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and which or thf, ten
Thanksgiving Day
W.S.S. Bank Closed
tnni?. Pfe rl A CSXS!fl!
N n " Vr"r v . MZ,..',i I 1 v WTV t K -J Ml rJ" "V I I asv.
Senate Committee Virtually
I Completes Measure for
Estimates for 1919 Are Cut
to That Mark Through
Many Reductions.
By Party Vote Four Eillion
Dollar Proposal Is
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27 Revls
lon of : hp war revenue bill wan sub
ltant;ally completed tonight hy thi
amine finance rommmlttee. Amend
ments perfecting I he program of
raisins M. 000. 000, 000 In l!M!t were
adopted ami by a strict party vote
thf committee formally approved
Chairman Simmon1 plan to raise
4. no". 000 OHO In 11)20 thryugh re
duction of Individual and corpora
tion income rates, elimination of the
war profits tax and the reduction of
thf excess profits rates.
Wilh the seven republicans of tin
committee voting itolldlv in opposi-
tlon the 10 democrats adopted Chair-
man Simmon plan for 1920 to re
dure the normal income tax rate for
Individuals and corporation! from 12
to t per cent, to abolish the so per
cent war proms rate srter 191:1, and
to reduce the excess profits rates In
1920 to a minimum or 20 per cent
and a maximum of 40 per cent, or
. two-thirls or the 1 9 1 a rate.
Although the committee now prac
tlcally has completed the bill. It be
fame known today that the Internal
revenue bureau has almost despaired
ot tne enactment of the measure he
fore January 1. and has made full
plans for collection of taxes under
the old law, by which it Is estimated
only 1 1,000, 000. 000 would be pro
duced next year. The old law. which
remains effective until repealed by
the new revenue bill, specifically en
joins the commisioncr of internal
revenue to prepare, forms for use of
uuayers to report their incomes,
profits or other taxable matters be-
eween January 1 and March 1.
lloth the programs for 1019 and
1920 taxation, except for minor
amendments to be made when the
committee reconvenes next Friday,
virtually were completed today. After
Friday's meeting a reprint of the bill
will t" made and Chairman Sim
tnona plans to report it to the senate
next week. The republicans an
nounced their intention to oppose In
clusion nf 1 920 rates in the bill and
may file a minority report.
Chairman Simmons' plan for 1320
revenue was adopted without change.
Ita provision for red union from 12
to 8 per cent In the normal rates
on Individual Incomes also provides
that the rate shall he 6 per cent in
'SIS and per cent In 1920 on the
firm 1 1, non of taxable income.
Chairman Simmons said Secretary
MrAdoo does not approve the 1920
program in Its entirety, as he de
sired higher normal rates to continue
on both, individual and corporation
incomes and also opposes continua
tion uf the excess profits taxation
SANTIAGO, Chile. Nov? 27. The
complaint of the Peruvian minister of
'"fflltn affairs that the demonstra
tions against Peruvians at InuWiic
were countenanced by the authorities
! denied hy the Chilean minister of
'oreitn atMlrs. Thfs denial has re
asiired commercial and social circles
The nwyp8)Pln are of the unani
mous belief that everything can be
Tanged ,y the fulfillment of the
treaty f Ancon. sinned In lsv.l. In
ji.ic:,i circles the opinion prevails
"t arbitration would be th" hex'
tnean to br.ng about the fulfillment
' Shis treaty.
Vnder the treaty of Ancon, Chile
-' to retain possession of the prov-no-s
of Tacna and Arica, belonging
Jo the Peruvian department of Mo
lueirua. fr ,)erl(1(1 ,,r jo years and
j"n "a.ilimlt in popular vote whether
wiese territories are to belong to
-M!e or Peru."
'he expiration of the period
MS93) chile failed to comply with
- .TMicni ami retained rorcnne
-"i"!iun ot the territory.
Pro-Ally Ambassador
Comes From Argentina
Bl'KNi i.s A1UKS, Nov. 27. -IT
ma! A I.ehretop has been np
JWntej ambassador of Argentine to
United States to succeed Dr. F.n
"J S. Naon. who resigned recently,
uoctor Lchrcton Is a national
'PU'y and Is strongly pro-ally.
crranza Oil Measure
Submitted to Congress
Mexico city, Nov. 27. The
sure Initiated by President Car
na under article 27 of the
nltutlon particularly referring lo
conu?"1 before congress. It
iHUan Crovlaon for the national
u tiieae natural resource.
Tl !.. , (i;
Nut. 27 M
xi in ii m,
im.i ULtiQrniio. k-with
l1ld . l.ret ItiM-tlm. s mHii.
I'M. tllll.MA : Tllurailay unu'llled
' '' , ' " 1 ''r I" ! perliun, ulllillv
""l-r, leini.rr.liir.. Loiu frertin al
'"fx: rn.Uy uir
1-"Msina: Tndiy ur,..Ml-i
'tl., r, rah.Uv In (nnttwit unitan .
I r. i.il,,- fwr "
"nil.ir. rain m nt inulion, t rnia
prnLrt1. v fmr
"i i., I'riJ.v ..... rally lir, I10 de
i.i.fl i lung,, in icaiie-ratiirc
KAN.vAM 1,-twri lv Uir Th'lrnday
in. I I- r i . I a .i-. rvia,.r liiul.U n.hii.
A Sl.MihK.
Voj ran talk 40011 ;.ur roureria and
e,ir (inimtii- kii.it
I ll admit Him ii Mnorma.k ia
.iiH bird wliri, ho iiii
lou ran pay to ( lru40 not
ra you for the s.-al .
I "r Im a nurhilv ronrrri at our
lione hlrh ran t It I. rut
And I artilr iloitn rnnli-ntii and t
d rim a tiiouar,d rarea
hn llmlily and hi u,th. r warble
patriotic airi.
Oh, I d.m't kr.om how to .ll it. he ia
hlt.e for tiix yfdrs,
Hut he muic (ro'm ln f.xuwrar to
lh- rrown aliove hi. irn
And he unci with Yanko- vior m a
) Hial nuki' I ti i r if is l.ij.ii
A fwininii. ri'isinu dun ttihnf:
"Kaiaer Hi!l' a Muni "
And Ihere'a anmethmit in hi. manner
.... "'' Iran.;.- n-.u iV; ti'- 'nam
When h unci with rial pnhoa-
"Till the lloja fume Home.
He's a xildier erery minute. al p ana
awin an.t martial air
Whni li: mother, at hi biiMinj-,
r as his favorite er 'Pier:'
And hn "Onward, (iirilian sj;.iiira"
has a tliilerent miamni; now
Ssnce ll.idily axked t n,nk- it and bia
mother tauirhl him how
ou ran Mar, your rifled artiaia. but
real joy to me bdnnjta
While I ve llmldv and hil mother
einirin palriotlr ons
iCooyrifc-ht 1K1S by K,.ar A (iiiesll
Mo.Vloo Tells Hunkers of I'lutis For
floating Certificates Tor Kii.
milug .Six Months.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27 Notice
hat, the country must prepare for
mother intensive war loan cam
iiuign. probably in the latter part of
prll, was given today by Secretnry
McAdoo In a letter to hunk er ex-
plaining the treasury's program fur
ioating certificates of indebtedness
ami luinds during the next siv
The secretary stated that plans
or continuous sale or government
)onds, recently rl.avussed hs a strong
;ossib;lIty, has been abandoned,
ind that plans should be made foi
"one more great popular campaign."
t'revious'.y he had announced that
.he builds to lie offered then would
oe of short maturity, less than 10
years, and It has been indicated that
ho amount would be around
00ij.li0u.u00. Although Mr. Mc
doo did not state the time of the
ampaign. it wiu learned the treas
ry plans tentatively to hold it the
ast three weeks in April.
lllocks of treasury certificates of
ndohtedness, ranging In amount be
.ween ;i(lti, 1100. Olio and $750,000,000
Aill be marketed every two weeks,
beginning December 5, to provide
funds fur running the government
until payments from the fifth war
ioan begin to come in, and these
payments then will be used to pay
.iff the certificates. Kvery bank will
lie expected to subscribe 0 per cent
if t.i Kioss resources monthly to
hese certificates The fust issue
uf ItiOO UuO.nHO minimum, announced
today, may be subscribed between
December and December 10, will
mature next May and will bear 4 l
per cent. This rate is not considered
is affording any Indication of the
nterest lo lie borne by the fifth war
loan bonds.
Women of All Nations
Will Sing of Victory
On Thanksgiving Day
Women. God bless 'em. are going
to sing to. lay in eiery allied nation
In a spirit of thankfulness, their
par! in the celebration over the
corehi.-inri of the war. Their
voices will be raised in every c:!mo
pronipCy at 4 o'clock. In Tulsa,
every theater is to be used, where
a chorus of women will lead the
A move started by the National
Councii of Women will be observed
ber wilh singing parties under the
lie. tioii of captains In each
theater, and they will sing for vic
tory A program of "America " "Come
Thou Almighty King." "Keep the
Home Fires Homing" and, "The
St ir Spangled Manner." him been
arranged and the council of de
fense has furnished programs with
the words of all the songs.
Captalntt In charge of the sing
b'.g pat ;; have lui n selected as
Pal ice theater. Mrs. Sio-y-Whlte.
Hroa.lway theater, Mrs. J.
Lyric theater, Mrs. H. D. Mur
dock. ,
Strand theater. Miss .Margaret
Wonderland theater. .Mrs. C. H
Kin press theater. Mrs. I red S.
Klalto theater, Mrs. T. J. re
wards. Liberty theater, Mrs. K. II. Short
Majestic theater, Mrs. D. C
Grand theater. Mrs. It. W. Hurrf-
hart. , 1
At Sand Springs, the two inciters I
w.il a'.s" have slr.iin.i parties. Al .
the Liberty theater. Mrs. Ix.'lise
Smith will conduct, and at the Star.
Mr. (ior.len and chorus will furnish j
the ui us. c
More Than liOO.OOO Are Re.
leased From Camps by
the Germans.
Quarter Million to Pe Cared
for hy Our Troops
in France.
Examination Shows Some
Fare Poorly at Hands of
Enemy Officers.
PATION, Nov 27.--More than u mil
lion ami a nair prisoners of various
nation, i, itus have been released b
no iiermaiis, according lo es.lmate
"ised iiion reports roce.ved by the
imeriian mini army.
Of tins number aDiiroximatelv
250,000 will pa through the Amer
ican lines and will be fed by the
Aemrii ans. Most of the quarter of
a million prisoners are French Kng
lish, Italian and American soldiers.
I'he army, assisted by the Salvation
Vrmy. the Voung Men's Chr-stuin
isMoeiation and the knights of Co
uinbiis. Is shouldering the bulk of
the task.
IN l'KANCi:. Nov. 27. The exam
inatlon of American prisoners re
leased from German prison camps
and reaching l.lenlif'catioi. camps
virtually has been concluded under
the direttlon of the army surgeons.
The examinations Indicate that the
physical condition of the men in
general is as good as could be ex
pected, although some caj.es arc re
ported where the men complained
of bad treatment, Ivid shelter and
poor and Insufficient food. Of sev
eral thousand men exa.nlned no evi
dence has been found of reported
cases of inoculation with malignant
in. d contagious diseases.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27. Crea
tion of a board of appeals with au-
thoritly to review derisions of the
shipbuilding labor adjustment board
was decided upon nt a meeting here
today of representatives of the
emergency fleet corporation and the
American r ederation of Iit'or.
The board Is to be composed ol
three representatives of labor and
three of the emergency fleet cor
poration. Commander J. L. Acker-
son, representing the navy, M. 11.
Tuttle and W. G. Hudson of the fleet
corporation, hae been selected as
the corporation's members. The
abor members have not yet been
Several appeals from the recent
award by tho shipbuilding labor ad-
ustmenl hoard establishing higher
wages for all crafts In shipyards
have been filed with the board from
yard owners, Krnest Mary, chairman
of the board, said tof?-y. A sup
plemental award by the present
board establishing rates for piece
workers and dealing with such yard
employes as were not Included In the
first award will be issued soon.
halrnian Mary said.
NKW YORK, -Vov. 27. Capt.
Ilcnjatnin P. Lipsner, director of the
nlted States aerial mall service, an.
nnunced here tonight that the war
department turned over to the use
of the mail service "hundreds of air.
Captain Lipsner Slid he was not In
position to announce the exact
number, but that machines would he
used as rapidly s possible n extend-
ng tne aerial mail service to ail
ities of the country. The service
intliipi'es that It wl.l be able to or.
van Ize its personnel from Hundreds
f army aviators returning from the
liars for the laying of new routes
and the extension of the service on
a nation-wide scale have not as yet
I n formulated, but It Is expected
that the extension will begin In the
neir future.
This Is the Day of All Days
for Giving to Stocking Fund
elfi-hne.s Is the greatest of all Providing, of course, he gets the
., , ..... I :. ... ulllAlr. .. ..atllnl.
Sins S.l.l I lv u IS Hie oasis I'll ;
other s:nnlng
CnselfishnesH is probably the most 1
),,. , hi .fill of attribute:
Christmas time is the most cheer
ful of :ii; seasons and 'he one time
of all times that selfishness should
be downed and unselfishness should
be In i verv heart. Doing something
for the other fellow to help make
his (ournev through life a little more
sunshiny and his load a little lighter
is unselfishness.
Santa Clans needs help. He's un
dertaken a big job. He's going to do
a fine thin- on Christmas day he's
going to pu; a little sunshine Into
iiilsa homes where there doesn't
seem to be a chance for It to get In
without outside assistance. He's
going tn walk Into the ho!iieB of
Tuba's p"or unJ hand out u h'.tlo of
bia cheer,
Comes to This City
to Meet Attorneys
on Judgeship Quest
SpiM-ial to Th World.
MrsMK.KK, okla,, Nov. 27
W. Ii, lYIcrson, first hsmIMiiiU
I'liltiM! Mutes attorney general, left
Iictv tonight for TuUit to minplete
u survc, of Uic bar of Oklahoma,
prvllmlnary lo the appointment of
u Culled State .district Jutlgo for
custom Oklahoma to stics-ntl
Judge HnJph K. Campbell, who re
signed. Sir. lYIcrson lins mot Uic attor
neys of Oklahoma Clly and Mus.
Uogec ami Mill sound otil Tulsa
lawyers now bt-foro milking any
It was mlnilttctl by lawyers Hint
Mr. lYIerssin mentioned more than
one man us a poMMlhlo choice for
tho plaiv. This would ln.ll.nto
that Governor Williams has not a
clear pa 111.
Assurance Mien Following Kojwlon
or Mooncjr C'nmlltec. With
Stephens In Soeraunento.
Secretary Wilson Sends Findings of
Ien.smore Investigation
to trovcrnor.
SACKAMKNTO. Cal.. Nov ?7
Assurance that tho rase of Thomas
J. Mooncy, sentenced to hang, would
be given "careful consideration," was
given today by Governor William I)
iiepnena lo members of a committee
r the Han Francisco labor council
who called to ask tho executive to
pen the way for a retrial of the case.
This statement was made bv I). C.
Murphy, president of the California
State Federation of l.abnr. who
headed the committee. He said Gov-
ernor Stephens did not Indicate when
he would act on Mooney'a petition
for a pardon or what course he
would lake.
Mooney wan sentenced tn hang
for murder of one of the victims of
the preparedness day parade bomb
explosion In San Francisco, July 22,
1910. -
Murphy said as spokesman for the
committee he had emphasised his
belief that developments since th
onvlctlnn of Mooney had "created
doubt In the public mind and
urged that in the Interest of Justice,
the defendant should be given a new
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27. The re.
port alleging Irregularity In the
Mooney case, which was made re
cently to Secretary Wilson by John
Dennmore, director general of the
federal employment service, is to be
furnished to Governor Stephens of
California and Mr. Densmore la to
place himself at the governor's dis
posal in connection with any lnves-
Igatlon the California executive mav
This announcement was made to
night by Serrotary Wilson, who made
public a copy of a telegram sent to
overnor Stephens. Mr. Wilson's tel
egram revealed that the grand Jury
at san Francisco which Is Investi
gating Mr. Densmore's charges had
asked for a complete copy of the di
rector general's report, together witli
ill Information Mr. Densmore has
'earing on the rhurgrs.
Mr. Wilson did not grant this re-
oucfit, Informing the governor that
had been his Original purpose to
urnlsh a copy of the report to him
sUrl ho would carry It out, despite
the fact that the report had re
celved "unintended and pjirtlal pub
licity." The report was published
November 22 and was said lo have
dealt largely with the rase of Mrs.
liena Mooney, wife of Thomas J.
Mooney, under sentence nf death as
the result of the preparedness day
bomb explosion in San Francisco.
K. A. T. C. I)enioblli7.lng.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 27 The war
department has notified the Uni
versity of Missouri, Kansas university
and othe schools near here to de
mobilize their S A. A. T. C. UfiltH
beginning December 2.
..el' i. . ,n
Tho World's Empty Slocking Fund
only grew f!2 yesterday and that
Isn't very encouraging to the Hu
mane society, the agency Santa Claus
Is going to work through. And he
wants more pep In the stocking fund
or there "ain't going to be no Christ
mas" In some Tulsa, homes.
Today, when generous Tulsans put
their feet under a bountiful table,
may they not pause long enough to
share their good fortune with those
the Humane society expects to reach
Heres the report of contribution
to date;
As previously reported $ 9.1. fb
.Mrs. Marie Hine 2.0'
V. W. Maglnnls 5.0
K. G. Cunningham 6.0
......... ......
Hearings Every Day Hejrin-
ninjr Dec. ; Will He Had
tt) Clear Situation.
Commissioners Promise That
Charges Regarding Police
Will Be Heard.
Attention Called to Provision
for the Discharge of Dis
honest Executives.
, So that the public in general may
now the attitude of the moyor and
'he c.ty officials in regard to keep
ing eh the morals of the city nf
Tulsa, a public hearing Is to be held
n the mayors office dally, beginning
I'lieslay. December 3, to clear up
ill complaints against Ihe city police
b pal tinent.
Any one having any evidence
against these officers are asked to
'r.ng t iiersonnally to Ihe mayor's
office, where it will be taken down,
mil In the light of publicity, the
harges ngain.il certain members of
his department cleared up.
The following statement prepared
esterday by Mayor C. II. Hubbard,
ity Attorney Kneed and tho city
oiiiml.NKioncrs explains Itself:
"Charges and Insinuations have
' een made against certain members
if the cliy police department regard
mg the stealing of automobiles In the
c.ty of Tulsa, and the mayor and the
hoard of commissioners have decided
o nave a (in niic Hearing wherein the
taxpayers of the lily of Tulsa may
'now an tnat is possible of the situ
don regarding the theft of automo
lies In this community.
"Section 37. of article 11 of Ihe city
loaner. auinorines tne mayor am
'he board of commissioners to sum
mon and compel wMnesses, and the
production of hooks and papers,
n iiencver it is necessary to more ef
fectively carry out and dlscbargt
tnn provisions of the city charter.
j ne n earing, will lie lield, com
mencing Tuesday. December 3, and
will ne continued from dav to day
until all of tho true facta reir.irrtlne
the automobile thievery in Tulsa has
ueen t borough lv gone Into.
Ihe meetings will he nubile: all
witnesses will lie sworn and the tes-
ilmony taken down and transcribed
Kveryone Interested in the law en.
forcement and protection of prop
erty in tne city or Tulsa is Invited
ind urged to be prisent at these
If the evidence produced shows
that any police officer In the city
or misa is tn collusion with any
automobilo thieves; or other crlml
nals, they will he summarily dls-
cnargeu rrom the service of tho city
On the other hand. If the evidence
shows that certain petty Jealousies
exist between the police department
and other public officials n Tulsa
county, it is high time that the citi
zens of this community stopped such
procedure, s It is detrimental to
the city of Tulsa.
The present city administration
has, ami Is al the present time, doing
everything within Its power to build
i greater and better city In which to
live. The city of 'iiilsn has taken the
lead in city municipal questions for
the betterment of this community
ind It Is not the desire of the mayor
or commissioners to retain on the po.
lice department any man who has
not been faithfully, honestly and sin
cerely performing his sworn duties
"In order to aid In tho apprehen
sion of a iitomoblle thieves, the mayor
and city commissioners several
months ago issue, a proclamation
insinuating that no police official 1"
the city of Tulsa tin allowed to ac
cept any reward for recovering cars.
"The city of Tulsa has also passed
one of the most drastic registration
Iiih of tiny city In the country and
it is the earnest desire of tho mayor
and the city commissioners to give
to the ii!l.i.'ns of Ti.lsa the very best
government within our power. I low.
ever, cw-rv one should understand,
no ti. alter how hard we may try, we
will not be able to satisfy every In
dividual or cliipie of people.
"We believe In having a public
hearing as herein contemp nted, that
Ihe true conditions rei;atding auto
mobile thievery tn the city of Tulsa
will be shown, and possibly some
procedure can be promulgated,
whereby thievery In this city will at
least be it to the minimum.
"lSigne.li C. II ll(iSHAl!D.
"Mayor of the lity of Tulsa, and the
City Commissioners."
Negro lleglineiit Domohlllc-M.
CAMP FI'NSTON, Kan., Nov. 27.
Orders to demobilize the O.'ith pioneer
infantry i colored I were received nt
Camp l-iinston today. The men are
from Mississippi, Louisiana, Okla
homa. Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas,
Georgia and Alabama.
those wanting lo buy phlure, I i
such suggestions.
Whereas ll is the tint v of all na
tions lo acknowledge the providence
of Almighty Hod, to obey Ills will
ii be grateful for His benefits, and
humbly id implore, II. s protection
tnd favor; and
Whereas both houses of congress
have, by their Joint committee, re-
liiesled me "to recommend to the
peoplo of thn I'nlted States a day of
public thanksgiving and prayer lo
be olwcrved by acknowledging Willi
grateful hearts the many ami signal
ravors of Almighty God, especially
by affording them an opportunity
peaceably to establish a foi m of gov.
ernment for their safely and happi
ness; a
Now, therefore, 1 do recommend
mid a ss gn Thursday, the 2Gtli duy
of November next, to be devoted hy
ne piiopto or these suites to the
service of that great and glorious
reing wno is the beneficent author
of all tho good that was, that Is, or
that will lie; that we may then all
unite In rendering unto Hun our sin-
ere and humble thanks for ilia kind
care and protection of Ihe people of
ins country previous to the.r becom
ing a nation; for thn signal and
manifold mercies and the favorable
Interpositions of His providence In
ihe course and conclusion of the Isle
war; for the great degree of tran-
luility, union, anil plenty which we
nave s nee enjoyed, for the peaceable
inn rational manner in which we
have been enabled to establish con-
Owen to Go Abroad
to Study Financial
Reconstruction Plans
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27. Sen
ator Owen of Oklahoma, chairman
of the senate committee on bank
ing and currency, anounced today
that hn plans leaving at an early
date for h'uropo to make a study
of efforts of British ami French
financial leaders toward recon
struction. Hs Intends to visit
Hrltish and French flnnarlal cen
ters, Home and Madrid. While In
Spain nnd other continental coun
tries he expects lo Interest himself
especially In the restoration of an
eiiuitabln foreign exchange be
tween those countries and the
Lilited States.
Joint Chairman Walsh of War Itoard
Otvlarcs Itctnrn to lre-War Ilasls
Is Out of QucxUon.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. Frank
P. Wulsh. Joint chairman of Ihe na
tional war labor hoard, sold In a
statement made publio tonight that
labor must not b expected to return
to thu pre-war basis of wages ajid
working hours. The only hope for a
safe, orderly national development,
he declared. Is in tho maintenance of
present wage levels nmt continuous
improvements of conditions of labor.
Invent igations conducted by the
war labor board. Mr. Walsh said.
show that, the lowest possible wage
on which ii worker and h.s family
can subsist In health and reasonable
omfort, is 72 'u rents an hour, based
on the eight-hour day. These same
lniiiliien, he asserted, revealed that
before the war ihe great majority of
laborers were earning fur below the
amount necessary for a "decent and
healthy family existence,"
Mr. Walsh iiredicied that there will
he no return to the pre-war level of
costs of necessities, within five years
at least, and said that even with the
eduction f living costs, the present
wage standards must be maintained
for then "the workeis m the average
industry will be receiving only a fair
eturn for their work.
Japanese Paper Hears
Kolchak Assassinated
IIO.Ni iLI'LC, Nov .'7. Cable ad
vices received bete today by the I
Nippl Jiji. ii .lapaneve daily new-spa-'
per, wtiied it was reported in japan 1
that Admiral Kolehult, the dictator I
of Siberia, bad been assassinated at
Omsk Nn df tails w f re inven i
Twenty-Seven More Hun I
Submarines Surrender
IIAKWIi'H. Kng, Nov. 27 "
Twenty-seven German submarines I
were surrendered today to the allies.
This tilings the total to ill of Ger-i
man I'-bonts turned over. I
Hcelarev I'krnlne Sup)nrts Miles.
AMSTFIIDAM. Tuesday, Nov. 2!.
Premier (ierlni of Ckraino hns rte-
iare.l in an Interview that I'kralne
is already in full Hceord with the en
tente, whose representatives are ex
pected af Kiev soon, according tn a
Kiev dispab h to the Rhenish U'est
pbalian Gazette nf Kssen. II" added
that I'kralne will ln-lon); to tho new
Kurciaji KileriU statu.
siituiions or government for our
sarety nnd happiness, and partleii
larly the national one now lately In
sllluleil; fnr the civil and religious
liberty with which we srs blessed
and d.ffuelng useful knowledge; nnd
in general, for all the great and vari
ous favors which He has been
pleased to confer upon us.
And also thai we may then unite
In most humbly offering our prayers
ami supplications to tils great Uird
and ruler of nations, and beseech
lllm lo pardon our national and
oilier transgressions; lo enable all.
whether In public or private ita
Hons, to perform our several and
reiat.ve duties properly and punc
tually; to render our national gov
ernment a blessing to all the pimple
ny constantly being a government
or wise. Just and constitutional laws,
discreetly and faithfully executed
and obeyed; to protect and guide
ai soveregns and nations ( especially
-iicii ss nave snown Kindness to us)
and to bless (hem with good govern
rnent, peace and concord; to pro
mote Die knowledge and practice of
true religion anil virtue, and the
ncrease of arlenre among them and
us; and. generally, to grant unto
all mankind such a degree of tem
poral prosperity as He alone knows
to ne best.
Given under my hand, at the city
or .ew iors, mo mirrt day of Oclo-
uer. a. li. lias.
CJialrman of War Hoard Refers to
Wealth as Knibarrsssing Nom
(nation 8llllOpen Question.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 17. Per
ns.ra M. itaruch. chairman of the
war Industries board, It was under
stood today, has been offered the
post of secretary of the treasury to
succeed ..Secretary McAdoo.
Whether he will be nominated 1
an open question. Without actually
declining to serve, It Is said Mr. Ila
ruch has urged upon the president
strongly his belief that hs should not
enter the cabinet on the ground that
his wealth, largely In government
and other securities, would be ser
iously embarrassing.
The 111 health of Renresentatlvt
Carter Glass, chairman of the house
banking and currency committee
who also has been nominated for the
office. Is said to have been Influential
In determining the president to ask
Mr. Ilarurh to put aside his known
r or director general of railroads to
aurceed Mr. McAdoo, Charles A.
Prouty. now director of the railroad
admlnlstrnilnn's division nf public
service and accounts. Is believed to
he one of the men under considera
Mr. Prouty formerly was director
of valuation work of Die Interstate
commerce commission and also
served as member of the commission.
The president Is expected to make
selections for both the treasury and
railroad administration before he
sails for F.ijrope next week.
Ilmik I'p Christmas Iluslness.
Slightly morn than 1,100 half
pints of perfectly good whisky Is
reposing In the vaults nt the city
police headquarters as result of
raids made last night by officers.
Starting about ! o'clock the officers
spent four hours on Second street.
First. ,.nd North Main, taking In
every rooming house. Chief Allen
says he believes he has gotten most
of the Christmas stocks.
Eating Up Money
Did you ever stop and think
that that pule of old discarded
furniture, clothes and other
household goods that is lying up
In the attic collecting dust. Is sim
ply ealmg up money that you
might have in your pocket? Those
goods that you have thrown aside
are of some valuo to somebody,
but the longer they are allowed to
remain In the attu: the less valu
able they become.
Why not take a Saturday after
noon off and go over these old
dust-catchers and make an inven
tory of them and then run a Want
Ad in the World telling the great
public Just what you have for
siile? If you ilo this within 24
hours your dust-catchers will
have disappeared and you will
have a comfortable roll of bills
.n your pocket.
Don't let the household discard
pile catch dust and eat up money
any longer, but make the World
Want Ads get rid of it for you al
a profit.
Phone today
6000 or GOO'l
France and England to
Let Down Bars at
Wilson's Request.
Reports of Sessions to
Give Way Only to Of
ficial Business.
President Likely to An
nounce Program on
WASHINGTON," Nov. S7. Prrs.
dent Wilson's plans for attending the
peace conference are all matured
with the exception of the day and
hour nf sailing Ills departure, how
ever, la certain early next week.
It Is entirely probable that the
first announcement of the personnel
of Ihe American delegation will be
made In the president's address to
the opening of congress, which will
be delivered Monday or Tuesday. At
the same time the president may
make something In the nature of at
statement to the country, si well a
to congress, on his going to Kurope,
something no other president has
ever done
The most Important announcement
that has yet been marts In connec.
tlon with the official plans for ti
poace conference came tod iy It
was that there would be absolutely
ni censorship on the news on which
the American newspaper corres
hnndents send hack home. At the
personal request of President Wil
son hoth the llrltlih and French
governments will entirely relax all
censorship on all American news,
paper dispatches telling of the de
liberations. Furthermore, to facili
tate the transmission of news to this
eountry, the government, through Its
recently acquired control of the
cable lines, will give new a prefer
ence In transmission second only to
qovernment official business. News
will take preference over all com
mercial business on cable lines. '
cwi win iTcip.
Oeorge Creel, chairman of the
committee on public Information,
alo announced today that the, com
mittee's machinery In Paris would
exercise nothing whatever approach
ing a censorship on the dispatches
telling of the progress of the confer
ence. All the committee's facilities.
Mr. Creel said, are to be devoted ta
helping the American newspaper
correspondents get the news back
home. The committee's offices In
Paris will be used as headquarters for
newspaper correspondents, stenog.
raphers,' typewriters and tntemret-
ers are to.be provided, and the com
mittee's machinery also will be used
to assist the correspondents to set
their dispatches on the cables.
I ntll (wo or three days ago there
were grave doubts as to whether
any American newspaper corre
spondents at all would he permitted to
accompany President Wilson on the
trip. There was, however, to be
no restriction on the passage of
newspaper men to France by any
means they might find available.
Mr. Creel took the position that the
American people should be Informed
of the movements of the president at
all times, through their only source
of Information, which Is the dally
newspapers, and upon his represen
tations it finally was decided to In
clude a correspondent of the Asso
ciated Press and correspondents of
the other press associations In the
president's official party aboard the
liner i.eorge Washington. Ik. was
decided at the same time to give pas
sage t correspondents of Individual
newspapers on the army transport
Orlr.aba. which will sail from Ho
hoken Sunday at noon. She will bo
part of the convoy of the president's
ship, which will Include the super-
ireadnaught Pennsylvania and a
number of other naval shiis.
To lYBiu-e First.
Besides the president's official
arty the George Washington will
carry a naval crew of more than
ihjO officers nn.l men. The George
Yushlngton, being a faster ship, wil
arrive In France at about the same
time as the Orlzalin. It seems to be
settled, although no official an-
nosni ement has been made, that the
president will go first directly to
Frame and later t Kngland and
p'K-il !y Italy. If he Intends to visit
iinv ollnr Kuropean countries hjs
plans have not become known.
LONDoN. Nov. Numerons
steamers will leave Liverpool during
the (inning week with American
troops iiiioard. The Astunius will sail
tomorrow with I ..".Jo officers and
men of the American air forces. The
Camipie will sail November 2fl with
I. "80 aboard; the Adiintlc. Novem
I her .10, with 2.17a; thu Cedrlc, De
cember 2, with II.UOO.
The Km press of ltritaln will sail
December 2 with 2.K80, Including CfO
sick; the Leviathan, December 3,
with LaOO shit; and the Saxonla, De
cember 6, with LtiOO.
Germans Will Invite
Wilson to Visit Them
i My Tite Afc!.-i.iti'c! Pres..
! COp KN HAG KN, Nov. 27. The
I German government will Invite
I President Wilson to visit Germany
. while ho is In Kurope, sajs the lion
1 lln Lokai Anzuigur.
i :

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