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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 16, 1919, FINAL EDITION 4 o'Clock A.M., Image 7

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at An-
r in '
a.rr .tiiprt
:,17. c ii.-nk.i-
"""'". u . "'r-
1' ' "
in 1'"
..d.t ! v "'
I ,kr '
H H r
nt, r'
ft:.'"' '
,',,. board of fl
' ;, ,.,r wa.
( f ,,, iiciull Mr-
at their annual
',",. k-r. held at
, ,,. ln II... iiudlt.irluin
I .'. .lillK nl at"
I ,:, KiU merchant.
,!. I VXH pITHl-
,. iihi' iiff i'f 'h
A. Il''",n e'
i .;,, uiKimlatlnii
il,,. .jt )'''
Mr It iv mill '
. i till- "f llianka
iin nf direc-
;"'"! ..rw until July. IS?.
' . . , ,..inl.i'ia wrr. ad-
I" '".',.- l-fli'P " " or'
Y'1"1 , ,., Ia.an company,
A." : i Lint''"''' -'i'i'''
-ui ' ,,i i.irxt.-r-
i" M" ' ... itmiih Motor
!,., , it' iKor.. and Hi"
Tl,f r'k K la. chairman; k
r. an'.f '. o'K" Wumpule. and
r,r" h,.h lh..y auhmUted
Trro's rr. O. A HTlnrr" C T.
.. N K tlraham, Churlea
".' A' I' I"1'1'- ''''' 1'V.TltlK.
" Ma.i4n-.KV. :..y (icttnan, U K.
j , i'Iii'w Ix'lr, Ian Hunt.
A Vr..!rer. II. C S'ucve. o. H.
mn'iirr. I Kcr. Horace
Zln C K M T. Walter Nlch-
, Htr'ry 1 1 : .!''. Ilutfhln-
":' It I Mr row. W. II.
U.V. H Ktl'txr. . i. Watt, AV.
Hiifl, S W. A K 111, J. J. I'O notvm.
lwr7V 0p ITtnMtl for Irr on
S)H lili f All-n.
rf f'.r.g to crt thfm!" mid
( nf I'oi.i A Im liiMt nlKliI In
ni mT lilt' i'Mtllp:i!Ktl lIKi.lllHI
:nrti of Hk' I r, n n- ru. "A now
.s bf Mr I to thft Miii'f'il B'lun.l
fJnol4y. mi of i"ir motun-yrlMi
n tirfti tin rhiiiil. il nn.l -iilipon
h nr tir.'i" mi. I think '
i.u'.l In Ih'.'I th innnt of thnn."
Tj ;iw.1 t;. i:.lt liavf had tlwlr
' ily pf Kr.ii o. fi'-'-orillnff to tho
f. sni1ir.il;.- fiiliiiP tlir hud b.'t.
rr:": th t' l i::itloll to "atfp oil
!f l .'if v to nvoid police
ir: t-li,. A il tii.'V ro X'iln 'o
i- nir Htm nf tho I4.W rrarh
- 'n f.ir :h''!n iiiinm I rvfry ror-
if IIk 'I :ar:s i.f tin" ioli i d(,'art.
; n t.il I h.. ii,ulHr rtrlvf
r ff if ,j.v 1 ,, i.f. patrntlril
1 tnr Mnijlnl ii.ot'iri') cle cup both
iv in! nt.t
yit r un:rn l not to tie dl
rd nnrely nt tlio epeediTX. (Mien
: on '4 r ..in to lir 11 HllllK ! I
- pru I- i: i:no'ii tni- prof. it
t'"' of IikIi'h luiriunK. In in
r thirnt alum t liicli 'PiiImi mo
' diif ti.- nine ri'KllK.'nt, lind
1 'il the pn'.iro i!i par'nit'iit la de-
." ' "'.i' . 1. 1 it 1 n 1 1 ik 1 Hi B hi I
1: of thatrr nr In othfr fe
ton, 19 ..itrethlnc thai the
''4 tal 'i. ! p.'.irp 1 no longer
:. -----
Cfrtainly Do iVlievc in
Tanlac, and I OiiRht to
Know, Hi Says.
"T-.ii r..:,.t.Vn0w , f.f.-if.v, irl Tlin
r."n 1 1 n . a
't I 11,
Ik'M 1 "1 iut,l'
!'. t'tifil "hie 1
' '' iij 1 oniti.ire
I In return.
' ''U..l!i t '.,K.. h.mdr.'da of dol.
VirV.!" f 1 "I'llii'liif h
',' . ' t'.. nil. mi imii.
''f 'h. n.y .,f , .B,, Teiaa.
." '. i:,t i.-,.i,
P In
1-1I Hi r , , ' ' """
rv ' 1 ' I Jut about
v...", . 1 'v n" moil liny
1 'i I !""t my p-
'o 111 1 ff In w.lirhl
h' 1 old time
' i!:'y 'r mf J f.
ulrrif.i. HittieBu and
f'J : I III; t T
."'-il tier-m ',,
' t., .1...
r"i I h:.r,:'v
wnrne un-
! ,.f l.u.a 1-
n .1 11 ill U I -
'':l 11. e oil! nf
Aim i
HI y.
" 'fu ll, my condl
, , " ' 1,
' l.l r!..,i, , ,
'U',' f , "' " " T.in
"'' fj.v ' ;" '" 1 1 to
"i mr.,," "" I have
'" h.tiJr,'i . B,n
i 1 .1" -! f-tie mhen
rr I '! ,' f, "-"h and
""i I -,'. '. ' ' c"" 1 "
J":ii '("" 1 "' flr"
..k '' '"'7 "'"I I "l" do
1 r,l !f. ! ,l ! " ns anyone
tfi'n, :" ' '" tire.i. I
to k. I'" " v "i-tda who I
n ronilitlon
l.'il.ir lind It
r"" I'l'.l. ami
do h.'lieve. in
" f t"Kt niell
' "i"ie and I
'V Ullllker
i'i liniK rom
' " 'truiri-lv,, m
'"ll Kill I'll.
H. Ti??A,"A,driiM-
M 'I I 'J M't,
- k"f -v ......
.. "' f III'.,, 1 .1 '
'-u ,. '.V-:,
T ' ' , ''
ill A-nfc. ' '
Inola, on & dlrort Una between
Tulaa and Kpaylnuw, In th f mt ..iy
to aak to Iniy waltr from Tulia w!ien
tha new Hpavlnaw . water nyntem In
ioitalled. In a l.dier to '" World.
datHl J.uly U and. refrlvnd eMer
day, Wraley R ilutler. pontmaaHr
at lnola, atated that, beli)M- on the"
ronduit Uiat will rarry tha water to
Tulaa from Hpavlnaw, Inola would
like In tin v Ha water mipply from
ihla cliy and anked that he lie put In
with the proper Hiiihi.iitl...
here ao thai he ionl, take up the
mailer of haying water aopplied In
Th letter wan turned oyer to
Mayor Charlea MuM.ant. who eal.l
that he beheyed that otlir towim he
tween here ami Kpavmaw wmilit fol
low Inula'. Hrtlon to buy ih. ir water
fioru the Tulaa, main
l'iiiir.1 car M Iti.y Who eirr llai
11 Ik 0, 1 .1 Sli p llpiiul.il 011
.May I'lay With ,,)n Soon ,
,Tlie other day f..nr trnr-old
Johnny nuila, of Stn.t s,uit i' i. hIio
hal iimil iii'imu, !n 11
month old and In, never w.i Led a
"tip. waa taken in the s loin
pllal 1 Hit .ipeiiiteil on l.v In llatph
Hmll'i, iirthnt'i'dil.' ph.t. :.in. unit
Hum great hnpf ate b.M out fur bl
rfiMvirv, liiMtuiH ht .i ivnl even
walk In time Mi, I nun. me m nri
A group hf mnn from the I'nlyer
ally of llllnolM. who are In TuUa.
will meet at an Informal net toueflu r
dinner at the V. M. C. A. lafeierlu
lit 6:IU o'rloi k I'rld.iy evening
There are nhout !.' ntudent and
alumni of th" iifilvrrnl'y In TiiImi,
but llinti. who nrn In ihark-e of he
affair have lint been able In rr.ien
all of them. There la no formal or
l.'iinlrition and any man ho haa at
any time attended the uiilvrrally
may attend Henervatintia may be
muda liy nilllnu J.6I1X
40 Cmmn on I 7uIIt Ixx kef. "
The e.iiliy do.ket. 1,1 be heard be
fore JuiIk Kedmnnd R. Cole In dla
ttl.t tiuiit diirlliK Dili week bi'riln
nlnr Tueaday. July I'J. la helnir rtla
Iritmted by the rlerk of the dlatrlrt
court. Tha docket lilrluilen il) caaea
In equity.
of othi'iK, ;u of ibi-i
liy (lie welfiie nrn
and trettcl fi.e
'fulfil had a b.t of 1 in dim I ii
uprlnit. Iliele MUM lie.' I unv
plaint by the pie, f r the
iifkeil were lilt e 1 n iiiftli, but
freiiieiirv Hot to l.e uluii.t.: 1
The 1 nil 1 1 a of tn d 1 i af'
thlni: but that, Imw. v
find where the diine ant iiuaiieil
leu miki'M ! intiri' mix ft, is 1 in.'
of the monl n...tfii! .Mril'OH iiip
11 f 1. t fining
an I w ui ket-a,
Mil II I H
ill (lull
I .'e
re any
in. I to
u a
r a il.
u Mi a
I ! tl'll'll".
al.'l one
In the ft
w a. I
H 'h
1 ball)
ported III t I '
dlt innal reiiii !
welfare hh-'h i.i i Iho
feat of their v.otki.
I Hub'.
!" llnltw tip'ral"!.
The fllnli'H were In tiiriif a'l-d !
Venn K' un.ler th" I.' a.t.'t ship of
Mra (i . 1 ll.iib.w. 1 b 11: man nf the
welfare In.iirl who ha Hen un
llrti'K atfiitlun I 1 nil bram lie. of
Welfare Work, the I nline". AVIIIard
Hume heinu one of the must wi ttby
The eervliiti of I ir l:aiuti. luir
dick, rhlld'a ...i lallt. Ina I n do-
naled In tin. baby rlnilc f- r the two
yeara of Ita en iftenca and he la tl
attend. mee on every oira:.i'in. I:ety
I'rlday iiionilnr from 10 '' I'
n'elork nt the linmnn" office In the
rnurthouae. nod every Tuead.iv from
1 to I o i l... k at the (Vila t'lln'o'l
(School biilldinu In W.a' Tulaa, 'lief
fren clltiba ate conducted for all
Perfect Vision
NEW "ZLYRIM" patent round finpor clip oye
Klasscs, very latest style. 1-10-llilv gold filled, with
Pcx. lenses COMPLETE.
$10 Values $5.00
1 J Gold filled M0-12K frames f
with Pcx lenses. Your choice
reading or disUince Jj A
$7.50 Values $3.25
Toric Lenses
$2.00 and up
art (ho lir'tr th,l
Hcionre lias ro
duccd for the
benefit of the
human rye. They
jrive yoti a larger
field of vision. If
vmi are listing
flat lenses now
get TURK'S.
children under 1 A, loo r to ob
tain me, Ileal attrnlion i-Ihi-a here, and
ui inly Miiinitnilliiiii anil advice
Klven, but In cane meitliluo can't be
' Klit !'' the family of (ho nffl. led
II la a Ino f it nlnbeil
sua ictorla - Trotter ti
trained nurae r-r 1 1 J I . v -, ,v u,e .
.ie anim iniinn I.Oil iI'Mllld ie :x
week )) lHa bt. n In chmae nf (he
clinic haa bniuKln it U, ,,, ,, (,.,v
blah aliindaia) Mm Tnoter baa
been in Tulaa n year ComiIiik Int.
from Halt, imtniiu. l an.i.i.i ulnie
ehe had wble expiileine ,,.t
hiimanitarian win k ii nmtrini fur
P.ven rina of Iwilallon hoapll.il,
and four veai, at a Canadian mili
tary boapllal. Mia 'Imtter lulhiu
up all caaea. calima once a week at
the boinea of fmli ao.t uoinij even
day In caHe of ecrloua IMiii sn When
tbo i :im demanda Hr P itln k uli...
li. II j tha putlent nt Ibe home.
Many ( blliln n Irtniitl
I'.eiueen an an.l ;u r cuiar p itb rHa
are leirlHtcie,! with tin. clinic now
leftilea (he ma.u thai illnp In un
eiich occiialon for p.'iahitiir obaeria
lloiia ami advice. AccoMlnc in th-'
nurae ibe r people are r.ap,, nil
In t the advantage, offeieil nn.l
mine ibati ;'n chll.M-n were treat, .t
Tueaday In Vra Tulaa The il,., tin
and mirae never dlaiponlnt them -imt
filling In (heir mlntairatlona i-ven
when the rexubir May fill on 'be
l-niir'h of July In ca.e nf nnv un
MVulilabte itliii-m n on the part of III'
I'uidi.k, jo, I'red i'a'pa conduile
Hie clltilc.
At prcHint B1 r B,.v,,n eHmn )if
",t"""1 " ''y'H are ,el,,K ,eatrd
"d II la a..l, that Imprm ,, llr,.
''"K .n.te.l , . Mly r,.M.lul
t-aulta of h(1ai ,e,,Kl,u Hr r(1.
'l"iill"'i. ii'ii.l man ...... ...
l.i-alanal fevc,, ,,,,,.. , i,,,,,,,,,
.'oiiKh, M.mv ,,f ti,,. hable, a, a B.,f
f'-riim fi,.,,, eff,.,,, , i,,.,,,
' ' I'.biiieiii. an, (he ii,K ,,,
i:.t . of a a. i i. ti l 11111111111.1" Thrae
ale b. ln ha e, ,,, ,.1VH ,,elp ,
,r"i" " "'k and In. fm ,,w ,
Itm mix.',! ihiouei, 'he Wnij r,,r
the hiiinaoe a.icieii.-a wmk
Mia. Tmiiet- man i.,ii, ,, ma n v
OK-l nf till,,.,,.,,h. , uh,.n M
Ulaball nln.HN ,l,,f (,f the
dr. ad iiiaeaae tak' t. in In (he
(ub. l. ,t,,,., ,!,,,, fnv fin help.
And n .. ibai a II, ir H pa, ,,f
rtllllea .mil ,liiiln unltiu I.hIiiV
that llic pmple of TuIhii hamle, out
on t he at n'riN laM apt inn ,
lnea 41 11 Imii v IfKtcl IK n i I K t M (n
day 1
lliilbllnil I'l'tiulia Slump.
Tto-mbiv uaa no "lift it.n" in il..
I'lllldlllK Hiapeeliil a nffli e, the .fix
1 1 1 v li Ik li lc.,,1,1 i.f fl.'onfln W(,rth
I of pefOIIH l-.ie. on M.ui.liy. m,i k
I Itm 'I'iic-. lay a total of Initio) look In.
ill il n i atl'l
by l'inni:i
come ev el y
lann '('llllft-aollloiiilaed
Chief Clei k llllrlen un he n 1 1 in I il . I
Up Ibe liil.il I'l'iiiiun Ifi I ,,-nt
day J K l'a"ll fur a.-tvanl 'a
Uiiarteia at Una South Cbivitine
aienue, runt ,uu. I, W I in, i
realdence, 41 North Slit.u. ) nun
A II M, nt, ,n. reaiib'iice I ;t .i I at
Hrvenlh atrert .:,(in: ' , m,
realdetice. ., Nne i, Iroiiit l ion
i. rsnon naiiiije, TIS i-imilli
oelle, Ki(i
A I l y
Half ll'illdaia for ( .nirli.
An order i I...H I ii ,.,,iin ffi, ,.
at noon Saturday 1 u t 1 n w Ibe i .
malnder of jH, Aiiiiu-t an. I Hi o
lemlnr. waa m,,,e T,,,., ,. ,.,
I I'orttr, , i , (,,k.
In the Indian Tithe one find the
"Medicine Van."- nne et-.,( n, il,.
heallnit arl of roota. iieio I, n,-
and barka In IIicnh he iliHt.iveM
emollleriia, a.' r ilu,',- n i.. la a t Iv . h n ml
(onlca, all nf whb h urn ileiar.. an. I
offered o auffeiera li It. i . li ir the trlt.e
To ancll k' I. old faahlutied limtM
and hciha I . .lit : I'lnkhama Via
elable Cotnpouild, the lunal effblenl
remedy In the win 1,1 f,.r femil,. n.i
owea ta Ninicaa 'iir C. yc.it. i I, ,
been reatorlliK Ibe women of Atnril-
ca In health, until It la imw i. k-
tuaed m (he aland, ird reim ,tv - A lvt
r ;.''j
They Know That Cuticura
Will Soothe And Heal
W licilirr it 11 an it c luoi;, tairuiiiK
kin li aililr, an nni'yiii; fjh, Im
t.itiini, ml, wihiihI nr I til it I iiluuri
will a. aitlir and In punt l liral.
I mt Imllie with Cull, uu ,S.li and
Imt w.nrr. I 'iy and anoint Willi
t utii nt a t liiitrm ut. 'I lir I ul it iiia
'l al. mil l alvi rirrllrnt I, a Utile
tain, it ii drlii atrly inrdliatcj ami
riquikllrly cl luliinl.
tK, INrtM.1 t a to. Talrwm
Ihi S.l'l Ihomglionl tlx w.iil.l tnir
aani4e rm h lire a.kttfaa "Calkari Lahf.
rlnriM. !. If.r. MIJm. Mo."
La 3e akaa akiml mm.
You Do Mora Work,
t oo ara mora ajstiitkni and yoti (at mora
inKTnaant out ol ryarytauia whan fvm
llood to In total condition. hniporltiM l
ha Mood bv vtry dapraaui ofhrt oa
ha ayatam, caualnf waaannaa. laxluaaa,
lervouaneaa and akanaaa.
aaloraa r.aaf,y and Vllallfy try Purlfytiii
nd KnrtchiiiK tha OUaid. When yoa faal
(i ttrengtlieiilnj. nviortlng a fleet, ao
low It bcinni rrilor to the rhmlut and botr
I Improvea tha appedia, you will (Jmmi
Mprnrlata lla (rafl tunic valua.
not patent mrnlliina. It la alipply
IRON and QUINlNf-. auaprndad In Syrup,
in pleaaant even children Ilka IL Tha
blood nnnUQiiinlna to Purify It and IKON
lo r.nrirh It Theae rallabla tonic prop--rtiea
ncvar fall to drlva out linpurldea lo
(he hkaxL
I lia Straiith-CraUn Towar of CR0VT3
I ASI r.LKVS Chill lONIU haa mado It
he favorlta tunln In thouaamta of bmnea.
Mora than thirty Ova yeara a(o. flki
would ride a lung dlttanr to get t.KOVt S
TASTtJ.r.SS Chill TONIC whan
mrinraar o( their family bad Malaria or
needml a Uidy-huildlnf. treiigih lvln
ton ir. Th fmmula la Juat tha aama to
ilar, and you ran (at It (mm any drug
torn. 0c per bottle.
Bifocal Lenses
$2.50 and up
Two pairs of glasses in one for far and near
14'2 East Third Street.
J (f ' ; ta l
. j iij
'r -II
-; I-1 1, II
hf hi W$
M i 1 wM k
A Pnnaae
It is enthusiastically received and
eagerly sought We find it a task
to keep pace with our orders.
The answer is plain it fulfills a
definite purpose. It is
Food and Drink Combined
A pure, non-Intoxicating beverage that
contains every element necessary to the
human body, except fats.
It is easily digested, increasing the secre
tion of digestive juices.
It induces appetite and Has the wonder
ful hop aroma,
On Bale wherever soft drinhi art toll
Tclr tlione
Marshall-Young Co.
4 K. First St.
Tulsa, Okta.
Made Milwaukee Famou

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