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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 30, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A. M., Image 20

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A Showing of Conspicuously Smur
Spring Hats
A showing, delightfully interpreting tho Spring Millin
ery mode as J "aria proclaims it.
I lata with t h youthfulnoss that is tho dominant note
of tho moment, refreshing in their newness of lino, alluring
in their loveliness of color.
Trnlteiir hats, rloso fitting unit designed lo rnmrW the n.w
llhnticlie of the tailored mill.
Tiny sailors, Inw crowned and ultrm fashionable.
Qimlnt bonnet rffo Is, so charming.
1'eathcr hats, of extreme dlsl Inr- lion.
I'ktiiri H.i'i" Wiillnun mul Nlnh ho rffecta. ga y with flowers
or with artfully posed plume
lyirgn I raurparcnt hats for eeml dress
I'vcry nceepied color, every aul tin rlta I J e shape will be found
In this wuni'rfiil showing.
Priced $20.00, $18.00, $16.50, $15.00, $12 $10, $7.50
Particularly Interesting Are a Number of
New "Joseph' Models in Jade Color,
The " wry new and etnnnlng and will Interest the women who desire mmrllilni now
and out of the ordinary. The collection comprises: I.ltlle poke effects, t ritri nifd Willi a single
roM (ted wtlh a black voire ribbon and slretimera. Another poke bonnet trimmed with a
feather and flmnr wrwath and hlaoa riiition streamer Mimri sailors, trimmed with imlrlrh
tannlwtj rombliwwl wtlh blark rlbhtm. I'mtly lniiiia, trlninifil with lntitlf ul un
eurl4 oatrlch fanr.lMi
llilr.l Klixir
f There's Smartness
In TheseNew
They nhow the now
styles which aro very
much in evidence at tho
10-enent and which will
continue to be from this
beginning to tho end of
the season, and they
now patiently await to
make your acquaintance
(Witrrnrxl Frrnrh Hid tiUryra,
In whilo and bUrk. Iirrlti
Mul whlli". bill" Hlld Willi
hihI I.iii and brown i iniibliiit
tlnim. pl'l'i" '""1 ovormiiiM',
oim or ln rlitnp. dQ fl
iTIird. $2.bU to..
IVnirtnrrt I'rrm'li Kill ;Iot,
In th riiw rlKbt-buitnn ntyl;
liOwn III I .'in, flfld liiniiH und
Itrey, Willi rimrjr hiiuiimik
and ovtirMrtuna
MaHbrtalm Silk (.loyrw, rnada
of vry nood nnullty iiUk. Tln-y
havn lh wldn flnro ruff.
trliumi"d with rowii of ntlli h
Iiir; h In w ii In poni;i"n and
black, ifrcy and black and
wlill mul black
oniblnall'iiia. Irlce
New White Goods
YouH Ncwd for Warm
Weather Wear
White LhteiM Suitings; a fine
linen finished material ; very
serviceable for suits and
skirts: 88 in. wide.
Special, the yard.
White Voile j finely woven
quality, mercerized finish;
36 inchea wide; for summer
blouses, OQp
Special , the yard... hdU,
White Unweave; a very fine
sheer quality linen finished
material; 40 inches wide;
Will make pretty summer
dresses. OA
Special, the yard...
Checked Dimity a pretty,
fine sheer quality; shown in
small checks for babies
dresses; 27 in. wide,
Special, the yard.
Imperial lumg Cloth! an rttra fin,
ly won Quality; vnry mnrlcnabla
fnr iowiu and undnrarm.nt;
It Inohna wlda. )Q
Hp.clal, the yard uC
Whlui Flaioni a plainly wnmn, fin
hiar quality matorlal; II Inrhna
wlda; for iiimmm ilraaa. f)A
Ppwilal, tha yard ijC
Wbltn Hat late a prwfty marri(l
oft flnlnhad matnrlaj for maklna;
irowna and urnlntmrmtnU; Oft
II In. wlda. Hpactal, yard.. dJC
Seooad loo '
-A Sale Extraordinary of
The Springs Smartest Silks
A 'most comprehensive assortment of tho season's
smartest silks that are Fashion's favorite selection in do-
lirna, rnlor and weave that will lend Ihonmelvca artlntlrnlly lo the
nnw Hprlnir faahloria.
We atronnly emphnaliw the Importance of your Tlell hefe tomor
row and partake f Iheee aitraorUln&ry values.
A material that l very rourh In
evidence for waleta, dremna or In
romblnallon with other ma
terials. They are eliown In
many new nnd ununual pattern,
the colore heiifr en blended ue to
produce wonderful and Mrlklna;
errect, 40 I lichee
wide; epectal ....
tleautlftil, rich lnntront ftnlehed
satlna and rharmueee. In Rood
ervlceable qualltlee and pi. -rect
weight for the aprlnic dreeeea,
etilta, aklrta and rapes, shown
In all the popular shades; 40
Inches wlda (JCf Q(
special D.t)t
A fine quality henry weight
satin, with a rich, hiich luetrous
flnlnh, beautiful color roinblna
tlona In attractive fiKuroa, also
shown In plain white, overseas
blue and rose pink, 4fl Inches
iwncy ciu-.ri-: ni: riur.
A beautlfM material for flresses
und blouses, so soft and sheer
and drapes most Kracefully;
shown In handsome color com
binalltitis In printed deslK1s;
most any color you could wish
for Is ri'iirenented In this shoi
lug. Inchea wide,
M.illlMnn's Pussy Willow taf
feta, tho geunlne and Icadlnir
creator of novelty silks Kvery
woman knows of the popularity
or this silk. It Is a soft finished
silk with high luNlruua finllti
anil shown In a wide va
riety of wonderful coloring
and unique designs; 4i Miches
m caster uppmrl,
Rllk trlcole In a new and very
popular material for suits,
skirts, dresses and the new vests,
a very beautifully finished ma
terial, shown In plain colors,
henna, overseas blue, aray and
while, .It Inches
wide; special . . .
Stvoml Iloor.
New Draperies
"Home Sivcet Home"
Becomes a spot lont remembered when It epreses the ta'ste
and charm which are so easily acquired by the use of attractively
patterned draperies at the windows or doorway. And comfortable
chairs even aeem to assume a more Inviting appearance when cov
ered with any of the colorful fabrics, now being presented tn our
new spring; showing A visit to this Interesting display will sug
wt many waya to beautify your home.
Very handaom for ovnrdrnDea,
hmvy quality, draw grace
fairy, shown In aunfsst colore
In niaUMrry with gold stripe,
0 tnr.hee wade; (r nr
the yard . . tDOelO
I-IAIX ('(Hflll VI-T.4H II.
A fine, rlchry finished snnfast
rmia, blue,
quality, shown In
mulberry and hro
Inches w ld;
the yard 4
iMPortTKn mi'7nM.s.
Imported English nrelonnea); very fine qusllty; shown
dealgna In grey, with ecenlo or bird ef
fects; Inchea wide. The yarn
$1.95 to $1.00
pajtkij ctot.m HFrra.
Them nets are very prarrtlcej.
for they may be cut to fit any
window, shown In beautiful
patterns In filet weave; priced
for J 0-Inch window. tf
the yard tD'i.UU
nitAi'i.iiY iiio.
A beautiful rich quality satin
lining for draperies, shown In
cream or gray. 10 Inches
Mill! I I.Hir.
We believe that every
pntron of this store has
a right to good values.
Hut wo like to go further
and give them tho right
to kndw in advance t hat
they are good. It is this
f o r e h a nd knowledge
which our customers ap
preciate beyond any
thing else.
In storekeeplng. aa In other
anterprieoji, we find that It Is
a virtue tn tell the truth, and
as we travel along the great
way we shall keep clear trum
the bfuehwood of deceit. Tha
values we offer at any time
shall, of themselves, tell of
that which Is honest, worthy
and truthful.
(rVanitce Ca nteen
Boxes $6.00 to $10.00
Home o very pretty
boxes hue at rived,
showing many new
sonm are nerti
shape, oilii i m In in n-
Wn are
'II V .111.1
canteen Mile, l:.u K, brown,
nivy taupe ami intury red
Now Vomii-s of Mlk Trlitdotto
anil I lim y silks
No sprinit Hull Is complete
without one of tliitii. 1-iish-lon's
must wante.l Htles in
new venters are nIiowii In Silk
I l lco'elle, - unta il unit nov.
pltv HlilvS,
l 0 0 up tn.
RAin-Shinr Pnraaol,
$8.50 to $13.75
V ii n Hi IK rm t ri dh, pn rrxi n
f riiini H, f:niv Ivury nnf ri
ornl Htub I'lulf. a n it numt
titni-ii.il l imkmI t mllfN to
m.'ttrh Kit it tin nf 1 ho Oliver.
luaranloii ti ht.ttt'i r un nr
Htlll. MlO H1i'Llt iukhImt
with wl-lo Ha! ;n (.,.. ...- jjUt
pin up n Tr-utu1, f niit y i it y
liainlit j 'liM n n M.i -k.
mi , int-i a I'l uriil pin pie
ii.is .,... ,, ro ri
I'll'i'l at
Very New and Exclusive
Dresses Representing the Allied Nations
Wonderful little frocks, designed by a French designer. Jt takes
special care to produce such dresees ns these. They are In the
daintiest styles, representing the various dresses worn by France.
Kngland, llelglum. Japan, China and America. They are made of
colorful combinations of fine quality materials. They are on dis
play In one of our large show windows, over Sunday, und It will be
of Interest to view them whether you expect lo buy or not
Is of the I 'I I grim style, made
of gray taffeta, with full sklrts
und straight waist, with white
apron effect In front; made gf
white georgette. Tho collar ami
cuffs and the seams are piped
with white taf
feta. 1'rlcotl . . .
Is of navy bine taffeta, with
a waist of white batiste and
full skirt and short Jacket over
n waist of white ballste ami
finished at the waist with a
wide girdle of pleated navy
blue taffeta and rerese crepe
de chine.
Is of orchid taffeta ami nils
green, crepe de chine, the
Jacket has large bell-shnpe
sleeves, helled at watftt with
large bow In bark mul panel
effect In front; heavily em
broidered In contrasting col
ore; rouml collar, trimmed
with gold lace.
Is of French blue taffeta,
msile with Jacket effert and
full skirt, the vest Is of cream
colored georgette, the apron
over the front of skirt Is of
lsce-trlmmed , grorgette. The
dress Is attractively trimmed
In bright red material and
brass button. (Jt'jJ f(
Priced ilKli.UU
Tin: iihi-sh "HKiitaiM."
- Is of a combination of rose
and black taffeta, made with
full skirt. short sleeveless
Jacket, laced down the front
with copen blue ribbon, mads
over a waist of white
batiste, trimmed with dainty
Tin: Dm ss hivv
Made of canarv-colored tnf
feia, has full plaited skirt,
long loose Jacket, short sleeves
with large bell shape culls,
trimmed with Ysnil-made me
dallion In 'Oriental designs.
braid and blue
tas. Priced
Fourth I Irsir.
' 1 r- f
New Fashions of Alluring Beauty
In Dresses for Easter
Kaster marks the real beginning of Spring the awakening season. Tho season of
birds and flowers and green grass, when tho whole world "dresses up." i'ho n.nt is
caught by everyone and with it comes the inevitable desire for new apparel. Evirvone
want to be in tune with the bright, new environment.
A veritable flood of Easter modes has been pouring info our women's ami miise'
ready-to-wear section, and we invite you to see all the new things, but we want you
particularly to pec
The New Georgette Frocks
They almost defy description. Not because they're so frilly and fancy--no.
I'.ut, rather, because they're lacking in gaudy fixings and exaggerated effect.?.
They're truly artistic and demonstrate their beauty the moment you wear them.
Lovely model fashioned In plain colored or printed georgette, or penri;ctte
combined with taffeta or soft rich satins. They dl.splay graceful drape effects,
tunics, peplum effects or tho straight loose styles, with a loose belt nt the w.uM.
The collars, sleeves and belts, or sashes'nre very artistic In design. Many of these
dresees aro tuadn more attractive by the clever uao of beads and embroidery.
As to colors, thcro Is any tint or shade you may i PA i CI'JO (Xfi
deslrs. Priced . ll'l.U lO J.fi.OU
Excellent Showing of
Women's and Misses' Suits at $59.1
For the regular daily wear and business use. the suit Is nn Important gar
ment Its utility for every exigency of the dsy hi met with a smile, for the suit
always curries with It an air of newness and style that appeals to the American
woman. '
Our showings' of anils at this moderate price Is particularly pleasing. They
sre mule of serges, paberdlne. trlcotine and polret twill; they Insure good service.
Their styles are of the most recent modes, which favor tailored, blouse and box
emit effect; ninny are shown with fancy, veets, tight slevesvsome with belts,
others with one button fastening at throat. Tho skirts are long and narrow, fin
ished with belt. The strictly tailored models are finished with brsld nnd button
trimming. - bile some of the mure dressy ones nre trimmed with a touch of hand
The colors niot popular are rookie, tan, navy, black and black sod white
checks. '
f Handsome ;
Brocade Ribbons
For Veateet and Bags
These new ribbons are
the climax of silk de
signing and weaving.
Nowhere can you find
more elaborate and rich
ly designed ribbon They
rome wide enough so that one
length Is sufficient fur a vest.
The designs are reproductions
of high art tapestry woven
with gold and silver thread.
I Inly it Ntuiill u'l.intilv is re
quired to make vest.
Priced a )ard, COO
1H.M) to P.UU
Other grades In tapestry and
broches at N.K' t 13.011 yard.
After You Have Faund the Suit to Please You
Just Step Over to
the Waist Section
And see what beautiful waists we have at little cost. Eeau
tiea that's what the women say who have seen them. You
rould not resist choosing several because they are so coaxingly
attractive so original in style and trimming conception.
The dmtlnrtlon of these lovely georgette waists lies In their new collars
and the quality' of the embroideries and needlework. Some are shown in
rollarless effects; others with low round necks with collars or with high
collar. Many new stvles as to Meeves are shown with dainty cuffs, and lis
to trimmings, silks nnd bead embroidery, filet, Vol. and cnli e I. ires are uscl
In colors, there Is a choice of white, beige, flesh, navy, peaclf, French blue, etc.
Third Floor
)0 MmM
' P 6
iiuiiiv altr.ictlve w.ivs.
$9.95 to $6.50
$35.00 r-
fl N
' fl T
u If t
New Silk Lingerie'
At Fresh and Beautiful as the New Peach Blossom
Just out of their boxes, a smiling Irvj; of lacey, pink
undies of crepe de chine, wash satin or georgette that
are thin ami shimmering.
Most i-b.'iTinlni; anil exquisite pieces for the Paster brld. In
many Instance i)o i.m be matched to iiiakn a complete bridal sets.
Silk towns
In manv pn lty styles, made of crept! do chine, wash satin and geor
gette. Home are sleeveless with points or sM-npa over shoulders, trim
med with Vul or filet i n i s; others made with short sleoves. yoke and
empire clfeii, trniiuid with hemstitching, pin-tucked georgette, Val
laces, rinel.ii'! in b.iml embroidery; shown
In orchid, fle.-li and while. Priced
f..s i i.oi i: in mim:
Made if w;lsIi ivt'.in, crepe ds
rhino and Keur;et'e, rthhon
straps or l.'u ' tritniiu d points
ncr shoulder Some ore In step.
In or bloomer knee subs; tron
med Willi Val. or filet laces, pin-
tucked georgette, ribbons nnd
rosebud. flch color
on iv. Priced. 1111.11. to
$32.50 to $6.50
Of wash sutlns, slip-over styles,
with ribbon shoulder straps,
others madn with corset cover
top, elastic at waist nnd trimmed
with Val. laces ,nnd Insertions,
rlblioiis nnd rosebuds; flesh
l'rli ed ll.no to.
' SUirt Drawers
of floe qualilv wash satin. Mule In step-in style, elastic at wnlst and
trimmed villi Val. lues and Iiinci ionB, ribbons and ' rosebuds;
flesh color only.
Fourth Floor
$7.95 to $3.95
Fnlvrrsal bread maker, t
loaf sue. mix and nead the bit
ter In same.
Special at
A ul m In urn h.imlli 1 ut f.tr r
kriivm. 7 m ) ntnrt hlndr,
Ironing bonrd pad and cover
for Hid . lid Ironing boards, two
sues. Pad end
cover for
Pnvoy rossters blue enameled
steel body, self basting, wo
sixes. Priced at
$3.25 and $3.75
From Our Economy , Basement Store
Pyrex Casseroles Kound eight-inch size with cover;
(he same dish. Specially priced at
bake and serve in
Wright's silver polish
t'loset hooks, doiten.
JohniionB flnr wiit, 1
and two pnunrt,
75 and 1.45
(' Hans lnHnmrft rupa,
Angel fond rake jian,
for many pur-
10c and 25c
Alum mum
house mini-
3 for 10c
Wire strainers,
to 6-
5c to 15c
( i'1'e.lar
bowls, 6-Inch
7.. Htova
Polish, t-
clot hs,
Mitta, at el
Caetlron skillets,
Iron, No. H si.e,
Specially priced
Wairner cast
woofl hnndle.
feral cooker, mirror aluminum.
2 ouart si.ti, told h unlle
Specially priced
f Special Offering
Wall Papers
Kitchen, bedroom and
hall papers, in lipht and
medium shades; I l.i
borders to match'
I'eautiful selection of
dainty bedroom papers,
in stripes and all ntluT
effects; blue, pink, Ian,
etc. ; cut-out i J ,
borders to match A l
.10-inch plain oatmeal
papers, in nearly all the
wanted shades; coneii
toinal cut-out HXn
border to mad )X -
L i v i n g-room, dining
roo mand hall papers in
tapestries, blends and
grass cloth effects; in
tan, blue and 'H..
fit V
Safety paring knives, has real
safety raxur blade that's remov
able, point for removing de
fects In fruit
I'nlversnl food choppers, no ad
vance In prices, Nos. 0. 1 ami 'i,
three sizes. Priced at
$1.50, $1.75, $2
grey. Roll . . .
Paperliangers furnishc-d
f Store Notices
Special Demonstration
of Dr. Turner's
Toilet Preparations
All This Week
Fifth and Main Streets.
Phone 6060
8:30 to
1 . '.A' i... ion in iii"
' ' vcriising. " e. 3
fr ; Judge of value.
Alt orders sent to ns bv mail, will be filled tin mo d.iv a
end with utmost care, and sent to you prepaid, except
Needle work classes held every day. 10 to 12 and
,iiotn no
r:ill " P'l'
to y"i
cordially Invited. , ,
We are also prepared to do stamping or a:i Kino
second floor.
Ileniit itrhmir exoertlv done here- secoinl f'uor
1-adles' shoes slimed, lady attendant Meszamnc
I 1 V I
Li U

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