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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, September 01, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 1

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ixxMiHlnSrimi. r Cant
In iipolig 1'insjia'.
I, I'ri'wiiU'd
.... 1. 1 1. H
T .1'
WASIIIMiT' N. Augf tl
ladling hi average cflfou
apenktng iluv fur llirlfotr
e-,jflv day. Senator
jaYllcun,. Wisconsin,
I Nil k il plan of Ihuw
till" public lit n. I I'-aai
vti'e br fore lh libor i
Whin the itctmJW
imiil Tuca.lay, tr
lor hl ttpnki-n f
1. 1 II. which lii- rh
"im iiMure for the li
ard company
Tin- gen at J'
n mend men'. Inol
u'm I .1 Kollet I'
t il.il tin1 employ:
hi ve.tr. ir glrla
speclne "f age, '
; H:, ? -AB0R ON
w huh would Jiav '
rul.a of li.ick.l
,t would ptrmi
ls Ex-
Ki'H Hl Itl
mlmad, utjt'U
ouhl he,t'
u'.',! "JP s Given.
he hI
'rices Alreacy Low-
siwjig and IJelieve Ad-
i f a.
"justment Is Near.
"By Common Action We'll
Overco m e Danger
Greater Than War."
WASHINGTON, Aug. .11. - I'r. -tl-(lent
Wllaon In a labor iluy metwagc
to AiiirrliHii worker tonigit ml
imunred 'hut he ivmilil rail In the
lifir future u conference of rcpre
aentaitve of lulmr mul uiduairy "to
dim-US fundamental meana of lift
taring tin- whole rehillnnahip f cj'
Hal mi, labor and putting 1 lit- whole
uucauoii of wugea upon another fool
ing "
The president wild he wag encour
aged Mn! pleuacd with tha icaulta
thua far of the government rffortii
to rlnit dn tha hlKh rout of llvin
und tiiirrwd 'roiifldrnre that mib
intti rciiultii would br arhlovcj In
Ur alvn 0f Ihln problrm. fatirnie
and vtflUnre, (innnir, hi" said, iniiwt
i omri'lMvd Mini the (ovrrnmnit n ef
forto inuwi hioo tlir co-operatluii of
every rltlxn.
I'rpNiunatilv refcrrlnif to th piIhI-
Ing labor unri-m and IhrwM of
Kir ike, Urn prcnhUnt apprulrd to
program to meet requen: for addi
tional aKea iIiioukIi a lowering of
living fontd and ki.1 he hopol that
jie worKrig iiieniiielvea woulil "move
Blth the government InMiad 01
pgalnait it in the anlutlon of Una
Hn-at iliitiii'Kllc problem."
I The Itthnr iIhv inenage aa made
liililU- tonlglu at the whlti- hutiHv
"I ajn eiu-c limited mul grnttfle I by
he pi oki can wiiii'h Ih I t int; n ud,. ,i
ontrolilng tin- rout nf'liiing. The
tipport of tin, movement m.wldc
piead nn.l I ronflil'-ntly look fur
ubalantial reiilM. although I blunt
ot'tiaelllftien e an wHI ax viglirm-e
eiHua auch rrult will not come
iMamiy or without teamwork.
"Let me again einplj aizo my ap
. e.il to ver ritir.i li ol !hc rouiMry
eontlnue to (tlvn his permial up
port in thih iiulli'r. and to make It
.is artlve t. oalh. I.ei him not
tuily refrain from doing any:)un
lil h Ut the riuinent will nmd t,i In--reane
th coat or living, but lit hnn
.10 . I In ho poaf-r to lint pimn me
proilu,K.n ; and further than that.
I'l htn at t ho name time hliiiaeif
.arefully i-ionoinUu In 'ho matier of
of ri.niutiiption. r.y rommon ai tlon
:n tljm I It n t Ion we hhll overt- uno
a d .Tig.-r greater tlmif ,thr il ingcr of
r. We will holil atcinlv ,i Kitua-
n Whb ll H rr.ttieht Wl'li ponNl; l
a of huiii-hiti and 'if ferine to i
gi! part .four nopula'loti . wo will
luble the iri'i oiux-.n of ,l ml Hi t loll
overtake I lui pro(--se.rs of 1011
mption and we will i-iieed the I h-
iint.on of an udoipia'.v iurc:ia.s.nK
" "I k
mwer for wagen
I am paitirularu gratlfle.i nt .he.
11 Will. II 111.' llirillllirill B
of oigunUid Inhor mil I,
ly hope mat the wurkrrs iron
will eiuplialb H ly llldolKe ill"
of their leadera and thereby
with Ihfl government ltwieiid
iat It In the aolutloii of t n is
lotneHilr protip-m "
rnpoaed .-onf eri'iire. .t v na
ithorilallvly t unaht. would
to meet noon aficr rrem
-on return u' th- e i t of
from ht sp -erh in mg
he tteat. I ' ' . Am thmlt-'ht
the tli.etlr.tx won! 1 be
"I-laj. wtitte iMlhn aa w 4. the
'! 'on .onfereiii e of gowrii
v..ra laat stirlng
QJi anient a jiron.iar to rail
,ntal ronferanre. offi -niia
V - -. 'inn of tba tena.on imsi-
I i J 1 orc.inie.t labor. .,,, ir,u
J 1 I I of l-tbor day. I t.e-!
J rould have, a iiiok: b.-n...
'; j
'" H'o lne,, nriru DITTCD
lvrt ' " ,l-n
A 131
rV. '!. A"B 31 - - '
ra i av I being enr:id ,
li.-or ttv
K.-nderfoi ,
air i
II iicrv cituon in r-frrn from doing
1 InylhUif thul woiil.fc tend to Incrranc
i lie cost of llvlnK. but lnntead to do
i III inilbp to promote pi o.lui-1 Inn.
I I Tim prrmdonl PXprt-Bned pailb ular
1 Pullficiiiinii at thi- allliu In taken by
i rf ireniitutlvf!i of nrganlzed la
"or In Miporiinit lh Korriuiienra
M.lgaret My era
p.'ter t'altfornla , Pva, a
! !e w'.rci Itlf 18, I.
, orl. iti i local i an- i ' 'Oh.
- dav's w g ha nt th.
per i t'te O jn. peae.1
t d . i.' : nuraea : d!
' ,. w T s M . p r a " -; -
., ;.os.' o ' -r u of k
"" - i
: : : : :
Tt : V 4kt . An SI -m
nimii fC. THiUhi r li
. i' i cloud
UloMA: Murdy T -.t-
-' i 'otidy
H'lyi Monila? t
i ' t loud
-UkSKK: MndT ' ir
KWhAK (Jniriiy f r ! u
I uf i irmw how tti it, t f .
t bin 'on .J b.
Ml V
ht to nr i ;
!ttUnf ttlf
wmHs ;jiiil In ilf l rd t
man i i-rir Afuh n"- i
Km ,
r' bi l l ong
1 ur-I (ft t 'ihl" Mi
our iit.it w al! b grow
Anil iHirHt4 pd th rtr t
nsi cir 'uo' h" flow.
N t-h i ' ink-' iti pl r- '
tlit ih rtuft. i hr indat
W y i , i-o thi t
I hi p 1 frq imI 'o f
Wlin ib.fr ' n (Hi iti'T''
tft fa tfl' Uth lt T1rW
Anl nn rt.tlitffrt fifilinj t ou f
I or-ii'i, biii 1 I da i
1 lap t. wilii Tunfli lit to
turn tlw-rn mi ttand.
An-1 ipii;i iii lanjrnitf rtrr; ihn i
flat dor.'t tind'Thlart!
Tdrrp i!i..rt jd in i h(!t1. vtf
find In l m; i-w'l'li ijtrt-TJ-
in In a it.- wnr!d: w'u h
I if prra- -t' Ji r.ar Ni m
fi i rn ir iht 'nr. hi ti.at f
til'-h ;tif rifl If
I :) ntnt Ul I ,d k rf
Tumiipr4 (railitpt
iP? fight JUIHt.) I -lKr A t.uit.
I l'craiii. Who llar StimnliiMl Ionmh
leiiring KioTiit IfnrH Now llaui
I t lian.f b r Ki'liiilnirs-l.
MKXH'O f'lTV, Saturday. Aug. 31
Important r"nreioiif rre made b
i'rtuldent Oinmiii to.y in lasiilna
a tocrea alll.M.'lini; th" ri ' lainnt I""
la I'.rlefly -hey aio f illona:
ClainiH for .l.imaK's in.1v be pre-aei.t-il,
hot only tor Iohm-.s (luring
thi renoit two revolutforiH .Midln!
with the Inalailalmn of the present
gnvammt-ni, May 1, HUT. but Tor
th'M aUNtaltie.l hlnre then in va; ions
ri-gioiia where revol'a i;tl!l am
amoiild. ring
I. images ii r'hila or " laa to
peremiia of iiri.perty, Mibjeot to
reilanm'.on, when mirh il.iiu.il" i
found to be the imilt of negligence
oi the i r I o! coiottlmted atithotiiv.
A roii.mi.elon oh Indemnitiiatlon
w ill ud' pt urn tin ana of ptool
"I. nn, an I rei-onablt ' The claim
cunin,.l ii!i i in con ider al1 i ,im,
hut the pieMili-n; bun Mie right to ar
range ronvi'l'.tiolia with any foreign
power fur a nnxefl loinmlwion to
haiiuii' i lain. s of c tiiena of that
ponet t ulni in rati'iiad coiiipani
and other public 1 1 : 1
'il.iic '.itd'-ien taken over
, by th
i eithe
j the c
i the '
im in.
: pr'-Mi
ip. i-r
In li
ni'til ir.a bt ar'ange.l
federal rla.niH com-
i agre.'iiient bt-'we.-n
.'in-t t- e jie.'r.'tar of
tiiri The i-1 .i I my leMiltlnn
,.'!i or injury will he paid
ten upon approval by Ihe
! Th.
I en?e
, w hen
(deral c l.iitn. t om m iiMon w ill
lei-e.ving clalma ..n rime
a' the etitl of three n.unths no
I i been i, resented, being dla-
whetl It flnlfliea i OiM.ler.l
f caitea already filed .'l.-thiia
'. 1 upon may be pre ionic. 1 to
i ooiry department if Hie
' chooaea the a 1 u, ifi iv t r.t li e
i Hon o
1 no- i'
I int. i I of the iliplon. t'.lc method
'Hie in"- Important amendment. It
lie (oii-i I. red, la Inat rdatlve to the
I prefthb f ' a power to ariangn run
i venttoi." lor tnlied rnmnilawloiia w it ti
Wth the buttering r ama
brought Into piu and In
! Im Km were hroki n l.. n
iiob waa forced to bie.ili
loiber dtior to get m 'hi
Hut th'y turned -heir u'-
hts forced Ihe e)oor and
white men conf:nd on
Pa 1 1 i at
gun ii -r"
t h la w 1 1 '
throik' .'
pi Imitiiii
tent Ion to
relea-o'-l .
- fli
1 krani fi- '.t'
'lui' k ly t' s
lo decav i n
j trlet. A ' t '
I ,,.g .V I'ni.-s
U. sh t. Ine rescue
. '.age are . 'no", e !
groiiltil It! t-i.a dla
'.. i a Phage ahlppei a
'. ' l.u I i f i'",l !..
.- refr If-riifnr tar1,
f"l . at. baae. potato
the I'
furnih an
b e. or ii"t
or onion I'
eld . olilltl
fr t ' ait r l.i pmeriia
'ant la. k
a. I ie ' ' the b iimi't
an.l plan' in I 'env. r
ah. ai e th pr ricipa.
of b e h ,
. ran
I 'abba
la a
(e cropped
. ir.!-.'d a
from II
the reaj.
41 t.
linllin llaa Srartol.
in ' s.e World
.V. I I " . I ikla , Aug :
. ha. a'artej on the .
It..a ,, '.nl conitmiiv
f Nmil'k and ea'e-i ,
... b' i f't pan 'a I t ! i .
' '
i ' t a
i n.-ast
P I-
Body Is Riddled With'
Bullets and Th. n
Stretched I' p.
Hlack Dragged 'Hi rough
Business District at
lnd of Hope.
Bloodhounds Lead Offi
cers to Hiding Place;
Mob Takes Charge'
iii MiAl.i HA, l.i , Ai.k :;i
Iui-iui Mrf'arty. il t.n h j !
old.ir. hud liren 'rai!,! In
llcgt o
hniiiidx. inn If In an I I'l-' :
If. i.1 bv a
while woman ai the 1n.ni who at
tacked her .Saturdai nigh', a moh of
mora than no-n ii in'lo' l the
negro In dayl glr. in. I lu Wvk to
an .lutoiiinblle. ,r iggcil H through
the principal atri:s and bui'lie.l It
In front of the home "f the woman
here today.
The. attack took place Valunlav
night Tli marrle woman beat her
anNallatit off at hi r linino, Miiiml a
gun and fired aoventi hhotg as ahi
fleil Ilia nhiiHK, whlc'i were left a:
llio houne, were uaeil to give the
blooilliounda the trail lie and
other negro men were 'ikrn in cum
'odv In the negro tiuartera after the
dog led the authorities to tin- houie
Met 'arty waa la'.er ld-ntlfie,l by the
woman ae her aHsailant llcforc the
officera could Eel Ihe negro to
t moh tivcrpnw. rod t hem wind
the prlaoner to death The body
hen tier! behind the automobile
'he proceHHlon begin wltti the
in n
man dragging beii.n, in the il:rt
No atrealit In con net t ion wlt'l
lynching liave been made.
Ilea lor In t.raln ItkIuc1 Mutt Take
out irOvcniiiK nl LIii m--" or siiiml
Krl,ml IYii-4.-."utbi'. i
im'iv e In tho K' 1
iign to t-timbut ti
.g :i
AM"', h-
high coal of
v .j lii.V I'l
ies in warning
: i. mi: w aa made tt,
I'l'tot .lulliia II. I
,i 1 de i era In w hei. - he
c lier producti tie! vi'lei
oil I' . ral iiceiiH. . to
'a once under p 1 1 i "f
at li"
i- in
i k i a a
t hem
it ion
1 1 ' i of pros.
of ! I-!.. '
'i'l ler I h
e. e.-v- 1 1" .
Ia: mi nt to
( li !i.' ili.p.arlmcn
i l.i, i'hiu'h i nntro
1 d ei I"' In m.ido
! It r 1 1 s aald in a
la-. .
or ' "f Ihe e' epar
pr '"e guarantee f "
cr . and to prot'
'at-ittifit undue .t:'.
ll.i tlll' H Ihi I MUli'l"
i V '..it her .1 feet h
cf '."lug of liandb t
. pi' d ui Im Would I '
Ini a ml p: "filet i '
m .In o h and pi '
; pr' fits
I at t
1 lie
I -i I '
I i
I n met' I
,f lie
" . !l
and l a
. , oln
I V la-ge
I Ki.'-ui.-!
-aat w a r d .
,f the local
"en. If re
I . ' ev. d 1 ')
Hi- 1
b,i i
i- h s'i u .. d rot i t , ..
Ilavi l-ru- -.: i
Herlin r tirr' .-i"--paper
II. t ii'H
a The wars';. p'
general e'fen
t In
nr '
the bo
saeilkl III nort'i
T e
t on rae or
e. In the f
the lial'u
'i hint a
Ihe appro
Im .
..lln- rr.-t
f'er bad been
let. ctles and s.-eo ' i
' ' . ral . a rs anil r v;t,
II ng h I . trret a i -I 1
Were pt ( eit u. te- .irri'1
,j, (ssed ' '!( po.l c v .a ... II
.'ast tugli'.
Tulsa (iuardxmen Are
Pack After 15 Day
in Fort Sill Schoo
l.a-e iaa' nign- (ne cui im si
con. pat tea of the t ik i 11. nt. a n.t-
tionai guard r. 'iirneit borne from
lot- S:i: here thev have Il
. 10 Hil l ed f i the ' ..! 1 . dav
A.dki -g - . ..ffi.-.-ta and iv. n
nigh' the
i tie .-I a
j-T-e-i. Sll'l.'. uirr i ' si
' T :i" ' , tee a ... ;.-il! -v!w( "L
. of . -."net;. t a I'd ,T' L."-" "'
i . ,.: a '! ' 'or p"" '- 'f V'
Rebellious Areas
Part of the Southern border of
i oKj-Aiii . . :t " I? ''. i i r t
' '.S Vr1 Mexico
0 WUa VVSS felt- -t
I SALVA0O jf:f
I .. . .. .. .. nitlmlt. t,f Hit- i-.-lN-lllt.im .iron I- Hi.' I "H'tl ..
l-ia.lnaih' the whole of northern - vie M naa o" ; . 1(1H ,. th.,.. .-no It I.
Mevic, bordering on the f tilted h. - on of t y- U. M,.x. ,.,,,
'.: ,,.. a I,., man-.- laud ' '' '.''' :r. ' , . '' ' .k ,. , e,.
.tn.,,.1,, and ri-aellloT, at- funwr m ''rt.,n. cm. lb' ove M.ak
I iiiiinlioriil "trlh .f al Dlglf. ra
ll.vliv. WIm'ii 2.V) Join rarml."
In oirr 125 Mll.-n.
il. II l-i 1 1 J.I.:. Ill . Aug 31- ar
rlrg a large Ameri.un flag "r,n
lliaurgei.t co.il Inlnera In the I'.elle- ,
Vllle atlh-d.e'rlel thla afternoon "
gan their in irch through ou hern
Illintita to R.ln adherftita to their j
finite liritt") III t plf nl minora:
garh and marrhliig two ahrfat'. the
ii. n Blurted about :i o'clnrk Havldi
Hilrgcr of 'lien farhon and l.ukei
loffev i 1 it I r III tl of the policy I'lllll-
in ,: iet . li d the march". .
The men will march 12S ndlea and
tl.tti w.l enileavoi to rail out men
a- Iniiioin. t 'arbondal.. and other Im-
p. M taut field"
(hc pitched
i I t ml lee
cam j
New Allien
MMlhra.M of here.
A large wagon filled at'li provl
a.one followed the p. rude lb-fore
mi .rung the men w.-te a ltnoniahed
'ha' pi feeing In tow lit vlered would
not be tol.i.i!. 'ITie iii.itchera -peel
their laiika to be .iiigment.il to
; .nun by Tueeday, It " -aid. i
The a'rlke la until t horlre.l br the
I'lilted Mine Wotl.tia and ;iartlrl
iitinie who refused to return to
Hi.rk V. -sterility W-'e I l'l
aiaicni'iit t".la. t'"
thai "In, 'on"! ,'tre on'
il-ifiH litnii
Tlila Morning TImmw" Ualkc.l
Out re lle Ut Walk Hack lint
orflilala rc I toil, vol
I n In a ia'e hour )..
nigh' p"
to K '
nffi.'lata did not ..eem
whether or not Ho po'i
. m. ti w Ii
walked O'l' three We
Ks ago w tie i
their, rjelllii ml
locreaet-d pa'
back t" 'ilk
'lit' week IV
f..r alio, t r hour a i d
il refused would go
Hue moi nipg
.. a t-lulem.nl tt .11 I
Maot ll'il'hurd and
. 4vv
j.t x J" s' .'fi'.A
fc I'.-.f'j T i
r t i
L - 'U.'i. ' ?!
fir . f Kin . .. ..... . a .." i ,.. .I...I, ..I.I g"etti. r
ti-i'-rtai. ng n.g'it of -. ' Tlir in il. vi li'. li l.n'k" l ') """
( f .,. were In In. .d I" leMc-nce 1 1 , tm-y . . Me Jail and the rea.deli e of rine.lff j
' I nnltrd ,.U"..I 'Imi Hull f HftK IrKt'lllll l.a-e it d l"l. I lit g . "' hot sa I I r en ;',,,,..
.1,. .lowed v " a I.,. ,-. irv ..in Iv th. I f tll'Tllllll'IlL i Hi Ma I aWt.. ,h,,..,ii ". I.; ,. b;o - '
' ' "1 , th. poll, e pttrioi-. ......
'" start th.l ' , ... ..(,! b. is wer. gi.il,
vert Urn .1 , v ii. ... lie a wil
wn.n-'i , .,,, ,., , j;. i, g:,t i.r. - ; re destinv"!
' 1 O lo ; . o. at" . ;ef i ttall. - A 1 1 n I Till. Mi'i , flf-t tl'l'l" I'" 'I'l" th"!"
' ' . ....... ..i . . . ..i ........ .. , . t . i
. . ' "'her p .'" iii:i' is i. re, ,i( ,,,,, ,.,,,) 'in t be i"'""''"1. s... ... a t -
1' I! . ...... .... ..if- - -" . '"'-.
ri:v,o. i i I . . 'r. .;, ' ' v.r, ',; ;,! 'vv':;;,,;. ; ..r, -::
of Mexico Extend AUmu Greatest
i. . .
Cent ral Perahing Say
Formal (lood-Hye to Ihe
French XcwHpapcnwn
i AItl-1. A
m si -1 n
devote appre
w'l to
f tho
lb .in
Il g a I'.iriH
much hp ic,.
tiullve ar'ico
il rurdial "Hid
, l.ldd.tlg fal .
Il.'ltetal l-erahitig who '
l.teleil rept.'a.iiiatlv.a
Krencli i.reaa and bale
formal gondii e. In inld rt t.-iing the
tiewpapeia the general fipi enaed
hia affeclion tot and admiration
of l-rittne i.'id enid he felt aiir"
tba' the a'nmgle Kiance and Aniat
. a h id wai-ael i.ireibei would
Hei ve to i einect th" frlei'lhlp of
Il e two n i-'.oli
Imrlllg the "recepl'otl (lenrrtil
I'f.ahliig waa asked what to him
bud been l til
J nielli of t he w
. rit . tbill. he
bud been Hi! Iliosl poignant lim-
f !ci nil Inat. i n ' i
piled t
li ni. wlicn the ,'itltiMi'" wa.
Mgned, II waa then we gn.-w th'
vlc'ory wa mire and that ourdti"!
I ad not died iti v ..In '
Afer they hud been s.eu riti,"
ing an extra tire from an autoinobi
In longing to .1 W. i'iow 4' I
I .nn Mireel olnev H.vIm ami I't'
ton Sing were arrea-ed by
if f i
. . I .1 A Henry iitnl lat neat ' 1"
Ih'c I'ini bight
llo' h men a ere- I ked on In
...i'Iiiii I'aVIa la said to be win
bv 'he cailltV au'linu'l'
J t.l
dt'lvetv The police also h'le a w.l'
taut f ov h.a at rest on t Ic . hat u
... t-obbt.ta the W.lgoll-. "f 'he Mod'
l . i. i.e. v When orderi d to at .p a f
! t.iev a arteil away wl'h 'be tire .a
niali' both men run iin'i! ff H '-
fioode fin-d two
ahoi at their
aatccl Ilia N
ml i nil I'm
.1 mK 'N
M l .a , A 'i
3 1
111", gll l.e
had ' "n. . "I. I
eft .1 i. kson for til
It w a. dl "ft I 1
M II i asl.' l h i
rnl.,' mini In. I i '
e i
got e: .i
a te.rS.
I'l l.e
,tn Pro
to Ja, k - '
tbipale I
tor of I
' candidal
g,. ef nor
. . lii. e, that be t oillil
i ' ;
' candidal f "'
Government Turns Arsenal
at Rock
.: 1 I I I A .: .- ..... .... ........... . -. p. fgi.'ifg it.. i.a-i...-"g'. . . ,
KiVpX, I .,.r, t.r.e ..- i ..".,' .-..reary -f f' " ',' '. , .. v ... t .,., ,... , . , v .' ....... Ms .'
the United States,
- r
not piole.-t foreign"
II led Till" pa" ol
i.ilnlv of iiiountalna
Two I rrlglU t nra M.lrtra" rl
Main I Jin- mul l.nlury M.HIH-.I
llllllipa llll.t llM- Mril.VM.
U.KVr.l.ANI ,
Two tain of an
bin, Aug 31 - -asobo'Jnd
il aln bin i i d on an
to that on which
adjoining Hack
the raaihound
Tweiitb th t
nlng, Just
iitmy liml'ed wna run
of 1'alneavllle, 21
i i lly, at 9 ..clock
nitlea inst nf thin
I ..nigh!. The land
I dliei tly in fronl
nf I he nil' ollllllg pnaa
nger train nt
1,,,'MU"'..! "f the Twentieth I'.-nHiry
was dirail-d ami Ha engineer killed
, The pitHH. iiK'i i.na runained on Ihe
tta'k and no puaecngei a. acr.rding
to r.poi'a in the ruilroa'J official,
wele In Jut i d
l lioiwiinl-Mde Mr 1rl. I rom Mine,
i. In to luroiibi It Mail.- In IH.Vj
Mloi.lca b) Ma . lard.
I w
V I il. K V.ug
1 I
I .leilt
I H'.ltea
on tile I II I II III.
! U' ' ' ' '"'"' ''
H-.el log t 11.
ti !i i om In
'.nltiig to m "'
ma ii tonight
.Ul'te. of lb.
.t.-t I
d 1
. I'l!
I miti
. Ii 1 1
. , f
wl,..e l.!"g
I'.- finished
h wa" t to r 1
,1 I i n.i.i
A . -
d I
a f
l-ll runi la a.) Order".
N I . A v
. - . . n 1
I I.
.I '
. tv
, who
I'. ,ii"
-' tt
Island to Labor
... . . .. a il.. I t -' .. I '' ... .
... I a'" ccao i ... I ' ' ' ... f I ' '
White Man and 1 wo
Negroes Are Hurt
many stores looted'
jGunt, Ammunition, Butch
er Knives and Cleaver
I Are Stolen.
Detpite Military Patrol the
1 Black and While.
Get Together.
When Jail It Stormed All
' Men in Cell are Given
I Their Freedom.
know 11.1.1:.
I I Ine w hlte man
i W. I e wounded I'
T. nn ." ug
al -
unit ' lo uroea
In in ttloiliiK be-
I w en Itlt.-a and
bl. ii kt grow "a '"il
nf laal night a iIik.h mi e wno.i
...IA...1 In Ihe killing Ol eeien ..-.
...in. Hi' lulling iwo national
in t da
nun f
oieo and ill" wounding
(ban a acorr .
4.- nlghfa riole. whh I. followed
...tacka on the ttuinlv J" y a mob
of mure, lln.n I.l peiaona bent on
obiuliilng Maurice Mayea, a negro ao-tu-.d
of killing a white woman.
led eurlv today, but bm the
lav wore on
wore on InclpHut iionna
....i, ,l.i,i:e Ihe pl'eaent
he city of I,: ml national iiuarda-
Ope Of the lieg' oee w minded 1.1-
tlav waa
i t alet lug
Ing the
ahot b it giiaioauiun
aeiu i h. Man) negrora dur-
night btoH" into nar. .wine
'.in h anil paw n 'i"i" '" '
guna an. I uminuni'b'ii. I previ nt
ihe bunging In 'f nmre fiiearma
....ii. .. mid aobllera loday Hear, bed
nil ocarina arriving In
Knoivllle by
Moll l IHtaapiadnltNl.
mi... aiiu.li on the tall waa
i... .. ...,,ii i.r more than 1. 1Mb'
w bltea
i,.. I d dial .Maaica waa held
ibe.e The n.aro. however, had
taken to 'hai lanooga for aufe
.... .inn.,.. (he tlaV.
Ilia mob
derllnlng lo accept the word of Jail
offlceia ahot out Ihe wmdowa and
battered down the door". In gwlnlng
entrance to me jan ...
ted lg nrlaoneia. aevria
of tin in
convb'ted murder, ra, to .-' ape
I'olleil In their attempt to i
n. i, nee. led vli'tlm and driven
f i om
tin. ilclnliy of Ihe Jill bv gii.ir.1amcn
buirledlv brought Into Ihe cit
moh aprnad to outlying pur's
f the
cltv mul ttuorrtdl.t rioting
began al
once and lhcreaaec
Troona meeting.
violence af'rr
band of armed
nearoea who refiis.Bt I" K,n
tin ned machine guna on
I l. ri.nl Ulna' em Initig'l
them. In
of ehota.
Ideul. Jamea V I'll)' lie of l.ovl
deine, lv,v0 a regular army Inetruo
.or. and a prlvute named llenderaon,
weia killed
Let Whisky la.
In ItH atliw k on the Jail the mob
came upon a lame .-uannty nf t on
flacatrd whisky and ctka and caaea
were Mo.-whed open, Ihu Inpior van-
lablng iiib kli
.-..r inn of f ir'hei tr'.'ibl
ing the rirel pit. bed bat la J'lat b''
r..r. u....,i..i o.idniKht. Ine mtll'li
llilaw a guar I ai"'in i th
it, .il.. vsl.eie OH. St of tit
i I Ion of
d is. II del
,, lined and pa-rol'-d the place all
night and ilrfuughout Sunda fheia
i i. fire arm "I "ny 'o -v .
lo lie
found In an etoie in iim
aa a .eailll of 'h
to. I
ii poll
I hern .111 Ing the I l.dtllg.
1-lnte giant wtndowa we.e .-ruanal
I... L. .lin ed nil. I III annir "'
.bint. kin., ke.l from 'to I
an . ffoi I to oh! .. i ii wrap
I 'inn .K-- done during t
hingea. In
ie rat. la to
i i - v la ca
store, and atm ke In 'be ( f
,. io I... ui. out 1 1 1' """
.i.,f. and lawn eti.m autferi 1
.be heuVleat I"""''
i-l 1 1 f 1 1 ill
broken Into.
Mima, i l"tO'
1 1
a Hi "
d if k-
in I
It a. rot
lll..ll" I '
l.vt-rjlliltiaT. ,
fl ! tit
..f 'he
were stand ing
looted atorea
' b
f ed
. p Mr
.tieta and with oi dera
pa-.ei.ig Ihronga fron.
to peer In at lite dam
st... ks
The m il. W li'i ll Inoke
s Jail and the rea.deli
e a.ll'illlll.g. "' 1
of sine. Iff
t satlef'ed
b' d imaging I'"'!" '' '"H
i ei -money
b o k
r. i-orda
lie, I'l' l i lm
n. . otri ng .inn
l'.t t of tt jail
Were ilestlOV'
The mo . flr-t II. al" It apl
in t be t'-e.fiooo, H.r.'nl gr
nier. a .'b.nng i.b.oit the J-'t-l.
t.i a't n a in '-ra 'o ' e
lev nm 'Mi b. f -re nigni
l a rn
in pa
t I ttt.
: ' i
l.rt, Im teaa. d until 'lie n
entire' "'ir... ind.-d bv
III. tl 1 H sp.le (be repot t
.-..niolt'eee 'I-.e 1 ' ' I. refused
l . i ' Ii t Mtll'li pa i i'
:,, i ha t ""O
l -.i .. nil.- "' ' '
pi.ick r. cents.
Detective (.Jnuv Kills
Express Mesr( uyrr
Karly Sunda .
Lon Washington Wheelu
of American Express
Is Killed Instantly.
Fight Follows When Man
Refuses to Tell Con
tents of Bundle.
Whl" -luce little ehlldre'ii Iti
fpi -lugflele). Mo , mix o l'iillon, are
happy In IhV hope thai their dldy
may come limm to apeml j.hoe day
with them. I.n WaahliiKton Whealle,
ihe'r fatlN-r. Ilea dead at the Mow
biuy undertaking aatabltahment with
two lifillet woiimta In hi hotly.
In VMieelia deag at the enpreaa
offle here whare he ha worked
for Iwo year at-at found a letlf
wrliien In a rhildlah hand and algne.)
-our daughler l.uclln." Th I1IH
girl a teller . upreaeed tha hop that
' I'aiJ'ly'- ttould homa linina ttunday
an, apeml the holiday with her and
Hobby. Annette and Malile, ' who are
thought to be Ihe tiamea of Wheella'
children ' .Mamma and ua are vary
loiieaome and hope mi will com."
the mevaage ronclllded,
Wliei.li. who had bean employed
In the office of the American H
preaa I'ompany on W.at Klrat atraet.
waa aluit and killed altn'at Inatantly
l.y lieorg I'. Oraoe, a plain tiol hu
man, at .1 n't lork Hun.lay morning
on vYe.it Klrat atreet between Mala
ami Ihiulder.
When uceoateil by tha offlcar It la
believed hat Wheella wag on tila
way to tha .xpreaa offi.-a Jiar h
aleepa According to Ihw polloe, 111"
detective demanded to know What,
tha cnntiint of u packaga waa that
Wheella carried under hla arm.
Wheellg refuaed to allow him, It la
aald, au1 la alleged to hava realated
when Ihe officer attempted to laka
Ii I in Pi the police atatlon.
In the acuffle that enaued ntll
men were forced to their kneea on
ihe aid. walk on Main atreel, accord
log to il' o. HIeward. a hanker of
'helaea, who waa a wltneaa, and
Vt heelin wienclin.l Ih club from Ihe
officer' hand Wheella la than aald
lo have turned the corner and run
down Tlrrfl lreet after tha plain
! clotheaman rommwnded hint to halt.
I ronflit'ilng alalementa of wlt-
n.aa., living In tha vicinity make It
I ii. eerialn a to the number of ahoia
ifirid A waiter In a narby reeiaurant
h. ard but three reporta of the gun,
I while other ay that tha officer
fired Iwi'o In Hi ir hefora alm
! Itig at the fleeing- man. Two of the
' Hilda Ii 1 1 IMieella On nf them n-
lei.-d the inbldl" of tha hack and
lodged In 'h .kl.donieii, while tha
o'her luiMel enter,! the ahoulder
h'ude and lame out juat iibov th
h.urt on 1 tin right Mile of the
br 111.
Thi men who arrived on tha
acene It idia'elv ufter the ahootlng
pi ti i d the ho, I, In an automobile
ai o im, a it to the Oklahoma hot
pital before an ambulance arrived.
At tk boapilal the men lira aald to
hi." need of feii.iv language re
st, ! ding the officer and hecain ro
b ml that the were arreeled on tha
charge of dt i n k eini. They ware
!;.! Ilnllitigton, J. K IlloomflalJ avoi
.1 Ii Iiper.
"I refnee to make any atateniant
ut 'il after the t.tal. " aaid (irace lt
in" ht when ipieet loneil ue t0 rha de.
talis of the Khootlng I'ollcu l aptatn
I. W. Itealey did not know whether
the drtl-t live would be uapt ndej or
"Ihe Inipie.t nwr ihe bolv may la
delayed on account of Ija'.or d. If
It la It prnhahlv will be held Tlie.
tla.'' e aid c'lieiifr ,'umea Woolley
laal night
Ihe bundle tha' Wheella waa eat
tvln c niai'ied se- , ii vtomen'a aklrlo.
irt uril hg lo ' t- ' i'"
are l"i- tt it'g i '
I letecttv
he artp-lf
w hi. b
t he factory taa
,.ir ite.l f roll) h a wlf
'fl. bits of the expreea
tie wna k rown 'o
e t egularly lo ' D "
' .-, .ly.
. ( Veil to b iit out ;
' hi" ' ard ca-e . oti
: .1 o.n i a r I shew ng
r,.. f.-r tnt'.'.ary e -r -IJ.
il I ., rve been 'n '
A t ll"
:,rris . ml 1 .iy I "
; ti
I' I .
il ;J,
f i
i i
ft! 1
v 'C
IIV '..'!" ,!--. -i t"a ... ac omp ."..., ..-I-
.re ..i.r.g',,1 I' ., .t.t " II. 11- .. 1-aM
.-e , r-.t.g l.g -.. pr- ! -i 'b ' ''! V ''
If ' .0 f' . V.'.' 'I,.-' t " s l - I'l'
. ie, iv-un.,'. t..' A- v tl' K d"i.' i '
u r
I V- i.- a . - . a , i,

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