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4 o'clock A. M.
. $5,629,000
VOL. XIII, NO. 215
Hard Climbing But Steady
Gain Brings Jotal Bond.
Sales Up to $2,512,900
Board of Education Invests
$50,000 of Sctiool Sinking:
Fund to Bring Boys.
Owasso and Sand Springs Re
port Quotas Oversold;
Four Towns Over.
How Tula Stands
Tulaa county' quota, . 621, 000
ponds purchased
date 4..
. .i:.tl,900
Imount to be told .... 13.1 1. 100
Tulsa' hond sale for the Victory
lean totaled I2.B12.H40 at S o'clock
Friday evening. . H
There are practically no unpaid
pledge which might be relied upon
to boost the total today, according
to A. V. lavenport, city manager.
The sum total lack 1100.000 of com
pleting half of Tulaa quota.
loan workers will redouble their
efforbr, under the leadership of Mr.
Davenport and hla assistants, noon
day meetlnira at Hotel Tulaa will be
continued, there wfU.be no relaxation
until the Job la finished.
Victory loan campaigner ere not
discouraged over the light re'urr, to
data ak compared With other l'nn
drives. City Manager Davenport Intl.
mated, however, that he believes
ome of the workers are not puttlnu
forth their beet efforts.
"Upon our workere and the pur
chaaer who buys In small luta de
pends the success of the loan," said
Mr. Davenport
An evidence of eon centrales effort
Is revealed In the accomplishments
of the Jew lah committee, winch sold
li:5,000 worth of bonds Thursday
afternoon and Friday morning.
J. K. Croable purchased bonds to
Ihe amount of (100.000 Friday.
Affiliated companies of 'ho Chest
mi tt A Smith gas corporation pur
chased 1150.000 worth of bond.
The board of education purchased
KO.O0O In bonds from the scbol
sinking fund. .
Rlverview school reports the rale
of Hi, 100 worth of bonds. This in
stitution la now leading in thn raco
in the school district.
The Frisco Victory loan special
truJn, which la making a tour of the
system to enlist Frisco employees In
the purchase of Victory loan bonds,
Npenl the forenoon of Friday In
Tulaa and a canvas of the office
and terminals WM made by Ham
Hughe of St. l-ioala, under whose di
rection the tour is being made, and
Krank (low, svpeiia ten (tent of the
Tulsa terminal. Ag a result 17.800
worth of bonds were sold.
fn the aternoon the train moved
to Bapulpa and from that point It
will go south and west to the end of
th lines. In this campaign the em
ploye are given the privilege of
h.jylng their bonds either through
the company or through the local
t'anke. , Rach locality is given credit
for lis subscription
R. C. Oentry, passenger agent of
'he Frisco, and O. W. Oreen. assist
ant general freight agent, assisted
by the youmr ladies In their offlcea.
save valuable assistance In the can
vans Friday. 1
Frank Bryant, chairman of the
county committee, reports that
Kklatook, Colllnsvllle, Owaaan and
Knd Hprlngs have now subscribed
'tirir respective quotas.
I. A. MeKeever, publicity manager
t"r the Tulsa loan organisations, an
nounced Inst Friday that epeclal I
tth-s or live care Hearing army
tanks will arrive here early Mon
cy morning for a demonstration.
S. (1. Kennedy has granted the
of Country club addition sh a
show ground for the tanks. Ex
perienced tank manipulators will be
i charge; the war Implements will
perform here Monday and Tuesday.
Including three captured Herman
Planes, a "flying circus", under
auspice of the government, will ar
r'1' In Tula on May J, for a demon,
"'ration to stimulate bond ealea
The champion bond ealeemnn of the
oral forces will be given opportunity
,?. olnnteer is passenger on a
rllnt In one of the "circus'' alr
Pane. ,("KIArTOMA C1TT. Oklrt.. April
- The efrorts at state headquar-
'rs of the Victory loan are now be
ing centered on Tulsa. Creek. Ok
''"''gee,, Muskogee, Oange. Knv. tiar.
"eld. Oklahoma, farter. I'lttahurg
"d Washington counties In the hope
't before Hatut'dav night thene
'"unties will be officially over the
'"P In the big driV-,Vires were
't to the county chairmen today
advising them that these counties
' "')' 0 per tent of th'e wealth of the
etate and have no per cent of the
2'lo,. and If they go over the top
Saturday the state wilt he over the
'P Of theae bona Is now officially
nvr. but unnlflrlal reports from
wg. Oarfleld and Oklahoma ceun.
nay thglr nuntaa liave been aub
Wihert. T
The counties which hart gone over
top officially by oclock tonight
re t'leveland, I'ontotoc. Rlngflsh
tttlaa, (irady, Oreer. Caddo. Al
"'ia and Harmon. Those tinofri
' tnlly over are Reokham, Noble, (lar
''Id. firant. Hngnea. Ctister. Kiowa.
, Comanche, Htephen, Tillman,
tJKlahoma and Osage,
Ambulancers in MerVitt
But Are Living in Tulsa
Tl l,A. Okie, April IV Maxima,
40; nuniiaiim. 4.1: anrtheaat mailt;
cloudy ; .rilplllon. .01 Inch
OKLAHOMA: Saturday sad BHio4er
rloinly. rliins Kiaieerslur.
l.t)l'lyi.SA : Halur4aT.eleadr.riin
in north portion, cooler! Buasay parity
cloudr tA i-louftf.
AKKArVMA.": Helerday rain, riling
temparatur ; tfiinttay eleuay, warmer.
KAhfT TKXAH: Haturday flood),
roolar In nsrtbeaat and seutawaft por
Mont; fundar cleudr, rltisg lewatre
turn 1
wrrr TBXAH: Matardsy and Sua
day rlood, warmer In the Panhae4.lt.
KASHA: Hsewera Ralurday an4
probably tfuoda,; aeaiavhal warmer.
Want to ro tiahlag. vex tree Ike
And tea Ilea that la anetrtng sad learisf
are ruled:
Away froo) the aadnaaa and sadness of
Away 'rem tha nasals where tha saenay
la made;
Awaya from tha pltilaat atraxtle for
Ths clamor ef toll and tha sighing ef
And rat for awhile ea tha banks ef a
And look at taa iky as abort si sad
Want to so flaking, whara tpeeek han't
But ihp trill et and thrill ef the anila
el hlrda. ,
Away from is dirt of sod hart of tha
And tha (truffle far plaro gad Iks
eirile Mr renown:
A war Iron tha aartmaata sad halldlBga
f atoae
Te the tanpla ef paaea test the agsa
bale grown. a
And real (or awall la two ihads ef !
And brlnr Wk sty seal lata tss with
the braea.
w'oet ha go flaking, sway frost tha
strife '
And tha eaeaa and unclean things (
remmonplare Ufa.
Away (roof tha bicktr aad dicker ef
Te- to peaee of a alroesi aad tko aalsj
( s flea.
Where lam daata'l Miter and said
eaaa't Beast
aaj tha aaml.ras hraak lass trow Its
4 flterejaad naauat
Te tha hill tops of glory ea wings ef
daUfhe ,
Wtni to ra Making, 'sal watt fer e kits.
(Oopyrifbl, felt, br Edgar A. Oeost.)
OKNBVA. Thursday. April 24.
Csech-Hlovaka have attacked the city
of Waltien, . 10 miles northeast of
Uudapeat which la expected to fall
soon French troops are naid to be
aiding; the Rumanians In their ad
vance In eastern Hungary, according
to advloes received here from Vienna.
poirriop; niHrx.AHiAv
BERNE, April IS Part of the
Hungarian communist army facing
the Kumanlans southeast of Huda
pest ha a surrendered" and the rest are
In flight according to a Rumanian
official ttatement. resolved here.
West, or Hudapeet, the Checho
slovakia haa accept Karamon on the
Danube and Raabe (Oyor). I
T'AniS. April !. Tbe
cabinet and the membera of the
French peace delegation held a meet.
InV today and exchanged views re
garding the work of the peace con
ference. Marshal Foch gave the
cabinet details of the military point
of view concerning problems aubi
milled the conference
t.corgc t). I-cxko Is In St. Jvula to
I'mecnt t'sjtc for Tulsa He
- fining Interests.
If the requesf made upon the sit.
I.ouls western district freight trjfl
committee by the Tulaa Traffic as
soclatloii and numerous oil com
panleej for a reduction of rates en
erudn oil from the Texas flelda Into
Oklahoma la framed a saving of
millions of dollars annually to Okla
homa refiners will be the result, are
cording to K. N. Adams, traffic aa
eoclBtlon secretary.
The new tariff, as worked out and
filed by Mr. Adams, calls for rates
of 1 7 W rents a hundred aa compared
with the present rale of SI H cets.
This request has a hearing before
the St. louls committee this weeV
(leorge O. Ixcke. vice president of
the Rlgheart Petroleum dk Refining
Co , la representing Tulaa Interests
before the committee. The rates in
volve especially the transportation of
crude Into Oklahoma from the Wich
ita Falls Iturkburnrtt and Ranger
Figures compiled by Secretary
Art urns show that a saving of 121.
1100 resulted to Tulsa refineries Isst
month on crude oil trsnspjfted here
from ths Texas fields by the Frisco
railroads alone, an a result of a re
cent rate reduction. It la eatlmated
that the amount which might be
saved annually would be 15,000,000.
Whole- Thought of
Boys Is Home; Send
Many Messages.
Departure Expected to
Be Matfe About
. That Time.
Transport Pulls In With
Tulsa's Own on Ixrng
Trip from Rhine.
SVaeial to Tha World
NEW.YOHK. April 15 Tulaa
ambulancers were billeted In Camp
Merrltt tonight, but tliey lived in
Tulaa. The camp surroundings were
loet sight of an all thoughts dwell
on Tulaa, Doxeng of telegrams front
the folk at home were responsible.
E'en the Durleson telegraph system
made good la weesorptnv the Okla
homans hack 1 to tha I'nlted Ntates.
They came through In good time and
It made the fellows feel very good,
The Tulaa soldier lads were some tel
egram senders, forvery one of them
sent from, one tq 10 telegrams to
friends back home.
When the men reached camp thy
were greeted by hundreds of,olhef
Oklahomana In khaki. These meg,
who are statloaed regularly at the
oamp. were On .their way to Franee
.whan the armlgtlne was slg'ned and
were stopped. Minos that time they
have been doing Irksome csmp police t
duty. They wars iiisfmi flat", to sea
somebody from the home state, even
If they cemaj via France.
' Oklahomana on ljevlathjan.
- Oklahoma's dandy dougheeys. who
cams In on the Ievtathtan at' dusk,
will not leave the boat until morn.
Ing, It Was not known tonight how
mgny of them are aboard. They,
for the most part, went over with
the tOth division from Camp Howie
and were sent to the battered Italn
bowa on August rt 4 as replacement",
and saw service In the St. Mlhiel
and Meuse-Ai gonna drive.
The smbulancers, according.' to
port authorities, are likely to leave
here about May 1, though It mtfy
vary a day or two either way.
The Tulaa ambulancers, hale
hearty and homesick, have flniatied
the second of their three long In pa
homeward from the Ithlne. They
debarked from their transport, ths
U. ft. rl. Mount Vernon, todsy '
With a despatch approximated
only by' the speed of mobilisation
and departure for the battlealelds of
France, the ambulancers, with their
renowned dlvlelon. left fclnmg-am-rheln
on the morning of April 10 by
rail. They paased througti Coblenx.
Threves, Melx, Verdun and touched
at Paris en route to the embarka
tion oamp at Kreat.
The-long trip overland lasted 72
hours. During their four days In
Ihe embarkation camp, they were
fully equipped and paid In good
American dollars fdV the first time
in II mbnths.
Ilradncld In Omtmamt
On the morning of April IT the
Tulaa na. with other Kuinbow di
vision ambulances, marched down to
the piers and boarded the Mount
Vernon, which on that day es
tablished the record of entering
port, dlacltwrglng and receiving Its
load and leaving port, within 10
hours. The eight-day voyage was
uneventful with the exception of a
denae fog encountered on the
seventh day which threw the vessel
Governor A n nounces
List From Which He
Chooses RoadBbdy
flpeeie! to Tha World
OKI.Alln.vU CITY, Okla . April
15 Uov. J. H. A. Itoherteon today
authorized the publication of his
Intention to appoint the proposed
state highway commission of four
membera front a list of well-known
Oklahomana. representing every
section of the stale. Thla list Is
equally divided between democrats
and republicans. The commission
will be comprtaed of two democrats
and two republicans and the gov
ernor will he chairman with Ihe
adoption of the SoO.noO.OOO bond
This commission will build the
the proposed system of rosda. the
governor says, If the road bondB
"I shall select a commission from
the following names." tfle gover
nor aatoh
D. N, Fink. Muskogee; C. P.
Ames, Oklahoma City; Harry Hog
era. Tulsa; v.. W. Msrland. Ponca
City; C. 8. Avery, Tulsi; If 0.
McKeevef, F.nld; John A. White,
hurst, pnxey; Wirt Franklin. Ard
more; John H. Hurford. Oklahoma
elty: E. ft. Ijtwson, Nowata; 7...
Harris, Rlackwell; W. Perrv Free
man, McAlesterr Kdgar Fentnn,
Lehigh; Frank M. Palley. Chlrks
sha: R. W. Hlgglns, Mc A tester; C.
K. Dujley, Antlers; I.. W. More,
Alva; f;uy C. Robertson, Uatun,
1. 0.0. F. MEETING
3,000 "Weares of the Triple
Link" to Be in March This
Hon. Boh Luyfayette and Mr$.
Stella Ktacey Speakers of
the Pay.
Indications Point to Election
of Williams a the New
"With Interest at a high pitch the
Odd Fellows of Tulaa are going to
make toanorrow's celebration of the
Wlldey anniversary the biggest day
in the local history of the order."
aald M l I'oundstone. secretary of
Aurora wtilge No. 1, 'last night.
Tulsa's part In the national celebra
tion of ihe lOOth anniversary of the
I. O, o. V. In America, will bs an
elaborate reception to the Arkansas
Valley association of . o. O. F. The
feature of the day will be a grand
psraAe of all lodges taking part In
the centennial. It will leave the Con.
ventlnn hall promptly at 1;J0 p. in.
Foxe's ban will lead followed by the
candldalea. with the proverbial goat
In tha Immediate proximity. In the
slace of honor will march the speak,
era of the day. Hon. Ilea Lafayette
and Mrs. Stella Bticev, escorted by
the Canton Itranch of Odd Fellow
ship, In the full dress uniform of the
Chevaliers. Bodies from ths vt'laus
subordinate lodges, the Rehekah as
sembly, and the encampment mem
bers will follow In order. It la esti
mated that 1. 000 "wearer of the
triple link" will appear In the big'
- wuuams) stay net i-irsnnrnt.
rHtrh officials in tha local lodge
predicted last "Wftywr uas 4'TtTW wtea.
tlona today J- B. Vv'lllaawaiajr.JrBlaa.
secretsry pf the Arkansas Valley as
sociation I. O. O, F.. would be chosen
president of the association. Hla
nomination will be made by Heore
tary I'oundstone of Aurora Lodge No.
If and hla electing Is practically aa
sured The secretary of the associa
tion will be) rhoaen from the lodge
giving the reception, as Is the custom.
E. It. Cllne, Iteputy (Irand Master.
flso of Tulsa, Is the only nominee for
he position of Orand Master of the
state. Hla formal election will take
place In October.
The monater meeting In the Con
vention hall will begin at 2:i0 o'clock
In the afternoon. It will be open fo
all branches of Odd Fellowship end
to the public as well.
The program will be found on page
9 of thl- Issue.
for tenth of loan
Figure Available at Ttreurarf IMS
nnjtmoait Miow Official Total
Now (if 5SI.it,700.
ports to tha treasury department
from all federal reserve- diatricta to
night showed official subscriptions of
154 I.V3.7ii0 to the , Vlrtory Uberty
loan. This Is approximately one
tenth of the minimum amount, 14,?
500.000.000 sought.
Whits the total for the fifth day of
the campaign showed only li t per
rent of the loan In hand, treasury of
ficiate pointed out that these figures
covered for the most part only sub
scriptions received up to the closo of
business on the fourth day.
The Ht. Iiuls district, on the basis
of Htibscrlptlons officially reported to
the treasury, was leading the country
tonight with tll.T,eo.60, or with H I
per cent of Its allotment raised
llnstnn district wns aeeonipwlth 19.-I
1 45,(50, or 111.5 per cent. " jtrlct 1 4, and William Dalrymple "f
1 - Miiakogoe, I ik In, represent lug H-
HOLD 4 MEN FOR ROBBERY ifHcn.rd the , of the
Villa Conivntrstra Troop
j ,J;i, I'ASO, Texiia. April 25. -Fran.
KAN'S AH CITY, Mo, April 2j clnco Villa in concentrating all the
I'our men are lielnir held by the I troops npder hla control In tit" slate
poller tonight In noonertlon Hh Ihcof ( IiIIiimi him in an effort to wrest
robbery this morning, ot the Inter-j control of the ntuie from the Cir
t'lty Htnte bank of Liberty booiis , ranra KO ernment, re rtnl.ili a prn
and cash nmoiintlng to tS.OIIO 'visional rebel go ernment. similar to
The men were arreate,) luar to-: (ne villa go ernment of 19 1 5, and try
day as answering to a description ' to rslty the various rebel bands
given of the bandits and because the throughout Mero to bis banner,
motor car In which Ihev were riding i-phla l.. me known tonlgh with I In
Was similar to the one used bv them srrvul of refugees from I ir al.
in making their acape after the . .
roblarry. Chocolates Hatiinlay special poiiml
Tbe men deny being Implicate J In ,,,,, Kupcrlnr Confe IIoipi .
the Tohbery. They will be held for ' j j 4 Sojili Mam -Ad.
further Invetig itlon nnil idenllica - j '
lion, howeti-r, the police said. , --
Ditoree Cane Ends When
Woman Shoots Husband
OlHCAdO, April IS.- A divorce
case eanievto a dranmMe close lire
thla afternoon when Mm. Klmer It.
Simpson shot her hnalianil, a tele
graph operator, who whs on tbe wit
ness stand. The bullet went through
bis mouth, Inflicting n prolmlil
fatal wound. Mrs. Hunpson was ar
rested. Chocolates Saturday sperlal pound
so cents Superior Confectlotieiy, 514
Mouth Maui. Ad
Nominated for Grand
Matter r V4d fellow
ic a ciin.
K. ft. Clme of Tulsa, present dap.
uty itrand muster of odd Fellows,
who has been nominated for grsnd
master of I ho ikjahumii grand lodge.
Clianvo for TuiaanH to Qualify
for Road ltund anil Mchoul
Ijcs Than rtfty Tcr Cent of Fair
v Ht'U Uaye Tlidr Name .on
Ioll Hooka.
Saturday ,1a the last day for reg
iaUaasn. i
- " In
avhch -t We II vlulng- preuincta of
the city ant In jnsny of tha preoinets
an aaqilionat registrar has Dfen pro
vided for the regletrallun of woman
All woman who si sect to exercise
their ballot at toe special road bond
election on May 6 and tha school di
rectors' . election on Mny IK must
register before the books' close to
night. ' f
All men voteea who have not pre
viously registared. Including thoss
who have recently moved to the city
or become of age, must register.
To tiualify fur registration aa a
voter fe person must be above the
age of it years and must hava re
sided In the state one year, In ths
county six months and In ths pre
cinct 10 duya.
' Women Art llchlnd.
Women are not leKleterlng aa II
was expeuted they would, it wis
stated yesterday by Vernon F. Hes
man, county registrar, who haa taken
special pulna to provide registration
places in private homes, with wom
en in charge, to make It convenient
and agreeable for them to go
through the formality necessary to
legally qualify them sa voters. Co
les there is a general outpouring of
women at the different precincts to.
day the woman vote will be 60 per
cent short.
Following fg a list of the regtstra-
ooxTjr.Ncr.n on paoe rifTr.KN
F I RST D A Y'SC 0 N F E ff E N C E
KANHAH CITY, April 15 -The
Strike Of It, 090 miners of the Centrsl
I'ost an( Coke company lo Kansas.
Oklahoma and Arkansas flplil, s still
In force at the end of Ihe first day's
conference today of officials of the
I'nlted Mine Workers with Harry N.
Taylor, vice president of the ennt
puoy, It wns learned tonight.
No statement was given out as to
Ihe progress made during the day,
oOier than the announcement that
the conference would be resumed to.
morrow morning. Alexander llowsl
of Plltatuiig. Kim. atealdent of dls-
Frances Ingram
AT Tin:
Tickets at .Icliklna Mil"!!' More
aaii nimi mrATi
It-frhtJtje triMCfL rtr 1 lir I 1 r'U '
Ali'iit-nii t iiwt't rtii'f mi , 11
in IJerlin Powers (livtMi to
Act on Tfrnift.
German National Hotly Must
(live Assent, lie Declares
Kefore It Is Final.
Couriers Reach Versailles in
Advance of the Main Body
of Delegation.
Dy Tha Aaanelated Prnaa
PARIS, April 2.V The vanguard
of tlir t.criiiait ptaix clcloaatloii ar
livtxl In Versallkw on a stwsiul train
at o'ciixk thla morning, I.7U0 days
lain, arvnrtllim to Uo tlmo Srltralulf
tnirrmt In Jlcvlin w Ik-11 lir Oorman
artnlrei glartral thxr swing through
m-ltrtont ksward Iwrla, Tim parly
coiaaiatcxl of Aaron volt Iarmnr, for.
garrly sex relaj-y of Hie tiormen ran
hatlhwy mti Wsawhlagton ; Hanker War.
bung, heaisV wf U financial dolrwa.
Iloai Ura Dwaxker, of th food ad
re.a4aajra4toev and six siwvaaita.
By Tha Aseertsied Pvaea.
n Bit LIS, April 35 Prof. Wal
ther M. A. Rchuarklng. one of the
Uermaq delegatea to the peace con
gress at Vsrsmlllee, declared loda?
that the powers of the Herman dale,
gates would be stlte sufficient to en.
sble them to sign ths peace treaty on
the spot. Naturally, he added, the
national assembly must sanction the
treaty, a
By The Attotltlad Pratt.
PARIS, Aprl,l II The first ef the
Germans who ara to participate In
tha Versailles congress arrived In
Versailles today In two parties. The
first group, consisting of three of
ficial couriers, arrived early In the
day, and the second, headed by Herr
Iernsr, came later. They were ee
cortod to the Hotel dea Reservoirs.
The Germans wsre met at the na
tion bv Colonel Henry of the min
istry, of war commissary and M.
Oudallle-of the ministry of, ths In
terior who were directed by the
foreign-office to take charge of the
Herman representatives.
- Bxwk Now yuan era.
The .augmentation In numbers of
the delegation above those antici
pated made It neoeeaarv to seek for
addltlwIMl quartera and a second
hostelry, the Hotel Vatel, probably
will be, itquiattloned for tha teleg
raphers, newspaper correspondents
and other attaches of the Teuton
mission. 1 I '
The arrival of !rener'en. his
party was so quietly arrangefl that
few, If any, persons Irf Versailles out
side the carefully selected force of
hotel servants assigned to their
rooms and to ths serving of meals,
were e wsre even In. the afternoon of
their Yraaence.
A French detective of the most
obvious "plain clothes" type, loting
Ing at "the front entrance to that
wing of the Hotel des Reservoirs,
and con panlons under the windows
of the rroma rooking over Vsr
eaillea park were the only Indications
of the character of the state guests
who had displaced civilian lodgers
and foeivd them to seek other shel
ter In crowded Veraillsa
ProKitton Afforded.
Protection snd the avoidance of
pnssllila unpleasant Incidents, rattler
than restriction, will. In fact, be Ihe
purpose of such nollee measures as
are lkrn, according to s statement
made to tbe Associated Press today
bv one of the French repreentattves
ssslgned to the tnlselon The Her-1
tnsns will not be expected, and prob
ably do not desire, to extend their
movement. Into the general quarters
of Versailles, but tb.ey will be sl
!ned freedom of movement between
their two hotels 1
The Herman delegation wilt li l
lowed to ue code In coniniunl' iHInt
with eiortnanv and lll lia v e illecl,
telephootc and telegnmhle innnec.
tlona The (iertamn al l '" '
:oe.' to uce couriers "ho ll) enoy
ful' dlpt'Miiiiili' iininunin
f The ticfrnaoa reurime 1 in llielr
'rooitiM di'ltifc, ie m ri rtlnar. b i' i
men' e I 'his afternoon t.. make fie ;
nre'lmln v nri a ntrenie'i'. f-r 'tie
arrival f Die tnrilll lle-nri" fle'e.
iMon Th'n .fliiiil will .e Mm 1
nlthniigh 'tie llll'e l,s mil ln-etlj
iefin'te!v tleler'illnel
Hills Stfndannhtcr and
Takes His Own Life
f. Tl I ':l 1;. 1 il,:. 1 . A ii .1 .' . i'ert
t'rerx. r. j w-nr. iid m!i'I uri'1 Mlle t
llN 'e;.,!;! la'lter ' i ra ' e I'l l e 1
and Hien klieil li:iiif!' lo.l.n fol 1
lopir n rjarrei t
Hun Troops Attack j
Munich and Violent
Fighting Is doing on
t.i:Mt, rll '.' i.ermaii
lni"M mi iitliK'kliur Munli li ami
violent flvlillnir i- 4: I'l" it on. the
litm, In-Iiiu hcaiv ,n Im.iIi kIiIo. mi -
inlliiit to adiix nivlieil her,.
lit war of llaMrl. 1 lie ffoicrmitent
tniiM a re hmPI to Is goiiiliiK
irroimd. 'Iiinlili la lrtusllv i ! . 1 1 -cl
from (he reel uf t.criiLiii).
.American Delegati.
in Paru Think Way
Out Poaaiblc.
. .
Premier Goe Home to
Consult With Parlia
ment on Issue. '
American Officer Returns
and Tells of Resent
ment There.
Conference to Gather to
Pass on Draft aa Now
PAIUH, April 15. While the
American delegates txprssaed regret
over the temporary break with the
Italians, they apparently were confi
dent today that some settlement will
be effected when Premier Orlando
confer with thw Italian parliament.
The1 general opinion In American
circle Is that tha making of peace
will bs somewhat delayed by ths
Italian Incident. There la no hint,
however, that Presldsnt Wllaon will
yield in the slightest concerning
Flume and In the opinion of 'the
Americana, an agreement can only
be reached by a change In ths Italian
attitude. ' ' '
A distinctly mors hopeful and leas
Irreconcilable feeling at Italian quar.
ters today. No longer was ther talk
of breach of negotiations.'
"All may be saltled within a fort
night. Premier Orlando has gone to
Home to consult parliament. Ther.
after we shall see."
An American officer who arrived
today from Rome says ths feeling
against America In Roma la very Mi.
tar. He assert that hT was ask) In
Rom to leave rata because fh pro.
prletor said Italian officers declined
to eat In the same places with Amer.
. Premier Clomanreau thla morning
received a message from Premier
Orlando, which the Italian states
man dispatched tin hi way to Rom.
A plenary session af tha .Pease
conference will he held Monday to
oonalder ther ravlaed draft of the
league of natlona covenant and also
aurh portion of th peace treaty aa
mav beoomplete he" that tlms.
The session will he open. tthe
public. It Is understood that If Ihe
covenant le approved It will Immsdl.
glely lie made pgbllc,
. - -
By Tha Aiteelalad Pratt.
PAIllrl. Thureday, April 14. Not
a rupture, but a euspenalon of Italy',
collaboration In the peace conference
that I how the situation wa de
fined ,ln conference circle tonight,
(Thursday). The Italian delegation
feeling that lis representative char
acter ha been called In queetlon In
certain quarters consider It Its outy
to refer to the Italian parliament,
but It Is believed to be probable that
Premier Orlando will be bask la
lime for the opening of the negotia
tions with the German plenipoten
tiaries at Versailles, which will not
nnriir before May t or May t, (
I ntll the Italian prima minister
return the Italian delegates will not
attend the sessions of either the con
ference or Its commlselops. but In
order to show that Italy desire to
maintain good relation with the al
lies, the Italians will rontlnus to col.
lshotate on the Itner-allled commis
sions not depending upon the con
ference, such as the economic coun
cil, I lie armistice commission aad
tbe conimlsalotia on supply. trnspor.
tallon and taw materlala
Report From Rome
of Page's Quitting
Proves Unfounded
W .V.-ill IMITON. Apr, I 25.- The
at.iteni Mil 'tin autlioiUed at lbs
late d iui tnirir. that lliero as
no fo'iti'l.ttlon of u report puti
lltlicd in Koine that Thomas Nel
son Page lia.l of'eieil Ins icsigna
lion upu'i learning of President
Will-out ntlilij.l- toward I tat I v In
Urn pen,, conference Amhaaaador
I urc reported to tlie department
lod.iy , li.il Hie American enibaaay
wa ... k 1 1 a i il . by lia'Un mldieia
Id r i . . no iI'M.illi of Hie bI'hj
tloii in Koine
In inl'i l'e!ru.ir . soinetlrne
oflrr itl" : e. 1 1 ot I'lewnlent Wll--oii
i,, Koii.e. lumori uere In eir-
ij la ' to li ilif, 1 1 m t iiiOa-vnlor
I'.ite .ii to rci.K'i I' w is std
;i tn.il I me thai M I'iikc had
sin,! ne nla expected to return
in ills rotted fJtatei wlien Ilie wr
eii.e, i;.irU in April It a re
p, irte' I from l'ari tliat tlie Sm-LaKi.-idor
had sent In Ma resigna
tion, I'll' there Iimh ''eeri tlo fif-
fiei.il ' in In iii all. hi of the report.
Mt I'.ir" .li'nioiei! In-t pusi at
.jllomi. n 1 1 1 1! ,. , ,
tti i t I . T'iiii stl n , V prll - A
irie ,-iw,l of in:i!ilfestfiniii. pa-i.i.l1!-
1'irii.iali INi'ne toward ths
liij.l'ol oil's.. il define the Amerl
i i ' . i 1 . 1 1 ' . i i ' i '" toilav Iii. I aa
i it. I'.i i 1 . i 1'iKe i nine out for n
ai:: T '' '"otis'raior 'luiu'ed
' ' i in ' i-1 '
't 'I. .i i. : ,i i- In" rep:i-il . VU a
I ...i.
saw sans a a soar w apaaai m m it slh aawa
Steamer leviathan Narrowly
Kscapea Disaster Off the
Banks of Newfoundland.
Desperate Whirl of Wheel All
That Steers Bur Trans-,
port Clear.
New York Welcomes Largest
Number In Any Single Dayj '
22,072 Arrive. v
MS'ur vnnif in.n 1 1 Tl,. .l..i -
troop ship Leviathan, with 11,00 ;
aoldler pussenger, the last of aht
iranoporie io aariva toeay, oringing
I1.I7J men. missed a mm by only
10 feet while off ih Orand Dank
ef Newfoundland Tuesday memlng
her officer - reported whan aha
docked tonight. : .. '
The floating Infernal machine wad . '
sighted dead ahead of the traacporl. j
the officer said, vjulck thinking and
quick action was all that averted
oolltalon, A deeparate whirl of tha
wheel sent the great steamship past
the mis with a margin of eavfety of a.
10 yrd. A , , . -" .
Nona of tha aoidisrg aooara gnaw
until they dookad how . close thay"
had beeu to danger. - t .
- tuttm ts.ts
Tha all transworta brought In tl.a
fit troops, including 14,104 Mom
bars of tn 4la4 (Rainbow! dlvlstoa
and 4.141 meaibers of th ITth (Ub-
snyi orvwoiv mew loam;, inss as
ons of. the largest aingl day troop
arrival In this port
Mai, Oea. Oaorg W. Raid ro.
turned Oiia (Ho -Laxvlathaa In earn,
mand of tB troog of lh 4tM dt
Ma. 0. aml D. S40rit 0
turned on tha. Lsvialhan illk " kk,
Other units aa boasd taeludad oaual
oompaaiuo of man from Oklahsma. ,
At 4S gwMlaea.
' Lieut Col. Ruby I). Garrett, af '
Kaaaas City. Mo., division adhiUnt. .
49 whor.i iiuasilonora were refer re
or information by tbe of floor and ,
man of O famou Rainbow aiviaioa.
aummarlwiag rrom a careruiiy pro.
pared statomont of the achievements
of ths organisation, pointed out llMt1'
from November 1, 1117. th data of '
Its arrival at St. Naaalr from th
United Slataa, antil December It,
1111, when, a a part of tha Amort-
can army of occupation. It took a
position In Ahreweller, Germany, th
division had been Identified at 43
tallon throughout Franc and Bel.
wltan. a. It IA Altai mail t i,.. aS
points. r
Tha division was cited 10 times hy
the French aad sis times by th
American commander under whom
It servsd. It participated In ovary
n.. In. nu. I.h lk. . n. ..(-.-
army, and received letter at oona-
mendatlo in each case, , .
Members of theedlvltlon have rs-
celved two medals of honor, ISO dlo.
tlngu lened asrvlcs eroasea, two die- .
tlngulshed earvloe medal 174 oroix
da guerre, 10 legions of honor, ftv
medajllas militaries and 14 Belgian
Ixaaare ItVavy.
In killed, wounded and missing,
th dlvlalon lost 41 officer and II.
415 men. Its greatteot casualty Hat
following ths Alsne-Marne off naive
July 14 to August 4, last ysar. which
coat 114 officer and 6,441 men.
in tnla offensive the 4tnd dlvlelon
relieved the Ilh Amerkan division,
ons brigade of the J4th division and
four French divisions. It distin
guished Itself by cutting Its way
through one Prualan guard dlvlalon.
and three other first olase Herman
and llavarlan dlvlaione, golrjg for-
voir iv siionimcrs,
Recognlslnr the anxltty of the
troupe to get home, offlcarg In charge
of the coaling of the ship at Hrest
declared that its departure could be
hastened 1M hours with eoms volun
teer help on the part of the return
ing troops. More than one-half of
the men on board volunteered. Final,
ly fcOO were selected and they
shoveled coal while band on davit
atlrred them up with "'Jaxi music."
The heslth of the troops on board
win excellent.
Among the casual officer on
bond the leviathan was Itrlgadler
I'Jtieral Douglaa MaArihur
okuhoma!s now '
one-third on way
Official Iti'iMirts show Klntc'a Ixwa
suiMriptioii u fo.oxs.n.'iu
IIiiiiLs fsciul In Ordcra,
I'KLVHuMA t I TV. April 2J
i'ffkl.ill iiklalioma him sul.s rtl"-J
practically one-third of I's entne
riiiotn on the fifth day of the loan
drive, ltcporta reaching stale head
quarter today from banks shonn
total sulia rlptlon of 9,03J.O.0, oH"'
which-ortiers hae been placed for
liuyria b the bank with the goc
ernment. Tb.s Is an Increane of over
4 0 l"r cenl over laat nllht's report.
A number of counties are on th
verse of going over official!, but of-
Irial report from buoks do not rt
indi' ate the complete utiaortpiiua.

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