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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, April 20, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A. M., SECTION B, Image 23

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i 05 Interest to
M EKfj
, r v, -i -iititi.rk. Holier I Y eager and
,!b,r: I Amelia I'rlon.
imrl.er pretty l:a!"'"r frollo
e" . . . L.l-l. At .(.. Ilrlitfn
,,' WI1MI1 .11AIII- ....
ikIiiit f Mr. and Mra. W.
,n'n, entertained about II j kld
linr liiy uflernnon.
I.mii mirrotindlnit the Prown
h.ih the arene of the play,
,n,l ernr hunt, directed by
mini Hrown. Tlin parly
on wa. nerved Indoors with
tie k
It ' '
" . , I ..ri.tiinl 111., .tilling
,i iin'ttv picture In chirks.
. .. . ' ... I'li-irl...
! ,1 ,.lh I e r I ' I ' ,J" 1 i
Mrn. Joliciih 1'. llyr.l Jr.
.,, t,..lirlik I". Walter and Mlssi'i
-. i I'ulKhum unit Ituth lln
'' '!. also usalaluntii In making
;. ! noun merry for .M.iurine
i h, riinehe Ann ljuwhon.
Ijrv I i inees Waller, Ituth fiilliland,
i,,:', Van Horn, Jane rltrouvi'lla,
', h!i-v, Jano Kllen Miwiit, Mar.
ha -I
V '
jkin.i .!).
1 1 )'
i Waitrr. Kllen WHwcr. War.
I.tKnn, .lunette Wrijjht,
,i i, Wright,' Iredell Itrown if
, Joseph Hynl, William
I '.; :' v ltirhanlM"n. ltohert
.1 lt.iv llrnwn, ltllly Jlakor,
I. n i;,hvln MeKvever.
I'll iiml Kobert Downing, eon
,n, .1 m:!iti-r of Mr. and Mm. Har
iri IintttllllK. llo I'.. ml iiilli'n-uiiui
fcr li'
W :
.M.-fple IUiIko, -tit or ta I ni'il the
n uhit are their playmates In
. lii,,irh.Mit with a mornliiif
p.itiy Saturday.
k.ih the umial e(t(r hunt and
iiiiiiu n appropriate to Hid oc.
Willi M in Ixulf. CI leaner,
rj, In r of klnderK.irten, directing
lie I'l.iy The lijni-heon' table latleu
,i'h n lies, held decorutlona of ruh-
,. iin I i - li 1 1-k h nml thu favorn were
n!, I. - nml rhU-kenn. MetnlaineK M.
D r iinSi i lain, John .!. Hlai-kJ 'etrv
Sf.st . tiiI Thntuaa AdaniH aa-iinted.
"itn mil of the. group were, Jane
iMiinltt i v, Helen Junta, Tjiirlle
l!ikr Snfinne Itodolf, Virginia Kra
ft .! .Hi"- Kllen MaKie. Hilly Hertz-ti-K'i.
-Imi-k M illoy, Hen llnwklria,
l.n l:.. o k Jl.., Ultu Kramer and
ii Kramer.
1 r pnrtii-M of the week anion
lir h.llren, Inrliineu the pretty
t-.t-li ii;,,ii wllh wlilnh M in. Murray
i I), mii entertained on Wednenduy
ur tin- M'honlnifile.s of her younu
Lt-i-e. t.'innia Hl'l.
A w'oip of little- Kmmii'i frlencH
.: ml ; were RiieHln for the et!K
i. a', .''tntests and luneheon ierveii
i,ii mi .ittrnellvelv decorated tahlo.
jr'i Kirl lerelvptl it favor of n
-f-, "I tltill. Mm. I"im w.ik aflame, I
r. li-' 'l-iiiirht'r, Mr.i. J. Ami John
en . i ml Mis. tieorKe M. Canterbury,
i-i'l mi--ie.i of the puny were. Mary
0 ..no I'eiry, Helen .lane riiillipM,
l Ki t Jean t'rosliie. Martha llarn
m't. IM'h ('rouble Mart-nret Oouder
imn. M iry I'lirnline Cola, 'lertrinla
tuv, .It-aneltr t'ruwfurtl, I'lilse Da.
li. (tttruthy Kins. VirRlnla Taylor
livo Httrothy Myera. 1-Vnncea Sleep.
r. Iiiim'hv Anders and Mary 1'ran
vl.uiu liert.
Mn'ir Frank nrnnt Mcninlock'a
li-'T party waa in the way of un
r.t mll.tii' unit tinlilniip m er r v m :i k I li if
lti the pretty lawn rut rnundlni; the.
'in i- tti nil" pin-Tun, ill r. una .ii rs,
I nti Mi i 'Unlock.
l.iPle "Mac." Hi lie Is beft known,
til-, llii nnter of the KnlherltiK of
JiIIiin ef the nclphborhood and
to. n a di-(tanee. Luncheon w.ia
trv.l ,,ii Die lawn with Mia. Ilalpli
I J'.nne I ii-tMNtlntr The faMirH
ilii'kn Hii'l rci;i Klddli-H of
hl"rn- frolle were .l ine -:llen Mi
" 1 .leu Wit wer, M irv Kithervii
lo'li lf. S'ia.in M'-Hirni y, Dencle
mui.-e finiioll, Ijeity Itnv Lindsay.
Un i:i..-ilieii f'allahan, I, m ile Hen.
". J' in Allen, Sii7.atine Itndolpli,
I' n linwiilnit, Martha Jane Tear
on, l'r.imi-i I'enrce. Hetty Jan
;'. Jack Malloy, Jtohert Downlnjf,
Kn or woman It pretty If her
J'-s .ire red, (drained or h,He dark
I'm Simple w it h ha.- l, camphor.
ijflr;i.-i,s. etc, h mixed In IjtVoptlk
fwaMi. will brlKhten thn. pyeaand
'W'-ek's un- will miiprlae. you with
(jl'l''K results. llejculax U8i of
f'M''ik keeps thn fyea healthy.
M'kliti,,. :m,i vivacious. Tlia quick
fcar.t;.. will pleaao you. Dainty alu
liiniin ie ,,, .-l:KK. Hoy Get
'i. IP. South Main. Adv.
'""d Mtemioii in Map.! or
May htay tV)prl.
N'ur ii tm fo BprllU
'of !!. ,-ornplexion If you wlah to
k -!l the rest of the. year The
'"i'li winds have a alrontf tendency
1 ''t!!iL- ,.,,t freckles that may ata'v
Jl R::n i-i,.- ....I . -
. i u-ii'-n leinnvetl. .OW IS.
" "ie to usn Othlne double!
Tl.t preparation far tha removal
T III-, I. I,... i, . .
, i71 unuiiuv so Hucceahtui
,:t It Is u,,l,l i... ., ....
... ' ' J 111'lKf.lBIB Ulini-r
ninir. to refund the money If U
'i III! ounce ur m , n
I. In
.,,1 , ii.- tit i-iiillir.-
,1,, ., t'". " even a lew ap-
'' ations Hlmui,! show a wonderful
K.-m,-t,t, Blu,o f sMHiiier
dJh,,f "M-n an Lstiinn entirely
Dlil tt
ial1 Mon,. (iix-nitlon
' ' !,, II,.,.
W,." A W- ""'lard, afler pnfferln
'"""'.nil and kidney .iwordera
time, with consequent
j,"' loss r,f wmirht and sleep
'.iT11 '."'i" "l,"r,l",d upon In
' '"' " f"r Kal1 t'"'a
v!m 'U1,:,r'l !'" that It Rot so lm
114, ,,' '" " "'oiiihfuU of food would
t..,;.M 'r.'V " a i ul.je.-t
n i,. . 't", tr'1'"1 th HrKa-
u i ' "lent, ,h1 when aeen ,ui
, h,-r "'"-"'id iKltlle.
.! w,',,,. , "'ink trKaione Is th
kk.-r, i . , ni''Hcine i have ever
". f i ., V' K'""1 1 hi"-Uly kn.i
mrb -!..'"" '" Ktilnln, heal
, . ,, . : " i'k my oeaim
e,rivn-':w hope ew Ufo an.l
(Liquid or Tablet Form)
o'J by The Re,ll Store
Hunt's Daily Store News
SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 1919
NO. 19
After Easter Sales Begin Tomorrow
After Easter Sale of Silks
SA-liii-li IVnlanlH Desirable new pat
terns; popen. taupe, navy, wisteria,
brown ami black ground; dots and Ivory
mid colored printing, nebular 12.50
Monday, $2.14 yard
40. Inch ITInliil l'lisv Willow Taffeta
ltoBp, cnpi-n, orchid, reardu, taupe,
navy and other shad.s with new print -Intra
In one, two and three-color corn
blnatlntia. Hpgulur tl quality
Monday, $2.79 yard
40-lnrli Katln Strlppi riillna In coral. Peltln, white, Rold and other shades for party
dreaaeg and separate bklrta. Kcjriilar $2 21 quality
Monday, $1.98 yard
Silk l pt., Main Door
Children' Stamped Drette
II and II 23 toIupm
Made of pique. batlHtn and linen finished lawn;
made up ready to embroider; alzra 6 OA
niontliN to 7 years 0C
Art Iop-, McrJiiilno l liwir
Attractive modela In aerira,
pnlrrt twill and poplin In
navy blue; alao a limited
number In Band color, copen,
mixtures and aha p herd
checks. Km, belted and fit
ted modela are Included.
lies from 14 to 4 4 will be
found In the croup.
5 1
it i
-At t!
Glove Counter
IlrmiUr 9inu I'rofiKH Kid
(ilnvi'N for tt.ua 4nlr
1'lain white aJid conlraNt'liiK
Ktltchlnri a I i) In brown,
lielire, ihampttKiie and black
Willi self -embroidered buck;
two claiipa; all atxea.
A Nprarlal lot nf Silk (ilorea
for ec 1'alr
(lood quality allk gloves In
Kray, in a a t I c , black and
white; all alr.pa.
In OiP ttlg" Ko'lion
He'i carried
Old Glory
croat the
Tour 1 o v n 1 and
until 1 1 1 K au ppor t
made It pnHHIhln.
1 4il help to fin
lull the Job -
Choice Pattern Hats
$1 A.00
That were $15.00,
$16.50, $18.50 and
$20.00 Jfor
Tomorrow Millinery Shop, Third Floor
A choice jrroup of pattern hats remainingr fr0m the neason'R "
srllinp. Uoautiful trimmeil hats, Bmart tailored hat, hats for
matrons and hata for misnea. Extraordinary values tomorrow
for $10.00
v irv
Children's Stamped
tl.fiO and ll.TS Talur
Made of good qualify whit pique; stamped
ready to embroider; alxea 1 to I (PI " f
i .
Art Dept., Mtaianlne Floor
Coats, Capes
and Dolmans
Valuet to $9.75
This irroup Inrludea eoata,
rapea and dolmana of tnen'a
wear aerse, American pop
lin valour and tweed In navy '
blue, aand, henna and mix
ture Exceptional value at
Tailored suits of sprpe, poplin ami tweed ; blouse
back; semi-tailored models in navy blue, Bhep
herd checks and tan mixtures; braid and button
trimmed. lany of them have vests of white or
new novelty materials. A Rood selection to
choose from.
Smart sprint? suits of navy blue serKp, tricotine
and poiret twill; formerly priced up to $59.50.
The prroup includes tailored, semi-tailored, box
and blouse styles. Some of them braided and
button trimmed; others plain. All silk lined
and perfectly tailored throughout.
Exclusive Models-
Ranging from $65,00 to $145.75
Reduced 15
Valuet to $34.75
$1 iC.95
Valuet to $43.75
$1 n.95
Valuet to $54.75
Excellent quality navy blue serge, gaberdine,
and poplin coats, capes and dolmans. Also a
limited number in other shades and mixtures.
All new spring modela representing'' values to
This group includes reversible capes with fitted
bodice, smart fringe-trimmed capta, belted coats
and dolmans in navy blue and sand color serge,
trteotine and velour. A big assortment to choose
This group includes a number of stylish models
in capes, dolmans and coats, featuring all of the
newest style effects. The colors include navy
blue and sand color. Lined with plain and
fancy silk. Hraid trimmed aniTlain.
-Nx-o!ul Hour
Including all the hotter Coats, Suits,
Capes and Dolmans now in stock.
This group includes all the higher priced models, representing such a wide range of styles and prices that it was impossible to assemble them in
price groups. We are going to offer choice of any coat, cape or dolman formerly priced from $(i" to $1-1 'J. 50 at a reduction of 15'e. A saving of
from $9.75 to $20. See them and judge these valuet for yourtelf.
On Sale on Uic S4nimd 1'loor
Printed Voiles in New Spring Patterns
At 50c vd 40 lnrh Vo"M:
t JUt yu. W,, ,,,,1 tmipd
grounds nent floral print niga. eipe
rially desirable for house drehia
and Children s dresses.
At 75c and 85c yd.
l'rtnted I-'reneh Vollea In wljUe and
tinted rrund prinwd In ne.il eoolred
pattern alnitiar to the printed
At $1.25 yd.
40 Inrh white
a n d rolored
Voilea with new flornl putterna .ind
a'l-owr printed affeets. I tin;, aln-er
ijuallty I rem h ollt-.
At $1.35 and $1.50 yd.
Satin atr'.pa I'nwirh Vollea. rolured
atrlpe emnroiiieri-u vollea, nil over
printed effeeta In Unlit., and
Waah (onda Krrtlon Main JIoot
Trinted Batiste, 29c Yard
Fherr Initiate In Hcht floial piitterna. flRiirea and rlnt
Non-Krush Linent $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 Yd.
The rolora Inrliide rewda, mnue, w-iNterla, ropen, praf,
Iin eritliT, pink, liKht blue and white.
Waah fiomla SiTilon, Main I'lmir
the HUNT co.
MMN KT IlirrWrKN 11IIIU AM) FOlltni
All of the Newest Gingham Patterns
At 72c vd , ,n" Vt
lf.cyu. ..ephyr lilmtha
At 39c vd f:h""r Tlaaiie
45e yard; lli.'ht Rtntea itii't li i-r-k ?i .
experinily deairabln f'ir iIh-h.-ii-s.
At 40c yd.
In attrat live
i liei k.
'IoihI ) ii lilt y
Zt-ilivr ! iiflifima
plllltlH, H'ript-t und
Af At vd Lorraine Tlwin
"l (liiiBli.-uiiH In new
trlpea, pl.-il'l" and i-herka. In one.
two and three rolora.
c h
In prttty bright pla.tls and delicate
iiii'-i mm.
At 75c vd Fvlvno """i v-rtp-i
i uk. yu. ,,.in TS, ,.,I1B.
him" In l iti.e iil.ii l.i lyitl new mm-
I'lll.lti'lll i In i ks
Af .1 Of! ,r,l 0 In, h F.Ik
(itriKhnma. In
woven plald.i.
l-'inmli Ti-eme
beautiful pumelie
In iIm Wnnli (.ixmIm s.tlon Main HiMr

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