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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 22, 1919, FINAL EDITION 4 o'Clock A.M., Image 1

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4 (Clock A. M.
ililk and Ice Fund
xiii.no. m
Jill 1 IV-Vi J III I O sJT 1 ZWA Y JT Jrf-V-5ttJu3i--..
." A
IN AIRSHIP fAgainStopO.U.R.Service
Diriiribl'' I.xP"dM in Chicago
gnd Falls on 1UHH 01
n(is Trust Hank.
Cruinc Over District
Ends Fatally as Thousands
Witness Accident.
Police Fix Number of Dead
at .Seven Tank Drops
Through Skylight.
rCSW, J'lly 21-Ten person"
wrr, killed "' ss lnlureJ w,"n "
!, dlUKil'l '" ,,",t ""h,
ahl fir- nnd fell bOD feel,
crathlng through lha glaa roof of
ih lllumla Trust and Xavlnge bank,
Jtrkiuti buulriurd and I m Hall
uretl t & o clock till" afternoon.
11,41 of the dead were employe of
Iht bank, trapped and burned to
.nth In fir rauaed by the cx
,lo.lnn of the t.alloon'B gaapllne
Urikt tl"- 1,11 ""' floor ,ho
kink rotunda, where more than 20"
bookkeepers and clerk, nrarky Ull
tirlk wrr working
Tlire, of Hi' dead Wfr paaaenger
on twirii the diriitihlr. The other
wart employe of ihe bank.
Thnusanda of people M in
rmJe n,l flume that enveloped the
ilkion followed by three para
chulu which dropped from the bal
loon. Two of the parachute opened
rid the third dropped lo the htreet
The dirigible exploded and
Tht diiig.Tile exployed and
irfirM on Hie roof of the bank
buii'liif and the mi lank and pari
! the it, el frame of the dirigible
etuhd through, the kyllg.ht Into
tcr bank riniiii. where the tank ex
plndfd. The fire which followed the
xp!oalon waa rx'lngutahed, reveal
Ini mh bod.ee believed to be em
iity,t of Ihe I'ii ik The balloon car.
mil (our p.-tiicr atd from the
TV dd are-
JliHN WKAIJU, Akron, Ohio, ai
tb tni merhanic
CARL OTTO, Akron. Ohio, caalat
ant tnanii'.
JAMtS ( -AllfENTKU bank inn
nir. . MAHIA nilKSF.
JtirU'll Si'AlN, bank 'tnraaen
pr EVELYN MKYKM. bank einplove.
KAHL 11 1 A VKN 1'1'HT, publicity
Two unidentified women.
All of Dm dead except Weaver
Hi Otto are rrnidenta of I'hloaKO.
M.Iion Niirton, an ernphoe of
llorihiiraapaper, wiu In tho dlrlK"
til when n hei'itn to burn He
lP'd from the fUimiiiK amtahlp
M riffrrrd fririurea of both hie
N'Tton .A nut expr, to lecover.
Th balloon, owned bv the Hood
fr Tire and ItuM'er company of
Akron, (ihio, luid h.-eri flvlnu above
Ihl rl'v f.ir neetal boiira when the
rridnt neeurreil. w hen approxl
lttiy tuo feel ahn the bunk of
1m an i,, n,Mot from the top
llhtiuii ),a Hem the eenier of the
IfcrXt Tu,. iiuwln Rathered on
tb Itreei, io watch the flla-ht aw
v m. hihe l.-pkle and iilrr aa H
"na on its r am plunge,
Konr pf the five m i iipanla Jumped
to Hinded mife'v In the atreen
"4 lha blimp, ii hill of flame, atrtick
lh ronf of the bank with a crash
uil) throushmil Iho downtown
Thre Mil. nn'hlnr In Willi the
k IIIVTIM Hi iiN PA..K r.t KN
Mhrilir-n rerr.,KA
rntMltK UthLINUiS
1 t.e..ri:.- It, ,h,-, ,, rUl.n In
Hiwr (,f t'cniiiionM onil Sya .lui
oeanna it -flin il I .inix-mr.
Vk' 1 1
7u'NI'l.N. .iv . Premier
, '1 ' replied ,i hi, cntlca
trie del, , ,. , ,h(. h,H, ,lf ,.,.
"7"' !"..,.. ,,,.,,y ,, ,,. A.
'! iition. Ilia recent
nm,un,,..M ,)iu (M form(,r ,rr
"n..er,.r ;,! ,. ,rle(, ,,,,,,...
itiiri'","'1 "' '-"'"I"", bad created
K." ' "'vcr.U ,.,..,.
.;";" 1 It Cecil,
" !, ' he advlenbll-
4,,n L,' : mi; held in l.on-
enjnirv '" ' a nemral
,2 l.urpoae. It haa been
Th. . ""' "X- been better
anawer to this.
'hit ,
rich- I nP w,. tf) ,,,,,
1 n.irr.i ,,,,,v ,.,
'''" "f no h a trial ?
e vf r t confidence
v i hat h.,ev. r coioea
' '' ' cefe a trial
'n 'li' ...,
f..r ..
llr .' " -! t, ii lMlnnt of Ihe
h'rhi'r l. .. titer,- )lin
k..r,;,M ' ' "-'i.tted. 1, ,
l'h P h.-nnrable ca
f ' r nun 1 1 pi ..r.
' it l w liy ye lie
i'1-hi.r of thN war
'! i.,
. Ar,.tl..
n i". ...
w i . . ii enie miHir-
" 'lie 'l.' '. ''' " "" '" 'llcue..n
ti'-n,,,.. and to Ihle
j'1'" -h nn ..?'""'! '""'l'1'TXt'le
."111 II,,,,,, , ""' l'"-' ectl, t,y
,u'0n of ii. if ' ""'1' f"r air.
Car Strike Sunwathizers
Tt'l.HA. OkU. Joly I Vnimutn,
94, Riinimnm AH; north winds, rlrar.
OKLAHOMA: Tu fir, warm i
wrlhwfai frorlKin , Vi ilnatiair fur
l.ollHlANA: TiikiUr rluudy In
MiiHh or lion wih lM-at liowri partly
cloudy in north irtion ; W duri1ay
prtly rivudy
Tutidijf fend nronti-
day fur
in 4uh poritim.
(ntraiiy fair lu north
furtuiD , dnvadar Retir all v fair in
borih. narlif rlnudy in aoulb portion
VS KHT UXA . Titav fnrally
fair armr in ihpTanl.aiidl ; Mvdurt
Uy rrnri:y fair
KANHti rair Tumlar and WrdiiM
da, ftlightly fkru)r N rdrirtday.
You don't liava lo b rtrh lo b kindly,
you Drftl I hr rirb to ht lru,
Vo n'A'lti'l t ri h Ut bm liooait in all
thai )m Bay aud on do.
If It I rtni.tli tup ton ra iVlnr, ffO
nuke ii ; iti old world la fagrr for
f r urt.
Il l n hf-arts (hat aro ntdn net monf
thai alt thai worth kiri da
Yon don't ba to ht rlrh to ta worthy,
you nfHti't own iiir and ro'd
To haa man rrjoira in your ymmt,
tor mar hoorl hy ntony not told ;
And hit who i imnral arid hflpful, who
livei to th truth that h knowi
And irivAi hli full mraxira of itriirt It
wtitHimo whTtr ho (net.
Yon don't hata to h rWh to b nohlf,
yon rtordn't ho ri'h Ui b craat.
Not aiwavi th men ho haa fortunao
ran waathor Iho tmtla of fa', ,
If you will tit trim to onr loted onaa,
your 0d and lh KUf of lha Ytmm
Th tum of your fold il..in'l matiar.
You ar ill ttial n rlh man ran ha.
Topyniht. 1UI0, by r.djar A turt .
!'iunitri is in.iav
f A"lt A M KNTO, Cal , July M.
Keferend uma on file axalnat ratifica
tion of the federal culietltullonal
amendment anil the act for the en
forrarnanl of prohibition lu the (Lata
are aufflctent to hold up the lawa
unlJl the l:0 icenernl election, tha
anratary of alale announced today.
VN SI iJH I a-sl I . . ATIO V
WAHIIINdTl'N. July 21 The
reelRnallon of ('!. Samuel T. Anaell,
former acting Judge advocate general
of the army, waa a.ccpted today by
Hecrelary linker. Colonel Annell haa
announced that he will continue hla
fight for a radical revwlon of the
army courtmartlat ayatem.
Ill l, KI N lU.IDSI Ik
By The Anorlae4 Praai.
IKNA. July ?l - He!n Hup. the
Mlet mlnleter of war and foreign
affaire, haa been deponed hv
triumvirate com pined pf Tlbor,
Hmlani vely and Vago. according to
the Vienna newapiipera Vago la the
uillltary cuiiiiiiainlrr of Itudapeal.
ronatlutlonallty of the federal farm
loan act waa attacked In a. teat mitt
filed In the t'ntted Stale dlntrlcl
court here today by coiin'el for
Charlen Smith, director aii bond
holder of the Kanaaa CliyTltle A
Trut Co.
IN llr III. IN Ml I TIM.
n y The A,.nriol,l Pre,
IIKHI.1N. July ;l Independent
Hoclalietn nttefnpied to form a gath
ering In (he l.itetgarten nt 2 o'clock
thin afternoon The troopa fired In
the i,ir and then point blank Into the
crowd, wounding two men and a
woman. The crowd then broke up
The Incident una the cmne of aen
nation. il reports throughout the city
but oriler w aji iiia.ntalned.
N SI ,( 'ON Ik UK ll(.
lly Th, Aie.'latrd I'?...
l.iMni.. July .'I The hoii-e of
coioninna tonlhl u m.i ii Iniou'.ly
paried Ihe mi on I n a liiiK of Ihe
lieai e treaty
(.1 I 1 1 1 S Is N MI I)
To sitim: si itihi;.
I.ii.VIh'N, Ji.y 1" Sir Ktlc
tieddct. ui in liter Ki'h.'iii purifoliii.
a.t api olnted todav a cumm.e-mnei
fn attempt l'i aeiile the i.ilneta'
orlke and la on ho. to Vorkahtre.
I'renitcr l.lovd tieorit'e announced in
the bonne ,.f comniona
,11)00.0011 Mtlll S'II Ik.
1 1 A I : f 1 S I O ' I : i 1 1 I'a . Ju'v 21 -ComiiiiM'loiier
of Itaiiklnd John S
'''IV'IIT nnei'llliee l loll .'h' th.il (ni ll
r. M.'yer. iahe. of the Nortlal'enn
hank of I'hihiil. ! n i bad adoii'ied
' .Inn.'. Mrltui 'ie, . receiver In
haige of the Link th'.' there waa n
dioiiaxe of I'uiii el"' The cnnimia
eioner hn.l cr.lei.d M.im'ifjjH'.l
l.roNAIIU Wool. (III!
HillMI i N I I NM s.sl I
CI I VTT A N 1 1' ' 1 I' " n . 1 "!)' - '
liepoh.K .n oi g ' i'"'"1 ' here tod IV
the Leonard Wool Central club of
TenricMe ii !' !"'' 1 obtaining
f,. lletielil t :n :'.'i' the le
publican liollil'ia'.' II f"t I'" pieal
detn .
Threo Cars Cut Off by
Armed Crowd of
! Hundreds.
PrivaU System of Com
j pany Disabled Early
I in the Pvetiinp.
i -
! Throng Makes No Attempt
to Hide Feeling Toward
Car Operators.
The flrat real damage lo property
to grow out of the Oklahoma I nlon
Hallway alrlke al'uation occurred
laat nicht when eeverul ec:ion of
Hie rompanv'a tra. ka wer. torn up
.and poaia Mupportliig tho trolley
wire were rut down in the vicinity
of l'arathenn t iha ntloii. eight mllea
weet of Tula! on the 1 uleA-.Sapulpa
Inlerurtian line, and again forcing
I the officials of the road to dlacon-
iicue opiiuiiou or in calx
Three cara were cut off and eur
roiimle.l at I'aiethenii enbytatlon bv
a crowd of aeveral hundred atrike
eympathleia about h clock. Al
though there wua itiui'li hooting and
hlneiiiK by lha crowd nt the alrlke
bieakera there waa no real show of
violence The armed guard" nio'oi.
men and cnnducJora were temoved
from the curl dia.irined and eeut
home, according to a atoiy told by
aeveral men in Weal Tula.k.
'Al midnight aeveral hundred men
atlll Were on the acene (if Ihe alraiid
ed rara but further trouble waa not
anticipated by rounty officii who
were riiNheil to the acene In nuto
mnhllcH by Sheriff Jamea Woolley
eaerly in the evening.
The pilvata Itlephon ayatem of
tha Intrmrh'in company wua d;
abled by nieii.bera of the crowd. '
cording to a atutetnent made at 10
o clock laat night by company of
ficiate. Itoad official had received
no direct word from the etranded
rara at Taratheiia aubatailon, the
half-way point between Tulaa and
Shortly after ( o clock It waa ap
parent that airlke aympathliera weie
Preparing In make a concentrated ef
fort to atop tha car aervice. Uroupa
of men were aeeu walking along the
company'a track a In the dliectlon of
Ited Fork. About 7 o clock two ralla
were torn from the Ilea went of the
Heat Tulau town criwa ng Mundreda
of men atoo, guletly by whnti two
Interurhan cara reached the poiuf
wneie th. break In the tracka oc
curred. The motormen awltched their
ttoheya nnd atarled bai'k Inward Sa
puipa On tha oulaklita of Sapulpa
'ho caia were mei by another croud
of h mpata.eia and were again
atopped r'lnally they "puiked" at
I'aralhrna aub-atatlon, company of
ficiala aaid.
learning that the cara had atopped
there hundreda of men atarled In
aiiiomoliil.-H, huggiea and on fool for
lainthena a'.auon At V .JO o'clock the
Ked r'urk road wua Jammed with thu
men who had aet out to diarupt Ihe
car aervlce. Tree Jitney aervlce to
I'aiathena helped In hurrying tha
hundreda .if men, many of whom, II
waa aaid. were heavily armed, to the
acene of the atrmnded cara.
Apparently Ibere bad been no at
tempt lo nigiinm- the crowd and
none ae.'ined to take the role of
leader uunkiy but (piletly the men
removed the ralla from the Ilea, cut
down the poaia aupportln; the trol
ley wire and then uakd the ainieil
Kliarda to KUircnder. They did, wile
liearmed and infortned they were
not iincdcd here " They left.
Wi ll thiir work apparently ac
coinplmhed many , fi Tor theli
homes while crow,) of ahoui H'lO
remained. Aieordniw 2i lepor'ii at
mldatk'ht the men were a.ttlng
around Ihe rili. aliinklni; and tell
IIIK Htollia ltlafnd that aervlce had
he, n Mil pei,, led Iteputv 'berlffi re
mained on the acetie IhroiiKliout the
tilk' ht.
I-' . i'! In the eyenlni" there w:i.
open I. ilk atnotig the men of (tup
pliva. one men x.n.l tha v ho hiid'a
truck he would use in hiullriK men
lo I'ar.llhell.l if they weie i 1 1 nrrned
' We've gut alx -hootcia nnd allot
guns. If they Mill do," ,, M t'ie 1 1 -1
leapone froei the k'loilp arouil'l
htm "That h the atuff." a.ii, the
man with the truck, and away thc
Scribe waa reaumed M',ni,
momlnit and throughout the di,
there Hit. no Indication of trouh'e
However, iia anon na the thouiiii'ti
of union men employed hi the W, -.1
TuNa refmetie w r, r.'le.iaed front
lb" day a work, it waa apparent that
trouble Mm hiea-lnc 'I 11 IM the
aecond lime In three dn thai force
h.i'i been r.iiirtfd t.i in aOopplm'
ael I ,.e o-l Ihe O P. It Ull'' S.i I
Urdu iien in; a deputy sheriff and
an employe ,,f c,lf;,en refinet,
were shot anil a:'i;hiiv wound i
w hen l 'Tio, ,1 atoppi d i(ie t .1 ra at
iU, Tulsa aide "f lb" Alkiini.ia i l' I
bridge 1'oih in n .irVi't a honpal
The World m.-ille.t to .oil
,1 b I i- y ou are on vae.i
lion order from ,our .Itv ear
rt r or phon Circulation Itepart
uiitit. Holt Hoot,
I Senate Committee Objects to
numing Delegate on Itep-
ariitionH Com mitt ft',
Wilson Asks Approval for
Appointment of Member
to Fix Hun Payment.
.. . .
Pomerefie and Harrison Sup
port Covenant Williams'
Charge Denied.
WASIIIMlTOV. Jul v 21 - While
the aenate waa llatenlng lo mora de
bate on the peace treaty today, the
foreign relatione rominitlen turned
tla attention to the problem of pio
visional American repreaeniatinn on
the international commute. a lo be
eel up under the treaty trim..
I'lf-Mdent Wllann raler tyie point
In a letter to t'halrmun (.mitTcn-ik
Ingihe committee a approval for ap
pointment of a repreaeniatlve on I'w
repartition committee, which la to
have wide powera In fixing the
amount and , Method of rollecilon of
ilermuii, a leparatlon bill Such
repnaenl.itlcn, the preeldent wrote,
waa highly linporlant lo American
bualnwea In ereat. Iternard M Hut -uch
of New York, It wria iindera'.i.el
In official rlrclea, la the election
for the poat.
After an hour'a dlaciiaalon, during
which Chairman Ixote and n'heia
objected that Ihe commit lee had no
power tn give am h iiaaent prior to
the treaty a ratification. It wua de
elded to poetpnne a declalon until
tomorrow. Senator Knox, republic
an, 1'ennayhanln, propnaed thai Ihe
committee declare that neither It nor
the president could rany out any
treaty provialona while the treaty
waa pending
la-ngne In IVtmtrw
The league of natlona occupied
moat of tha time during eeaate da
buta, Senalora Homerene, Ohio and
llarnaon, Mlaalaaippl, both demo
crala, urging Ita acceptance Sen
ator I'oiiicrene analkr.ed Ihe rove
nant In ft rnnatltutlonal argument
and declared .pilrk acceptance of
Ihe tt.atv waa Ihe only crura, iron
elalent with the nailon'a reaponal
bllltlia to the world Senator llt
rlaon bitterly intncked republican
leailera oppoalng the treaty, declar
ing their oppoaiilon really waa baaed
on pollllc.il nnd peraonal antagonlarn
lo I'reaident Wllaon.
Ikritjr Wllllama' Charge
During the day the Shantung at
tlemen alao got before Ihe aenate
again. Senator William, democrat.
Mlaelaalppl. charging that oppoel
tmn aenatora had miatrpreeented the
facta In the caae licnlnl were
made by Senator Ixnlge and Sena'or
llorah republKan, Idaho
Tomorrow prepared Kpeechea on
the tre.in nre to he made bv Sen
ator McNary, Oregon, and M.iaea.
iew Hampehlre, trpuhllcan aril
Iteckham. Krfilucky, and Johneon.
South Imkota, demncrata 4
WASHINUTON. July 21. The
reaeon why Corporal Krne-at o
Halley of l.ulher, okla company K.
117th Infantry, waa awarded a dia-
tlngutahed aervlce crnaa waa an
nounce,! by the war department lo-
1I.1) It gave out the following cabled
communication from tiencral der
ailing "The awar to Corporal Halley, In
the nam. of Qie prceldent. la for
xtraordinary hetolam In action near
rre.nnnt. I'Viui'-e. October '), and
neat MoLnln, I runi e. October 17
When hla roinpany waa he'. I up by
machine gun fire he carried a ml a
aage acinas open ground lo a lank
commander, w hoae nnk brought the
neeiicii eupport for reducing the
t"'ia, Ijikt. In company i-WQli an nf.
fleer, be brav,( Introae ahell fire
to reaeiir a wounded eoblier."
SI'OKANK. Waah, July 21 .--Tor-eat
fire cniidllliiii In northern Idaho,
western .MohTarri and eia'ein Waati
li'K'ton continue, I niii'iil tmlay with
a'-eril I brrn terniiir l,.,7.e. iii'cprilli'g
to federal foreat nerVloe offlclala ami
timber protective ai"ilaiona war-d-na
('lie man waa arrea'eil nt Sand
I'o.nt In cnnneitpm with albged In
cendiary firea and. It la aaid. that
another man will be arrcile.1
'I hH llio'll aerlolia altll.lllon In
Mon'in.-i l In the lllackfo.it foi.-t,
lo i four larc' l.tlar.-a are le-ing
Injunction laaucil.
M CM TH IS. I enn , July 2 1 -A
1 . 1 1 in 1 1' a r ,' In Junction 1 eat r i iitlnr
lit' I n t . r a t .i 1 e i i.mtnt'V 1 out in ixaien
fiom putting Into effe.-t the new
tirnfo' m hill of l i.Iinn, whi'h w.i.al.
h ue I.. Ml adolpeil ,S, pteml.er a. haa
I.e. ti "He.l ,c t ,e 1 'nlti'd StilleH
rl .ttlel I .'lift f.-r tto aoutherri rha.
!Mit of N'e,V Y'.rk ae..r.linK lu Mi.
(..ircu'lon received today" by Ihe
1 1 1 1 1 . m fr'iiiiit bureau from III-
n tti, trial liwluatr.al traffic league ,,f
lote, fMit It wis aaid the ititerata'e
I til. tie-. Oeta'la w-l ' ft! ie.-te.
roninieacr com in I ss.,u In ;, i,r,.',
ii,t I i, would lake the ( lo th
.itjpri Hie in, ut il Ihe I 11. .d rt.a...
Democrats Worrying President
fit i y-J . j r' ' f' 1
Irft m trlahf, above. H.-naloe
llH.niMa of t oloraxlo. Sc.wt.w Myera
of Mimijwia anil Senator Kliur of
I tub; Ih Iow. Sciini.rr lUtarl .if Mia
aiHirl ami Sriutttir (Mtm of Okla
homa. In the fight for ratification of th
treaty the attlludo of several il. rnn
rrata la giving the prealdcrit much
concern. Senator Heed la an open
l.-nt la W Mikcti.-d Aft.T lay of
lllncm, hut No Celiac for
Alarm la 1 s.
No TiJMiiiciicnt iif Cnlbi la Made,
Hut It la Ixmblful If I In ( iui
M.ft Iti-liuhlliiuu. TiMUy.
WAKlIINdTON. July 21 - Treal
dent Wllann waa In a weakened, but
not aerloua. condition tonight nf'.er
having pent th day In bed with
acute dyaentery. Hear Adpilr.O Caiy
T Orayaon. hla pel annul phyab Ian,
aald the prealdent had -- In con
alderahle pain during the day and
had been very ,-un.-omf,,ri.4h!e Ad
nitf.-il lira, s,,n a,i, ,e would Ina.at
thai Mr Wilson remain in bed until
he ha, com pleiel , ie. n,eie,
The preaidi nt a appointment for
tomorrow w th lepnt. nan aenatora
had not been poatported lonlghl. Inn
at the whl'e hoi,,,. Il was conanieied
extremely doubtful whether .Mr Ul.
.on would be able in keep iheto
Ilia lllneaa may reaiili In the pi.',
ponemenl of hla trip lu the wcat, and
Hear Admiral lira, a, m waa unier
'a n when the prealdent might be
able to icsume hla duliea
The prerilileril first eomplfttped of
feeling II, I rnlay when li went to
the capltol to coi,fr with S.-na'or
1 1 it -i' i , k of Nehia-la. raokitig
di'nioeratie member of th., f..re.rii
relallona cot-iml' t-e He told JXt-iie
tan Tumulty then be w ia alirhty
indiapoaed and 'M'"'""! Iri'i rttl ni of
Ifomi; .nwn the Tn'om.!'' over the
aeek end. In the belief lh.it a i ha. ire
'if me I ii I It I be ben. f, rial t;lllti
flit 'rip, bnweiel. the wi'lier ,,aa
at.uirv arid damp and Mi Wi;-. n
appeara to have con Ir a.'t.l a alll'lll
ell T I iTT I- N c , .T'i'v 2 I I
I 'lintH,;.' In r "pa i tit ,,, it i- c p '. 1 1. , 1
to bundle. Is of I'lini-ands of o-: ,ii
b aa t n w t i . i r It t f ...o. a i ' tl
the , alley a of t he . oik In aid i i
' 1 1 i l : v e m ii ttil a ii a I , , ' i i 1 1 1 1 1 a
I he Tb-dilionl aeel pn if hi- i ' , in
liriua. i f'i dinn lo r t i a a i ' I
her t.,r U-lii
it'll' r 'tan .1 . a r n t ' to n -. a f 'i
ptlhl.e l.tlli't"- o,-r Mtin'Vr s'lettt.a
I f.or i . 1 11 tl p t ' I'd 1 1 ' t e ,' I i a . t
C a t ii t, ha t I v i t in 1 '..ir1' i i . 1 . ,a
nil I th i Hi 1 I ti I . 'tea ,.r ' I... ' ' '' i ' t
,arr ,,eie rvini.t'e.! . . . 1 1 r t't".
a 'uiiir h -.pp ir eli"y '" ' - ' ' ' ' s
bad r "' l"i' lull i he 1 1 at r h
i ,. !., 'I I,... .. ... .... ...
t' l'lil r f earic .e.aa.i,,., of f.."s
whl.'h ha e 1 n dill, and aim",1
. ..i. nun. as f,., li e p...- . K.
opponent of tha league and many
rovlalona of tha Deac treaty, and
la4 taking a prominent part In lining
up the ouuuallion by . a peaking
tour. Renatora Thomaa. Myera and
Senator King have crllltlaed por.
Hon of th league covenant at
tlmea although tha administration
forcea are counting on them In th
r i riu I roundup. Senator (iurn atti
tude la a putal. He la claaad by
ome na favoring tha league but nut
without reaervatlnn, but the forcea
eupportlnii ihe league do not count
bun uniorik their number.
lti-xirt I'rnni Offlclala Kay (TvtlUna
II. Id ( i ami Mobbed I'tiltrd
S La lest Kallnr.
iM-iinto C.Miimlltraa Ilcrxert Ktn(
K.-wihitlon Aaklng fur All AraiL
ablt' Data on I'.dlcy.
WASH I N( !T N. July 21. The
Mexbiin ailiration occupied tha a.1
luiitloil of both the legialaUv and
executive brum hea or tha govern
ment tr.luy. ,
TeriHton. which waa evident at the
stale department when flrat reporta
weie received Saturday of lb rob
bing of antlora manning a mall boat
fiom the American monitor Cheyenne
..n di, Ta. neal rlier July 6. waa re
in, ed Hoinewhal by a ruoin delnlled
ac. oufif of ihe Incident re.-elved
fi..in Con.inniider llnney of Ihe
cruiser Topckn,' flagahtp of tha
American naval forcea at Tempi. 'n.
Ihe icp. ut a. ltd the aallora who
were on official duly, were held up
l.v ihr-e men In r lvlllan clothing, two
of whom carried rlflea, arid that
when It fo lined of the Incident, the
Meyiean go, ernnient authorities at
Ti.tup'on bad .'Xpriaaed deep regret
ami .rinniae.1 to attempt to .Kl.tl.llah
b" til r t, 1 1 v if the tbleyea II waa
added, howe,er, that up to Iht, ftrea
ertf these attetnpta had been fruit
less Tefnre this dispatch came, the
rrN I I M M
"t'r? r i.k tw'i
Milk and Ice Mean Life to
Hundreds of Tulsa Babies
As iircvliuisly rTMirHil .. Mli 3 1
liiimilctl l.v iho printer .if
Tli. TnUik World 2" Ml
Itjihy'n friend HI 00 '
I . .. imiiloc.li. mi 10 1)11
II T. 'I. hnllp . ft l
I I lends IK (Ml
0 ... I rani l n ft nil
II W alia. a- J ml
, Hnrobl Itoblnson ft no
1 t lend of Hiiby a I
Mis. It Minflrbl J o.l
I I nod Mrs. . Union. .... no
Mn ml I Ii lb ticl, I I 00
S I ciiMb k .... ft ml
I n-li I "'
.lames aniilM II 2
T otiil iao 21
Riots Between White
and Blacks Renewed
at Washington.
Unconfirmed Report Put
Figure Much Higher in
Many Battles.
Girl of 17 Is Later Shot But
Not Fatally Report
Marine Dead. 4
Four Persons Shot in Race
Trouble in Virginia
ASIIIN'ITO. July 21 Tho
prolaxdilc .liMtili Hal In (lie nlglU'a
fighting later tana IniTrMMnl tn four
by Ik don Hi of a mi-ntHl city lr
lea'tlvo wh.i anKs'iimls-it lo wonn.la
rravlvisi .arlttT In I ho evening In
tli fight which rranllrsl the In
tnnt tl.saih of Itla fellow 1olra"tr.
Harry W lla.ui, the flrnt lolKsiyr
killed, waa allot by a 1 7 yraxr-oUl
ncgrcaa wIhi I tad iMnc flrf from
I ho NtMninil fl.nr if a rxsilii.nisn
linir Kcxiitil and U alrtsisia, aaiuth
rMNi. A arssi.nl iHsjrrrwaa oiit fire
from lite ground floor of n Ihiiimp
n.sroM I lie alley when 1 1 to nolUis
and giiartla rualHsit Uir houao
which Iho flrat waa hold lug.
T1ionixetin, I lie aeoond dotcsptlte to
1le, we-a woiinlcl during thn rlaah.
Only onr arrcst waa maate u re
anil of I lie attnek.
VVAHIMNilTON, July II At mid
night 'nnlght th known eaaualty Hat
In Waahlngton'a race war totaled It,
Including I wo death and two men
probably dying, while unconfirmed
hut police report place the num
her at a much greater figure. Of
the dead, one waa a city delcntlv-e,
hot through th tueaat by a negro
woman, who waa firing Indlalnrltnl
naiely frum tha upper itory of her
Th negreea, a girl of about IT
year, alao waa hut hut not fatally.
In another part of Ihe rlly blank
from a garage door, kept a provoat
guard of aol.llera. aallora and ma-'
rlnea at hay for aeveral minute, but
finally waa hot down.
Many rlaahea OncHrred between
white and black on atreet car. On
negro attacked on the hack end of a
enr flrad Into th crowd following
ihe ear and wounded four peranna,
but flnaily waa atopped by a city
detective, who wag reported to have
aent evcn bullet Into the negro'
h.wly. Kach if the fonrvwhft men,
wa only allghtly wouiTned
The fighting at midnight had ra-
aolved Inrgely to fighting between
atreet group, and In nna of theae
eneounter a marina waa reported
to have been killed. Although r-
Ice men had taken part kn th early
clnahea the mal aerlou wer thoae
In which lha mob wer made up of
It lullna; between negroe and
white hriaJi out late tonight In th
national capital tn retaliation for re
cent ii 1 1 i li g In 1 1 1 n i It at on white
women amT at IT Jo o'clock on ne
gro had been killed and four per
oita wounded. '
Tnllce atTTlona Wm tonight were)
awaiupe.LaxUh Oporla of clnjjhej re,
tween my Vhllea, InigeTy matle
up of iHBaes, aaJloia rind mirloea
and negroea In iniinv different ec
tlona of Ihe city The negro killed
waa alruek over the head by a ma
rine during one of th numerous
flghta on alre.d cara
Crowd which moved up and down
Torihavtvitnla avenue, between the
capltol and the white houae, deaplte
Ihe presence In the cllv of two
triiopa of cavalry and 400 oHier
armed aervlce men, grew more de
termined aa Iht; ii I nit I wore out and
ou'ltreiika were reported more fre-
iii nllv
Heporta to polite head'iuiirtera
aald street cara had been atoned III
various parts of the city, Hie naaal!
Itjlhiea of Ihe poor, who are feeble
and 111, bale aoff"ied through these
days of life sapping h''itl, and 'vre
ate runny untie ate b daia to enme. 1
What little they hud of alrrnth .n.d!
reeourcea haa been ..fn thin
If theae helplesa titlt'H. It pr .'sen 1 : It i;
the youngest nlTlt.lig lis the ht'oes
do not K''t proper nourishment
tb'-y ciirinot etidute lung Tower and
Ip.pe .tin l given them bv Ihe pe..
.e of 'lulai with Mlll'St t I pf Inns In
their milk and Ice fund. Th sn..iv
i i aubst rlpttoit will mean a f w
dav"' relief from Ihe atiffilng h a' to
.(oTtie b.ibv iiiu.ae i ry may hi,''- '"
came a fcel.lt. inoivr. for man,' of:
tlT se babl.'l lliliat Ink to Tlll'.'l N;
rharlty for a elianco to live, f.tr si a
ten'inti dining this strain
'I he Wol hi will receive sultrlp-1
Hon lo the milk and In futil.
Ilousf Voles Down Amend
ment to Make Personal Use
and Supply Unlawful.
lower House Puts Enforce
ment Meaiiure After De
feating; Provisions.
Floor at Times Itesemblert
Stock Exchange Session;
Many Want to Talk.
prohibition enforcement bill, draailu
provialona and all, waa adopted to
day, (ectlon by ae. Hun, by Ihe hoUae,
but a man' right to atdra liquor In
hla home atood up aglnt all at
lacka. On th final count, only
three vote were recorded In favur
of an amendment lo make hum
puaacaalon of Intoxicant unlawful.
After all perfecting amendment .
hail hen adopted and other do,
Igned tu make the bill leal aevuio
were bowled over In a rhorua of
"hum," an attempt wa inada lo ad
journ uvtr night. 1 hi prevailed,'
but there waa a demand for a roll
call and th prohibition force,
uinmnned from all aide by their
leader, plied, Into the chamber In
aufflrlent number lo keep th
houaa In ealun tonight for th
ledloua roll call vole on half a
doaeri amendment In dlaput whU'h
had to ba paaaed on before a vol
wa taken on tha hill aa a whole
Ukn HUM r xeliangw.
When the houaa reached aectlnn
IS of tha bill, dealing with enforce
ment of nnnatltutlonal prohibition,
which contained the provision that
It waa not unlawful to itnr liquor
at hum for peraonal ue, tha ren
wa not unlike that on a atock mar
ket on a high sale day. Every
body wanted to apeak or offer an
amendment, fully 4 acora clamoring
for recognition at onca. 1
Flrat eonelderatlun, , a a. matter
of parliamentary right, wai given
Chairman Volataad of tha Judlolary
committee In charge of the bill, who
had two amendment. Thee fixed
tha lima for reporting pnaaaaalon of
Intoxicant. In on Mr. Volatead
offered, and which tha houaa ac
cepiad. lha time pe.iflart in th
proclamation by the atal depart
ment aa to tha effectlv data of con
stitutional prohibition January 14,
1J waa accepted without dtacu
Ion. ci
Kepraaentailv Rubey, democrat,
of Mlaaourl, got th floor after
Chairman Volataad waa through
with th aectlon, and Immediately
he announced Intention to throw the
rarchllght on American wine cellar
reporie.i tn he tockelwlth liquor
enough lo Inat for generation. Ill
amendment provided that aesjeriin
hould not poaacaa more than I Ml
worth of Jliiuor, Which a memher
uaenen itv. "one white chin In a
learn boat poker game' lo.nlderlng
th high o.aet f th product in the
cloalng day of the bar. Th houae
did not take kindly to th la prop-otil
and defeated It.
W'Hh thla out of tha way. Renre-
enlallve Dakar, democrat, Califor
nia, orrered what th houae had been
waiting for an amendment to mak
It unlawful to have liquor In one
own dwelling. Chairman Vnlatead
oppoaed It, anylng thla auction had
been given very aerlou colialdnta
tlon by friend of prohibition When
yie vpie wagrajled. nnl ylnre 1 enein
b-'ra. and All of Ihem democrat.,
uppnrled the amendment . Mr. Ita
ker and Wepreaentallve llnUrtton.
Texas, and Tpahnv, Ororgla. lha
laiter an evangellat.
Thla arrtlon w.ia amended, how
ever, an aa to provide that euVh
liquor muat ha for peraonal con
atimptlon by the owner of Ihe dwell
ing or hla family or bona fid.,
gtieaia Thla real rlcllon, pm n by
Hepreeentailve Sleel, democrat
TAnnaylvanla, waa alined at th man
who might turn hla dwelling Into a
Several amendment were added,
theae Int lulling one hv Hepreaenta
tlve Igoe, deinocciii, .Mlaaourl mak
ing provlalon for th" handling of
am r imoil.il wine which the bill hvt
fulled tn it j
An amendment by Mr Igne which
would make valid the tlefenae of a
peraon charged with violation of "le
prohibition law If h proved that
auch ll.iuor or beverage wna tiol In
lolvcailna wan dcfeaird 7S o flU
The one apeeeh airice lire heglnnt'i
of debate which y,na liatetied to bv
entire houae, was bv Itepi ea.-ntnt e
Mann, former rcpiihiran floor
leader, who nppoaeil the el Ini I n a tln'l
"f the provision permitting a p..-"!
to have liquor In his po-aeasion fn
privale use
"My proentlnir tile n a n 1 1 f .1 el 1 1 1 c ,
'1 a neprit tnMim nnd sale of In'nxlc'it
Ing liquora." Mr. Minn a,n,
lie tnfot.ing the lllnen. Inn lit is 't
a.'u.ul t be f;ul when n e av wbi- a
mail al ould d-i 11 T ii a '..:tlr of l-eer
tn Itla hnltie II e .'. re Km tig . (1 fir"
Mr Mann prov.ak.it great iippta'aTtV
by .lecliitirig that ,l hi!.- the llrill'iV
ft.rnt ttettt a ping Wa, tt.i.lng the ear
In rending I'a aceela Intn p'lvi'
home, rhe co'inrtv ii .tiie.l no nrnr
"' thai wl'h a t.ottle ii f beer na the
nl . ct .-f foil h Invnsimi
Iirtinr governor
Ti ' l-.r.l.i '. .'"l'i . J'tiv .' 1 James
Tr utile, i i' ut i a f " I".'' "i
c.'orailo and a pioneer In wealern
r a 1 1 1 itn.1 ,i '"I ' . o.i .1
here toi n . ai;e. 6! yeara.

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