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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 29, 1919, FINAL EDITION 4 o'Clock A.M., Image 17

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Smoking Now Popular With Women ?
Society Women Usually First
to Become Adicted to Use of
Weed In a Community.
Milady Is Becoming Particular
About the Brands She Smokes
Habit Introduced Here By Eng
ligh Women Is Growing In
A package of cigarette.
plrne," mid a i harming girl
iho itepped up to the
counter of it cigar stand In one of the
popular department stores and atu
named a brand niurh liked (iy nun. A
friend with her chut another brand
and two women following announced
their preffrenc. by mentioning the
brand asked for by tha Orat young
"DO they smoke (ho same e ignrcitcn
thai men do?" was asked by the In
ti rested byatnndrr.
"Oh, yea, and they hare no hr.l
tanry In asking for what they want
A rouplo of year ago a alt I would
come in and link for cigarette for her
brofher or possibly her father. Now
she walka In and aaka for her own
brand and ban mi niurh cojtipany In
the doing of It thai she does nut Hit
ter any embarraaament."
"I remember when had nnlv one
woman rutomer," the clerk said, "sho
van not the aorl of woman who ever
went about a thin In an underhanded
way and ao ihe would coma and ask
for rlgarftlea, quietly and Indepen
dently, aa though It were the most nat
ural thing In the world.
"After awhile some of her friends
came In. and In a abort time- she had
Introduced the smoking of olgrette
among the women of her circle, which
U the tnoai ckclualva in the city. Bui
even then, smoking did not become ao
popular among women until the hotels
opened their doora to women cigarette
inokirs and now It Is quite the BUM)
ordinary thing In tho world to aell
cigarettes to women.
"Mothers and daughter often coma
In together and tby do not alwa
ask for the ame cigarette, either, tin
mother usually choosing the milder,
tiraretfe Smoking fun
fined t Society llarlings.
Strange as It may seem, the custom
of smoking i igarettea Is e-ohflned al
most enclualvaly to the petted dar
ling of aoclety. At one of tho wed
ding In lhl et recently pruy
who were not Initiated were mrprlscd
to ee young women, at an upper win
dow, smoking i Igarettea, and were in
dined to think It a very interesting
and un iua 1 1 thing.
An llClUllVI woman's rluh, one of
the leading aoclety organization In
the Wast) I wle enough to have no
rultl In regard to the conduct nf It
numbers. Bach woman Is trusted to
maintain the dignity of the club and
preserve h'T ow n self respect, and so
no mention In the way of rules in re
gard to cigarette smoking has ever
b en made there.
There Is no smoking room, but mem
b ra and their guesta are privileged to
smoke, In the dining room, if thai
dioose; In fact, tbey will ult thiii
own wishes in the matter.
Of course, there are women WhO'Wlll
never, never smoke as long ar they
live, but other are inclined to do as
other do, and at any rate not to i rltl
else other women who smoke
The small town woman hi nM r
overcome her prejudices, and v. Inn a
number of women from all our tha
country came to a meeting recently
In one of the large titles and dlBCOV
ered their chairman smoking cigar
ette a nonchalantly " II tbcie had
never been a question about wom
an right to do uch things, MBit "f
them were surprised and possibly a
little eandallied.
lining Man ami
BwMthaaii Sni'eki- Together.
"Shall we amoke?"
Tha young man held nut bla cig
arette ease; the dainty girl at his side
cboae a cigarette, he Ughli-d a inati 'i
and held It while she puffed at tbl 10
harco Ailed I yllnde r. and then I,. Ip
plied the aame match to his own elg
arette. The girl, with In r algaretl
between two finger, looked for n
comfortable seat, and preieutly hi rat
down opposite hot.
I'm here, chlhlrejr."' said a mire,
from the other BttM Of the inclosed
porch. '
"Dad." cried the girl, "coma out
The young man had arisen and he
t'u to haul up a chair.
"Shan't 1 be lu tho way?" Baked th
eider gentleman, aa he came around
the coi ner "
"Not at all," declared the girl. "(Had
to have you," laid the young man
"Now you young fiJu make me
nallte what change, the laal twenty
years have brought Into this old world
of ours," sahl the man remlnln cnlly.
Have a cigarette?" asked ih' young
"No, thanks; I have my cigar or a
pi Da; no ilrarctte f,,r me. Bui I nai
Jut t thinking thai twenty yeais ago
I iskccl Kathc nne's mother to b." my
wife, and how different we did our
sparking In (BOM div!"
"I '.id, (Son't be vulgar "
"In those dava when I wanted o
smoke I said: 'May I smoke?' And who
In the world would ivcr have thought
thai I should live to hear th- pro)
n rd husband of my daughter say;
'bhall we smoke?- Imnt yoi know. I
believe that Is i h.u a, terlstlc of th
changes that Law taken place since
your mother and I were young. I am
ure that I should never have hern a
glad to ace her dad break in upon Ita
a you two pi, tend to be."
"Pretend, dad? '
Vounif Peopl,. f Today
Are More Sure nf Thiinc,v.
"W ell. you young folks are more aura
of youraelve. I think, than we ud to
be. On the whole, you are more like
pal, and I ItjppOM the smoking of
loth of you I only another example of
ti c parftOl nndc rstandlng between
pott, George, you don t put KatbariBa
I u a pe destal, and he do. s not ee
In a mild Indulgence of yours a bad
haMt that no lady would be guilty of.
I should not bav. wanted he , moth, r
b. be different In any reape.t, but I
cn see the advantages of the bn.ader
plane upon WblOb the poufl men and
women of the present clay meet."
"Hut. dad. you know iimtber ir.oke.
"I know she doe, hut there were
years and years in our live when Mie
thought nior- ,.f ih.' smok that would
fling to the patlor curtains than of
tha eeimfoit It ,,ie tee sit down
with her and smoke, she tolerated
mj smoking and waa eiuly satisfied If
1 took my el gar or pipe out to th
bach porch. You win notice that even
yet she has never sahl to me. 'Shall
we smoke " like you young folks, but
l.eepa Bar c igarettes for Ihe card ta
ble or with bar woman friends, just
for the style of the thing, BBd never
smokes in my presence."
Pad grumbled on and the ynunr.
folks laughed and exchanged glances
and (Catherine imoked another cigni
etta and whlaparad that ihe wai gimi
they w ere slat ting out as they were
A few yens ago a reporter lor u
large c ity paper went to the office of
a woman connected with civic affaiis
and w.m lUrprlled into speechlessness
The lady was imoklng There was no
doubt about II and when she saw him
the added to his e onti rnaton by ask
Bg bin lo bave a Ig.irette and emok"
vs. ; 1 1 lor He accepted the invi'atioa
ill. 'I hi. iked II.' als resolved that
aa n gentleman ha was not going to
bitiay the Inch w.'io ni'l'.lged III the
getltle CXlilhir.Vl"Il of tobae I II Stlloke.
but BOOH one rise IBM a II I BBW and
the sic let, If It WU u eccret. leake d
It was understood that the head of
the department which Joined that of
the woman ln BUMd did not like It
i, Mule bit becauia his neighbor smok
ed His wife did all sort of bliaro
thing, which he oondoBedi but ho
did BOl imioke. Therefore' he would
nut forgive another Woman, who wis
..,1. . ,. .nv t.,'A,,t 111-,,
conservative' in every ) c m ept in.ii
iba I rvtoked.
lo D Ihe whole low p got a Jolt. A
young woman, beautiful and fair to
bee. and, moreover, connected with the
proudeal and moil Important tamlUea
m the natlOBi oama to visit friend.
siic visited one of the most exclu
sivu fatiull'S. and It on leaked out
tha' she imoked. actually looked, tha
nv'iiiber of the fWttttllva set ware
gad, TBB some one declared
ih.it many of the women of Ihe set had
alre.nl-- t ike n up cigarette and the i
wa BO ud of thrilling gossip on tho
Ihe woman who had first caused th
subject of a woman'i imoklng had
2 '
livV IfOBieB HoBchalaBtlf Smoke ( Igarc tt e In Many of the t asklunalile Hcileli.
S" Making Canned Piano Music
Ihed for everl vears In Fnglnd and
l ad there BCQUtnd the habit. Ac c circl
ing to Engllab novela, it is quite cu-
te inary for fOUBg women to smoke,
but there are abci thOBB who are gin I
tbell daughteri are ut as other peo
ple' daughters, and do BOl use- the
However, there la no qumUob about
it Borne of the ear) be st people in
England do imoke. The FTeni ti wom
en ei the better i I ess do not m,'ke,
ne If a woman Is seen 5 nuking lu u
Paris restaurant tha Inference i that
slje I an Kngllsh woman, ami an I i :
llahwomaa can do as sto pleaae, and
her Americ an slater is no i k. ly lo
be very far behind bar, although it Is
generally believed that American worn
efl do ti"t care aa much for the we,,
a their English lstcrs, but imoki
mora because It is "the thing to do,"
and for the lake of doing a then do
n enen Know ll"w
Tv i luiiese (.nod Bmokea,
The lrange thing about It Is ihut
most of the young Women wh. 18 a
are of "our best families.' and BOl in
any aense of the weetd of the "fast
gaU" They imoke a a mutter of
rouuse. beoauie it is Bngllih, you
know," perhaps, or because soma 010:
etae whom they know injokag, or. pot-
llbly, because they hk" it, but BOt bl
cue they wish to pose a maecullnt
.md unconventional or fast.
Most of the cigar stands In town
have women in charge of part of Ihe
time, and they profeil, at leant Bome
of thera do. to know not only cigai
(ties, but cigars, an to brand and qual-
"You can't fool me." sahl one rom
an. who Is at the cigar stand In l Bl
of the principal downtown stores 'if
a doien men ate amoklng I can pick
bhe also expressed trie g:cu e-Rl , Q
tempt for the men who nti"k" pool
brand. of cigar BBoVdo not know the
difference, bul bei ability tee racognlie
the different brandi whin nil are
Miioking together is doubted by tome
men who retarel tin inn lw h as lobai
co ennnc i'eiir.
Since Ho- war In ran women have
handled 1 garettea so constantly timt
Ho i I. a at least I - familiar
wuh them, 'and If oiir war workeis
come homo addloted to the otgarette
habit it is no toon, ihan one could ex
pi . t. The National Board ed the
Young Men'l hrlstlan Association I
pui'l to bave ordered that the sign "no
Sinoklig here" be removed tioin their
tooma, and one ran not help but won
cie r if the day win ever i ..ti"' a i n
similar g.rl organliatlon will rmoke
like theli brothers In their publl
i .. i en.- woman who hail paid lit
tle Kiten'ieen to the rullngl of bOtalg
which sh.. leldom visited wint to tin
particular hotel to luncheon a ihori
time afte r It w an ope Qi d. A'.ross from
hei vt u party of four, twei men and
eui a we n' brought, a beautiful goldea-
tin 1 1 oil young woman, who hel nt 1 rrf -Bd
he I attention, opened her cigaret'e.
i as. god, aecnietlng a "light" from the
man next to her, began to puff blue
wreaths of smoke Into the air,
Nejtl lA her t a daik-halred worn
in, who MXn followed her exatnde.
The Woman, who knew neither of
them, Baked a friend mar her who
tio y were 'The falr-halred woman li
tin . l,n in, vl piano he sldea
furnishing mUllO. for the
i re.cie d
a new
b hind
' i aim '
iii !; ' u'.ii has
pi oe Mton, 'I hi i e :s ii man
the iii trui it in t be nan w ho
tin- music.
Man) law a new Hi id f"r th
cation of buaineaa to mualo ar soon a
tha I. . . tianii al piano appi ared ( om
paratlvety fan peraoni know thai tha
mualo played h the naehanioal piano
mual be I t ' t ii-, well ns trans, i ll. ed
1 he pi ss Involve! Inilaitely bioi i-
ihan nans, rlblng the printed noti of
sl-'ft DlUltC to be tcuiiiel ami ,. hiring
h'.ie i of the mipio roll, a popular
Just as ik win-, n for Hie- h an
pe i former would bound pathetically
To make II effective the theme mual
ed ')
Mitt,. g i,' .hntr-a i
th" 'I uk haired gti 1
ileal piano
llano, but for the full orchestra The
mi I linger plgyi the e e nn posit ton ns be
ihnngea It upon nil arranging mac hi lu
ll at Iceokn nol unlike a piano, hut It
keyboard responds with olloki Inatead
of note. Each click reglatera a punch
In the b'tig roll Of paper that COBM
out of the baok of the iBatrument uku
a ribbon oul of atw k tit ker
Tha Arranging maihinn la played
just i" the piano, only the pUyei
must proceed Btuch more slowly.
Blnce he must give consideration to
Ibi Ui rtion ol eitra notei i r a
Imir BOte he pre:,-s hi finger on the
bi y and eounta eight oli h- The ve i
III ni sin appeals In the paper a II
,, , , th. -Hum run by n ale trie
motor t the back otha machine.
,,. ,,- note! hate other number of
click By counting than the pin.r
Obtatni tbl BOta he wants and rnle
I ... linger When M lg flnlsh' i
When It is finished, II Is run m r mi
punchei instead of not- and make
oi hi r of very H"1" pi"'r. which la al
nnd. from It the be Bl lei I On
would doubtless make the great coin
poseii turn In thilr giaies to see him,
egoepl for the fad thai the player
do not edit the i I s hie. They have
ii.. i, ns one cxpiis'.ie. 'Ho, impu
dence "
ihe master roll I then run through
mm bine that reprodut aa it upon ten
iccIIm ut Once, The paper unwinds
ftceni i, ii ,i K rolls and at the end is
re wound, ita perforation! complete up
on the familiar blai k ipool that fits
Into the me, hanli i piano
At the- muikliiK lahle the i ils are
' id out two at a time -and the dot
Ii I egpn Hlon lim I aie Ul In by
nieatia of a semi autnmatic marking
machine, Wordi in regard to uprea-
lion aie added by band by mean of
mbbei atamps.
it is. of oouraa, nafaaiary to con
s'liiet a guldn for these e vpi . sioiis
i hi re la used one eef the- ordinary rwlle
asd then is iti.it k l in the llnea and
wordi written b) band, Th rolla are
rewound bj meanaofa hand reel and'
1" l"l and hotel, ready for rhipuient
the war
Missing notes are cut in and autri already been In
ones are pasted ovei The workman organ, and an tl
I i ' pot end a mallet and punch, It In IBtf n.

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