s. s. doing Monday
To beat tbrlr own rocord la the
amblUou of the churoh iicotile of llm
city In their aala of baby bnnda anil
thrift ataDipa Monday, November in.
Kvery paator In Tula la riiirated to
be prciaaiit at the W. R K baiik early
.Monday morning with a voramlu
nf at Iraat in vrn "rapid fire" wnrkura
from lila conKroicalloii.
Vu Monday, Hepleniher "1, the
ihurch peoplt made a record In thn
aaio of thrift Htajnpa and baby hondH.
On that day lti..'7 worth wiTr aold
and that rernid t 111 hi.iimIh today.
Monday a drlvo will be jiul on W illi
the exprasa dptrrinlnaUon to k Dial
one better and dnutile the iiul.i If
1'ustora aro bnlnit akid In rom
plete the aajue ornanuaiion uh w.ih
ud laet month. exi'nt lula Iii'IIit
way Jf pixmiblH, and I'Hinx'luJIy In llm
matter of havlnit at Iniutt wvw) wollt
era from i'ai h oongra.Uiti to help
In Um aullrllatlon work for thn da.
Make your own htirvh leiwl wlini
the rriilla are turnwl In Monday
night. In othnr worda, "et'e get
Inlay and ahnw thn pinpl of Tulsii
what' the church people cau do In
inattor palriuilr!"
ToMtlmonial that tho TuIki pnoplo
are united In war work came Thurs
day, when Mrn. luuilrla. wife nf
the eeorevaxy of the navy w;u In the
city In the internet of the war fund
now beltia; raised. Mra. lanlHa. 1m
ln the wife of the head of Urn navy,
muat have known aomel Iiiiik about
the navy leaa-ue. an oianliu.Umi nf
patriotic women who knit'd fnr tho
The break between the aeeretarr
and tne nary league wann't evidenced
In the reception irlven the cabinet
member, wife, and the uToctltig hen
wan a typical Tnlaa affnJr.
A number of Tubwina remarked
that nothing Indlc-ated the united
people more than this one thing.
U. S. Jewelry
2,000 Watches Must
Be Sold
Including Klgln, Walthnm. Ham
ilton. Illinois, Itorkford and
others. Come In and ere them.
U. S. Jewelry Co.
"vk (jroi i.
isc. s i. LI
NO l )I',MI l'i OK C.OMI'A HA'ilVr: I'RICBS
r vol m; i in: ji dok of vali:i:."
Ghil6rcn'.s School
Tjoncil Gaocs
19c, 39c on6 69c
lHfj ! nHl i:T J.'Tl'Ilrl, J'fJlA,
miwrn, ru'rn hfi-l i-n ln.i
A not Lnr I i I' t t f
tWd (Jtl'fM I f I
imi'r in. I 1 :..it-.' ,i i.sd
rdfiiMnnt U.fifl .f imi( ( ;ir 1.1
tliit'l linri j;iinr
i in i
V. F .1 111
IN Ol'H ADVKHTIS- m i I 'Hil-
., iTTvP E'lM I Tvr
prlrtl ntAtlonrry yuti finvo Immui
whlf nn1 r n( m.
THothcrs TDiU Uake oantagc of Uhc8e
Special Offerings 3n
6hil6ren s Dresses an6 Goats
ininlc if iinil Miialitv slrlpe anil nhiiil Kinuliani. rrtfular and
niK w ai'il ffcc s. Cnlnrs: I'inks, liliic.i ami tuns.
( iiiuKi:vs sv.iu.t: hkkssks o nr
Spfcial VweafO
- innnv IrfTomititf lilllc in n.ivv fir M.-ick niirl while rhrrk
nciH'-; full pluileil skirli: sonic in jjirktt effects with fancy jmck
cts; sires H to M yc.'irs.
lilni k am! white check mtkc; full plcatcil skirts; some with
Jacket effects; collars aiiil.tics nf Kellv Krern and red satin,
iiicd ill colors t i miilcli; sit-s I'.; ti, It scars.
- Some fancy with skirts slicereil In yoke, others plain styles;
isiitnc trlinineil with fur. Materials: hroacirloth, silk velvets,
ihinrhilla, 1'rkin hluc, iihvv, ami rciL Hpecial 20 OFF.
Fourth Floor.
Tan&kerchicj -Attractioc Offering 3n
for Sator6sij
Min'a Pure l inen
Ili'inHllihi'il Milk.
If will j.av yon lo lay In aiii
ilv of Hum pure llnon handker.
c.hb'.fH at ttilN price. We rwrvn
the rl:M of 1 1 ri 1 1 M n r the iinn
Itty nnld each riiRtomer.
. . .
A new Inl of Imported Jap
Hit k llanilkerihiefn In prrtlv
dealxna and rotor eoinhlna-lliins
Women's IVri-lntieil Cnlnrcil
l-liiliriFldercil 1 1 ilk f 4, In iiirtr
llve I'ox of J. 1 1,1 h fw. f- f
boi for i)UC
Tlitme hand kerchiefs would he
worth tn in-li more If we hud t
replace I hem Your choice doc
box of a hdkfs.
Vomen'a I'lfcv l inen llanil Km
hrolilcrcl llunilkcr- '
elilefs. a.V a ml ,J , Q
Kilra fine linen handkerchiefs
at prices of one year aso.
Ueu) Suitings
For Saturday
Ilcdticeil lo
- very rood quality of wool
French and storm aerKo, In
navy, dnrk red, eopen,
limwn, Ton and hlark, 44
Iiii Ih-s wide.
Hi'dilcoil to
- nil wool ottoman cloth for
eolts shown In srrv. nay,
plum, liiirsutfily, enpen
brown, 1,0 Inctiei wide.
Iyliicctl to
--80-lneh all wool trliotlne.
shown In navy, taupe, mode,
hrown. areen and blank.
lUHlitoecl to
all woot French- sers. 4i
Inches wide In navy, (treen,
dai k red, hrown, cojien ami
lilni k.
2nd Floor.
TDarm 7asnionable
Of Tlnc-ommon Dalue
' 44.
HpftUy worthy nmls of wool velour
in tmipr, brown, navy, Mark riiiI
tiiirsmnly. The coals nre Ihc now
lu lled vilylcs with nice, largo rnn
vrrtilile collnis. some of same ma
terial, others of seal, rnrroon or
nutria. They nre full length and
rooms', lined throughout with good
fluidity silk lining, large pockets
nnd ruffs. They nre good warm,
.sensible and shli.sh routs; tin op
portunity to snvr Snttirday.
Third Floor.
3hil5rcrfs SIcGpers5""
Special S9g
Made of he-ivy rolt.in fleered material; made with fort,
high neck, long sleeves, open, down back, drop scat; sizes 1 to
0 years. Fourth Floor.
ID all papers
-Attractiochj pricc6 Jor Satur6ay
A I r.c Roll
Pretty striper and all-over cfleits In light and medium
tduidcs, for kitchens and bedrooms.
At Me Roll
A selection of dainty bedroom papers in all-over pat
tern's, in (-Try, blue, pink. etc.. Cut out borders to match.
At l!c Roll
A beautiful selection of high grade tapestries for living nnd
dining rooms and h;dls
Store Hours: 8:30 to 5:30
Saturday 8:30 to 6:00
One delivery a day- (jiiod.s purrhnsed
... .1 Ill I. . .1 .:.
inn ndi hi iM- iiriiNcrcti some tune dur-
inr the following d.iv. No "-'ccifi, .! time 'pivrn.
Nerjo Veb 5prea6s
lrrep, new. snowy whll
spreads In plain hemmed or
scalloped i nl i"orners, shown In
inspy pretty new denlsns
Weurwell Spreads.
A rood weight spread, full
I'lcai hrd. plnlu hemmed, scroll
and meiliil lion centers; 7s7
Inch i'S.
I'm ed
Newton Spreuds.
--made of select cotton, best
Idem-lied, plain hemmed, shown
In pretty patterns;
77xH7 In I'riced . .
Tooralnc hprrwds. 1
warp and filling of superior
slaiile cotton, scalloped and cut
corners, shown In beautiful mar
kelllea patterns, jl A oo
0x99 In. I'rp-ed .
.Ion IJIjr Sproada,
a srood satin finished snreiri
full blenched, serviceable quel
uy, plain hemmed, pretty pat
let in.
St tyMiHis Hpojul.
-best bleached fine quality
spread, plain hemmed, floral
mid scroll patterns
, trriiy ai-
Ionia Spreads.
- an extra fine quality satin
finished spreud, scalloped and
cut corners, beautiful raised
patterns. MxS4
Inches. Triced. . .
!nd Floor.
Japanese. utlte&
Jacets v 1
Satur&au fl.50
A warm- comfortable
garment to be worn under
suit or mat- -they're made
of china ellk, lined with
lavender or w hite silk and
well quilled.
3rd Floor.
v w . -
8atur6ay Nod. 16
XDill Itlarfe hc Jormal Opening of Our Christmas
oy Department
riK flic cliildrt-n! Let I hem live just for a day in this wonderful toy world which
to them snrpasses the most iridescent charms of Fairyland.
Never did ! children seco much hnppincs- crowded on one floor. Here are smUinff
dolLs and funny ; clown-; toy-that dance nnd walk, toy-that .ing and talk; choo choS
uim and honking autoin.ih.Us; cozy buggies for dollic; fire engines with gallopins
horses; toy funnture; toy dishes; animals of all sorts; guns with real bayonets- ar
mored tanks; battleship,; toy tools, and scores of other unique toys like Raj -oN.rcd
tops that play a tune and spin to heat the band. 7 ""',,reu
Its a Treat for Children! Bring Them with You in the Basement
P'AmertGan Ula&c Dolls of Soery H)ante6 TCin6l
Gilbert Toy. for Iky Cheme-
craft, mystic puzzles, mechanical
toys, motors, rapid fire cannons,
priced at 25o to $a.oo
namn for All Agrm Cradley.
More than a hundred different
ames. for the old as well as the
ounr Triced at lOo to.... $2.00
Game rioards From the Cas
rom Co. seventy styles to select
from, also the popular par
eheesle, Indian checker boards,
and OuIJa, priced at 2oc to le.OO
Wood Blocks In solid eubea,
painted and burnt wood, alao
nested and wood bulldlnf btooka
kat 25o to II RO
Rubber Toys LaVs; Tarlety of
colored and plalj rubber balls,
dolls, animals and rattlers. 10c
o ll.iS
Bw liurs and Cradles
Baveral styles and
slsea In wicker and
fancy atraw, also
natural wood. Priced
at 7 be to $3 M)
Train on Trarks,
Lionel make In
electric and Ivea In
mechanical. Priced
according to size at
ll.fiO up to.. (20.00
Booka for Children
misses and boya;
four tables piled
hig-h with good
reading. They are
priced Sc. up to
Blackboards Easel and wslll Children Tea Sets In china, Friction Toys In trains, fire
style, made of slate board, ah I aluminum and tin. all slsea. I ?partm,nt' aut01 ambulance.
. l. . . . ... boats, submarines, tourlnr rsrs.
a uu' "rlC8a " l "e i " 00 I priced at 60o up to . .$3.00
sizes, at KOn to.
Toy Trunk for the doll clothes, small
medium and large. We hfc three In
different sizes at ftoo to IS. 50
Ieeks for Uie Girt or noyHoms hays
roll top. aeverat styles and atsea. Includ
ing chair at $1.50 to $11.00
Chairs for the, titlJo Folks. Largest rarlety of red ones, reed rockers, white enamel
natural color, with tablea to match; ' s f
to $5.00
S4 ', TT.. j
Doll Bods Ia wire collapalbla,
white enamel, mahogany, all Mint,
aome with mattresses. Priced at
5c to $3.00
Assortod Iron Toys
Trains, fire de
partment, carts,
wagons, autoa.
banks, atoves and
many others at lOe
op to $1.00
Ioll Carriages Reed carts
In any wanted size; they
come In natural gray and
brown, also leather collapsi
ble styles, 75c to $20.00
Inre Ontdoor Toys Coast
ers, wagons, au'os, veloci
pedes, sleds. I'riced at $1.25
to $25.00
Structural Stert Tors Mec
cano In all sizes, for the boy
who Is mechanically Inclined,
at 11.00 to $10.00
Shornhut Toy Pianos,
wood animal circus toys, roly
poly and many others, at Iflr
up to 13.00
Madeline! Clay for kindergarten
work conies in assorted colors.
I'riced at 25c, ftOc and $1.00
Toy Dnim.a All sizes, aome of
real akin, priced as to alze, 25c
op to $5.00
Miscellaneous Toys Hundred!
of these small Items of .every
description, priced at Co to 25o
Large Fumltnre In white
enamel, gray, dressing tables,
ihalrs, other pieces, $1.25 to $10
Sale of Drug Sun&ries
Faeo Creams.
Ktlllman's Krecklo Cream 39c
I'ompelnn Nlrht Cream ... . 2r
I'nmpetan Pay Cresm Me
Kemper fSmvlne 3e
Inftram's Milkweed 89e nnd e
raPKcrt A Rnmsdelt'a Cream
Mavis Cold Cream SOe
Creme-Merldor 0c
("rchurd White Sftc
Arcadia Vanishing Crenm..39e
Iong's Cold Cream IUr-39e
ling's Hkln Kood ScN9c
ling's lllesch Cream ... Stc-8e
Woodbury's I'aclul Crenm..l9c
Hind's Honey and Almond
Cream ilSc
Witch Hazel Sc
Cucumber Cresm S9c
Oriental Cream $1.25
.lergen's llenzoln and
Altnnnd, t'ri'sm 29e
hhamiW, Deodnranta, Etc.
Palm ('live Slmmpoo ,19c
Mulsified Coconnut Oil 39c
Packer's Liquid Tar 45o
Witch Hazel 15e-t9e
Kandcrlne 2Vc-49e
.. Nonspl 396
IavoHs l9o-Stc-85c
Mary Ktitler Xall Polish .. ..Itc
Peroxide "o
J"aeri Powder and Talcums.
Woodbur''a r'arlal Powder. 19e
Freeman's Face Powder. . ..Itc
Long s Violet Face Powder. Itc
Melhallne Face Powder. ... Itc
Mavis Face Powder JDo
Mclha Face Powder 89c
Scotch Tone Face Powder.. 39c
Java Rice Face Powder. .. ,39c
Nndlne Fare Powder Stc
IsaheU'0 Kzqulsite Face
Powder ,39c
Arcadia Face Powder 39e
Carmen Face l'owder Stc
Llmo Face Powiler 39e
Pout Kiss Face Powder 80e
IJcr Kiss Face Powder BOr
Ive Me Fnce Powder 6c
Lazell s Talcum Towder,
for t&c
Jap Roe Tulcum Powder,
2 for 25c
Williams' Talcum Powder.. 15c
Colgate's Talcum Powder.. .15c
Service Talcum Powder. ... lie
Oakley's Corylopsis Talcum 15c
Arcadia Talcum ...19c
Sipilbbs' Talcum, ...Itc
Mavis Talcum ...19o
Mary Garden Talcum UOc
Dental and Slutting I "repara
tions. Tebeco Tooth Paste Xtr
Pepsodent Tooth Paste 80c
Colgate's Tooth Paste. ..... 19c
Kuthymol Tooth Paste 19c
rr. Lyons' Tooth Psste 19c
Dr. Lyons' Tooth Powder... 19c
. , . "5c
Kolynoa Tooth Taste
Revelation Tooth Powder
Sanltol Tooth Powder
Pyrro.hclde Tooth Powder
Krank's Lather Kreem..
Teroxide Shaving Cream.
Colgate's Fhavlng Stick..
Toilet Water and Perfume.
Lllnc of France Toilet
Melba Toilet Water,
all odors
Mavis Toilet Water . .
Hudnut's Kxtracta
10 ounce battles 60o
Imported French Perfumes,
ounce 60c
Lazell s Toilet Waters 330
Totlot Soaps.
Cologne Uouciuet Soap, 3 for 25c
Woodbury's Facial Soap,
r"r Ito
Scotch Tone Peroxide Soap,
3 for loo
Reslnol Soap jf0
Cutlcura Snap 2Jo
Sayman'a Soap I0o
Jergen'a Violet Glycerine
Snap. 3 for, tfto
Cashmere Bouquet 12o
Lux. 2 for 25o
Palm Olive Soap to
Creme-Oll Soap . ..
Kirk's Cocoa Hardwater
Castile ig
Kirk's Colonial Bath Hoan - If
Packer's Tar Soap lo
TDarner an6 He6 "Jem Gorsets-
Warner'i Rnst Proof Coraeta, made of white batiste and pink
novelty materinls, front and back laced, good boning, do rn
four hose supporters. Prlred 1.00 lo ipJ.JU
Redfern Corseta, model No. 7.M02; designed for the tall, slight
type of figure; mao of light weight pink batiste, free hip lines,
low bust, boned with light flexible Wahlon CC Art
boning. Priced JD.UU
Redfern Model No. 66176; designed for the medium stout figure;
has medium low bust, heavy boned front, elastic section in back;
made of white coutil; finished at top with d Afl
emDrodery. Priced puUv
Kdfrn Models, Nos. 88116 and 80159; designed for the stout
and medium stout figure, has low bust, long hi pline extension,
heavy boned front, boned with WRlohn boning; made of pink
cotton broche and pink satin. Priced (in nfi
17.50 and $1U.UU
Fourth Floor. -V
-frhe brimming ScGtion
At SpcGial prices
Ont Lot of Embroidered Ban da and Edges embroidered in
ilk and metallic threads, in beautiful color 9C AND Cfi.
combinations; 1 to 4 inches wide. Special &DC JUL
Out Lot of Beaded Medallion for dress or bat trim- CA,
mings; 3 to 9 inches. Very special DJ.
One Lot Cluny Laeesl to 3 inchei wide. 7r
Speclal, the yard
Remnants of laces and embroideries; greatly reduced prices.
Second Floor.
- - . , M
l-U'iFIU-t-JL-, 1
. ,
I Lm WM m M l
w nm-a'i.fi il a - - 1 r- - m i
PHONE 6060
Show your hfiy that he can depend on you
now as in the early days of youth, hy sub
scribing liberally to the War Relief Funds.
'ut' raaffl nan j .ti v .j
1 U H- mm QB3G
rrT3 na c c cttttx-
pmfiwnw- mja m ur- I I II I Ilill I III llll lIWirl 1 M " I"

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