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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, April 20, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A. M., SECTION B, Image 21

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(j0on ilnm-l I'T I'nlrlot to IV
' " ii nirm-il tT t'oiinrll of
lifrnit .
U HI V.I IV"" ltOiHiwllilo fur Money
raid "lit lo tottlitv iwri'iuto
(iiiik IIm.
t, f..:
OKI All' 'M V f'lTY. April IV
, oitntiuior m mi' inu.nie
, i.iii'riill"ii of Dim tililu-
, a i.ite louniil (if th-fense 1
r, ji,liiirnrl )'J' the "t.itn loiin-
'',.,,'. i.f f .i it 'It iippriipri.-itcil ! tin'
i.'ii.l.itiire, ICInnk il.i.nn
.I'l'li'"' " i'fflr" mill Inline"-
: il:i v it i, with til, ink hpatfrt
,,1111 e., h.iro heen hint fill to
! ji aii'l i pi irii-'l In t'hentir
fill, HfHIMl.lIll He, rein t y. (Ill
,.f thin, i orreiponillntf ne-
,nn;. ,t f "i a rili.'l In Dm rh.iir
. ,n .-f 'li'' I 'liin'v I'otinriN if '!''
u!:., wie in off.' ill the limn
, ,,, ., s .i n iii, I'lf tn Hie Biiiii' roiin
V'Vi.' Mip I'lMinty roiineil itt
n i iu'"i' 'ni. Hi' Hiirni ainoiinl 1m
. ii III' ihsniM'il nf 111 lll
i.f llii' rnlltllv council.
..Ill 1 III.I U I III.' til' I'll I I "f
ii ,1-ilMirM'il r.niKe III ;n niM
ii , .-lit i in t.'..inii. -''-i hi nf
i.,,i:,il runt ril.iil Inns ui-r'- of
$ . "I, t H'l (I lli'lHMIll-
, - , In- iliHliii' ily uti'letst nod,"
, ,'.r, ! I'liclcr II Wl'Hll.llI, III
. i(. : ., ;t.llV nf till htllte COllll'Ml
,,,.',!i i . in. I iy, "that only mu ll
uiii. a were unit to the ntuln
J,;..,. ! i.f ilcf.iini will I mi ri'ltu
,;rji.l 'Hie Mute council Ii under
,,' i I'li'n In return miimh nf
i.U .nice, I tn nullity council
,t, f. n i' Where liny part in me
n:r,!"i' ;,'tl Hindu to tin niunty
,..,.s i.f 'lifeline, was Kent to Hi"
,. , ..'in. -Km, the HtnlH mum II Ii
itiun 'i .''U only thone (iiiiih which it
stiito rntitiril nf defense t.kes
( . i.i .is, mi tu u tram iii.iiik inn
p.,:r.' ' ' citizen nf I Jk luholil.l fur
in. Ii niippori which win
nin 'Ji w.ir inoveinriu., iiinincnii-
y .ii' 1 i.int'iwinv ini' npiciiuiu
ffi.f t wnii w mi ii ii iirni okluii
tin' Oklahoma council of ile-
lui'... .-ti ni wu.i iilt.itni'it nt n inliil-
tr:i iiiihi'. lh total eapotnli-
larM i the stall" council wimp lime.
'-si of Hl'.lioo, which win
prj tn ally l'i lowest Hiriire lit w lin.'i
nuncll wen1 oiirriilid. in
tome fitntii npiirnprlHtioiiM" tnivlnif
two ti ado for an iniicli an
MIM!!Im;k, Mrs. Alirll ID
Uv i ff tlm holclifvikl or fi i'l Itio
fti n.icht of Its f rlcniti," H tht
nitiir fctvt'ii tho Manly l'liililinir
cli a! llarvaril In u hl.u k hand lot-
T!i. rolloR organization hn ml
f ri.ipil ii h Its annual proiliirlion
r-i,w!m mill flown." n na'.hical at
U' i n Die luilihi'X Ikl.
Thf 'tir coiihIhKhI of a bin ftlack
jr. t drawn with priiill Rtiil wan
B.i'lo up "f loltfrn rut from niwn-
jpcr. The piilloo were notified.
whermhr got
lirr color.
Many wo
men, perhaps
your nriitfi
txir, will trll
you that (lie
jot. her won
Hrrfiil color,
her TiTactom
piritd, her
Rtren((th and
health by
taking a
'J t e m per
an if" tonio,
known a lr.
Pierce's Far
orite Prea
cription .
Prohahly no man in America was ctct
'. qiiaiilie.1 to micceagfully treat tin)
Aiwa peculiar to women than I.
tr, of HufJalo, N. Y. T)ie cae that
ton to him run into many thoueaaita,
PH him an eiprrienoe that raraly
"kw to &ny onetnan. l)r. INeree found
in nearly fTery cane there were
rAlll Tff r nil 1 irrnwfka mkij-k rwrplv
tied to Rue prompt relief in thone
""nine di.Hordem from which so many
omen miffi r. He combined the! roots
""i kerhs into a tcmperanco nifdicina
he railed Dr. Piereo's FaTohte Pre
Pton. This medicine in sold in both
ht tnd tahlct form by dnirjiisU etc ry
re A wi-ally, sickly, hackachy, hcaf
y. nerTous, dcondent woman, ith
flar or irre(r,u)ar pain with feminine
"orders that come in youth or middle
jj-w pr- lty sure to find in I. Pierw'a
Jori! Pn.rription the eiacl remedy
u,, nr condition calls for.
A1li in Sop
Bad for the Hair
G'C'11 b" ""d "reful
'kn .! V to kol yo"r '"
r'Pvt ., ''l Mo"1 "oaP" "
fcuch a w.,? Tpo" contain too
"" ti J t ,1iu dr1e" ''p.
Tho ti", b"U1"- and rul" '
uae i
'hi, 'nuh.ifH.rt coconnut on
keite! H,r' "nd fr"!"-): ami
l or .,." ,h" mo"t PenWe
.n. anyth,nlf ' you car, use.
'oi i'i!! w'W "apoonfula will
s, , ir 'nd "P IhoroUKh-
u yTK",n ,h" ir w"u,
n. h """" lather.
"Wl out CJUIlly.
,K "din . ,. V,n7- "" It leave,
k hr,.';l,, V"' 'h "' f!n -nl
to m. ' ,u",ro' rtfty and
111 t Jri mnll'll coronnut
a f.I rhrm''y. It vary chlAp.
a, "f th rami), for ,alluu.
Averlnir the ilefi'iulants ha failed
to inei't the monthly ltn.taHni.Mitn on
Die payment of J.'.r,,', 7T, for rurtiliure
dell-, i red ly the pli miff suit askini:
tho return of the h.ni-o'huli! nv,.i
and an n'Mitnmal mini of t I " f"r
line of thn furniture wa.i filed In ku-pi-rlor
rourt Saturday hy I V. '
Shannon, iIoIiik huNinrMS in TuIkii im
the f-'hannnii 'Furniture coiiipaiiy, I
aK.lnit J iu et Mi llrlde. I
The plaintiff elatum that under the j
contrail upon ttliiili the funillurei
wi Kid. I. failure of the pur.'h.ii-er to J
meet Die monthly p.ouii ntH Die
.i ...... ee ti... .!..!. ... i... I
Bi'MMion i.f the no, ii lii and a nanon
iihlii mini for the line nf the furniture
Tho plaintiff rlivn tu nk the re
turn nf the K It In lieu nf Judgment
tor J .1 '.. ;.', ii,!t'i.'. to l.e ilue on
the orlxuiitl amount uf D,e cnnirart.
HI'KIMIFIin.l', Mo. April 1
The pr a. h i r"i of At k. ir. in, Okla
homa and Texan will hi-r lti- Luteal
nine I'.ll'., If i.i'ir i oin pi .1 ' lhi:i ilo
no! ,t velnji, an m .lit'ti .0 I: .1. I' ni-
10, icv-.Minl fiuil 1 rep spe' i.iI.hI ft
tin' I'. department of aKr.euttU'e
with headipiarterH heir. It. Imuran
Ita-i p. "'li ner the pr.n'h h". Hon ra
ii'titly mi an inHperiion in.ir
The ilaiuaite iloti" hy tli,. reeent
tornado rannot he r.tlui.it''t at pieH
flit 1 1 in piedli led that A 1 k.l I i.-.i .1 . 11
I'.i.e a itio:,! flop and 1 'K lahofin
an mi per rent 1 np. 'In.- piom-
pei'H 111 1'ex.lH lite IMIli'll hetti'r t!i.ill
Pint year, w 'i.'.i l. tfol eari nf peni'lo-n
w.'l'.. Mlllj.p.'l ion nf tint .:.!'., ttC
nudintt t" Mr I lain an . n port.
Slllldiiv Itlll MkiuiI
Al.ltANV, N . Apul li f."V
einnr Smi'h tmln Nlciied the 1,11'i
ptn 1 ' 1 1 1 1 k for Siiud i ha.-i hall nnd
Sunday inollon pletures.
Heat ALL Your House
Yes, it's just as possible'InXour hom as it has been
in fifty thousand dTfrers. You, too, may have every room
comfortable with balmy healthful heat, reaching every
corner by Nature' method of circulation and all through
only one register! It isn't necessary to clutter up your
house with pipes, overheat your cellar and incur big bills
not when you can get tht
ES " UP)
t Orlgiriil Patcnttd Pipdeas Rimac3 '
It eia b let tip la a day, without bewrvrnlanr t ytm, and will
make your home so comfortabhi 1 tha acreraat winter weather jrou
will ba well repaid.
Your houae will be tinlformly warm; your cellar will be Juat
rtgkt for the storage of fruita and reg-etablcs. Your fuel bill will be
leas than with atovea that beat only a part of your bouse.
The Calorie ia the Original Talented IMpelesa Furnace the r
nlt of the study cf competent engineers to aolre the hentlng prob-
ka la tli biiwi HtimrtnTf war. Tht thy hf no.
lUn ll ild U prmd br Om tmrt that tk nunbff ( (Inrlea
I anld oa an atMKlat riiannu of Mtiafactlou to thcaa tiMa
axaater than any other plpeleaa furnaraf 4.
Tha aanaa nf thla aatlafarttun Ilea tn Uia natvataat and
aacladr ariarlplea that diillniaiah tha (alnria fnrm all
thera. It la not a plpa furnaca prorldad lth an aitra
aautaa, but a eofoplata ravuluUen in furaaoa haililtaj 4a
ajgaaj eaataultct fox plpaleaa kaaUng.
Com In And See Us
Wa vtl aVnr raa wtatt Uiaaa prlnetplea ara, aa4 ymm
win tbaa tea vliat Oalurta aaallle iun. mhr It alwaaa
1 4m ad whf taaltatiuna aaaaol ai-aompliah tha amaaa
raaaha. Tba Tan will ha la no danarer of burlag an Irv
larlor artlata, with all U itlaappotntraant la later tans Uia.
Gat a aopr af I ha book "Procraaa." whlah Ulla tha faat
aljilm haallaa. U fm ama t aoaaa la, wrtu tar IV
Tulsa Sheet Metal Co.
13-15 S.Iansin-Phone 678
,a laa kr Tat ll' itwt l lienr rrv . iwml aaa.
Eighty y;
'.-nje eif r.
No power on earth can halt the flight of time, but In spite
cf y?arB you need not "grow old." It's all a matter of keep
ing the body fit strong, vigorous and healthy-so that it will
arrest the effecta of time.
The approach of "old age" simply means the gradual decay
cf the body's organs and tissues. Keep the stomach, bowels,
liver, kidneys, bladder, heart and lungs in good working order
and Time's fingers will touch you lightly.
At the first sign of breakdown, either physical or mental
If slight exertion makes you tired, weak, nervous or irrilablo
if your appetite lags, your digestion is ptor, your sleep
troubled and broken in short, if you find that you're losing
your "punch" and "pep" and physical energy begin the
building up process at once by taking
The Great General Tonic
Nothing will restore your itrength, renew
your health and revive your spirit like this maa
ter body bulkier. It rccorwtructaJ tho decaying
tuwracs by enriching the blood and tone up and
Invigoratee the entire system by stimulating tje
ulupgish organs into normal activity. Fine for
over-wrnujXit nerves, lieadai'lie, lis of appetite
and indigestion.
Cret a bottle of this splendid topic today.
Don't put it off. It's pleaHnt to the taste and
pieasuig in reeults. Yourdrugguit will supply you.
Soaa Manalaetwrara
New Yerk Jtaaaa. Cily, Mq.
J"1 UK iiicroasinK low of Americans for the Homo is oxomplifiod
ii?ttrohouse-clcaning process that tfonorally takes placo at
this season. Hence, this love is reflected in the bright and alto
gether charming furnishing of the modern Home.
To hoi p people in this noble work is the purpose of this Spring Exhibit
for the home. Our stocks are wonderfully prolific in .surest ions of the
most modern furnishings and treatment for this room and that. They are
carefully chosen from the best and newest the market affords. Just a
glimpse of the new things in Furniture, liugtt and other Home Furnish
ings will fonvincQ you of the completeness of this display in which
Prices Are Very Moderate
Simplicity -the embodiment of refinement - is truly expressed in our en
tire line of Bedroom Furniture
This suite, exactly as shown, (without dressing table) in Antique Ivory,
priced to you this week JjJJQJ) QQ
l 7 1 complete r ' n
" - y-j "The Home of Vourtenu" okla- fjSj
i ' llS-120-122-V2t Kant Second Street J C"dU jfl
The latest and lest designs in good Furniture always find ready nccoplunce on our Wtt
Zv floors. " This enables us to tall your attention, from time to time, to such tasteful
LfPfc Furniture as is shown here. This 10-piere Walnut Suite (similar (258 50 wp
rii . to cut) priced to you this week
m liym pfeOJ B3rriirf ' ' riil; m
p if -nrflif hr iJH8 ' ft
&riprj7r iSTteaS ItO.VT Wait to lie
Finish the Job- ffyl ESj Solicited-ltuy
S I i "Yiclnru" ' It o n d
O if A a,e -nton 1 rtu
UJU 0 Imputation t llugn A , Jgft
I tlO tm ftftld ( sr4trtw Martv-
IgN ). tiaa pia-law r takarTa

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