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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, May 11, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A.M., Image 8

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ToimI KiiI-'HIIiiii Mut luvirli fl
Million Hollars. i oiling Juhi
liV k.tlltl.lHMI.
I nil Itilurim I n"mi lirln- m lrinu
Ix i i, ( niiiitiilun "il.cra lit
Nr Monilu).
T il h.i Hi ! - iifi r . i in. j iiMini
JiJl'l.t l 'lll I'l I . Ill I ti ll, I I'l".
mill, ul.nli tt,, IiiIHK III" lul. II niM
. I li! .nil I'T I Ilia run III I. l In
I ll.ltnn ''1)11
"ill " I II I nllili'llll ,f tin ll-pnll
Pi M 1 1 I j t 1 I.) l 'V Mlh.mil - V
1 li i . I . . : I wilt .i.'.i.i 1. I".
I -h iii.n ii.nirtK frin'i lln rtiiln'y
lS. I Hi III"' ll I iM'il Till II I 1 Pi
mi ! In " 1 1 1 1 1 v lm li n in T'l'ink
i..itii i'l.!- Mi'ii'lii, w ui'ii .On f:nui
lu'ii.iii i.r (in. nx.jiia nl th'v i.ini.
I' l IKIl w.i ... I. nl ill
.Sill i.nU h ii i In- ii nf T i i
lii' HI n Hi" 1 . . ll It I' Mnl' i
inii l lh.it i ' i i v touit nnil m liii'il
rl n i'l in i lm i mill Ii i i n" f-t mi .1
IU iihl ,K I I Inn III i, Mi.il. .i.- lii.i'
III' niii fi'.'H if lli'' r.niil' liKH lii 'In
I'ihi hi v ii h w i'ii ,i in I In- nil in 'I ii : i
Whll" Hli ill Iv I .' HH P lli'l II"'
rmilillKH i I'ln in I M rpl lull limy In hil'n
lip Ilia TTlli I iiiiii'li' IIh wniM
f,t lisfill i li if-1 II K ll,i' I i'illll 'I'l 1 p'''..
" mil whii ham mil n 1 1 h.imxl Iniiil
nmir sllll c' ' I i ' I n i , nil." ill'
I UK Ihriingli i lie lm nr.
Unit fni ilimr.c iipi" f.lnl In iim
Irl.'l r ii II I I ri.llillil.lt IV II 1' I'l'.lul'l
l.iliml lln. i'ii M I Hit .mil l T
H M ti 1 1 HKuhni 1'iin ln Muriln, In
Willi Ii In h 1'i.iinhlU iill'l" n lm ii
Oiililin'ill mi inn iuil of llmir WlVfi
I'i'.lilli'i mIi'((i-h thin, lin HMil h
wlfa wild initriioil l I'alrliiiry, Nl.,
on IiKdinlirr 2. uii'l lit'"! '"
tilhur ii ri 1 11 A i II 2H. HUH. whin
In I'FfiuIni- ili''rt'"l him. lii'ii
abanilnmiirnt linn liui'ii t n n I liiiimi h
lima that linn.
1 r:lrlMW hlH wif" h" practically
atiunrliiiiftit him. ami I hit Imfnre th
aiialltin iifli-r whlrh Iip K'tiirni-il
tn Hklitmmr, M" , I" "
par nil, ah niim lll Hi" plaintiff
that aha roiilil nnl live. with. Iilm, T
. Martin ailti (Ifi'ror nf illvon'i' from
4'arrl Martin. Tim I'lulnllff "lulu
that slrtca his wlf" rtcssrloil h'"' "
has cnnlrllnilcfl funds fur hsr sup
port ami tha support nf thwlr minor
I'hllrlrrn anil wlnlu-s I" cunllniia this
iinrl as hs him In llm ilt. '
Nt:W OHI.rJANn, Ms l.Jo
IHinnla, a inro, mdny vi foinul
fulliy hy a Jury In thn 1'nllsil Hlates
dlatrli't court nf Im lllnic a airlks at
th Uouldslmru viircls of th Tss
I'arlflo rallMiad nr hrr HutiK-ni-br
Jl, ll.Triral-aiiihorltlri said
the vsrdlct. whlih" fnunrt Ivunnli
fullly on four counli. was Ihs first
convlollon of Us kind In tha Unlttnl
Ptatsi. On chrtm isnlimt r.nnl
was rtardlnt tha nmvrmsnt of
Jennl wii not a msnihsr nf any
ufln, II was eilalni4 bv fsdoral
atmrntys. and. was not fntlllad to
protfoUon afrnlid rspraniallvfi
it offinlsrxl lalior In atrlka nAilars.
Whsn W. T tamphall Iota! avi
ator flow to ronra t'lly Jn-ldiy with
K. II. l'rry, vlo-irialrtn in if 'lh
C'oadsn oumpany, as pasarnfsr, al
most tha amirs population of tha
Hltla refining rcntsr wanlxd to tska
a rids wllh ths Tulsa flyer. Ad
yaiu'p not Ira of tha Tulsa ronra City
light had hvsn tslniihoneri lo I'nnra
' City and tha whole town turnarl out
tt wslcoma tho asrlal tras-rltra.
. Tha trip to I'ntii'a City a mads
In ons hour and 14 nilniiim. whilo
tha return trip rKniireft an hour and
half. Thn r 1 1 w i i wns inii'lo pri
marily foi- thn purpnsa of ilrmon
.sirattiiR tha coiiiiniTrlitl vnlun of thn
' airplnna to thn I'oaileti man for uas
In oil field travel.
.returning from france
v t'apl. Hurry t. tlwinnup of Tulss.
, wh' hut lrrn with ths army In
Kancs Is asperted to itrrWe In New
Yprk. with the 7ih division within
(ha neat few days, according to sil
vcpi reitriverl hy his mother In this
oily iHiiturdiiy Ha la expttrtml in
reach home hefora tha end f liie
. 'nitln tlwinnup Is a former atte
anaateur aulf champion, hnvinit won
Ihls honor three llnu'S lieforu cnter
Inf the army.
tlO Blckud Bill.. Tblr4 an Bnaluo
!) kTcsTTI
m.oon inn
Skill Dlm.aii't,
run tntl
Klitliry, Illiil.
iWt tti'l Uitn
tr I tl
II ti iintaUsin,
M'iMik' ti nif
t t t llor-
il. it.
Formerly 1'rartiiinii Phyi
cian of lA Springs, Ark.
Mini tilt ho
Chsritt 1
nlnl' '
Mi 'i.i .ii'i l m -
linn I : 1 1 lie-
1 or
( American Suit irnn)
t(eiiolviiriin noil i '"i..l" ti(,,
' Hssrtt A mi tn tio e m .'if
Its: f li: 1'i47 nj t'HunUy
lssisfl. 7 l
tlO Blcaard Blrlf, Thlrit MttuM ua
Bestoa Tj1, Okla.
'Discharges in Army
Puss 2-Million Mark
General March Says
W AIIINiil'iN M i y 10 1 1,..
:i i lil ii I t ('ill of III'' it .1 f III 1 1 1 V 1 1 IN
p i i nil l lm l n I., In, i, ,i k 1 .1 ii
H ii M in Ii. i hii'f of hi, iff, ii ii
r i 1 1 j ii ii.itav, iiml i,i. i mi l.i-r
of lj'-ii,ii i fIiii hi, I fri'in J-ruiiiiv
Jl ''tV I t l l l -1 T "III' III , I , I n'l
i il fii iii : i ii imi. in. i.f I lm kiti -
' :i I h' 1 1 1 r lm .v t li il i i ..i,i ,i.n i
linn nf ti, ,i..fni iii'i- i,f triio
I' ! i inn 1 1 i.i .. f I i n I'll:'" u 11
! -nil in i h i- i i'iIih t Lm l.t .iii(ii
I 1 1 f tin. A ii. ! ii .in fi.iii. in Ii.iiiiii
; nn l ili'Mii in tn il 'i:'! i.fif i ii
-i' l n ' ii ii.. :ii.:hii' i ..inii.ii, i i t
j 1. ! of ii.'t ti imp , in. ii imi. id-
i .ii ii mi n .ml Hi.. ii.i'. t (.-i."iii-M'l
ii I in h'l ) In iii 'i.t
Till' II ilv I'll I ' i f ft ..in I I 'I II ' 1
iliirlnjp th nn'li i-f 't;l t . , i-.i
.I'll 1,1 Hl jllllll M.lllllHIIil tll.ll
II.I' Hi' li llllllill i.f Hm nffl' , 'l
' h'liili' li pi 'I'm: i" lii'- i-iiii'i
tvliim ii nirti.f, -1 -r i tin in.i' il. nf
firl.ll llllln.l'ii nf II in I'll
il nut li Kill In' I I'.i'ln "I ii ml ' 1
i i i .li I
i ii n i i ,i ti ( , ;.' .f ii.i. .1' i 1 1 ' in
tthl.h Ihi' H-tiiin nf lii i" I in I i-rli
i' .."ll'i',l l l.-ni'i n! M Hi Ii ii I l li ll
I In. :m ' li-t h i li Hi i ,i'i I 1 1 1-. I 'I'"
II,. I I illt Ml. Hi t III. Il i In 'l'il"'l
t.i n.i il ii limit i In' Mi-, "ml it ' '! :n
Jinn, ttiit,:.! rinit.iilt tlili tiii'ith
Prize lit MixHouri
County Willi Larfrnt
number at I'icnic
Th.' MIh.'.ii.'I i.iiiii'Iim ri'inp
I'li'iil in Tiini mi- KnlliK In K'.il.'e
iin Ii 1 1 " ii il n ti 1 i inii'i'il ill tin' mi
ihiiiI ilellii I" In- a It en I'V II""
M l-Kniil 1 hiK ill I 'it en I'.n II H i' -unlit
An iiipi Ii ii ii fl.iinHlll lm
I , l ii, M ' i I in Hm I'lniii'y WtWi fh"
jrri'illi'iit iiiiiiiIiit nf liieinheis
Hi'iinkim lis snt'Oillii int I'V l-'ns-titr
Itilll'M, it'l'i.'li'lil nf thi. ehlli,
lm lu l.. I'l M l inker nf (lUtulil
rer II I I Itlilllil of T'llm. W li
Itnlii'i mini of M nnkt'Kfn, li In 1 1
Uitit'Mi nf Tiiln. H II Kenn'lv
of Tul. i iiml J (i li ii A I ililniiil nf
Thn till nlr will hi-sln at 4
o'lioek Hinl Ihe 't"Kra u ia HI pun -tlnus
until I o'eloek,
"Thnt tha 17th1 Itotnry district nf
which 'Mia Tulxa Itntary club Is n
Htates In Htisnitance records Is ths
Infm million received Hnturday from
MlrAiu ('. Martin, district aovernor,
by Alf (I IICKKStii, prsalileiit of ths
local n lull
All the 4 rluha In the district re-
nee In (hs country, iirent illnit hi
(lovernor Msrtln'i letter The trnv
ernnr'i advlca waa received from
ths International preslilgjM of Itn
tary. The notary cluh la now planning
tn make a hl occasion nut of ladles'
nla:lit. A dunce, Intersiierseil wllh
tools, will be tha feature nf this
entertainment tn hs held .It tha
Country cluh.
ftWikl to Tk Warld
lilUftfiivV, okla . May Id - Whlls
riYiinlna at playirwlib a leud pencil
In his mouth, Truman (lll'snn, thn
little eon of The,. World correspond
ent at this place, fell iiml the pencil
loin a portion of the flesh from tha
roof of hla mouth and Injured tha
tonsils, causing a serious Injury.
Lithuanians Want Hearing.
By Thf AMoelstea l"rM.
I 'A KIM. May lit.--Tha Lithuanian
delegation to the pence conference
has asked t'rraldent Wilson for a
hearing concerning tha status of tha
new republic) and Ha dealre for recog.
Opportunity Knocked.
We Took Hold.
Why Not You?
Why not buy Children'
Shoe. NOW 7 We hve on
ale an extremely large
stock bought at a big re-
duction 14,000 pairs of
standard grade shoe. Just
think of it. We can save
you one-fourth on tome of
these shoes and one-half on
a good many more.
This is positively the great
est sale in the central part
of the United States.
The largest manufacturer
of western made shoes is
moving his Kansas City
branch to St. Louis. Rather
i than pay freight he has
closed out all samples and
odd lots to the UNION
STORE, 112-114 South
Main street, Tulsa, at a tre
mendous sacrifice.
Their last year's sales were
seven million dollars.
Those people operate 14
factories. This is the great
est opportunity we have
had to sell shoes at bargain
prices. Don't miss the
greatest sale in the central
part of the United States at
the Tulsa Union Store, 112
114 South Main Street.
I M ATirtMAi ions riur
r i 1 1 m i ii i ii ist r vn r. nr.
Ill ' i 'lie I i , n ' ... I. i ' e ' .1 "l
till .IM I, It,,. I ,t l,t If, '.i II, e I t ' I
enli'i: I . l.ifnrn tl," l,''i,ll enn.' I
-A4 the filll a'lll 11 nil Hie I'lll'l. iii ,
lllnl t e li. !!'" "i e I I' Mil' t I,.''
tliljii n (ill tint ill - lf,i,l'l,'i 1 lV M.nw
llll! I I, I'll, t lie il .1 I -' 1 I.' IV I.I. Il
h' I I., ll'.t l.e i' I ! ' I. J.l N-l i l.f
l.l'-t, 'l . i im 1. 1' i-intv 'I'M fi'.llil'le
II" il f ' In 1 1 I ' , V tli,l,l.'H III it
h.l . I' li.'.i'l.l 111 III the ..I
l'l"H la Sinn,
'" 'in ' 'ion. . i i in ' fir ii." imi. n
..':', , ' 1 1, i . I i.i ' i-; , ii ii y mine
I'I'i' t"n i in tiii.i i,rf Hie Ii.il.nn
, "f ihe iii-I. I'I'i.il liMin ilniie.y -,,.y
I n.l I... 'n.i ly '..f i ,, ,,f , rii. i ,
Iin v I'.ii 'i In. Nl..!. Iv itln iei! Tin y
Inllel l.e hl.ivt'li li . I . . (. 1 1--I , lli.y Inll-t
I"' ulnAlt' -1 , .1 I 1 I.i ilii- new t'llila
r. I tt III. li t,. ttiilll.l llni- IIiimii. Th.lt
i it," lm, .-. ,,r i.i w if n.
t' i: i -li' , v ' ."ii en e. I.
I i ii"'ii M it ii pi ivll v lo i ..me
1 . l.t I " ' ii il i" t ."ir i t ii .)!
ene ,, vn. i., t,, ,,, f ,(. Wilms
"lil I' will l.e "f niiiH' I i.lii"ii'iii i.
t . . i II III ll, r flltllle. Hi" luli.ltri.it
li i en, mm in ,,r 1 1, 1 . r i li 1 1 ..ii ,1 ,uv.
In olii ii'iin Una ar i (. iiniil ei ii.lenl -
el W ll H fnlli'llt I, I clvi. V t 1 1 ! t V
I'l :iiiern:i!l'.iiil law, t,, pint.. Unit
II l""l n ii'ililv whlih mi iintuni
iniii'l nffni'l tn ihii gnr'l. th.it vt hlie
I' 'II'I nnl hive ih orilliiKiy eiinc
tlnllM Millie there vtiin mi Inlet it, ii n,n
nl mil hm it y ,m vet in riifuree II, i
lievi i lliep-x I,, i, niiiiiel hlliK behind
ll it hi. ll wis ell-liter thin lliil. Win
ini.i.il rectitude of mankind
"If mo ciin now give tn Interna
tlon.il law the kni'l of vllnllty i enn
imte pmiI If It p nieiil r t prcsslon
or our iii'iuil Jii.lginnrit, hs itliill
lime cnin.eii',l In aouin aenee Hi
work which this war wiia Intended
to ctllililliile
Usui tinned Ki'it
' I ntertnii liin.il ,iw luia perhnpl
soitietlmra been ii little Ion mil, h
thought nut In the rtoset. Interim
tl'tiial law bus I may I aay l wlihniil
offense?) been handled ton il
cltialvely by lawyers. Lawyers like
ilefltille lines. They like svsteniniir
arrangements Thev are imenav If
lliey depart from vtlnil ana ilmie
Arc You "In Tunc"
With Spring?
We All Get Out of Tune Once in a
None of us can go on and on without
retuning. Constant wear and tear
the strain upon the nerves and
functionaries N produces unpleasant
discords in the body. Life in the of
fice becomes full of jarring notes and
Tone up, tune up Now!
Spring means renewing, readjusting,
refreshing up, getting in tune with
If you feel the slightest bit out of
tune, if you hesitate to leap into the
midstream of your daily activities
you need retuning. And be careful
of the instrument you use. Don't
throw a wrench into the machinery
by selecting the wrong "tuner."
Put it up to us. We have ready a big
stock of "tonics" and "rebuilders"
enough to enable you to select the one
that suits your individual case.
Get in tune.
Make your body sing with good
New Loeation, 15 West Fourth Street
I y . it i y TIk v i! r ead rtt pi r :nt l 's
lilt I it'll ll..il e, I- Hit. .lie I if :lnv
: 1' ite tin l Inil'ii, hri!'l;y venlms tn
i Ii l.'li "'.i kv I he vi', ill"
j "Vow f iii'ini vi'iit'irs'. upon
I J..II.11 -1 i ,l-l III itnlm. I l'l't,! Ill til"
f'l'il'e. In th" I . tei-tr of mi
ll'.rnl vt e hi,, c'lllinii mjt i,'i ini-
Jlliateil nl' lil.il Iherefnte lit . ni'l.-t
I I. Hi' Ml,! lint r.iy tin: .in. I. ul V.
'lint 'he f. .I.lltil i . i.f .i , in... Mil.. I.
I- r a i r :i f n h imvel cir' itti-
; '.'iiici . A., wi. 1 1 1 iki not he nfi mi!
'nl new thins-, it Hie uni.e tinie Unit
, it i) .i-it mr I." Int'iliniitit i.f nl I
I tl -1 f is We mil'.' mi Jive out i.f ttlP
loll mute-,.i !i f tu new Kit men 's
', m lih h n H in c. l.-.n y that men slinuul
! ""'
T' Is ,i iT'eal prlt liege If we cm
iin tl i' hind of Ihitihii g fop lirin
k:tii. I. ii'p in 'tiihk.iiK thinking tli.lt
m ti,'iie up of cum pi ehenliin of the
liee'la of iniiriMltiil And. when 1
ih. i.k of mm. mil I, hum! e.iv I '')
li"! a vtn)x ll. ink of wei; drei.. d
persiiiis. Moat iiersotii urn not uell.
I iii . . .I
In I'll! Ill pil hi la
"The he. ii i of ihe muld In under
very pin, ii J.ii ke!H The he.itt of Ihe
Will. I l at tiny simple fnemli'i
The he.irt of Ui.j M.nl.l la In n-iy
h'Jtiihl'i i .rt'iiiint'iini'i'i, iiml utilt i-i
ou know tint pi"..iiiie of hie of
tlnl hljllil'ler 'l,iu.)'a )ln l,ll"W until
llH of lf Mh.llever I'll iesa il
know where the pinch c mm h, .ni
dn Mil knnw Mh.it the in,f" h im In
S'iilhl, ....II till lint kll"w W lllll ell l-ill
ll tn iiw leu hni Iii ,i ,ii , ) i,. i ,,i
know whn I trial ihe m-re h.ne In
gn through tn hold nn
"To h',j, nn Mlicte Iheia H nn nt,ee
In llf" In the hard till II rf 'I tl 111- -I llf
lo. tt lm i . 1 1 n:t Huin.'tliii. t lit lr;v.tr
Iiml l"ul pli-Liaiil bunha iiml IhliiK
of thn piit, Ih" I.,,, pan, ih.it tt..
I'.ne mi nut in and protect the long
future, Me are not epeelmeiia of man.
hind The , lninin of minikin.)
hute not time tn iin thui, atnl we
Oiuat line our lelnuie when huve
It In f'-el with theni m think f,,r
thent, en that we inn trunal.ite their
dralre Into ii fact, so far aa that Is
ruiKSlhlo. mid see thai that most com
plleuled and eli.v of all thing
thai we i I Justice la acciimpllh'l
An eney word todny iyud a nnhle
unrd upon the tutitiiie hnT (,n nf th.,
most difficult rntcrprleea of thn hu
man spirit.
"It is hard to be Just In thnt.i
wllh whom )ou are Intimate; Inm
much barter It Ik tn cunicive the
y f
I T ' . I.li'lf I of Ilii".' Ml'h Ml.'.:,! I
ne tin' lu'iri.u'e, unit lm Ju-'t to
'!:ein. To live anl t"t I .-, to sink
f ir people and M l'h n ople la lit the
hol'i'lil ,,f ti,. Kim I of I tp.-l .en. "
whl' h inns' iiti'lerite J is'n-e
Mill Mulul mi HiuiM! Is'ti'l.
"The V.r....fliy that I, m ,he al.ght-
et I "il ' ll of Ciil"!' si'eli-.'.', In it hill j
tin Inm h nf helpfu.neea ,(.',ii.i it. fi
i,, llie .iMtnre i,f stnup.i ' tn help a
In.i II, ... I I ir.li'il help hi in .ll III - let i
lealli, Unit lie iMmli l"K Ih" auiii.i'
catth ttitli vnursi ,f u i, I Vi.m a h"iirt
line j '"I r om n an t h.it i ii'i ii i he: p.
Ii.i: him funding on lliil puiiiranti
level aii.i i.g tu 1 1 , ,,,ii m, in jm , in, '
of h'linan tv
"In .t s-use Ihe old en 'erprlse of
mi'.l'.nil law la plated . it 1 men n
thnt the future of H ank:,., I ,l' .i tnls
ni"re it pun the reU'loni of tiatiit.a in
tu e iimither, morn upoti the u .ill.,i
1. nn nf the rornioon brthcih I of :
tn ii.K nut, ihan uum th" e' p itate and .
. :fi"h il"t el'ipinrrtt of ni:..iniil av-
tenia of law; so that th" men it hn i
run. If I may exptesa ll so. think '
H, linn' l-mguige, think i he com nm,, ,
ih'iUKhtK of humanity, tun the men
Mho will he uii.k! m-i t lie:ihie in thi!
iiiimeitijle f iture
"(In I finiit that there mav l e
rMiu.v of them, that many men may
to e (his h'tpo and a Ish In advance tt, :
tnd that the plain men evert where '
t. iv kit" that there a tin lAllglllK"
t an. letv In which he h.l no ,rnth
ers or rolnborers. In order ti irnch'
the i." eit end, ,,f snul'y and nf high
JnHIre" !
ll I'nwliirllnn ' anted j
Ve have M cah ctiatiitner for 1
seltle.l pi ."Uji'llnii fi nin ,,
I'lirilw AnnUier tvaiita end lease
tn d.'iehip. T ,M ;i,'hatilMi.ii '
i mnpiiit (ikl.ihunia Citt, i ik.(. I
hniiiii Adv.
That You Gin
to Your
JLfi. iML,VjiUlll pariors
2121. SOUTH MAItf
OPEN i:Vi;NIN08 r.NTIL, 8 P. M. Sl'NDAYS. I TO 1 P. M.
V MMt ; 1 Ai
I m m. arA m & " . .
Onco you've ridden in the Liberty Six, you'll never f orpet it. It's ease of
ridinir is wonderful, due to the perfect balance which the Liberty engi
neers have perfected after considerable time and experimenting.
That the Liberty is perfect can easily be shown if you will allow us to
demonstrate for you. .
W. C. Norris Motor Sales Co.
Phone 5300.
Akiliir Tcinplo Makes I'rriant loiut
l or cn inoiilaJs (if InltLillou
.May 17-19.
Nobles and novlcea will report
nt M.uMiiiii'. hall upon urrlvul
Nnl.iea tu register, novices to be
checked liitu duns.
Vl-i'in-t ladles to assemble nn
nit'inlint floor. Hotel Tulsa.
Ki,l:i"l me requested to ba pres
ent it early as posslbla In receiv
ing li ml entertaining thn visitors
ind distribute tha tickets fur the
day's i nti'i tHltiminL
I.iin heon f'.ir nobles and
novirea nt Masonic hall, 1 1 : 3 0 a.
in. to 12 .10 p. ni.
Luncheon for Indies at Hotel
1'a.rade forms In front of Ma
sonic hall at I 30 p. in.
I'ntuert and drill nt Cnnvan
tlnn hull by Akitar band and pa
trol. Iluslneia lewilona at Conven
tion lisll, t 30 p. in.
Ceremonial Convention hall.
Novlcea must be present mid re
port not Inter than 'i p. tn
Hhow at the Kmpreaa. Ijidles
to be .iccnmpuiilf d by nohlca.
1' ur adinlHslon, tha fejs or tag la
necessary. .
Dancn will ba .held at Klka'
hall, p. tn.
Adkar temple la getting ready for
a ft'i-at i 'T'-niulllal of initiation tu
, T . a
V. ' t js J' '
jCi' '--4"i -111 Jr i
f SI .MM.. ..
bo held liera May 1T-1J. . Inclusive.
Ths .Masonic hall on Houth. Main
street will ba the Mecca for all wan
dering stf'tta, and 'a Welcome la al
ready biting arranged fur tlx local
Hhrtners, aa well aa the visitors In
th Ir in hist.
Thn ladles of tha Eastern Star
will take cur of tha eating part of
And H a 1 a n c c of Week
Present Oklahoma' Great Historic Photodrama
Se Bud Ledbetter capture Al Jenning! See fate
of Tula Jack. See Cattle Annie and Little Breechei.
9 Morning
Oklahoma's noted ex-U. S. Marshal, Bill Tilghman,
himself, will lecture this picture
See special display of guns at theater every day
coming week
Showing Outlaw Career of
the girl who loved an outlaw!
Film version of Oklahoma's pioneer days. Facts, hot
fiction. A story of love, adventure and romance. Boyi
and young men are especially invited to see this six
part picture and see the price of crime. A great moral
lesson for men, women and children. See the vetrran
officer in the picture re-enact again the thrilling events
of his official life that has passed into history.
Adults 25c, Children 10c
(Includes Tax)
Screen time 9, 10, 11:30, 1, 2:30, 4, 5:30, 7, 8:30, i0
tUe program. Tl.ero t,,
tiilnment. nul plenty ,,f 1( ''
Hhrltter K. 8oph la ihi r.,,ln
commit lea In charge. The, r,ril '
will be snappy. Tlnu s u :'. p
sit hi ami lliTHligeii rnr tt.e J,nu
rouncllmeetlni;, which w ;i ,,'!'
In liidiuua polls June In, n J j
to 12 Midnight
Seventh and Main.

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