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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, April 20, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A. M., Image 3

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jt,, lU-funm "Willi OniUnti.t"
llildo ! "''",y rrP'IUn'
Ho Wire AilinlnlHiraUir.
merit during- Hi viur In which our!
"onntry iii.m-.I, In wlilcli oil
titcinlirH m.ide riciy sacrifice niirt
responded to every in prcxtn inn j
fo.il. l.uvltiK l.il.erty l.on.1. .1 ot. it Iti '
I" Hie llf.l i'i-.iks Mini a ' Kivlnn up I
fi i wie;r lives i in. t.ntofi. M of l.n i
to ' rope fiKlniriK f,.r utir ciiuntiy
'.Now . .It,- K,iinK fiKfll t"i-j
nil rm. i. 1,1 m:tl,l iii fur ll'.o m 1 it r r h J
the pnm iplf. of .lfino,'r,ii y an I jus
tiro wlllili tltec foiiulit lo I t .1 1 It f.ir
nromiin APOCCUCIIT:""1"" 'n'" '"" 'f
UftJ nt-OOIflU HUllLUIllLII I r.Tfil 'iii.l. r Ihf Iron li.-.-l of pir"
1 I Sliill f,,r the past H tllotlltlM Milder
- ... I Ihf l:if. mi, iiii aiitoniiitc' peniiT'y
linwcvo r.
oty mm
I i T
hi ii eh.
vt or K.
U, I llmd Tell .striker WaeJilnirHin
jl ijif I'm I WHl ? Ilrokcii If Or
der Not onipllixl Willi.
1 I lT.-iill llll. K.in , April 19 II.
.Juifisld, feilural'. fuel adlllloi
irir, loiluy In a iiK'Mitgo to Alex
ui.l.r llnvtat. president of ill.itrii'l
.( ( m I : t il Mine Workers, threatened
in '
M.W iiieiuhcia urr
I i'"-n in nil- oiy , juu u. (.
f"M Saturday.
I .......
j AI.I M KI'ITI.N'i ;s f ,.,,,
' hf.lul.,1 fr ll,,, .,,.k .. ,
"""" i-..u. r ,,, ,,.lliv. ,
i I 11, C JJIicrtv ,,
i --
.rni...w. Inm-cver , A XMTI.I.- Tin vi
lli ml, nut id tlin i.rd of ,i iltcMtur i!i,ii mi,..,,,.., . ' .
titv a I tun ntiirerncd the sUike In , " ' M'i"ii.
.!.,.. ...... ...Ill ....... I .... ..n.ll It.. ' .V '
'"""' ' ""MANS
"I'i'raiitii iiiiikc ;i ii lulu, firv urn ilonil.lv nf
rnent In the miners In mm district , I I
o'ho In ills! rift 'J 1 . I I
lltlle 111, d.ill't
1, :
ikf t lie provliuon of tlii. atii font-
wft'ii the cuiil iiunfia anil
,il operators 0f Noteiiilier,
Mllltll Ji.lVe till) miners nu III
: if 1 1U U (,l, UIlUnH lloHat
.,1 tliu mriKing iiiiiicm of the
i, C-al Ar (.'oka Co. to rirtui 11
ik uhilu in1, llottui, met Mitfi
al or oiinaa utul nu l.'iiillif J the
.in, u of the in . nern.
11, ,h ii, in ainurr, na to tinr-
f.f.,1 thai hf rf Jf i tcil "wlili fonli niit
o.ir,lly pi upomlion mihiiiitLinl."
T o no Of i h, I low at W II I'll. ".IP,, ,l f
.ui.i lo dlfltl to thu taJn iliti ir
kj.:i.-l I In' uulomittlc penalty i laune
mil, n l.c ilc nouiif fit uh "infauiouH."
II," iuf-ltV of tiarfit'lj lo llow.lt
Kiiifhhin I nullMfiM-lory.
-Tin. ,u lion taken l,y you ainl Wll-k.n-'ii
In i a 11 ii k Ktnkii nml ihf r, i
in on K'.i" Hi" altogether iinsuii
U 'o'i A . wlifd you yenlerUiiy 1 ilo
ii, l 'i-i upon lht inentH of thf con
irntiiHv ,y fulling your Htieiiilon to
tin. f.ii i that you liny tmi proceeded
u,, ,,r,llnK' to the VahliiKloM grfe
Hin t whifli ntill h'lila anU wtiirli uy.
p:ie In vour caP.
' l-'ii rtlmi more, lf you permit In k"
IrK i-iuitrury to lh imlilngton
(irei'iiifiit and thn mine workem of
)uur ilinirlcl (iipport your propoHttl
lo d.Kri-Karil thai agroi'ine nt an.l con.
tiniif oifKtrikn 1 Khrtll Ihhuo a Htalrt
inrnt I i all inincri mid. upcrutor In
your illrirt Ihut you, having re.
iud;a!f,l th. Vanhlnglon agrefinent,
lh,, n,ii.iloi8 In (lmirlfiM It unci 11
n no liinccr liouii.l tu pay thn waKv
n.lviuifii of 11.40 M'i'iired hy that
nitri merit in onlir that the rontro
irry may he uiljunted without re-
" ii ri n nirlngvnl tneiiMurCtiA,
1 earneKlly roiiuest that you wire
me oiir nci'f planio to rnoet with
iiur Ifiieiiu of lutmr at your rurllrat
riiiiulv either In Washington or
Niner l ngreealiln lo all purlieu
ml iti.it iiilncn rcKurne operation
jien-Lng final ailjuslinent of your
(Sk-rn-il) "It A. OAltHKr.n."
To iho Cnrflelil meniuKe llowat re-
lUrjfM-tH Tti'niond.
"I retort with contempt the, oow
rl i- propoHlilim mihmiliod hy you.
"Tlili. I Hiipposo, n Ihe mlnem' re
nin! for tholr loyally to our govern.
"Wo lire prepared for any emer- )
coney anil Inlend to fight lo the luH ,
(Slrnodl "A I.KX A NItKfl l(tVT.
"I'le-Menl illflrl.'t M, fnitO'l Mine,
Worliern'' 1
That the A pi II lul!d,n(r prnirr.i'n
will uliiiiwl ciiiil that of April, II' I 7,
wl on valtia'iotiH iriiuliM m,0!i3.
.i forer as'e.l In the liiliu lal inn of
lite litiKirien done l,y (ho city build
ing department din ing Iho f::: I '.I
l:i In thin month, hi itiade Satur
day afternoon by Chief Clerk i'lli leu
of (he municipal lmpci turn deparl
Inent. Since April 1 Ihe valuiii lonn on
htillillnitit covered liy terniliH lu'al
Hut 4L'u The VdluutloiiH fur April.
I'.tlS, were 14111. 219, which wnx only
$14 s.K more than wan recorded fur
April up (o Saturday afternoon.
Thn lint for tjto firMt 111 davn In
Aptll Itifluilea 102 renldences at
:4.62.i: f. gariigeii l $ 2 H , 3 r r. ; 30
reair JoIm nl 1211,711.; 11 Inmlncn
ho u sen nt fil,71f!, two apartment
Iiouhos oi JIS.uui) and ono barn
fur v
,i tile
Ar-mrnliiFH Want Tntrmmilon.
NKW HIKK, April 19 Allied or
Amorlcin military Intervention In
Tui'MhIi Armenia lo iiiomre r.-Mtoia-tlon
of Ihelr homo luiulM of tliou
:indn of refuueeii Buffering the lor
ttiren rif hutiKor and Ickne. wai
urgoil, without walling for formal
action by the peaco conference cre
ating mi Armenian Inantlilory. In a
cntdogrorn from ltr. J. II. T. Main,
commlKHlonor In Iho Cauciixui for
American committee for Armenian
and Syrian relief made public by
the committee hero tonight.
lUtlihcr In Shot.
DK.-4 Mol.NKS, ..wu., April 19
one roliher wan (ihot and killed, an
other rohher and a pollcoinan prob
ably mortally wounded and a civilian
wa allghtly Injured In a pistol fight
early today when police ol.mhexl wl'h
three bnrgltir dlHcoverod in on ea;
aldii grocery etorn. 'J'ho third robber
In In Jail.
Soldiers Realize the Value ofan
M.inv Holdlem anil allorn hars rerontly enrolled In the Tulf
ltiisiniBM College for a thorough biinlneaa training. I'oaeiljly you
Miiuild do llkewlne. It would lticreue your efflclonry ami earn
ing power, mid result In rapid promotion with a better pay check.
What Soldiers Think Ahout
"Vrr wen rnongli to know
Hint Iho nuin In tho army
Hlthtiiit an Mlui'iillon don't
kiiiiiiI iiiui Ii cliiimiri for pro
lllolloll." "Ain't It a ahnmo tlint it
man llko nut Hint can't even
M't nlglil nil Ii Ik rlflo must
Hand up unci face ilio cdti
cnlcil t-cnniiiut?"
'Sontciin otik'lit in tell the
Imivn back lionic tint valur nf
an iiluintlon ltcf(ir they
tome In n'. I didn't fci'l fht
ncfil of an (mIuciiiIoii unlll I
got In the army, hut now I
feH It ever' liour."
"If Hint compnlwry law
had iMt'ii iho law when I wan
a iHiy, I wouldn't have In ho
learning; lo read ontl wrliei
Alabama Illllcrncy i'oninilwion lU'port.
l ll.li4lV TIM'. CHOWII
P.otli our Tlay ant! Evening Bi hool contlntios throughout the
hummer month Wo are enpeclally prepared for the warmer
"father by having installed both celling and nm-lllating fun.
Ncai-ly ono hundred ambition, nil, I alert young men unci young
iion.cn urn attending our evening hcIiooI, and twice aa many are
enrnlled 111 Hie day achool. It Is nn inspltatlon to work with
u, h a froup of prngreHaivo and rnthiitilaiitlf etudentR.
C iisi.ler the soldiers' opinions of an ediiiatlon! Conelder your
tlti'illfle.itloiiM! Ami If you have a de.nio to do greater thltujn
hold n better poHltlon ami be iiKMin d of rapid promotion with
a better Hilary, net according lo your good Judgment. May w
expect you Monday? Call nt our office, r " ii t "'. 109-111 K.
Third Ktreet. K. A. flulso, HuHlne-m Munager. Telephone 142J
or 2:,;;,.
Tulsa Business
A Great Sacrifice Sale
Five Tons of Star Kalsomino, all colors
45c per Package
Ropnjlar price GOc per packapc
Reliable Paint & Wallpaper Cm
119 South Boulder Phone 8128
1.1 'It will me
ttooti at the mil
ntiiae paiim r,,r Hi., iitinii,,
be held next nn, uii
-I - V. '
J I. Mll l.Ti t ,a I n atro
l't the poll,, mid n h.i, f,,,
'oniuctioii ,,,,,, (pf
ihe recent hnbl.i,,, ,,, ''
- t
A gl'ANTITV of can.lv. chewing
K "n and ci.i.irn x'olen 1 r,. ,-, ,,.1,,
frotn the etore of ; . i;,,. Wil,
, i ....-re, ,y i. tccllve Cul lt,, l,
it, lid. iv iiinru.ng
I -
The body of ilu r li'i ot..
tu. in. who die
'i I Tliuiiid.lv,
.1 's. ph, Mo,
I, .rial.
i:.tl I
I at the nt
w a m I a k I- a ii
Riiurday night
.Monday and '1'uewday with erv, . i
t,y thu Jcwinh coiigi tdiion of ih
- I
M ATKKI A I. deductions In demur
l lko rule will be put nun tflc
boon, uiccrdmg lo announcement tu
ceiled by K. .V Adams of tint Tule.i
Ti attic M.-ociutloii. 1
- I - - I
IJKl'T. J c. til! I'i ii ' 1 1 Y . for- )
mi r otiny av.aioi, wi;i addicm the
liiict.lig of the 1 '- ll k U In i l, lit at tin
, M C. at ...In Moudiy 1 1 1 k 1 1
T'bla i-iuli Is i "in posed of tilt; ) l miiooi
I. o . Ittt, i ited lu the rttuil) ot aei,,-
II. ill. ,s '
- I
! II. (1 l.i tilt i II of Tul-a lias p it
ctiscd Hie vill .icre f. il in of the
Mihotitt aile i trchard co:np.in in
,l I rf .iv en w on n couiuy. ivann is, i,,i
I I Oil. UUIt,1 ,"'(, I illlig H 'pics .1 Its 1
I pa. i Inn loin l'.n eliwoi I II, Kali.
i S.itui ,1 i .
I T IT I t iV.s of the hot r depart.
tin nl ft the l M C A engaged III j
a "hare an. I bound hunt" lo Ited j
I'oil, .- .1 : . i .1 . i After tin. chuee an'
-:.i-ei hunt wis I, e,d and the la.lt'
relui iii -I to the cit late in tint ufi
el noon I
I" M ilAI.I.VHI K uldressed the
ll'l'v i lull at lh,- Wei ll .- luncheon
, Sat ii nl . y on I ho .-ii ,Ji ,'t ol lol ,
hIii v sin A li'V.v il n( A ft l e li , -a n ! sin I
"""llillli St. 'Ill the tile of fiduslr.al lllldl
lu.i k lai
i, ,
i.i i ,
Till' I A I hi INl'l
lloip llle lOllte (or I
A i,t ono, lulu I i ai.-i s'
le iv. home t Hue l h Is
.s to i.-i l ti i i .- ,1 i ..
2 ,', a ml will III, iu ,1c
low n hi ihe Tin a !
I tu l"a on
II 111! Is to,
loul of the
, ,al loii w i i
k Too l"il I
in t, ii ik M a i I
important ,
It Mil Wil. I.
f Mi'
polo e .' a: ,n i.i
ii ii to w , I h .no
and l-:.iu hir
Hie was ilijoli
i.i ei e ,1 im.
Ii i
1 1 1 1, mot,,1
l , i, I ted i
i' ,, 1 1 e tiou l
a, '!., s."
I.n nlKh
,,iii ,. r.
moral ana t , h ,
.1 A M I ,.s M'MIt 1 1 1 ; has rei' is., to
pav f,,r fui iiltiiie I Kin ,,,, ui,. in. I
"tailnieiit plan ftoni shannon. I'uiitl i
tin., cpiiipunv. ni', or.ling l,, ,, p'ii., 1
riled In the d'strl. t com i ..,; r,l.,i I
aklng return of thv furnltuie I
... .
TIIK l'ATl!iiN.TI'M'r;s- ;,,.'
latlon of Ilia as lil tic ' u, h,,,, S I
planning l furnlHii a ! i,'he h' rct
room nt the Bclmoi. Th,, nionev mi
i f raiseu nv ,,u,.'i l ions fn.ru the 1 2on
t lillilren enrolled t the m hool
TIIK IASSHVI:it norvlcee to end
lh oliKervatton of the pero, that
began last Tilenday will be ronctio,
he de, Ui I'd.
TIIK I NII-KNTiliKli ,'nrd rivid
et.-r t.,,1,'11 from I lie I, Itibv of the
Washington M'hool lam t.i"titi hati
been cupluled HI l ik la hilluu Citv.
llfivi'dllig to etlvlcea received lo
ln-piitv Mlieriff llealey Hulurdiiy.
St.iMi: VKHCIIANTS of (he citv
ii, i fiuilug lo p.liillt tho l,lieltv
loan i it ti 1 1 i.i I g it committee t,i ila,'e
pos'ets iidveriiHtiig the loan In their
window, according In Krunk lirvtuit.
tiiiirniati of the county loan wotk
i i .s.
sMi'itiri'' i:aiii, st h'tii I'.nr.w
artivid bete Satiirdiiy'fr.im ,.wn to
lake chaigo of V. N. Kennedy held
no Hie citv bill aiiepeled of oonnoc
lion with ieeveral recent robberies
SMITH, .lets)., Sinili a
1'i-t i Sin ' ti w,i,' c o 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 'a l
,11 , I.i, Mill of bond ii I lei It I ..ik'lillo
I'l-tole III- the .11 lli'l Oil lIl.llHcs
mealing ii ii automooilo from It
McKat )-ioi Mo it, I. it Tho men i
at rest el in t 0. i.i 1 1 . . n i a lily III I"
f-1'.sMuu i f the M oieli car
- I
lM'nllM iTIhNS i biiiKHtg lh
o I .hi i iion, ol, in- 1 1 1, in II. I' Wil, ot,
921 N 1 1 ill I lli'lrlll' htroel. wite filed
Sill III', I. It Hi j!IH.Ii .' Iilll H lOlllt
IK. ill, st Iti. belt Stevens, I'. W King
an,l I i il.l. M , I ge iili- m, II w ii e
al l i Mi.'jl iii T.iis.i I i i, lat in.: lit I v
Sheriff Woolley, who till pi c t ,t,is . t
r i iii,. ., , , , .it ui,aiiii"uo,i i -1 1 : fit
111 1 it-i f,ls.l of T'llsa
HCMiV I il.KT. one of the d,. '-ii
(illens of the IriW'ti'tl towicii,
( liai gi .1 l' h fallnrii to do I tieu
slillle of work on Hie lollnlt toads
pleaded in. It and wan (,ued $ I ll and
coHte bv Justice liiav Ssitiinlat
Henry I'ostei i.le ad, d n,,t guilty audi
Itobeit liat, Iiii ell, '' I the coiiil
that hit tt.m i, mi- Mi teats ot ago and
lllll Mll'JeCt to tile Mate la.
- - I -
IMIMAKI. Wll,SiiN. bolter known
us "Jaik." has I i iiiiKoing from
his lioiue ki tu tt I'tidiy. The bov i
a noil of Mi V. J Wilson, M;
West S ml strict Tho hoy played
hookey from school lililav and I"
said to li:,o gone to tt i n; 'liilsa Willi
three , innpiiitmiis witli the rtprcxsi d
pin pose uf "cat, hlng a freight I ruin
away from Tulsa "
l.i i.N 1 1' 'V April ft. tli Motii'cal
lining the tisit to Hadapest ic .nl
1 of Hen Jin ChilHtlan Smuts who
I w is Mcnt l,t the I'.tlis i unfi ii.es to
lint est lea tc t h,. 1 1 , 1 1- u I . i n
he ,. I. 'ait, i .1 II oil, I K on
iii , if 1st f,u lit ii in ! 1 1 '.'.', i , ,
l cil Hiding I to. plot.,
J l nt e i est ,i II 1 1 1 1 g lit
I i' a 1 1 11 11 lion II, is e
de. lit,,!, . he I mi' u
I 'I s ; J I 1 ,1 ,- I t o llg
' tot elgn pi opet 1 1 .
In these en ,'uiii-ian, cs I'm. inn
'' n
I lie
tt h
SI I lol ! I,
1 he I ol
assiii an,
of ton',
p ll
of. .
i t i r s- I ; i ; f., ir has add t esscd i
' 'o lt.ii K.in naming the sovie
,'t nun III that ll will l.e held I '
,sil.;, for lh" fulfillment of tt
ci lai. in: legnidiiig fotc.gn Intnt
1(11 Iiiii-iIh SihsI nil .ll'.
to colic, I $4 I Sit allege, 1
a p oto .t.or t note in i,e
i" ii on bv the defend.!!.
ft, ii, tol.e,- I, lai;,
e (iu'i
,! oi a f
in I
1 ' i I ' , I S ,,
.1 N.'tl.e
I da e, WVlH foci III ills
Sain, I. IV bv Tholii is II
nn ' John 1 Iii. Ii ii Is
11.1 ll 11,1- I'I . I, I'I, I
I' 11 ci cent the pl.itu
o Ii, y fees of $ I 2 S
I'l'.TI'.i ilT, M,t h . April U live
pet-, ins. i otnpi is.tti; an entire f itnily.
were found dead in their hoi in
the we- M'ie in i c tins ion; iiing, up.
puti'lillv ,ts t'le le.oilt of ptoiimlrs
io,-,'ll.og The de,, ure J. lines 1 Ii .
inio. In- w.fe, Infant son, bruiher
ill,) ait'', I falilti
Ii ld.il. o lb, it the f.iiiulv had pr.
t .l.eii of i ui'aintnate i food tvJit
f,o. lid Iii 'he h'-'IM
Dauns this car u ilh greater hap
piness throughout all lands of the
Everlasting peace and good uill
towards all is the joyous prospect
of the near future.
Today also marks fashion's formal
appearance noticeable will be the
tailored to the individual clothes
from this shop.
11 K
We'll ot
lie Satisfied
You Are.
Why continue experimenting?
Uniformity of your bread can
only be-maintained by using
flour that runs uniform'.
scorr )K TRKVII.I.B
Five Other Great Opera Stars
Hear Xazzari In Tone Test
409 Kast First Street v .Phones 2101 81 S
CAROLINE Larzuri, conlrulto of
th Chicago Oiters Company, ia
endowej with a glorious yoice which n
(ant gaining fur lirr a world rrputatioa
8ha in the latent acquisition to tha
Etlinon group of slam.
Tha drawing which in made from an
actuafihotograph depicts tho famous
diva conducting a tone test before ona
of the most critical audiences which
ever witnessed such an event.
One after another she sang tha
beautiful arias which have brought tha
world to her feet; aang them in unison
with tha instrument, ceasing occasion
ally to sea if her listeners could detect
when It was she they heard and whea
, the New Edison.
Ana of this renowned group, trained
to note the subtlest shades of tons col
or, not on could distinguish (he artist's
living voice frooa tha instrument's
Re-Creation of it
To develop s phonograph capable of
meeting this teat Mr. Edison spent
mora than three million dollars in re
search work. Tha result is the only
instrument which can sustain tha
searching test of direct comparison
with living singers
"Tkt Phonotroth with Soul". ,
Ranges in Price From
$41 to $285
Convenient Terms Can Be Arranged
NO M I IH,li TO IIA,N(.li--l'I, VS ALL DIHC1 UliloniH
sT m m aval a . aaaAaasas
Diamonds JV anted
We would like to purchase
fei-ent sizes to the amount of
first-class perfect Diamonds of dif-
Fifty Thousand Dollars
Anyone who has Diamonds and wants to sell, we would be tflad
to have them call on uh, we will make estimates as to the prices
that wc might be able to pay.
There Arc Hundreds Jf lio Have Diamonds
Who Want to Sell
but are timid in tfointf to a first-class jewelry store for an estimate
or for the purpose of selling a ston e. This is an impression one should
not Uike from the fact that you Kl't better actual valuation and prices
in presenting your stone to a first-class jewelry store with a reputa
tion like ours and who will pay you what your stone is worth, and
any transaction that mijjht lie ma de with any customer who presents
a stone, will be kept strictly confidential. We do not make loans,
however, but will pay c.tsh for such Diamonds as we may be able
to use. t
We also do Diamond setting of any and all descriptions, promptly;
having on hand a larg' stock of mountings; also being in position to
make up any mounting tii.it one might can.' to have within a very short
time, as we are manufacturers of jewelry and do diamond setting.
oi.i.-Kt r-
Ji-Mi'l, Ti III
Till' 11
A. Y. Boswell Co.
mliirr In
r- r-i 1 1 ' 'i 'i 'i 'i 'i " i 'i 'I T i t ir-irjrmii

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