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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 11, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'clock A.M., Image 1

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"" " 'Vuhjh
Let's Go!
g F.dition
I o'Clock A.M.
July 10 th
VOL. XIII, NO. 1200.
riiu.-i-: CKNTS.
Accept on Is Postponed 121
Ilotm When Train Sched
ule Causes Delay.
Covcrnn:ent Changes Route,
Jlaki.ik' It Impossible for
Infantrymen to Come.
Pcpfrati"iis. of Relatives anrl
Friend." Coming for the
M-iae'in'" who volunteered ("r
land S'-.-v.ee ml! Ti'U aeaenihle ;it
hi1'i:. i-fr th:a morning .n
prvi"i;s.' arranged Ai! inu.s.
claj'H. how-ever have been rc
ipearel ii. meet nt headcjotirter
li ? o :.M'k Thuradav mnrrv.r.g
In ft lnrg .ln'nnre telephone eon
era!inn Tiu-'l.iv evening M M.iy
lhmid! "t M'l'knun Informed The
Wind th,,' .i .b-lcgatinti nf perhaps
:5 Muikogee nni hr. aiater. awcet
lrta ind fathei of tiny who rep-!
wnl Miumisw in the tilth .,ni j
Ury train wi;l arrive in Tulsn. cailvj
Thuradiiy morning, to greet their I
loved on and mm with Tulsa in
maltlru the demonstration the mn-t
lucreasf-il 'p hia'orv ii f the (tt
VI m 8'' ("hid: etate.l she knevr f"r
r!!n n f 1 i ii'-i.tciim who wi.i v,:t
Tu, tnt'nrrow Muskogee i nrll
rffiroaenlf d in the anntiHry detach
merit. Information tendered the Joe I'nr.
n poet reception romnilttre Lite
T,ftdv af'ernnon tiy official of the
.TYaro ra.lron.l wa to thn effect that
totut of n il e In v Ht Memphia.
Tr,n., the n',dlr' npeci.il tpun will J
not irrb In Tuliwi until Thursday
hutppidnrment alen vimte.1 Tulai'
Uh th ir forma t ion thtit ' 'nrnpmiy
C, lOn1 infantry., will not parade
k with the engineer!
Other dctaila (if the program will
W ttrrled out an arranged Thursday
lrutfid r? toilay. according to .in
nnounntrnent aiithnrnied I v 'he
tommine, an. I the parade will
mow O'ji a' 10 o clin k Thurhl.iy
1..M10 to I'lirinle.
E.rda of the fact that the
hi'infrvrii.-n wiil pot appi ar here
th (Isinntistratinii will tie witho.it
douSt the lari'ivit of it nature
vfr Bare I in t"alcrn Oklahoma
T-urt hearing the itYfan'ryineu i-n
r"ii! to Kni'l un-1 ('klahomn City
'ir ilii.y will i . . r 1 1 1 i - ii l In
d't'nrnir.itlMns tmlay. i,ismo throiiKh
T" if niiit .mil early this morn
li Ti: s i !i.ini!i' in t raiiK.'iurnt
w rr.ii.le I - frovertitni'tit official
The two orKMHiatlotiH which Tu!h
n now
iin irp.l will p.irailo here
I of Ihe lllth engineer-I
k onrti and ft portion of t he lllth
nltry tram, will he roniprie. of
l 0O men at cording lo official of
'lie rriw n. 'I'h mi n her I almost
iul t" the Blieng; h of n "pea. i
tifl' rrgmiei.t and Ihe new MatuiK
tht Con: j... t: i' will not appear i
Jh only f.n t.ir v h ell can detra' t
"m it.ter.it m n,,. reception.
"ur ti.m.s win hrmg the en-t'ff.-
ai, 1 tie sanitary det.i.'h
nt tfi'.-.i. 'I'he firm section will
lv at 'h.. l-'rieci Btation tit i::01
"lo.' T.'-.ured.iv moeoinir nod it
' i..:;.,we,i i
" ' o'lU... k. .. o , ;
Althoui;', l:i,
the other three
It ami S o'clock
f the local lied
'."'I II. en
r"tl fur
M !h
'lr arru
an it-.ged to hreakf ist
tola) thm item will he
.nder thi. ot'L-uial pluil
"" ''"I'ei.M wl'.l rat .ion
'I "f the l.tat hceinm
'Jft'.re ,v.
tirr.. fr ,;,
""orav 1
''. 0:t
IXj.n .
ltiinili 'l'.i(lii).
to- itch i f ttiumph w.i
I'i.' d-iy night at'.. I thin
' h lllpleted In alllple
''p'lon. It is to he
hi. ik iuid hunting to.
1 i .ii, i. n ai ranged for
III I'.S p i, y l K
I h.i
I 'h
June Hi
hi app:
ooi nun ,
( "It ef
' S.. (i.
, b..
' r -
i .j
i" coin
HI'. II by h
report 111,
' I
I lie
I.I .1
! a rid
"f ll ,.
g of I
' " act
'I he
i author.?.
in', t -
' of un ll-
1 1 ases Will
I lo- gov ern-
' ' 1
f the mine.
Car 'mih
r Los by Pittsburgh
'" P'oi.
k a a-
rn in " !
" l.
1' i., June "..I
'"tough, throu-.rh
.i n
tormv, filed
h"ie la'n ro-
i.l'ed Asso-
r:e It -ni-
h Hv union
. "f I'.' .1.1. -i"
i liinn.-d,
el h
iv 111.
' U
' I '11
: r , :
11 'Jl
1 ll Ml lac,
Tl'I.l Ok .i Juri. in Mi-,m.!ii
fl7 tnirnrntim M .ii!ti u;iilt '!rr
i' ir: . rn-1 to . .i.i 1
rttiwirh in rM it1..i, I :. i rW rt
W I hi s V.it,ffdv i l
Tl'.ir.,Uv f. ,,t ' r
Lull S! i mi M-'
W.1 rtf ,,( . .'ir.l Ihuh.i. r' .. rit
I 'h Mr. In v 'in v cif'iHl v o r h! .
K N S ' 'ft , lout v U iiM'Uf
tri1 Ttit.rtdar tl.i t'-s'ifrfd thurdtr
tipwrt mu. h rfii) in 1hj; n
I'IiaI nuki'i 1 1 a
it ' mm I'i v i
Hit uliai rir ,c
1 i w liMl -ii J'
n fm. i v
m im ti take nap
''ir k ti u w t ri m '
k- ikii I -t. t t- :
An Mr
.n. Mi
l r i I - rrv
i lot n '
1 1 It film
'1 hl I r.n l
rti o
S'tIK timi-l lAkrit in
rt' I mm M'tm ' t.y hi
W hies fen r P 1 I t: (t
An' thir.fl
" ' I' k.v. " Hut I trui
'I ri .it. ff Mn fmthr
R x h t i on br nuirht ! I.
H a r ,f t'umt ih. time n' right
ii m ahftui.j t. m;n (Miir w hem nir,
I tho'ic'it 1''! rcK him up nirht hrr '
i la ' ' ' U; I. tipwHt do.
lirii 1 , k ;f ho-i I wrd ' fill
'e i T"l in.) in?n tow-i with in "
n l' . ' rit thrf n ' rhil,
I'i''inm!1' 1 h : t;' aritMin' thai,
Mut I rn t I 1 to it wlm ii aaid.
hm I h i. p I m lu bed
1 it ft f nrr ? i i rc to H o
Why I 'Hii t Pr w hit I l rn
l'4ij'T!rM. I'.HI. i, hUr A mim
llv T .w teit Pr.i
Al;i 'II VN'IKL. M.in. lay, June 9
Ttin la.ii units of Aiiicr.cHn troopn
on the fik'htniK front miuth of Arch
an;el. i xci pi intltiri i s were wi:h
iliitnn toii.'y Htifl will nail for home
next Sun. lav They inclinle the re-I
in.iminK lompnnie of the ;i:i'lth In
fantry, the 3.17th nmhulance com
pany and a tne.liciil deta. htnent.
SMKIH.S Wil l. (.O
II U K '111 (.I'.K.M sv
WASIIlMiTOV. June 1" -ltetiirn
lo ilt'inunv of alHtut 1.000 fortmr
officer and sailor taken frrim lier-
man eel.s w lien the I nited State
Hid.ed enemy Hhippmg at the out
hreak of the war. will l.egin aliout
July I- Th"e to he releaeed now
am helng held at 1' ort M l'heron
and ('Klethorpe.
r. s. hi; ui tsr
men itmci; mi.n ci:
WASlllN'tlTiiV. June 10.--The
presence of aimed ota Ittcan
force on the S icaranu i n frontier I
regarded hy the I ruled State a a
Tnen.'icn to Nicaragua, it w aa Mated
offlrmlly to.l.tv ,iiul ttie gov eriitot nt
will not nk iiHowInK Mciraguan i
hov eri'lgn! y to he etHlargci ed. j
M STIll PHI I'Mtl S !
I VAMli; NsM K
II)- "' hr Wwn'M rrru
I i:NA. Mondav June 9 -The
Austrian government tonight w.im
proparting i'n nvi r to the peace
Icrnis It i understood that the
pri,ihahly -will he an ecanive
i.wsim; It I I I Its IKIMI
III At l.s' in H.SUN
I'AKIS. June If' Secretary Lans
ing ha received cable of the I tilted
: State (senate reolulion, unking the
text of the Herman treaty and re
nueitini: a heating hefore the peace
1 conference for lldwarl I' Va'er.ij
! and the other !nh dtegat.- Sec
1 rotary IJinsing haWferred the re.o.
I lulion to I'reMdent Wilnon.
W XIIIMniiN. June fl -Appeal
W.i ir..ld h Kepr. eflt.ltive hver.
re pu hlira ll . of Missouri, in a e.ilde
gratn to rreHident NiiMon todav to
i-wiii' a p"'i I. una ' ion declailog w.n
i rm- prohihcion void in view of the
ipparent 1 1 1 ', i l 1 1 1 . 1 1 I'll li of i. ingress
in ..' t he i i w stand
The Mi.s.iuri ri pi -s. n'a'.v e :n his
nn .s,ii:i. -t ite,( th e' 1' ih.i ' hearing
gone f ir
tepeill III
'iioiik-h t"
a'isf h. nil
d no . hance
r Ci'TOIOl
- d 'h.i' 'he
;"ti -'ll his
1-J . I .
. vpr .
pi ed
own nu'h"ri''
Another Page
M.ilnlv for the ptirimec of prov
ing m tlw I' ll "f cnglnciT
wlilrli wa oritanloil aoiiii" lime
iign for the purpose of lolUiig llir
iplc whv tln v slioiil.l nnl in
is'pt Spnilnnw vvulcr, lliul Hn'sM-v ,
the mil limit II iis-ognliil "-irlutM-rlng
iiuihorltv I- wnmc, I..
V. Ma. larlan.l. i iifliut r of Hils
rltv wlin vvas foniti rlv In the cm
dov nf ( hailis I'iiui' In H"' work
of siiivcvlng Shell irisik. Is .ri'
purlin: a list ,.f figinos whl. li ho
ivs u to sprliu; on the cnglnit'rV
Mai farlnnil rlnlnis I'nwv Is
wroiic on Hie shell i reek ilove
and Hint he inn prove II. npv.ir-t-iit
I y nut that he Is . dis-plv In
torestel In Ihe welfare ol 'bell
creek bin pi prove ibnl ho Insiia.l
,.f l-rcsorf Is Hie l orn', t man.
Maifarlan.l Is said to have sIMtcil
Ihal bo will i re Me a nsilltin
win n he reveal Hie ' uuv fujun a"
Knox Proposes Promise to do
to Old World's Rescue If
Menace Arises.
Pennsylvania!! Offers Resou-j
lion to (live Notice of j
Senate's Proposition. j
Hopes to I'nite-Opponents to
Pact: Would Leave It for j
I'u tu re Decision. '
U S-III MIT' V June in - The
nennte f cht over :he league (,f n
tlot' luoiiKh! to a ni"r direr!
. IjtMie tn.lav wnh the introilnction of
; (I resolution hy Senator Knox, re-puhl.'-an.
of 'e niiNN : i aula, proponing
'hi1 the hena'e ;:e formal oolite
'o the peace conference of nppoH
lion lo pr. rxpected Hhould the pence
trea:y he nu h m 1 1 1 ed fur ratification
in ;t toeeent form
1 Sr-n.vo.- K ri . . x . inemher nf the for
1 elKn relation committee drafted 'he
rcoluiton . nf'er con furei.ee with
oi.er league opponeni and pre
iiented It with the apparent Mipport
of th'e who led In rrltieintn of the
. cague cnvenari! He rxperted to
; crta!li.e oppoition nentitnent.
' ill. I Senator l.otlge with the creation
'of the round rohin In the roHn
houre i,f the '.a.n enate
j Would Mil l uroiw.
While d.clailng fur itiniifd.a'e
conclusion of a treatv dealing wnh
laeueii f the war only, the re
oiution conialn a far-r.n hlng iio
pooitl which wouhl lay U ttown a a
I'liln of i tie American gov . rn ineni
that whenever the freedom Hid peai
..f Kurope i threat, tied the I nited
Sia, will consider it again oliliga
lory 'o co-opeiate ill event of that
l'vi'ieloii n lo rc!nce of niem-
ihe league of nation
I. ft without liirjudu-a lo
should h
each nation. Ihe rmoluiion dei lure
for future eparaie conai.leration II
also aseeris lack of authority hy the
) making power of the govern-
ment to make a treaty whuh in rf-
fed, amend :he American (..nieiitu
Hon At Mr . Knox ie..M.t ihe lonolu-
ilon wa referred nltfioiit dehate to I
Ihe foieign leiaiion i onniuiiei He 1
will ait. nipt to get i unmif, e ai lion I
tomorrow or 'Ihuimla.. ,m,i hope in i
I't'.iig it up in the senate for con
sideration liv the end of Ihe week
I'he resolution is ,iUe to open a new I
ii" league or nallo'ls
fight, and Ii, develop a dehate which
m.iv he iHe.it more hitler than Ihat
over piih.u ,c ion of the irniij text.
I'm Taft In S-li
Kxi ept. f,,i tie leading of the
Knox n soiiiiion. the Iteaty n.titru
vcisy c.une t.i ihe aurface only once
during the .lav in Ihe ..nafe 'Ihat
was when Senaior I'll tiitan, deitio
irat. of Nevada. , inked utianimoiia
connen" to pin t In the record, with
"i' it idlng i, speei h hy former
J resident Taft. ado.
ad em at inn ( ' h"
it. repul'liefin, of
"ii. i
an oliJi'Clion
a ml
I'ltttiian then put in
ti ' n h i e uling It.
M'. it, tiro- Iii.Wi'OT, there, were!
many confer, ncea niiiohg aenatote
f..v .Moti or Itie lieaty, puh
liahed in full in todav a i 'ongrraiona
iieeor.l. ami the foreign telaiion
colt i n i ; ' lee ni.ide plan to ruaie to i
ni'-Itow i's invest gallon of hovv i
treaty copic re.i. :,e, pr.vaie hamH
in New Voik .'' I
. f the x t on rn ier the con. m .' o-e I
had s.iioniotiel, Thiee I f Moigan
lleniv P. I ui n and I'tank A an
derlip Hent word thev would lu
. ade to appeal tomorrow
'I'll'' coniiinfee arranged for
larger to. on for t he ,J.'i ma. who I
i lo i.e open to tht)i'ul.l' 'I'n
tonit. ittee l rV''(Mtlii ngree to
niorr.'W on othtr wi:i;,ss to 1.
i "1 la ' et : , the week
Thooia W a t i 1 1 1 ' one of t'i
fit .in ler ii in rn "tied u said to I.
i'i i 'r a i'i e ' ll tl I it Is coc.siil'-l ed lit
likely I ll., t 'lie iotiiiii i' tee vv, 11 Ili.ll .
:i f ir'her i rr o I at Hi, I! to h.i .
J a i
o I
ff. a -k.-i
lo I"' ,'
ol I'i
r v'ii
A ir:
.1 I,.
il; hi Cm,
VMS'! t ll (
' Warte
I'M .
Tool Plans 'Technical" Report
which of isiiirso will writer w.me
liion- hell cceU sIimU.
"Iiii c Hie mills lo Siavlnaw
opened their can of Shoil f-ts-cli
i-olorcl water at the meeting Mon
day night ii nil liberally iiiumlnlcd
the siiip,.rl, r id the I'age uiotiev
nuking pi'iposltloii wlih n lot of
pad.bsl M.ililiiciils anil figure
from two or three inrii who were
primed for ihe nis-asbui tin sjime"
can. now eniplv ha Ik-vii kicked
e.lilMiut hi the isiluiniis tif ihe I'age
organs to ihe emptv siuudlng
inssiniwnlmi'iit of attacks on the
Ill's Ih-sI cllletislilp Still the
I'age proHisttoi Is not forthisuu
III nrul were It not for .Mr. I'rcs
' rcMirt the I'll) won hi ei !
In Ignorance of the real fuels on
Shell rri'i'k
nil now the cu;rlii.s.'r are plan
ning to blow up the SmiHiuiW
lu-oji-et and Iiihh, Shell i risr-k lo
&c sklc and from nil Indbailon
the in. ting Is u l scivlo (..
Three States Ratify
Suffrage A memlment;
New York Acts Soon
M . h Jim.- 1
Mi. hltM.'i 1i-k.h..i u
la'ir.ci ni.. r...
h iii .'ti.inii n i . A.;...
in." ia volt in l-oi Ii
M I 'IS. ,.,
lec..l,.ii 1. glhl a : i
fied Ihe frdital v
li.enl. Itlc HHnenililv
and the nena'f -II
SI'HIN.,1 llll.l'
'I'll. l.lill.l.N him-.
i. ii. i u irn o , .oht'
i.itific,g :he fc.
.1 no
i no rid
.. I I.. -'
in w.i.s
t- u ff i a c
I..V ia
amendment Acii.i
voi e ote
li a vote of i . :
conciiircd in :he hi
in Hon i a i if i ng i In
l.airt it-.e houic t
fhe vo.e l.emg I
i I
he Ht tot
limit 1 1
ii it m n
'ok a loll c.i
ti. .1 in lav
of it i a : . f h ai ,'iti
I'he loll
wan taken
cult If
diMille 1. g,i dlfft-
A I. HAW. N V June 10. An
extraordinarv eHon of the New
'oik leginlaiiire for Mondav night,
June lti wn called hv liovernor
Smith in a pi o I. una ion Irsued
late li'iliv The put pose to at
upon ratification or me wonun
uffrage i oiim it u i imia , uiueiid
nn n t
New of (invernor Smith' action 1
followed close on Ihe receipt of
telegram he Mi (rne Chap
man Catt, prelilent of ihe a.-so
i latlon. from Ihe fx, enliven of
K.insa. Iowa. New Hainpslm e and
Muiiir.ii,i, promising similar ac
Chairman of Tiila County Itrpiih-lli-nn
Cininilllce IMann I iIohsItc
Tiir of Slate.
Col. A. A. Small, chairman of Ihe
republican county committee, ye,
terday announced hi candidacy for
the republican nomination for the
I nlieil Slate aenate, in the priu.arj
which la to be held In Aiiguet, ti.
Colonel Hmall a landirtary w i nn
nounred In the folowin etaiement
which he handed The World yn e--day
"I Intend lo make the rac for
I nited Staiea aenator on Ihe rl:li
loan ticket 1 believe Ihat If we
make the proper s-ate organi.iron
and h.ave candldatea who are In e,iru-
t and w-i!! make trie proier ran-
vaa we
ca i r y t hie alale fir our
"I ahalt stand for 'he pl.i.f. 'tn
of the republican party whn h hi
heen fot esliadow ed in the conduit
of our leader .tilling the world
A mer li'a n lm -Americanism a
taught hy Waatilngtiirv. Monroe ,lf
feion. i.lncoln.. lirover Cleveland,
an. I eepeelallv hv the lale Col The,,.
dure Itoowevelt j
'i shall mipport the n..m:ne of
'he ft III hlltM n t -' V fill l.siii''
In 19.'0 which nominee will he one.
of three men act ordiriar to p-esent !
Indication, wi'h ileneial Wool h id- I
lug ny one of Hii m v.lj .e n''
repiahle "It I mv piirpoe to make a Ihnr
nigh .aiivasH of the 'a e. speikingl
In each couiitv I Intend .,, have
a e'a e org. i m.. u ion lo wok a :, a- '
:t the pnr'v in the . : 1. for tin '
principles anil for uc'oiv. no mil '
ier who the nominee mav he"
Colonel Small I g-a.l.. i;n ,fl
Hel'auw unlvereitv. 'i reencai le, nd
I a menitier of the Maaonic or ler '
and Knight Templar He I a mem- '
her of the Methodist ( htirch Cur .
eorne time ha has heen engaged 'n ;
the oil husine He lume to , ki. ,
homa 11 ye n ago an I .lotitu; ihe
gre.uet pail f tv,., t '..me . -. has
lived m ''ulsa.
Parade Traffic Rules
In order to nist traff;c de
pt.rlmen: of the police he.ail'iuar
let It I heiehy ordeted Ihal i
traffic or ..,rklng ..f ,, ul o.nolu., s
he ierm.'te oM Min s-t.et from
I I'i I to Seven'h fiom 'he In. n
of T o clock Thors'lav n...rti,.tg
June 1 ? until t he pu .. .,. ,,'
' 1 I ' h eng neer h.,s he, n i .. .
Hv order of Mamr C it
H iihha-d and Tr.if f.e l iff . . i
llarrv lackers
SHU the Shell creek laai-ter
nillnll through their sinii iiu ois
that they are the riiil "i ltv killer"
for llii-v malnialii thai lul-a lias
slim , hnn,'s of attaining a pupii
laiinn mark nf even '.'oii.onu vvlihlii
i, ninsiTv alive (Mibsl of 1 year
'lliey would 1,-nv,' Hie linpi s-. .ii
Ihal Itilsn will for a ntinils r of
vears remain at ltr 'ifri -s-nt -(
and iim. li IhL asniinrtiOon th.-v are
eager In iv I'age vvhatcvi-r prbs
he ask for lit water or If iicri s
sarv , -lint In II, Willi Hie rkunsa
X ml the charge Is ailn rll-s il that
'I iiKn will gmw v,r Mlowly
Plie rliv nf Tulsa Is mivv using
npproilmaiclv 4oiiimumi gallons of
water .lalll Xoil 11-lde from Is lug
full of llt 1111.I inn. I . . urillng in
Hie l'less-v I .rl Shell crock
would furnish, at lis Is si. even If
as g.Msl a i lalimsl. barely'1 'nougli
for prosa-nt needs ami nf u ipiably
llitle- bctler than the Arkaiiaaa.
.Mayor Hubbard So Character
izes Interview in Yester
day's Paper.
Official Challenges Any Mem
ber of Democrat Force to
Prove Statements.
I '
! YV ritcr Once Thought Honor
able FoiK'ets Conscience
to Help in Came.
Mayor I h.i
com ment in ,.n a et.u in
I tiight In iiidii iI iigarding
j . ommlssionei a1 failuie lo hol,
legular Ineelllig veeterdle too
i"..ld ,"t.f all Ihe inilicioli lie
e.rr saw In print ihat una the
worst "
'mi i mini tr. Ihe mayor comnient
i ed a follow
I I. ran, Ihe 'ory a a I. lack
; raiuoii h, nini i h iilepge anv one of
j ' lo'in lo pi ov r ihe statement
made "
Ailiinloil Armenian sv.ln.
j "'Phe co iimisMotiei and inyaelf
were invl'ed to mien. I., ihe fnal
ineeiii.g of the campaign to raise a
fund for Armenian relief and to
witnea Ihe pto. tuition of a pio
luie furthering Ihi iiioveioeni at
the Mietlc iliealer The mvltatlon
w,i ai i pled hy all ad nun ie' rai iv e
officer of the cl Willi the nxcep
lion of It. II I'urian. who refum d
I" il'en.t ihe meeting; or to aid
in thl work of relief
'"I'he iity coinmirsioner hud made
arrangement picviously wnh cili
r.en who h.i, huaines nt tin pal -lit
ii In r meeling to mr them ai i
o clock, and at that hour the regu
lar mion wa held In open cham
ber. There waa. however, no 'tep
r.etita!lve of the lienmrrat j.rr
ent. '"I'he once frualed reporrer for
that newspaper, who haa prevloua
Iv enjoyed the repuiatinn of being
honorable, hn eenlentiy become
iih servient to hi II l.seril p u lous
einployer and has o far fot gotten
his ii.l'irii'iin ihat lie publmhe
anv ort of fa hr na I Ion . long aa I
ii will have the lemleni y to lead
the general public aaoay hv refer-!
ence to "secret i aucu,'" and pi I -vate
meeting of the com in ihwioii j
iii s and mv self and for the eole i j 1 1 1 - I
I'omi of assisting Cage and hi pub- i
1 ea'loiis ti, pu, their own dirty poll
tie and atlll filthier Shell (reek w ., i
ler. full of germ. an-ikea andj
nioaiiiiiH, over on the unnupeet-i
lug people of Tulsa " I
lioiniM-rnt siory.
The I'eniiietal alor referred toj
by I he ma or in the ahoie ilnr.-l
rnartlier wis headed 'I'ubilc lie
I'.iliillel I'ollcy Selling in Around
Clly . III':." and was followed by j
I he a t on bed paragi aph
"Ho gi.-at wa t lo, conaternat ion i
thrown Inio th.i rank of 'he Mpmi
n.twiie as 'be result of th" ciuxenn' .
nil' mee'.ng III Hie district toiitl
room on Monday ingh' that Ihei
inavor and hoaid .f city inmriil f
so.ner eimteiy foig.it to bold Ihe'
iisiitl Tiiev.lny tnoi rung meeiing i
i f 1 1 v i 4, to m isaioner ( urran iiml '
N'ewblock were in evidence around
'he ciiy hail during the morning
-.'ver once In h w title one or the!
"'her of their wouot l'ok Into Ihe
."unci! chamber and then return f (
'he duties oil Ihe ,'cond floo-
"The two private dom leading to
he Inner 'in. lot inn of Ma vor Huh
hard teiiiMlue.l , li.ee, to Ihe public,
w 1 , 1 1 ii, ,.e 1 1 uhl.ir.l .an. I b Is i a i.i
m i vvete husv i i ii iMi.g in piepara '
lill'll fot Ihe figV I!i, they seen, In,
''le for Ihe fi'si l.me Is a head of
hen, !
I or 'hree hour a doyen or fnJl,,
c ' i ! f s ha : ng lei -il n ."-s
Willi Hie I... it. willed
fot ,e i on mis.. o to
ir M-ss.on, but the
'i.eet.ng hii'l I to be I
'o t r , ns.. I
I Ti i p. 1 1 1 1 ni.y
eel ,', OIOI
I lose. . door
f lli'.l e Ito -
"tian.e ,,n Tic I
r. session I,, w h
It ge II. ,gb' 'e air
v li .... n I ii l' ih.iti i
ll 'he p'll.l:- a'
N I ' 1 1 i l .in,. In The 'ins'
'I. f.oi t.u ' i-' l.l ugh ' '" I s' I. ' a o
1 lent '1 ..' ' ',e , na-. h,s- w I-., was
0. vv n to j ,ei 1 s w Ii . ' j. . r. ' ng :.
' " 1 1 1 1 1 l.e ,..i f , ' -"I n..., 1,11,
. ' ll I . 1 ' 1 ... I. A a.
f'-.lt.d I." ' '.'111 a " leg '0 U :.
1 in I I' : t.n f ,., ro 1.1 ea ,
f mv, ( g.i .. , ..f r i. , :.:,,! ,!
f I I-'.' ' I ':v. . ...... 1. ! ,1,
'" -il-i ! -i ' "i, - aic it 1 p . . . s.'i i.
M.i !'' "1 1 ' ''! . f w li.. r. 1 1.1 .
I 1' I.'ll.' '! lie Of M.e KN -I', H tli b
' 1 ' 'I'll 1 1 ' .1 I ; 1. - h.i V . ,'i.r 1.1,(1 ff
1 .1 " I I.I I, 111
I be '",!', I. . 1 j ',i 1' W .. e , i he 1 p
! w 1M1 1 1 w , v a",. 1,. I .. ., , , . .. 1
I ' ' - 'I 'ii. . -.1.1. ,11 is :0
' Itee.e welf .,",. I.. I ,v h .,,
i'i hi ii 1 e,, j 1 ," .' 1 o . . ,,,t of Ihe
'u.' n w l "i,, I,,. ,;,,( . i.,. ,, k
l iver Hunt t lieaih.
I. "I IS J 11,1 .j (is.ar
III- k net. .lu yea . of W ll. ash
'"' a 1 1 1 m f.n '.v a Inn tied 1. 1
d' 1M1 a' 1 1 a n " 1 1 a ' . Mo ' ,.a morn
r s- when h ' s .1.1 1 1 1 il'.. fe 1 1 oil of con .
' "I and 1 ra 1! 1 d 111 a k'I'i', Iii : in g
i"i" flina" I ; e i ettef s al'p'iiir '..i
1 ' ' -I' k a- h'-i a ' I ! . 1; a . . 1 10. .1' u. .
' " 1 ' r 1 1 ... b .1 d n-'i'i'iii'l
! .r nv3 1 .Mis,-i .1 , and I.1.1: .. .
Opens Xew Senate
liattle on League
Adoption by li. S.
iheir gJg3
Sciintor I'hllanib-r C. Kimi
The Kttox 1 ,'' 1 1 11 v 1 o n , iiiirodu.ed
In Hie aenate vetetdav by Hie
I e n ii v I a n 1.1 seniioi , opened a new
r 1 K III ug. 11111,1 I ho league. W hich
ptotuls,- iii lead to a hitler fight
on Hie irea'v and the league
With Only l our I ihIii nice
lower llrani'h Sends to heiuile
AlHroirlmloii for $?.'iO.IIOII,(K)ll,
A AKIII.MITi in, June 10 - llv a
vote of nub to 4 the hounw today
pieard the bill an I horl.lii g an ap
pii.pi i.nion of $ 7 S U.otiU.OIIO for the
iiillioad iiitinlnlaii allon'H revolving
fund liemocrallc membera urged a
laiger amount hut did Imt pre any
amendiiieril for an lucieae. while
republic 1 na de. lined Hie fund would
be s iffi. leni until later In Hie year
when fuUire need would be known
'I tie measure now iiuivi jo Ihe aenate,
w here 1, altera plan early action.
nlrrt agulriNt the a ppl "tirlatlori
wen- iiisl hi 1 1 e pi es,. n I a 1 1 v c An
llioiiv, Kan. as. Ii.irioi o'r, Iowa,
U iiu.hiiril, West Vliginia lepuhll. -an,
and Thonia, Ivenliokv. deioo-l
cl at None of Hie liiiirged hi oh
Jei lions I., the bill during Hie debate,
which w.i marked bv the line, loui
of 1 oiiMitti table tiollib al iIimiismoii
Mianwhlle III Hie aenate del nltt
liroceeded oil Hie Cllllilllln bill Ip
leslvne the lllleial.lte i illlilnnll'l em.
IlilsMiion Itoriiedlaiely power I J super,
vision over mierata'a rallrnad rale
I'. .lltlcal debutll Ki ll lei) III the
boile when I 'iintrretaimaii Magee. ie.
piibliinn New York, declared Ihe
'on ft mil railroad wa ". oiilintniig
to 1 If! i-'ie" and blamed thl to lb
"dom.." ratio pnlb-v of dt Iftn g Inelead
of acting" 'I'he railioal ad in ml' r 1 -Hon.
having In" reaaed wagea. he
aid. should hale- Hie "inoriil cou.
age ' lo make con . pe 11 a I or y frc.gil
anil paeaeiiger la'." I '. pr '' n u 1 'ye
VVal'., republican of M aachu'i is.
added Hon "hi dluahrd it anf wv .(w
a've, nil. I to aa v e the puhlie treasury
we atioubl not healtutn lo I'Um or
ted oca w age '
Clcmcnaau Vnmoved
in Opening Changes
in Treat g With Huns
twills'. June Hi 'I'he ci'iio il I
of f.oii ii-et todav moid an a' i
innaphrri. of , oiim.I-. ,1 hie u 1111
Ism . I r lb e i 1 1 s" I 'I" "I 'I'M of 1
peace llllklt'g W.Ml I ie rttl.l 11 '. - ' I I
unsolved I' nn l' ' s I l h .1 ,
I'I ein.er Clem, lo i i i he l"'l
u ,. i.i f. ..to h.s p" i' I ' 1 l,J' i
a,,v ni"d f:' atlon "f t b" I a' ' !
lei in
N.. M lemellt of t he Sib 1 '. II
i, n -I on i l I h.i ' ' "I e. n mg tl.e
Co. ' h in 'I'lH ("Hint I . be' ' i
t ea. hid I ' Is ..la'. I I '' i H.'l '
S.l... .,', t "'.' in i i d up w : 'i
1 1,,, d.f'.-iill v ' f h" d.t .- .1 pit hi
i W ,'h o,' al : d '' i.i'l"n. I "
t , , .. . ,i I ., 1 1 1 g II . I 111 I .' for ' h"
p ,f pose
ti. O. P. Chairman
Proud of Oklahoma s
Spirit, Letter Sags
I ''., r w ! 1; I. " r fl Oil! Will
II lln.- , halfliiltl ' f 'he . pub
. .1 1 1 - i ' '.Mil 1 ' . fl 1 : " ' . I- .i 1 C
1 . V e I M I ,-. bv I . . K 1 l.e I.i"
tot ' I. " ,.f I'I..' H o, 11
1 ins v. l'.r.t
M; l 1 M ' I.-1
I 'I"' I " !. '.' I t HI 1 I ..!'
In n-i--u:e ,1 u of in apple la':..,,
f 0 uni'li I r ,.', 'Ill 'i, liilp
Ii, ak I tie is. ' .ri 1 ' k '.1 loon 1 a
MO C es I e.l ' ' J1 , Ml e s , , -
"pl-n '.: I M.." Th- : 1- v 1 :
fnr 1 1 s , nnl 1' IV '! 1 . v
111.!, ll I 'Mb-. 'I f." , I ..' ' e
s ' a ' r ' e t, ' f .i ir.. 1 s ,, . ',
!!,., e I ' .' do I." I'
V. I'll V ' ' M I i 11 1 ' - ' j 1 i ... . . !
' eg ', s I 111
,v 1 " . e 1 1 ' o 1 f s
W I '.I, H II VS
Mayor Wi.ner Makes
j Motormen and Conductors'
! Attacked Three Taken j
' to the Hospital. ,
Crowds of Strike Sympa
thizers Gather and
Make New Threats.
After Outbreaks Company
Decides to Make No
Futher Efforts.
Ml SKi M i I'll''.. June 10- Hlreet car
seivlee reannied here thl morning
after II day of blleneaa waa discon
tinued tonight In fear that violence
which had marked the day would In
crease Mm or John I. Wiener tonight
telegraphed Lieutenant tlovernor
Tiapp i ci nesting that the nillllla he
.ailed out. If the reuueat la granted
an attempt to reaiinie eervlre will
he inadi, irtmnrruw.
I'lve conductor and nintnrmen
were bn llv beaten and Blabbed till
afternoon bv gntiga of airlke ayin
paihirnis 'I'he no n were taken from
the ciua al Ihe end of their runt
and pummeled with Iron pipe and
stabbed Three were carried tu hoa
pltala lti aerbiua condition
Service waa d Iwo n 1 1 n ned lata thl
evmilng when crowd of etrlkeia anil
yn,p.iihler awarmed around the
cara In the downtown diatrlcta
tliieatenlnat violence to Ihe .-unttir-Inen
and conductora
Traction company official de
clared Hint bulleta ha.t been fired
Ihroiiah the w indowa of two cara.
fYeial to Tn wnrl.l
i ii SMiui'.i1,, iigia, .nine m
vlrniMl reign of leiror." Inilluled
ihl nf'einoon hy union alreet car
men and t heir av m pa t hiaei a apeedllv
tttoke down an effort by the Mua
kngee I'lleiirle Tiaitlon cninpany to
reaume aliret ,-ar aervlce today
ul'er a lie up lulling II day
After alieel cata had been ier-
mined t" tun for aeveral hour un
nioleHted. five while men hoarded iuj
Cill t Ik 111 II Igea HVellile I'll lU the
end of the line al .1 10 thl iifter
noou, muiiheil the foilr M. K. T
men oiilmind while one held the
victim coveted with a al i -ehooler a
Hie other four proceeded lo heat
them up 'I'he foul, one a aoldler
Jut hack from Kruno, were ao badly
mauled Hint thev were ruhed tn a
ItoHpital, wloer three ntilt remainerl
t(i. ik Ii I'he unending phi -Plan
siid b never s w a-i hlooily a
Mri hit
rtft (f tlllH
hill JllHt
rni liti I. m pfilKt Ml a i to ii whrn tin
oilier ititl t'it'un In HiiiioutH liiK 1-iMt
u n unl'l-'nlifiiMl in no hail fir ul rl
Hho'ii tnl'i Ut w in iln w (( ii VVtt
UtuU'llAMty n NtXl Ifpdlt till. llf
hn.f ti d".rn vmi Vhlt-rH on J-.im
et -f t 1 1 ( lltll)rf ll it 'M'fl ftt',
mitrt hlhff ill rlir'' r'firnpiiiiy incn
out hii 'I jiuniiii.-l.hi; ibriit. In th'
UHMIi'lllM'. Mrl riowilh lliliMK''l
ttl'Miit fwty rnr t-niiTinK 'h il.'Wti
town ilirt'rict, tilid hii lid f fiN of iitii"i
in n ttii'l ? oip.i'hi.. rn fiiininl li:'.t
I.i li '!', !! M ?l 1 I, i !'. ilftl the r'n
rmiyd'K Iouiihmh utx-ni; lh- i-foiii.
M .i . lilt H' i .1 I e
f . H-M l.l, It.-, h.i. (llUn hri'M
.l.j" 1 M.ifotfat r U I n ic f 'lit-
I t il ' .' 'I, 'tin ., y mi 1 m f -1 ,(i j i ,i i n '
'tl' h.i! tin
' If ru ,f h n'uff N whul (hi-y m'
I 1 nu' Mitt.' tli' K' ' 1 1 ' It'liK til
"I : i t i . . . i t c-HMii'ii tr:i lTiukih
tn hr ' 1 1 r t i v in it in .tn jifl u 1 1
1:1 ' h , i .i ii ri m i i f h ii y ii : i .i' h
I H l i' : 1 1 . h' 1 1 K i- fi-' : jell
lON I t .Cr.U n V,y. VWr.
I 'M " IN. .1 ll.e 1 II He! I Ki.ll Hie
H . I. gall. Ill i"liitouli.l t'ire.gli lull:-
s'i .11 ej.. v to 1 ho s mgr. (1 .1111
I 1 ... ,1 1 1 'a .0 n. i 1 1, ,1. 1 01 -li l.g 'o
a w ,1 . 1. 11 p 1 1 : 1 I r nn Hu I 1 n .,
.is-i-oa 'o s..p bos'iii'ii- Wi.l, he
I , 1 . ho S.i.l'a 1. s ,1 , Ml o Igh be 1 la mil
M.e 'I '. 'I'I .11 lo b I fo flie
r.gt.Mbl- be. th, V .1. , eg. ,t lie
he Cl, 'II r t. bv Me ,1, .11 s
The I I ll, 1 1 .1 II lead, r i'llllli
'I'.il I . ' to II. - Ul be 11 1 1 p ' ' 1 1 ' e ' I I.i
' 1' I : e Mie ,t f r 1 1 1 ' S he' Wlin ! I."
- ' lot ae 'be H ll.ne l.ll,.
lie , h m 1 . s 1 . I 1 i. . sa ' s' 0
I li 11 'h. '): 1 .: -i bin' .. . ',"1
I I II 11 ll ' o 1 be p. ai 11 f I I 1 1.1 ,
Howard dels Conference
on Oklahoma Water Hate
w .1 i ii ir'n .
A MtN. .V' .N . !
V : 1 I low 1 I .-'., . ;. .- g. 1 1
,.,.,'..,,, ,. , . , 1... , i: , 1 I ,, ' .
" i'i'." -,i' n ' iv f u ' b - .- . .
1 ' ni
Me , ,
1 f
i 1.10 .i'i 11 co'
11 : so., ''a' ' s .no'. 1 '.. civ ", ..
1 '.' .,, " . f w a ' 1 ' ' a 1
i .v, f " 1' r nn a . ' " : I
T' n ' ' wen M i . v . ' I ' i" r " f ...
Il.'ffn. 1" 1 ml tam.: , .. f t.,,l.,v '
1 'I. , a horn. i
Senate Passes Kelloprjf Me. is.
lire and House Speeds Up; '
Keep Phone Rate.
Despite "Suitcase Route"
I'nion Lender Says 150.000
Will Quit Today,
Demncrato in Upper Hou.se
Join Republicans in Rap
pins; Federal Control.
NKVV YnHK. June 1011
pori thai clarence II Mnckiy,
preeldent of (he I'oatal Telegraph
Cable comtianv, hud algned an
agreement wnh lha Commercial
Telegt aphei a' union, averting on
lla line Hie airlke called for to
morrow, were denied lata tonight
at the company a offloea.
"Mr Mnckav haa received nn
tlemanda frniu Hie union: haa con
ferred wnh im ,,f it. official!,
and haa aign- ,, agreement,"
eairt William i, 1 -gin. aecrelary.
'So far at we know, the atrlk
will begin toniorrowy hut we do
not believe that it will be aerloua,
aa virtually all of ,,r men ar
The natlnn-wlde airlke of tela,
graph operalora. ordered for la.
morrow morning. will Ineludt
cable operalora aleo, ll wn re.
ported here tonight-after a meet.
Ing of union offlc.lale line purpoe
of Hub move, it wa said, waa to
bring the airlke forcibly to the
attention nf I'resldent Wllaon by
Interruption of Hie ctblt aervlca
he rerelveg dally,
ll waa said ihat all Wealern
n'"h. Commercial, I'nlted Sialea
and Maytl and Anglo-American
evaiem Itnea would be affected
Hve hundred picketa have been
detailed to duty al table uffjeee.
WAHIIINilT.iv jl7.'f .s
"' "'" "Hon wide teiegraiiheia'
o,e. ,,,,, ,,, ilea f cnnglrsi
lodav actd to end .juickly govern
tt t conlrol of Hi ,.,,i,.. -
i"ma. '
I he senate n,,.... .i L
I,,,, , ' ' " ...roouiy tn
I'll for renin, --f ..... i. . . v. . - ..
la w aiithoi izmg federal Jurisdiction
c , '"'I'", telephone, cable ,
tadio lines, while the house inter,
"late commerce lommlltee agreed to
report legislation ending government
wlin conirol June 3,1 n,.x.
Illwyiuiii Nirlkc.
No innvei,,,.,,, ,, M,,,, ,n,Uy h
he p.sstoff lepariment loucliing
lb., aitiiailon and official, said that
",,'n" " '"' tnade. the renin, of
'lr o,..rllo having left the aitun.
Hon to the handling ,,r ,,ri..,-
ageineti' At ii,,. ..,... ..."
Mala lately responsible for the con
d ie of the telegraph .,., w,.r,
i-llned lo discount possihlhiy
Him niihiiiiii ,i,,. , . .
, . Willi,., i.e sen-
oilalv hampered bv the airlke of ,e.
Kt.ph 1. pern n.r Thev threatened
..'. m or electrical workers
01 'o have aerloun
bill I le
The serni e, l adopting Ihe repcUl
I'll Jl oni oi e. ., 1 1
! ciiNTivtM, v m r,
V- V .,. 'Hi. ,,r ,
M AI.I.S'I I'.l;, , ,h; ,
'' '" '" I"" ib..... ,, :,ei,.a
I loan win, had ,.,,, .,, ,,,.
, '01 'o. .1 olK' I;. it,, 111. i ill, ,ma f.- .
. ''" " -t '" I ' ont'i, l,ei, .p., .
"II I lie ' IM- i f I I , ,1 ll. ' i. .', .
di all 11 , . 1 . w imt ,, ,, , ,,, v
1 '"" '" ' in order 1., inai.e ,1 111-
i v est in a ... . 1 1 i.ii w h. 1 her he
fa. i in hi . vi. 11 1 a ni .. a .,.,,,,
on.y a f,,,i I he ,g, ,,i M,,. man, w ' o
I Is - .' . a :so bad 1 11 f I ie 1, 1 e 111 1 1.
bideM lu.ing. a. 1. ndiiig 10 h: rc
. m. 11 ka ti.,111 in,. ,,., ),.
.I'ldg" VVilliaiu passed severe pen.
il'le upon 0 in,. ,s ,,:, enough I,, ,
tb'lHI.ind Hie ai riousne.SH of lel.stii,g
lili" g'.veriiiiiein g.,v,. lUrygy
Iwlligslull and lieorge Ibolsloll teiuia
at in.- Leavenworth penile nt i.na,
j two ye,u and Is tnoinhs. reaped iv .
ly, and W K Hripe, . , Wilibung
and J 1 1 n lull leiio in ip.. M'uku
g'e l.l., labgiii: ftooi el,. n
l"l days A i ne w is alt :, .1 o
I each penalty VA il. ., , 4,
11, d
I l-'l 'I Hell W.I' Ipp.-.l-' bof'V i t e
' icirt fot fo ,1 1 I,;i. 1
' e. , to,, .'.ill-h'i 1 , ( il ,1 , 1 !
log imps 'lit" 1 .1 .1 1 s . 1 ii , -1
1 1 ' 1. red ' 1 .,' I . . , .,:, ...
I'.i'il; pi V 11 n v f re in- e.-'i'
A : Hi., i'.' 11 ... '" 1 -1 ' :
' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' '. I he , 1 ' 'I' , .' . ' I
It: J n 1 ed two 1 1 i 11; . in tn
p.l.g'i ' b: V 1- 'i.' 1; ;': "
t 1 1 1 '. i ur a 1 1 I iir- 1 1 " ' 1 1 -: a
'l.e dt .if 1 . , I r I I I 1 : in
1 1 1
Roeap Is Selected to
Reftree Rig fight
I ' I t I I. V! 'Ill I'll! In .' II- Mil
V u bo', v J Iir . ' H bl li .k'"l by
... 1 1 k 11 J p:..- ",' Ml.- W.l!-
:, 1 I .co,' -h 1 . ..-:, ni I ..:..!" on J u
I '.i , '. foi : be n.li )
an-,.. 11. " I e.,rlv -o I 1 . tint 1 h.i I
. n i ." 1 1 11 11 i:.i. 1;. .-im ' ."
. r me riu',i.ii 1., 1 I'ui.oo
1 1
': "
-V" ;

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