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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 28, 1918, Image 4

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evert day i.m tub rr.R
la'larU Id tha Tulaal'oit Offica aa
Clata Mauar.
ECd Inrton .
f- 0. Laraon. . .
. .i'rwiiUnl nl' Hl'e'
Huain Um't"
iiuiiiK orpine AgftTf buwu'u or
icial County I'apcr
ne Yar
Sis Month,
rtir Montaa
Oas Msath
Tr 1
Bis Mentha
riirt ItouUii ....'
0n Yaar
I ttaatha
Ilill.T 1VII rfltNOAY.
!!. '
... i.fto
... ii
Br CsrrW in Tnl.a II n"
HltaillKIl H' TlIK A8rt'(!IATKfl ''"J
Tl Aluii-iawd Pr.a I ioilulr
to IK naa tor rejm ! " """"j,,
In Ikia wvr sad hm the locl "lb
litkrd tarda. ,
- ,- TT - ' - --
Jli.l.l rw. ., MM
War I Ad npt
Want Ad fieat
Diaplar Ad Tpt
ualnaaa Of lira
Cirrnla4ion lrpl
9(lftr Khti,r
Rutin Maaaiar
llaf ana ljnrUtn
. .6000
, .aixii
. .l04
. .(1001
, .noon
. .'
Daily Food.
NOVEfctaEB 'it.
M lll T arm (nr him lw
?a. and my revenaai ahall ataoa (Ml
id him. l'a laSIS.
if ar shall mv Innf razors
truth. anl merry nf tha lof'l:
fry ami troth for iiref atyrl
avi him miimimm nr nia n
Si . . i ' i , I - ..A Ih
a rNia irv iiij riww hi j
r uir aansitea. raa. im.io.
If anything Were- needed to clinch
argument Jn favor nf setting
de ih "ptnr rgency rule" which e-
pllshed the federal ful admlnls-
ritlon. tha Kan City Baa flaiiro
nlahe thn needed twlal.
Udded to It already tnrnlahed rer-
rH. the Kiaj City Incident and tnaJ
villi Iracinn up to It only com-
ttta Urn Imllrtmrnt airnlnat thl
rtVernmi-nllil flftn wiifri wnion n"
riorloul' ll.oan working at ndd
h publli rrtlment, the public
4 and lis lntalllcent admlnlxtra-
Ji of K0rnnnt affair during
period If fr.
11 cannoJbfi ipnni that funl con-
lntlllJ'nUKTdlrIHd by a prac-
llckl head i-hliti-knew aomithlnB-or
IhL practical alnHf thfl Induntry.
I i i t I r I.TTi1lVii.t in 1 1 rh fnp
hf country ana migni prrnnim run
lAu to cxkrrlMi a helpful Influence
krinn tha urlljai.conornlo atruc
PI I " ' . . . m
ut-t. nut nndJMrfraUlreciion 01 an
lidVnlnl.traffcr w(aial baan achoolad
Inir In ththJWfVrjrovernrnnt at
ihk profeaH.ri.Iiay lLuBJ to their tu
ma, It enLldnaMHiWav baen x-
kd thajtha alory of tha fuel ad
Iniatxatlot cqurd.rbf1,,irllten In any
fTh prodoallMrt HrU tferward for
4.llr of KifffWllnfl 'WIlBaourl at
11 epenni ofWVWrWti." on,y
kriother of Ihoae miadirecia pourien
lilch o f WllJtVP.fc.rJ",,,PJ'
of Ihanxfiiaii layWrltriion
liaaon rulfd. aa It haa providentially
In all tna arrwaLxii.ajraiirTiru
nch of tKotmnmnmiphnw
. I . 1 . i
.rid Oklah4miartiiandl!i
aui luring.
ift, not oillf bin
-TTTAitrl4 la JI t"
H k-nder lli iflWWlfW' aptVitrm-' tha
Utlonal .U,&MW. .n'
JhJy to tie people or Amerlra
... i .. . o,.
rnugn inr pairiouc im,m, m -
nation, to Ibe on tna men agninm
vktematlc kcnilmaiitillly fur Ilia de
tted enerly Lnd to atand firm for a
'dace of JiAtldV.
MIim Ktti tlghtnn. civic &cre-
Yy of th lehgue'a educational de
if-tment. tjayi:
The dark liirrea are at work here
ka) elaewhirel Whole commnnltle
falHy close to dlaatfar by
fW. W. aid bW.aflWf.adMfnjifing
tt the trusd of kurf orelgn nopulat Ion
Y utterlnd li.rMWitW.'Mheajnsaild
(feloud o-f f-fliW" W"WDn''r
hrh worlil-wlde uemocracy, n u i
rld-wlde cltleVWaM H4rininrjing
eh dotrano..n. AjufirJca. .WliMiM
it naiii ii euni
4 consldeedl unadiiiteraled 1 reaaon
ice they Irteiy to all but one clan
Ilk fundattcif nl right guaranteed
the dedlaiiitlon of Independe
rid the cohHi
The dt nr1Wryrl7WiiF
dcullar ndnblem
mi. A Jiiat and laaN
nk peace f ll
rntnts of tlia Yf4lWfif a, "liW'
initio Imnit nf them ii n pre
T I " . . m m -
4rd to gfarfPHhth'IBolHm!.
peace. Un crjn Jtf lp aolve
hleae prohrnk only If he keep the
Miendid piiH nattiqi (Mlir'Mti
laene whlf h
d our atiad
t-VolTxVm-m n tu
Tnuisr.ivixc nY
When 1-Tiutth of .Inly cones,,wi
rtlnk of I flreworli nnil when
iankfKivfigl day roll around our
Nought natarnlly turn to turkev
-rVnberrfte andvster dj-KinB.
her Inayfusllble fileTm71e.-a.Ve
iWy look upon iy:frrta''' ,f
'ekallng rilthar than a7 forirrv-
prale I f benefits received. Tt
I ine nj ... ,
bank mora of our stomachs than of
Ar aoula. Tt Iqiivpm and flnbe a'li
H than of aplrltual grnce.
ffhlg Idea of fenat nay ha rtevel
U from 5.tVI,rTof
tL pilgTtmcW"r ierstri virt
Ly for jrlTini- thanka fur h limm-
B. tint Thankag&Ct-iyVtfrt
. lyj, proclamation of Governor
:ora " ,
a Maunrnuieiii in n
aaawnai in mtiz
i-i-llUni OOlooiaia ou a, uay
wu el for f.iMllmr and pnivcr I Jur
! ri K lli' ir.O''i riirvli'n III" inn t'.irri"'
hii'1 fhn hit, irii wuH ciumurti Into
onit of th.iiilK;lvliiK. II Hun K'
i' nun (lie annuiil iiMtiim of tha lf"V
ernura of ih New I Ini: l.ind rolonlin
to fix liy pmcilainutliiii 11 ilny to Klve
I'linnK '-h" revolution .1 day of
n ;i I ! ji :i 1 1 i:i u k ik HI n w.im nnntiallv
iM'oiniiM'lnlivl liy roiii'iem. nol In
1117 It wiii ileildt-d In in.iki- a lny
for llliiiikni'lvii if no nmi'i il i iiMoiii
KOOilii th. i Kt.itn of N'i-.v York.
' The firMt fiii-Hldijiti.il prorlan.n-
tion wim -oii-, l.y I'M'sl'luit Lincoln
In 1VB4, when he .ipiroinli-d a rl.iv
for jiririil..t tli.n Kh r-f f r I rir. All
preMldenti alnui hla time have fol
lowed the eiiHtoin, naiiitlly deHl(,-na,t-Ilia;
tlni luat ThuiNilny In Novi-mhor
Todiy e have, oiiiethliK more
than ii liountiful loiiveMt to Kivi
pniine for. In addition In oup na
tional roMperlty, our rellulmm nnd
polltlrnl freedom, va have raiiHe to
he thiinkful for the endlnif of n
rrerit war. for the promlne if world
whin peace, rind the prnapert of nn
early return of the Iioyn fmm for
elun "nil to their homex and peace
ful vocation.
W'hllMt frtUo-tlhK let ii" not foiKnl
the great rnen-le of (!i
On a of the thlnia rongreaii pro
poses to find out Ih what liecumn of
the 1 1.037, 014. roil) appropriated lip
to Hiiptemlier 24. 1!!, for litnmunl
tlun and facilities. There nppinr to
he anmcthlnir wrong nnd eonirreen In
tendn to find out what It la. Oiinn
wera aent over hut never tiarnl for
tha reaaon that no ammunition for
them. ku ever received. Hlif 10-Inch
gun ware lying Idlo fur want of
mount nnd ammunition. Five ami
alx-lnrh gun were delivered but
never fired bncaime there wua no
ammunition for them. There vu
ali a failure In tha nlilpment of
high eiploalva eliella. In compara
tive term, nearly 10,000,000,000
were apent and ahniit 30 rent worth
of available niunltlon aent to France
to ahow for It.
The difference between President
Wilson and the lamented McKltilcy
la that McKlnley pi-otd the rank
Ing democratic member anil the
ranking republican member of the
foreign relation committee an the
member of the delegation to tha
pence conference hetween thl conn
try and Spain. President WIIon
doe not aeem to consider that the
foreign relation committee should
have anything to any about the term
of the treaty.
Th public will approve of the de
mand of Penalor Hiram .lohnaon of
California for an open debate on the
peace term. The doora should be
thrown open and the people) of the
I'-nltod State kept fully Informed of
every atep. - A Penafor Johnann
ay. we are a unprepared for peace
aa we were for war, and the peace
treaty to be agreed upon ahnulil not
be one for the aggrandizement of any
particular pernon, but should be for
th welfare of the whole people. W
do not want any atar chamber pro
ceedlnga or eecret agreementa.
Th president aaya be I not tak
Ing George Creel over to cenaor
new. Polbly he merely wanta to
find out If George I auhjrct to a
Pol. Henry Watterson think Tten
Johnson's epitaph to a pig would be
a good one for the kaiser: "Whilst he
lived he lived In clover; when he
died he died all over."
The native of Znydep 7,ee aeem to
think they have hard enough time
living on the bleak Island of Wlerln
gen without having to endure the
presence of the crown prince. ,
If you want to get the meaaiire of
recent recruit to democratic editor
lal chair Juit read the Oklahomitn'a
comment on Pershing for president
In Tuesday's lasue.
The president seem to he hiving
a much trouble In selecting h!a
peace delegates a he doc In choos
ing a fetleral Judge for the eastern
district of Oklahoma.
Abe Martin.
Some folks are like th' deadlv
buckeye - they l,,u good, hut thevd
certainly put a crimp m y..u. Th'
.hi.-hm i-i ins sioiy
would, not be ao bud It he stayed
Oklahoma Outbursts, j
UV ro thankful that fhe worxt la
yet to nn,,,. vVe will l,. mom thank
ful If It Ih alwuy th worat to come
and vii can continue to ald-ati p It.
"''hiio ilcclareH war on peruna."
ct led tin. m u.l.r.v Toei.l.iv nitlit.
'I'li H n wronif iei,,,irke, .1 W. Wood
ford Ttie Peri, vl;, rut unil u!l II, e
a,,le ought to d'clnre war on chili.
We notlie that u lot of Tula wom
en have changed their view UK to
what will niuko an appropriate
''hrlMI irum preennt :iko the Higning
of the aririlMtlce.
Wo are not going to ln entliely
Kitiafieil wl'h Die food Hilmir.iHtra
lion until t iierriiitH heen to make
their own honey.
The gill on South Main Havi die
lii-ln-veM that In view of changing
coiioiiioi.h that all wending an
ri'iiihccmcntM Nlioiild he iiiudu by a
clone coi poratloll.
To the Fditor:
You do not know what you arc
writing nl, out.
You do i,,,t know what antoi-racy I
" k u It ii i- Ih.
' " democracy in
culture la
--iKf). II IJAI.M'I', Ulgfork. Mont.
fpeakihg ahout thn efficiency of
women in place formerly filled hy
men, this column found one yeeter
day acting n a hank teller who ha
her wink down to uh a perfect
"lutein Ihal ahe would not delay her
luni I, hour long enough to make
change for a la hill Where, the 15
lull canm from la entirely u different
iii-m! Ion,
Thl reliu In code we received
hv tho radio operator at 3 a. in. ('
terday: 'Monday delayed Feller
on South Houston aavx kaiaer In
licked; hone dry Raddle In on; we
have e.pial right, and William (ilhh,
Mc A, loo did not ahilirate. hut Ar
kaiiHaa I yet to tie conquered while
Oklahoma escape with her foolog-
Icul garden of freak. "
Fast Archer treet admitted In It
speech at the woman suffrage cele
I'l-allon luncheon that It knew noth
Ing whatever ahout suffrage that It
only took up the iiiestlon In order to
he on the oppoalng side, hut thut It
was grateful for the recognition c
corded it for one time being on the
winning side. I.oud applause from
the chairman.
v ,
Snap shot from the Ihillui New:
Do not Judge hy uppiuuance. The
nan who liinka run down at the
heel may he well heelcl. Our ex
perience I that a dentist doe not
charge for what he doee for UH, hut
for what he know we can't du for
ourselvt. If the truth could be dis
covered, probably It would he found
tnat after a man get used to being a
millionaire something else begin
eating on him. Am a general thing,
the small boy who la compelled to
practice ut the piano nn hour a day
would lend a mlwrable life if be did
not have hopes of growing tip and
Joining the tank corps. I'eraonally
we have had many up and down
In our short life, but never have we
observed a usplclou character eye
ing our illnmonda.
The Wife.
Mm. (la) borne )c-IIim tu Prolong
Her Vlalu
Kuth waa surprised at her aunt
attitude. Surprised and pleaaed.
She had expected she would be mo
jipposed to her going to work, that
It might make her vlelt unplenaant.
She welcomed the change without.
In the least, appreciating the cause.
Her aunt tiad come north with the
sole Intention of seeing If she could
not persuade her niece tu give up
her work and return south with her.
Her meeting with Arthur Mandel,
her quick appreciation nf hi feel
ing toward Kuth, had caused htr to
chimin her mind, and alffh to des st
from disparaging remarks about
w onion who went out Into the world
and worked.
In general she had In no wise
changed her deep-rooted opinions or
iliamiSHcl her prejudice against
women working outside of the home.
Hut her clever wit had aeen at once
that for Kuth tu continue, was In
time to become discontented with
llrla.n, nnd to renlire Miindel' su
periority --at leant she persuaded
heiaelf that this would happen. Not
that alio disliked llriun llackett for
any paiticular thing he had done;
but because of hi failure to succeed
financially- she looked upon him aa
mIiuomi a noneniiiy, one not tu be
considered in her plan
Wlu n Hi l. in heard that Mr. Clay,
norno wan to e(i-nd her vifclt. ho
groaned Inwardly. He was not una
ware of Inr attitude toward him,
and although hi' resented it, he did
not allow himself to show that he
did. She wu n relative of Auth's,
iilmost tho only one she had. He
would he us gracious a he could for
Until Mike. Hut the very next day
he called Mollle King up and asked
her tu lunch with him, and confided
to her'sv mpathelic ear the way he
felt because of hi Inability to he
ullli her ua often na lie had been
of laic
"I shall have to walk a crack
while the old lady Is here," ho com
plained "She a n sharp a a ateel
trap No one could put much over
on her. And she'd be ure to make
trouble if she thought I aa much a
spoke to another woman. Ruth I.m t
al all like her." he explained, flush
ing a lillla because of what he hid
said, "not a bit. She never hue njk d
me not to see my old friends -i ot
that It would do her any good If I itt
did;" he added, "alio does a he
pleases, 1 du the same. Hut, you
Kce, tniM aunt uruugnt liutn up.
Slu-'e us rich as u.ud. Hut to - ml
the good it doea us, she Might at well
have no thing. What she has .illcks
like mud too slicks to her. Not
that I want it for myself, bul had
she not been such a tight-wad. Ituth
would not have gone to work."
"Sue went to work. then, because
she wanted more than you could give
her""" Mollie asked Sbe wondered
what Kuih expected. I'.rian s.-emeil
to have enough money in do lots ol
things the rest of the crowd couldn't
,,i. He must be nialwiii; luiuu y. liuj
some won, en never were sa'.isxtod- i
"Of ouurve! he had been used tf
maids to wait on her. butlers tn pasi
ner loon, ami an mm, of tnings Hkf
Hint. ine Ilat we could afford an
the one m. mi, didn't appeal to her.
llnan forgot that they had no m.ii
al all until lluth took hep pin.it inr
and then pa.d f o- one .,; least, Ii
forgot to uiei'.'i.oi it t., ii : in.
"Poor Prion' " u , ;, , lu,nd i-reo
a, Tom-, li t- i.i.'.e .iii.i r,':oi! rot- .1 mo
inent upon li s The s n. pathetic -r-
Jtuie uftviU-U Hi. .vi ai.uost to U'aia,
Mollle wii r'"-!-. a g""d orf Hhe mi-
deneood a felw. "I huuld think
alo,.l anyone would he hapj.y with!
you even if you couldn't give them
all trny wantr-d." tio added con
olini(ly. "A loaf of bread and me. didn't ap
peal to Kuth I don't 1,1. imp lor,
inind you, hut It makee It darn lone
Horne eepei-la.ly wtien nIu Ih away."
Why tie ahomd te lonely, when ahe
wn not at home I Itianfriuch ita ehe
never had l'-fi Mm aave when out of
.until he did not in.-.atn
"(if cnurae It doee jien alway
want their women folk- at home
when they get there It ian't 'lulle
fair though, I'.rian. Von men think
you caii nuxy out a much aa you
pleaxe, hut none of you want ua to
do HO.
"A woman'! place I In her home
lie returned ho almost savagely that
Mollle laughed a rippling liuln laugh
anil thenjnld him to pay thn check
and go hack to woi k.
Hiln'ii did a he waa told. He loved
these little domineering waya of Mol.
lie H. mo different from Kuth die re
to defer to lilin. Mollle liuwird lulu
mi prettily.
"I can't take my leeson tonight,'
he told her o4 they left the rca-
"That aunt I going to the opera
and 1 have to uci a eacort, I Irian
knew that the si-atn had heen aent
hy Man lei, hot he had no Intention
of taking Mollle Into hi confidence
on that Hiihject.
"My hut you are tha' awe lla!" Mol
lle replied.
"Have to he when the old lady I
around." Had the "old lady" heard.
nIio would have had further cauxe to
dislike I irlan
Tomorrow --Irian Talk of HI
Hopes and I mmii ppolntment to Mai
We Have With U Today
Mlnnta InUrrlavi With tha Oraat and
Naar Oraat, Uomt an 4 Abroad,
.MaJ. (Jen. .loseph T. tilckinan, who
la In command of the first American
army to camp on Herman soil, has
special reaaon to feel proud of
Oklahoma' record In the war. Like
wise Tulsjt' Jnnd Muskogee have
special reuHons for being proud of
General lilckmiin.
Tulsa'a Intereet enmew In the fact
that K. '. Stueve of 1511 South Hal
tin, ore street a well knuwn electrical
engineer, I General Hickman's
nephew. HI mother and General
D.i-kman are sister ami brother. K
I'. Stueve ha a brother, W. II. Stuevc
of -Muskogee, who several month
ago. turned over hi extensive dec
trlcul interest there to hi buaineas
associates, while he went to Annap
olis tu enter training fur the navy.
Recently, he was rommiseloned an
ensign and la now la active service.
Over in Muskogee General l.ck
man 1 known tu a great many
friend of- the late CapL J. H. Hec
tor, who wa a brftther of Mr, liick.
man. While Captain Hector waa liv
ing and upon numerous occasions
since hi death. Major Hickman vis
ited there.
W. N. Patterson, whose wife la a
daughter of Captain Hector, and who
I In the nil bualnean In Tulsa, yes
terday recalled nuniemua visit made
hy Major Hickman with Captain Hec
tor, one of theae waa upon his re
turn from China where he had been
aent upon a military mla.il on and an
other wa after hi return from the
Philippine where he hud heen sent
on military ervlce. "General Ilck
mnn, or Major D'.ckinan, which la the
title, of tho commission he then held,
waa an especial favorite of Prealdent
Uoosevclt," Mr. Patterson aald yea
terday. "Colonel Hooeevelt sent him
to Germany to study the German
military system and when Prince
Henry of Prussia visited the United
States In 1901. Major Hickman wu
in command of hla military eacort"
General Hickman ia of German
descent hut Is known a one of the
'reddest blooded Americans ' In tho
Member of the Tulsa clearing lSO llt times at convention hull, will
houae are Interested In the project b(, UH,.j ln UlB commis-iioni-rn' js
of selling thn future bond Issue In i mtmhlv room.
I uisa io liunnn, iuiiuwimb ine pui"
of the government In the liberty
bond Issues.
"We should never let the spirit
that prompted u to buy lltserty
bond patriotically be overshadowed
by the splendid financial condition a
community geta in when it abnorlm
Its own securities," said one member
of the H-Hsoclatlon.
He will Insist that the bankor foe
ter the Idea and If possible place the
$700.00(1 good roads bunds nbout to
be iSMued in the hand of Tulsa
That there i no hotter basis for
the prosperity of a community than
for the clllxennlilp to nave aturrod
away In their strong boxes a bundle
of bond lur a rainy day, drawing in
terest, In hi assertion, and now- that
the Idea of thrift Is in the minds of
the people, he feel that every en
couragement be mado to n move to
make Tulsa u bond owning com
munity even greater than It Is ut
Tulsa hanker generally approved
tho Idea when suggested to them,
nnd theyiill agreed that they would
back the plan. At that time the war
was on nnd there seemed to be little
reason to expect the bond to be on
the market 0 soon. Now that the
Issue ha been Authorised, the mat
ter Is squarely up to them. In view
of the fact that they would neces
sarily have to work out the details
of marketing thein by popular sub
Guy Brook is u discerning thief
If the county attorney's allegation
are borne out by the evidence.
Guy has an eye for things femi
nine. For Instance, he I charged
with stealing the following articles
from the John D- Hall store: Four
teen ladies' suits, value $770 75; Mx
Indies' coats, vulne $278.75; 1" la
dles' waists, value $9 7.45; two la
dies' skirts, value S 4 4 . f 0 ; 21 clothes
hanger, value $5.15.
l-nth of Lloyd ltrusli.
Word received Wednesday morn
ing by Mrs George Deniiison. :rj 1
South Galveston, was to the t ft'ci t
that hVr brother. Lloyd Hiiish. had
died Tuesday midnight in a sani- -tarinm
at Colorado Springs. No fu
neral arrangements have been made.
Lloyd Crush was chief of scouts for
the Sinclair oil company, aged 24 i
year. He left Tulsa on September
on account of his health, lie leaves!
his mother. Mrs. W. It. Hrush. 21,
North Denver a sister. Miss Lofene
I '.rush of the same address, another
ite-. Mrs (Jeorge icnnisn of t'jl.
Sooth Galveston; two hmthrrs. Her-1
man Hrush of Drumrlght and Ltci'l
Hrush of Ardiuure. j
Unn Alan f.iftpd Fmm
ilnu Ml IZU r mill
MatrUHOllU l)U Sff7Iiff7
of German Armistice
The ban on matrimony has also
been lifted with the Higning of the
This diwi not mean that permits
will be iMNued liidlHcrliiiinately,
but a period of recnnatruction haa
undoubtedly set, in, according tu
the at laches of the office of the
clerk of the nmrts.
Itiisliiess Htiiited off with a rush
yesterday. The total number of
permits iHHiied for (ho day wo
nine. In at litiHt one cac, war had
proved to he the barrier. ! wey
t'rowl, I , und Irf-la Pretty, IS,
both of Jeriks, wanted to many In
October, bin something happened
to prevent for a form of written
consent for Deweya parents to
mgn, win diawn up October 7 tnu
wan not sigqed until yesterday.
Ills bride ai.1,1 had her patent
written consent
Thaddeu Hagamnn, 1. and
Cleu Kdwanln. 17, both of Itlxhy,
also hud their piuenla writtun con
sent. Tulsa I evidently becoming a
matrimonial mecca for the appli
cant come from almoat every
where. Kugene Comb and Martha
Woods came over from Okmulgee
for a license nnd F.lhert Hamilton
nnd Nora Garrison of West Tulsa,
took a day off to get married.
From aJkiatook came William A.
Murphy ami Pearl Frank and Oil
ton sent ui delegate to Cupid'
convention. W. I.. Itristow and Orn
Tltti. Justice Maxey seuled their
contract as he did also that between
Noah U Couch and Millie Morse of
liliby. luily two couples repre
sented Tulsa. They are William
Wirt Duncan and Helta G. Hahren
burg and lOrnrst barker and Kura
The marriage ticket window will
be wide open ull day Friday.
Poor, bleeding Itussia furnlshe
anoter tragedy.
TIs time, to story 1 to he told in
the superior court, where Clara Kauf
man will tell nf nn unequal fight for
existence In the land of the bolshe
vik and of her flight to America
where K. Kaufman, her husband, had
gone before, her, leaving her with
three small children to get along as
best she could.
Her divorce bill waa filed yeater-
day. In It "he any she and Kauf
man were married In Hues I a 17 year
agu. Several year later ha lert ner
and he found out he had come to
America. Then, she declare. he
old all her personal property and
determined to find him over here.
After long wandering and ninny
hardships, she found him and they
continued to live together. Three
more children were born to them,
and now there are six, the oldest
18 and the youngest 6.
"He is cross and crabbed. ' the pe
tition says and Kaufman haa de
clared he would kill her and commit
suicide. She ask the custody of the
children and alimony.
An itmeixed llet of the furniture
needed for the office room occupied
by the mayor and city officials, in
tho new city hall, ha been compiled.
and preimred for the competitive
hldH of the five furnishing firm In
An aggregate coat of 112,000 will
be nocewwiry to properly furnish
thene twelve rooms, It la estimated,
to fittingly eorreepond with the In
terior. Only the bee; quality of ruga
and hem-y durable furniture will b
purchased, a thl will prove the
niiMst economical In the long run.
The old furnishings, now In ue.
will be sold, to partially pay for the
new. while some of the folding
Mi.-iira now oa-ned hv the eitv. And In
Had it not been for the quick work
of employee of tho Tulsa sewer de
partment. The Tulsa World would
haxe been loser to tho extent of ap
proximately $35,000 worth of print
paper Tuesday afternoon. In aome
manner, tho sewer bc-tweon Chey
enne street and the river became i
stopped up. canning water, nresum-,
ubly from the Model laundry, to back
up in the basement or me. worm
For awhile It looked though all
the paper would be soaked, und her
culean efforts were mad to get the
big heavy rolls to dry places. How
ever, the stopped place In the sewer ,
was located by the city men and the
water receded aa-f ant us it hud come
IVal to Tho World.
MIAMI. Okln., Nov. 27 label suit
haa been filed In the diatrlct court,
here hy Sheriff Kdward Freeman
against the Muskogee phoenix to re-
cover $10,000 damages, as the rewult
of the publication of an account of -the
arrest of Freeman at Sallis.iw on j
charge of violating tne feoierai'
liquor laws Freeman at a hearing I
before Cnited States Commissioner r
F. M. Frve wn ncqulltert of the
charge and the suit Was then lntl-iE
tuted. It xvas held hy the onminli-1
sinner that Freeman was an Inter-,
state passenger from Oklahoma to
Arknnsn ami count mil ne prose-1
Kcniinnilr Boycott Vrgcrl.
LONDON. Nov. 27 via Montreal, j
At n demonstration nf 10.000 person ,
In Hyde Park today n resolution wu ,
adopted favoring an economic boy- 1
cott of the German for their cruel ,
behavior toward prisoners. '
Palace Gafe
Itiiscmcnt of I ho Wright llldg.
Special Turkey Dinner
5(lc Lum-li Work Day ,
Despite Hcfusnl fur l(cbcnrliig.ttor-iicy-Gciicrul
Iiutl.it SiaU) Ii
Ktlll Legally Dry.
Al'STI.V. Texa. Nov. 27. -Not-witiiHtarollfig
the fact that the court
of criminal appeals has declared the
Texa statutory prohibition law pro
diluting sale of Intoxicating IlijuorH
unconstitutional and refused n mo
Hon for rehearing today, Attorney
General n. K. Iiont-y declared that
tho state is still legally "dry'' and
his department will spare no effort
uutnorizeii i,y law to prohibit truffle
In Intoxicating Honors.
The state comptroller, following
an opinion given hlni by the attor
lu-y-genoral, state thut he will not
issue permit tu secure license to
fceii liquors In Texas.
The ulturney-general holds that
only the portion of the law which
prohibits seilng nf intoxicant is af
fected hy the recent decalon nnd
mat tnose parts which make ll a
felony to transport, advertise, man
ufacture. deliver or store liquor are
still in force. He also holds Hint
all liquor license became void when
tho act went Into effect and that no
law authorizing tho Issuance of new
licenses Is now In force.
Injunctions restraining practically
every railroad in tho Mnte from
shipping liquor have been aecured
hy the attorney-general and an ap
peal to dissolve Injunction haa heen
made to a rnurt of civil appeal by
one of the railroad.
The next legal atep to ohtaih li
cense open tu saloon men 1 to file
motion In the supreme court for
leave to fllo petition for mandamus
to force the comptroller to lesun per
An old fashiunnil Thanksgiving
party, to which every atranger in the
city, huslnen man and woman, young
or not so young, are cordially in
vited, will fittingly celebrate this day,
nt the Y. M. C. A. building, corner
Fourth and Clnclnrlutl, at 8 o'clock
this evening
.Music, games, bright lights, har
vest tlmo decoration, score of
young folk, nnd a spirit of cordial
ity and true miuthern hospitality will
make thl event one long to ho re
membered by all who attend.
"Stunts." und old time party games,
will give the right party spirit to the
occasion, while the refreshments, de
licious spicy pumpkin pie, molaseee
cookies, nnd hot chocolate, will hrlng
up memories of all tho delightful
parties of childhood days.
Mine Nettle Huggine, Miss Ada
Starkweather, MIhh Muhel Summers.
Misi Mabel Powell and Mia Wini
fred McMichael will represent the
Y. W. C. A. and preside a hosteesea,
while Messrs. C. K. U-slle. jr., nnd C.
H. Wagur, o. S. Iltirkholder, It. O.
von Thurn, C. If. Fenstermacher and
other jiien from the V. M. C. A. will
act a host.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
every 4ne in Tulsa that cannot be
home on thla Thanksgiving day.
Come and get acquainted.
Hulett Dunn proved to be too good
a friend who had the misfortune to
land In jail.
Dunn aollrltousnrew In caring for
his friend epicurean deelrea wa the
cause of much comment at the coun
ty Jail. I-arge quantities of fruit
were pasae; through the bare and
l Minn a friend was always In good
pplrlta. One day the officer de
rided to Investigate. They found
little pellets which they took to be
the cause of all the htlarlousneas on
the part of Dunn's friend.
Yewterday he waa arrested bv
John Moran, deputy I'nlted States
marshal.von a charge of violating the
unti-nurco-tlc law. ..
Liberty Peace Thanksgiving
to our allies
There's probably never been u moment ln the history of nil the world when ever-.- heart was so 5
lull of Joy, so full of keen dellpht. The future looks brighter for all clvili::atli ii--it Is now that g
justice win reign supreme:
THIS DA Y has been set apart as
the greatest of all
In order that my employes may
observe it fittingly this store will
remain closed all day.
Open for
as usual
The Main Corner
In Tulsa Where
Third St. Crosses
DKNVEIt, Colo., Nov. 27. C.oorge
Kudaley, alias Hay 1-ong, tho la I
member of the alleged bund of train
robber and automobile Imndlt who
terrorized Denver and Colorado
Springs. September HI, was found
guilty tonight of robbery by a jury
In criminal court here.
Kudaley was tried on n charge i f
having analsied Hoy Sheirlll. now in
prison ln Kansas, and Miss Kvn
Lewi, who waa recently rnnvicted
hero of robbery, lu the robbery of
Mis Mildred Gates of Dallas. Texas
and W. D. Otter of Chicago, during
rIERE IS NOTHING equal to Chamberlain's
Tablets for constipation. When the proper
dose is taken their action is so agreeable and so
natural that you do not realize that it is the effect
of a medicine. These tablets possess' Ionic proper
ties that aid in establishing a natural and regular
action of the bowels. Chamberlain's Tablets have
cured many cases of chronic constipation.
E Pluribus Unum
such as our great grand-parents fought for in
the Revolutionary War and again in 1812.
such as our grand-parents fought for in the Civil
War. ,
such as our sons, our brothers and our sweet
hearts fought for in this world's war.
from that horde of Huns that would have ground
our sisters to the very dust as they have done
in Belgium.
from the dastardly Huns who would have had
you and I as slaves and in such serfdom never
witnessed even in the time of Nero.
from that horde that would have subjected our daughters,
our sisters yea even to the mothers that gave us hirth to
such crime that the misdeeds committed by tho monster of
the past would have been forgotten.
to our God, ou Creator and Protector.
to our boys who have laid down their lives and subjected them.-u'lves If
to the hardships of the trenches and the seas.
for their sen-ice rendered in this great world's war.
to our President-and his, advisers for their
Our Store Will He Closed Today
fl TZhe Mutfc House
the bandit gang's depredation
Deliver. Solf Again Requests
Armistice Modification
LONDON, Tuesday. Nov. r, - i,r.
W. S. Solf, German forci.-ii inmls'ei.
has i.vi.ed the allies once mote :,i
.i mitigation of the armistice . o--1;.
tint: nnd has requested pernus .en
to delay the delivery of ru:ii-o,i. r-.H-in-
stock under tho terms nf thn
agreement between Germ. my ,in,
allies until February 1. on ;h
ground thut difficulties c.hih, , by
bad conditions mid tho luck of lubr,.
keen insight and do- gfj
417 S. At A IN.

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