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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 20, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A. M., Image 3

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, i.,o ynntor larr lUIInw.U
i iiigln I" IW RWtirniNl Siwn to
Their Hllit OwnatlX
li, hi.mtiiI Mi Ortlora luuiral Itf
Mum "' Want CunimliMlon
lilvn iHm k Mm Potm.
Taking Mother "Over the. Top'
ill. ;. Mm h II S?nntor!
...nr. nf Ohio, a ileinoi rail.'
..! f .'f ihe tntcrii'Hlr I'tiiiuni ri c I
-peaklne; hire loll. Klu li. 1
thr American i;n!
ml 'H I . o.o -''.I . xt.-n.l.i;ie
j..-r:.i'1 of K"vet'n " '' 1 eollToIi
, - h tii'i.xlH ! rxl ihe i I iimntlu
.,. , l. . i.llKI"- II" ;ls-elte.,
he ifuMjt-J fivtt-H'ur rK.tMiftiuji
jik.'.I t ii ! fur the iiiii)k of j
. . . . - ti , 1 1 1 n ;
.-..I I 'otlirt file .lit". UIK.'.I f.lt' I
, I ... ..I I lie r u ll.l HillH of tilt' I
,'t' t'olll met . t ronilnlMMOIl
... r.lM'il pottem iitnl Ihl' ftMl'K
mi-.-, of .! f.nr Mtjiiutuil reiurn
:!,. m i 1 1 u I nnrnteil for the rail.
i ,. r nnn'ii l rotitrol," he ii-..rt-.
.. inli'ii.le.l for w .it jiuioHe.i
ijf ll I not lu Im ronlliiueij for
. pullulates utltf'H Home HWliri'.l,
i'.iui.ilUe or ronjeet uml, nl
!!. i III ta.Mlhei iherehy.
I -.jl.iint th prim of lom-
lioiiiiy iiKKi-Mt that this plop,
ulin'h doei not helona; to the
. w n t ni )iiri ilnru not l.e
. . Mi . Hini .H idiri'. lor gciirrnl)
i 1 I..' Kivrn Imrk to the mtiii-n
i i . i l e.l-..ll.'l hie lime, iin.l then
' p. f III'' couiili y lino' hi: f .
. :! . nf l.lem r In KoviTiiniiMit
i, ."'t,. lo Irv It. Ie us p.iMH the
.v. !. Kixt'lliiin I illlfi.H. .Itlllat ihlH
I'l'v iih.l pay for It Hi 'ill holli'Hl
. . mil 'lit i.iiIiI to piiy for II. Hut
...niiot Mfford lo tali fivo yearn
.M.lve plan uml while, we are
'. . . l:K 'III' ll II MM IO keep III I III' gov.
ii ' poiiHi-Miioii proo'rtv wlili h
s nt'i'-l over lo it iih ;i war iiii-un.
f..r III.' piirpi.Hc of i penmen la -
. r.
f tl
n.it ir I'vtiierene rnti.'iiieil (ho
ro.t.l H.liiilniMtral.lon for IjcnnrinK
i terMnte roinrtieric lOimnlxsliiri
i i k iniikliiK n.l for vsliiK h
i I ".'prrheiimhli.' orders mttlnR
. : i
s .. one of them." dorlarort, the
i in ri'fiTnnif lo th. iiiltnin-
i.nli'r-i. "wiim liotiie.l out of
i'. I fnr lit.. coii emiini'o ,,f thf
N"l oni' of Ihoni hclpo.l to
"i. w.ii All of ihcin Hhti'.l In
--n- i . i r I J of illHi'onlctit anions
p. i !" I ilriiy thai Ihi- (lln ii,r
I i! iii. I Iht'jMiwrr to Ihhiii thefld
I- i .'pi .iIIiik KtatuteH. but If he
h" ,..wi'r, riKht pqllry HfaoUld
.' f..rl.iilili'ii it."
ii .loiihtinif ihHt the tnoni-y
.1' I. Si'iiator I'linirrr no Mild
.inl. riiiK the i'.'i per rent
i iii' iniTeiiHo morn lime
I""'' been Klven nermlt
" I i ii'ljum their biiHlnehB to
i ; Hi,. .nlMin. e. Thin liu-reanc, he
I was a kdiiiI ihliiK for the nill
'l". hill it reunited in the ha ilk -''
of many people.
:' n.iior I'l.inerene expreMsed a be
rini! the public ret-oKnled the
4)aMiv9i) . flBB
New April Numbers
Hi.lurt ( lull VMM h.p(
No Ilu4e,
V ) i.
M ill li 1 1
I it In
I ori-iuii
II. In f
Anoll.ei raoi..iii'n f..
nm in lo I... U'iii.-Ii. ,
lleil I 't .r- ii, M ,., I;
I Mm tin. I line for t (li ,i
f o hoih hi ee of nil g,
i iisril i :i.i h
I't Hie
ha inn l.een
mm Nod.'-"
i'f I be reill
pi Mlli'
: "n i
.in i r i
, . i ; 1 1 1 1 1 .
. i,,K..
ttsi i"
ipa 't 'i
' 1 1 : a I i
a ii.
i i i '
of ,..
t ,11
Ill I, "lit
r t iv
I I'. 'I
b,-:n. -I
In- " ,
t.l 'I,
I " 1
I, I Wi'l kll
,. ' . I ' i ' I
rill of
I 1"
,1 .1
,.l n on Hi.'
I I,0.,1hI I M"
a falii.Mi tl.,.
, .1-..' W I'll' .01
va it r.-l.'.iM'il
ini.li.'li fin
B'-e popilLitloii n .,,4i.,. Hi'lKUIIll
ill.. I Hie far rant
'I'll" Holarv i lull l!! I., hi , hame
of 'lie i imiviltiii Ui uniial ,,u, iicfi
Ml" an in ,ii, ,. 'fluent u, whin ami
h" "li" i 'iillii'i anil he, I i-lolhiiiK
ha:! I'.' Kit I here I. hi. I be maile with.
,'t 'I iv
iih iiiii .lur.il.le rlolluiij n.1
(horn I,... , i,i, ,B -lii'fl.ni 'ui, iln i
I". I , 'ml hill.; wi.i ,e ... eplable Till
e.n itre ,.hi,i, hi.t 'o rlnilei tit.'
..: i'l "ullii'lllit Hi" ijolliei l.
.Mil : iliil'lk' f!llnf.v .1".'l.-."! nlr.iil
l.ll". III. i'l ...!' Ml III el ill 4 I'llll'KH.
II a--.va ill". i,,, Ihe lll.e I'enple le
I ; " in Ho- '. nun. . rmnie.l ha.
I'O II-" f"l llll'Wi ihltlUM HI1.1 lll!
I 'oilos it lin Ii n'! will Kie . oml. i
ei ill.." i.. r , e li! I.e u, l epleil I
.1,1 ,
.it. I
I lot
. !..
k i in I' i
ii I'i.'I
Hlil lie
" i I a 1. 1
1 I ii. -a
i it,'
lo vt It
.1.11 kMltl l lllCl ..T S l. .
M'l.ANT-l iii. M.iii-Ii 19 Henry I . i lb. r- m
S .In. k-, i n repiil.li.aii na I lolui I eoni - i m a nan" , v
iiiiileimiiii fo i.eoiKiit an. I former 1 woo,. I linv.-
IMeililll l.'Velili. le. tor for lhl'll ,, . II .,.
Nl.'l'e ple.i.le.l KtllH' III federal I'l , 1 1 1 I I II I , . I .,' poi
liei" loom t.i ii. .lain,,- the Ha rrN. ill ! l iim mil ll
aim I. in i. m. - an.) m f tne.l ' l . m .,i,:.:i
Hun by .Iii.Ik, T n,.,iii,, peii.lmK
A llill
M il.nli',1
li I I '.el I, lo.al
liw 1 r i . ' l i',i'i'
'i.li k i e a 1 1 i 1 1 a I
..I, la in Inn l "i l i '
111" 'l"llOo .,f
it, on ,.f plume-.
e. ill.
Hfiurnoil r. S. Hem if lui-nly-si-Teiitli I)lt l-bni, Ti'lhn Mnlln r uml Surcl.
Iirart About Ills I 'ml In tin' War.
ThoiiHunilH nf fa milieu urn belnc Kluddened daily iin'inl.i In the
! return of their subtler boyM from overto'im These limno oinlnn en. I mi.tiihn
I of anxiety iind worry for fitberH, inntherH, n iv.'h uml ri er henrtB To
! many folk Ihe nent newa Ihey received eoni ernini; th bereaboiita and
IdnliiKH of their h.ro only left them tvonderlni; im to what iIhiii-.tm he
fiifi-il, what he hail to do and how h lUeil So n.m lb. v are hiaiMi firat
.band, where he wax it ml all nbont II all. The mene above In belli", emu led
i daily In homes nil over the naiion.
need for Ihe general n.lvanre Inlllm! ;';.,filiii pad been pin
wapiti for railroad einpioveK, Join1,;. !-! .lit In a Knsa.s('.iy I, .ml.
line nt tnrtnlnalN. mierihaiiKe nt
equipment hiiiI Krenler . iiniiol over
nuitine of freiKhl, but mi, I that thiuie
I'lmiiKim In operati'iii hiiui proven
nnthitiR new.
, lo hlx
HurkiTM oMnlu Im ntiK'.
I'A WTICK l:T, It. I, Mitri-h Ml -Ixiom-fltlerM'
union offinalH rerelve.1
word todiy that the war labor board
had itraiileil Ihe demand nf textile
workers In Ihe, lllnekslone valley for
15 p"r cent Increamv TTle Hwnrd
dat back to July 1 ami affects 10.
000 employe
Tn St-ll in rriiniv.
by Tlte .UiMintii-d pro..
i iiii.i, Miirnii ri lio.-ki. rail
roaitn, wan hoiiMe.H, hosplt lis and bar
riu kM built lay the Allieru an I xpe.ll
tlomiry fnrcen, tn Hi,, vitln-Vir $!,
". I will be hi) Id l-ianie for
the beHt fiKiire.s the A met nan l.iil
dlltloii ) Olllllilhiiriti ran ol.iani. None
of tlii He ran readily or prof ilablv be I
removed and Ihii nnly alleriiHItve is
to Hell at the bent barium. j
Skin Eruptions
Are Danger Signals
Thejr Are NatureY Warning
of I mpure Blood.
The skin is composed of two
distinct layers. One is known
iw the epidermis, or outer
"kin, which has no fibres,
and serves principally as a
"vcrink' to the bodv and a
Protection from outward dait
rr to the delicate flesh be-'I'-ath.
The other layer is
Known as the derma, or tru
;kin. and is composed of efas
fibres, fat tissues, glands,
vmphatics, nenes, etc. Tc
housands of tiny veins and
meries with which it is in
frlaced constantly supply
'vry fibre and tissue with
ifalthful properties from the
"dilation to keep the skin
mmith and perfect.
This is changed, however,
"neii the blood becomes in
Httetl with humors, acids or
impurities. Instead of con
stantly supplyinjr rich, nu
ntive prnpertifis to the skin,
'ne circulation deposits the
am.l impurity with which it
"" "nominated, into the sen
sitive fii,rps an(j tissues. This
ttw.-es irritation and infl.vn
"ati'n. wich splits or breaks
thin outer cuticle, while
" tissues beneath ulcerate
nd dwscharere upon the sur-
u rl'i the form of Kcema,
a Rheum, Tetter, etc. There
" "Kewise a dry form of skin
I''-ase. such
asis, etc.
lust as lonpas the blood re
nins pure the skin wijl be
wTn , m,, "Pt'ons. but
n n the blood becomes af
"tcd with acids and humors
' notinshiiiK and, healthful
Propprtip.s arp Ios(f am, jtj,
rai.J h.l"?,or-lnden -onlition
rie '""animation of the
I. V'r,,s n"'l Klands, and the
".' i is shown in one of the
forms of Skin dPs-
" '' pv v iM ininiiftnt 1?
as Acne, Fsor-
destroyetl by impure accumu
lations in the blood, and this
vital fluid not only loses its
power to heal, but becomes a
source of irritation, disease,
and your akin ablaze with
fiery itchinjfs.
Why will you expect to be
:ured by the use of local treat
ments, such as ointments,
salves, lotions, tc, when you
no do,ubt have proven to your
self that such remedies afford
only some temporary relief,
when proper treatment of the
blood will jrive permanent re
lief of the torturing disorder.!
Don't temporize or try to treat
your skin when your blood i'
at fault.
With your skin disease you'
nave only to recognize the im
portance o pure, rich blood in
preserving health, and that
theftource of your trouble is j
in the blood. IJemove the
cause, which is not in the skin,
but in the blood itself, and
you will find the permanent:
relief you have been seeking
for ho many years. j
S. ,S. S., Nature's great!
blood purifier, is guaranteed ;
purely vegetable, made en
tirely of botanical agents.
gathered directly from the
heart of Nature's forest, and
the ability of S. .S. S. to re-1
lieve skin diseases of every j
character comes from these i
b 1 o o d-purifying properties I
abundantly supplied by Na
ture, who has placed its most ,
valuable and effective agents j
in S. S. S. for putting the j
blood in order. '
Do wt delay, but go to your
druggist at once and begin
taking Nature's remedy. .S. ,S. j
aS., which goes down into the!
circulation, restores the blood
to health and removes en
tirely the cause.
If yours is a peculiar case,
we inyite you to wrife our
head physician, who will give
you full instructions, without
charge.. Adtlress Chief Medi
cal Advisor, irt; .Swift l!uild
ing, Atlanta, (.a. Adv.
"I find Ncolm Soles superior in
every way lo other sles. Tliey are
flexible, touijh and Wiilerpnxif. In
tlie future I uliall buy nothing but
Neftlin-wilerl slioe. "
A. G. Aldru h. of Spnncdcld, Mas.,
who makes this slali'tiient tested
Netilin Su3 by havmn a pair o( worn
shors re-soled with them. "They have
already worn one month longer than
the sole9 1 usee! to wear." nayn Mr.
Aliinth. "and will bo (JOnd for at least
three months more."
An easv way to try out Neolin Siles.
Have them put on your worn shoes.
See for yourself how' ontf thev Ij'l
and why they are a real economy
Or. (jet them on new shoes, wlmh
come in many styles for every menilier
of the family. Neftlin Siles are made
st irntihcally by The Gotxlyear Tire &
Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio, who also
make WuiKfoot Heels, guarajitied to
outwear all other heels.
Rosa Ponselle is
Newest Columbia Star
The greatest dramatic soprano in the
world has mailt? a Columbia Record of her
Mipreme Metropolitan Opera triumph,
"La Verpine Dejjli Angeli" (May Angels
Ciuard Thee). Her impassioned notes
miind as pure ami sweet us the angels of
whit h she sins.
1 he Boss
S E Z-
Wllltla. Hie ll. of luilllllir IIIV llli'llllf III
llie himt? A is'rlnlii i lolliliiu inen limn In
" ll linn liinl I lint ni'l itiirlKhliil. iiiiwmi ,
If Jim wuill me In linnxtiiif auiini' i ii-l..mrr
In our woml.rfiil line nf ..' M..,
Mil S. t I'll l. II I' I IJ.IS, Mill, Mil l,.
INI., uml .him him Imw ho mi mnke mi
lii".liiii ii In u,u line i Inn Mil) (,1,,,
tllvlileml In MTtlie for jcarai lo iiinie. let
him a,ti-i up. Ho Mijn lu luin In kiiii it
miismnl ihihl-r mi hlx lim k t,, iull il.mn
his rnihiihlMMiu on iIiIn lino In the Mirlit ile
grf or Ire laf nfr.Oil our runlomi r Ml
think Ihe iluln fml ure uterxuutl. lime
)ou lati n Inlroiliiis'd o thin lliie'.', M,-,, ,,
Field Stationery Co.
Complete Office- Outfitters
Oscar SeadLe and
"Dear Old Pal"
The splendid baritone of Oscar
Seagle grips your heart in this song
of fellowship, faith and constancy.
Its yearning harmony makes you
yearn for your own old pals. On
the back, "The Magic of Your
Kyes," also Rung by this great pupil
of Jean de Reszke.
A.2684 $1.00
108 South Main.
I'hone 4807.
A Mardones Triumph
is Toreador
Eleclric Motors and
Generators Rewound
By Expert Mechanics
All iv..iH iMi.ir.mti eil We ran rent
on :i in'iior whin, your innehinr. Is
lieiiiu ri'imiieil New Htul aeronilhiin,!
iiioIoih lor Hiile.
Our Moll.a S..rtle, I'nlp IHttllnw ,ni, Qimu,y i)Hf n,ul
r Mfc'llU SlTlliS'.
121 East Second Street.
Iiiiv I'luinif. IH9H-T4IH. MK '-, :, 0,. n(7 It.
. 1
the MTowg r yjAiiirVl
S. Main
Spring Has Arrived in Our
Shirt Department
Haven't said mmh recently about thinH mm
wcnjU except the new Sjirin"; Suits. They arc
pretty hard to jM away from. Mut we don't
want you to overlook the fact that the new
Spring Manhattan .Shirts are making their
headquarters here. Thev are marvels fit ln-auty,
exclusive as to fabrics and downright perfection
when it comes to fit. They come in Madras,
Jap Haliutais. II oni'v Dew Silks and Crepe de
C'h ines of the tinest texture. They Hre
rr1: ..$3.ooT"$i;.50
S. Main
A Great Line of SI .00 Neckwear
N'ever have We gathered such a display of hiRh-jrrade
lollar ties as we are HhowiiiR this .pririK. Not the
ommon variety of dollar ties that you will find in
very shop in the land, but the new narrow shapes
n choice, select patterns in color vtmbinat ions to
iuit an ta.le. Kre.pient shipments enable us to
how the latest novelties at all times.
With his basso voice of immense
sonority and volume. Mardones
records for you the pageantry and
glamor of the bull-ring;, the superb
arrogance of the toreador. On the
back, Verdi's "Ernani, Infelice e
TuoCredevi." A.6095$150
"The Lure of Muiic"
Th'u wonderful honk tellt
you ill limit iht worl.li
(ircatnl rmnpoMn and I heir
iiiiiair. )l.50 it all Columbia
Sim Colmmkim Rfr Jt
n talt lAa 10th mnJ
20lh mf mvry mniH
r.'aiaa..a r'mOmUm
;;":."'; J ( , M"1 A 'RAniorHU.Nt CO., New York
7 i b M
109-111 FT.it Third St.
Phono 616
Tone Above All
liei anse the tone of an instrument depends almost as much
upon the original recording process in the record-making,
a on the reproducing mechanism of the instrument itself.
played on any instrument, are indeed a tonerrevelation.
A talking-mai hine record is the only article of merchandise in the world that literally
Hear one Columbia Record and we have told our story.
"speaks for itse
All Columbia record will play on Victor talking machines Likewise all Columbia
tirafoiiohis will play Victor records. If you own a Columbia or Victor, leave your
nanic and address; we will mail you a list, of new records each month.
Darrow Music Company

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