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Advanced Sergeant Major
Labor leader AhmtCh IK'nianilt Will
lie .Made l linl Must Itc Curofully
Miulliil Want Illglits.
,KW VtiKK, Dfr. 2. The nation
5 , graver danger now than at any
iiiuM during the war, because peace
conferences are not always domi
nated by a spirit of Justice and
,..in.'cr.icy. declared Samuel (Join
mi is, president of the American Ked
ci.iti'on of Iuuor. In mi address here
Sit 'IP'. ay at u "Jubilee" meeting of the
American alliance for 1-ahor and
It hid occurred before, ho said,
; Hi t people who had secured a cer
,u:i amount of freedom In thulr own
ouiitrle were forced to yield or
y:i.l"d voluntarily these right at
tlie peace table.
II" (inserted that when the nenale
rjufies a treaty with another roun-
,v provisions of Hiich a treaty be
, .me .1 "supi erne law," and luiid that
ne working classes of America who
had s. ci ceded In getting mime excel,
l.-nt j.iw x on the statute books would
,,e to it that none of these right
wi re taken ifway at the peace con
..r. n.-e
I Fiy with full knowledge of the
i r.poii.nhllity w hich my words
...rry." continued Mr. Coinpers, "that
iiv working people of the i'nited
siikh will resist and make any sue
nfirc which may be necessary to
pievciit the I till UKt rlu I baron from
i Ming on norseDack over the mam i
,,f Hi,, people." v
Mr. i Jumper nsserted that a
ii, mil n after labor had pledged itself
Id support country In peaco or
ar. during ih spring of 1917. Pres.
Idem Wilson had declared war on
; r ma ri y. This pledge, Mr. Qompers
iie.-l.ired, had been kept by labor
which was now determined to de
mand Its rights.
i .
, i . J&,, I , , V.-tr
I ,; :', J-'r.-,-!' 4.v' "
- v, t-.iA.i' -t- -
! - " " '
IiiMriimrmal NuiiiImtm J III lie
ciifonvil liy Itt'uiliiiKH by
Wllda (.imhI
J. Carroll Itnyson, only Ron of W.
A. Rnysnn, Berretnry of the Retail
Merchants' association, nan been ad
vanced since his entrance Into the
army a few months ago, three llmen
being promoted to first corpnralshlp.
second to a xcrgeantcy anil during the
past few weeks to the rank of serg
eant major, which Is equal In rank to
a necond lieutenantcy. The young
man In stationed at Camp lugiin
Houston, Texas, and is with the 1.1th
iiKMHdMA riTY, Dec. 2. The
i dine of every Oklahoma soldier who
died during the great war, either on
:he field of battle or in training
ramps at home, la to be perpetuated
by the slate council of defense and
various other county agencies and
To make data complete blank
forms are being furnished all coun
ty organizations which, when filled
nut, will give the complete history
of each man, the information to be
iihiained by the county cbuncils of
defense. When the list Is completed
y,H looking toward its display
mmewhere In the capitol building
will be taken.
The next of kin of each Oklahoman
who gave his life in wht will receive
an engraved expression of condol
enre and gratitude on behalf of the
late for the sacrifice.
Ilallroad Man Die.
MACON. (itL, Dec. 2. Marion A.
Itamsey. 4.1, superintendent of the
y .Macon-Chattanooga division of the
f Central of (Jeorgia railroad ytem.
and one of the most prominent rail
road men In the southeastern terri
tory, tiled here today from pneu
moma. The funeral will be held
at noon .Monday.
Optlmlstli- Report Illrtl In Aaiumcr
to Ilocvlvor Stilt SinrU'd
by 10, W.KImblcy.
, People Notice It Drive Them
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no one wno takes Olive 1 ablets Is
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immensely effective result
i Take one or two nightly for a week.
Se how much better you feel and look.
Wc and 25c per box. All druggists
Financial difficulties
Okmulgee Producing & Kffining
Co. have been solved, according to
the officials, and they are sending
the etockholders a statement of the
company that reflects credit upon
the management. In the opinion of
njfn who have seen it.
ltecently called Into court by K.
W. Kimbley of Okmulgee In a suit
for 1300.000 alleged to be due him
ftir leases and properties sold (he
company, attorneyn have transferred
the mutter to the federal courts and
in the words of the officers of the
company, that aside from the no
toriety which attache to the suit,
the matter has In no way emhar-
asse.rthe company In any of lis op
erations nor in Its wtandlng with the
hanks and supply houses "
The corporation hn Just had a
complete audit of its affairs by
Marwlck, Mitchell. I'eat & Co. an. I
the American Apprls.il company, and
both show above $5,000,000 net
Rswts. with practically all of the
obligations of the corporation taken
Care nf.
Suit for receiver was filed by Mr
Kimbley. giving as n hauls for his
claim that he sold the company oil
and gas leases, and for which he
had not been entirely paid. He
claimed the nffairs of the company
were badly managed and that the
properties were being dlslpated.
The company insists that there Is
a balance due It from Mr. Kimbley
and Is riling a cuunter claim in fed
eral court.
The Okmulgee l'roduclng and lie
fining company ha just sold Its se
curities on the market and obtained
$500,000 additional funds to operate
on. Thl was handled through Tulsa
financial Institutions, who Investi
gated the asKct of the company. The
company says it now has no undis
puted obligations.
Toot Is Head.
PARIS. Iiec. 2 Kdinnnd Rostand
the poet and playwright, died this
afternoon. Me had been 111 from
Music lovers of Tulsa will rnjoy
a rare treat tonight In the concert
of the "Liberty (ilrls-1 lyceum at
tnutlon. This Is one of the bent
musical numbers that could be
bought by the community committee,
which has made every effort to buy
only star numbers this season.
Violin duelH ami miIos, cello and
violin Irlos. s.ix.iplioiie.H and pi.tim
will be heard from thene four versa
tile young women. Aside from thes,.
iinislc.il foiiiures are the readings by
Wllda flood, who bus the reputation
of reaching over the footlltliu ami
holding her uudlenoe xpellhoiind.
one of her numbers tnnUIn will be
"A .Man Without a Country." The
cutting which the artist will use was
made especially for her.
1'raetlca My all thu numbers will
he Introduced in ooMunio with
reperolre representing the different
allied nations.
Miss (iood, who Is manager of the
group. va linked last night if thev
would change the name of the com
pany now that the war has been won
and her answer was typical, "lndee,
not; 'Liberty Is the olio word that
Is always in Vogue in u land like
All persons holding community
lyceum Hokets will be admitted
without uddltlonal charge. The price
ror olliers will he no cents. The con
cert will be in convention hall at S
oclock. '
Mayor Hubbard, W ants
Uncle Sam to Return
Dog Catcher at Once
Will l ncle Sam please listen?
M ior llul, I,. ii ,1 w.inis his .log
catcher back, and right now The,
ex dog catcher gave up his Job a
few months ago to tui over ami
catch the kaiser, but hcifiusn of
international complications an, I
the end of the war, lie's going to
be disappoint!', on that Job. In
cidentally, the ,og catcher wants
to coiur home.
The (log-i niching hiifiness In
Tulsa serv.s thiee purposes: It
makes monev for the cn. makes
money for the Jok c.itchi'.r an I
gels rid of .in over-plus of cvnucs
If you know of any way In ln-ip
the administration In this mailer.
nu can obtain the everlasting
thanks of the soldier, win a war in
spot In the city hall and serve Iho
Take It from the mayor, the i x
ilog catcher was lou per rent i (
I lent, and bis place hiui been
filled with illMiculty.
'if n
Managing DimMor of Austrian ItiinU
Sny Main Problem Is l-Ycv Tnule
or High Tariff.
SAC It A M KNTO, Cal., Itec. 2 A re.
quest that John H. Densmore, (.
rector general of th federal em
ployment service, author of a report
containing "serious statement In
volving public officials In San Fran
cisco" be directed to "report forth
with" to V. 8. Webb, attorney gen
eral of California, wag forwarded to
William H. Wilson, secretary of
labor, by Governor William H.
The request explained that Webb
would "guide the matter In all its
further legal developments."
James Kolph today telegraphed Sec
retary of Ijibnr Wilson a request to
direct J. 11. Densmore, federal di
rector general of employment, to ap
pear before the grand Jury here ami
explain charges of an ut tempt to
manufacture evldi nee In tho Hena
Mooney case ami collateral charges
contained In a report made recently
to Secretury Wilson by Densmore.
Saturday Fvonlng Pom Hero Speaks
nl ( on vrni Ion Mull Tomorrow
"What kind of a person is this
Irvln Cobb"" asked a stranger of lr
vln, himself.
"Wrll in be frank with you," re
plied the genius. "I should say that
m appearance nn Is rather bulky
stunning 6 feet ,Kh and not
pechilly beautiful; a llghl roan
eoior with I, I, irk. mane His figii
WASHINGTON, Dee. 1. Capt,
ictor Hlue, now commanding tho
superdreadnaught Texas, has been
selected for detail aa chief of the
bureau of navlgatipn with rank of
rear admiral. Ho was chief of the
bureau for four years. endlnir In
AuRuot, 11(1, when he was assigned
to ea duty.
Secretary Daniels announced to
day the sending of Captain nine's
nomination to the senate and also
that of Rear Admiral David Taylor
for another tour of duty as chief
constructor of tho navy.
Honor Itoll fop Workers.
OKIAllU.MA C1TV, Dec. 2. All
Oklahoma I men who have served
on local mid district exemption
boards will go down In Oklahoma
history through the medium of. a
roll of honor to be presented to the
stale historical society by MaJ.
lOugene M. Kerr, state drafil exam
iner. The honor roll will contain
also the names of all men who
served in connection with the draft
on medical advisory boards, appeal
ooarus anil legal advisory boards.
Is irhdecldod. hut might be call!
bunchy in places. He helongs to the
Vonkers Pressing club Rnd The Park
Hill Democratic Marching club, and
has ulways, like his father, who was
a Confederate veteran, voted the
democratic ticket. H has had one
wife and one child, and still has
them. In religion he Is an Innocent
That is what Irvln Cobb knows
about himself.
The above statements are Indica
tive of the straight forward man
ner, the plain, understandable. F.ng
lish. and the ever active wit with
which Cobb expresses the lights and
shadow of a colorful life.
At any time the coming of Cobb
would be an event. At this particu
lar time It Is epochal for the para
mount Interest In the national mind
today Is the affairs and conditions
of western Kurope, and no person in
America Is better fitted to give re
liable, first hund Information than
Irvln Cobb.
The Saturday Evening Post hero
will speak at Convention hall on
December I it I o'clock. Tickets
will be 60 cents for school children
and those persons , holding lyceum
tickets. To others tho price will be
il. There will be no reserve seats.
Ill Thf AArlati.. Prints.
VI KNN'.v Saturday, Nov 30. - Dr.
Alfred Tn lchl, managing director of
Ihn Anglo. Austrian bank which has
a working capital f 150.1100,000 and
In unfiles thi onjjhout the former
Austrian cinque, n (1u Interview to
dav with the Associated Press said:
"The biggest iues;ioil the world
is now facing Is whether the free
trade or the high tariff principle
shall be applied between the nations,
and In piiftlciilar. what the I'nited
States win do In th!a economic pros
perity of the former political bappl
ind possibly their political happi
ness, "Tho dimensions of their war cer
tilnlv have been too great for
Austria We are overloaded with
wu debts though It must be re
no iiiliclcl they are largely intern,!!.
Willi two or three billion crowns
owe, to Herman)' and also small
loans obtaineil In the I'nili'il Slates
before lhat country ceused Its neu
trality. "We have among ourselves merely
exchanged materials for paper
money, miles and bunds, (inn prob
lem ho urn facing Is for each of the
new republics to make up Its ac
counts and divide the war debt so
that each will know where ft slunds
"Never In history, however, ha I
any enterprising people been crushed
by debts. If we can produce wo can
pay back all our debts In 10 years
I Hut the great difficulty is how to
' I start production.
, I "What we need In Austria Is food
in-., .i...- - i .t
- !. inni v nn wniri , linn inen
raw materials for manufacturing
which are In the hands of our former
Everybody's Column
(5fop Itching Ecz
and ,t ?,ni how often V0l have triet
ana tailed, you can stop burning, itchinj
ffiU' by applying a little rem
rnome Ue,$1'?- """ina begins th
toe uom " applied- In shorl
time usually every trace of eczema
Sr? rash- blackheads anc
For ru'" wiU removed
i'or deanng the skin and making il
penetrating. antinii-i;..:a i !.. .
SrpaQu.,1. j . ""-"Hu'" 'lis noil
h M f Jde"d " 2 n0t 6tai"' Wh'"
freatm en, ? ,he one "cpendable
u-eatnient for skin troubles of allkinds.
Ei rr-
The E. W. flojeCo,
Kill Dandruff
With Cut'cura
an a.
Jf, and
frw nf
fii Soy . OlitoMat
4 40, Llaamrf HamM,. ,.,
I l.kau "
I 00 al DntflftM m snMtf
"""I SK OJl I, ft. h. U
n I m. ill
Everything good can be said of the
marvelous little round PATIIE
It is permanent you never have to
change it. Cannot possibly cut,
grind, rip or mar the record's sur
face. Gives pure natural tone to the
Judgment for Il.012.fi0 to cover the
shortage In the books of II. f. Walk
ley, former register of deeds, was
entered In the district court by Judge
N. II. McNeil yesterday afternoon,
against the United Klates Kluelity
and Uuaranlee Co., which furnished
Walkley's bond to the county.
The hortago was discovered by
Kviiim A, Nash and I. II. Hta.'ford,
deputy stale examiners and Inspec
tors, In the course of their audit of
the county records in the autumn of
1917. Hull was Instituted by the
county attorney against Walkley and
h s bondsmen. Although Walkley Is
said to be living In Oklahoma, of
ficers were never able to get service
on him.
The examiners found the funds
on which suit was Instituted were not
reported by Walkley while he was
register .of deeds and that he had
failed to account for this nmount
during the month of July, 191:'. !l
retired from off;ce in January, 1 9 1 .1 . j
Okhomans With 97th
Division to Demobilize
CAM V (XIHV, N. M pec. :. lirlg.
ad er !en. James 11. Lindsay, com
mander of l'dnii t'ody, announced
today that the 97th division had
been ordere,! demobilized. The bao
hospital and a few other necessary
units are to remain intact for the
present, It w unnounced. Troops
from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Nebras
ka, New .Mexico and other western
Htatcn have been training here.
and prices to suit every
Pathe Records Are
Guaranteed to Play
1000 Times
Furniture Co.
116-118 South Boston
i.. i
Alleged ItuUrry Profllerrenl.
The I'llsro hakerv fas Kant Sec
ond street, has been clone, i ,y the
food atfjuiniNtrator on an alleged
charge of profiteering. A sign in the
window says, "Clewed until Decem
ber 11 account of being accused of
Try this! All dandruff dis
appears and hair stops
coming out.
Tah)eu,ua!i, No. SO.
Kditor Tulsa, World:
lear Mr: I'ermit me to expreis
to you my appreciation and grati
tude for a recent editorial appear
ing In The Tulsa World entitled.
"Justice to Denmark." TJiere are
In the state of Oklahoma a number
of political exiles from Hlcevlg (tier
man: .Schlesxwlg) and each one of
us. I am sure, appreciate the fact
that there Is at least one paper In
this statu with knowledge of world
affairs sufficient, and courage and
determination for fair play, to speak
a kind word for the little nation.
which In 1M became the first one
to oppose I'russlanlsni and the Cer
roan propaganda of world coniueat.
After three years of , hard fighting;
the Germans and ITutwIans were
driven from our border. In 184 thai
Hermans, aided by Austria, again de
clared war on our nation and while
our buys fought bravely we had tu
succumb to brlitn force and superior;
numners. During in is present war
Danish soldiers by the thousands In
both the French, Kngllsh, as well
as the American army and navy,,
have foaght for the cause of the
lives for freedom's cause. I could
give the, names nf many of that
allies, and many have given their
haps nothing else ci.uld rlu to the
minds of the public.
With a population close around
the 100,001) murk, with the many
modern and- up-to-date office und
other hulldlngn, Innumerable homes,
almost 71 miles of puved street, Rood
schools, ctwrrches and clvlu organ
izations, commission form nf govern
ment, no saloons, and never will be,
a cosmopolitan but spirited and pro.
giehMivo population coining from
every state In the' union and from
foreign lands, al doing their bit to
make a belter city, why should there
lie any doubt aa to tho future of
No town or city ever existed with
out an occasional knocker Put he l
the fellow that "Don't know nothin',
lui I n t got nothin' and don't want
nothin' " sort and tho sooner a city
is rid of him the better off It is.
The world owes no man a living.
If a man has energy ami health he
can get along In the world and he
will not find a better place to gt
along than right here. When we
stop to think of the good salaries and
wages xi 1. 1 to tho employed In and
about Tulsa is it any wonder that
thev flock here from everywhere?
Honest to goodness now would you
want to go buck, where you used to
live, where wages were less than half
what they are hero and have work
atmut lout the time? Would you
rather pay $.", rent for n house und
tve bark there? Just be honest with
yourself if you have been the least
lilt pessimistic about Tulsa.
In our business w meet almost
daily people who have lived in
Tulsa, gone to other cities or towns,
perhaps back to the- home, and
who have again returned to Tulsa to
I live. Always with regrets Uyt they
jever went away. It Just can't be
1 lielneit I nice thev crel thu Tutu;,
spirit they are never satisfied any
lwre else and like the proverbial
cut "if proverbial It be," come back,
rather timid like hut Just feKsing up
that they made a mistake In leaving.
everybody can't live in Tulsa and
there are many other good cities all
over the country, but none better
and few half as good.
With the war ended, the restric
tions removed ns to building and
with a prospect of cheaper materials
and a substantial reduction in the
commod ities of every day use and
Willi the ,cr Increasing population
We are jut optomlstlc enough to be
lieve that we will prosper from this
time on if we all null together, all
Kill I
l! !r I1 l"i W
Tliere arc many things
prnpriati' for hich'm kiUh. linl
why rack your brains for
ideas wht n this is essentially
a turn's stun and is full of
useful holiday sufrjrest ions?
This store caters to men ev
ery day in the ywir and nat
urally knows what, is most,
appreciated by them. Our
stock consist 8 nf complete as
sortments of men's furnish
injrs, priced at a savin to
in Pure Silk Crepe
Silk Jcrtey
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Silk Fiber
Silk Wo
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Good Cotton Madras Shirt
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Fur Caps
Until Itobcs
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bilk IIimo
i loves
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plete line of 1'nderwear very moil
eralely priced; reputable make'
wool and rotlon. I'rlced '
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of the most attractive style; heat
workmanship; madu from pur
$18 $21 and $25
Holmes Clothes
Instituted by the company as
mean of cementing more closely the
relations with employes. It, Is ex
pected that it will have a very ex
cellent effect In operation. This In
surance protection together with the
excellent hospital facllltie already
provided by tho I'hoenlx Refining
company represent u combination of
benefit not excelled by any other oil
organization In the atate. t
HAN'TlAon. Chile. Dec. 2 The
Chilean army reserve from tho dls
trlcls of liiulqiie. Serena, Antofa
gasia. Tacna and Coplapo. who were
released from service In IS 1 7 and
ISIS, have been recalled In the
The navnl commander In all parts
of the republic are reported to have
been culled to Santiago for a naval
conference today.
A large number nf Peruvians are
said to have engaged passage on I
the steamship I'rubamba. which
leaveti this port next Krlday.
Itlilldlng IToJiits Abandoned.
WAKIIl.StiTON, lieu, i - Aban
donment of the following construc
tion projects has 'been ordered by
the war department: llnlargement
project, Camp MacArthur, Texas;
cantonment buildings, San I 'lego,
"al.; cantonment, ilalveslon Texas;
detention camp. Camp Kiiiiston.
Kan.; Liberty theaters and exten
sions to existing theihiH ,il the fol
lowing camps: lieaure-gir,l, Li.;
Howie, Texas; Cody, N M.; Logan,
Texas, and .Mac A i thur, Texas
Ose Grandma's Sage Tea and!
Sulphur Recipe and No
body Will Know.
The use of Rage and Sulphur for
restoring faded, gray hair to Its
natural color dates hark to grand
mother' time .she used it to keen
Surely to try a "Panderlne
rie.mse" If you wlh to Immediately
double the beauty of your hair. Just
moisten a cloth with lianderlne and ,
draw It carefully through your ffair, ,
taking one small strand at a time;
this will clear.ae the hair of dust, 1
dirt, or any excessive oil In a feir ,
n.inutea you will be ama.ed. Your i
lialr will be wavy, fluffy and abund- I
ant and poases anil Inremparabl i
oftness. lustre nd luxuriance j
Kesldes beautifyllng the hair, on '
application of Iandrmn dissolve
very particle of dandruff; Invigor
ates the scalp, stopping Itching and 1
falling hair. ;
Uanderine Is to the hair what fresh,
bowers of rain and sunshine are to
ytgetatlon. It goes right to the roo., ,
'Invigorates and strengthens them.
Its exhilarating, stimulating und life. I
producing properties caus the hair
to grow long, strong and bautifiiL
You can surely have pretty, soft.
luntro'1 hair, and lot, of it. If you
will spend a few cents for a small
tiottle of Knowlton's Panderlne at
ny drug store or loi.ei counter ana
tii doing our share to not only help our. ! her hair" beautifully dark, glossy and
selves oui ine inner renow a.so, ana , "'""' 1 ' nrm-irr rie nair iook
TiiIh.i has proved her free spirit "f i n 'n, dull, faded or streaked
helpf ii Ho ks to all worthy causes. All
w have to sav Is just you watch her
growl I'.e sura, however, that you
helped rather than hindered so that
you can hp at the shoutln'.
i;. ;'. t'l NNiMiiUM.
I'liiM'iilx Installs IiLMurniKo,
In noting the Item that the tiulf
I'lpo Lino company had installed a
system of insurance for I In employes,
we overlooked the fact that the
I'hnt-nlx Itifinlng company some
lime n.1.0 nut Into efect a NVHtum i(
employes' Insurance Jjoth for tlil',a" been applied. You slmplv
I hoenix and It usoci:ited rnmpanv, I nampen a s(ionge or sort brush wln
the March Oil company. Thin In-1 " nn' draw this through vnnr hair,
surance applies to every employe ; taking one strand at n time. r.v
of the two companies and goes Into i morning the grav hnlr disappenrn
pearance, tnis simple mixture was
applied with wonderful effect.
lint brewing at borne Is mussv and
out-of-date. Nowadays, by nsklng st
nny drug store for n fift-eent bottle
of "WyeUi's Sage and Sulihur Com.
pound." you will get this famous eld
preparalion, Improved by the addi
tion of other Ingredients, which ran
be depended upon to restore natural
color and beauty lo the fcnlr !
A well-known down-ti"vn druggist I
rays It darkens the hair so naturally
and evenly that nobody can t(. it'
Vy U as directed. AdVi
effect a to each one upon six
I months service, the Initial benefit
; bring 11,000 and Increasing semi
annually up to a maximum of 13.000,
j which Is the highest amount '.ccept
; e l In one r.sk by the insurance corn
pativ This gives protection to the
i families of nil Iho men employed In
j the field and at the refinery, and waBJ disease
and after another application or two
It becomes beatuifully dark' and
Vyelh' Sage and Sulphur Com
pound Is a delightful toilet requisite
for those who desire a more y- ithfnl
appearance, p H not Intorirind f
tb" mitigation or orevenlion of
. Sale
At Johnson Bros. Shoe
Wc have ltiarnctl many lessons during tho war and are
now enttrinjr. upon a period of prosperity such as we
have never seen. Saving is the keynote to prosperity.
Victory over hih prices awaits you at our store
as follows:
Your choice (if any ladies' shoe in the
store. Including our ll.'i Kid
Your choice of any ladles' shoe In tho
store worth $12 50 In all
leathers and styles . . .
Your choice of any ladles' shoe In tho
store worth $10, in all
styles, in this sale
Your choice of any ladles' shoe In the
store worth up to $S. This Includes
grav. black and mahogany kid l".ilh-
ers; ImiIs und military
heelH; while they last
Z $5.95
Any pair ef men s shoes In the storu
from Ji and more al a saving of $11. 0U
the pair.
llXTIt M'IK'I Mi Any man's dress
.shoeii worth up to $7, in ;
leathern and lasts: chol
mice $5.95
Johnson Bros. Shoe
116 South Main Street. Tuba, Okla.
Next Door North of Wonderland Theater.

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