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VOL. XIII, NO. 361.
I V"
London Gets Report of
Request Sent to
Allied Powers.
May Make City Italian
but Frotect Central
May Acquiesce in French
and English Plan but
Is Undecided
I.oMmiN. Kept. !I.--Thi Hal. an I
nvrrnmrnl haa appealed In the al-
lied powrti to ifnil an allied force,
eirlualve of Italian, it drliej
dAhminxlo out of r'lumc, a"i ordlng
lo a report, lure tonight, wlilcll l
cc-naldered reliable.
It Is undcratnnd thai the Ameri
can naval attthorltic here, who con-j
trol th operation In the A.lrtaiU-, j
have derHninl iinv iiitance what - I
anrvr. prndliik- final dcdalon f rt.rn j
Washington or Ihe peace deli-uatc
In Parla I
Th Kalian rnvernment. II I . '- I
tinned haa pointed mil In llu appeal,
that it would he difficult for llulv
to handle the altiiatlmi. in view of,
i Annlinilo' popularity wllh the
Italian people, and Lefauae of
t ... .1,. L'l.. ..... Iiicinn hill
me laci ui.ii mr ,,...- i -
fc..n thorn In the aide of ill-
It la understood the Italian gov
eraenent .Iferlarwd that tt rteplorad
the allnatmn and did not -! t
make, tha allEhtrat move ag.ilnnl the
derlalnn of the peace conference, hut
j.olntadlv Inferred that If dAimiin
tlo hold on Flume was to he weak
ened It iniiHt he done by other than
Italian troop I
Tim Aaaoclatrd Ptc-a le irn. that.
even ahould the appeal le fivoin,;
received no 1'l'l'eil Slate troopa mi-
.i."al...."..n !." In,., u. ....-
from Inch niithntiti. the 1 nltnl
ftlataa naval vr iHn would atnv out
aide the three-mile limit
1MHIR. Hept ? There were
,1:, Milona today Hint the aupreme
unnrll mlKht acree upon H aetile
mrni of the lalniatl.in nnentlon on
the hal of a formula loakluK
Ki'ime Italian hut neutral - that l
not allowlni; lialv to Veep troop
there and lnternntlonIIlh the
. . . . . i . ... ., - if.-i'ii.rd.
r-", una
Int Juo-flav
anil rrnir H
;nropean lnterei
Thla plan auhmltted t. I'rea
Meni UlUim on Septemher 17 and
In awalilng din dec .moo
Vr.'mre and Ureal Hrltaln Imve
approved of the plan nod the J ico
riv ire reported In t.e fivorrll'le
in It. although aal!.t'K the Ameil
e.m deilKlon lirfore KIOR Ihelr re-
The Tall in f.ir, n ar,. niamtuln
It k -ne l, ka.ie of Hume now In
rr. . It H learned the nMied navies
-- ntindlt, hv an fiN.lvei
l. If v.ioelA'f'l l're.
t I-'H MK. S'OI IK t;.i'-r..-le ,! r.-
UIlll dei-lnrrd In an IntcMti-w here (
t" v. that he w.i makmi; ttf!) a:. ,
fpeai If, ITie pt ri:
lilted JTa-ei. the k l'iv "f KtiRhii
and 'he lretich piitp'e t,, 'iop.i
l-l'-i in hH oreupailon "f hlutne f
I ,i -Mrh he Intended man
1:n to hla iIvihk itiv. h.ivit'i: de.
'ii're.t never to leave the , l He
i l oof. ien'. he u.l. :!..! h.n ap
I'll won, tear frul-.
M) men an.1 I ire re i !. f . die
t "i.r n in W I'll' I ' I ''
! ive Hume either alive it i I 1
i'e nlreidv rh, e,i In .1 f : oe-
' .Virk wl'h rv pri 'f o m ill h' "
1 'klt'i- t"a:d 'he mi.i on. ret
h laurel. hete I ich : he
1 .t" tint l,e'te-e t)ie all e. wi'1
't i .tnv'hlt'K a lln tre " t ip'
rt t'nitrt7.:o ronllttur, 'at I ail!
f' I'ltic .ie,.,t tlinu J f.it,n,rr
I , k.,.r h.inrr. loo'tnv '' the
Tf- rf rniri. lo'ooe h.ivit'i; '-''
t r '. ' ',, a "opt ',, !' t ' J 11 '
" rhil'l a'i' nf Home .rnp'v I"
'h'". ..ih to lema.n :i!l-t.
ff- r
N'i r nfl r: i j,,,...'e w.. i
' .l'i ...i.p a I do T"' he'.-re
'' rr s pi;1- ,j. rr I' :'
f" .'Ci'l m . toe II
' V 1-ilMMi l'tt.!!'l
V S Sl-Ki III, Tl! I V
T' v , ,1 rf .
' I'tS'iii.r f f'.'l.i ' a'.o
i'- "l . tr ilrt .1. 'I
' t. ..',! pot.llK'le.l ,'1"
artefm.n' for di-
r " e he v Itotlf a te. I
!- '..eT) f,,. chacae in '
t' . ,,... :.. .... (i ,. -o
I I"-.
.r' ,f a
o.ltl, O of
11 I.S. OW'a . Ki4 22- M,mum.
1 intMintlm, 5.1 nrl h wlndi and
Okl.AHom. Tn.t.lT fair. rnir
in fmi ihwpii portion ; Wrdoriday '".
MM I st IV Tti-lay fKMrral fair
irr umrlflr'1 vtmr th nnaal. ramr
in rant mi ioul'i iurllifia , iiiiiMdy
nr r Hy fa r
AllkN,sS. Tur-iday anil Wrrliiai
rli fair, -lowly mine trfir--rt iff
K-iST TK'. Tnf.U fliintillT
fur, rolrr In aoh.! ( portion.
W i n kiUv ennrf !y (it, arrtirr In
ro'lh jmrlion
W r-T TKV H Ttten lij r,nril!r
(ir Titrr in nr,Ji ! ft twrtinnt
W rd ft 'r miiiifi
KW'Mv r r tur'dr"d UHn
d fmrr In rorri l 'port Hill
I Ii;
' Thrt't Mt m irr.' I hran.l b- M.
KlrLin nf rh'ldrfi, if!f.lv
I ii( -t m on i r if it 1
If tl t'r f'ald-f f ihr-lf
I norfri tlir (fain of irniti; hi
(oil rU hi (umi-i liontr iccn.
I think II irt,r IWt 11 ItlOW
A jm ')t i m iMn to pi
And llirn thr tiA ' Yu fjrttil I M
WI'Kihr nr rml they'll Itun oil
With ' tour I'lfc, .mi runuot sny
Mnw fr )-pir frrt h 1 1 (n slrT .
P frtr I rttttld not tltd tfi ltm
If flmh of mine hou'd iitrt m nam ''
I i!r.'.( ' rnf yfjur mthrr'i prajfr
Ul l4t r lll Ulrfi ft ilfl
Slip i'Wrd that tr miit know yuur
Krel ytnr -:,' fnr Whtl.
.''And tied Uf f'mr rot I nicht
Ard f lirr strcnjlri for joitT d
WnliiT.'.r mr divi of llf lo huy
hr ,n of I'triinf ihnxild you din,
Vnr ir ode ( lifitig lt unto t h th lli
Tt'ii j on niiltht I'll- nfMin hrr nam ;
Sht rr llit r ak thruiigltout your
,cir Ortlv ikfd A rhiA to rlilr -
.stir ,i.t lot ft'k l iiiaratitr-n
1 hat you would pure And lovely b
' Todar lonnly mother rp
UhiMi ha he beneath lh wiHowi
Vet gladly would nh hear the pain
To know inrh htinea tfain ;
Sfie ha forever hiir own
Tli data of )r whirh n)ie h known,
And alwaya. nhen her heart cr" d,
SSr ,n ref! t lor ah'd had;
Him ( rlrher, tweeter I if et
a'l (he iain nd hurl of Mriftt
all tt weight of grief ai'l woe,
I'll an I hoe who v liad nn bib t
:h make onto toiif (iod thia prarnr
That ho hM f.J fin ni'h a rare "
(opyrtghl, 101'J. by Kdgar A. (joat.
Itollof Work l Now IU-Iiik Tut on
I'rrmniK'tit llnN ltio. t Jcn
crirui AwiirnmTK nf Help,
Initial Step W HI llo Miiko Tlior
otish I ftlmntc of iMKtmctloii
Ilf-d I nM Worker- t.n on J"h.
I'lillll'S t'llillTI, Texa.i f-'ept
:'2 With ample food A'ippllea on
hand t, rin ei a I e-nerirni y nee. 'a
for ut leaMt 1", days, and with an ur
l .ui, ry ,( i:i-li,-liH.H llnalif-lal M.ait-
. eountrv
- '
ronun. oHtltlte atepa were taaeu
today to place relief work In the
alorin em pt area i,n a permanent
t'.ifix. when plana v.t e on foot
for co ot ilin.ti nix the actlvlile of
the lariotiN te lef orK inlratlopajrwlth
ihe view f v.,irkln out a rompie
henalve rehiil'IIHallon prorram In an
f ,'ott io restore normal .ondltlona
an rapldlv t pim-!Ple to prevent a
period of utter Indunirlal aril li'ia
mem deniot a In itlon.
i 'lie of the f i f st tepa In the rar
r Iiik out of Hm pror.i'u will con
l:t lii tonkin a complete Mlrvev
of the d. ill-lite a lffere.1 t h t oil K ho ' t
tie enllre atortn ftrirke'i area. ia
i luilinu I'orpiK 'hriMI. Atana a
Poll Atatisat. ltO'kp"tt 'ltd
ill',! A rorpi i f lied t 'rona e
per'M ruii M ir wrri re' 010.11 o
tnm :n.l other ti !- 01 nia
.. olief wo'k wit hecm the pre-
' tmui.irv .1 1 r w luniorrow under the
j ,FI,tn: .up'-rvlrlon of V W Jon a
j 1 ixil'.i't re.i'f .I'te t t for 'he 'Hth-
!es'rrn ,l;v!-l"tl of Ihe 1 rn
! . ,l 1 r.a. it a annoiin' ed to.
' o r tit
1 M.-.vtm ' lie tt'e llel rti. ia con
; ,,'oinif im ."iierr.hcv r. M. f m iv
' uieH hl' r " n t it iven of til'
Salv.i' ..n a-n.. Ktiii-'h'i of '."
lua . rv I P'tiiX'to'i" frlte'oal ,ran
i rt't.'f a-- on the ir.und a:id arr
; ,! V I f'e lt e k
I M. re il'iin I !!' ,el!-u'e .ire li -
't r f
' 'lle.t
1 l.-ir.i:
-t a: :h" irooi- i-an 'i or mo
inv. t 'he ,'l'i
it. a le to
1. I ve
- e ill' a
tt"' I
.1 l',nl
.-.it, h o 1' tt-.- nroiv
. e Loire, folio! In pi '!
- ho a-e lo.. proud
pllrlif t.t he, e
. . , li,''"rr ."e t' t
,0. lo ' ,'h , I -e-
miitii, ipa! kri hen
t . :
ful .
!. 1
' 1. Ii.l '
. , open, f.-.'.l ":e 2 nini
t It- I t'l the 'i of
, , . .1. L' l 'I the
,,f ' h- ,l"n n'"i p T
: e .1 r
. ke I
Ol "f
k a
,1 It 1'
. o . I,
"pie ,. I
"l '"K -' "
V .1 t' 'he
. 1 ri i;
l ue i ft'r .ti:
. ir. ! of 1 il k iit-l"
T ,..!e I iilot. .. l '1
ic '
1 po'tl '
j Despite Warning Sen
ate Rule Rroken
i Ry Applause.
Women Shout Approval
With Men at End of
4-Hour Address
Would (live Away Sover
eignty Won by Wash
ington Senate Hears
WASIIINMTnN, Srpt 22 - At thr
4-n -t if a four htu r lti Kn 'J''
lfwur of nation lv Sntfr Itieil of
Mi.oiiti. fhv oi-ii.iK' K.llf!lfii tiol.iv
H'Jiried ,t flinti.f i ru t ton fhit hrnl
w.'tr lt:.rlf mil and ihrn hl-M"! vh
rlil (lira I-pt ov.il w h'it t hr r hrt-rliiK
Will rotidf m ni f t miii tin1 flour.
Thpr1 had hfn no ftnihiimt I . k
K ulnce tin- lr-ai fiKlit pui
Nharply lrfnr the Arri ' y tMr for
ctsti rrlmloiiM comniilUM' KtH ihfre
u r lin!tcuiluin loility .noon af ier
Ni'tiiiinr Hvi toican hm iM'ch t ri t
t hf rrnwijs, wnrtn Ing for udmil
lance at all door. w-rr In nvinpathy
with hm argunit' ni . Mindful of I h
I'Vidrtirr-t (.r f-rlli.K In ihe .t Hcrlm.
Ht-imior ( 'unimlnM, prfNidrnt pro
tin. k i Hiii niMg that h 1 1 f -ji.itmi
in Ik'ht Ih tolcr aird d'U
finite rtih. ui thr rml of the ud
d rriUi It won 1 it not be pel mil led lit
other tlmrs. T"rrai to rlnr th (ral-Ir-t
ieH if rrprat", had no rffert and
tin ntieinpi wan made to t-tifnrr1 thr
Ioor ta rid ink, rule
.Ultr4 Mll'll
Vhin Srnator lttp.!. with arnn
lift rd hlKh. plowed hi H'erh. nd
s.it down, thf nppl.tusf litokr. fol-ln-Afd
inn'antly by uy rhf'rlnn
from evrr callt-ry Men In uniform"
Jf trwd tn thr drinonHtrntion and
n.unj wntet) ood. HVfil th1r
.irmi aiol .shontn, w (Mi tho mfn
Srnntor A'.liumi drntorral, Art-,
rnn.'i. sitilntt iiinrrt Setmtnr Med
anil first to con iff -nut. i It him. nhout
id loudlj fur oritur a moment later,
nnd the crow. In not knowing whnl
lo rxperf. rohlileriiy 'liframr :tll.
Hut t hi' (pili-t orirtlni4 of the g.-n-n
ir d 1. 1 r"' prrva ll h'tur fur i - th
pr tii tor.i r-.i!i7.f.l ih.t ihelr con-
duct wa.i heinc condi-mnrd. a mivn
if iiU'Oiik nept Ihr-oiRh the rhnm 1
hi r. while kk Mrry Kna r d. .strtl KK'd
inanfitlly. but unnnci egf ull . n
tulnlut' und fjct (host i rMponslblr
for If.
ApfX'ols n Vulri.
Still hprakiiiK to i.nwd. Sen
ator Anhurst dM'l.'irrd the fat oi
luitl'iiM wan at n!ake. while the
' were 1 1 rm pi Inp t. make the r'n
atf of lhi I'nind Miat- a polbe
court." and appritliil by nmt to
Mediator lAv und M lf h'ock, the
party leafier h, to stop It Tha Arl
nonji srnator ilf dared th nallerlen
wonbl not npplaiii) a dectlon of the
h'h.-Ht miirt. whb h had never been
c I let J ii pon to i.-i idr ji ipi vt : bin of
mirh T inrndoop Import. irtrr to (he
wot Id
The .ifipe.Sl w.m toct with another
vol!f .f hlHHlm. 'f wb: h the Art
7 1 1 -1 .vTi;iifi' rtpln'd (hut onl nnitke
and ar "-e hiMr-e) Mrmm hilr the
rim 1 r u rt- Mni nil inj: for ot -I r r, a nM
the rruMth liKn piMnic nut ell
niel!. hil mmh'r nn thr floor
w er e a w.i r to l'i c around Senator
Itt-rd s-r-'i'or I-.V f;nallv wa
ri-inicri r.-.J iitn ihe hiih'ml. a n !
lenninic on h! de-k. and tnillrm
:iddrr.e. th- rh.ilr
"In ot i! e- to i ' m r ri to tha ere re
;i nd e l !iu A' m otp hi re dost r ie,l h
he niinr fftm Arrmit, move
t 'in t v a d Jou t ti ' , ri d t h t'r e w n rv
di'M-n to :lir : ! ' 1 1; h : r nf ".!-"
Ib.w t. ib-.tl wl'h 'he fimdu.t of
t lit 1 1 ' p I w ho .i ! t e n1 th, 't'lnif 'N
aitifw to h'-.ir tin tTt ,il oV). ttr w.m
a i)iii"' ii rt .f .wtntif i n:it't i n totitKht
to riuilMrn, who il is.-i!f--t it f-rmntly
Id eW of thr cm n'n of th" af'er-
ftoiui tre I'ii m) . -it tr-h.it .-v-I'tll
t! O H rfJC.I alU'-'l th.- til' ;i 'i I r If i (
defrr. it n r :i f or c r . t . r f 1 1 of- t rtli
a u Hn"t : i p 1 in Mintf 'f f h i f hi
I M IM n i ' N" IMtIK HK I- ,
S , I p' ICTl i ! o f t I f .' ' lie
t.!:. f of III." ..lotltt !.' p' I III, I , f
I X , - .'.'I ' !' ''I ' ' I o.e lt lo !.'..'
ii,:, vor , " : , i . v r .! 'I i
"., i i O'i i io: - t,, i ! i '
10 v, .
Pi . Mo ' to I'!:: ,
S.i : .1 1 ' , : y
11 I , : "
I a rti.-H I I o 'e
I of . n ' oo II , .it-i i f .
i, I i; ,' .-.
If., .11,,
ii fo
il-: "
: ' it i
1 "o
i- i
t . .'i -i ' '
M , , V, .
I I . .' '
I -. .
I f, n
Insurance Taken Out
lit Steel Men Totals
Over Hundred Million
S Kv mi:k, iept. :! - itiot
and civil i oinmolliin" Insurance
polhiea .iKKriiiailiik' more than
1 1 on, (Kill. Olio have hcfnV out
In luiaiui ra men In I'luahurKh and
oilier i-lllea wheie planln of I he
I nlled J'.aOK .Mleei corpora I l,m are
lot iti d. it wan etlm.l.ted hs .nu'll -am-e
lorn lute today. The iM
thai thin amount pmhahlv v,ii:l
he douhled Mllliln I weeK.
fioncriil Moiidnw l-li'm Hmr
of ;I00.III Men In l-lilh Mif
fhirnt for NtiiU.
diixnto. Mi Monlhi Inilcad of
'lliriT Muni I'mtit Hawaii ly
All Mi'iiitN Ho V"K-rt.
WASIllNliTi N. Hepl 21- Amer-1,-a'a
fuliire mlll'ar) policy, na advo.
cited today hefura the hnime mlll
'ar) committee !) Major lieiieral .1
V McAndrew. chief of alaff of the
American eapedlilnnary force
ihroiitshoiit ihe war, ahould call fur
peace on the Pacific on our own
lertna ' Thla. he aaid. can he atonired
hy control of ihe Panama c inal and
the Hawaiian lidtinda.
(ieneral McAndrew look Inane with
the general aiaffa reorganization
p'an on the haul of an army of it'S.
iiiiO men. propnalng Inniead a force
of Jilil.000 "ai the mutual " W hile
Jolnlna with Ihe nenet.il aiaff In d
vtraiinK tmlvrraai liallilnx for 1H
year ttlil yoiiiha. tienernl McAndrew
diaaareed Willi I e propoaed three
month period of tialnlitK. decl.tr
Ihn ii tut " l n a lo, in a i e" and ahould
he al leaal elx monlhH.
tienrral Mi'Aiulrew recommended
Ihe akeleton of Zl illvlalona A field
army nf I.1.1I0M men. an approved
hy the eneral a'aff. he approved,
liut hr ui;eiie 1 that the oUilotiti
with the earepthm nf four, he
keletnnlaed lo aix or aeen thou
and men. Inmend of a ta'lter num
her as prnpnfcd liy the war depart
ment He alio Wreed wllh Ihe de
partment plan for a "tnp-heaiy"
offlcera peraonnel. eaplalnlna- thette
were needed for unlveraal training
"lly all meana " he aeaeried. "we
mnat aufeguard Hawaii tl lna In
tlrtte of war would put Japan or any
cnmlilnatinn of powera on ihe flank
of our commiinlcilona tn Aala and
ihe Philippine. It I likely I tin I In
Wny war In the Pacific we might
not at flrat have tha preponderance
of naval airengih, and :h army
inua maintain the tiltnda unlit te
Inforceruenta are hrotight from the
Alia ti i Ir fleet hv way of tha canal
With itie dlvlKlon and the ahore hat
teflea, wa could keep a navy off for
floine time hecuuae of tha fiw land
ing pl.irea."
No Interference
by lrenident in
Strike Expected
Sept. --Prealdent Wllaon waa
without official advicea trwiay re
garding th! airlke of ateet work
er and It wna Indlcatad that ft"
the present he did not prnpoaa !
Interfere dlreclly
lie wiik rcpr, ncnted a feelinc
that he had done cieryihltic, ,,,n.
alhle to pi event Ihe strike an, I
th it the l,,si (hat o-iild to ao ntii
pll'.heil tiow m as to ttui i ii t i In or
der ihlle thv t-Puitlon wulktil
ll.-elf out
Disloyals Driven From Here
Are Given Trial in Wichita
The irl.il of J defend in af
f llalei with the I W W move
nicnt In the oil f eld of ( tk l.i 'iihii.i
and ;afiaaa. 1 of w hi tti wer"
tarre 1. t at het r,l. whipped nod
tlriien tfotll Till - I Novetnler 1
117. tn the klllghta of llhe-ty. w
ael ir beat mi; l'i W i-r, I r . Km,
Ihe otieritlig p" 'flings I .nil :
bien It, malt' '.-f..t' toe co..r,
e- r d , v tn or trlii g
The d, fell, Ian a i Ii it, I 1 ll
i!lo)i'l I.; I'n" I'l'ii'tti'i" t
throii'Hl thetr nlMeged a -dll-'U
nricutoei.ta and the r ac toll I i
lit I ll. tig t e l o to ',, II ' o I
when needid air tti.i'erlil
were lot, t.-l Iv t arand if, a
W I'M' I. I .tie 11 rfl.'.i I "f w ho 'I .i
a T , I- a I' l" ti T ' '" I- P e
II. tilirli tr'teret-'i r he a'fc of -h''
fail hit thU le Le ' r-t t.ior I I
li.M.o , t t l f le, ' rt 'ha' I
bl ink." ind it,"n h ii te
timid ti a ,.". I (m ii.-fgio.'
th,. I. f. ,.,1 . t- '"I ', Me . I 'l
atlentiiit'ig '- o'er l.f-w I'.e
. , 'i oi ot
It wa In fie f.l'l , f lit" w he-,
row.t ,'f -t..,i,i,,e, I 1 ,Ui t nil
. a. lo. I, known Me Ht a-h-a "r
,, , ..-". -I It,. .I' Ml ' '!
took la of ' .- it'-l,.' ,' f-o.,, 'l
e.te flf "" ' " ' ' '
and t: oi . to , -. i -i 1. -I .1 n- r n
c,t o. . : n ' , -lit. T't 1,
',. , . - . ' , r r 'I iod ' ' ''. ,!
... .. I ,.f "ten- t,,,- - f t.;ir !
. w . . ' ,. :-. ..' .1 .'
. .one t a a ' l-t- i , ot a nf 1 1,- 1
Seven Shot in New
castle, One Fatally;
Another Killed.
. State Troojis Hroak Up
Orowds at Pennsyl
vania Plants
Alleged Rioters Taken in
Hand - Nipht Changes
Hring Trouble
I'lTTMII Ut.H. S-l. 22. On"
man waa ktlhtlr lti male lrt,H r
aere nliol anil nml'J otluT ktih
Iim tK rloiiKly lojorctl loniglil lit
rnil ouila-i-nk at Karnd. Tlic
fig-lit Murrtl mar the iihtP nn
Kut'l mikI Wire dnnl wlo n. It la
Kaltl. inciiilMTs of a iyowiI thrfw
lerli k ami ethT nl-llca at Hip
itntr iMdlfr nntl Itani nffpfr.
Paul Pi-ohm- illori aa the nwult of
a liullil wound rt't Uiil during
tin- iim-Mv. Private tunk XIIMI
gau mill SiTifei( hmlltt. tejate
tnMiHt.. were alrink li hilli'la
anil tlio Ii mikt la In a utIoiii inn.
M-VI ASTI.r; I'n.. Sciil. it.
eH--n Hr.. a w,n- Ji'M. one prolH
ahly fnlnlli. In rttxlog wlih Ii lie, ihe
out at Hie aeocglc Nlrt'l mmii
IMtnv'a plant tmluf.
llir ii-oiihlc Mnrtiil wlicn a
cniwil nf about IM pcr-ama lit
tentputl to firrrrnl mill worker
from flit) rlnir llii plant. AIkiiii '.'tl
wirknirn wre bring osaiiliol,
wlicn Hm mill giuinla, itinMailiiar
of ii '.umN-r of iliiulhw, mine to
tlu lr nwritr.
Thr mill gunnla were met wllh a
tolli'i ih" hfifk, Nlonrw ami t Inh.
TIm-j; ilrrw Ilaotr rrol-ra nml ut
u nipliil In hold tin- mob al hai.
Put llir tJuiMt-ra If iiiIksIUh ron.
Ilotiftl and llio rrowd nfuartl lo
llm gunnla nrr nJlittcil lo liar
'IH'iiKil fire on llu crowrl with rlol
gutia. Two vvoiiMMi weft alio.
man el tot through llir nlnniaOi I
ri'artr1 In Ih In IimhI Ineiiitlal
In u irlilrnl iiihIIHoii. A hoy wna
also wouirrkil.
prTTSIIIIIiill. Hcpi ft IHMor
dera, no much feared hy police an
thurlilea In the aleel airlke lone,
were in evldcnca lonliflu In aovcral
' pl.n t a In the PlUatnirgli dlairn t
'The inn! aertona mrurrrnri' waa at
!Newi ii!r. Pa.. iO mllea from Pllta
liiirgh. In which aevan fieraona were
ahol In a riot at a l arnogle mill
gate (me la hrllevrd ratnl!)
With the iitrpllon of a amall dla
Itithanie In t laliton In the morning
the opening day of the log atr:ke
p.ttvtfd In c nuipararlv quiet Willi
the coming of night however, when
ntk'lil ahlfla were going nn duty. Mr.
oiii.ta wete reported tutu a iiuioher
of pl.t,
liurioi; a melee in front of 'he
Tlnr ll. nit of the A'oitlian Mice K
Wite Co at I'onota arl 'hie morn- I
log. one to.lt ua fill! ati.l n:!i!lt
lliSTIMI.lt tiM IMt.r SMr.N
rv,r o;.,,,.,,! 1 1 w ' - i"i.n " i ' I
I the k nlr hta . f I l'.i f ' I -ml I'
,'. t de h tough H' I 11 11' l.l-l
lie ",,r I e- ,- II,, I I,
Pi i lo tin a': or h- .l. 'en.l.fi a
1 i, I ,, iti I'klihoioa o, Kiito i
p,la n on ,h.fe. of Irnl'ing dla
loial r and nf'tt ihe .Ii.. Iih'I'
if i tie mm on v f o f i;i ' itlda. 'he
g - and )nr . it'll t" ' ' "ig It '"'
I, ., lo ll'- " 11 Tl ' f -h
,1. fe,,a.,'a ri -'illi'l one Jn.ll. '
,i . , n f e , ni : , i- 1 o, eri i n,, w n
.e a' Ilia ,,,, in t.e I W W
o I I ll IT i , ' i, OI t III ' -e. ' ,n
I h la he ' h 'I '! a ' !e to to
lifl-ir tl"' ,.te to t 'I lie 'W'
J,'r-..,N .p.-kfitl- 'f tile r.iae
I. a i , , c
,,r.-. I i,, .i... i'
t , r
,' I .1 T I" I- f , .i
f- i -o Vs I hi a
,l M,," ' - U
. it, e, of f r
,, I.,- 'till ,
.-f. rdar .rat
, -o'i .. r-" "
I f r
it. r ,
te i'ff wi- .-..:..t of,
o, i, ,1 . hi M .-a S f ' e
If. - , " f .te! ,'i In the
, I , o..r ,.'fh . f o't , 'e,: h, ,
tie i I ' i to, ,, 1 " . ro , e
f a (.,,,,,''.r : a wi re m
:' ' ' f ' -t If a, p I , .
hi I . lo ,,: t. l -
too,- ' li.i.rl t.e' a f .
I ) 1 1 ' i i ' V 1, 1 ' : it-
' . a
'. !'
l i
FmhI 'rict n to Drop
Administrator Says
j J I) (xJl
yw I . m mj
i in, , ,
1 1 ii bT t 1 1 mtvrr phot orr n ph d
iboatd the Hm r A ttl ( n 1 1 oti hi
i urn from Kiin-pi- trti-ii'lv Tin
allied food dictator pioptirnU,1 ft
mi. k th hm- In f.H-I pru tn ihr'i'iKn.
oil! I he w oi bt
HH i I II, '.id Ktiiinl I It in on lt fu'-al
In ih. u tjiiftin Mil-la NtH.
pnwr Min Hill Ii h Not Talk.
S Pli'r"inl MorKint M'nili Ti l, until
of t i llciiiiilini on Jti'lorlioii
of I itlon lit'iiiiiiitln
NKW" Vt'PK - pt : ! No t oot,
fnent wlaliler on the t-'llke w III, tl
I.' K ill I,,,,IV l'i 111" -to. I III,, I t oil
litd'irtrv wiih f-Tih , 'iil'.!. ftotii Ihe
hcii't'ii.ii t, 1 1 h f Hie I ni a l
Ht'lfe t. e r .t,l ii .l. lll.elt II
Uarl. ,' a It inn u of ih" hoard of ill
recloiH ii- . lured l".iti oi the m, rn
lnr ali'l In l'ie a 1 I I n oon t It 1 1 he
ti ti I noli lug ,,, -i, f- r p'ihiii.,1 ,,n
alii'UI lie '-It ike or t't- loiopani'a
pint, f,n tine loir :l Twl e diirliig
the d , y ha it.et n, wii.i.,t nun and
i ha'ti .1 pie:., ot. v w III 'hem httl
,e. I,t,,.,l j,,.p . ! , to I e ipioia I I
, , pi to tie off. " 1 1. it there a
tlol Mtl y he , 'HI d ill
It wa I' am. d lo t ' it he
;,:, I ,.- -.i ...t io ,i i ." , f 'i
I'l'l , loll Of I' I I I ' o I " I . '
tlir ' , I 1,0,1 ' ' I I ' 't
Hot till l lo "IC IO'- ' " .
Iirir, l O f 'l, I I ' . I "11 I
M "ri; i ti I. i a I t, Ion
Tl ii- t ' ' "i n " 't
-la t',1 f -i t !., o; : w ' a IT ' 'i.
1 i 1 i ,i
. - f
I i'l
i.i h. .... I . -,,e- ' " 1
lihirt. o, . ,.-. I 1 ..
n.ii I .'' ." ' ' i
, he . -. . : - , r i . . I ...
th,- 11., , . . -' "' . 1 ' '
In M , ..,.. , i
,,. .de ' " ' ', '' ' " ' "
I t a : I ' w I -
1 I. , , . . . . e.- Ho ' 1
- i.. a ...r ol'i-l '' ' "'
nil- f ,. . h , I ' i ' i
f the P'T' ' ' ' " . hit '. " 1 ' e
It I i 'It I t - I HI-MI -'-I H
liniiiti X'torn, i W l'i I'li 'i ot iltr
I ,., l- to I. mo, I .lor i m.ii
a ... , . ,., t - - -1 I
i 'l I 1 1 I ti I ,' '.' i ' ' to
.- . , "' " .O'l I . .1 a
'l ' ' t" if
I , :.. , ., . ! 1 , . I . I I f 'It-
i f 'i to t
.,,--.! ' . iV :.nd
i. . t . . , ' . . . t I : net. a
M I' ! . . r . .1 f ...... r '.
,. . .' , , l . r ' . ' I uol,
. ... , !- ' f'.' "i 1
,., ,,a'o . . .. I . ,. u. .,.'.. -1
!.. i - W i- f , .. . ,1 I , ' .. ,t,r
),, . Hi-. i, , .
t, . '.. . . , r p. . ,-,
. I"'
t .
f .',.. ,, e.t
- i- r ft. , -,
to f .. t.'.
Chief and All Member
of Police Force
Are Jailed.
Rciignatiun or Lynching
Ultimatum Givtri Him
and Councilman.
Phone Operator! Walk Out
and Knlitt Sympathy
of Crowd.
Robertson Atked to Send
Aid to Protect City
Mjiarlal In Tee World
IHllMltK.H I. Hkl.l.. K it. SI
Mayor J. W. Mi'iMlrtitna and
4 tin in lltiii.t II. Ilintrr. Ihi IiihI
la it i niKelnu nil ilay Mnmluy. wen'
h,oaii l cnrlj Hil inoriilnaT il
plai t , In Jail with till Killrr rorT
iimiiilHTu Thr moll Iwta laanid an
ulllloaipm to thr official that un
it a Hirf Iriiilrr ihidr n-algmitlona
hy in o'i liM-k Tin winy inornliiK
lliry will Im- lyiM-luul.
Pn.inliiciil ffliHtla lurx ltnr
tnki-ii Htcpa to liiitr nmrtial law
ih t lure!. A tlcmnml for atalr
lriMtis wna made on tin v. i. II. A.
10, Ih timi i tonliflil.
M, iiiImt of thr mayor'a fnmllr
wire allow ctl lo Icutr limlulit Ui
trait In anollicr town.
Kpertal la TH' Warl4.
Iilll MIMUHT nkla. Sen!. ff.-
Ttie illv I under moh rula lonlghl,
t'hn f of Police Jurk Ayara and all
meinhera of lila force are linprlaoned
In Ih ill) Jail, while thraaia hare
hecn nimle in Ii ni h Mayor 1.
Nii ttileitliia ami I otinitHman II Ha
ter titilea they Immediately realgn
iltelr offlt en ii a the reault of rrfuaal
of dciiiiind made hy girl rmplnyea
ui me l et! Telephone company.
Tha mainlteia of Ihe police fnrea
weir wiard hv ihe nib when lead-
era led a crowd of aeveral hundred
henvllv armed hiialneaa men and nil
field workera In Ihe rlty Jail It r
iuiimI only a few nilniittai to aeue
l,e offlcera. tllaurm Idem and then
p. lie II i In cell III ine city jan.
"Id- Kit oil r of.'lte pefore 10 oclock
Ttiead.iv inoriilng or we will lyni'h
jou." wan :hr iililmatum aeiit lo
Chlif Ayera hy mnli li adeta
Molt IVintrola illy.
Afiir the police official had leen
rendered helpl. ea the molt took en
tile iiuiiiol of ihe oily. "We want
Mi oilertiu." waa Ihe cry a'nt up
III., in, ili a ecore of rifle and re
e,.lier alima were fired In the air.
The inoli marched to Ihe mayor a
home hut he wa gone. It la though!
there ih.it learning of the mob a
pinna he hurriedly departed
The t rt allow of violence In con
tierilon with Ihe atrlke of the tele
phone u if la oecui red ' I'jndny nlghi
when l,rii ka were thrown through
Hie wlti'lix "f the telephone rum
Piiova liiilldlog Thla waa followed
Holiday by lulling "f all i-omp.ui
ultra In prhaie Inline women and
hll.lren l -a I 1
, In de'r,i)log III
p' opet tl
Mloo, cli lelcl 'io.il' ,-,i,iiiounl, i- ,
I aiHi 'hi loan l' lii,i"eill'l' ' "
i ..,,li,-l mil ornate wo
la t,i ll'.,, . ff" : I hH th" Honldl (
I, , when poi.ieinen llllilied a '
I III, Ion pi V t M-'O I if tl'"1 I'tl'K
Tti I ,.:i.lt w olli, II i'" a t
tl h ... I af ..-i I I" e'rlke. 1 1 fp't'el
to l,e ,, is. .ni ,a In the ofn. , of tie ,
V Ii o ef ua. . to I. , i riein i " l
!.-i fti, nda eopply 'hem wi h
I "111
Vasi H, tltti: In Strii-t
A r. 'hi I r-' how of inoli
,o e S ,o. ,1.
I . I h i W .
, 4 linn Kill the
M . ti tai nfu i noon
int.. I of Ihe llll
V i
n , .ok UP 'he i .mar ol
'he r.M, ope,, I o,a At .1 11111
,e ;. L. , '..! I.I III,,.' Ill 11 .11011
,,..n to',-1 to t e lot' i a hi, tl w aa ile
, i, t .,, ( , , ,- 'he Ii i it, t a of I lie cll
. 'f ,-. I -. w'o, iff rded police pro'ee.
,, I,, .,,e i , "i p ti .no ion pan v
A ,, .-.i.-.tl fieri ape. I'll, aolne. i
. ... ., the rtow.l ) lle, "V; a go "
i 1 'he tool, w j oil
!: aiirn officii h. On 1 n i. . ot k I
Tioln ruff ti mr or it 1 1 ' j
. i'n -. ,,-,'. -.1 on ihe ,1,,-ir of f "I 1
hi ! The poalet i adit t e-lo
N ,, o.te ,, ll I,, t "nun
,;" ,:.i,,.,
' ". i ,'
f I ( Lief of I'o
I i h h o n - I r i
,1 ,n ,ie 111. 11,1
. :h th. Mo
' f
S. t). a. I nil for III ll.
V 11 o , ' ,'
.i'1 f... '',. . t .
. t hot,, d f -he h ' ft - .."
. . I - t I." l ' ; ' ' 'a ' ' .
- w ho f .-'.! n . o t l i a J -!.
I he
Both Sides Say Reports
Are Favorable to
Their Cause.
CLAIM 284,000 OUT
Assertions Made by Lead
era Basis of Nation
Wide Reports
Pittsburgh Concerns Are
Running Chicago
Reports Shutdown
It, The AM'IH"I Traal.
At the end of tho opening day of
economic war hatwaen arganlied lu-
lior and the greater par, of tha Iron
and ateel Induatry of the country,
htfth aldra rraied laat night, appnr
ently aatlaflad wllh reporta rcvei
from tha far-flung haul Una renrh
Ing Into 10 wtatea and affecting di
rectly or Indirectly half a million
After tha flrat teat of atrength. In
duairinl leadera and roirtmandara of
Ithnr'a leg'lorg were witling In admit
that th airnggla might prov long
and hitter, tlrlin evldanr nf prrpa
ratlona mad fur Ih Induairlal run
flirt were an In Ih armed guard a
nurronndlng all tha mill, hut th
flrat itn' ol tha airlke ndd with no
Igna of garUtug dlaordar, icept In
New Caall. Pa, whet aeveral per
iling war ahoi In rloia following an
alleg1 attempt tn irvtnt workera
from rnttrlng a plant.
tl4.tHK fblf.
An aceiirate aatlmat of Ih num
ber who remained at their poata 1
nnt ya ohtalnahle. Fro malrlka head
qiiartrrg In Plttahurgh ram claitna
that : 4,100 man had taken placal In
th ranka of th atrlkrt. hut al
though nn atatment waa forhcomlng
from tha atari corporatlon'a hau
quartera In New Vork. company pffi
clala In tha ton of action haaiened
tn rhalleng tha tallinul of labor
Tha ateel corporation, agalnat
which th main offelialv la dlrall'!.
wag alila lo operala moat of Ha
nlulnta tn thr Plltaburgh dlatrlct, ac
cording to company official" In tha
( hit ago atari renter. Itiini of Ihe
latgrat planta were forced lo cloa
down, hut pthera operated on a re
ditcvtl arale.
tt waa In Ilia Mahoning valley that
th rlrlkera aeemed to tnak th
moat headway, for wllh three larg
teel mill In th Youngatown dlatrlct
ah ut down and oihera running only
part rapacity, th ateel producing In
duatry In that aectlon waa reported to
be faat approaching general paralyali.
In tha 1levrland dial riot, too. lh
airlkera apparently mad a aucceaa
ful attack. (inly four of th
planta wrr III operation, and, ac
cording tn labor lendeia, 11,000 men
art affected.
Hi-port Comr faat.
Telegraph wlrea leading Into head-
,,Ujrlera of both capital and labor
wrtr ,,p, B(irMli report followed re-
I port on condition at na
I feeied hi the airlke order.
Innta af
A It be
vi.l..nl II, it neither Ih cor
1 1 ,i I, .1,1 litt-n ahle to keep nil
Ii plant lit operation nor Ih
a'ttkeia had hern nhle o produce H
ciiiniiletc ileup of the Induatry, lend
er hea in t't aeitle down In proap"t
of a long fight. In till cnnncrllon
It ni antii'tiiired Hint an important
pirlev of union lnhor chief would
h,. held tomorroiv when It la under
atood the riieton of flnantlng the
ilrlke would be cnnaldercd.
offlcei, of Hie t'.irnrgle company
the teel corpor.itloii largcat auhal
tlarv In Plttahiirgh. claimed that al
thoiiqlt their force had heen tie
pletad by dcaertion tucv ti.id been
attle lo reoigantae their norker o
a to keep all of the important mi l-,
operating at altoo-i jno per cent
Thl hrought emphatic detilil fro:,
Ihe luhor Vamp.
Steel offp iala adm 'te 1 '.hat f.
aouie caae lilat lurtcei. ulioh
they ail'l III'-) alwua hit l.ilirt- i
a their tiff t ii I ni i ' -1 ,- -.;..'-. h , 1
Pee n l,.i ,1 ! v t t lpp'e'1 'III', i ' u i ' . '
ll- I I.) h i "k I! "o , -e f . r: . .
in. I inn- .iir it n. t'-,. i . . i:
1,-fli.Ti on ..'li.'"
. nt
: t h
-t lie ili- art,
. .. w ,'llf- l-'ice
1 . ol,' h 1 I I or
. o pot , oi off lei ll
",. , , h. r of a'riketa
i ittihu' c', Aei-ord nt
'. . .-or. a- ' t -'t icy nf ttic
mif .e of :eel worherrf
ire out. w rtile in oi'P'i-
the milliter waa aer a!
I" J
It '
In th,. I'loi-ri -Itatrict coier-itf
,.'ti , .' l:i'.tl,', llll ftiim 7i) '
;.n ,,e, of Ih,-:, w-nker hid re-
,.r, l ,.i ,' white ftf ke he.td-
i t
r; ,. Hl.l ' '" "I '' e
liiuartrra In that i") II. waa
C. 41:114
"ia.ua ay
i en i . !. i'.i it ) 'ii.i...'' ; ti i '!ti-t: '

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