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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, May 19, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A.M., Image 3

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Bv Annie Jl Fratnhot
the train itrtw 4nto th
, i..n Phil craned his neck
window l M If h could
and there she iitooil, hi
V.Mrr with irrlag that
.stiiiguished her from moat
lnrn Jack Knirry umJ in
Maty waa J'i' ditln-
..mr-mad woman on the
,t m the house, he wa n
,. i-hil hc looked Ilka in
i thru and there. He
.rMiln with a hnunil. and
v nf being together again.
he wav ia nrr Miiiuunnr,
ln-lpett her in Phil Mid,
Mary, a Ptcre Arrow,
v.iu'r putting on."
nly amiled and told tn
lnve hum. ,
i.-v iri off Phil ook both
. ,d-i und uld her with
ihling over lhrmelv of
.. rluno that had coma In
i way iut. When h told
htm' nf hi friend Mary
i v, Phil, Mr. Vlnton li
l e richest man In tha oil
.CI -
M i '
ci :
w i
Marv '
Mil I.
h.r tr.-
rt.t (.n!v
( ( I. ''
-,e lit the hlggel an rounu
! remember very well
trier and father talking
ry Winston. Vou aurely
i nn your feet, ymi lurky
tavjt II
).me f :
W I'm:.
It la good to ha together
long separation. ln l It
, n,i fur a few mlnulea they
ii l for a few mlnulea they
4 1 frj" I
,i aavlng a word. They
..t tlircigri the broad. Ion vu
mm of Tiiiu, Pat beautiful home
M garden. Imposing rhiirchea and
,(,.( building". "Vou fairly take
,.,. hreath nway, alefer. I had no
. ... i corning to thU and thla
and this, a he looked north, aouth.
..' nil went over'milea of city
'"'-t" fc.jrponelv aald llttla of the
irl'Va sT.:h. a T Wanted to lmprs
eu. lint it truly wonnerrtii an
jihfM beautiful home and Impnatng
itnj.;dinM have gnn up an If by a
' Tn jc ti ii ' :ind."
There is he tone In Mary's
oire that l" heard when people feel
tr.e pride of early aetllera.
They rame to Mary' home In
Maple liiftre. a part of the city de
voted only t' beautiful realdencea. It
In hkc a great park, a they drove
irirmiirh the hroad gateway, with lie
lamp lighted post on through a
teautif nl lawn to the portrochere.
)'li:l trrnblird hie alaler'a ahoulder
nd fairlv nhook her. "Mary Con laon
Fmfrv, why on earth bVve you kept
1 thla nifiBtilflrenre from your old
pa! " "ih. n la inh fun tij mrprlee
mil. but wait until you aee the kld-
e. thev lire the heat of all, and
Jark. I lT"pe, will be here to greet
ynu " .
An thev entered the hallway Jack
Tn erv rnie to meet them and wel
iriniM Phil with the greatest cor-
nuimvnd then tumbllna; over each
eih'r in their haate down theefctair
v enme the denreat or roaleet of
tin Sim-'in and Philip. Phil cave
ene lenit whletle aa he leathered the
T"'inmer In hla irtna and aaaitmed
II ene Innit will
lmJ"'inter In
y' onv ihe
ft I'ni i prlvei
""' ! all v
If 'iii had ma
aire of a ynuna- I'ncle
prlved of hia rlahte. "Jark
erv wonderful. I knew
made anod. but I didn't
Vi"w thai It went ao far aa thla.
.Whv Ihi'ne erv kiddiea are a aur-p-i.
thmiKht of them aa llttla
li r mil '
"lhies Tnrle rhll, why we ride
Veves". tut Kuean made her feet
fir In Imitntlon of their apeed. "Oh
rv In laed. u at once when you
arr dnwn utalra that I waa mla
nkpn " lul hurried to aay. They
I launheil, nnd Mary told the twtna
'hr nilithi tnke their I'nrle to hla
"'m rtinner would Boon be ready,
'af t riff they went.
Afier (tinner while Mary went up
i'o the children to tm-k them In
I'll. J.i. k mid Phil talked over the
frnn and ruria nf Phll'a new work.
J'ck h-iil many Rood autcxeetlnns
" make Bnd told T'hll he could not
Hie marled under belter auaplrea.
"If VVinmnn likes you and you make
Viirwlf v .iliiHtle. aa I know you
n. vu ran walk riRht atralfht
kead in a'irrnaa "
AR.iin Phil saw the vlalrvll of
l:nn.l this time Hn the white horse
"h her ),ea, hrd hllth.
"herr Mary Joliifd them Jark
4le s.mn exnme and went Into his
rj.lv. f,ir hp knew the aipter and
"i'1'.ee u nuiti like to he alone to
l'r.rr nf ir their lona; aepurallon.
The eveiilnirs were Rrowlna; cool,
iil Marv and John sat on a low
t taf ,re a wood fire In the library
M talked until late. Phil told Mary
' hu adventure and how Hhanna.
r ' rtre ;,, .,dv. had come to him In
" stnrm Mary listened Intently,
''"klmr keenlv et T'hll at times and
nn he spi.he with areat feellna; of
"l lesl'e to 1otn tha HVen.h In
""Ir fichi for liberty, aha put her
-..li ar.i mi hlrn and they were
'1'it for a (imp. Hnd then Marv
t "I'hil t i, n ,ip to vnll you
row ,,. ,. MtJ,rl,(, u, ln lh,
"nd ihree -ers iiro we "httrhed
J"ur wiie,,,, t., a NtLr". So far Phil,
I 'ni).n v. e that you have turned
""'l Vi .. nre yount; and atrona:
M r.. tt,e -Master of your fate'
'" '' 'T," (.'aptaln of your soul'. You
:.l make Vnur dreama come true
I hi'e ,. fnMr )n you.. ,.h
k-ed hi. 8!s,er nnd nlirht and went
hu r .... I, hut not to aleep until
r ,, ,nriB ptrt. lri ni)Mn.
r l:ri her nf all that hud pome
,'niii In i he paM four days, and
'K.r.r. h. r t.i let nm wnte her until
. ;' in. t aiMirt. tie addreaeed tha
'" '" "dford. Pa., the only
v."k later unopened and
laimed". but undaunted
Pain and aaaln with the
!1 ll',
"i" m hie heart thai
l'r:e waa the one woman
I for him and he believed
r' P. and ad he waited
4 .... '' Pr veira these verv unnnened
l i "M l good diary of Phil's
"bilged to take rooms
r.s,.e, "' hr nP,,r hl" ff'ra and
" T " "",n"' but he waa glad lo
h. f,,"'1 '"a healo.uarters where
with hia enter much
if taak tie had.ln thla
' Phil mailn titnrf- lha
'" h. nuirklv and afier
t r.n-on r'ehruary Mr.
h " r!'rapbrd r'hil one day 10
"-'i.r a."'. 'Hn"1 Tul" ,n ,n
l"iM, , o clock Philip had
'li.,.,.,,, T n" nnly rePect and
'- 1 ,, 'ni man of big af-
t Mm''irl""L affection
' In h. , n;vh,,,l many time that
''I hi. , h' nnw what a true
n. 'fend had been to hi.
IhUltf, h.
room) early tjter din-
ner anrj went to tha hotel. He
walked through the crowded loliliy
and not seeing Mr. Winston, he look
the elevator up lo tho next floor In
the lialcuny that runa around the
court of the entrance to the Inhliy.
Here he rent Id watch fn Mr, Win
'inn. 'He looked down on an axM-m-bUe
of nien aa ruamepohtan as any
ever Keen In the anoula of hotel lob
bies Thla had beefi Ihe rendirvmie
for mn In the ml business since the
Oklahoma flcldn were opened The
hotel'at the brirtejninK of the ml ex
clteineni had been called "The Uoh.
Inson'' and waa tiut it bourdliiK house
beide ihia modern iniany sinned
On a seat again! one of the p.
lara of the lobby hat an Hrtf linh.nan
every bit Knglleh even to bis
niunnolo. talkuiK to a lierman Jew
The Hermans were not In ill favor
here yet; the went did ivot waken to
the true conditions unnl aiuiie lime
after the I mied Hiatea had ile. laied
war with liermany.
Near the dour waa a stranite
(roup two yoiana; nien. ou wnuld
know they were e.ieiei uera--thev
looked from Ihe cut nf their clothea
and their carriage like men not Iimik
out of Vala or Warvs.nl, an.) with
them were two Indian siiuaws. ilu
older woman evidently ihe mother
of the )oun irl of aboui :0.
The youngsters wine wnrkniK hard
with the atolid Iml'.an Moinen to ttct
them to sIkii the papera they held
In their hand., an oil man would
recnuniie at nine ihe deal. The nu n
wanted to leaee amne nf li Imlian
Und allotted by the a-nverntnen! In
these aiiiaw and thev were now
king them In Man the ,.ontiait
Rlvlnit them, the -nvn. the riKht to
drill for the oil they felt sure was in
thla undeveloped larwt
They were at at rewarded It
i the older woman who npnke; she
did nol aay much. It looked fioni the
dtntanre aa If ahe only opened and
cloaed her mouth, but It waa enough
The yonuger woman shook her head
and also opened and closed her
mouth. The women made their mark
on the reaper and rose alowlv and
went out. looklnR neither to rlxhl or
left, with no more concern than if
they were walking throuirh an empn i
field. As they turned to (to out Phil
,w .trapped to the back of the
younner woman a Tittle black haired !
Lpappoose. The buby s eyes were lihe
blark coals, and they blinked and
winked at the HeTRTii llRhi much
more awake than Ha mother or
Tha younR men. havlni acrom
pHahed the first part of their busi
ness, hurried to their mnma to per
fect their plana for the fortune they
sit before them.
There were a number of Holland
era among the crowd, men of sub
stantial build and distinguished vai
rlaae. Thev were (iiie!ly niinalini
with tha rest, talking here and Hi
tching there.
r"roni where Phil Ml he could see i
the whole panorama, and could hear
the voices. French. Herman and
IUtch. K'ngllsh, good and bad. and
the occasional gulteial grunt nf an
Indian. Two cowboys swung h
tho door Into the crowd, their Wiir
breroa with their red scarfs making
a hit of color In the room. One woife
-mi- i,.w Th.ir hih. heeled hoot,
and spurs clicked and clanked on
tha tile floor aa thev went through
the lobbv on their way to Ihe restau
rant. The dnora sw ung open next tn
a sheriff armed to the teeth He
looked keenlv through the crowd,
ferreting with his sharp eyes every
corner. Not satisfied, he went up
to the balcony, and as he pnssed Phi',
he. aald' "Ain't aeen anything that
looked like a bootlegger from Ihe
tirarka go through here, have
vou I
traner?" To Phil s "no." ho wen!
on through the corridors No 01
seemed at all ea.lted until a lit'.''
later a shot rang out and the sheriff
came In through the restaurant from
the kitchen leading a poor haml
ruffed specimen nf humanity, tall,
lank and long haired a long pistol
hanging at his llt. The men made
wav for the couple to walk ihromrh
oa their way nut. and that was all
Kverynne was too intent on" wh.ii
was working in ihelr own tnindi to
take much Interest in the affairs oil!-
side . . .
Kaahlnnable women n.-iMien
through the crowd on their wav to
restaurant or balcony, stopping often
lo greet friends among Hie men
IHamondn fl.uhed fi fnv. cecki. ears
end arms and ve. some lines ir.iiu
the high heels nf slippers, veal dia
monds, no pasle here
At last Phil saw Mr. Winston cm-
Ing through the door ant ne niir
rled down to meet him
"Well, Phil, thia is a sight you
don't see on a Saturday n.ght In the
Kast, eh"" Your fsther nnd 1 had a
taste of It In riradfo in the earlv
risv. there hut never anvtkMng
brilliant and at cosmopolitan 11 s this.
It Is Interesting" Yes I like It.
sir " ald Phil "I feel Ihe red blood
rome to the surface and my mind
seems to clarify, and I long to get
Into It all " The older man laug'ied
nnd put his hand on Phil s shoulder
"You've got t. you ve got 11
It's in the blood, you know
11 lust as vou do now when
I first
saw the gathering In Pradfor-lj
of the keen-eyed alert men of the
oil business ' Thev always remind '
me nf hnroughbred race horses tens
and ready fir the track Let f.r-d .
a place to sit dnwn where we can j
talk " 1
Thev walked Into the restaurant an I !
eat down nt one of 1 lie. little lahle..
and as an excue for beiny there
ordered milk and vlcbv Oklahoma
had been "dry ' since she wis ad
mitted to the I'nion as a si.Ce a
few year ago
Mr Wins'on looked at Phillip
and said: "You have cone fir be
vond me exper'nt'.ons in the work
here. Phil, and I am making you a
new proposition I am going to make
some new Investments in proneitv
that lookes good tri me In the Tcxn
fields I will take vou In with me
and you ran make payments as yn.i
can from your salarv as superlniend
ent which will be sufficient to alf.w
vou to soon clear vour share. I' w.H
mean leaving vour s:sier sen r"'"'har, luck" raid Mary
from pleae.int a:in comt.ir'noie 'iiiai .
tera Into a roiich nviturv r.u- ' on
re voung Aga n. what sjiy yw'"
"What do I say air? I wish 1
knew all the words In the dictionary
I'd put them all together Into nt e
big one to suit tht, occasion Indeed
t will arrep vnur big offer 'i I
AtlAIN. I w'll try to thank v"t bv
doing mv heal."
'All right, hoy It a ha'galn
Tack up and meet me at fta-irer i "v
Vnnrlav morning. You will feel the
rH blond surging when you eee some
of the work down there. Good night "
And Ihe husv man wan off Phillip
.od. thinking hard for a ininii'e.
and then elaiien .11 a touch on his
aim, and turning nw two eves as
full ai ever of unialu.ng wiicheiv
looking in'o his Weie thev grav or
black or brown or blue" Me knew
nol, for thev biMoiged to none o'hef
than Hh.inna Limrir o n,lie i" tl
irv' eif
Phil shook hinieelf to make sure
it was not a dream this lime and as
asuiei bv hearing Hhanna nerr
l.uiKh She h inii'iiducing him to
her fiieml. and explaining how thev,
the three girls, had a ten-davs' mi
t.ltioii from their hnapital work a'nl
I redas faiher, Mr Kenyon. bad
I't hub h I tlii'tn wlili him for a ipilck
tour of the western nil fields Thev
had arrived In Tulsa that morning
and were 10 make the late train at
n.ght back 10 New York
"Wr have had tt delightful trio "
I an Id Shanna. "We have covered
given lne feeling of awe added to
ni great adjuration of Arneiha
the vastness nf It and lis possibili
ties are wonderful
I feel now hcn I snv I'nt'ed
States I should open my mouth as
wide as 1 i nn from east to west and
nonh to smith.'
"We came froni our rooms out to
the balcony lonlght". said Kreda
Kenton, 'to see what father radN
'representative samples', these men
of all nationalities, kinds and creeds,
and who should Shaniia ,py Hie erv
flist thing but you. Mr I'nulson"
"It surely has proven a delightful
discovery for me', said Phil, "and I
want vou lo come Villi me to meet
111 v sister Mrs Kmcrv While vou
are getting vnur wraps I wilt bring
a car to the door Vou will give my
sister and me this pleasure won t
vou He looked at Miss Kenyon
and her father when he spoke, but
his voice called to Shanna
If the girls are willing I alnli he
delighted. MY t'nulkon to meet vour
sister. I knew her hubsand in Hrad.
ford a member nf yeara ago "
Phil went out to order a rar, and
when he returned Mr. Kenyon and
' ' . i ..V
T"7, l'f he hotel
'r,n r"n"'
the girls" were waiting for film
and were soon
oor Phil could
Inns of a feel
ing of pride aa they entered the
beautiful home, and wtyn Mary
came out to meet Iherrr and Jack
with her. hla eyea spoke the pride
In hla heart
Mary took In the situation at once
and greeted them mil with great
cordiality, and after a few minutes
talk she led the way into the con
servatory where, coffee waa served
Marv and Jack hnd Just finished
dinner. Mary maneuvered so that
Shanna and I'hll were left behind a
minute nrM Phil made the most of
hi time.
"Youxflre very dramatic Prlneeae
ft Prcam. In vnur entrance upon the
alage of n' life. I can't yet catch
my breath, and you go so soon.
Can't VOU persuade your friends to
stay over? I wwint so lo have you
know my alster " "No", said Hhan
na. "I 'ih' sorry but our play lime Is
over and ba.'V to work It Is tin earlv
lrw.a.u h.,.rnln' V' wlll'lliflt ntlbl
t now. Thla haa been a delightful
outing for me and this la surely
very nice ending
again I'on't you
10 have met you
think Kreda Is at-
"Kreda. Mis Kenyon, one nf your
friends Yes oh, yea. I'm sure she
isj I will look at her w hen we Join
theni " v
Hhiinna laughed, she couldn't help
It. this was aucli delicious uncon
scious flalterv of Phil's), and when
Hhanna laughed Phil forgot every-
thin: else.
rine iiiestion nerore we join tne
others: Why doesn't Mary think of
something else, take them nut on the
tennier court chicken park or some
moremore distant place?
"I 'id you never receiv e myjeitere'
oh, how stupid, of course you didn't
for they all la.ne back t' me every
one unopened and unclaimed."
"Shore I never received 11 letter from
I vou said Khanna with Ihe slightest
'and preltlnsf nf Irish accent Phil
'longed lo lake the girl In hla arms.
I but insiea.i he hastily told her nf
I what he had dona and what he was
going to do and how he had written
her of It all, but with no return, and
now be must have her address
"Where did .vou send your letters
Prince I "reamer '.' '
"To Hradford the only address I
knew " phil replied
"lib" laughed Hhanna "I left
there the dv afier I saw you and I
have bien In the hospital hard at
work ever aince
Phil bad Just sinned to tell
Hhannn of the good fortune that was
leading him to the fulfillment nf
hta dreams, when: "oh. Khanna you
must havesnnie of this delicious ( nf
fee. It Is real coffee, the. fust since
we left evv Yoik!''
oh, Kreda, how could you'
Jack had taken Mr. Kenioti off
to his s'udy for a e.noke Phil did
his best to be n gracious host and
Kreda and Janet wondered if Tulsa
society bad many more like him bill
lo Phil everv minute that wa in ke.t
1 f,,t!off on the jtre.it clock seemed like
luet so filch condensed intrigue
againsr nis nappiness. It went so
f.'s'. the nine. Hhd not another word
alone did he have with the lady of
1 is di.-iins excep' as be was leaving
the car she said In a low voice:
1 11 p.i its will It be ,''
The train pulled out anfl Phil fell
his heart pull out wlih it t'h. how
! loudly the cast (ailed Why was he
1 here' hv did be , ver dune wee:'
j No place for an easterner Wh ' llui
this iris inn nonsen.-e parsed instantly
, w hen he hear,) Mirv s delicious (let 11
f)i'(t kheik h u li 1 ma I h i I
iliat had always lifted h'lni out of all
hie depths
"Phil. dear, did vou get M
lenrlr nddresa? No" Well. did
4lo' is at 'he Itooe.-v r'.l bon.ltal"
"'h Mary, vou a -e a trump.
(Ion t half deseive vou," i w hsch
Mary laughed an ur). let-standing li'
Mc laugh ati'i led the way to the car
J.c k and I'hil follnw rtie ber 1
111 the way home Phil told Mary,
and .lack of the new aajfer from Mi j
Winston and that the only dt.iwbn.ki
the distance from them ' It Is
" 1 1 1 ' as w e 1
p h-iviiiir mil
happv ttlue to
gether .igiiti, hut I would not keep
vol dear It is a wonderful oppor
tunity a'1'! vou must make the most
of it so that ou some day mav real
ize our .Ireains before nu nre too
rid to believe In them ' Paler be
foie, going to bed, Marv put her arm
nn her brother's and said. "Phil, vour
princess is a real one I don't won
d. r nt your dreaming" "1 ih Mirv.
If onlv she could know what Is In
my heart"
"She wlU some day 1f you con
tinue 10 advance, Phil, a you are
now1" doing vou will soon l.e where1
vou enn go on lo ew , 01 k and !
carry our prim ess awav In voiii 1
private vaiht, away to vmir Isle nf
"Iid vou hear her Icifih Marv"',
"I did and I full a.i ir I were In ihel
old w...K Phil under tlie gre.ii
,rnrh and the, w.,i.-r was gtirgltni; .
over the soft iiiohm und I it 1 1j fi t n
and through the , ievi.e "That i 1
Just It. Maty " slid Phil. .be makes
vou think of home and the pli.es
vou love and all thai is beaut if ill
and good musi inp thinking
Mary, and "get at work and d" mv
very biggest best or I won't ever
feel that I .art ak that voi.e to
speak lo me In winds of hue I
must accomplish big thii.g'. and I
feel II is In me
ho here s to bed His'er. to dream
of private vachle and itA'' lle of
Preama. and up iarlv In 'tie morn
ing to pack foi Ti-vic. ' Phil Kissel
Mary verv tenderly as be bade her
good night.
A month later Philip was In his
office at ItaiiKce. ho bad lust come
In from watching a well drilled In.
hla high bonis were thick with
mud and bis cunt, .1
reefer. was covered wiih
his face waa beaming,
bad Just finished reading a
from Mr Winston e.olng that
ml .
lei ler
at the
meeilng of ihe directors of tie com
pany Ihe day befoie he b'ld been
congi at ula'ed upon finding (he itirht
man. and thev wanted to ly-surc I'hll
of their satlhfactloti 111 all be bad
done and 1 heir support in 1 lie work he
was' doing Ptctly good reading,
that to a .voting man doing his best
Mr, Winston bad been down the
week before and bad bought up
much of the adjoining ptoperty to
Ihelr leasee, and he haif1 congrat
ulated Phil on hla en-stem, his effl-
1 lency In judging und handling men.
and the results
The wnrjd luoked rrv roan col
ored to Phil, he was actually at the
"big things." Ins mind was teeming
with plana for tho carrying on the
work here; he realised fully the lug
responsibility placed upon him and
was more than ever determine to
lostify Mr. Winston's faith IrfSJiini
line ihlng today hud been trouble,
him. and he had come to his office
to think It out. on No. !t. one nf ihe
wells, there had been 11 gomt deal of
grumbling among the torn, anil as
h pasted n group of men on his
wav In he he.vrd his name spoken
with an oath bv a man who had been
with them onlv the past two weeks
Mr Winston's letter made him for
get for the time He walked lo the
window and looked out. but he saw
nothing of the sordid outlook and
muddy alreeta. what be aaw was the
face of a woman wttlr tantalliing
eve. Were they blue or grey nt
black or brown Phil enuled n
happy smile and went back to h:a
"Klra' Kxlra' Paper sir and
a barefooted boy poked a Kort Worth
paper at him He look It. gave the
boy his pennies and opened the pa
per on ihe desk before Tiltn.
"The t'nlted States has declared
a,. Cernmnv' I'hll stared and
read again.' Could It be at lust the
bear. had awakened frnm hie Inrlg
aleepl America at war'
11. ant with his head In hla hnds
thlnklna- faet and hard until he
hesr.t the door open, and looking up
saw one of hla men standli. rap in
h.nrf Kef.vr. blm Phil s face was
white and atreTlned as he turned to
the man and said. "Have ou seen
the paper. Max? Hear this," and he
read the headlinea aloud.
"Meln Unit." the man exclaimed
..a nhn look e, I no at the man 111
full of contending emotion
realized he was n fullblnoded
,. and II was he who had
beeli When
i.iLi'n 10 the group of men
t, huri hu name used a few
nte. before It all flashed
him In an instanl. and
wnrked qub'klv as the
hn.,,1 head walked out
bis mind
fellow-' W'll h
nf the of-
Thla man had caused the trouble
nnd dlseatisfictlon among ihe men
This was Ihe beginning of war with
us but not with liermanv, her sys
tem had been lung at work
Phil went nut arm wen. i......
tn well, talking
lib the men of the
States had taken
eiep the rniien
...r in'klritr rcrlnut.lv. aim
1 tie n..-ii -
some with great leeuos .....
Phil Willi lilies, ,..ne ..-"..'- -. s
r,r.i ui.s answered ""'H'r
Ihe Ctrmans come over here What
n bout
our navy - now "" - ' -
our army nvei ,. , ,.,
,.ne ,c.i .. . ....
- i v... a I,,, sin .11 r. in . ..
WO" 11 . , ..,,M
J hope thev
and not be
v eai a
said, "eii, arm
ka pe
It a over mere
mess an
enmin over nnr "'" (
over this rmne
rn nun .
(m his wav to
veil N'c
-yi.,,,1. ihe foreman of
and be nub kly
told him nt
h , felt wai
Krupp had
verv sure in. 11
niakln; nil th"
. ...... a,,,,, ond that he hope. I ne
wmild let him Ko before more ec
rtous trouble came from his l'rP- I
....o.i.. The foreman- a bright.
vnung chip, agreed with Phil and
sild he would get rid of him at once
Phil walked back through the fold ;
to his office and to hia overwrought)
mind the men eegregalcd themselves
In the form of rank and file the
drillers tools' took the form i.f gun
havonet and the rat of th"
at penter s hammer sounded t
to march Hack In the off.
hH H t bis desk, pulled out
. ..ill
graph blank and wrote:
"Mr H W Inston.
"..Hi) Park Ave. N'".v York OM
"When may I ace vou1 Musi en
list fni eer. lee as soon its p'.v'tl"
And then as he folded it h- 'h-.u.th
how. when, where and wh.i' vv 10
II XT 1 I at i.
Catirrh try the
vipor treatment
breathing, r t"
t in ft t bourn. iwlni rt,ud in a f
U?f. ragtiUlst Ihei l(Tr. kidnyi tnikti
And hrt. purif tn th blood ittrnffthtm
nttr Tm Write fnr lr triJ treat
mrt CD'im Dropty Bcmady Co, Dept V.
AOanla. Ot
mm Pm- lawful "MmtMr" rnvnaww1. riwft
mm f-fcai Uefr. mmwt rbUivt. han nl tmm m
1 1 4r N Hrm. pv or tnrtinr9 nt wm.
iv or .itr set v 0 e How
i' null kcr I , that was Hi.'
I'hi-te was .1 knock at the
incM-tlKet M, tri llgbl
do.. 1
him 1
-1.11 ti
I I i:,
M im Phil opened it and
1 1 vv 1-. a 1 abU-gt.itii from
I ie.,d
eti.iiKht that highway for
. nr. Voir r-'lieiliin I under
,l I k e
I ,. .
.1 III
St. l
siid I'hll lo himself, and
1 died ihe boy as he was
in. I g n e him hla message
n he
1 'nil
Winston, after 1 hinging Hie
n .is iossihe ' lo "at otice."
s aii extra .111,1 tier boy
hint v
. X III e
I -
1t1.1t ons-sago to the operator.
1 '' f "I e llltllt Hie .1 IKW IT
fl 0111 M 1 W Instnll
I. .nt 1. 1. Hue vou Walt a tnln-
I ill on 1 he vv a ."
Inl vv ,1 t.-oltit,; again Shaniia'a
-ice. knowing the full ine.lli
P H" w is Minim Willi his
lil.ntvs 1.11 he, knee and Hie cable
giaoi 111 his hiiuls when he was con
cuius nt .1 movement outside the
window and the eune instant a allot
was fired , Ilu, ,110 tingled from Ihe
1 lu-i'iiisss of Hi. Imilet Some sense,
he n, -mi knew what, made linn sink
fui w.lid on his I im'. Ihrowinu his
liturc focw 11.J. simulating
but lolling s.i Ills I lulu arm
Was at his c, . mini nd So when the
''"'.l ne. I he was ready and sprang
to his t.,1 armed M ,x Knipp stood
l.efoi n hini. his la. e distorted with
"K'V Hon. Ho Una is the wav
loini.inv righls is it Well Aiiiit
1. a Is ready mil see." said I'hll an, I
w it li
a lid
f 1 1. ill
revolver In his right hand
monkey wrench he nicked
I ll III In Ills left, he faced
the man .111. 1 forced him to turn and
walk before him 1,, ilv , ti,
not gone far when u, m,n
I and fired, but again missed
Ills II 1 11k
and Insane with fury, hn
turned th
nun to na own temple
and fired, sine thin tune nf his mark
and so 1 ti.!,-,! 11,0 . r,..t
w lib tienii.iny.
Mi' Winsion at rived In Hanger a
f"v ,l.ia later and Iom no lime In
Keirtng tin, businefa, in Mini.,, so us
t" jeleaM. Phil M,. was heart and
soul in avmpnihy wlih I'hll. enlist
ing and did ull In his power K help
bi n. It w.u, not m.,,iv ,t,lv ,frB
I III I was on his way ,j camp Phil
who but a week before was ill earn
ing .li earns of great anibllliuia,
wealih and power and all they bring.
All ilils was given up with Joy at the
ibniight ih.u be vvna young and
Mining and iM.ulit now be proud that
he was an American to si,,,,., .111,
Ins own countrymen side by aide
nn 1 ne allies in the war for
Mg.iinst w 1 nng.
I'hil. on hia way east to Join the
Platletlniig n.ilnlng camp, atopped
over 11 day In Tula. tu aay goo.lbv In
Maiy and Jack, ihe latter waa
met and '.'Jul did not aee hini until
la'nr. but .Mary and Ihe children
ere there and ;i shout of joy went
up w hen ibey mhw him.
I'hll lold Mary of how nulckly his
plana had been maid, and hla wotk
put In order for leaving nnd of hla
eagerness in get into training and
overeeaa. Mary loved him and fuaaed
over him M, gave him ail km. la "f
ptiasible and linpoaalhle things 10
bulge hla bags, tjhu told hini, wlih
oei iirina around rum and her eyea
euimnir origin wiih unshed leurs,
how proud ahe waa of hia enllalltig,
how hhe knew It wiih what their
mother would have him do and what
his fulher would have done befoie
hint, and then the hour cjutie and
Phil left her lulling and waving In
the doorway. Hhn turned back and
held her babies tlghlly to her. hard
ly breathing until she heurd the
wlusile (.f ihe easibnund train In the
distance, and then well, ahe did
what thousands of nihor women
weie doing, she s'ood up and mulled
.tud packed her lonel Ineaa an, ach
ing down deep In her heart and
never let them see the light of day
i' "ill Ihe dawn of peace lifted It for
I'liil, when he arrived In New
York, went at once to the Itooaevell
hospital nnd asked for Hh.inna and
being told she waa not there he
asked o nee .Miss Kenetl. the sillier-
rtltt'lldcnt, lis he felt she could loll
him more than (-lAnvonn elae of
t'banna. Miss Sfnett met him with
gnat cordiality and lol, him of the
II Hint came foi muses for river-
f,e,is scrviie only a short lime before
the 1 tilled Stiles declared war. and
that Shanna fell 11 was her duly to
d" as sue bid no one depeiiilenl
upon her She naturally dreaded the
mm voyage, hut her actie of duly
and loyally to her adopted profes
sion corn 111. re, I her feats and she
Milled 111 Man h soon after her re-
torn from her western trio i'-hiH
eVlVlllti d, Phil's letleis being re
lurnVl at'H'i 1 "She left a letter ad-
lre,'rs.4j .von ob my desk the night
In- b-fi. a.-i t-rw- was In a great rush
-he asked me to stamp and mall 11
for her in the morning She iraiiml
"I hie of Ihe letter when I left hr
the dock, but when I ea:ne back
11. y desk !be iniiei was no where
at 111
The Officer of the
(.(.erate n every way
personal attention, tn
y.x hange
with the
advice with
I lien- f irta ncial anil
business requirements.
M M I irltn,
Ch-nrma n "f 'he
'U'lVO (.'
( 'ha Irrnan
tn in itlee
of the
i; W Him lull. President
11 I.. Stand' ven, ice pres
Trust )f fi' er
f 1 II Icon.i rd, b e Pres
Kxchange Trust Company
No 1( nn F.ast
Ti'-t htkk Tulsa,
Affllljili'd with ihe I
lo he found and I had 1111 uta of
vour addles.-. 1 have mil heard I10111
sh.iiiu.i it,'.l ihe o(fu lal ni'll.i- ot
III.' ' 1 1 1 1 . s landing Her pi. lit w .1:1 lo
go to lielatid tot a It w it iV;, lo a'
tend 1. 1 s.une business peiiainlng t
her .stale, and tiotii thefn dlicil 10
I'. hi, vvheie hhe hoped to g." lino
til.' Aincti. in . 1 111 to. la 111 e at .Vein!
iv I11 n. e she hi., lived in Par l:
a' tl.Meii n' times in. I speahn l ien. Ji
lliuiitl.v .... she wi,i, vv.ili hi r splen
ill. I I. . .I'h and g...ai irainiuK. 111. iki
a 11 1 n v a 1 11. 1 Mr n 1 1 sc
l'll: Ihinked Mi-s f-.-liett llliel as
suet bet If he got over he woo.d
l. t he. k in.w .f he no 'I Sh in 11 1
M.ss s. io n, lold him nl ihe eir.ptv
place -Shantia had lefi In tlie lios
lit.iU h..w all had grown to live h.-i
and how her , hat ni and persmaliiv
and heei v opiimism tiad 1. it rod pa -tienta
and nurses over haul tilai es
Phil could have llalened Indef.nitelv
to ihe singing of Shanna s P alses.
but it was lime for him to leave lot
bis ti V't g.'tng inn ih Again tl ank
Ing Mlsa S.neil, he was off The
time In the naming ramp seemed
very long to the vining Americans
I here who wire lunging to get over,
seaa and Into the thick nf the fight,
but I'm le Sam's lawn have to be
obi'Ved and thai waa one of the
rust, lam and biggest things to learn
At last Phil waa gia.luaied fr.uia
training and went to Camp W ads
worth at spai lanburg. S '. Willi
the rank -nf first lieutenant. Theia
he made many friends and enjoved
Ihe ansm Intion of l.ngiish and
I rench pfficeia, as well as ourewih
There was great irpilclng when the
order finally rame lo embark. II
did not lake long to break camp, and
Ihev were III lesa than a week packed
like sardines In a box on the great
"lav inthon" llerniiiny'a old "Valer
land" ending awav in Kranee
There must have been many aching,
hoiiiealek hearts among these liny,
but im one wnuld know II unless thev
felt li through th clinging of the
handshake or In the auperlatlveneaa
of Ihelr cheer. in, those wonderful
American bnva'
The voyage nil uneventful of
course there were manv false alaroi
of the dreaded eubmnrlne. but that
onlv added Interest
They were landed at llreat. and
were there for a few rtav only be
fore being sent on They aaw the
eplendld work of the Amerlwan
women of 'he lied t mas. theaf
women who have slood at their pot
unfiilllna. nieellng Ihe Incnmlng
hnata and doing all In their pnwer to
help Ihe enldler In any way pimal
ble Phil, with eeven other officer,
waa sent lo an unknown deatlnatlon.
All thev knew was that their dfvls
Ion waa to Join the rtrltlsh. aax they
were In need or more reservw ai
Ih front The eight men Otaveled
for two night and two luva shut In
a compartment that ordinarily
wnuld be comfortable for four or six
Thev, of course, had lo lep sitting
upright: they cnoked their meala on
an alcohol slove. their bath con
sisted In rubbing each nther dnwn
wlih a, towel, and yet In spile of then
discomfort these iindauntable hoy
thev were all nol much more re.
norted the "lime nf their live"
Krnm the lime thev Joined "the
rtrltlsh, I'hll found Utile time for
writing or dreaming. HW effort
to locate fthanna had brought no
resrult. and now life was Inn lrenu-
oii to think more - than an hour
ahead The dlvlalon waa equipped
with rtrlllah rlflea and machine guns
and had to learn how to uae Ihetn.
o It took aeveral week of training
beor they were ready for action.
Thev flrel held a reserve line dlghl
behind th! flrltlsh line In front of
Mt. Kemmel fnr some tltna and then
went Into the front line and chaaed
the Hermans over Kemmel. then the
division win withdrawn and put In
near Cam bra I. and then came the
battle when they hrnke Ihe (linden
burg line covering themeelve with
glory after about Ihree week of al
most con'.lnual fighting.
I'hll dlallngulshed himself nn
several rtccslon and received both
the American dlallngulshed aervle.
cross and the Prltlsh military medal,
he made several excursions Into No-
V -
Trust Conipanv endeavor to
customers to whom thev give 1
1 hem
them, and lo obtain f
Arthur N'ewlin, Secretary.
K. II Haversioek, Ass't Kee'y
and Asa t Trust Officer.
P. H. Moody, Treasurer.
J A. Chapman, Vice T'res
Prank Maskell, Vice Pres
If I''. Sinclair, Vice Pre.
John R. Woodard, rnune.
Third F'reet
i,'l AltlilA.V
11 liange National Hank
M in Land to bring In the wo'indnl, :
111. I I.H lll.lM.I l,.nl I... Ik J . m
I ... l.ullelH ,,n, hooibs, hut 'h lai.1
div of th" S.'.teml.a ballli-n he was
erwwllng over Nn.Mni. Land
1.. the l.odiie or ihe .Ir.id andl
woiin,i., friend and for. Ivn.g to
rci. h one of his own ni. i whosr '
J v.,i, ,- he 1 uuld h''.ii- .allins in agony i
I foi net- ,. bid mi I era w led
1 a ehot t diet. nice w hen he w an Mil 111 k
)iv at. evplodnig tcoiil. and be la-.t
he retnetnlu-red reiihing for hi 1
knife o ml Ihe nel nf lull I.. . I w 11 e
111 his wa The exploding bomb
cut Ihe wire in bus. but al the Minn- ;
nine lore lis wv through Phil a1
lining bodi leaving-a pa ml vain of I
the spine, and for weeka ha lav like
one dead. I1111 iincmis nf ull about.)
him Me was laken from hor.plt.il
to hospital until one day he was
carried Inio the, famou Anierb in '
bimpiial at Nentllv Paris, wlilih,
when ll) I nlted Sliil.s wettl into
wit. wan na I Military Hospital
Nn I
When bis clothes were given over
to Ihe nurse in charge she wa none
oilier than Hhanna l.owrle, and when
she put the content of Ilia poi-kets
lb place lagging each piece, she
came to the bit of lac from her own
dress covered with red hlmid tains.
and In a flash she saw Ihe plrtur
nf ihe. light III a cabin window and
an open door wl'll a tall young
knight of ihe oil fltlda taking her
hands and leading her Into the
cabin shelter. A cry "Philip"
escaped her lips, and for Ihe first
time nn duly Shanna eonl nrv
deserted her and sha broke down
completely and cried, cried until
aha herd a cry of pain from th
bid beyond the Heard door, and ah
hastily dried her tear and went
hack on duly, a bit red-eyed but con
trolled and nmlllng.
Thai smile and Hhanna Irish
humor had brought many a poor
boy mil of the dark shadow. Aa
soon as possible Hhanna found her
wav lo th col wheiV Phil lay and
"holding- on tight" b looked down
at hi far an worn and thin h
would hardly hava known him.
Hhanna made a solenot vow that he
should live If skill and nursing could
do II. and she found the dm Inr In
charge of Ih case and h told her
It haj been one pf Ihe mot hffHn
caae they had operated upon, hut
the man constitution eemed mad
of Iron, and thy felt now that h
had a good chance, with Ureal care,
tn pull through. Hhanna watched
and waltd. laklng vry minute h
could spare frnm her many iratlentl
to watch ovr rnn.
Th realiaallon or a ral over-
powering lov for thl yuung Amer
ican iving them an hlpl befor
her, had coAi to her when h held
tha hit of blood -atalned laca from a
dree In her hands Hha wrote Mary
Kmery and Mr. Winston and lold
ALUITJRIOUILT kppolnUd Mr of 3135 ponsdi
with 00 h. p. motor, Uo-lnah wbaclbM), fir
inf mfcrlmnm oomfort to Mm jmmjtn aad
qpnMwnlng only on gallon, of fuollno to tray
14 to 10 mil of trTL Tbo only oar at ita prioi
equipped with Cord TU n unnd mllMf of
from 10,000 to 13,000 mil.
Highest quality throughout
Herexitb arul fioaldcr. I'linno li Tulaa, Oklav.
Large Bottles $1.50
ihrni all she rould ii rn of Phil
luaviiv, and 1 heered them by th
dm tv a repori Mary letter wer
a Jov lo her, and Mr Winston wroi
letteiH full of admltailon and en
Uiuslasrii for Phil und wild to tell
hini his fortune was already mad
In Ih 1'evas oil fields and I hat h '
was now one of the big men of Ih
Indian Head company these let.
lets Sh.iiinw kept ii her In her
log apron piickeli to show I'hll when
hia 1 onsclousnes i.i.ue hack II
often roused and would call "Mary "
..' "Mia inn KI1.1111111 prlnceaa " and
often, verv often, li was wlih rapid
onlii. he enlleil for help lo cut th
barbed wires or shouted word of n-
out agemeiii t,, his dvlng men.
November II the whole world ha
gone wild Willi oy liermany ha
stgnea ihe armlsli.'e' Priice -peac f
at last ban come lu this w-ac-uffer-mg
The bells from every belfry in
cliv and In every little hamlet ar
ringing Pence. Peace, It la th dawn
of Peace'
A few dav later Hhanna waa lt.
ling at Phil aid praying fnr a sign
nf recognition from tho rye eh
bad watchd o lovingly for week.
Khe had been nrv duty all night and
now toward dawn the men wer
sleeping or rpilet, and ah rame. aa
alwava lo phll'a aid In real. Ph
rea luted aa she at looking at htm
how much he had gained and hnn
he began tn look Ilk th old t'hll.
Ill fac had loat Ih drawn atralned
look and h did not tuffer now whn
Phil Hp wer moving and
flhapna knew well what ha waa say
ing, but leaned down In har
"Hhanna Acuahula" and ah hld her
hreaih for mm. Tha dawn waa
breaking, tha warm rd aim waa
flooding th sky and a bright aurt
beam atol through tha window and
hut across Phil fac, ha roud
and opened hi eyea will. Bhann
knelt by him and prd aa ha had
never prayed befor Phil lifted hi "
hand and touched her fan, flhanrua
Innked Into hi eye and knaw bV
prayer wer answered. Phil knaw
ner! II whispered, "Hhanna, la It
trua or nv.I dreaming? I It mf
Mhanna?" V, I'hll, It la Hhanna,
your Hhanna now and alwaya, hut
you must not talk mom now." Phil
closed hi ry again, hut hla who!
far eemed to ha full nf light and
Joy. Hhanna t by hi ld vary illl
and vary happy After a Mm lhll
poka again: "Hhanna, whem are
wo?" "In Parla, Phil," and I'hli
looked up to m Shanna' eye danc
ing with mirth, and remembering,
he amlled ton, and then a cloud cam
over Phil' faca, Hhanna understood,
and kneeling hlde him whlprd: -"Phil,
dear, the war la ovrl Tha
dawn of peac haa come! You hav
'made alralght that highway for our
Clod ' "

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