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Tidal Carter
0. J & R. Companies
This is your day
at W. S. S. Bank
Make Every Day
a Red Cross Day
VOL. XIII, NO. 71.
Chicago Woman, Wife of Lusi-
tania Victim, Wants Wil
helm Extradited.
Attorney General Announces
Insistence Germany Also
Would Give Trial.
Behind Movement to Bring
Ex-Emperor Back.
Ex-Emperor Back.j
CHICAGO, Per. 2. Mr. Cath
erine Callan Hayden, daughter of
Patrick Callan. who lout his life
when the Lusitanla wai Bunk by a
German submarine off the coast of
Ireland, today appeared at the
I'nited Statea district attorney's of
fice and asked that a warrant be is
sued for William Hohenzollern,
former kaiser of Germany, charging
hi in with murder.
Francis Hor.relll. assistant dis
I rift attorney, said that he would
look up-the treaty rights of the
L'nited States and Holland to aacer
Utin whether the former kaiser can
be extradited to thin country. "If
our treaty rights permit extradi
tion and we can show an overt act
by the former kaiser." he Bald, "we
certainly will Issue a warrant ask
ing for his removal from Holland to
the tnlted States."
LIVERPOOL. Pec. I. Sir Fred
erick K. Smith, the attorney general.
Interviewed today by the Kclio. aald
that the British war cabinet, includ
ing the colonial representatives, has
unanimously decided to press Hol
land to extradite the former German
AMSTERDAM, Deo. S. A num
ber of the soldiers' and workmen's
councils In Germany have requested
the German government to have
former Emperor William tried by
German tribunal, according to
news agency telegram from Berlin.
The government, it is stated, will
submit the question to the national
' LONDON". Dec, 2. A plot to re
More imperialism and secure the re
turn of Kmperor William has been
discovered In Berlin, according to a
dispatch from Amsterdam to the
. , According to the dispatch which
was filed at Amsterdam on Friday,
;he chief men behind the plot were
Field Marshal von Mackensen. Gen
eral von Bern and General Count
Sixt von Arnim. It la said that they
instructed the Prussian officer
eorps to carry on a pro-mperor
agitation, beginning Immediately af
ter the demobilization of the troof
was completed. I-nrge sums of
money are said to have been placed
it the Misposal of the leaders by mu
nition makers.
The plot collapsed owing to the
fact that a secret service) agent over,
heard a telephone conversation.
Many arrests have been made in
Berlin and other cities, while the
government has long lists of suspects
who had planned to seize member
of the present government.
No direct evidence of William Ho
henzollern's connection with the
Plot has been found, it la said, but
,-lt Is believed that the outline of the
plan was brought to Berlin by two
, uf his suite who recently went to the
German capital for the ostensible
purpose of taking the wife of the
fanner emperor to Amerongen, Hol
land. Lieut. Dr. GiiMt.iv KVtitin von Roh-
len Is said to have been In control of
'he financial arrangements. Field
Marshal von Mackensen Is said to
have attempted to Induce Field Mar
shal von Hindenburg to join, but the
latter refused, saying that ho In
tended to retire after the demobili
sation of the army.
The whole Prussian court. It Is
said, was in sympathy with the plot
ters and It is said that Prince von
Buelow and Dr. George Michnelis.
former imperial chancellor, had
promised to help. The plan was to
organize a provisional government
under Field Marshal von Macken
sen or some other military leader
and then urge -William Uohenzol
lern to return.
Believing the Irish question will
" settled during the conferences
""n to start in Europe, the Tulsa
'""h-Amerlcans through A. F.
"eeney. their secretary, sent the
iinni.ni iu j resiueni
woodrow Wilson yesterday:
Irish-Americans of Tulsa hail
J-0" as the world's greatest ex
ponent of true democracy and wish
u Clod speed on your history mak
n mission. May It not be hoped
"at your memorable enunciation of
merican doctrine of government
w'li prevail at conference and that
1 ,of ""-""''termination will' be
tended to Ireland, the oldest
"anon in Kurope and the closest to
America in location and Ideals?"
Goodwin Loses Kve.
NKW YORK, "c. 2. Nat C.
""twin, the actor', submitted to nn
on."".10" ,l"'ay for ln" removal of
. , "' n's eyes at a hospital here.
'-Mtrisqe to the eye caused hy his
.-"'- mrougu error, the wrong In --.edients
i,, an eye waaii. made the
P'rat.on necessary, It was said.
Mammoth Corporation to
Finance Infant Industries
Oil Metropolis Also to
Become Manufactur
ing Center.
City's Biggest Men United
in Unique Plan for
Civic Triumph.
Temporary Directors
P. V. Slncluir.
.1. V. Berry.
T. J. Ilanman.
W. L. Irwls.
S. II. King. Jr.
.1. II. McBlrncy.
ii. It. Mct'ullough.
W. K. Brown.
M. V. Walter.
H. M. Mcl arlln.
II. II. Rogers.
W. A. Yandovor.
M. Hole.
Dr. Sam O. Kennedy.
James W. Sloan.
J. H. JlrKwcn.
Infant Industries In Tulsa have
been adopted.
A parent corporation with a mil
lion dollars capital stock, consider
able of it subscribed, was organized
hist night at Hotel Tulsa when 100
representative citizens met for the
purpose of taking up industrial con
ditions and mapping out a plan to
make the bucket brigade a living,
breathing thing.
8tock In the Tulsa Financial cor
poration Is on the market. It's cap
ital stock is selling at $100 per share,
and every penny of the Issue Is to be
used to promote the wonder city, In
order that tho great work of the
chamber of commerce may be vital
ized, Tulsa's population douhled'or
trebled and the dreams of the wild
est city dreamer made come true.
The Tulsa Financial corporation
fosterer! by the directors of the
chamber of commerce is the result
of a demand made upon it by indus
tries knocking at Tulsa's door, ask
ing only an opportunity to come
here and the right to use a part of
Tula's financial strength to aid and
assist in growing, and to make cer
tain and responsible business enter
prises strong enough to go out Into
the commercial world and prosper
to the point where Tulsa as an In
dustrial center la recognized through
out the world.
rvcrjono Enthusiastic.
The meeting last night was the
outgrowth of the work of the di
rectors of the chamber of commerce,
and when the citizens present heard
the plan outlined by H. II. Rogers,
spokesman for the board, they en
dorsed it to a man, and plans for
bringing about the Immediate or
ganization were perfected. A tem
porary board of directors was named
which will handle the sale of the
balance of the capital stock, and
TCWA, OHa., Dee. 1. Mai hen m.
56: tzummuin, 82; south vimli and
OKLAHOMA Tuesday and Wedoea
jay f sir
AM) WEST TEX AH Tuesday and
Wedneftilav fair.
KANSAS Fair Tneaday and Wednen.
lay r moderate temperature.
le built great ffnna and armament:
Trained men to Ml and maim t!ie
For forty years Ilia life he pnt
To atsml on power' topmcal jwek.
tie fashioned mirlttjr atiipi ot aleel
And kept their purpose trim un
known, (le boafted that the world I ho lid kneel
Some dar before hw mlcbtr throne.
The child waa taught to hear a run.
Ilia rircarhera preached the law of
Love wai fnrbirldfn to the Hun,
i.xrept the love whu-h nerved the
The Toice that dared to apeak of troth
U'a Miflrd. Only thai allowed
Which led a nation ' fruiting routh
To serve a kaiier. coldly proud.
Sever in a!l thnae forty yeara
Of trninnig vn the hint of right:
ilia peop!e' prane. hia people's rheeri
Were :lil reserved tor lorre ana
And then at last he launnhed hl hlovt
Whirli to rend and ahalVr truth.
Kor twtwer he tilled the world with
For power lie spent a nation ! youth.
Xprer afh armie. men "t!ad faced.
Never Mich gun had mot tali known,
They laid great fortri.ea in wate.
Ry them wre temples overthrown.
Before hit ranka the hejp'eas fled.
Ai devastation markd their trail;
With hlooa their hamlj and feel grew
And they believed Ihey couldn't fail.
For forty reara he'd bui'dd might
In leu than five he 'W to know
That none ahall ever rono,tier right.
However well he p,na the Mow.
For tliev who loved the way of peare
And langM their children to he jut,
Have made hia mighty cannona ree
And Wown lri palace walla to dunt.
Doomed -unto failure is the man
Who atnves to rise hy power alone:
However we'i he makes ht plan,
tn time he ehall he overthrown.
For vain are all the gnn of hale
And all the cunning plot and
The man who would he truly great
Mut f'M let jtiHice anape hu
(Copjiiiilil 131S lv Kdgar A. Gueat)
Tulsa's Greatest
Many lniMrtant events have oc
ciirrcd in Tulna. llvcnts that havo
left the InipreeM of their Import
ttirfe not only on Tulna. but iiMn
Uio ettato anil In mime IiihIuikv
un)ii the nation geiii'rull), but the
morit lmMrtaiit tHViirrena-e In the
(Hire history of tlijh elty otvurml
last night at a dinner gltrn by (he
tllreotorx of the ehaml)er of eoni
nieree anil attemlevl ly over ono
hunilrrxl of the leading splrita
which have nimle Tulsa the eily
which It already Is and gave new
Impetus to what It will be In the
At the meeting last night the
InlllaT steps were taken for the
orffanizutlon of a million dollar
corporation for the purpoe of aid
ing and encouraging the perma
nent IniliiMrleH now necking to ta
ctile here. Not in the dirni nf
IximiseN hut as mib-MTiptlons on an
InvcftLmcnl husls In such Industries
hh ran lx deM-ndel upon lo suececil
on tlielr merits. The get rleh quick
eoiMvni or tlinMe that can not
stand the ald treat of conservative
and analytical ImcHtigation need
not up;ily.
No such comprehensive plan
IK-rliapx tabs eer before under
taken by any city big or little
throughout the length and breadth
of the land and the rnlhuHlaam of
the real Tulsa builders who were
prrwnt at last night's meeting Is a
guarantee "of Us mieecttH. Briefly
the plan outlined Wast night Is to
organize a million dollar corpora
tion headed by the rcKldrnt of
each of the hanks of the city. It,
M. Mcrarlin and five other repre
sentative citizens to compline the
permanent board of directors who
will Invent the moneys of the con
cern with the same degree of care
und Interest they would exercise In
ninklng Investments Individually,
thus guarding against any wildcat
promotion propositions,
I'jicli stockholder In the parent
organization will share In the profits
of the Individual convocations that
are hacked by the Tulsa Financial
It represents ail Inveettment that
is sound, safe and logical.
F.very TulHa citizen with a dodre
to better himself and the commun
ity, rich and moderate In means,
siioiihl be interested In It, buying
Mock to the limit. It represents
an opportunity for Investment that
Is seldom offered.
LONDON, Dec. !. Stirring scenes
were witnessed In Downing street to
day when the representatives of
fireat Britain and Italy assembled to
discuss the preliminaries of the
peace conference. It was under
stood that the status of the former
German emperor and the question of
making Germany pay the full bill
were before the meeting.
M. Clemenceau, Marshal Foch,
Premier Orlando and Haron Sonnlnn,
respectively the Italian premier nnd
foreign minister, had been sitting
with Hie British ministers front 11
o'clock In tho morning until In the
evening with only an Interval for
lunch. The meeting was held In the
cabinet room of tho premier's office
In Downing streft which has been
the scene of many historical gather
ings. During the nnifre sitting the
doors were guarded. Premier Lloyd
tieorge, Chancellor Bonar Law and
Foreign Secretary Balfour and oth
ers were present representing Great
Britain. .Mr. Lloyd tieorge pre
sided, An'atithoritatlve statement was Is
sued after the meeting that there
hud been no hlch during the delib
erations and that certain definite and
Important conclusions had been ar
rived at.
No details of these have yet be
come available. It is not known
whether the question of extending
the armistice was discussed. The
conference will be resumed tomor
row. The official attitude Is that
nothing properly can be said until
the conference l ended.
You Should Help
If Santa Claus is us slow in an
swering the appeals of the Kiddles
who nre expecting the kinds of toys
that fat pocketbooks will buy as the
fat pocketbooks are in answering
the appeals of those kiddies who will
have no Christmas unless the fat
pocketbooks open up, this Is going
to be a very unsatisfactory Christ
mas for everybody.
Just think of it: Christmas is only
three Weeks off nnd thus far only
141.50 has been sent in tn help out
In this work of distributing more
evenly this Christmas cheer. Some
body will have to whip up or Santa i
Claus Is going to miss a lot of homns
.his year, and every man and woman i
Sherman to Submit Resolution
to Declare Presidency
Vacant During Trip.
Position Taken That Trip to
Europe Renders Eleva
tion Nece.s.sarv.
Cummins Auks Senate to Send
Eight Members to At
tend Sessions.
WASHINGTON, pre. ; . Sni.no,
Sherman of Illinois, republican, an
nounced today that he would Intro
duce a resolution to declare vacant
tho office of 'president because of
Mr. Wilson's absence and proposing
that the president's powers and
duties should immediately devolve
upon the vice president.
Senator Sherman's resolution as
given out by the author. Is similar to
one offered by Representative llo
denburg In the house except that It
would declare the office of president
vacant and require the vice president
to serve "until a president shall bo
duly elected " ,
A Joint resolution introduced by
Representative Kodenburg nf Illinois,
republican, proposes that congress
declare President Wilson's trip to
Kurope constitutes an Inability to dls.
charge the powers and duty nf the
office of president and that so long
as he is away from the country the
vice president act as president.
The resolution waa dropped Into
the bill box without discussion on
the floor. It was referred to the
Judiciary rommittee.
Senator Cummins of Iowa, republi
can, introduced today a resolution
proposing that a senate committee of
four democrats and four republicans
h sent to France for the peace con
ference to keep the senate Informed
on questions arising there,
Benator Kellogg of Minnesota, re
publican, declared he would oppose
the resolution and hoped it would be
sent to the roreign arfalrs rommittee
ajiil there killed.
On motion of Senator Hitchcock of
Nebraska, chairman of the foreign
relations committee, the resolution
was referred to that committee. Kx.
cept for the statement of Senator
Kellogg, there was no discussion of
the merits of the measure.
HASKL. Switzerland. Dec. !.
illavas) It is reported from Berlin
that the surrender of Oermiin war
ships under the terms of the armis
tice has now been carried out with
the exception of the battleship
Koenig, the cruiser Dresden and a
transport boat which will be taken
to Kngland early this month.
The last of the series, of subma
rines left Helgoland November it.
so that 123 U-boats have now been
delivered to the allies.
Tho clearing of mines from tho
Baltic sea has begun. The Little
Belt and the Oreat Belt may now be
crossed without a pilot.
To Investigate JewLsh Attacks.
AMSTEItHAM, Dee. 1. According
to the Jewish correspondence bureau
at the Hague, entente officers have
gone to Ijemberg from Budapest to
investigate the recent attacks upon
Jews. The Jewish community at Vi
enna has made an urgent appeal to
President Wilson to protect them.
Montenegrin Monarch
Is Swept Off Throne
by Assembly's Decree
LONDON. Dec. 3 - -K.ng Nich
olas of Montenegro" has been rte
poeed by the Skupshtlna, the Mon
tenegrin national assembly, ac
cording to u message received here
from Prague today.
' Tho dispatch was sent from
Prague by the Czocho-Klovuk press
by way of Copenhagen. It says
that the skupsthlna voted the depo
sition on Friday last and iliHiared
for a union of Montenegro with
Serbia under King Pcer.
The family of the king waa in
cluded In the act of deposition.
Speed Up Santa
who has an ounce of red blood ,n
their system ran picture n home
without Santa Claus and shudder. A
home without love can be far more
easily imagined.
Just scan this statement and then
make up your mind that you're go
ing to do your part to prevent such
a thing as a Christmas without San
ta Claus. Nobody wants to be a
Here Is the Empty Stocking fund
statement :
Previously reported ll.lf.SO
Norrls G. Henthorne, ,lr 1.00
John P.. Henthorne 1.00
.$141.60 '
Lansing Asks U-Boat
Victims to Prepare
Statement of Loss
WAslllXt.TOV. Dee. 2 A inert
can citizens were adtlscd In a
Nlalciiicul today hy Secretary
l ousing that Ihey should file at the
Mule ilcpurimciit within M days
front Dcccmlicr I, Information con
cerning Iimscs siiHLaliiisi through
f.criuan submarine warfare,' ell her
before or after (he I'nited .states
entered the war.
I osmcm mill details concerning
them, covering cargoes or pci-Homil
, irocrt) or effects, should lie
suhiiilitisi when- the proMrly
was uninsured or only utrilally
Insured, mid rcgardler.) of wiicUtcr
lle proM-rty was carried In Amer
ican or foreign vessels.
iiiioiimenieiil by President of Ai
i iMdntmenis Is llcgardcd as fcr
lain to Be Made Today.
President, Mill at Washington, Kx.
Iiected lo Ix-part Today Clears
I'p Business Before (.oing.
WASHINGTON, ec. ;. President
Wilson diil not leave Washington to
night and the assumption was that
ho would depart soma time tomorrow
for New York, where he will board
the liner Gcurge Washington, on
which he and the other members of
(he American peace delegation, will
make the voyage to France.
After addressing congress today,
the president devoted his lima to
clearing away executive affairs in
preparation for bis trip, lie walked
from the white house to the office of
the federal trade com mission for a
brief conference with Chairman Wll.
Ham B. Colver. Later hs went to the
war department for a talk with Sec
retary Baker and afterwards called
on Secretary McAdoo at ths treasury
inquirers sere assured today thai
It was the presidents purpose to
name a secretary of the treasury and
director general of the railroads be
fore he departs for Kurope. Tonight
the president had a second confer
ence wlih Mr. McAdoo at tho secre
tary's home, at which Mr. McAdoo
successors were discussed and an an
nouncement of both appointments is
expected tomorrow.
In many quarters It Is now re
garded as almost certain that the
president will select a new director
general to succeed Mr. McAdoo from
the present railroad administration
staff and Robert S. iovett, director
f capital expenditures, is known to
lie under consideration. Walter D.
1 lines, assistant director general, is
said to have expressed a desire t
remain In bis present position.
Mr. Iovett, a native of Texas, was
director of priorities for tho war in
dustries board before he became a
member of Director General Mc
Adoo's slaff and before the war had
liern chairman of the executive com
mittee of the Union Paclfio for a
number uf years.
More Than -l,tM)0 Americans Join In
Great Shout When Mauretahia
Puhncs Statue of Isberty.
NKW YORK, Dec. 2.-rNew York.
enil.aikalion point of many hundred
thousand of American troops bound
for war. heard today tho first cheers
of home coming men of ths victori
ous army more than 4;000 of them,
from almost every slate In the union,
who Joinei In a shout that carried
across the waters and into tho streets
of downtown Manhattan when their
transport, the Mauretanla, passed the
statue of liberty. With Mayor Hy
Ian anil tin official reception com
mittee, accompanied by the police
band aboard, the soldier freighted
liner steamed up the by between
lines of harbor craft with the flags of
America and the allies flying and
with whistles shrieking a welcome.
At the same time, without cheers
or an official welcome of tiny sort,
I. (Mm wounded soldiers returned by
way of hospitals In France from the
trenches where they gripped with the
foe and helped to crush him, were
being moved ashore from the troop
ship Northern Pacific at Hoboken.
They were hurried to hospitals In
Hoboken, Jersey ity and Stalen
Island. I
WASHINGTON, Dec. i.JThe war
department announced today that
the steamer Kroonlatnl had sailed
from a French port on November 2
with I. .14 soldiers, including 'he
headquarters and headquarters de
tachment of the 76th division.
In adilion there are on board head
qiivslers troops "fith division; ambu
lance company 304; postal detach
ment "tith division; slek and wound,
ed, 704.
Coast Disturbance Reported.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2.--A moder
ate disturbance off the North Caro
lina roost, inovlnuj northeast, was rea
ported tonight by the, weather
Trade Commission Claims
Live Stock and Fresh Meats
Are Controlled.
Evidence Is Submitted in Ad
ditional Findings (Jiven
to Congress.
Morris anil Wilson Have Pact
in All Southern Towns,
Hoard Asserts.
U SlllNGTON, ee. The fed
era trade comtniKsloii In supple
mental report submitted to congress
today, charged the five big meat
ackliig companies of the country
with a combination In restraint of
trade and with controlling the sale
of live stock anil fresh meats.
Kiidence is riled at length to sup
port the charges. Swift Co., Ar
mour A Co., Morris A Co, Wilson
company, Inc., and the Cudahy Pack
ing company aro named.
Collusion In buying, the report
said, is in operation at all principal
"The buyeia begin buying at the
same lime,'1 the report statesl. "If
one holds off the market all bold off.
So strong Is the Influence of blK
packers Ituylng thai the market Is
not 'made' until their buyers begin
"There exists, therefore, for each of
the big packers, a centralized buy
ing system so simply contrived aud
organized that It controls the small
est details of live stock purchases at
each of the markets and can be set
In motion and directed by a single
word. Only a few men In each com
pany need know that there is an
agreement or understanding."
Check I'p Operations.
The report said "ths big five"
Jointly employ men at market to
gather market conditions and thus
check each other's operations. An
alyzing conditions at various markets,
the report said that at St. Joseph,
M., Swift. Armour and Morris op
erate at yards controlled by Swift.
"At times," It was slated, "Swift
has difficulty In getting Armour and
Morris to support the market. Swift
ft Co. controlled at St. Paul but now
Armour has a share of ths live stock
receipts there."
At Omaha and Sioux City, tha re
port declared, the Cudahy and Ar
inoiir plants are the largest, and
Swift has recently acquired a small
Independent plant at Sioux city.
"At this market (Sioux City) the
arrangement Is for Cudahy to buy
Just as many hogs as Armour buys.' '
the report declared. 'The &0-.10 di
vision of hogs at Kloux City Is of
long standing," the report added,
quoting messages from K. A. Cudahy
to Manager M. R. Murphy.
"At Omaha," ths commission said,
"the division of hog purchases for
many years was on the following
arbitrary percentages:
"Armour 30, Cudahy 30, Swift IS,
Morris 15."
The commission said Wilson A
t'o. In 1917 tried to establish a
"right" to buy at Omaha, but was
refused by Arthur Meeker of Armour
& Co.
Southern Towns "iO-M).'
Oklahoma City, Fort Worth and
Denver, the rcjmrt stated, all are
"50-T,n" markets.
"That is," It was stated, "there are
only two tdg packets operating nt
each of them markets and each
packer is expected to purchase an
equal amount of livestock At'okla
homa City, Morris A: Co. and Wilson
A Co. ron'rol the stock yards and
buy practically an equal number of
"At Fort Worth and Denver. Ar
mour & Co. and Swift A Co are the
only big packers The stock yards
and allied facilities are Jointly con
'rolled Therefore, both must sup
port the market alike."
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SdPrcsidenTSays Duty
Is at Peace Sessions
May He Named
Railroad Director
Robert 8. Isivett
Robert S lnelt Is mentioned aa
a likely choice of President Wilson
for the position of director general
of railroads. The appointments are
expected to he mmle today for both
the treasury and rail directorship, to
succeed Wllllajn G. McAdoo, before
tho president leaves for Franco.
vvavv. x)fi:iifmt:
to 01 vk daily nf.wn
PARIS. Dec. 2. It Is reported
that an agreement has been reached
by the allied governments for tho Is-
sue dolly during the peace congress
nf an official communication regard
ing the deliberations.
BRI'SSKLS, Dec. 2 The central
Industrial commutes of Belgium, af
ter an Investigation, states Belgium's
damage through German military
occupation and seizures of machinery
and raw material at 6,000,660,000
leONDON, Dec. 2 Seven mem
bers of the crew, of the British tank
steamer Konakry erihed and one
member Is missing as a result of a
collision today near Galleyhead be
tween the tanker and the Cunard
liner Orduna.
BIII'HHKIjH. Sunday. Dee. 1.
(British wlielcss service) King Al
bert and the Belgian royal family
made their official entry Into Uege
Saturday at the head nf the troops
who conducted tho herfllo defense of
that town in 1914, aaya a Belgian of
ficial statement.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2 Ameri
can prisoners returning from Ger
man prison camps complain of
scanly food and bad housing condi
tions. General Pershing has In
formed the war department, but
there Is no evidence of discrimina
tion against Americans nor any au
thenticated report of brutality to
ward them.
t OMM W D 1)1 I : TO II I M
LONDON, fns 2.--M. clemenceau,
the French premier, caused a sen
sation in his aililns at the French
embassy tonlnlit hy declaring that
hut for liim .Marshal I h would
have had no command The oc
casion was a reception tn honor of
the premier and Marshal Foch,
IMHC1M i: i s ti Mii;i
At. wwr ii roitii its.
Tli'Hii.V. A'i. . Dec, 2 Judge
William W Morrow of San Fran
cisco, Mistaiiie'l the demurrer and
1 1 j ishi i the mi ,ct nicntx in the Ibs
; bee d e por t a t iom i a.cs In tl decision
filed this morning In tho F. S. dls
ttlct court. Twenty-five capita lists,
in. tie oper a : ',r pt.blic officials and
citicru of liisl.ei- were Involved.
lilt. Ill MI I Y. MAIL
1,1)1 D lit, IMMOTF.R
NKW YORK. Dec. 11 Kdwari A
Riuoiiv (if New York, who bought
, tho New York livening Mall with
money said to havo tieen furnished
J by the German government, was in
i dieted by a federal grand Jurv here
tod. iv for failing to rrpuii German
nwi-nrship of property
lo the nlieu
property custodian.
(.ibm s ha vi-', h
! pays to kvaci ati:.
j1- PARIS. Dec. 2. Fight days re
I main for the Germans to evacuate
the left bank of the Rhine from
i l,ower Alsace to Holland. British
land French forces which crossed the
'German frontier yesterday have rc-
celved strict instructions as to their
a'titude toward the German popula
tion In the occupied tcr-ltnrles.
France will be represented by con
lit.genls in all enenty territory, ac-
; cording lo an announcement.
I tjv 7" f.Vl
Tells Congress Deeds
of Soldiers Must
Be Secured.
Wilson Has No Program
to Submit Yet; Ad
vises Study.
Government Is Lifting
Grip on Industry
W HIIINGTON, Den. I Congress
In Joint session today heard Presi
dent Wilson announco formally his
purpose to attend the peace confer
encnaand glva his views on tha part
the government should play In deal
ing with after-the-war-problems.
Democrats of ths house received
ths announcement with cheers in
which sums senator Joined; ths re
publicans were silent almost
throughout the address except when
ths president referred to the valor
and efficiency of America's soldiers
and mentioned tho names of Persh- -Ing
and Sims. Threatened inter
ruptions hy members who disap
proved of the trip and of the presi
dent's failure to Include a senator
among the peace delegates, however,
did not materialize,
Tha presidents' annual address
was read before a crowd that filled
floors and galleries. Ho reviewed at
length the country's accomplish
ments In the war, paying tribute to
tho armed forces and to loyal work
ers at home, Among other things,
he disclosed that he thinks the prwo.
lam of readjustment is taking car a
of Itself without government aid.
In Close Touch.
The president said he will be In
close touch hy cable and wireless and
that congress will know all that he
does on the other aide.
- Referring to his announcement
that tho French and British gov
ernmenta had removed all cable re
strictions upon the transmission of
news of the conference to Aemrlca,
the president said, he had taken
over the American cable systems on
expert advice so aa to make a unified
system available. He expressed the
hope that he would have the co
operation of the public and of con
gress, saying, through the cables and
wireless, constant counsel and ad
vice would bo possible.
Much of the address was devoted
to the railroad problem, for which
ths president said he now had no so.
luUon to offer. He recommended
careful study by congress, saying It
would be a disservice to the country
and tn the railroads to permit a re
turn to old conditions under prlvatt
management without modifications.
The president declared he toot'
ready to release tha railroads from
government control whenever a satis,
factory plan for readjustment couH
be worked out.
The president said he hoped to set
a formal declaration of peace bt
treaty "by the time spring has come.'
No definite program of recon
struction can he outlined now, Mr
Wilson sold, but as soon as the arm
Isllce was signed, government con
trol of business and Industry was re
leased as fur as possible. He ex
pressed the hope that rongresi
would not object to conferring upon
the war board or some other agen
cy the right of fixing export priori
ties to assure shipment of food u
starving people abroad.
Favors Tax Plan.
As to taxation the president en
dorsed the plan for levying six bil
lion dollars In 1919 and for notifying
tho public in advance that the 19L'C
levy will be four billion dollars.
The new three-year naval build
ing program was endorsed because,
tho president said. It would be un
wise to attempt to adjust the Amer
ican program to a future world pol
icy a.s yet undetermined.
Paying tribute to the people's con
duct In war, he spoke particularly nt
the work of women and again mo
pealed for woman suffrage by fe,
eral amendment.
Declaring he had no "prha'e
thought or purpose,'' In going to
France, but tr.it bo regarded it m
his highest Inly, the presidenl
"It is i)n- toy duty to play my full
part in making good what the
i America's soldier ) offered th".t
life's blood to obtain."
The president .'oiuiudeil nft-r
speaking 4- minutes and left ths
rhamhiT amid applause llmlte.i M
the. democratic side Interruption
of thp address for questions wlr Ii
had been threatened by some repub
lican members of the house did in I
Strike In Cement Field.
S'nt-ria! to The World.
CKMKNT. Okla., Dec. 2. Gl.,,1
Hlnnt! well No. 1 in the Cement fa hi,
with the swab in the hole flow d
I no barrels actual gauge in one
hour antl, ;"') minutes today und is
still Cowing this afternoon. Fee
tuna No. 11 under conservative ph. I
mates Is flowing 22.1 barrels nutur.il
Other uells are netirlng sand.
r i
' sun

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