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s I
w a
egro Heavy weignt crown is
at Stake at
'crvat Battlers Go 15 Rounds
to a Decision for Fre
n'ier Honors.
Each Admits Class of Other,
Hut Victory Is Claimed
by Both.
A no I T THK liOCT.
rifin -- '.m p-
uc- onvention nan.
n. ... IVmilt TrVMMln.
tvuil-Wlndup Brill Slmm. Tulsa,
vs hil Stevens, Oklahoma Clly,
uiid.l.cwciglus; eight round.
l 'i;r aln raiser Cow Milk, Tula,
vs. Kul Inky. Tulsa, featherweights;
'av.i-f. reo preliminaries Patsy Cor
rt.M. Auspices Tulsa Athtotlo Club,
iruiiiotor -George P lummox.
Tulsa and southwestern boxing
fans await the gong which tends Sam
Istngford and. Ilarry Wills together
bought In ths filial boul of a aerie
pf e.lminatlon contests. In which
Will and langford, by virtus of pre
vious vlrtorles and superiority of ihe
Inner over Jack Thompson, meets
fr the world's negro hearywelght
boxing championship.
There Is no doubt that Wills and
tangrord stand aa the forsmoat rep
rvM iitntlves nf their race In the box
ing world and but for the color ban,
there are ftiw. If any whlta heavies
wl'h the exception of the present
title holder who can compare with
thin j;rcn.t pnlr.
- Five years ago It was apparent
that J. -irk Johnson and Joe Jeanetle
JiH'l- passed the zenith of their
recrs i Mat their days as snaring
leadership of the negro heavy
:irht division with rngford was
KMiig. In tlx-lr place arose a yoking
iliern negro, with one or lie
rioal marvelous physiques ever seen
In a bniing ring and wonderful
fighting ahlllty. That man was Harry
Wills, who, in the last five years
ha proved fit to carry on the work
of Johnson and Jeanetle and who
t'U'lk'ht meets the sole survivor of
lh.it great pugilistic trio, with the
V ahanipmnship of his rare and a
ft ,Vel studded belt lis prize to the
Several Tinndrrd Ho Wills.
Wills arrived In town yesierday
morning and worked yesierday aft
ernoon at the Dreamland theater be
fore a rapacity house. The severs!
hundred hoxlng fans who saw Faddy
Miillin's star heavyweight In his
workout yesierday were amazed at
the remarkable speed and agility of
Wi'Ik. who, despite his 215 pounds
of hnne and muscle Is aa faat as a
Confidence was evident In Wills'
every move. There la that certainty
of posture which Indicate) be
knows he 1 great; that he la In
vincible. That was Indicated last
Witt when someone remarked con
cerning Ingford"s decision held
over Wills several years ago. Wills
grinned and said, "Sam beat me
then, but now, Ah'tn right. That
means a'll win."
Ijuigford Arrive,
tangford arrived In Tulsa yester
day afternoon his scheduled bout
with Jim Johnson at Sioux rity
Monday night having been called
err langford Is also confident Mia
n.Ndence Is that of one who, after
f irs of effort sees great prise
'thin reach and toward tha con-
miniailon of ihat prlte has done
i witnin his power. IAngford says
nn worked hard, spending every
r In strenuous tralnlns since leuv.
Is Tulsa. He recognise the skill
al power nf Wills, hut asks that
M own class not be underestimated.
ATM thoss who have studied ths
rtmc career of that grans warrior
and 'those who have seen him, do
not underestimate tnat class.
Unit Mlmm. Tulsa nstddlewelght,
who has a long string; of victories.
Is t-x peeled to ment a hard test In
hi. I Sevens of Oklahoma City. Stev
ens Is reputed to be a tough fellow
and nonets a victory over Hen Mil
ler, simttia and Htevens go eight
frame m the seml-wlndup. A atx
roiiw.i curtain raiser opens ths sttWS
Announcement was made yester
""ay If If. U Helniman, religious
work secretary of the Y. M. C. A.
In: the hiral association would nh
ervc the week of prsver, November
i tit . ... . . ..
i-, ny srM-ri.ii Hirelings. rue
e..( f ,rj,.r , national T. M
eveni rai..iirui.,.i mt .Ha mii .r
1 It. Mutt, International general
eVinduy, November 9. Dr.
" liint, pastor of Mrst t'hrla
nureh. will Nnvslt at Ika mon a
"'i In the V lobby on the sub-
f "I'lav.r " Q A tf.AAi.lll.
J in t.n.ir, will sing "Prayer 1'er-
. -I earn uav lhrougt)oiit tne
""k a prtiyer meeting for business
"' will be held In the handball
nrt ,,f .Q m 0 Tuesday.
iinp'ffe ,iay. fir U 8 Hsrlon. of
'"' oi Avsnue M K. church, will
I" ik at the noonday meeting.
Tt'" l'ur!.a-Kouthwcat Airplane
'"'Mny is entertulnlng toly J. M
;'e nutloniil sales manager of
e CiirMs.t A:rilan and Motor cor
"iten nf N,w vork Mr nickel
I" ne mating w ith W. T. t'amphel'.
: ..''''"l"r end grneral maiger
me loeal roripanv. with a view to
ttendinr th. itii-.i ....
.. I'm i uik i on one in
...inn. nini siToutes inai
1 """tt I rMahltahed making l
;,le for a single shin to csrrv
psaengsr to the moot distant
"i a few hours
" you mrgouen tra:
,' " me 10 7
No Bol yet; rive mt time."
f Vain i vent Harry Will of New
VjVvjjis v. Hani Istngford of llos
V.i i for tli world' negro heavy
weorhi bumplotishlp. Is round to
T4u derision.
V lofereo Kdward W. Cochrane.
m m m hi
a T
Convention Hall
Pacini thP
fights within two weeks are
the tempting bills offered
Tulsa and southwestern boxing fans
this month. ' The Wills-IngMrd
battle for the world's negro heavy
weight title and the Ieonard-Duffy
go for the lightweight crown Novem
ber 17 are the title fights. It Is sel
dom that a city of this size has one
championship go more often than
onre a your and to have two within
a half u month Is an Indication that
the nportlng fans of this city are will
ing in go to the limit to get the beat.
"The greatest fighter I ever saw
was Aba Attrll." aujvl John J. Ili-ls-ler,
promoter of the Tulsa Sport
ing club, who Is stmrlug the Kenny
I'onard-Jimmy Duffy engagement
here November 17. As Iteislrr has
seen all great fighters of the last
three decades his words bear
weight In the never ceasing argu
ment regarding Ihe world's great
eat fighter. "Attrll not only was
featherweight champion, but he
had beaten the lightweight and
welterweight and aa for cleverness
and ring generalship, there never
wns his equal " Henny fonard Is
ranked second by Itelaier as the
gnuitrst fighter he ever saw.
Attetl, who is In Tulsa visiting
friends and looking over the oil
s-ame, says fleorge Dixon and Joe
Dans were the srea'es ftirhtern be
ever saw. Attell ranked them about
even wl'h Dixon hnvlng a little the
Artell was as ronnlar ft cMmnlnn
an h" vim treat fcnTcr and lie Is one
nf the fe-w ex.rtiaennlona who hits
mwlntalnesl that r"ri?i Is rtt v. He was
a rercnt rlrawlitie curd whil In vsnde.
vfllc anrt n'snh'n nmntli-w of a1-
mePTS thnnghit the ctintrv. At-
tHI'N great clmnirtrvisflca arc his
modesty and grnulno love clean
.AS a sforv teller Abe Is great. ITe
has a vst fund of reminiscences, one
nf which concerns nelsler and which
he told yesterdav.
Helsler'owns wevergl barber shot"
In New York nd trus Rels'ee was
slven the rnrnomen nf "Barber
John" or "John the Tarher" by
Oothsm snort scribes. A fell wss In
one of rtplsler1 shops one dnv. which
wa. patronized almost exclusively hv
well known actors. A 'cwelrv ped
dler hsd found that shop pronahle
and while Atel) wss rettlnr shaved
nsked Abe If he wanted to boy some
iewelrv. Abe aMd he would return
to ths sh"n within nn hour and pur
chase a trinket.
Meetlnsr some friends on ths street.
Aftell forr' to return to the bar
ber shop. Several davs later he was
sraln getting ghsved when the ped
dler ssw him. With a roar of rase
the peddler shook his fist In Attell s
face, meanwhile calling him vsrlous
Impolite names. Attell listened for
time and then hooked the peddler
on the lew, sending him sprawling
several feet away. Relsler rushed up
and said. "Man. don't you know that
la Abe Attell, world's featherweight
champion?" The peddler rubbed hlg
aching Jaw and .looking at Abe said.
This Is a hen or a time in ieu mc.
Mir,WATTKEK. Wis. Nov. 4 A
rupture of one of the arteries feed
ing the brain, causing a cerebral
hemorrhnse, resulted In ths death
of Tommv I'errv. Chicago light
weight boxer, Mondnv. according to
Coroner H. N. Franklin, following a
post mnrlem examination.
I'erty collapi ed In the I nth. nnd
Inst round of bis bout Friday with
Pamniy Mmlno, following a light
blow (o the Jaw. There wss no
fracture of the skull. An Inquest
wlITibe held Thursday..
Suit to recover damages of
1 1 70.38. alleg.'d to hive been us
talned .y the plaintiff In an autoni
blle collialon, was begun In supeilor
court yesterdnv by C. U Yancv
against the It.gbt Way laundry
company. Yancv say he was driv
ing south on Cheyenne aveuut
bis Hiitomoblle on November I, III1
when his csr was badly dsniased
when a ford dilitery car owned '
'he defendant ran Into th P'aln
tiffs property. The else will be
given to the Jury tod.y.
WIIMe Wlll'ams. accused of steal
Ing men's clothing to th lull- n
J2SS from room Svfi. New I'aiile
building. November I. entered s plis
of not guilty at bis arraignment be
foie Justice H. C. Msxey yestcr l i
and w.is committed f Jail unde
bond of tl.OOi) for irchmliiary hear
Ing Nnvf mber I 4
W. I, W Iggtns. Ir V. McCarly and
O. II Mrt'ir'y owners of the cloth
Ing. claim Williams, n Janitor, en
leied the rHm snd s'ole all Ihe
clothing left by the owners.
Moie pisn'ers from souberi
Oklshnma are rerrui:ng retioi
plcrters In Tulss Illith waces rffere.'
are an attraction I persons acrue
omed lo that work KnMre famine.
are going to the cotton fields by th
doaen. according to Director Wll
Ham J Squire of the federalists
employment Service Indications ar
tb the cottnn will not he picked
before Ihe first of March, plasters
'A 61HS1 To YDUf
' FOUR KlN&S .
y Rot Oot Hoo
A BsT OH H14VH CAnti.
' si
SO I "c Pot,
Matlson and IlnK-r Drfoot TomiToy
anil Holme In Koiiil-riiutl Itoiunl
Tiny In the first annual president's
golf cup of the Tulsa t'outitry club
reached the final round when C. A.
Maltson eliminated W. H. Pomeroy
nd Jay Paluter defeated t'arl
Holme In the semi-final round yes
terday. The scores were 2 tip Hnd
1 and 7 up and 6, respectively. Moth
matches were well played. 1'alnter
drew away from Holme In the last
nine holes. Mnttson and I'onioroy
played splendid golf, the result be
ing In doubt until filially won by
flay In the final round Is to be
for 14 holes and will start Sunday
morning about :i0 o'clock. Eighteen
holes are to be played In the morn
ing and II in the afternoon.
Three victories gives permanent
possession of the president's cup. of
fered for the first time this year.
Karli winner Is to have his name In
scribed on the massive trophy.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 4 In a dis
patch sent from here lust night ll
was erroneously stared (hat Kdille
Coulon, New Orleans bantamweight,
was given the popular decision over
Harry Ursmor of Denvvr, tn a ID
round bout under the auspices of the
American legion. JMo decision was
given, but In the opinion of a ma
jority of the sport writers at. the
ringside, Bramer outfought CoKlun.
0 SO I W TMC POT ' Mlhi uirru -faO : ' P0vr4N "
Championship Aspirations of Wills
toBeRealziedorFailJIere Tonight
Harry Wills, will meet Ssm Ingfort for the world's ncg-n title tonight. I
Harry Wills, New Orleans negro heavyweight, who f'n the past hi I
ears has been recognized as one of the leading boxers In Ihe game, is to ;
ee his ambition, that of a champion, be realised or fall tu-iight when he j
meets Ham Langford at Convention ball for (he worlds negiu biaiy-j
weight title. I
v X S
But uvreri,
You MAot Vood
Focfl KIN6S ultH
T0E1S AflE HlwMCn
toua H16H CAtlD
Iowa Grid Substitute
I ft Forced to Ride on
Top of Pullman Car
IOWA CITY. Iowa, Nov .--Adventures
of U C. While, a substi
tute tackla on the University of
Iowa footbull team, In acouiiipany
Ing his) team to Vrlnina. Ill , for
the game with Illinois, have Just
become known. White rode part
of the way on top of a piiHmau,
rlud In scanty early morning at
tire, and was nearly frozen when
the train stopped and he could
crawl off.
The young man left the coach at
a station to mall a letter to a
young woman. The porter rtmeiU
the vestibule and when Whim re
turned aa the train started he
grabhedt the side vails and climbed
to the top of ihe cur. where he re- ,
niained until the next slop.
FAYKTTKVII.I.K. Ark., Nov. 4
Oorham I.everett, star on the Itajror
back football team a few seasons
ago, Is now playing on the Clary
(Indiana) Tech team, ami accord
ing to recent press notices is one of
(he strongest men on Ihe team. Lev
ereit la the son of Mrs K. P. Ijever
stt, Whithsm street, Fayetteville.
The Oary Post, In speaking of
lverett's playing the recent gam"
with Ihe Chicago high school, clly
champions. soys: "For brilliant
playing, the honor of the day goes to
tl. V. Keverelt, who (orpeloed
through the riopher line for long
gains He (aught the leather on
Ihe run and never stopped until
half of the visiting team hnd piled
upon him. He (ore in yards through
thn (Jopher team and made a touch
down In thf se.ond quarter."
V I . ..c V I - I I .....w I ulIAS t
)J I toua H16H CAtlD V ' a woi?w . ')
Deuces arid
mttm mi
OH its:
GfilMM tD,
A ho Pot T it
- HO
oio ou EvtR
Book FoflM
SPtu n - ii
CHA-ntd uwe
That BtFoaE t
Klgrut Agrecnwsit to Mciet Joe llvkott
or (iesrgNi Carpentser St Now
rlona MatcIi 17.
MdHII.K, Ala, Nov. 4. Jack
Deniiisoy, world's heavyweight
champion, signed an agreement in
Mobile today to fight Joe Hecketl,
(be Fngllsh heavy weight champion,
in New Orleans next March 17, ac
cording to announcement tonight by
Doniinlck Torlorleh, New Orleans
fitsht promoter. The bout Is condi
tional on Mcckett winning his forth
coming fight with lieorges Carpeii
tier, the I retich chaniploii
The champion will receive 12S.
000. Tho flglit Is scheduled to go HO
Should Carpentler win the fight
with Heckett, ll was announced, a
representative of Turtotlch will he
In London to match Dempsey with
Carpentler Instead of lleckolt.
Jack Kent n I nunpsey's manager,
ra.ue to Mobile to meet Tororicli In
this city. The conference we very
brief. It was stated, us Uempsey
quickly sssented to the conditions
Hnd purse following the agreement
between K earns and Tortorich;
New York I'nlvcrslly rkvks Tbire) In
, .rl.lln.11 World With largo
iMrtvrn 1'nlverslllca.
Tho recent aiinouncement by of
ficials of Columbia university (hat
permission would be granted the
football team to branch out and
book gatnee wl'h all of the largest
schools In the east next year, was
evidently a glad hit of news fur
football critics and followers In New
York city. Slurs the announcement
was made, no less than a bundled
crlti.-s and pioininent students of the1
gridiron game have broken Into
print to pialse Columbia officials
ami also to assure plenty of eupport I
for such games, If they aie staged In
( lot ham. '- 1
Columbia Is going to make a bid
foi ,1 place In "he sun kI Ii llaivar'l ,
Tab-, Princeton, Pennsylvania, and
ll Is likely these elevens will havn '
it bailie to meet Die blue und white.!
Pennsylvania tithletlu officials, upon
earn:ng :tin 1 'o uiuhlo would lei
flee to book games in 1010, offered
Ihe New York college a date
Columbia has been ba. k on the,
football noip only a few years and
progress h is been slow. Not only
did college ofliclals prohibit ths
team from - playing on oilier than
their own grounds, bill they also,
supervtHed the booking of games,'
and In fact selected the learns that
were placed 011 tho Columbia
The announcement that the school
may me t the laiger schools on the
gridiron next year, probably fore
casts the foimt'bin of a regular
athletic, nswoiiwtion or council, and
this step will be welcomed by eveiy
college athletic association lh.it litis
bad iIcmIiiikn with Columbia In the
post five years.
Kvi-n though the ban lias been
removed and Columbl 1 Is permitted
lo book the more piofiitnent teams.
It Will be gcvetitl y.irs before the
blue and whl'e Is able to take a
prominent fart In football in the
east, as riealv all of the larger
schools have sh tped their plans since
Columbia was banned, ami they may
be reluctant I" give C0141I1 Dawson's
machine 11 favor. itile spot on their
schedule f r the present Colutn-
bin's big games in the future, start-
Ing wl'h next vcr, wl'l pronalily he
played at the Polo grounds.
The Dead He Is esMmated to con
tsln 2 " pounds uf sails for each ton
rf water.
r r,fj','-'"l'"l1 M '""It "f
' I ' I t. K sers. sals r !
Mir l,lmwrtps
aitwt enaes.
et t AlMTausjiM Ksunct,
trjii-'t si li . , . .'
MS HI MK Al Mfft tU,
Treys Wild
I tHlNX i lw
HOfAe !
OF Btwa :
Syracme University
Heats Rutgers Grids
in Annual Contest
NKW YOltK, Nov. 4 Syracuse
university defeated Itutgers col
lege In their" annual football gam
her today, 14 lo 0. The orange
eleven proved entirely tqo a'rong,
both offensively and defensively,
for I tin New Jersey combination
and Die Syracuse gual linn was
never In dingsr except 011 one
occasion whin Maker, the Itut
gers' rjiiftt terbi.cte Intercepted a
forward puss and sprinted Into a
clear field only to be brought back
lo ground ny Ackley, who, over
took ki 1 in uficr it long run.
I.AWnKNCK. Kan,, Nov. 4 With
Ihn victory over the Kanaas Aggies
hers Satin day, the' Kansas football
tram spears to have hit Its stride
and la going to be a hard team to
beat In Its remaining contest. The
Jayhawkera came through the Aggie
contest In good simps and will be In
even better shape for their clash
against ilenny Owen's Sooner than
they were fur the Aggies
liarl was the only Juyhawker (o
receive an Injury In the Aggie game,
and he will be back In practise be
fore (ho middle of the week. Ion
boig, who was held on the sidelines
Saturday because of a bad knee,
will bo sufficiently recovered to get
back Into Ihe game, and the Kansas
team Is expecting lo be able (o Win
from Oklahoma.
The punch, which (ho Jsyhawkers
lacked in early games
was in evl-
First Farmer: "How do you find
your new hired man, Kzry7"
y Second Farmer: "I look in the
shads of the tros neureeit to his
Drinking Wafer
Ileal wntcr mill Ihm service In
Tulsa. Certified to by city chemist.
Crystal Springs
Phone Owige go or A.
Dr. A. Reed
Cushion Sole
Shoes here only.
Just Received
Stacy Adams Shoes
All Leathers and Styles
Here Only
Superior Union Suits Here Only.
Karl & Wilson Shirts Here Only.
Wright Clothing Co.
The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx.
Southwestern IWtlsill Honors With
in I (') of ('JirtHtlsns I'ost
HrsMDtt tianio I.lkcl),
M,,ll i0 Tna W.trlil.
KNIli. (Ikla., Nov. 4 Willi a
score of SO'J points In six g.imes.
Phillips university Is eagerly await
ing the football game with the Trim
Weslryan unlyeislty of (Ireein Ills, ss
soother slep toward the champion
ship i f tho southwest.
Ihe Phillips goul has never been
crossed this season and on few or
casioiis has It been threatened. This
feet Is duo largely to the wonderful
line which Coach John Maulhulsrh,
former Michigan university star, has
deteloprd. Assisting ths line In thn
drive for the Southwestern honors,
Ihn Phillips hackfleld has developed
Into a scoring machine that Is sure
to spread terror Into thn ranks of the
teams which will oppose It this
Three Hard l.antca.
(Utiles nin scheduled with thn
Haskell Indians, Oklahoma Aggies
and Denver university, and a post
.mi son game Is sure to be played
with Henry Kendall college of Tulsa,
a contender for the Southwestern
Coach Maulbelsch Is giving his
men stiff workouts every night In
preparation for thn Texaha who meet
the Haymakers on Alton field hers
Saturday, November N, The Texsns
were the only players to defeat the
Haymakers In two year with the ex
ception of the University of Okla
homa, which won last year.
MatillsMMcli KiithnsUwtlci.
With several members of former
all statH teams In the line and In th
hai kfliild, and with every member of
Ihe squad working hard, Maulhetsch
declines he has a team that I sec
ond to none In the west. Ilraln, at
i e uteri Is developing Into one of Ihe
most aggressive renter In the conn
try. He la aided by Milam and
Owens at the guard positions and
Kurts. NnrrlN and Miller at tackle.
LAwrnnna and O'Nell at the ends are
lendly (scklers, faat and sure with
forward passes.
Strauss. Itoby and levl ar first,
string barks that would be a credit
In any eastern team nnd the I ml lan,
Levi, Is punting (h ball 16 n or
nioro Scliwlminer, Schneldei . ml
1011,. Hnlby and Hutchinson and the
oilier members of Ihe team are
heady, aggressive player and hard
worker at all time.
A tioort Idea.
A country farmer wlkd Into th
general store of th village with a
quick and dendd step. "I want."
said he, "(hat tub of margarine and
Convention Hall
Wednesday, November 5, 8:30 p. in.
IlosKsa Tar Baby UoWer
of ficli
15 Rounds to a Decision!
UKOHUK I'Ll'MMUl, Promote
Price Ringside, $5; Reserved Seats, $3,
$2; General Admission $1
East Third
Peter Mnrtln's, 13
(reel. Phone 141
sVptwrtght Ilook Spare)
207 South Main St.
that lot uf bacon and all the other
foodstuffs." "Hood gracious," sail
the recently bereaved widow who
kepi ths, shop, "whatever do you
want with all them things, .Mr.
tlltee?" "I dunno," replied. Iht
worthy farmer, "but you kniw I ain
the executor of your husband's will,
und Lawyer Stylna said I wua lo ts
sum and carry out all the provls
.ons "
"I IVIt like Mt Time llml Com
t mil orxatono llostorvil My
II. -111111, " says THI presser.
"I 'or two year before I found
mil about lht oigatnne Treatment
I simply wasn't worth a nl kel so
far as my health was concerned."
said Arthur Crawford, a well known
citizen of Hanger. Texas, who his
been a tool diesser In the nil f ebU
for over five years, while In tha
Hanger Drug company a few days
"I wss In a general run-down
condition," he continued, "bad
stomach trouble, end Indigestion ami
my liver waa sluggish. I neat ly al
ways had a nauseated feeling after
eating ahd many time I couldn't
retain what, 1 had eaten. I couldn't
digest anything scarcely and hesvy
foods especially, caused me trouble.
I had dlzxy spells and freipient
headache and waa very nervous.
My rest al nlgh( wua very poor an I
I just fell all worn out anl good for
nothing meat all ih lime. My
condition kept going from bud to
worse until I got to ths point where
I 1 bought my time had come and t
am sure I would have dlsl If It had
not been for Orgatone.
"I have lurt finish sit my slxlh
bnCle of firgutone ant I never
thought of It doing me so nicU
good in 10 short a time. I can sat
anything I want and that sick, naus
eating feeling has disappeared. My
food seems to digewt and I am gain
ing In weight and strength right
along. My stomach feels like A
new one and I can hardly realhW
that I am (h same person I wag
two month ago I oan saally do
my work without feeling all tired
snd worn out like I did. I 'n
feeling Ilk a different parson al
together and I have never seen th
equal (o Orgatone, and I am flftd
(o (ell olher about Ihe treatment
that is doing so much for me.'' .
Orgatone Is not a so-railed palsn
or secre( remedy hut a new gclen
t if lo treatment absolutely frse from
alcohol In 'any form and Is aold In
Tulsa try Hoy ft. Oalman'g Retail
tor exclusively, under th personal
direction of a pclal Orgatons rPJ
resenlallve. Advt ,
Champion of Psnavmsv, him&mg
Cou lender and Chgllsjataw
OS 8 AXE . "
Arcade Pool rtatl
Fast Third 81. '
.81. Past rH)l Hall (colored) ,
It North Cincinnati
Just Wright
here only.

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