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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, April 26, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A.M., Image 4

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,1'raaldml u Wiser
. . . . Huisaa Maaaset
tatare la tia Tulu ro.toftlt tee-
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Uffkiaf County Taper
I. t I KMtl. I'lrculill Vaoaf.r, .
rrar Mlnnnl; swrar ikal ia '' '
I'li.l airrulslion ol Ik 'Tula Mofiuui an4
rAir.da) SorM (or Ihe morilb ol Xi"n.
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rimliiio Mnir
II. I III. ul Maul, lulu
-; MAIiri, KKIU
Notary I'ublla
Mr rtniluiNi i raa (irulr t'IIUl.
' "TI'Lha" M(KMN(i WORIJ)
wr.iiahB or Tint ai-touatmi ril
r,a Auo'iai.d Prn li ilialalf
I'll 1.4 to lb mi for rpubllrnoi ml mil
lift diar ) erUIId la II r al eikef
ih rr,ital in this pap.r nm else Ik
loral tiai nnbhahad karaia
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KKNDAl.t. A tl RED fORkl
afarainf or Maaiaf. aril aaeaar
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r-ar Yrar, la Ailfeae I.M
Marnlai aaj Kaeii. wk ,
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fm Yaar. la 44. J0.0I
rit m Hall, Bundt;t aod kimar
aall Ih lallnvinri
IMItarlal iapariain 0O0
Ydnarlal Iiparitanl 1001
Itorlrlr , , 6001
Hurinaai 0(llr 0flH
MabacrlplUin Daparlaranl 1004
I Dailv Food 1
.' 11 Tarnal kopa I th Ir4; far vllk
l Ir4 Ibrra la ajarr-f. tad arltk hlar It
planitoua radanpUoa. Pa, U0.Y. -
tT''i fall rdanplln at Kit ikrm,
., Kor alanara loni a alar ad;
, Tka f raal Rdiar la bla km, ;
Aad laraal (ball k aaaad,
ta kma baa radaaaplka (kdaaati kli
Ika lor(lrana ! aloa, aafrdta
M lb Mi baa ( kit
( AI1 th potrara rprnt4 tvt tha
paaoa confaranoa, axaapt, Bllvm,
am to hava aollya prM;4aRla,
",Tha muat b axpaell( paa
Oewn In Mailoe. Thar waiU en-
aAnd anolhar Ihln-, aWt tha BlrnC
lAKham Aia Harald, (ha tlrqa la
whan anaaao will aeatKo- crowd
rkxht and toft. .,';
.v(, - .
, Wi ara pronilaert beunHful pianh
top Ihla year, but Joy la rtampanoj
by tha conllnuad advance tn tha
pflea of iraam.
,'' -I
,j(OM ovaralfht of eonnraaa which a
tpod many paopta ara willlnf to
overlook la Ita fallura to provide for
enforcing national prohibition.
" Tha order haa tone out that "h (ra
ti U Una muat caaae wltHln rartAln
definite llnaa" If Iluaala la to be tei.
Why confine the ordxr to territory
.within "certain definite llnaa?1"
v ., . .,
.''We (athar from tha ponnnenit
that England la not yet nulte wllllna;
io eliminate IJojrd Urorta, and that
(Tranre la atandlnc atlmoat unanU
niOualy behind Clamf nccau. 4
f 1
W.IIj OK A liONT Wil li.
.Once upon a time a prominent
man, whan adjured to ao conduct
blmielf a to conalder tha r.lghta
and opinion of tha public In hie
deallnc. lott hla temper and ex
claimed, 'The public ha dnmnert!"
Ho thought the public wna unraaa
bnablo aid oltlnle and that It waa
"butting In" In telling him how to
run hie own bwslnaaa That la to a
ronalderable extent the attitude of
put poatmealar general, who glvea
H' out that he la doing Jimt right
nd that the publlr la unrraaonabW
and ohatlnata In olJritliia to IiIm
adminuitratlnn. It la conceded that,
through luck of knowtadge of cir-
cuiiiHtancpi, the public will' aotn-,
tinioa mlajuilge a public man; , It la
atio Irue that every man la aub-
Ject to innro or leaa unjuat crltlclam
and inlMiiniloiHlandlng If he trlea
to 'do hlH duty without frar or fa
vor: t 1 1 1 it h Koinethlng of an uiui
auul Kcroniplir-hnienl for 11 menibrr
ot the jirrlrtciu't CAlitnet to auc
cei'il ao thoroughly In dlxplenalng
U.o entire I'ubllc iu Mr. I'urleaon
hat done,
lli. chief plea l that Ihe ram
lnt oi poaltion to him aid hi po'.l
1 lea which coera the n.iimn like 11
Unkrt a due. to ihe Infiurnre of
(bore whon eelfinli imerealM
irompted Ihe I'ppoaitlon. hiiI tlml
I lie public waa an ntupld an In fal
low the lel of thoee IniereMlM l'h
out logical coiianloratton of the ! r -cumWunin.
Chief among ttioe "iu
tt'al," he very apparently lenvee
the Inference, is Ihe miWHpapera. It
tian eomelline occurred that the
preaa of the country haa made or
marrad a man' rare.- I,., 11 iM n 1
extraordinary thing that any man
who. la. doing right Hhould have
earned pracilcolly the unnnlmoua
condemnation ot the newpaperH of
a whole nation, tr m .n 1- w ...... ..
H J2 kwU., K.
the poalriiaaier general feel prtiud of
hi record?
The preaa of the cotiniry and the.
illUena thereof, who the nentleman
avera have no tieltrr avnae lhan to
follow wherever Ihe edllora lead
thowed no dlapnaillaakj to complain
about poainl service while the ex
igence or aar made auch Iniper
faction, a mailer of rnurae, nor were
Ihey In a hurry to irlllclae eeverely
1'irlrtR the prri:;.! whrn thfi (.. ili
wua ailll feeling the rffecia of Dial
war. All have concedi'il tha I allow
ance nhoulri b made In audi a
cane. Mill Ihe Irouhle rnnlltiue nil
abated and Ihe panplr have a tiahl
to complain, even If liin genileioan
from Truiia doe whimper that he la
being afiuaed try "eelfihh Iniereala."
And then II will take more Hum u h
whimpering In leconclle the puhllo
to the linneceaa ry ami autocralic
action of lila (Jepai iniciil lowaril Ihe
Ire aervoea of the country
The harblngera mj prlng Una year
were round roliln
The difference helween a grapho
phone and a canary, eaya Ihe (ilohe-
Ilemocral. la thai Ihe graphnphone
will alng only when you want It to.
Ilefoie Ihe president paeaaa aen
tenre on the kaleer will he ronaull
Hccre lai llaker, who haa ratalllh.
11 prncadent for the punlahment of
The flritlah frelghl hand behave
In conserving the home eupnly They
refuae to load liquor on ahlpa for
It tnuat be humiliating lo Hryan,
aaya the Indlanapnlla Hlar, that no
body ever challenge him In ilehale
Ihe league of natlona in theaa ilmea
of much talk.
There ellll exlala In Ihla country,
and aome of them tn high place,
men lo whom any eort of dncuunt
purporting to oonatltute a league of
natlona would .ppel for their un
questioning aanclloVi. Thra are tha
fool friend of the reel plan for
world peace. If their argument
have proved one thing a hove an
other, II Id' that they are willing lo
attach tbelr algnalure to a blank
aheet of paper and hand It over to
Mr. Wlleon lo fill out ga ha aaw fit.
Their brain have cAd to func
tion and Ihe 'president haa, their
power of attorney to do their think
ing for them. They would have no
heellatlon in abdicating tha power
of the aenata and In clothing the
preeldent with auprome conclusive
treaty-making powere. Thla child
like confidence la fascinating, but It
I not piaetloal. There Hiever haa
been but one man worthy of un
uueallotied confidence and Ihe men
f hla day nailed him lo Ihe croaa.
. Thla la a government by the peo
ple and not by Individual. The
cltlaene of America elected Wlleon
preeldent, but they did not delegate
lo him euper-conattlutlonal powere
and they resenf Ihe aaaumptlon of
the eema by him or any other man.
However aubaervlent aenatora or
congreaamen may be tot, the egotlat
in the white houee, however great
may bo their dealre to echo a placid
''yea" to every proposition he may
place .before them, the public will
Inalat that they perform their funo-p
tlona aa membera ot a deliberative
body, a body whoae aaaent I ,nc
aary (o validate the performance
of tha chief executive. They are
tha repreaentatlvea of the people,
and ae eueh It la their duty to In
terpret the' will of their conatltuenta
rather than to eubatltute therefor a
complacdnt endorsement of what
ever emanate from the while houae
In Waahlngton or Paria. It la thelra
to acquteace 'ln the will of the peo
ple, rather than the will of the pree
ldent. Aa for thla league of nation,
which haa been largely amended at
the Inetance of popular Inalatence
In the face of the fawning aycoph
ancy of the few, the people every
where are dleoiiaalpg It and their
verdict will be trie conclusive one.
When the new draft la prevented
they will be prepared to pea Judg
ment upon It promptly, and their
representatives in the aenate wtll do
well to abide by that decision. The
people will not trust Mr. Wilson or
any other man aa a plenipotentiary
in aurh a vital metier.
& Abe Martin 8
Oklahoma Outbursts
T , -,
I HTnOeMMM W 111 niWMaVafaiWaf rrr --ririrrtWi-flfim- V V 1 VV TJf i i i ti'r Tf i riTiingsi i" PTT Tr Tl fl nr iT '
.v .-.v..': .v.v.'.v.v Am ..,..-...
Tell Hlr.kiry liought a kidney alee,
t dv an' ('.eni-inded 'etuunt. 'I'liei s
never nceyihirig t cm in h home
taken ifr wife U on an allowance.
Kew men ever forget Ih old home
loan They may wander far away
hut theta alwava lingers With them
aione iirilhd iiieniorlea, and If
.riTlilia snilleai upon lhani they do
e.niethlng to ahuw their epprecia
lion of llie old burg It la an
Minced llial Harry K. Hlnclalr ".III
pay all tha etpenaea of the wel
onie Independent a. Kan., la to give
tier reluming soldiers.
I rintics. sasa lUIHnglev, that It
ia alwaya Ihe apex of I tin tooth
which cause ihe pain when a den-
list lellcvr yon of one of your iii
oeceeaary molar a
Mayor Wallnn of Oklahoma 't
ha revlvail the curfew ordinance
as a mean of gelling even wnb
some of thoae democrat who op
po7i hi election. I ntll Una mat
ter came up we have alwavs con
tended thai Mayor Walton wait not
-. ,
A Vlnlt'. man who was Indulging
in a nun partisan aruffle with hla
own wife Ihe other day, la dead Hhe
did not know the gun waa loaded.
There Is Ihla unanimity of thought
among proent day orator. All of
them, etcepi President Wilson, have
uuoted Hhcrman when speaking
about Ihe war.
The large audience which turned
out lo hear l am. Russell Thursday
night waa disappointed. It expected
to hear something new from Ihla
proiagonjal of the free and unlimited
circulation of the 'Vat." Instead
they were compelled lo listen lo
quotations from The World which
they had already read.
It la understood that t'lm, rtuae
Is against Ihe road bond proposition
desplie tha position hf The World
ami (lovernor Ituhertaon.
There Is thla advantage In being
a cow. They have no upper tenth.
If the atale road pioposrllon lose
It wilt he because the women did
not reglaler. Now la the time for all
progressive wnaien to come to the
rescue of their slate.
The meanest man we know of lives
In Muskogee He fiot only aak for
a divorce from hf wlfa piji de.
iiisnda (hat all tha clothes he hue
bought for her ahall be returned.
Whether he wanta the clothing for
the Helglan sufferers or hla next
wife le not clearly elated.
Hhap shots from the tHillaa News:
One of the atrangeet thlnge In thla
world le how a man hate to give hie
better half a quarter. Pereonally
we dislike lo read of American ml
alonarlee being accused of political
actlvltle In foreign landa, for that
la what tha Herman missionaries
did. No matter who a widower
marries, the -neighbors aay ahe le
too young for him. Aa a generel
thing you can tell when a girl's
atuie are aa tight aa her corset by
Ui wav ahe limp If tn truth
rould be rifcecovered. probably It
would be found that Wall aireet
thlnka It won the wer. Mr. Peevish
eaya hia fear la that after the, wo
men get Inlo politics the Unrcaa so
ciety, and the lawn social are going
to seem like ploying doll on a rainy
-Autobiography of-
Theodore Roosevelt
Hatunlay, April , lilt.
According to aalrology th a should
be a fortunate day. Mars, Jupiter and
Mercury are all In bertefto aspect.
While thla configuration prevails
there should be an uplift of the mind
and a tendency toward optimism that
will bring about good results
It la a time for banker, merchants
and exporters to benefit, sine It
make for foresight and auoceea.
Mare ia In" a place read aa preeag
Ing the realisation of great reoulta
fiom the war.
Financial reward aa well aa hon
or are , foreahadowed for eoldlere,
but dlacorda are Indicated among the
offlcera of high rank.
I'hyalclana have the beat sort of a
direction today. Itecognlllon of their
work In fhe wer may take the form
of aome national memorial.
Again Increaae In advertising of
every eort la prophesied. Newspapers
will profit largely.
The planet fornahadow a conteat
between a new oort of Individualism,
or at least a novel expression of It,
and group control or government
l'hnga on the supreme benches
ot various states are prognosticated
There will be aUo mora than one In
thn highest tribunal ot the nallo'i,
Ihe aeera declare.
The evening of this day la moet
Ihrenienlng for love affairs li la not
a lucky time for weddings or for
mretlnga with strangers.
There U a algn supposed tn .fore
shadow domestic chaoai and this may
warn of difficulties In obtaining
servants aa well aa other troublca In
All the occultists agree that In Ihe
turmoil attending social leadjuat
menia, those who have been neither
very rich nor very poor will he moat
fortunate' since they occupy Ihe
plane toward which Ihe other claaaea
are gradually tending.
Persons whose blrthdale It Is have
the augury of an active and success
ful year. Money will Increase and
changea will be lucky.
Children born cn thla day will he
active, eeneroue and enterprising.
Theae subject of Taurus have Mara
aa their principal ruling sign.
And Now Lawyers
of Tuha Would
Loaf on Saturdays
A ii'iiivemenl haa heen alerted
fur the clcklng of attoines offices
ii f 'lie city on Saturday afternoon.
The loiiunltlee appointed to call
upon .iinl interview the heads of
leaal f.rms report that all who
have so far been approached hae
expressed themselv ei as being f i
or;iliH in the plan. The remain
der will lie called upon within a
few days. -
INAl.t.V, on October S. the repreeentallves of both the operator anfiwoul(, m, Edilr( Homer, who would
not be able to sneer "Oooh you're
buyln' j. lu-ceqt haalot! My mamma
buy that for our cat!" So. On
this particular morning Annla Har
gan belonged -fo the moneyed claea.
Had not bar mother put a whole
11 into the worn housekeeping puree
aa ahe reminded Annie to be sure
apd get a bone along with tha atew
meat, and be careful of the change T
In her beat l-year.old handwriting
and with much wetting of the pencil
Annie made out a list; Stew meal
and salt pork at the butcher's. Tea,
onlna and a can of oil at the
groceV'p Not that Annie couldn't re
member ihe Hem quit well with
out puulng them down. But II made
per feel niore important, more like
Yhe other housewives, to read the
thing off (fom a Hat. 1
Tnen ahe got the baby ready.
Carefully eht teed on iia bonnet,
stufred iu aausage-llke arma Into It
coat aiecvea, and put It in Ita car
riage. Ihere waa a dab of grim on
Its ihsak and symptom of damp
neaa about it noae. Annie corrected
theae Haw with the hem of her
Hhe tuckee the oil ran bralde the
baby' feel, epread Ih baJiy's best
afgnan over all and aurveyeU the
etircl admiringly. In fact, toe bab,,
when iiuaily ifady fur the outing,
made avi fine an appearance that
Annie had mleglvings a to her own
auri Iclen t elegance of toilet. With
a whole It In one's purse and the
bahy'a beet afghan In commleaion,
It bring Saturday and all. the oc
casion aemed lo demand extia em
LelllKhnienie In attire.
Annie climbed on a chair, stared
Into her mother' bedroom mirror
and regarded her reflection with dis
appointment. Hhe aaw a round little
face with big. eager, round eye.
Annie thought her rye would be
nicer If they were sky blue, like
Kertha Slmonda' doll'; or aparkllng
black, like the buttony orb of Koel
Itothborg. Annie' were not definite
enough. In aome light they looked
brown; In olhera, gray. Often they
were almost, blue and much prettier
than llertha'a doll's. Hut Annie didn't
like them much. '
tier nair wan a source or wiai.i
fulneaa, too. It never looked smoutrW
like Hertha'a. Nor ' did It make a
thick, long braid like Kdith Itomer'e
that the bovs in the street nulled
naughtily tometlmea. It waa brown
and alwuyr. trying to work, into little
latiririlti diid wivm that hsr mother
encouraged Into curia bv brusNtnij
them over her finger when she had
time. Which Annie hated. Hhe wlahed
her hair was bobbed off altogether,
like eoqie of the girls In echool who
lived In nice neighborhood west of
Third avenue 1
Home Cay. If ahe could ever save
un the money, ytnnle platted t go
over to the man on Second avenad
li lh miners met before me. In pursuance of my request. The.represen
- tallvca of the miners Included aa their head and spokesman John
Mltrhell. who kept bla temper admirably and showed to much advantage,
i he repreaentatlvea of the operators, on Ihe contrary, came down In a moat
inaoienii rrain or rnina, reiuaeo 10 lai ei arimraiion r
other accommodation of any kind, and used language
that was Insulting to tha miners and offensive to me.
They-were curiously Ignorant of the popular temper;
and when they went away from the Interview they, with
mur'h pride, gave their own account of it lo the papers,
exulting In the fart that they had "turned down ' both
the miners and tha preeldent.
I refuaed to accept the rebuff, however, and continued
Ihe effort to get an agreement between the operatore
ami the mlnera. I was anxious to get thla agreement,
be rus u would prevent the neceaalty of taking the ex
tremely drastic action I meditated, and which Is herein
after deacribed.
Fortunately, thla time we were aucresaful. Yet w
were,' on the verge of failure, because of self-willed
C 'iu -Fl "uallnacy on ine part or tne operaiora, inis ooannacy
' j ajT.TtV waa utterly silly from their own aaanrtpolnl, and well-
nigh criminal from the atandpqlnl of the people at large. The mlnera pro
posed lhal I should name Ihe commission, and that If I put on a represen
tative of Ihe employing class I should ulao put on a labor union" man. The
operators positively ilecllneil to accept the suggestion. They Instated upon
my naming a eomuilaalon of only five rnen. and specified the qualifications
so a to exclude thoee whom It had'leaked out I was thinking of appointing,
Including ex-l'realdenl Cleveland. They made Ihe condition that I waa to
appoint one officer of the engineer corps of fhe army or navy, one man
xa, tl It experience of mining, one "man of prominence." "eminent aa a
sociologist," Ane federal Judge of the eastern district of I'ennaylvania. and
one mining engineer.
They positively refused to have me appoint any representative or lanor,
or to put on an extra man. I waa desirous of pulling on the extra man,
because Mitchell and the other leader of ihe m ner tyd urged me to p
nolnl aome hlah Cathollo ecclealaallc. Mosi of Ihe miner were Catholics,
end Mitchell and the leaders were very unxloua lo secure peaoeful acquies
cence by the miners In any decision rendered, and they felt that their hande
would b strengthened If aurh an aooo ntment were made I ney also, ntiue
properly Insisted that there should be one representative of labor on the
commlasilnn, a all tlun othere represented the propertied claeses. The oper
ators, however, ahcolutely refueed to acquiesce In the appointment of any
repreaentatlve of labor, and alao announced fhal they would refuae to ac
cept sixth man on the commleaion, although they spoke much leaa de
oldedly on thla point.' Tha labor men Jeft everything In my handa.
The final conference with the repreeentallves or ine operaiora iook piacr
In my rooms on Ihe evening of October 16 Hour after hour went hy while
I endeavored to make the ooeratora through their representatives aee that
the country would not tolerate their Insisting upon such conditions; but in
vain. The two repreaentatlvee of the operators were lumen Bacon ana
George W. Perkins. They were entirely reasonable. Hut the operator
themaelvee were entirely unreaaonable. They had worked themaelve Into
a fram of mind where! they were prepared lo sacrifice everything end c
civil war tn the country rather lhan back down nnd acquiesce In the ap
pointment of a repreaentatlve of labor. It looked aa tl a aeanioca were
Then, suddenly, after about two hour argument. It nawneo on me mai
they were not objecting to the thing, hut to the name. I found that tney
did noi mind my appointing any man, whether he waa a labor man or not.
o long aa he u not appointed aa a labor man, or ae a repreeenutive of
labor; Ihey did not object to my exerclelng ny latitude I choe In the ap
pointments ao long aa they were made under tne neuainge mey naa givrn.
I shall never forget the mixture of tellef and amusement 1 fell when I
thoroughly graaped Ihe fart that while they would heroically submit tb
anarchy rather than hav Tweedledum, yet If J would call II Tweenieaee
Ihey would accept It with rapture; II gave me fi Illuminating glimpse Into
one corner of Ihe mighty brains of these "caplalna of Industry." In order
to carry Ihe great and vital point and aecura agreement by both parllea all
that waa necessary for me to do waa to commit a technical and nominal
abaurdlly with a solemn face. This I gladly did I announced at once that
I Kcneptnd the term laid down. With thla underetandlng. I appointed the
lartior man I had all along had In view, K.- K. Clerk, the head of the Itrlth-
eThood or Hallway i;nnnuciora, caning nno an -uii.i-..i.. -teVin
which I doubt whether he had ever previously heard. He waa a rlret
class man. whom I afterward put an the Interstate jjommerce commieelon,
I added lo the arbitration commission, jon my own authority, a sixth mem
ber, In the person of Bishop Hpaldlnl a Catholic blahop of Peoria, 111 . one
of the very be.t men to be found In the entire country. The man whom
the operatore had expected me to appoint as the eoelologlat waa Carroll
Wright -who really waa an eminent oclologll. I put him on aa recorder
of the commission, and added him aa a eeventh member ak soon an the
coriimUslon got fairly alarted. In publishing the llat of the commissioner.
when 1 came to Clark e appointment. I aaaea: r a, iuciii..-i".
preeldent aa.umln that for the purpoae of uch a commlaalon. ihe term
eoclologtat means a man who has. thought -ad .anudradl deeply on awulal
question and haa practically applied h knawieoge.
The relief of the whole country waa eo great that tha audden appear
ance of the head of the Brotherhood of itallway Conductor as an eminent
eoclologtat merely furntebed material fhr puaatd comment on the part of
the press. It waa a moet admirable commieelon. It did a noteworthy work
add Its report la a) monument In the hletory of the relations of labor and
capital In thla country. The strike, by Ihe wy, brought me Into contact
with more than ohe man who was afterward a valued friend and fellow
worker. On the auggetlon of Carroll Wright I appointed as assistant re
cordcra to thn commlaalon Charlea P. Nelll. whom I trZTMA'ZT
commlaaloner. to .ucceed Wright hlmeelf. and Edward A Moeeley. Y . like
R.rre waa the center of th trlke; and the man In W-lkei-Barr who
helped me moat waa Father Curran; I grew lo know and trust and believe
In him, and throughout my term in office, and afterward, he waa not
only my stanch friend, but one of the men by whose advice and counsel l
profited moet in matter affecting the welfaraof th miner, and their
I waa greatly relieved at the reaull. for more than one reason. Of course
first and foremost, my concern was to avert a frightful calamity to the
United Hlalea. In the next place 1 waa anxtou to ve th great coal opera
tor and all of the claea ot big propertied men of which they wer niern
bnr. from th dreadful punWhment which their own folly would I have
brought on them If I had not acted, and one of lha MP,rl-n '""'"V".!
that they were eo blinded that they could not eee that I waa trlng to eave
them from them.elvee and to avert, not only tor their eakee. &l for th
sake of the country, th exreeaea which would have been Indulged In at
thalr axnenae If they had longer persisted In their conduct.
The "? anthracite etrlke of 111 left an Indelible lmpr...lon upon the
people of the Cnlled Htate. It showed clearly to all wise
men that the labor problem In thla country had entered upon a new phaae.
Industry had grown, (ireat financial corporation, doing a nation-wide
and even a world-wide bu.lne... had taken the pl.c of the amall.i con
cerns of atl earlier time. Th old familiar, Intimate relation, between em
ployer andemploy. were p.ealng. A ! tlona be,or , ,h. bn. had
known vry man In hie ahop; he called hia men Hill Tom. Dick , . Job n . he
Inquired after their wlv and b.bl... he .w.pped Jokai . and i .torle. and
perhapa a bit of tobacco with them. In the sml esUbll.hm.nt there had
been a friendly human rlllon.hlp between employer and employ.
There waa no aurh relation between the great railway magnate-, who
controlled tha anthracite Induetry, and the 150,-300 men who worked In
their mines, or the half million women and children who were dependent
upon these miner, for Iheir dally bread. Very few of the. mine worker,
had ever seen, for Inst .nc. th preeldent of the Reading railroad. Had
they seen him many of them could not have spoken to him. for ten of
thousands of the mine worker were recent immigrant who did not under
eland the language which he epoke and who spoke a language Which he
could not understand. ,
Again a few generations ago an American workman could have eaved
money, gone weat and taken up a homeete.d. Now the fra. land were
gone In earlier day a man who beran with pick and shovel might have
come to own a mine That outlet too was now closed, aa regards the Im
mune, majority, and few. If any of the 1.0.00. mine "I"
aspire lo enter the small circle of men who held In their grasp the great
anthracite industry. The majority of the men who earned wage. In Ihe
coal industry. If they wlahed to progreae at all. were compelled o progres
not by ces-lng to he wage-earnera. but by Improving the condition, under
which all the wttgeearner In all the Industrie of the country -lived and
worked aa well, of courae. as Improving their own Individual efficiency.
iTo te continued
(Copyright, ll. by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate)
HUt PAY. ..
This waa on of her big day.
Twenty-five certta waa to b pnt at
th buu-hene alone Annie hoped h
and haye It cut off KJmma Davla
had. done that, and got whipped fo
H. Annlo'a mother never ''whopped."
Annie nos waa nondeacrlpt, ha
, , .
mouth of generou eiae. On da ..
father had laughingly .id ahT-wI
after Mm. with a miuth ilk. g0,"
flab.- Lalar, when her moth.r touml
out why aha waa crying, ah t.,
her that If h behav.d pretu ! '
people would alwwjr. ihlnk ahe .
pretty and that ah. 'might turn rmi
gdtid-looking, anyhow, you nrl.
could tell. ,r
To B Continued )
I Little Ben's Notebook
f wss laying on my back on tht
ruing loom floor laal nlle lab lug
1 owned a candy etore. and nop wai
-mi oak Ing and thinking, ana 1 !
I havrnt eny change, sed pop.
1 aaaent going to aek for money,
pop, 1 sed.
it. then speek freely. d pep.
Wlch I did. saying, would it he s
Insult to call a persln a red hedded
onion ?
Iluffiy specking. 1 bleeve It would,
sed pop, and 1 sed. ony pop, there
alnt eny t:tch thing as a red hedded
onion, .-to how could It be a Inault!
I never thawt of that, I admit
there seem lo be a elite doubt In
the matter. ed pop
Wlch I thawt u wile and then I
sed. Would It he a Insult to call a
persln a old red huntch of wlakera?
Well, that's another delicate quee
tlon. and still, If they ever happen
lo appoint me on the I.lgg of Na
tions committee and thai question
come ti, I bieeve"! will take th
side of the complaining nation thin
designated. .ed pop
Krum my lienence with-red bed
ded people, wjelmply cant be done,
ed pty
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pany announce that effective May 1,
1111. ticket will be enld at the
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Tula to Red Fork 10c
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Tu aa to Partheniav 20c
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Tu a to Sapulpa 40c
There will he no chenge In raah farea
collected on car and change te only
effective where tlcketa are purchased
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Oklalioma Union
Asking dardagea of 121,000 for In
juries received when he Waa gtruck
hy an automobile November t. III I,
suit waa filed In district court Friday
by P. A. llutton agalnot J. R. Moling
and the Tulna Auto l.lvery, the plain,
tiff allealng the accident to have been
due to the negligence of an agent of
the defendants in recklessly driving a
tax lea h through th bualnea section
of the city.
Button waa alandlng at th Inter
section of Third street and Boston
avenue on the data named, waiting
for a street car. An agent of the de.
fendant company, operating a heavy
automobile, struck the plaintiff,
knocking him to the street and
dragging him 48 feet before the car
came to a atop, aaya the petition.
The plaintiff clalma h ha been per.
manentlv disabled by the tnjurle In.
fllcied through th negligence f th
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