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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 05, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 6

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11 1
WORK . . .
ah will oomil.'lnitnt bar jxriunl llm hunilrU of thonn1 ef ad-
Ijughlxr. Mim Krlu-nrii- tiilrtm of (hm fun rum rrm atar
will rl In th artor' achlvmnt
during th unfolding of th etory.
INxlity'a I'vi-nin.
T'llKil rl, I ' It "' V W
t. A. M-i"1iih r-iana llaaKall.
Clark I; nii. ) ! I I' " '"
hOllHl. ....
Mrailumc I. It lUmil "'l 1, It.
Davu will rnii-rtiUn at aucti brhtga
111 Cumiiry
I'mplrt c I -. 1 1. with Mra Nll
0(ipii tnnivf. Jtotr-niltm noma in
i . . I i; (i Willi Mr S
Mi Hirni'V
Tijlwt rmitn'il J-lri iimn will
n-nHi In .ni:ir library
Cliil. In Wrlfara Imard will nifl In
huniKiin offir" at 10 o'rlnrk
I ,,le ail o. trinity gund wnn
Mr JmIiii i M-. -r
Hwtriil I'nrly
Mm J. I: Milloi if N'irili Mum
lrrl Mil'TLilli'd mm rwnlinc il"i
liK IIhi 'Mi wak In honor nf h,r
laugliH-r. Mim I'lai Hell Mlll'f
OamcK anil ri f i 'niii.(
inlnli-r- nf tlo- I lu.'lo wi-i-n "' "
mill m-vn:il n'Un'i ainl tl'-l'-goif il
innalr- rir li-i,Nlng ml-IiHoim to lUv
JIKXlf Of l-lltl-l t I'.ll ll III' '
ddI w.-rc MI-.1 n M iry ( nwiri, H h-iK'
"uli, Amli.-v VM d v, Klizii -lli
Kaufman, KMM'ii VMiuii, l.llnt'i
i 'unniiighuiii. Alivum rtiiirii-" lii'l-'i
Ham' li.tff, K'irl un.l l.wnun" I'-nr-ri-tl.
l-.nr! rd-hi-m. It-n K u k lu I rn k .
I.yn l Hlnni', J " k anil I'.uw.n
'illil. Kmly Millar an. I Harold
Itarrctl Mi. K. I-:. Iiarr'tt imll J
Mra M II In In her dull '"";-
llyiH-hka flub (liiirua.
Thi r.i will l.a- a rehnrl by th
My lik a ulun olmrua on Thuraday
evening In th.' litirury at 7 0
u'rln.'k. All an urged ' prp'-nl
aa th aonga In I if r tiour ! arf
thn- whli li will b en un natlunal
mainmlal iIm, Nvmbr II. at II
o'cloi It armiailrt dar. Th national
oouni'H nf wmnen f tha Unita-J
tltaiea and tha national fadaratlnn of
woinrn'i chilia hava ai"l aalila that
hour na a vlrlory aa wull aa a me
morial day.
I attic Hay.
Ona of th mtfraaiing avvnta nf
tbf wrrk will ba lha Mdlna day an
tfrlainmrnt In tha Klka hnnif nn
Thurmlay aftarnoon. Mra Jak
litrlifr and Mra. Jark Hiolt ara
Joint hnin-aaaa arid hava drrldrd 10
offer an innovailnn In tha wny of
ntorlalnlna lliilr friend and ih
frlrnda of tha rluh. Indira alltibln
to tha homa ara raii-lallv Invltxil
and aai-h vn la aakud to brlnt n
Wnnuuia Hub.
Mra. 11. M. Wardall waa hoaiaaa
to tha Womnn'a club at l iimai
In on Monday afti-rnoon. Tha tirn
crant waa Intaraatlnn. fluavaatluna
for tha food of tha club wera made
by main barn and Amerlounlsatlon
waa toplo lel by Mra. 1'. R Ooodala
aaalated by Mea4anifa A. H. Carvar,
K K. Johnson and Mm. Ulndaay.
Itcporta nf tha atata fede-allon meet
Ini war mad by Mr. . H. Mo
Carly and Mra. Harriet Wardull.
Marria AnrtowntTinmiL
Mlaa Nella Andaman, daughter nf
Mr. and Mra O M. An.lcrnon of
ihla rlly and Mr. K. E. Moehlmann
of Kanaaa City wera mnrrled luat
Htm day In th laat named oily and
will, after November II, fee at horn
to their frlenda At 607 Went Thirty,
ninth atreat, Kanaaa city. Mlaa
Anileraon ha many frlenda her who
will be Interested In th announce
ment of th niarrlaa. ,
'I ulna Town lub
Tim Tulaa To mil un ni't f"i I
lifsular buainu" aion Monday
menlti. in Hie (,rivl itlnlna lomn
'..f lUo Kennedy ipmnuriin Many
of thf ineniln-ia who have been
, iiw.iv in late v.'tl.m hiivlna rJ
liirni-'l, tlu-re 4t apli-nd.d iri"
,,ii' e. noil the I "
Inii-liMi gathered mouii'l a vn-ialne
l,i,i,i i. i tahle. After lha dHfi"H
dinm-r win h wan afve.l. M
. .M,iilM..I. Ah h, o.. i f Jli ' I'll'
i e i h w:im iinr..'l.id aa the ipK
.-. ,,f the ,. v . r.K
M,h Ah h to.'l "f the .m im I"
i.-ieeung nn.l un, . i" evpi i ; ii' "I."
I..!, I whlla in lh govern". enl aerv
I. . i;urln wKitirnea. fitHt while
...-HIMC In 'he r. I in depart
,n.-nl lii tin h -me town, I" l'i
in. ii 1 f. :i"W.n lh" '"
, ii .... in.-l it'"" l l" '
..-.'I .'--III "Ii -' w.ie a!!-. ne I
i HI VS ,lll HX'-'ll. "'I v'"! "" '"
j ri Ine f ..e.. II, . lit Ml'
Ai. ha M'iw wi. rn.-ei interaaiina
,, ,,,,MII I iik ii". ",,lv
it rut part wi'UH.n pluyail In helping to
? . ... .. 1. ,. H.Ulllltill M
-U ' II.' I, ...
Ihe thlnn nf i-..iieno ii' e wmnen
v i-i w tu-i e are lining nowadin a
Th i luh a ailemluii waa i:al.f-l '"
thu linp.-iiJiiiii li.'d drive and
It waa de.-ide.l that the lut wouhl
he IHU per rent III llieln hl-l h I p
It wiu Hlol.'d lhal III" lit-, .-mmiy
l...,iei lm i.i'i-n forwarded tu the
department Ul Wiiahlngton for 'h
loan of a lrlm-il organirer who
will carry nn Mm woik of Ihe roin
munlty war earth', whl'li move
iiienl the Town rlub. aupported by
other rlvh! rlut-a. haa eponaored.
The eluh wih n lue iiioiilhly
lla nwn bulletin nf Mi doinga of
rluh member, thla tu ba don by
Mlaa Kurd of the high a. ho fitf
ully. Mlaa Ilakar, the Bi.rretary and
member nf Uir boat I of governor
of tha Natlonul Women Anaorla
tlon of Cnmineroe, mad a abort re
port nf th work being done by the
national aJia.M-Ullon.
A vote of II, link waa amended
Mra. A. ). Kennedy at whoee home
a niOHt dellKhtful Halloween party
wild given the ilub on evening Ine;
The nt meillng of th club will
be ut the Kennedy reataurant
rhapirr of lladaaveah.
The opening meeting of the Tuliri
chapter nf l.laHMiixiih will be held In
the home of Mr. Churlea Ihiugl
till Woodward boulevard. on
Thuraday, Novtinher 6, at 3 p. in.
A toy aliower for the orphan of
I'aluatlne will he given at Mil meet
ing All -membera, and thoa dir
Ing'to beoiiBia member, will h wl
eoin and ara Invltad lo com and
Wing a toy.
Mr lam Hunt. Jr. In re overing
from n rr 'in Hiro.it opt-rUon. '
Mr ami Mr Kdward Ketrhiitn :
ere leavlrig tu make Ihelr f'jlure :
home In Mireveporl. I 1
Mra MatM-l fainter, who h'lii leen
v.al'lng in V Irlf.eld, K4111 , I out r- ,
turn, a Iiiiiii"! 1
Dinner JNu-ty.
Tr, and Mra. Cnariea D. T.
O Hern 'will anlerlaln at dinner In
th t'nuntry olnh on KVIrtay evening
In honor of Mr. and Mra Hubert
King of buy ton. Ohio, guewta In th
hem of Mr. and Mra Wall I'hll
II pa.
For VNItora.
Mr J. Wt-Hley I'oaai. Jr., will en
tertain on Krlday aftarnoon with
luncheon In tha I'ountry rlub for
Mr. W, H. Warnork'a guaata, Me.
dame Granger lnon and W.
Rutherford loine of Hoelon,
I'rayin- MitvIot.
An Nil day prayer eervlve will l
lield In the mine of Tigert Memo
rial church nn Thura luy. The week
of prayer ha hern condensed Into
one day. Lunch, will ha brought by
the ladle.
' New ub.
Mr. H. P, Mumea will entertain
th Wednesday afternoon bridge
olub. It flrt meeting Meruher of
thl lntreting club are Meedamea
Wad tiwen. II. C t'hllda, J W.
f'hlld. U Ktrman K. K Mcluf
fln, Caul Jannlnfa, William Kekllty.
II. T. Delxing, C. B Wataon. J. T.
Taylor and Mra. lluah Mraenalada.
Itoeurd of Mlaatona.
A meeting of the Chrlatlan Wo
men' Hoard of Mleaiona will be held
at th home of Mra l. W. Holme.
711 doulh t'hynn. at I: it o clock
Thursday aftarnoon.
Al OlniuT.
. Mr. and Mra Heth Kly will en
tertain Infnrmally at dinner on Tuea
day evening In th Country eluh
honoring a don of their frlende
with a dlnnur of gam.
Akaka kania Damira.
Th dancing cuitlngant la Inter
anted In tha malum and rualla
dan.e to b given Friday nlghi In
the Kennedy cafe The Sequoyah
and Atoka members are eapaclally
Invited to b prnt. Tha Akaka
Kama rlub will entertain ' with a
formal danr on th v of Thank'
gltlng. th event to, he naaoclated
with th aonuaiomrd -cordiality.
Wee fNilk I.gmihfon,
Mra. Thon.au K. Hmlth ha !
ued Invitation to a luncheon In
the Country club on Saturday when
If you haven't heard nf th Tula
Flower Shop look il II Wt Fifth.
I'hon tihuge IIOJ.
Pathe Dance Records
Arc. IMMtiT
Iaitcft ItriMiilwar Illls
Exclusive Pathe Shop
flNn. Went Fifth
Modish Footwear
for Milady
Today' new offers an exceptional foot
wear vulue for every woman.
A shoo that portray., fashion'
let tlemaiuls perfect fitting
ant! a mode that will enhance the
beauty of any costume.
Offered for Today's
Shoppers Only
F'ootwear for dress wear in Mack patent kil. Full fox
vamp. Mat kid tops. Ituttnn or lace styles. Full
French celluloid heels. Hand-turned soles. An extra
nj.ecial for today only, at
Mr a lid Mm. U I O trine hnv I
returned fiom a few ili)i e!.i at
ArUmore, iiklit
Mr an d Mm J ; f noiuer of
..i.vei, i '..I., are v.el'inic fi lend j
Ttif Ki-niti. n. luu will meat I
VednnaftHy nl'.-i ii.-ori .0 2 ..'. lock
in the library Tin leader,, will h I
MrN Matt .'em.
Mr aid Mib .I'arl ' M'iaryj
will rh.'ing II -,r i,lil.n e I,. ltii
Went hurht.'.'tilh xir.-.-t i.o- wl'l be'
at lionu- th.re ullei .'.'ii. inln-i ' I
Tha I'uft M.iiri'ii Int. 1 i:..t.-rti
Pin.fl. will meet I'ri.lm iif'i'inii'.ii al ;
:to ,, el.. i d In ' the In. f Mm i
.li.lin Meri.-iii..i.'her in i.w.-n puk. j
1'r and Mr A. J II. 'Inn ,,f I e 1
Mi.iii.-h. I11W.1. ..ri- viMi'ini- 'heir
daughter. Mrs i W ll-ilinea, of
711 South I hey. 1, ne uv.-nii.-
Mi Mut in l.;iynmn of I'enver
I the giieat of her mere. ri i.ien
II M'i'arly .nil In M.i ,nty nt
Ihelr home on Ninth Innver live
rule l.yrtn.
In llaet'a new phoinpliy. "Th
HI If n t Man," which will he n.--ii at
th l.yrl today. Mi Kim will he eean
aa the .iojm lutnr of 11 K-inibllng
plare In a itiinll town on ih- hut-ler
nf the Artitona i1.-Hert I'liilng th
unfolding nf th atory. In bin char
acter of "Handnotne Jack" ruHnley,
he doc everything h ran think of
to foil "Hill" Hint hut. of loiirne, he
fit Dei
Hart aft about recovering hi
mine, and after a erle of adven
ture In which thrill and aniiMutlnna
rl to the 'nth degree, he win thf
uneven fight and Incidentally ha
Ihe pleaaur of knowing Ihnt th
heroin of the elory ha given her
heart to him.
Hart' tola In 'The Hllcnt Man"
give hint iiiHtilfoUl iippurtunltlc to
il lap lay Ma hilenta aa a gun fighter
- a resourceful, tlreleHa. frarlea
contender agalnat odd that would
dlacoutag the average man, and
To Help Nature Shed
a Rod Complexion
fluuly devourt nlhiialMlle ovnr
th biill';it. i.illtla ef mareolliW
wai. Nalaan gluroveeeg within rewil
)inl aneeaiplifkaa to pnh-h, o qntrkly,
without kerm. t ii'h aaall pent. Tk
frui'lpal reaioa for Un aondorfal mrll
that It wark In ktrmsnr with plirik
l(Ml lw. laitaad ol kHlni enniplcalaa
ileteeti, It reetnx ll.ern II a- m l ly lake
off ik aaa (aaad. illew. frarkled er
hlolrhy aorfaee tkln aanlly. (rtd.iall.
ruitnf na Inronvenienrn l Ii Niur
r of renewing eomplloiia.
A' ban tha nlural iivih It rlrj.d
kaetni af nVtaianl rlrmilikn or nr
tan, aisreulliwl at tnai Ui the rc
nil hail.. th akin thrttilliif. Tha w
enmiliien whlrk appura la a nalartl
nn. loiiikful hxllhr. 'I'llaltely taaiitlfal
If y' ner lra4 nteeonllaed waa, l
n nine af II at th dru alor. 11 a al
la-hl Ilk Mid rm, nulling It off la
tha morning Advt.
Winter Coat
Special $55M
High graiV'coat of the ort
you nevr dreamed poaalhl
at Oil fow price. Irg
ahawl of convertlhln collar
of rich fur or aelf material.
All coat full lined of rancy
llk. Many amart new atylea
for chooalng, Including latatn
variation In artralght Una,
flared, belted and yoke back
effect. Kvery popular winter
color, If you tiver wanted to
aav without aaoriflo of tyl
or quality, now -la your opportunity.
New for You
Fmart Tweed Raincoat,
leather Coata.
Hhort Coat of llafrin Heal
Iianclng Krocka.
Huit Hlouaea,
1'lnld Hklrta.
Ileiiutlful Hull.
JL . mm. MM . M - WVMaM '
I1 1
Waited Teeth WMften '
When You Remove the Film
All SUkmtmU Atpvemi h Hit Dtnitl AtHtueiHa
A Ten-Day Tube of
Peptodent to show
70a ha effects. Send
the coupon for it
tan-da ttt ol a tooth put wfefck
VItw yarg of tttta
Laadinc dtnuatl grry-
Thtg la to arc
combats tha rum.
High aothorttiei ba-a prorwd it
nat placad It bryoral qtMition.
wner ara urging ut adoption.
Compart tha rttttlta with our old mttboda, and lt jrirar
own tibj daclda.
Rim Deitroyt Teeth
That aHm lUra which jrotj fed on your tth tana
moat tooth troubtaa. Every modem dentist know that
ratal Kianct, for many yaara, haa sought a way to nd it
That Aim Is what discolors, not tha taeth. It la tha basis
of tartar. It hold food aubstancc which farmaota and
forma acid. It hold tha acid in contact with tha tctth to
saute decay.
Millions of braad In It Thtr, with tartar, ara
tha chitf cauts of pyotrhaa. 80 tha major objsct in claan
log taath is to kp tham fraa from film,
Old-dma methods fail to do that Tth stJll discolor,
still decay, as millions of people know. Tha reason is that
bruthinf does not and the film.
The film it clinging. It gets between the teeth, enters
crevice and stays. Day and night, month after month, it
la a potential source of danger.
Now a Way to End It
Science now ISas fotmd a way to end it Five years ol
teat hava proved this. The way is now embodied In
dentifrice called Peptodent And we urge you to too
what it does.
Peptodent Is bated on pepsin, the dlgestsnt of albumin.
The film it aibumlnoua matter. The obiect of Pepaodant
la to dissolve it, then to contttntly combat It
luein mua ba activated, and tha ntual method is
hrmiul to tha teeth. So pepein long teemed
But acience haa .tow found a harmleaa actrvatms
Look in 10 Days
SM bow clean the teeth look
bow they glisten. Then you will
know what film removal
an set'
method- 't is ude uta of in Peptodent
Now mllliona j teeth ara dally cleaned aa they
wera beiora. T.y the method ten days on yours.
Send this coupon for a 10-Dsy Tuba. Uaa like any
tooth paste. Note how clean your teeth feel aftar jaing.
Mark tha abeence of the alimy film. Sea how tha teeth
whiten aa the ftsed film disappears.
Watch th results for a few days. Bead In our book
how tbey coma about Then decide for yourself what
tooth pasts you and yours should use.
Oat out the coupon now.
Th New-Day Dentifrice
A Scientific Product. Sold by Druggists Crwryvbarn.
Ten -Day Tube Free
D.Set IIM S Waa An. Cai , Dl
Mall 10-Day Tube af
dent to
Hunt's Daily Store News
NO. 5.
On Suits Thursday
Seventy-five Suits j fJJQ 00 fQ $ fyty50
See the Wednesday afternoon
and Thursday morning ad
vertisements for details.
The Window Display Will
Give You a Fair Idea
of The Valuea Offered
On Sale Thursday Second Floor
500 Dozen Handkerchiefs
Lawn, Flaxon, Printed Jap Silk
Valuea to 20c
A bijr assortment of handkerchiefs. Fine lawn with woven borders,
colored rolled hems hemstitched hems with fancy colored edge plain
white with hemstitched hems printed Japanese silk. ,
' ea.
Crete de Ch in e 1 Cl Cents
ft M7
Valuea to 35c
White and colored crepe de chine
handkerchiefs plain hems and
rolled hems colored embroid
cred corner design. ,
Flaxon, Linweave and Shamrock
Lawn Handkerchiefa in plain
white, white with embroidered
corner design.
12',c, 15c and 20c Each
Lin weave and Linen Handker
chiefs in plain white or with
c o 1 o red embroid
ery whito with
fancy borders
Madeira embroid
ered. 25c and 35c
Pur Linen Hand
kerchief a W 1 1 h
dainty embroid
ered corner plain
white linen with
Armenian lace
edge white with
colored woven
stripe border
white with fancy
Pure Linen Hand Embroidered
Handkerchiefa with white and
colored designs printed and em
broidery combination designs
fancy embroidered scroll corner
with colored design.
65c', 75c and 85c Each
Fineat Hand Embroidered Hand
kerchiefa white and colored em
broidery, lace trimmed and Ma
deira hand embroidered.
$1.00 to 92.00
Plain White Hemstitched Linen
Handkerchiefs. 25c to 75c
Juvenile Handkerchiefa
Linweave and linen handker
chiefs all white
with embroidered
nursery designs in
colors white with
dainty colored
2 for 25c 25c
and 35c each
Linen Hand Em
broidered handker
chiefs In all white
hemstitched hems.
75c each
IlalMllcrrrhlrf fVotloa
Main Floor
New Lines New Comfort for
Stout Figures
Corsets designed especially to meet the re
quirements of every figure that is inclined to
be stout. Troperly Adjusted, the flesh is dis
tributed, curves accentuated or modulated as
the figure may require. While the model is
important, it is the perfect adjustment which
is essential to supreme comfort and graceful
Stout Form Carset
and be convinced of their superior qualities.
t'orn IVpt. Thin I floor
limine! a lpwnt
nl af Mirror caa
ala. Th- hi:nnt
aa not lh otic
! We rfrt
tra-dlnt-l? Iai Ihia
aHiull rrur. aa w
aaran ! kr thltr
ly a-rnr) in ur
Kaahlon 8htt
Mrai&nlrv" (loot

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