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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 26, 1919, FINAL Edition 4 o'Clock A.M., Image 1

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r-1 I A nil I TV rilADA fTm rtfrr-nnK.n.
The Difference. , tft: iop-' (C
" 1 - i.. .. . - ,
Tl'I-SA DAILY Voi;i,), TIH'KSDAY. JUNE 26, 1919
I o'Clock A. M-
Railway Official! Ask ('.irpor
ktion Commission for Rijrht
(o Cancel Franchise.
Will Run Through Creek
County Seat but City Cars
Will Not Be Operated.
In Tetter to Mayor BOOM Ho
Sayn Peace Officers Must
Maintain Order.
"nturontlniinnrn of thi city rice
In Supulp anl the tearing up of the
treet Mr linen there will h Oho
income of the etrlkr Btta lion In
s.ii"iip if the itati corporation eora
i in grim the Oklahoma Union
iuiiwy company in inleiluii to tke
that anion N
TTiia waa lh atatrment made to
The World lata l.vat nlfhl by I V
'row, president of the (i IV H. com- !
pany 'The Operation f the eirect :
re- line In Sapulpa htta never been
profitable to the company W have 1
Iw.n rendered the service there at I
a loaa an, I wo hnvr long enntem-
plated discontinuing the service for
that reaon The action of the corn. I
party la hastened, though not ca need. '
hy inn prent situation there," Mr
'nw continued
Officiate of the company wired the
talc corporation commlaalon for au-
TUIalfA Jen ktaMlaaUW
mlnlm'ini ff antilli wirolt bar
lOUISIANA imp KIM rr.xAi
Tlmradaf lad rnla partly rioudv lo
i i'i'l, taa.tara,. atiewara
1 1 rerdgf an.l It hi.. perUl
rlniidt to rlo'id) m
KAMI H Oeeeratty fair anil renin
uft aatp! Tkartati nit rrldei
Wkaa William laald Kffir.rt.am wia
horn lim pa ran l a aa i.
Than aantr wa rrnld bafora wiih
tori' eekl nr.
With rdonebla rnodeatr oiay rued
iboefekli worth
And railed t'irir prvloiia litis Uil tha
fulMt labs an Mrtl
ll M im oal, oMof Iran hla folk
mora loudly ravnl.
Ilef.ira lot faaa thrr prilled in all tha
thai h MliHr.
TTi liM ih r'atar ihinn h rlid. ra
paatrd l ha aa,H
t'ntll l I a at Ovaa hiil . .implalalr tiprtia.l
tha rour.fiur baad
nraM, ha hrarrl hi. tarantl hrf atom.
him M) a nl lgk,
Ha I'll ''i th:nkinr. thai ha War tha
lirightrit of iha brlfkl
lla itidul ani lo noma whan lhar
fata tilni h:a .Ir.r.
Thai nlMIl olli-r la loaa iharaal
rllhaat oompan)
Al laal lata Iha WOI d ha warjl in aaarah
of fool and 'imr.
And mi .ho kad io find that no oaa
aaamad In raii(niaa hla rlaim
II Ifoul.la.i ,,m and griaaad him and ft
laft l.im murh dapra.aad
To di.antar ng ona Iho'ifbl h ra anj
I'aiiar ihan Iha raat
'o . MW that 1'iara ara olhara who
aan do what ha ran do;
Thai MMf know rar.lhn,( ha knowa
wllh aomalhina addnl loo
AnaJ ha Mil hia hat 1 11 paranla whaa
lhar kotai of I m at nlfhl.
Thai iha world it fu l f fmplt ho ara
niaraatoiialr hfifht
Coiinrhl hi'i I , Kdfar A lutl.
House Coirtraittee Decide! to
Divide Meanurei fr Liquor
Mor' Drastic Provisions Arc
Expected to Put Amend
ment Into Effect.
Wilson May Stay War-Timo
lry treasure and (live
i ts ; Months More.
Anything to Gel the Coin
Wire Briefs
X Uil DA, K sy
iixnk Is ROBBED
"''n M.I.K. Kan., .tuna 5:.
unmaakfil men ihia ofta
Ihnrll. . ..A .U.l- . ' rU
r i Aaiaiia. hnn. of 4.'.0u
Kiirn prrnilaalon. no, and l.ihrrtv ImmU The
mnro atrrai rar, will lir run Tlia rarannl.
X'nlciU Mlalc luink
tntrrurlian .rvnc throuah Haimlna
to Ki lfcr will tin malnialnril i,y the
In th opinion of Frrrl O KMwIrr.
ommlaaloiior of public affair In S-
P"'pa. tha 0. t' II cannot olteon
'Ir.uo their .-It y rcrvlco and allll
m.nn'aln their Intrrurhan llnra
Ihroufb the city According to Com-
rnlaaloner Kowlrr. the rlty pan pro
klbll the Intenirbun from pomlna
0OU(h the rlty and force them to
(o around tha rlty. Thla mutter hia
alio hern placed before tha elate
rorpnratinn commlaalon.
Addina a now phme to the alma
tlcn reaultlnjr from the dernonatra
Mon h the cltliena and union ym
pathliera of Biipulpa Monday nlifht.
whan they atoppad the cara and for
cibly removed thai nonunion opera
lori Nrlotialy injurinir one motor
mn th fullowlna; t'l' a"r:ini w la re-
rrirad faittrda) from dovrnor Rob.
J wane itoone Marar wapuipa .0,ir,h n.t .-,flh diviai
,i r.an rimri, v '. , Mara were aerinitai) aimed fur return
Hon Ahner liruce, sheriff Creek, , h Brt(l f u Mp(.k
"n'y IcKtiaeil the cmiiellatlnn of I he
( mplainl hue re.iche, thla offlca toB , r,.,, h,.rr , ,v,,lp,., ,,,,
tha- -ha local pence officer., ore not tn Americ, forcea will not ba
nrlr f..ln- to do their duty In tha.,,, . hr, three dtvirlona. or about
re.it.-r of preaervtnr ttie peace nnn j p()
nfnrcinw the aw relative to the j ...
Hreei ,r "rlka. hut are on the con-
trrj ...tvialnr. aaaletlnic and encour
trtnr the citlaena to violatt the law
nd iani.lt workmen, and refnae tn
muTift'r.i) on r Atr visa
elramht. rlear ciit bill for etiforce
ineni of war time probtbltlOn will
) raportad OUI tomorrow by the
ho'ine Ju I li'lar v coin miliar
Daclalon to papa rati thr war time
from the cofiatltuiloi.al prohibition
rnforoamani inciai aid to bo the
moil iltuaiic liquor ''HI ever pre
enfeil In c,M'ri''l una lr. ii lie
afler an all-day OOaftoa, wh.ch waa
much like niarchlna up the hill and
then dow n aitam A n ot-i !i hut
two dia ttnel l.llla ha drafteil waa re
Jected ycHlerday. hut It War hrotiaht
up aealn today h Rrpraaaniativa
Wainh rapublloan, of MawMaoburattr
and waa pmdtna when u notion to
I adjourn abrupt . y ended the diacua
' alon
There waa no Indication aa to
how the committee would have
roll 1 hilt aeveral of the leading
I prohibition member BKrec.l io narln
' hi ' in view of the munlfoit differ
i encen between the two taa.iee, and
! the pr.aalhlllty that the aale of beer
I and luht winea mailt be permlt'ed
I until .lanuarv hv prildet.tlul prorla-
iiollim Ilia i. i .... I t .1110 I., .to wawaj in
In c.tah ; renort out the war time filll the flra.
thini tomorrow and the cot.atitu
tionul bill later In the day In thla
wai there la every Aaaut.ince they
aid that the war lima hill would
be pOiaad probably by both hoiiaea
before the end of the month, at
Rfhloh true the 'dry" act heromaa
m i-t.it n p in Mini i
Hr Tha Aaaoantad Praai
ItKltl.IN, June . Thr atreel of
Merlin were mmm of r.otln. an, I : effecive
plundering laa' night and Ihtl noon D(fM iiniMliinmi
Ing Incited l.v apeechea from agl- An aniendnient by Itepreaentatlva
tntora in A . nderplntr. moba ul- Strele democrat, of I 'erinavlvanln
tcke, pedeatr'.ina and maltieated w '"' ' 14 'dm. I laiei would
molaied roldlrra Troop aant lo have nullified the entire law. got
Alrxanderplati were fired on hy through hy a vote of to . auba.
crowd" in the ptret-ta and from theiT"nl'v w" ""f'"n tu to , rue
L.i'r. , ZWWM i
- , (j-aaj aaaaaaaw - m v aawawB BwawawT aawawl
Cabinet Has Yet Made
No Selection of
of Officials.
roof. nf building They flnallv a'lc
CO ad Od in i lea. log the atreeta
rAJVKR MAY Mir 1 mtl i
DI1 IslliNs IN (, (M l
tar linker antd today he hid not
been ... . frOnt J'arla aa to tli
umendment etlpulated that pro--lalot.a
of the enforcement act en
crpt an M.ev relate to Interatate and
foreign comtnetce ehnuld not be ef
fectlAe In any a'ate until ratified
b) the people It waa antd tonight
that one or two member rotad fOI
the amendment an a 'Joke"
luirmg the day democrutlc leader
latre-nf the Atnetlean army who h In In the limine made Inquiry nft'halr-
.10 ive nion'oned tor the tim, liclnir
in Oartnan The fact that the
ft. of I OKU
man VoNte.ul aa to when the Honor
hill might be epet'tSi, and were ln
fijr.ned that It might not be ready
Bofora SaVturda
After mora than a doaaa commit
tee roll i alia on varloua proitalnna,
Mr WtVlahi Mr lard and other
lumped .n tively Into the fight with
a vigornui. demand for aep. .ration of
tt.H.M Mi os l i.lK MM
senate passes army Those Who Actually Saw the
MEASURE EOR 400,000 Spavjnaw S(r(), f()r ,()nds
TV TURK. June Julius
Bamra Unltrd state, wheat director.
n a t., public tonight a proclamation
kj i reoldonl Wluion, iranllni him
f'l I authority to r- irn' i'e In hi-n.
th" rgportaUon and ImportaUon of
Wheal and wheat flour for the pur
port of tablllalni pin e- Mr Bsrnra
ll that the reguliltlotl" he would
Put Into efefi t were nlmllar to thone
I rt ha va baan an forced b) iha war
trad hoard which heretofore hat
Mere .. , the funetloni delegated to
Rtockl of wheat In country elcv.
mill and ternon il elevatOra on
ne 11 totaled tfind."1'" buaheli
' compared with IS 5!9.0n on the
Munr lite a v.ar ago. kecordtni to
n taaiied 'onigh' b) the food
kdn "in: cat Inn grain corporation
Ml ii' produced for the week end
I .no amounted to 1,711 """
.u-aiiint I S?.t.noo tiarraltt the
I' is week and 1.411 nut) ha 'ret 1
" " Ago making a total produe
Uen ,f flour from July 1 9 1 . t.
June 1(19, ,,f 1 IT. 111,194 barrel
lllfv in a. wT aea
'unr ii UltHUULI IU Utl
"fa- 'll in Tha Wnr'd
. M'KUBgmn Oktm.. June "
ai ar .eyeral Jurorn had dmoual.-
; ' ihemaalteai by admitting thev
jtwe in th, opera'lon of the
' la In inch cine- the trlnl
M. Kin lev Minn, a Ifivearold
I'rro hoy. wearing ahort trouaer.
nturdet or Kelee) Bhrpard,
' "I f Urunhlll. Mcintosh
iene, here todav before
Mellon A apeclal venire of
"ien had to tie eummoned be
"""e n many men removed them
mree f'nm the jurv hv admitting
'",v had already believed the guilt
,h prleoner Mima la Implll Ited
' ae with William Maya, an
nefTO al.eadv een'.eficed to
2 death penal'v 1 1 Ik appeal ll
tuir,r with the aiipreme -'H'iri
As Spavinaw Really Is
Fnlsily of Antir' Claim Shown by Visit to River Where
Tula Murt Get Her Water.
pup re me
i"t riai waa ran'
r 'ear of mob violence.
. in si'ia t i, t hi ii i si-i.N m nii
Hit. nrtli lo l h -lug wrllli n nn c -It on i In n-,1 grnnlt.- na k at the
pt't.nawl dan. of tli.. Spartan w i ahutleiu rtiiaiit flowing artfil
nt our ftnu. I'lio liiim nf 196 iiahx-n of Taller DPOplal ron ln-n our t nr
M we write I t.. are there drinking nut of the .iiiiiiIiii; stn am. ami
Itielr VUtVea are dlel.eil high In delight oier lla. purt.i ami Ifa Kilain
l.llltv TWO lioiim ugo we eria-atl tin t.rai.d tin . mi tl.e fcrr It taan
an turhld and filth) In up i.ra.ii e an the Arkiinaian. Ttac etintronl
tweeri the two "irrin.- I- en until nac In tin cflitl
't l.e nut roiindlitgn here are thin., of the PoUlmSf Nntltlug I- lo re n,
ei it. tarn Inn I e ll wan plant. ill b tl.e ln tight) bo glic a Ktfuf elt) tin
Miller -lippl)
Aa one nltn here at. .1 hmkn. Imiklog lie nnndrrt the on -.i of on n
who elalm for tl.em-. lte- renMeiabllit i run an UnarTupalOMal mhri
present at wi'tnbrftil an Ofiportunil ) .it the behl -I of a 1 1 Ball meat f irtio
en.ekn a whip nnil nnh r- litem in Jump tl tro.fgli lil- hiMt..
TT.e dirt) water at tin- rTi atbitinrtein of the npptadleMt went fnki ..
from an in-tgiiifientii -pring aiiii ii flow- Into i branch nf the Hpnrinaw
To itiake .1 apn .o filth) th ) were Caltlipelled in roll Q -pi lug It
In ii- clear an er)lnl nil- -prlng I- WO -mall triad I" "id r In hrlf rill
a pint Bottle ' were on t ! I. .1 m dig it deeper Tht kntllr con Id not
ii,- doern tn I. iiniii that wan dnnr it nom. few hundred sax Hon a
dai of miter almllar in tl.e raili.tm wafer al t kareiratart' l'lfteu feet
down 'he )cr anMll brunch Into which ll flown Hie pnarkllnal water
in-te- n rweet aa the purer npring water ri." noa ni ihtr pr1na i-
Itfll one ten tltnu-atitlth wtrt nf I mt eet.t nf Iha flim nl the Hportaatri
such pci kti n- deception to defeat bond laaoe, -m i. nh-.dtite dlahon
mq i- nauaeaUiui lo hnatca men nd ISO hand red Tutnii pmipln wh
were tin re ttxln ) an) a"
' aiti wulan trarfTT wn ta trrrtm. hi f it n real ii ilUtntxe lor
i ii i. ll..- -I. .nil tn walk. I- the rlubhouar nf the Tulwi Drnrk Hub Not
ii fmM id ground I- owned b till- club nr It- tiiettitN'r- Tha? mewli
haie an ca-emetit iiwm a tnn t of land for i luhlmu- pwpoal M I I.I- i.
ail there t- in the tie aent brtaadnaatt i) the oppoattlon n.e pernl. im.-
Bea "f It a" -Imnld alletin. i en ri honCM I1MU1
Mr t barb - Tag .ought lo in ipilre Spaih.au an he at ipiln il PlheJJ
Crtarh It "n" Intention 10 fnpi,. Tul-a in bU) water front him If
khe had It al all Mi fulled Ian aM a tnlnlnv i-unpin.) alleadj nun. d
the dam rile and would not eil II tn him nil ' can hart II n very
rraenneHr lermr Ml tiM bapprnrd ix fi n Mr fag.- rarTied the -torv
in tit-, paper da after dm tiutt the Tulaa Otarh rlab -nugtu to enrich
it.-cif in buylni "p thU hand So lie knew the fiiin-n- of the Mori
An orte PltP and think- he inniilin wl.leli fa tne.t .laogomn- tn the
fulnrc nf SlbaV lb' MlMlMIHy nf 'he defeat of the wilier tnituln or tin-
pneattttlli that Tnlen win be mi-ic.i Into tiiinutog Charier eng.. in
rnrtreed in hi- rold-btooded dch-n trj put the collar of hi- ilominanoe
upon her neeli
rai f .i nl that n il -non the put it of p.niit.ni water mat enrich
the hi I "f Pulaa ehlMren - thev drink their fin and that Charita
fage wltli hi- deep-laid plan- to rule or ruin tin- thy u.- Im, mat) In.
laid In lb, pub I.e.- nf dentl I tten.
If feeling In- -hw n In -nilng that, pletine aJIrOoi' it tn the Inipro-ntoti-
nf Ihtl hour an wc look nt live twei wale- which Pah i init-t
hine In order to live and think, while hlrxxl run hot, that self l-hncn
nlttl to III lllb the OOOl t ap fn.n. hex llpa, .
Without It.nnard tnle I pnr llollne
Si'iuln Kill to t oiifen in. Carry
army appropriation hill, currying
oon.nuo and providing for an
average army of 119,001 men fieil
yeat an Increaeai over 'he houee bill
of II Tl.OOO.OII in funda and lOd.ntu.
in paraounal, waa paetaad lata today
by the tenate without a Oil call and
eem to, oonferancrr
H.'fore pi-Hge of the bill Sena
tor fall republloan, of Nea Mrs-
len withdrew nil amendment t.i ie.
clare the war with tletmiti and
uifrla at an and, asplatnlna that
he eiperted action within a Sa) Of
two on hi. Joint faaolutlon to 'I
name effe. t a n gant- Herman)
now before the fielgu relatione
The eeuaie following dlapoeal "f
the army mannro. hegan eonitdera
Hon of the annual naval rpproprll
Hon hill earning itr, 7 nno ar
increane of 141,000,000 ove. ' thl
houee bill pajaMge of iha naval
hilt tomorrow la , leaned and laid, rr
in their effort lo enact al! a pro
priation inn needed by July i plan
then to runh through the IMirt.ooo.
oo rundi i civil budt4M
The army bin wun delayed tem
porarily 'n,i n ti prom i dlacua
aion of th.. peace treat) and to
of luuioni Setiator Borah, repub
lican, of Idaho. oppOSed th
rreane in the army ..t 1110 from
ino non to (00,091 man but without
a record vote the neriaie approved
the too. too provision
An jui-ned by the arnn'e. the pr n
clpal Itenn of llta armv hill are.
I2lfi.l5 too for armi pni (t)
91000 for eubaUtinoe and tranr
porta i Inn. 114.909,004 foi avlatlot
an Increaee of about 119,904 Ooo nvet
the hnuae appropriation; 111 .'i i
for the national guard 9, "
for odranen n tut Itn.fnn 004 f"' - lot
age and "hipping fielllthH
t'lear, Tool Water in Abun
dance Is sutry 7" Business
Men Ti ll Aft. r Trip.
Man Who Has Lived There
42 Years Telll Tulsans
River Never Goes Drjfa
I ' t
. ...
Seventi five Tula-i OlUieni Inter-
atad in tha ooluUoa of thi in
A.itor problem went up to the Bpavl
aw country raaterday movnliui ami
ffturmd laat nlafht O I. lit In. -
for the Spa. in, iw ptojii" Mat.', -i
tho prettleat all rum tl.ey had
I'm III their Uvea, and they miw a
trawH 'iiing a im in f M.itit
that will Nupply a city many Unoad
on: populaUon of Tulaa with enough
eater for nil lime
Thev went '. the .limn...,
drunk I lie water from Hie atrann
enjoyed Ita ooldnt n ami
parkla. Tha) aaarched up
dow il for the di v p i M LhaVI iht
ponanla asaa beet tell 1 1 about
found none T'o i qui itloned
n, tip ea about th.a poii.t and
could not find one a ho i tuld ran
i'i t he i. me when i he
win: dry
At thr prtapoeod damiltr the width
of the artreani la .ihou' 1 f't t and
in depth wiii av.rig.. ii kraal five
f t. The currant featerda) a ta
Minting l.i ' w .giit a li t 'on nil
,000 gal lorn of water in flowing
paet Huh point Th.- natlvea da-
elated thut the river never gl more
I'm a foot lower Ilia n It was n I
I" -pit of the fact tha' 'I,' ra I nl
,e.-ti a hi ivy fain ar" md So il o IW
.' ..
, loin
Sfn ill to Tha Wufld
M M'SMfTKR, 1 'ki . Juno IT.
i A etep which praeUeally make I'
certain thai M.nor r it Wataon
I will flnkali hi la. i vault of office.
I rr tin. inlhg before the managerial
form of afovornmrnt t" porwltlad tu
go into effect to te w taken today
iii the filing with iha aupremi t
of an an-wer hv t'ltv Attorm
I on ' li" ma ) "I 'I order In .
' to the I I' llell'l petition for a
eat of th' mnhdnmui proceed
1 n hi. Ii In mijror wan erle
I 'he dje'rlct court lo call th
for t ii.. charier cnemfe
1 war taken to the aupi to
, appl l! of 'he pit) i. file i It
! reunite a' lean' two year. It I- mil'
mated for Ihi apurt to reach Ihi
e i i m ti ! yraienn con i- mat
bin only Iti'eteet In prnic ling the
public bj aeelns thU "" or '" ll
"deeded on iU merit "
Resolution f Benstor Fall Ii
Not Supported in Cdm-
mittae; ti Delayed.
I ormol Alttxinu ! higna-
turro May Wait Until WILL MAKE NEW ATTEMPT
New Mejucan to try Auram to
MUELLER LATEST TO BALK (;,t Favorable Action; Dis
cussion Heated.
Maho Senator DtHlarea t'ov
cnant Will Incrpase. Not
Decrease Armament.
WANIIIN... "N. June 5 Filllnf
to command the united aupport of
npponenta of I he league of nation,
Iha prnpooral for an Immediate dec
titration of peace by congteee wal
' locked lodey In lhe""acna,: foreign
rotation iomnilttee. ,
After a long and lively dlraruonlna.
the committee voted, It lo 4, to
Infer action for the preeent on the
leaol.Hlon of Henator KeJI, republic
an. Naw Mealco. embodying the
peace declaration Fire aenatnre
"Ppoatng the league, including
t liaif man laodge, Joined the league
iidwM'ulen In nupporting tha pnt.
ponement motion. Ilmlde Mr Kail,
tho voting for Immediate acting
were Senator Koran, Idaho; John
eon, t 'u 1 1 for ft l.i, ant Muaee, New
Uampahira, n republican.
MOOkl OB Montler
later n apeclal mealing to reeume
coniidratloii of th rtaulutlon waa
railed for Monday end Senator Fell
predicted a favorable report of th
mraauia would rraull. lie oppon
ent!, however, declared the dlecue-
Ion tuday lev.'ulnt iu h alrong op
putrltlon In the committee that fa
vorabla action would he Impoaelhle,
although II waua aeid the principal
point Macuaaad wae the adyieabiiny
of urging an ah a reeolutton uefor
tl.e treaty ie algned
After the cotnmlttee'a declelnn. Mr.
Fail announced In the annate that he
would not ak for action on hut
amendment tu th" army bill, aleo
embodying the peace declaration.
The amendment than failed actually
io pome to fore the aenete, having
In en te, hnlcall ydippoeed of pre
viously when a section lo which It
had been attached went out of the
'til tut e point of order.
I in Teen- Armament.
Although the peace declaration
prapoaaJ not 1 un-.-'t in the
lenate chamber di.t.t.g th day.
Senator llntah arouead a three-hour
debate on other t.iio of th treaty
fight by renewing hi. attack on the
league coienant ruing the army
lull' proVtaloa for an army of 400..
f.00 in r ti, the Idaho penatOT declared
the league would increase rather
llian decrease the iTmupient.
Senator Swutmon. democrat of.
Virginia, waa underitOod to have
made the mntlot. . adjourn without
action, and It woe said to have been
euppurtnd by Senator Lodge, Knox,
Harding, Mct'umhor, New, Itran
degee, republic;!), and Swanaun,
1 1. 1 1 h coc It, I'.mieniie, Smith, Arla
ona. I'll I man and Shields, demo
ciat Hepurl Jiiliiiann Iteanduilnn
The reaolUtlOO of Henator John
son, ."publican of California, calling
upon the president for Information
an to vhe peeeenOO and purpone of
(tie AmartaSS troopa in Siberia, woe
favnrahl) reported tmlai hy the for
eign aerial,, relations .omulltae.
Bt n itor Johnaoa pgpet ta to oak for
a vote on it within a few day.
Want Ijirlt lain laro.lo,,
IT. i "iiin.lt!. . dlai'iiHnion of tlie
Foreign Secretary Does
Not Want to Go to
Paris Hears Allies May Fix
Time Limit If Fne Still
Mr The Aaae'laled Praia
I'AJtlM. Juno It. Advice from
tlerniativ to the council of four are
to the effect that the Herman gov
erntne.it waa occupied today In
lectlng new de'egal.s for ere 1 1 lea.
ti l, II ll I Ht Nt II.
dmci ssi s Bisranioi
PARISk June 3& The council of
three DOmpOaad of I'nmleia Cle.n
nnceatl and l.lovd Heorge nnd l'rel
dent Wilson, et It meeting today
discussed the scuttling of the (ler
tnn fleet. at Saapa Mow, according
to the Part office nf Router' lim
ited The i oi.ncll had before It and
eiamlned full), tt I added the fart
relative tn what tnok place with re
gard lo the nhlpa at th time th
armlatlcn waa signed.
itii.i u i i wonn
I ROM t.l ltM.N
ft. Thr Aaar.. latad I'raat
Another tlav ha pruned wllh the
delegate- of the allied and aocl
atad power In I'artn s w ait Ing In vain
definite wurd from the Hermans
when thev will lie ready to sign the
peace treaty I'rmfflclal opinion In
the French aapRal ia thai the mn-
menioiia event will not take place
before BatUTday and poUily not
until Monday.
The cou." l of four wa Informed
i that during Wednesday Ihe tlermati
jgonftiii.il' waa hullv engaged In
I trying 10 arrange the personnel of
lis delegnt in V eraalllea t'noffl
ii.i advice indlaata out tha cabinet
I in esperlenolM great dlffidhlty In
finding men-who ire willing 0. take
Upon their shouldctn the duly of ac
knowledging. In a document which
will become wor ld hlalory, Oarmafly
utter ilefeat It. the war and her tin
qualified noquieeoenoi to the term
of the victor
MiH-ller IWIItam.
ftepafta are that llermuh Mileher,
foreign secretary In tho Matter eaht
net. IiU. ir llanlel von Malmhatinen.
declined to accept the onus for sign
ing a treat admittedly otinoaioui to
the Qermana Parla dispatch" as
ert that owing tn the uncertainty
of th.- lltttation 'h" heads of the
allnd and associated power ro
ot.'emplal Ing Innue of an ultimatum
a time aat '.factory
trance of Ihe
li ,. oiigren
-learr-i' a n ir,i
r.. nii,,, fl "... -rtij.
tjerttinnn t.. i n. inn r-aj
It., men lb,. Ire ,tv X
' I Itl RT - W Ml
tlAniln I ... 1
i.ge t. '
a ' ' "11 I ,' ' - I " ' - .lllll" II f
pjetertion i r.n t iiermany ; rramr
' !'" nn I el the .'.I'l.-t' tM liava
In proclamation In 'he tierirT
r itiiuet
Innue.l a
in people,
.... froio
iifejnt. on- o'ou'iitar Ihe eon. hielon
of peace and urging aa the first
nn i ..g need Ihe bending of .11 an
forti lo I' fulfillment.
"Aa fat mi''- p.e Ibta enrrj
OOSTIMUBI) OS i' ur. Vis p.
A rmy Surgeon Who W eds Muskogee
Girl After Meeting Her in France
Ends Life a Week After Marriage
'.til- R June II a ro
e) i ii at in i u "ti met
i m . i Mo gurel Mt Bt
!roai nurse had had a
peanta d clai a' .on today, the pro-
ponentg of inimediate action are
underaiod lo have argued that tjr
manvs iccentanoe to the treaty waa
laaurod, and with m actual condi
tion .f paaoa aaiabllahad, the oner
a formal and technical dt.i 1 .rat ion
who adopted iha better such a
doclgi.it;. ,n Mould, they argued, per-
n it a reaumpUon f Induatrial teia
liona wi ii tiarmaay winch would
''..in lo wait atharwiaa on tho
i It) - ratification.
Those uppoMing Immedlato a -tlon
are aa Id lo hue taken the around
'hut if congrena wore ompowera i to
act In the matter at all. It ought not
10 'In -n until the trouty nefuelli hnl
n -Igned
Sotiiitnr Horah. when he hid the
f Married ihe newap 1 1" 1 1 of
the country were "centered upon
eongreaa lo whip it lt.t.i lint (
league, but that tha aonata would do
Ita dutv regardlaaa of "tni dlctatea
of the pretei "
Declaration b Iha hi. ho nenator
that the Unite! Statea darel not re
duce it at mmnent in lew of the
w "i U'otl th
ler the wed
( offices for Rent
We have irvetal im nice, cen
trolly locgtajd affirm for rent in
l.ortnn bnlldlai tfarrqarty
World building), on Pourth
pfreet tiood Janitor partrtci
eleitttr light, etc Very cheap
rent. Apply World office
..tn ri
the no
w,i , .
ke in
otn at ii depth'' of many feel
iv f. w n ore ardn up and down
c ahd big, which flow from iha
i an i kojpp tha spavinaw on
Grand mi atad
th.- a
n mile
in nroaaltti
t. k , ford
Spavinaw, l' became
Of it d r.vr he' in-" .i
'and tiler nt
i dial nit from i
held out far I
Mi- M
Okn 'ipf
of Ii.i
..it Win n, . d
The Tulaa World
i n t i paj
n.v rji
j I
u i
g ii obligation," re
Igheet moral .unl
it wrl'ten 'advise'
M " asked Senator
rat of Arkanaae
ewcrltte hero no.i.'.l
anlnf," Mr porah
- tt". ' . i "h trj.i-
i !
rhen woraa mean r
i '. I Bt i "i alah. St

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