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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 17, 1918, Club News and Personals, Image 23

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XITArt work Is becoming mors (ha
engrossing activity In Tulsa.
Thera Is a place for all women to
perform soma useful servlco to holy
I are reviewed and chronicled for
readers i f T'io World. I,citcrs from
over Oklahoma lull uf activities.
ovit oklahm
(Found In the pocket of Capt T. P. C. Wilson, killed in action )
Suddenly one day t
The last I'M shall full away.
The lust little beastliness that In in our I. In. ,
Shall drop from tm as the shr ath drops from tho hud,
And the great spirit of man MiftH slruggla through
Anil spread huge branches underneath ihu blue.
In any mirror, be It bright or dim.
.Man will Bee God, staring back at him.
Westminster finxefte.
The Heck's n,lh Calendar.
wlcs Wcavsr's lnllial or-
ii auditorium of Henry
for Ituskin Art club.
John K"
fin rrrit.il
Kendall i"
tf.,4.imes I
. C. Col". Sam
Write and. i-nrwT. W'll.aniso,, are
tio:esws hi country club, honoring
Mr. Carl f Magcc.
iTnwn seii rhaulniio.ua meeting
n pat.li'' li'uary.
firen'it- meeting of Tulsa Ulfl.
. rj,,!,. Mrs. -. 11- Cruver Ib nos
tra ill hi'"' 1'"'"
Tuembiv l!o"k 'lub
meeting with
Vrf Hoi !..M t I'. Mason.
(iilumbm i hautauqua
meet In
That's II! That's what puts
the "Jul" In rejoicing. You
ihoulil have no rea-son for
not owning a piano. There
are pianos suited to the
purse of overyon, and there
are plans of payment that
make the Initial cost easy for
you. When you have heard
the eiquisite tone and havo
ranned the pure workman
ihip of the Instruments in
our display you will realize
the truth of our words. The
Lyon & Ileal Piano takes
away your one valid excuse
lor non-ownership.
TV have
two slightly used
T.J.White Music Co.
m '
Jvs ilj
Mrs J 1 Hutchison Is hoertss to
llihtory ami I.itoratur.) club.
Ilnlmrt liulcn Cirson presents John
McCurmack in rrrnal.
Jane AddaniM itiautanT'a circle
iiH'i'Si In library.
I'.in - Hellenic: society 'mecta with
Mi.-.s Frances Jfroaoh us hiistosti.
The l'.iri-IIcllcnle society will meet
on Saturday jificrnonn In tho homo
of Mi- Frances lirnach, 1440 South
l'.o.fton avenue, with Misses Cartne
lita Wumn and Mildred M.nr as lis
mstiiii; hostesses. All members are
urged t,, he In attendance and to take
their knelling with them.
The Country Inh. which has seen
little or mi social gayet for 11. ore
than a year, was on Saturday evening
the M-ciio of a victory dinner dance at
which lnu clu IJinciu I crs and Oit-of-to,vn
guests were In attendance.
l'latiricl to celebrate the expected
coming of pc.icn, th ciuh W'as fiila
in its array of the allied flas wnTch
everywhere were In evidence, und
tho tables decorated In cornucopia,
filled with fruit, viiKe.iled Hie tv;i-
un of ThanksKlvinu. Iiancinir fol
lowed the dinner as nsial.nc Pro.
Krain bcinir on the "jitney" plan,
with a charge for each number on
the program. There was an auction
and leer features for the purpose
of raising money tor the united war
fund drive. Among the tncmliote
and guests In iitiendance were
! Messrs. and Mcadnmeo Horace '.
Anderson. (!. V. llaiu. ('. K. Hwfln
Kon. Whitney. A. M. Meeks. V. W.
Bryant, W. 1 HP key. v. I. Noel
Mercur. Howard N Cole. .1. M. Hay
I tier, William Miller I toss, tieoign S.
; Mule, Kranklln S. ray. l,ynn K. Wal
i lace. Charles U -Waite, Frank I.
I Ixmls. James It. Itol.inson, Well 1 '.
I Montgomery, J. C. Fowler, Harry C
, Afhl'v, Frink II. lireer, Arthur I.lp
I pa, 1.. .1. Martin. I'. M. Mlskell, Harl
! W. Sim lair, Frank l Moore, v.. Kog
ers Kemp, C. W. Wangerein, It. 1 tj
McCllntock, W. It. IJndsay, Hohert
I M. Muodv. Hert H. rllna. Mrink,
1 Kay M. Collins, C. D. Coggeshall, I ir.
and Mrs. Charles P. l' o'ilern, Mr.
and Mr Carl Ireiier of Ilradford,
I'a., Mrs. Knnls of New Orleans,
Mis. Adams of Kansas City, Mra. W.
on choxwe) from
$1 1..-1O and $I2.:0.
srllcrs. In brown,
jrray ml black; 9
IncJi tops; Louis
ooTCrrd hrxds.
II. Anderson, Mis ;. McCoy, Mrs.
I'tillie Cos, I, 11, Mihsi .s Cariiien Coyle,
t'roebie. Mil.. I M.ipmIi, IJIibetll
Madison Km ;n Mock, MesM l;oh.
it .Malum, 1 ( Kcmlrnk, t:d
ward J. II. .11 on. titevc King, ' apt
H V. Ariio,.l, Mr lieort;.; li. tVok
o( l.n;:leHoo.l. N. .1.
Mrs'. It 1 M 1 I . 1 . I'o'e wis tlCWtOSH
of a luto iieon party I' ri.l.iy af'ernoon
in the I'oiniiiy clu'i to hoimr Mrs.
Chan.. I.. lUill, who is leaving for
her n -ii lence In I'm t Worth, Texas.
Members) of the .lane Ad'Uni
; chriiitniiijua circle, with whom Mrs.
11.111 na heen rn pleasantly asso
' i.ited during the time he ha.s Jived
Inn, were irui-sin hihI the M-rvlug
was followed l.y 1 1 1 r club's regular
program of work. There wore
covers for MesdamcM Ceorce S
llerry, John .. Anderson, It. M
Itlackmore. I" A. I!ui turns, l W.
Crouch. Charles F. Farreii, W illiam
Milhr Itoss. Charles ?,. Waitc liov
H. Monk, .1. 1'. Sinytlw, II ( 1! Mr
Cluri, H. 1'. l'orter ami I.. II. Hug-
Mrs Mlton Mverett was hoste of
r lun,-lniin Friday afternoon when
hhe had a smail compan of matrons
and young women who are old time
friends of her Mister. Mrs. Harold
Helm of Moravia, N. V., In. A yellow
and white table had covers In addi
tion to those of the honor Kuest and
ho.stos, f,,r Mrs. Iluith King. jr. Mrs.
Wall ice Carney, Mrs. Arch I, Smith,
Mrs. ;. llalpli l.ockwooil, Mrs I'. K.
M.igee. Mrs. Schuyler ' French,
Mis II. A. Smith and Mis Mae
Shakerpeare club opening for the
s'e.-uiitn 1!tH-1! wis held on Friday In
the home of Mrs. Frank II tlreer. lit
tended bv u group of several mem
bers. Tho meeting was marked bv
the beginning of the study of "King
1enr which Is to ho puniueil for tn
next several weeks. Mrs. '". (
hail a paper on the play and the parts
were taken as follows: - Mrs .lames
H. Dlggs, King l.ear: M rt. Wiliiam
Miller Itoss. illoiiccster; Mrs Joseih
T. I-intry. ('..ueril: Hugh King.
Jr.. Kegan; Mrs. Herbert 1. Maeon.
Cordelia; Mrs Deo Clinton, a knlchti
Mrs. Charles I. F O'Hern, Cornwall
Mix John 1) Hail. the king of
France; Mrs. l'reston ('. West. Kdgar;
Mrs. James It. l'.obinson, Oswald;
Mrs. John Hoy. F.dninnd; Mrs. c. c.
Cole, Jester. Mrs Albert W. Until
was granted a year s leave of absence
to do war and Y. M c. A. work. The
next mooting in two weeks will be
with Mm. John I. Hail.
The. Tulsa Woman's eluh openlns,
will be in the form of a tea Monday
afternoon In the new home of Mrs.
A. H. Cravcr In Sunset Park. In ac
cordance with the time, every wom
an is a-sked to take her own portion
of sugar. Those who havo ears are
asked to meet the mxmners with no
way of conveyance, at tho fcnd of
the Main street car lino.
Matrons of the trtopln eluh nseem.
bled for the first time since the qnar.
Shoes of the Better
Grade Reasonably
The knowledge that you are buying
from a reliable house that has
years of reputation for efficient
and honest business methods,
should give you a feeling of con
fidence and assurance that your
purchases from us will stand the
test Originality, Quality and
Our collection for fall comprises
all the newest ideas in footwear in
different materials and most desir
able colors.
Special Monday Only'
Ono lot of black and
tan boots. Built with
militury Imx'Is. A
super fine sl.vh' for
Hrecl wear. Ili gular
$1 1. 50 values.
Tulsa Mothers and
IS.' . .
1 5 . J
"vi 1 1 ; u. " 7 f-tlAH
mm? " 4 -
Yf-f-' ."-V ' J'
Mrs I'rank Hotirron Caseheer and Iter hnhy son, Dan Hourron, are the
subjects of the ihiirming l-t 11 rn hhnwn. The baby, now seven months
of age, w:is three months old when the picture was made. lie in the only
giamlihibl of Mr. and Mrs. Ian Hunt.
antine on Wednesday, with Mrs. O.
1.. Chancellor as hostess in her home. I
Knitting was the order of tint after
noon and refreshments were aoived.L
The club will meet again this week
on Wednesday with Mrs. If. I,. Sells,
at whlcli-Ulue plana will be made
for tlm seanon's uctivitles In Hod
Cro:- work. j
Members of the Tuesday Itook club '
hold a business meeting Tuesday
afternoon In the homo of Mra Her
bert L. Mason Tho club, which for
several months has devoted ItsoJf
to the making of surglml dressings,
willt that lime make plana for Its
work In the event that a declaration
of peace comes. Tho wo 111 on are
asked to Lake Uieir knitting.
The Needlecraft eluh will meet fr
i's opening session of the new year
Monday nfteinnoon with Mrs. Karl
Thomas, HMD Kasl Third street,
Kendall. The women are asked to
take their knitting.
The reguhir meeting of the board
of directors of the Y. W. C. A. will
be hld nt 10 o'clock Tuenday morn
ing at headquarters in the Unity
The hrima Icage wtil hold Its' f'rst
meeting of the year at high school
auditorium at 2:3 o'clock, Novem
ber 21i. All rnembersi both old and
new srn urged to he present as the
program will bo ono ol special in
terest. Introduction to the ntudy of French
lirama Mra. R. A. Woods
A Ui Super rtenherg
Au Verevsbleinix Massenet
Mis. S'orey-White
Farce d" 1 Avocit l'athelin
f ast of Clutrui lera,
I'atelln (a solicitor) ...Mrs. Woods
Ciiiluinieru (a draper)
Mi Carl I'leawint
Agni let (CiuiKamere s shepherd I - .
Mrs. Iiuis i.'ohen
llartli'din la jiid-'i-i.
Mrs A. (1 Heggen
Ma da 11 1( I'a'.
hin 1 solicitor's Wife 1
Mrs. J. II. llrawn
maid 1
Mies (race Macfjregor
ml A rchera . . M rs. I'.
W. lluumiiii. Miss llamona KusHell
The farce l.elongs to the fifteenth
century and stands out preeminently
the lust nf all early French farces.
It is 11 comedy of manners and char.
Informal. .
Mis 1 1. C. Turner entertained
w.th an afternoon party during the
wcok ta honor the visit of Mrs. ;.
..iik nr okUhoma t uy. wno is
guein of her sister, Mra Itobn t rr
..... ... .
Mrs. CI, i-le.s I, Waitn will enter
ti n a small lumpanv informally. ;
Tuesday afternoon for MisJ Katheryn
Mae Fanner of St. I'UUI.
Mr and Mrs C. K. Crawley had a '
few fra uds in for an lnfiirmul !
evenii g Friday, in their home.
Women of the lsth divUslon of the)!
First l'reabyterian church were ;
hosteweK to the young women's guild 1
Friday nii:ht, entertaining with a1
"victory" dinner which was served;
in the buh-story of the church.
There wts an interesting; program 1
with t'tble leseon led by Miea Char- I
lotto WashinKtnn. and mission atudy
bv M.s- lloweii, who reviewed "Wo
men workeis nf the Orient. ' Itev
'. W. Ket r was pre.sent and ou
:t e ,1 1 l 111 by which the giuld
might 1 1 .operate in the wrk of the
1 oriai egation, especially ill connec-1
t.on wr.lj "victory meetings," soon
Their Children
to be held in all the churches. The
service committee reported that
many of the guild members hid
OSAGE 7825
o ro 1 at the 1 nu'ii'i nry liostn:.il
111 1 ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ; for sick dm ing lb" lo riit
I lil 1' f l 1 1 ,oi, had I n a ti' tn llie.
v, 11 wok ilrni'. Mj.s I. Ho' Kiilins
lid the sllifciim; of patrlo'lc sii'.:.
Tlo- I'l.oi.ioi 1.1s in 1 ' Fi . 1 1 1 ' of MlSh
I! Nv,.!':i pleslilint of the cili.l
M . ...1 , hi 1 I; I ; 1 1 1 1 m ' s .11 I . lit.
i.' I ,1 1,1 id.-. I 1 1 o I . 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I .
e i 1 K iv 1 ... 1 1 o ! i 1 II 1 1 K o loi . w I'll" !
t h 1. 11. 1 ' i i- on .111 nu;i mi nis .nut
M r.K , i
M.IIV 1 .110:11, e Cine Mil. ill illlllh
tei 1. 1 M 1 ami Mis I I ( c. le
hr.itcd tiersintli Itnthdav on Wedneii
l.i v when hc bad the children of
he fi i 1 1 bof liin'it in fur ii n .1 ftt niimn
01 gallics Hud pi.iv
Ann, In In d iuchier of Mr and
Mrs John K 001I ii ) c. i. 1. 1. ue, I
her fourth l ir'hdav with 11 parly on
TIiuimI i . whin .1 little plaMiiates
and iiic'hIm weie her quests The
arteiiM.oii of games wom followed h
I i I I rill IlielllS Helled tloill il tilde
s.n:ge.Ht 1 1 e of the ThaiikiKlv Ink
Mr. iiiol Mrs Cill.crL- I. It enter
tamed Thursday evening III comp
liment to Miss l;ii Ion i nf Kldoi ado
Spiings, Mil Mimic and dancing
were the evening s pastitueu and re
ffesllliil Ills Wi le Ki lled. I'leselll
tcrc: Misuses l:ti hai d. Kinily
Shcphard Ixillic Siiiiinoiis, l'Win
l'isne Mm Harris, lla.ol Minteer.
I, e. 1 C.lllllcll, Caroline I'elernoll, 1,11
1 ille I'ropsl Anna Hitch. Mail; net
llrowti. Anna tigllvic. Il.i.el .ollets.
May Hhitefeld. l-'.i rl n 1.. I mneselk,
Marsn lit N.ppei, .losephlne Smne,
f i 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 Minteer. Mi msi m licwev lis.
ley. Noll-IH Hallev. .loscph Million.
II. 11 Minteer. Kdw.inl Mm tin, titiorge
WiSft, Messrs and Mesdames An
drew I'lipoe, A. O Isill, I hai lcH Minor-
Mra Cliff Allen bus returned to
Tulsa after spending the past six
months with Ciiip,u,i Allen, who
has been slat li.iie.l 111 Knit It I lev.
Camp FiMistnii, Kan. After a Visit
with home folk heie. Mrs. Allen will
go Id Camp I landoool. , tia.. where
Corporal Allen has beiii transferred
to the officers' training camp for
heavy artillery.
Miss Nell Corbln has returned
from Joplln, Mo., where eho wal
called 011 account of the death froml
pneumonia feir of her brother, Mr,
F.rtwiird Cm Mn. Mism Cnrbln'n'Hlsler,
Mis. V.. . Mat bias of Tulsa, la ipilte
III of pneumonia at the liuino of her
parents In Jojilln.
Mr. and Mrs Conine Olffcrt are
entertaining Mr (ilffertH mother,
Mrs. William (ilffcrt, of (?hlcHigo.
Exclusive Apparel and Millinery
for If 'omen and Misses
Beginning Monday, November 18, 8 a. m.
Less Than Wholesale Prices
$50,000 ivorth of new,
to be sold to raise
Now, while there are yet weeks in whifh these goods
are "seasonable," and, as each article is an exclusive
one no two alike) and the prices on many articles
less than the (ost to manufactnrc affords the great
est saving evi tit cf the season, at the same time
giving the latest styles direct from New York City
The oil IlKii M 1 M li.ffi'lt W.l .1 B'lrnl
fol I feA das ilill'IIIK the i,lf. Week
of Ml and .Mills C N. Kotilnsou of
I liib'ioliilc in e, Kan.
Mr 1111, 1 M11 T c llimhes will
I1.1 v e as I hell cue -Is il in I'm I lie w ' ek.
; I .lent and M in John I in id S-inail of
, l.lllle Lock. il. I.ieiiti liant Sllllld
h.l'i I'l ''II III llie naval m'Olce f'lt
i'imi.iI iiiontbs us 1 I In ciiin-
i 111 in, I o( llie dest 1 o) er Haley.
i Mi au, Mis Ceiil Canary of
i '.iiii'V, Kan. enpect to become rest
I dellts ,.f I'llU.l .lining the iet few
months Mis Canary was Mies Jo
sephine e liefnro her uiarrlane und
! ninny fi li tiila will welcome her re
I tin 11
! The Matron s I'liilathea cl.s of
IFIr.l I'.iipliHt chuicli will meet with
I Mis An. hew ll.ns, toil South Clo y
I eiiun avenue, Monday afternoon.
Mis. I'ettv has been 11, lined as
i slating hostess.
Miss Mildred Stanfoid enler
I. lined a K p of youtiK fi ts-n.l n with
1 mask and costume patty I'lldav
' evening. CoiihwU and music fur
The Vojfuc Marinello
;n mi mi;
on it Aldus
Every Branch
Marinello System
Hair llobblng
Hair Dressing
Facial Treatmenti
Soft Water 'Shampoo
Complete Line Hair Goods
Phone 6226-6397.
Seventeen East Fourth Street.
high grade merchandise
$29,000 at once.
nished entertainment and refresh
ment were served to Misses Ver.i
Krtny, l.lllle Kelsey, Ckidys Mason,
Mernlco Thomiis, I'aiiline Kchutte,
Hedolii Helms; Messrs. Hal Clark,
llirl Triip, Charles Krmey and Utlo
Mrs Ned t Klgsbee will leuva dur
ing Ihe wetlk for a visit to her sis
ter. Mrs N S Monger, ami mother,
Mis W. T. liavutNon, In Austin.
Texas. Mr. Illgsbee slso will visit
In Ualveainn In her absence.
The J'nrenla Teachers association
of Osngn school will hold Its first
ineellng of the season at 2 30 o'clock
Thursday afternoon In th school
iiiiilltoilum. officers will bn elected
ill tho time named.
Mr. mid Mra II J Connolly have
received word of the arrival In
France of their son, Herfeant Iter-
hard Connolly.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Tiffany hav re
moved to their new homo at MJ5
Main street.
out Mtrcco
of the
506 S. MAIN

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