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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 30, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A. M., Image 7

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Confessions of a Dope Fiend
The of OPium Morphine and Cqeiiirie Among the 400 of New
York's Social Set Why They Go From the Pipe to the Needle.
Schemes Imprisoned Drug Addicts Use to Get the
"Stuff Past the Keepers.
i. I !. rl'
Ig ! - '
ptt:in r'l
;hl I"1
' " " .k
,hr. mi. n
r,r.l - ''
llf e
my stnty 'f last j newspaper Thin paper meant
fendn anionic loriune. tor between the page
i i.f New York ami the
nf their downfall I" the oM
. haw already ml'l yn
,. smoker will dot usnoii
. coklc" unit the reason
pipe fiends full for the
cause they lammt 1'iiv
..i..... c ie iith or
' ''" ' . - -..lie h laru.i
'hail,, so an In he Hurt- tho
"" ,,,. t. tllt'CI H MOt lie (tlAH.il
""" . ... I .. I..-I.I....
.,J ) (Ml 1 ' lll-'K U ' ' I' "
,1 - i. nil le u eu yon ran
. , i. .i.,.. it... ......
,ur iii-' ni""i " hm. ..." .....
nutli. nit I'
ffol.l I
so-called part lea r
h ' ' p i ! party' cleared
trhen of I no law.
Minii Tit In an an ful thing
wealthy men ami women
II ,. owner of tlili "lav
i' must have nt leant IOii
i.. I.: Yung (gum oiliirnl
week These parlies
,. .1 for the profit thi'V
to satisfy the "under
,. ficnils of the Near York
down' I'd
nn ef I1
nn hiii"! '
r nt
hnnr I'-'
Mira I ollCI'Ul llin "llulilt."
Thry i! r ' he under roirr on rio
ojnt i ' "lo'ir nodal position, an. I
hoiiM ii I"' foimil out that they urn
HIC to pipe thi'V Of COIIMe
.,,i,i i,e ,i. 'Kiic'I ly their families.
n Wrk a person can Jmw-J
hut one rt'' on hc premises, two or
n.l lil.thes mil 'l nil i.icn u
joint. I l. .M a in" 111 w ,
l ihc , days of Illegal drug
wllinf in N York a fiend usually
rut In:, i a ' joint." paid HO rent
fnr i Mwll nf hop." "shyed" them
Irnl walked out. Hut tnday vnti can
not buy :i i i" of gum opium, l'
plmp y prli i ess. To the wealthy ad
4ct Ti nidi! precious thing In
tin irn'M .-:! on account of being
ini :c ' i M.i.n any opluin thry fall
''lie i i", f 1 t tin" "hvpo." tht irli
fine f 'r a vnuill via roniam-
;fl tJ" f .1.0'
Win Iom lloniU Mini.
It pre iv to'iish iii pay thin amount
hiit y .ii aire. uly Unnw it IX hr II
frt Ih.ti "irothefn hoy" an he l
Irlfil 1 home gets a mnal Income
nd new yr'ii en rainly r-eo why he
mut nliiil to crt ilopi liccaurie
"m"lh mm" nevfr di, a hit of
ork In h:i liff tr, folki, It fan
tn prv rim'.y itoicd out that It I'
trip I.."lu!e truth that thrv mutt
HMI or other kiip suffer Hip turliirpp
of hiit'K lien. They nturt to take
thfir p ir.nts- (r welry, knowlnit Hint
II mil he foritnen hut what g thn
up. hril get away lth thiH all lh
time and finally hi In thrown nut of
:hr hnuni'. left to hla 0W11 rpnourepri
HuwPter. lie conir In contact with
the pur iiifmhrm of the underworld
tnd then Iim on the !ralKht road
to ruin. There no ntop off for the
pmen uk:iik tins road, rieif praiBO
ill Do m rer iiminpndation. hut I my
rlfcanie from a wealthy family and
)ou ran Let jour bottom dollar that
I rtn never return for I made mv
l aii J nun mint lie M n jv
rnt.r iii norne in always vacant,
netfr t.. l.e f;i:e, Why ? giecaime
i i.ieuKJn i.j amp wan more to me
iMn my rarmly nnd -yp (tmniai-ed
(nm ,o rnu h that a man would ho
"oumi to f.irieUe me for nonie, not
il. " the w ,iwn Meakv trlckH
Plt.ii-d t g, i rnoiiuh money tor my
Ht "tiol le of Ktliff.-
Iiilr .lin it riuiniv.
"I I u i I have II, ,),...,
.... Minis inroiiitn with t, hf-
h'" ,v klnd heurted men
M wome,, r TH,U UI1, wrre , )n
,7;nr( 1 would ho pushed farther
.k , r ,,",r! would he
" tor me. I ( an olny place
.ha," l""i ilriicn for my helriK
drl,.'. aiti""M I'Ut What
?(,'..""; I'I'nost inxane la the
m i,:i(l iriPV could
"" ",r "'n without
hv,fv.r Tulsa folki
I l nee lerl wan
raw. q,.
'"n intn.
fi. k iuiia people, my
fin it In. t. ten J.' and t.'i ile. ki of
"coke " I w.m uniti tkoiiik tnatnieut
In ltellvue lniHiita fur narcomiuiln
ami I lei eived three leltera a day, one
at X a in., another at 2 p. m . and
K p m. I mlerneiith the ntumpa 1
found a little nhot of heroin cnoiiKM
to Mivo the uveraK" dope head a
' kick "
'in dav X only received one letter
with nnlhinu under the ma nip nnd I
wan very aore nt the nender, hut three
hour later I received a telephone
( ajl and the voice over the wire nald,
' 1'ut it ' I nt om e went to the want
haakt t to find my letter I had thrown
there earlier In the day.
I not h eil that the Iritcr wan writ j
ten in pencil 1 tore off a amall piece
of the wrliinir paper and 1 wk "lit
t.p' like a I'hriitma tree In L'O nee-
oriiN for lhi.4 paper wan Hatnratedl
with morphine milphatc, J 0 1 per cent
pure I
Tho paper In left in a larpo platter
for two da, after helng miaked with i
"M" it, In t inn and when thn paper!
lrlen the nchenier writen a few wordn j
in pencil, not Ink, and eendn It hv
mull. The receiver Iheu han enouifh
ilopn for u week, i hewlni; on It like i
I in another nrranion I received a'
hrand new ilr of Hlioen. the fineel '
pair of 'Vet o er sain" I e er na w. he . I
cause one. of the nhoen had a hollow j
heel cnntalnliiK ennuuli Huff to net
nil the dope population In New York
"nut" ' T can nnv one Ihlnir and that
In a keeper In the rlty prlnon In New
Y ork hroug-ht me up a hlir awhr- of
the plelith-rldlnK muff hut of entire,
not knowing ahout It, he left 4 mn-kn
of Hull 1 in r ham nt ipy cell and he
fore poltiir to the next cell he na Id
"Kae me the rouponn t'oltle." he
"aid. "vou better give tne the coupon
now before you forael tlnni." In
stead I'ravc him a dollar lie
smellcd rat Ht mv midden boo.! na.
hln i wenltliy man a non niUMt "knuckle
" down- t, the down and out done
luier, for hi riiipply? They don 1
know where, or how to hunile fni
their mipply, and they always i ome
to the lower type to he fixed up wHh
a "Mint." ho Ha up t,, thir futhein
to help them. They otitthi to leuvo
the piHir dope fletul to liw mmery hy
himwlf and not heap more troubles
upon hlN altnady oveHnirMrnpd
ro.vi iNt Mi iu)m pack (r.
the new regular dlvlmon to carry thn
The following lint nhown the new
ilesiKnaUolis of ttie urinv and the
wartimn divlnlonn front which they
were taken in order to preaerve tra
ditions. Kcept In the rase of ;i.
itrnment of rrKular reulmentn. mere
ly the number and other Insignia of j
UtiltM In retained, the personnel to be
upporled later hy recruitment. The
recruiting area nf each division also
In nhown. the ftrnt neven to lie nil-tlon-wldo
In composition
I'lrst division (fanip I'lke, Ark ).
uuchaiiRi'd nn now orKanlited: ecconil
dvlnlim tCanip lnnlk'e. lowui In
fourth hrlfcade, Sftth and 4!lth; remt
lar ri'Kltnetitn mihntllutcil for the
flftft nnd nlith iiiarlne rculmentn
Third illvislon K'unip le, a),
Kourth division (t'amp Kearney,
Cnl ). unchnnged.
h'lfth (IIvibIoii (I'anama). tin
changed. Hlxth division i Honolulu I, tin
Seventh division ( Philippine Is!
anirn. Alaska and Mexican hunter)
uncnantreii excepi ror iiil.llilounl In
' vmi. Tenia, area Arkann&n, Mlanln
I stppl, laiulnlana, Texan and Vlkla
i homo) .
ItcUlned: Tint Infantry brigade
1 113 artajlnry renxliiicnt, 111 and 13'
M. I), baltallone, III train head
; 'luartem military police, field aignal
t'dttulloii and amiiiuuMloii train.
I'tiitn thn Kith divmlon: 174 in
finity brigade, ., I .". urtllleiy
I'roiu itinli diilsioii: 34.i M. tl.
J Kruin :ith division, lit nupply
iuiiI sinlliiiy tnittis, lit uril.leiv
Iti-Kularn nssliroed 3d, lll'.li, lllll
and ;t; Hi I it 1 it ri 1 1 v . 4ih aitillery, Vth
rik'Hiieiit rni!.i ib, 1 in h cavalry.
Thtrty-nevinlh .tlvniloii (t'amp
Klieinion, ohm. area v rt Virginia
and iilim.
KlKhiy first il, vision, t amp TnT
lot, ki . area Indiana and Kentucky.
I :i til si i immI iitivlslon, I'ntllP
t'ordon, tin, uii'ii ilcorKte, Florida
and Alabama.
Kik lit j -ninth ,l:iHion. t'amp
luiiH'on. Kansas, aiea Mti0uri, t'ol
orado and Kansas
Itcl.iincil I ;i infantry Inrltlude.
4il and .141 M C haitullona; rl4
train heiiil'iu.irteis. military police,
etigineeis. field siKiial battallun and
ammunition tialn.
l-"r ii it .Villi division: 71) Infantry
brigade, nil aitillery brigade, 13U
M li. I.alislloii: Mil nupply and "a ti
ll. try tiainn and it'i canliy.
lticiilaiH nssiKiied: I'd. I'Oth, !Ud
lui.r 4 1st ii-KliuentH Infantry; 1st,
t'fii and Mill artillery.
Ninety -fust division, 4'amp l'Wln.
Wash., an a I'm ific and Kin ky
moiinialn states I
l-'nrtv eecon.l illviHioii: f'avaliv.
southeiii depart meiit area all elates
Jlel unci nil and H4 cavalry iiii
f inijv) hng.iilns, I4H. 1 Ml and IM
M ':. aiuiidrotiH I Inittallonn I ; 149
ailillciy (Iiiohpi;' 117 triln head
luailijH, military iolfce, rtuld eiKiial
battalion and ammiinltlou train.
I'roiu UOth diviHioii: .14 M II.
H'lua.lrnn t batta linn I , Ilu supply
and eaultary train.
ltCKHl.ii h iMsmne.l : let, r. tli, Tth,
Mh. I -J i Ii. IHIh 4 tli. 14th and 16lh
iiiMilry. Mli engineer
lure, wondering whv Id sooner giveiiirmy in igaue nttai heil. Thin is in
a dollar than four Hull Inirhnm con. i be the Is3d brlgaile, colored, former
' my life fi make
have ennlly
any trouble
did for me
helping hand In
and out of theilt h.lvo
hilt they refused me.
T'W I u s:l tieotilM
r- in ir). nri v n... hi.. ...ii. .
... . - I--."-... .nn sun ne-
't Ih K"",, ll"'l"t- th
W .that I ie taken all J.nr jewelry
10 ntiU,n morphine.
J. ;,W 'V from dope fr 1I
IT s, rvtnf Jltne ch.uged
" ii or th
rJor,,,, :. iiciiine wiinollt a
'ort'.r, pr.scrtpiinn. Junt ihl.,1, I ...
"Uiall my Mtalltvon . .,1, J oa
J'lst fur the loin t ,,.
tin. h . -"mi.t lie criargen
,n.",: "r dona unmg; tl-mm
a,:' . ""r" welcome"
I h . 1 "r """'ling
-'u nurn, t,i
lo Hunk I
N k " l't-r but for my
rvin , '.WJ relcaaed after
""'nt i, rnoriths.
ilfiinincn, K,srwl 0m,
y" th.t ,.,k.. a Idope fiend."
d of , "" 'n",a,w''- 1 came
ci, . , ou.sn or mus
. I ni-eai, t
"'7 I w r
Penal code, which
nn ntf-al-
from n
hottle of milk
nobody but tnvself.
Jainmeil up for
1 mass
never healthier
rk fur a steam laiin-
t dciii.'r ' V'!" T" "P'Ttment house
lv r ' ' "f laundry. The
"trh for , hl" ll,tl"
Hi V J'",'k ,hn
nv.hlm ',:', M,,'l,"' "niK addict,
""r h"i ' ,ll'," M "f nabbing an
u .u'7 'wo weeks he
Toeilne s tnember nf thr
Wf id i , I",' ' "f cournp
' ruse i ' M"""' "Ulff l'h him
orl": lli nrs '"" " "" ,ur,,,
rr,!) !V""ni" ,n c- my
on,. , ' " ''"L'r" r,,'milxed
'"a in, ," ,',',k"'1 Hi" hat I'd dn
"ilmt,,u 1 morph" uhout 15
,e,7;',.,'?'f rt,,,nKA ti too
P-ir-lct II,. . " "'"k " nl
""""t an l '"'"''''"on be, imie to,,
't In !,. '""ro 'tl a fine
' "n il un- tim
' II (ru-ri ' '".
n' th MV'l''"',"'h'r ""'"I r"
r.1 r,i...i ."'"'"'an lumpltal cure
? th.
it all
hlle cunfliiprt
l',ilnn.,l V. ,. .
i i nonfinai on
"'' 'fe (,,',' . r ,lru nddlctlon.
Inr rr.e'!., .? . XU,t -f''re
rr.m .,, ,. " "ill jo
to t
nd ,i
:,ve me a
I saw ht
"' I Imnt ami t-he-
"f the slip, j
tier with mv
lth rny bfi bsn.i
'"t I:
;r i..', . ",v ,,r" ' ti"
Mi'-n over
'i'Viir'r a f"iow in-h
1" carrying a Hebrew
pone, no he mad" up Iim mind to
"frisk" the tobacco hags and believe
me hln nean-li wan rewarded for In
three of the sacks h" found nil lghih
ounce of Heroin In two hags; the
third hug had h package of codlne
and the fourth bag had two needlen
with wires
lno Ilcnil-4 (IcriT.
Iiope fiends me always nwake
when It cornea in smuggling dope
In Jnll they are. the w leest guys In
the world In that pespect, hut III re
gards to self respect they all amount
lo a pinch f enuff. This dope was
put Into the bagn. not breaking or
touching the revenue itamp. Now
ask me: How can It he done There
In too much of a story attached to
this and I can only explain It hy
showing you a H. I. sack. Another
young fellow received a package of
fruit, tobacco, etc, one day. He
looked) high and low for drugs and
when he filled tu find any he gavt
nil hie tobacco and fruit tu other
pr isnner.
He m lil on bin cell cot and suf
fered for two long clave. Ile had
plenty of dope but dtln know it.
lie rolled one clgarrt after another
until finally he struck the center of
the bag and drew from It a rag
loaded with "yen shee." "Yen nhee"
In the fcrappings of the opium I'll'e
and howl. Its nei ond handed opium
and In worth IK'S a pound If It can
be gotten All through this discovery
did the Hull Inn ham sin k scheme
Work out successfully until illncov.
eied by the "KcrcW who asked me
for the coupons and through him
the practice of having ckaes
sept In was stopped and the depart
ment of correction opened up a com.
mleeaiy store giving us the privilege
of ordering JJ 2 worth weekly.
tine dav my cellmate wife railed
to m'o htm and I saw her cut a
large black button from her chin
chilla coat. This coat button was top
heiyy with dope. The next day she
Lhr'ouifht it In the prison In a way 1
do not care to mention, .she wan
caught, g.ven thru, years In the Ite.l
ford reformatory for women and all
visits to the prison were stopped Now
a man seen his istors through a
caged booth. He look like a wild
hn.iat und y mi cmildu t pasf, il hatr
trand through the caging.
It takes a "dope user" to kill ail
good thine. If It wasn't for a
"dope fiend" a man could he made
happy in Jail while nw.iitlrig trial
hut the "snowbird" has everything
"crimped" all uer tho t'nlted
t If these poor unfortunates (jet
an easy Job the highest salary they
can earn In 1-0 a week. In New
York ntaylng within the law It takes
$5. 40 to support a drug habit, mi
you can see that II u average drug
fiend must be some kind of a tiro-
fessional thief or common "pick
pocket "
l is ami In no halm and yet for
selling "" ou can get from one to
seven years In slates prison a fel
ony.) Her-bln la the niroiiges; ilrun.
In IK world, the most powerful,
the most dreaded; It Is the cause of
my downfall an well as otbeis It
will make Its slaws ,o alnin"! any
thing to get some of It: It will make
man promise thlni-n thai he'll
never live up to; It will make htm
send his brother to the gallows Yet
any porno cnught selling this with
out a doctors license is peiitence.l
to the workhouse fur 3 a or d lys.
and this Is Just a Utile example, of
New York lawn.
It taken a man who h li b- ( ri tip
against It like 1 h hm I, Hum the
legislature the differ-m e between
both drugs The mm who In
father of the Whitney h II Is Just
a pln-ln. every dav man, tus sisr.-tn
is clear of all dtu.". "r ' a ! ; ;
poljtonn and the .larno wnv wrh the,
rcet 4J f the- senatori at Albntty. If
one ,,f them had been a dope flen I .
himwlf then there would he a far
diflerent story to ted :o,l,i You
can take my word f i- i. that f.oice
dav I'm going to wo- up en.i.ich .
nerve and face Die lei:.i i.'e nn a
good subject to po.'i: out where I
their tiitislake Jies.
Rotneihtng rnuM be line f ir hoe
poor addlctn for all of theru ran t
dig up 150 to come here. My heart
gnea out to them because I under
stand them better than most, an. I '
know Just exactly what thevitieol
Some of 'hose n,illton:ir;es In New
York whme rb!idrcn fi !i for ,io e
rewllv riiittht to pay 'be r xpenen n it
nf town for all dope fun, Is who ,,!
out of hisspitaia after taking tin'
rure I t's their pia,- .f rohndy
else's, biMri'inii dn not f.k'utc rlieir
sons or daughter in a clnsi h tbem-
elvea. Uv you tirtlca that Uie
ly nf the Bi'O illvlslon. colored, nnd
will he composed of the 24th and
KUth tegular regiments and tho JfiOth
niai trine gun battalion of the OL'd
Twenty sixth dlilslon (-.'amp Iicv.
ens, Mass, rmrultment area. New
Kngland 1.
Twenty-seventh division fCamp
I'plon, area New York).
Twenty-eighth division (Camp
Dig. N. J., area IVnnsylvanln i
Twenty-ninth division (Camp
Meade, Md., urea Maryland. New
Jersey, 1 'claws re nnd Virginia nnd
I llls'rlct of I 'iii ii in bla )
I Thirtieth division K'uinp Jackson,
K. I , area Tennessee, North and
Hoirth Carolina).
Itettilned fi'.ith and ROth Infantry
hv brigade; 1 17th Infantry, I13th,
114th and 1 1 .Mil artillery; 11. Hh.
114th and llMh M. (I. battalions;
llltith train headquarter engineers,
field signal battalion and ammuni
tion train
From path division: l5th artil
lery brigade
I'rom (tith division: 313th supply
and sanitary train
I'rom H 7 1 It division : S7th cavalry
Regulars assigned: 29th. 46th and
4kth infantry. s.
Thlrty-seconO division (Camp Cus
ter. Mich . area Wisconsin, Minne
sota. North and Mouth Dakota and
Thirty-third division (Camp tyrant,
III , area Iowa. Nebraska I.
Tliirly-slxh division (Camp Tra-
of flfts
eluding the presentation
its presiding officers
I'ollowlni; the prevailing custom
since the first general assembly
clinks In both chambers of the sev
enth iiklahoniii legislature wrrn
stopped sharply l 1 0 I i o'clock to
day bringing the session officially
to ar) end, although Hie member of
both houses r einalnii, 1 In neanlon to
tranaact the remaining bunlneam.
Tulsa Rubber and
Will Remain Open All
Day Sunday in
Tulsa Rubber atad
Vulcanizing Co.
I'lMinrw na-J-Mtn.
4111 ewiuth lUmldor.
mk hi i.iv rmm
l U AM.IN(i
I II K.I : IUIAD riKllVK i:
Did I Ten Yoa Aboat
Oh Girls!
Syphon Refrigerator
I Dou&ht Lut Wevk?
Wall. If taa,lf ran4t I mnr
raaaawsl Man bass mini; imm
ail leant lanlr chlUaaf laala.
Am near lo kaaai iliaai It
si W a pin re tbaa a taak.
aaal. ran knaw. n a a war 4uita4
nm ! waaikar far so raaa waak
aaslai wall, lhaak liiJsm, wa'll
'ar n asm fa waar aaaia akaail
"nlna hmrk aa4 laJla) wmy. G
uaaaj n Iba ralllarala aasslM.
Am law wm, li aaam lea la a aana1.
This U eiactry
the tame model aa the
one I bought.
It's a delightful the.
aesf . a eaaieaa. rka aoty also la tsara aa knay
taa mam
Constantinople alaa were considered
by the rinniiilttee
The Hague, although it baa thn
advantage of possessing a buil'tinii
for peace conferences that would mi '
mediately be available, is objected
to by several countries especially
some of the laitln world, which op
pose nettling the future league of
nations in Holland. Another group
"I'l Itrusseln. Home, although
tho cradle of International law, must
be discarded, the conference having
almost unanimously decided that no
great power shall have the sent of
the leaitue ( 'oloitant I llople In op
posed because. It Is not convenient
of acccas
AT I'l.V I'. l'H(H.lt.s.S
In I'lis ina.alr.l I'rrx
I'Alfls, Mai.li :a The feeling Is
growing among the memhem of the
Amerlcun deleitntion ui the peace
ronfererica that proper pisigreas is
not being made by the council of
four toward a eettlemern of the Btp.i
HueetiiH. upon which ulin tieaty
moat be founded All of thn Inst
week w.w vtitually lost, or rathei
marked by such a eerien of advaucee
and retreats aa only eervisl to irri
tate these meinbersi who are nam
eetly seeking a aolutlon of the v
rlous prohlrms
lauil evening, when i'ssi.ls thouuhl
that an agreement had heeri leaotied
on the nuestloti of rep.n atlop, a
tmckwar.l alep wan taken thinugh
the su.lili.-ii liitioilui'lion one of
the parlies tiiletesle.l of u il entire:)
new basin of adjustment I: Ih said
tint the procecdingM lime been
inarke.i tin oiighmit by Just such
iihiwiilniimi rite of m.(iioiis u hen it
.nan necti aupposeii mat an liglee
nietil was in propped, Inhe in.i'
Iter of reputation, the iiiestion was
brought Is.. U tu orlgill.il iI.iumiii.Is
twhbh hud alreudt been foun.l ry
' ci'fwive or Im pi actlca hln bj a tn.i
joi hv or tn.i council
There are Indie, tiniiN of n sharp
Inwiie Impending on this method of
procedure. Among the American
ilelcKstlon It Is telt, it Is ii.no hi.
dlcated thai better piogiees ehould
be llleinled llpiin, e en If II re.pines
the adoption of soiiinthiiiK . hKe a
11 cm
Ladies' Sport Clothes
A Suit for Everr Snort
Khaki, Gaberdine, Wool, Serge
Military Coal,
Divided Skirt.,
Pluin Skirt, -HidiiiK
Kidinj CoiiLh,
Huts and lA'Kgingx,
Ladies' Sport Shoes.
22 We.t Second.
Phone 1311
i 210 S.noSTXN
Men of wide eiperlence In Ihe purchase of securities compose th
membership of our Hoard of Directors and Kiecutlve Committee;
they gle ihelr personal attention Jo and direct ths Investment nf
all our funds nnd. examine carefully each security before accepting It.
The essential element of safely has been provided and every de
partment la organlied veil li a arseclal view of rendering ervlee to
our client. N
Investment In our conservative farm nnd city mortgsge will earn
uninterrupted Income at mailmiim rate without Impairing th
principal. Your money begins working the day you purchaM a
security and Is never Idle.
Consult our Officers at any time and solve your Investment prob
lems. All consultation ar confidential.
Affiliated with Thn Eichanga Natlnnal Hank bf Joint ownarhlp of
Capital Ptonk,
rXKri'TOlt 14 K.nst Third Htreet. GCAHH1AN
A L)M IN IMTH ATOn Tulsa, Oklahoma. TKCHTKH
Sat is fact ion
lit ln sent the difference
between the man who wearn
clothe individually tailor
ed to hin perHonalitu and
the man who wear clothe
designed on a large ncale
of average.
Represent the gear of
service the pleasure the
distinction and the individ
uality that the suit made
here gives to every man
for it is Tailored as You
Want Them.
Assortments in woolen pat-,
terns and colorings U very
broad, mried and diversi
fied each piece of all-wool
quality. We know you'll be
delighted with the show
ing, i
$35 to $85
" as You
(fj) Wt'lt Not
Igy H Satisfied
and even in its waking hours, there are those
who go about seeking that which is not theirs. .
The average burglar does not hesitate to enter
the ordinary dwelling or office but he is baffled
by the ponderous strength of our massive vault.
.Valuables of any description kept therein are
surrounded by every modern safeguard it is
Worth your while to investigate.

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