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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 05, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 12

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!r Mm lire! Time Mnif Mrlng In
III IKfhv Wilson I Nil- Nit Irmn
Wnalilngtiiti In IWI llallol.
lUnlnr Mil-tin U (tnllwl off Mn n
Member . Iliillir In itli-
1'almi'r M'lil (.lux Iip,
WAKIIINOToN. Nov. 4 --With
eventl mnuhora nf I'i ! n t Wll
a turn i'iIiiiiim In thi'lr home liiwni
today in out their hullois. i lie nilil
no iliil i m hold Is r-ltd In i lues
rt V TrlPI-tll:(C ll we eipecled,, In
efctiemhic lu or In t h week, however.
In i1 ihciihh the rinil strike tnt Iho
1 1 li' I ri ' li . -f i ' r it corn ni IhmIoii on In
rtus'rUI unrest.
Ci.hinet i.ffieir absent Included
A ( I ' 1 1 f i y rioiienil I'u I in r i , who war
hi li Ih liimiii In fJ'roti'tw'.ii' r I'n .
at'd Moetelnry llli.'l who Was HI
I.vnrhliiii K. Va Heeielary Hakrr had
obtained uii iilmi'ii bailor from
Cleveland mul voted hy mull
Kor t fllS' UlCO stiue he llS
I'll In iho whti ti !. I'resldrnt
W'llHitn was un.iiiie in go in Inn homo
In I'i llll'fliill, N. ,1 In Cill hi IimI
Int. Keorrtury Toluol! v ld the pr
blent wan In "film t.htie h' m.iin
Intt hiiiI would lii r nt 1 1 1 In re
ceive thi election n liln ' provided
the- are good "
Tha lio i of representative was
mil III MoMHinn Inning tn'i nn mi
member frniii a' to whore rr- -
linn were iiring Hold could return
home Thi senate howevi r, con
tinued IIh illsi ii unl li ll (i f lint peace
stop Injunction,
miners' demand
for negotiation
COWTINtTKl) ritflst PAOK iN
construed by minora nfflolala, 'any
atatemenl to cntiilnuallnn of the
nirlka wmilil ha a violation of Hie r
1 rnllllnar order Issued In federal
rourl bora against thorn last week
In view of th.1 Mr I,rwia' statement
la taken to moan thai tin move to-
3' ward rnlllnj off tha alrlka wmilil ha
taken before re-opening negotlntlnna.
ITevlnualy, breaking hia alienee
hara for tha f.rat tltna a'n a ha "a"
, aerved arlth Iha restraining order
' from Iha court of Federal Judge A
.11. Aiidnrann Dial Krl lay. Mr. lwla
aava out tha follnaina alntamant In
ra(4f) to f overnmant tffiirta In nil
. tha rrlka nf appruilmatuly 411.000
aoft coal mlnraa.
"Tha nianhitiary of Iha Joint aya-
. tarn of bargaining In Iha mining In
dustry la Inlac. It wulil be a aim
tla muttar for Iha gnvariinipnt anil
Ilia coat opaialura auuln In a"l It
: In motion to nogotlala a waja araa-
WAfllllNOTON, Nnr 4 Iaaiilta
, tha aplilt or hupafulnaaa In official
: quartara thai tha and of tha onal
; alrlka waa nar. apokaaman hara for
tnlnara and oparalnra daelarad
. night tha country waa In for a pro
IraiHad Induatrlal airugila In tha
tiltuinlnoua flrlda,
lAbor laadera aatlmatad fhat all
union mlnra would ramaln i'l"a"d '
Iraat four waaka. dthor aairhiataa
out that tlma In half, but offu-lala.
although without word or dlraot of-
fnrla to bring tha two aid logalhar,
hald firmly lo tha vlaw that tha
alrlka would not run an long.
Thcra wara no confidential raporla
from dapartmrnt of JuiUce aaant
In tha flalda and raporti tn Waah
; Ington haadiiuartara of tha oprratora
announrad that ovarnliht condltlona
wara unchangnd.
Fltra Maglmnrai lrna,
Fual Admlnlatrator tlarflald today
. look aotlva oortroi of tha altuatlon
and mad a raad to fig a maximum
prlra of anthrarlta at tha flrat avl
' donca of attempt to advanca tha
arlllnf prlra.
Dr. Oarflal.t took part In a'veral
ocinfarancaa. but It waa auird of
ficluliy that ha hnd not dlacuaa1
avttlatnant of Iho attlka with opaia
tora. J 1. A. Morrow, yua prl
drnt and rxrrtitlva aai'rnlary of tha
National ("oiil uaaoclatlon and a f'ir
mar niamhor of tha fiial admlntatrn
tion a ufr. waa amot-g thnaa who aaw
I 'r. tlnrfli'ld The niortltig rnnaod
wldrapraad roporta that lir. llarf'a'VI
had boon rlalagutail to act aa inrdl
ator. Havaral olhar mamhrrn of Iha
furl adntlntairMlon atnff, hoaldra
Mr. Morrow, ma I r Harflalil
Tliluka Mlncra MI It.durn.
Allornry Hcnrrul I'almrr In a
' lattor today to a aMpliiilldtra
' rounrll, which l.roti-atad ugalnal In
Jum tlon prni'trdlnva. aoiimti'd now
notn of hnii.i duaing hla hrllrf
that If Iha fpdernl i ourt at In Han
apnha Haturdnv hold thn alrlka il
It'Kal. Iho mlncra. "in l.iw Hhldlng
rltltana. will illarontinua i "' Thia
lottor waa nmdo pulillc aftor tho
altornoy goncnila nffio li.id dc
tiled a roport that thn injunction
anlt would ho withdrawn
In hm roplv tn thn liolawn.ro alilp.
hull.lora' council of I'hlluitclphla Mr
l'almor aald Ihc fnf I cnn rnl ' l
wna otlll tn fmro. Touching .m hl
nip'hod of douling wllh tho a;riko. i
he aald:
I'hcio wcro only twn wa opon
lo mo to onforci. tho law', ono l.v i
riiniuuil nnd tho oihor l.v civil i
pmcon mlrhf havo
lntltu ed I
rrin: in.ii proaiMniionn
amlnst h-fn-I
niciin or AMicticin ilMon hut I I
pion-rro,! it rh;it In nrdor-
Inn Ihls atrikc (hoy acta nut enn
i inui of iho (in ll,,, i .,,.v w,tt.
vmlHtlng tho cr.inlnnl .iM ,,f ,,,ir
Country and that It aonld I.,. 1,,-ttcr
to havo iho iin Miiii udln In iti., h
tha cmtrtH In , lvtl procco)(r.ng
a"iimo that the minor lir ,tw
ahldug clitriim iin.i ihat thov do
not Innnd no' d"Mirp to dl'oln-v iho
'' "f 'ho I'nl'id Sta'ci Vmi will
cf cnurNc. Tif i'h lup that Iho
l.iaa nf ih.. Inn I niut ho nln vrd
and that thorn n nn nrp inlrnlon.
giom r pnmil In the I'ni'rd st:i'oa
which la nui'crlor In '!;c lui nf Iho
'Tho lw.ua will ho auhmlttod to
fho court -it Indliinapnlli n.'it Sat
lird.iv c.ilm'v and illapaialmiatolv.
and If thp court adjudgcn that tha
atrlko In Illegal. I apprrhend that
th rnlnor Ha law ahMIng rltlxrtia.
will (lla.nntlnuo I:."
Auk ti?irnia (o Ai-f.
Ppoclal proal.lcniiul coiuilVHalnn tn
attempt arbitration of Iho bltumln-
i'iib nm a'riao aa prnpn.oii In a row
olutlnn Introduced today hy ("hair
ran Kanyon of tho labor rnmmlttro.
Without dlsciiaamn tho moaauiV waa
foforrod to tha rommlftao.
Tho resolution providoa lhaf tho
fomtn'oalon hr rompoaod of throa
nituiLou who f hold caJi tugeiharj
it7? ir? and Salt Jewish Poles
Welcome Head of Polish Republic
Jrwluli I'nlra offrrlng hn-a anil anlt In Onrral f'llauilakl.
tn wi'liiimlng ilrmral l'ililk l, Hrilng prf Hli nt of tha i t'w ri'inilillo of
I'nland, Jcwa nf Iha vrri-d mutitrla iiiuiln lino of tha anclmit t'liadnii of
oflarlng linuil ami nail u tnki-n f fi irnilaliip ami hoapltallty. Onrral
I'llamlakl grarlouNly ai'c-ptil tha nffirlng. and aaaurrd thn glvrra Unit Ibe
frlamlahlp tliay hail Ihua inprraaail would ln rrturhfd in i'iua inmuiurg.
rapraaontallvoa of thn minora nml
operaiora of atich inMiea and iini ull
lawful inoana to I'Miiao I'lum to enn
aldor and aoiiln iholr illf fei oncoa
rlhould am h dlfforoncoa not lm nd
Jualoil or thn atrlko lot mlna !d wllh.
ill Ml daya tho cmnni 'ilill wnuld In-
voailgatn Dm .'nnirov'rrKy mid within
IK dnya puhllah it ropnil aoitlug f"rUi
tha re ul la of lla liivmiliniliiiii ami It
conclualniia aa to tha pmper lamcoa-
alnna, If nny, to ba madn by one or
both 'B I ilea.
The alutnmrnt nf John I, twla.
acting prraidonl of Iho I'nlto.l Mlna
Win kern of A morion tlwt tho Joint
aval em of hargaliilng In the mining
Induatrv at II I waa Inlnct waa rrgardoij
aa anothor encouraging nlgn. (if fi
nal roitoraied. however, that the
alrlka wnuld have to ho culled off be
fore tha government could offer Ita
good offlrea lo arblliwla tha differ
enrea between the minor and opera
tor. Onmprra' Nlaliinrnl.
Mr. (lompeia aiatoment waa laaimd
after hla return from Now York and
In reaponae to numerous roHioala fur
an eaproalou aa to chnncea of bring
ing tha atrlka to a a peed y end.
The atatement follow:
"Itopreaenlatlve nf newtiapir
have aakad mn for a aiatoment re
garding tha coal alrlka and the alt
uatlon. "In tha flrat Inalnnre II ahniihl be
known that thn demand of thn
which, upon the aurfacn
eeem an radical and fiir-idichlng, are
by no moana on. Kor aoveral yoiu
Ih minora, have not had more Hum
a half year a work - thole working
daya averaging from Ho to IHO dava
a year, Intermittent, by daya and by
week employment and Ihon unom-.
pl yinoiit. Tha minora aimply aak
for a roil til Hon of the working time
o thn! roal production and emplnv
inent may be regular ruthor thun In.
tortnlttont If the minora were per
mitted by the operator to work full
time the aupplv of ronl thua mined
would anon force down the price nf
rnal nn the market nml thin tho op
erntni are determined not tn permit
Tha minor raaa might be be iter bo
Woman Admits Her Sex Does
Not Effectively Support Law
'Topeka, Kan.,
Nov. i A nies
win king girl sn.l
, sago of Kansas
women hna been carried to the nun
women nf Kunu' during the las;
few weeks Dy Mlsa l.lnna lire e to,
secretary 1. f the Kunoaa slate Indu
trial Wilfitre coiiiinlaalon, who hu
appeared before nearly all the c n
venilona of the dlstricl foilorIliui
of women's rluba.
It inlsltt be , on-ldered a delb ate
lob, tolling the rlu'i womeii of Kaii-
! s ia that it la n oaay inaitrr 10 get
j the support of lanra woman In
enacting IokIhIu I 11 he p'ul to gta
I who oik In st.irea, ehotm factor e-.
tint utile an.i'h.r i gel tlune sitiie
Koitteu to holn enforce lhee sauie
laws Hit tnat Is 1 1 1 at what MIms
Hronelte Is telling the clu' women
"I find," nx ll ML Hresette, "it's
eae or to got a thousand women r.i
sitpp irt a law prnposed t" help the
roiiditi.iits cf woiklng glrla than I
Is to get .!, women to help onf r
such measure after they brcune
la e "
To ImnreM lei view o tot no th
r.., woien. Miss Hreset'e Ii.ii. a e-
,i. ,, . (r, .hii-i. an.. .iinlas
at the aomen's cl tli meotlncs iiii.
of thoje shows .1 wnnvin add'-oas n
a club mooting, a referendum ,e
tltion tn her bund Itenoath the pic
tiri' la tho cnplloii; '"Club piol-dent-
Wo all nuiet support fie
eiiK. tiiiont cf a la which vtl l re
sult In the storrs .'liming at It
i'. lock."
Itenr.ith Ihls picture Is that of
l"a Clark, 1 roddcnl, in a emic
i leisurely exam inittp a"tne d e a
gnods a clock In tho hackim-un I
I "ice fi ,-oitlv po ri'llig to the hour of
t Jn The caption roads "Clul.
Guess What It Is
t ited hy rhnlr .li'tiiundlng at leant i
five day of U huiira work i, week,
hlch la really umie tlmnlthoy are'
n-i lull led tn woik ut the present j
time. An iindei sin riding of those cmi-
1 1 1 l.iriai clearly nlmwa who lire re-,
spniiNlhla for thn pteaeiit nltuailnii
utid the ciitiae. I
H lion In lilt Hie mlncra re
ceived an-llii'ieiian of it) i cut a tun.
thn oporuturs r.ilsed the aolling price j
a ton. Hurely th rondltluiia and
the standard of 1,1ft! of the minora i
have dnloi loratod by reaaon of there'
Iwlng no practical advuncc n their
wugo unit thnlr earning power, I
while the coat uf living hu aoared ,
higher and hleher.
"Thn mandate nf the officer of 1
the flitted Minn Wnrketa nf America
w direct from the representative ;
of Iho men who at the recent conven- I
lion decided (hat uulen a aubalan- '
tun inii'iovoturnt in wagoa and a
regulation t)f the working lime wore
granted "the atrlka order ahnuld be
laaiiod lo lake effect November 1.
"President Low la and hla aao
rlnloa, therefore, hud no alternative.
pariicuiaiiy wnon trio mine operators j
tort the ciinroreni e, leaving Iha rep
roai'titntivoa of Ih minora alone.
"The Injunction eoeiired by the at
torney general could not prevent the
strike, for It wna Issued after the
trlk notice hud already gone forth
The Inlunctlon was nol only a' grave
wrong, but it gross, blunder It prac
tically takes ew.iy Ilia ronalructlva i
Influence of the offlcnra of the or
gsmlratlnn and Indeed, hara them i
from attempting to end tho atrlko.
Instead of conservative leadership
prevailing It pi. ices the whole move- '
merit In the hands nf local men whn
may vie wllh rueh other
,,.,in,e wl'h each other
nnd be at 1
If the In. i
Junvtlon wer vaculed and the de
.., ,,.,ent of labor Invite the nper
11 lor and the representative of the
I'nlled Mine Workers In a further
conference. I have all abiding fnllh
that a mutually honoiahle adjuat
mi nt can bv ncKnllutod ami effected
whereby the coal strike can be
brought tit an end.''
pr.-el.tent (addressing n girl clerk):
1 am sorry to havo taken so much
of your time, hut really 1 can't J- a'
decide wTTiit piece nf good i I wJailL
1 11 mine In hkiiIii some time!"
In line wltn picture lea-Min, Mla
llroselte remarked tactfully:
' You do not need a portion fnr
shorter hour fur g rl clerk. There
lire good laws nn tho statute b"nk.
What we nerd I a IIHIe Ind vidua!
petitioning on the nutalde that y.'U
dn your shopping before o'clock. "
Homo other siigi!on by Mia
Itreeotte are'
"If women have emml work a" I
reipunaibllltv with men why a't.ould
they not have equal pav'
"Women sjnmld hatn in work al'
tlng raihor than standing or stoop
ing "The eential for a mmntt'i
drea are comfort, durabl llv an I
simplicity whe'her In the cho.il
room, Indus 1 1 a cr the homo.
"Three Ih.nir, should le g'iar.i--tood
the women worker That he
ohall work a lea-nmib c time; that
Mho shall havo t ine lo rest, ant that
there shall he no hea y Weights in
be lifted
"Co oporatlo'i out l a well at
Ine'de will true .-ut lahir trouh'ea"
Wl'h auran e that no 'mcr
man' I within heirln. M.sltre
ette do. s not aMrk it telling about
some nf the uliorti" nunc of women
In indti'trv
" hile I be.lrve 11 Is a fad that
women worker a a ru'e a-o more
accurate than men," she c-'irinuo'.
"I a'eo find U 'S true that women 1
do not want tho most re.eni-lti e .
nlie; thov an. pmno not to think I
p. lot their noses'"
rniidn hold" Tuesday
I'atiK "ST.
uftcrnnnti fol-
Iteiijuii.lii A. I.ewla. Ilraiy, John
like I'll! klllll;. 'Illlnil, ll.u l.'lll II.
lilSlil. 'llllJ-.l, John I' ll.lly, I'nWI'K-
W-n. Kdc ii A I den, : imlp i . Wil
IiiIiii II Wllcrafi. Iitiifjji. Amlrow
T Waller, latif.n. John I'-rry
Urown, Tuls.i, Aithur Kullun ll.ii
ilroii. Tulsa. 1-K'iy H.fiin, I Mlif.it;
II i V'.iin;. Hilton; t hua. W til 1 -I
lien, Leuipah, lieorii" Kdnird
I huo. n. eis, W h Int.. l ulls, 'i'exaa,
Minnie I' Joidun, r.id-n; ll.iil.oii
fll ..ff.-i, ru lcn. ViII:mih T.ollmrt
M.lillN . ItllHll, Wtld.llil I'.l.nell
I ,
l lrli k y.nol Minima. I'."V '' '
klnson, Hapu!i.n, llninor ! Hioh'itio,
h.iinl.ii, .l.ihn ll. niy AiMt.n. 'I u Ian.
Ihnmi.s W ItnUowiiy. inn.i. Il "
I well ; l bumps. m, Vlnit i. .) ph
ill lill'lel.'V Until, 'i.'il Kc II ll.h'sMie,
i ('lev. I irid. 1. 1. lei. n IV i on ill. Vinlin.
i I'.litll .1 ItilVtiM.nd Sown M, I.HW
:len.e M YnllliK, I'llloll. Iloii-lill I'Hl-
I riell Mm ml. I., i. n.ii. t I. Ileiti.-y
; I'.idon, Win A Mein.ik I'liden;
ilimitii A lol,.r Mia ml. luy A
' Tn I roe, Hat 1 1, svillei Thoiiiii ('.
II Hi h.r. I'liden, I. It Tyiui In It .;
Itnlph li ir tssfli I I, IJnld, .lnhn V
I'm. I. n. In iiinrlnlit , llont-.i J l'r-ii-il,
1 l.eo Hpolding Viilti: l.innle '.
.jM.'i 'i.tiic. No .t i. Aitlim Tem
ple, I', ii tlesi :lle. ni.ver I'. Mc.
Tul.'i. I'harloH i 'niis: Miitcne. IV'W
liuskn: Thoniii II Crowf nd. Tulsa;
liimo T Itntiliisnil, Tuln.i; Italph
,M.ime, Tuls.i. Itiirke . Haylesa,
j i 'l.irein.ii e, Itilph Ininlnr, TiiIkii,
, III. him I I., I atrial'. Tal lin. John K.
' I'cpdletoii. T.tliilii. I .M ' til l ('. Holder,
lluttli'sville. 1 1 1 in in i l!eee. I mil
meice, Miln K. t'hew, I'n her;
CMauilu Jones, Miami; Churies I.. (Hl
brath, IMIalu. John II. Ilurtmesss,
TiiIiiIu. Jny I'liffi.rd llruco, Aviint:
Thomas II t'ryo. Avarit. Wllllutn li.
(Iroon, TiiI.ih: I. eland H. ltrlmore,
Hliickwell, Thoiiia II. Hohln,
I'ewey; Kred II Itenach, I'nwhuaka;
William '. lluffman, Talala;' Jooph
('. Waldrop. ("laremoro; William M.
Holes, Cleveland; William II. Hood.
Tulsu; James I,. Welch, tllltnn; Am
brose I) lloii.lrlck, Avarit; t'harloa
I'V Iiogwoll. Tulaii. Ju nes J. IIIIIiik
hiiiii. Knld. Ilnlll P. I'orter, Tulsa,
H. A Walker. I 'rum right ; (icorua
I. Ilriidrlr, Knld, Michael f. Ilro
di. hi, Tulsa; John Wilson O'Dell
Tulsa; John N Mlro, papulpu; Kloyd
I I. Hale, Hand spring; (ieorgo II.
I I laiihcnepeok. 1'iiwhuska; Herman
l M ullrr. TuU.i, Hlmron I'. M alone.
; I'awhuaka; Joseph I.. I iiitic-ari, raw
; hiiakii; Herbert I.. Keigly. Mkliitook.
Prank I.. Niitton. Hkiutnok; t'hulmer
l. Hick. Avant. I
I Charles ) Kelgley, I'nwhuska;
William (. (joff, Tulaii; Hei r Iiiinlop,
. 'uniiing: Ini Hmiih, (.ittuwu. William
IT. ItlHiitun, tillton; Itoliort K llulpln, !
: Miami: Ishjic I. He. .ir vi'itiMi.i- I
rWimicl W. Tennis. Cuslilnir Jacob I
Frank Krnchnar, Tulsu; (jaiur C.
jUrdlcy, Miami; Wllllmii' A. Arms,
ciiahliijr; Oeorge It. Klliott, I'lcher;
. I'hlllp J. (jlover, I'tiahlng; Harry ll
Hkelt.in, Miami; Hay Hosier, Tulaa,
Chai le i. Uol.erts, Chelaeu; William
IW. Jiiinur, Tula..; William It. ThU
tnn. fu Ian; Claud K. Hullnrd, Talalu;
Italph K llendlng, I'oin u City; Wal
ter II. Trevdenhorg, richer; t'lmi lei
llavona, Yale; Juntos V. Keith,
1 t'HWhuaka; Kdward L. Marshall.
I Marshall, Tulaa; William P. Jarboo,
Tulaa; Herbert K. Itandolph. Btt-
ptilpa: will 1). Curtla. Tulaa; Charles
l. (Joity, Tutaw; Iialton UUn. Tulaa,;
Harry C Vandewater. Tulaa; Otsl
C. Htowoll, Chelsea ; I;. I ward Arnold,
Hlghoarl; Arthur Mil 11 lev Wlddowa,
I'awhiinkn; tirii R. 1 loldMtn it h, lg
beart, Jake Keller, I'awhuska; An
drew J. Hummer, Illgheart; John W.
Melton. lllKheart; Medd It. Uoaa,
I Yale; Kdward i. Kllngoll, V.lnlla:
I Ituy K. Wlnchoa'rr, Inlla; Charles
iA Cloud. Tulaa; Hubert W. Mellow-
' '"tea; iiuver Huwinnn, mipuipa;
,oiiingion r;. i-ihick. Miputpa
(lonrge A Ijrtle, (ichel.itn; Harry K.
King. I'uncw City.
rtiNTiMt rn vwim ahk onk
had been Ins'ru. ted tn act a guard
for lift' mooting of neros In tho
church at Hoop Hpur the night nf
September 30 an I to lot no one pas
who could nn. give the password.
wretch, when iUiat lined, be oa d
waa "tt, we htive Juat begun" He
said he was Instructed also to kill
any while mnr who attempted to
j harks also wna the state's chief
'wltn.sa In tho rnaoa ag.nat fol
1 and Itllea
. , Kin'alcncil W ith l. atli.
I Miutln. (hargol lomiy with
I Hanks with tno murder of Adkina.
testified the leaders had told him
j that unless l. look part In tha.
1 Im.illn l. 1 .M K liltUil "
John V. Miliar, proaerutinr at
. tnrnev, iledanvl the t.aMmoiiy hd
1 shown that the trnuldo waa m't a
ice riot, bu. "organiaed liuiurrec
tlon" with .Ittlo race feeling di
I plavod Me declared It had been
'shown that rho union for aoveral
month ha1. 1 born planning an upris-o-
sot fnr the night nf O'tnbrr
unleas white planters acred to the
negroea' demands, as to prlcoa to ba
Darkens I'eautifully and Re
stores Its Natural Color
and Lustre at Once.
Cnriimnn garden sage browed Into
a beay tea. w.th aulphur and a'co
hol added will tuin Cray, streaked
and rnded balr beautifully dark and
linuriant M'xlng the Sage Tea and
Sulphur recipe at homo, though, la
troublesome An rsler way la to
got iho readv-tn-use preparation bn-
proved by the addition of oiher In-g-edlenta
a largo bottle at lltt'e
cost, a' drug stores. known a
"Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur Com
pelled " 'bus avoiding a lot of muxa.
While gray, faded hair I not sin
ful, we all deslr to reiatn our youth
ful appearance and a:trs.oMverew
i darkening- your balr with
Wveth'a Sage and Sulphur Com
pound f no one ran toil, because It
does It Vn. naturally, so evenly You
tuaf dampen a eponge or oft brush
wi'h it and draw- ihi through your
hair, taking one email strand at a
time; bv morning all gray hulrs
have disappeared Af'er another ap
plication or two your hair boronios
beautifully dark glrwev. soft and
luxuriant and you appear year
younger Advl.
rhl.'h thoy
III r.i 20
l an tra had turn "marked f ir aa
s.iealnatl'in" al.-'Uld thoy rofuae lie
declared prer'plia'lon of the trou
' hie the night of rVplemt ar 3n ''y
I tho mur lor of Adkina w.ia an atd
j dent.
The case i f n largo numtnr of
negroea hatred wl'h iiasnjll w'th
Intent" lo couimll murder a'n "l
f .r tiimnrroa , the prore-'titor nn"
in illlce I, while the cine i,f Ham W II
si.ii. chlirgeil wi'h the murder of
Corpora! Luther hlarls. cump.tny H,
l-'onrth Infantry, one of the unl'
sent tn KUine from Carup I'lke, la
set for Thursday.
Sayn Marriage Object
to Produce Children!
IlappiUHS Secondary
CIIICAdu Nov. 4 lliipplnea
nf lu.in and woman la only a e -onlury
affair In marriage, tli
prime purp. i of w hich ' to pro
d n il roloia rhlldron, I'rofoi- r
Wlllinm J. Imtant of Coliimdii
nriuer.ltv ii In a I. "lure at 'ha
Himil am la I ('liter hotn I net nlk'h.
"Where there are no cli Idren
t hero la no ni .rrliige." he added.
I'reo Inva la tiiui.sa hie l e pr.
fe' r ri i li li.'iliao cii.uesl9 of a
iiiiin are pi in d hy other men'
"l ilt If a won an engigos In, una
fret, love affair alio la held In r d-'
I'-ulo a ll del. lied I y her n.-n-i
hit is.
"Mnil men now marry after
thoy have l.ii'.i no liiciipu! e of
line." the professor continued
"nnd then in. a y uir divorce."
"Couria say th 14 divorce nre
due 10 crilol'y, drii'ikonne and
ha.f n doten i iher thins, but I ey
are all aroni: Tho thn-e fui d'l
montiil reas ir for dlMirri at:
"1 The natural vanity of buUi
no id.
"2 ry. hologlcal Incompallbll
Itf. ,"$ Lack of rhlldron.
Keep Liver and Bowels
Clean an J Active
Mb k heudilci.o, bl.lou-.n. as. .ottieJ
tongue, our, gaaay stoma h al
ways trace this to torpid liver; d
layed. fermcn'ing food In tha
l'nlsonoii matter rlng;od In the
ItitowtUica, ' Instead of boiuu caa. out
the aysteni la re-ahaorhed Into
the blood. When tlila pulann reach
the delicate drain tissue It caunaa
cangratlon and that dull, throbbing
sickening headache.
Cnacurela Itnniedlately clonnao (ha
stotnai h. remove the aour, undlgst
d food and foul gaac. take th eg
ress bile from tho liver and carry
out all the cor.: Ipatol vCA'te mat
ter nnd pinion. In the howcla.
A Cacnret tonight will have you
feeling clear, rosy and as fit 11 a a
fiddle by morning". They work while
you aleep. AdvL
paid lhain for rniton on
had worked, and that
1 1 . -s j w ai j.- iwi ... i i..yi ii-MwiLT..vvr . .: k - t jrv n
i ntK.NCII
tiinuTiKJi uvr airr
Itcvwrvl Mi r'arlan.l of h'lii
i re IimI
IhMlr Nalla With I7I.IMMI
NF:V YdllK. Nov. 4. itifverend
This Is the Engine That
Hundreds of Oil Well
Fairbanks, M
Engine Pumps Motor Hoists Air Compressors Fairbanks ScaJst BhsffUld Motor Car
CAMELS supply cigarette contentment beyond any
thing you ever experienced! You never tasted such
A full-bodied mellow-mildness; such refreshing, appetizing
flavor and coolness. The more Camels you smoke the
greater becomes your delight Camels are such a cig
arette revelation!
Everything about Camels you find so fascinating is due
to their quality to the expert blend of choice Turkish
and choice Domestic tobaccos. You'll say Camels are in
a class by themselveb they seem made to meet your
own personal taste in so many waysl
Freedom from any unpleasant cigaretty after-taste or unpleasant
cigaretty odor makes Camels particularly desirable to the most fas
'tidious smokers. And, you smoke Camels as liberally as meets
your own wishes, for they never tire
your taste! You are always keen for
sVesTOt ijtSVi
Cbarlea H MacFarland. general aee
n iary of the federal council of Ih
Churchea of Chruf lnAmerlru,
sailed today on the French liner I.
Uotra.ne with a gift of 171.000 for
Before you buy any engine ask these questions. "Who else
uses them?" "How long have they been in Bervice?" and
"How are they performing?"
Fairbanks-Morse "Y" Oil Engines are used at hundreds of oil
wells. During the past several years, they have built up and
and are maintaining exceptional records for endurance and
economical operation with little attention and low. upkeep
Ptmplfl In construction practically automatic
tlon no carburetors, valve, batterle. mlierfj,
swltchea or spark plug. .
Pperlal quick-starting devlre; air seal prevents oil from being blown, out
of bearing; punitive lubrication; aennltlva governor. No hot bulbno
water Injection. Guaranteed by Fairbanks Morse Quality.
the cigarette satisfaction that makes
Camels so attractive. Smokers realize
that the value is in the cigarettes and
do not expect premiums or coupons I
Compare Camels with any ca
reffe in tho world at any pricol
flTl " eewrewAwre as ecam.
mm pvttfN .1 jo oitntfu
es UOO ..r.(l..) M o
frassiao-asear-oeroro' asrMsi. Wm
ttnmtly eseaasaieno' rAs eartaa ssr Iha
aosae ar aaVo tmpply ot vnsw r (raewt
Wintoiv5lem, N. C
1 J
tha reconatructlon and relief of the
French Hroteatant churches J.ir
MacFarland will preaent lh gift at
a convention of tho French i'rotent.
ant federation at I-yona
In operation and regula.
timer, Igniter, magneto,
- Stand plpai-OoaJUiif Stations EU
v , r
"r ,V
'& n.:
2ii V

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