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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 06, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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l,jnl..l .nr lUrrrtt
V, Oik' Mil " w"
In -rlMlM,
lluH.lr.-.l- c,f Mrikli.K Worker. ow
I li kllltf 0lln fcllll AtWIMUIff
Odu-r John.
i.i :
. Worl.l
Kll. N'v. 6. "No man
nu-lii i Interfere In tUJa
r ui m:m will lntrfer. Tm
.r f.'lrn; to h opi-rated Jui
. "' y mu'-rtinv any or-do."
Th'.- w :iW- Chart. F. 4Mr-
i.. ..nliti-a I.Hiijtrl hv k'rl
r, i: .!'. , .. . V. ... . ..7.. ... ..f C .
i i, h not t "Mow inmpecknifd
.,11 il! Ihl' Mill"
i . ih'M.'i n'larv mine will be
lk, iiniN. .I.nti'ly. I'limn for pro-
.il liuirptl aim warren
iy .y 0
Juat ho
nto 'hi 1
Innimk""' i" i
-rt f 1 1
l'i,.f ir.li tin roal minora are df
, rin in"! ""' "' r''"lrn 10 'h. .haft.
n ! v 'he lume numbjir that urn
Mini . "t"m anil at oincr jooa.
Tii- in- n
ninny men will b put
i ,k ami MimI how much
in ('Viircffl con hi not
Four iiiliii'a will bj op-
Oolagah Coal Field
to Be Developed by
Tulsa Capitalists
B(MX-il to Th W o. I.I
NOWATA. Nov. . A. C. Oun
thtir of the Cunther City Coal A
Mining ronipativ. uy., unlny th.u
th. j conipany would alMt mining
con! In th OoutiiK'il) fl.hl. IK mliei
anuth of hvre. ado ut Junuary 1.
Th. com puny ouna f00 cr of
li'iLBfn uinlrr which thire rSina a
S 2 Inch v.ln of coal at u depth
of It feel. The roal l of nrni
tlonally flnu iiuality. The coal la
mined by thn .tripping proi.-eaa.
Drilling Iiuh tahv lxri la an
HTKh'-foot vi in of coal on the
a me property at a depth of 420
fret. The Htram ahovela, which
will b. uaed In nilnltijr thn aurfitcft
coal, are now on the road. The
Miuntht-r Mlnin Co. la rniipoit)d
of Wichita, Tulaa and Cherokee
lUnl.mlllo liuHlncwt Men Want All
Cauilo tc(culari Tintfil.
Sjifrnl i0 The V,u!J v
t'Mc ('iiiiuiillti'fl of cliMnilicr of com
merce, Hcrlierl It. Htra,Kht, Ki'iii'i il!
nmiwiM'T of the tfniplro nil (Mi
i o.. chairman, ''aftci a lenicthy li e
ctiRNlun voted In the city ckiiiiiii'h.
nlnncia to pntui an uini'hilnn'iil to
ihe iiM'Hriit milk nrdlniinre prm I.I
iiik thuf'Nll milk aold In liiirtleavlhi
mnai uiiine from con a that have ,een
numecirii in tne Intini ciilln terns ni
lea-l once each year; a an that all
dalrlta aupplyliiR milk to cona'Unnra
ilium iinili riio mi inspection.
Thla actum on the part of tho civic
conimltteo followe ihe cnnilemnatlnn
of m out of 7 or the prize winning
Toelann herd of llolnteln lYetHian
cattle ToiiImoii. owner of the herd,
waa present at the meetitiR and urfted
Ihm tneaaiirea he taken to provide
fothe tuherculln teats.
CI SIUNO, Nov. 5 - Heps are he
I nf taken by buaincH men In tirovide
:i frei! full- for CuhIiIiik next I. III.
CHR'KASUA. Nev f. --The Jurore
whom I Man let Jii'ls-n Wlil I.hui per
milled Vii go Into the col Ion fleida
on Monday to help farmers, will re
turn to Jury ilutv toniofrow.
SIIAU'NEK. Nov. 5 -Mies (ler
truile VVtlny, of t hlcatto has accepted
the HSKiHlunl pns'oinhip of the Kirst
ritliylrrlin i hurch here. She will
direct the yoiinK' people's work.
VIN'ITA. Nov ft. rarv Caldwell.
Iiiwyer. and lr. Hen l)"liklns added
apli e to a dull day In district court
will! a fist flKht 1 1 1 iKi.l was dniuii
before court attaches separated
open season on ijuall begins Decern
j her 1. lien Watt, s'alp as tne ami fihl,
I u al lien .aiiiioiinccs No one will he
allowed to ahoot iiuall after J 1 n -
her SI
KN1D. Nov. Ti. -Thomas O, Mc
ClaiiKhlln. a student at I'lulllpa uul
veralty, has bi-en recommendud as a
Khintt'S sci.nl. ir f,,r i.vf'ii.l univer
sity In Knalund.. 1 Ins year the I'ulted
States Is allowed 6:1 llhodes s holar-
lliistiafid "TTi new c -on .a r
tiilnly i u-t - i ii.,' w ' 1 1 1 I i en-i- kn.'W
that she wns all nl trie place'
tfe: "Shu isn't Sue .'fi tlila
niorulng." 1
i WASIIINiiTuN. Nov S.- The f.il
lownm 'patents h ue been Issued t.
( ik lit ho ii i ii in ihe couiiiilsisiiiier u
S I'll S .1 ' 1 . '! Ill . II I I V i
corn. Hi hUi I'.o t. rail hunt. Chu'le.
It. lilirke. lul-a. II T lloyd, t II lu
bus. and .1 S ZiiiU, Tulsa, n.eihod
f.'l pi ...In. ins' n i . i: i ' u i fn Mill I.I,
liiiiiU-1 II. Iljl.l.ai.l and l lluppert,
a.-s'i:iior to A II Ken, Sin. I Soiiiiks
faucet for ui'liM'in.H tnoullen i;'i'1
It.ilieii Mi ll i ny
I'lilieia' iMlelinl' I'hoiie i!& 1 ! I
1 Soil h M 1 1 n A.lvl
TAMLKgl'All, Nov. 6. DurliiK
the pronresa of a hwvy wind ami
rain etnrm a few nlalits Hro numbera
of wild (lin ks, tossed about by the
yule, became blinded by the electric
IlKlCP and flutteied to the crnun.l
tine clili'ii, on his way down the
main atruej, chukIiI two of the fowls
whlc,li were flullcrlnr helplessly
ie K't!lnK 2, 40 a day oh
ii era.
Watitnl (1nn rsitton rotra for
mni hliicrr wIihth. Call for McltnMini.
World Ijhlg Adv.
will mean a great deal to you
from now on
tiood Values
And when we say good values
we mean that we are selling
that are hijfh class in every
ispect. All-wool materials, the
latest styles, highclass tailor
ing and a wide range of pat
terns.. The price is only
Clothes Shop
IF YOU are even thinking of build
ing, call on u and we will help
you in a practical way. Our busi
ness is helping puzzled prospective
If I
m mi
302 N. Main.
Phone Osage 78
In Most Shops Our Selections
of Staples and Novelties in
Would Be an Event!
With uh, it h a habit!
..There is prolutMy no nhop in this country
which can show anything to touch th
variety of Hcnsonahle hosiery which we ar
now showitrif. Staples itmi novelties, do
mestic and imported, in all weights, colors,
and combinations, anil at prices as low as
fifty centa, and low whatever the price!
Extra Quality Silk Liale Sox, in black, whito
and colors; spliced heel,
Bole and toe 50c
Pure Thread Silk Sox of superior quality, in
black, white and colors; spliced heel,
sole and toe 90c to 2.00
Pure Thread Silk Sox, in black with self or
white, han,d-emlroidered pjain or novelty
clox; also cordovan or navy
with white cjox. . 2.00 to 3.25
Ribbed Cashmere Sox, in black, white or
Oxford, also brown, green or blue
heather mixtures; spliced heel
and toe 1.00 to 1.50
Imported English Fancy Cashmere Sox,
spliced heel and toe 1.50 to 3.95
Wool Golf Hose, in heather mixtures,
with fancy cuff tops. ..... .3.50 lo 5.95
(Curtis 3roun
Tlio lau-KCMt Distributors of I'liocnll Hllk Mimicry
In tlie Kouthwcat
A Sudden Death
Is the cause of financial hardship
to many families. Death, surprising
many a man apparently in the flush
of health, finds many a family poor
ly equipped to handle the property
.Jt'ft them.
Have you ever put in the question
to yourself: "Am I properly and ade
quately protecting my family, my in
terests, my loved ones?"
You may have said to yourself, "I
must look into this when T have
time." Pardon the surest ion, hut
are you likely ever to find a really
convenient time?
If you wish y Insure capable man
agement of the estate you leave;" in
the interests of your family, investi
TRUST COMPANY jjives in this
A pleasant discission with our
Trust officers on the subject will not
only enlighten, but will agreeably
surprise you.
Exchange Trust
14 East Third Street. Tulsa, Okla.
Affiliated with The Exchange Na
tional Rank of Tulsa, Oklahoma's
Largest Financial Institution
(fijcclf a riff ejr
At 20 Stores
This Great Sale will be in full force and effect at each of
our Big, Busy Department Stbret throughout the entire
Month of November.
m mm.
Corner Second and Boston
Everything for Everybody
We Clothe you from Head to Foot in the very beat standard
merchandise, and our November Sale prices lire the lowest
in the stata. Supply all your winter needs now.
November 6th
November Clothing Sale Begins Thursday
This Is the Bi Sale of Stylish Winter Clothing, Furnishings, Dress Goods, Blankets, Underwear, Shoes, Millinery, Ready-to
Wear, etc., That We Hold Annually at Each of1 Our Twenty Stores
Our Great Annual November Sale
Men's Fine Suits and Overcoats
Hundreds upon hundreds of fine parments to select from in
best materials and dozens of stylish patterns. We can still
sell you a splendid suit or overcoat at a reasonable price.
Otrcme values al during this sale at
$14.50, $19.50, $24.50 and S29.50
Men's New Fall Hats
In both nobby dress shapes and staple styles .and all pop
ular colors, for '
$2.95, $3.95, H95ano $5.85
Best Winter Hosiery
f or every member of the family t money saving prices.
Woolen, Silk, Fleeced and .libbed Hosiery in best makes
and all colors. A
Stylish Suits "for the Boys
We carry big stocks of boys winter suits
that are both dressy anil durable. , Fit up
the boys during this Great November Sale.
Best values at
$4.95, $5.85, $6.95, $8.45
and $9.85
Warm Winter Caps for
Men and Boys
Hundreds to select from. They are stylish
ly made of serge, leather, fur, cassimere
and chinchilla. Best values at
75c, 95c, $1.45 and $1.95
New 1919 Ready-to-Wear for Ladies and Misses at Money Sav
ing Prices, During This Big Noyember Sale
All our new winter ('oats, Suits, Dresses anQhists are now in and we have a garment to fit every figure
and every purse. Coats, Suits and Dresses of fine materials in most fashionable models at
$14.50, $19.50, $24.50, $29.50 and up to $49.50
Oklahoma's largest .Shoe Dealers
Our chain of stores sell more shoes by far than any
other concern in the state. Shoos for mn, women and
children in the nevy newest 1919 styles that are made
upof fine, soft leathers that not only look good, but
will wear. We also have a complete stink of men's
heavy work shoes and hitfh lace boots." Shoes for men
and women that are durable and dressy at
$3.95, $4.95, $5.85, $6.95,
$8.45 and $9.85
November Underwear Sale
We are by far the largest underwear dealers in Oklahoma:
We sell all kinds of underwear for men, women and chil
dren. The old weather is 'all ahead of us bo buy your
underwear during this sale.
Warm Winter Blankets
Our stock of Rood winter double blankets Is larjfe and com
plete and cold weather is just now on us. So come in and
lav in a romplete supply. Great values at
$2.4 5, $2.95, $8.95, $4.95, $6.45 a $9.85
Gigantic Bargains in Choice Fresh Groceries
We Guarantee These Prices
For First Ten Days of Sale
Finest Flour, . (tr Qfl
per hundred tpD.Ot
Army Hacon, put up forsoldiers in France,
moroufthly smoked and sealed in 12-lb. tin
cans, which keeps it fresh and
line, per can
fiest Navy Beans,
12 pounfia for
Fancy Sugar-cured - Picnic Hams,
per pound
F"ancy Peabody Coffee, pound (?" AA
35c; 3 pounds for tpl.Ul
P. and G. Naphtha Soap,
10 bars "for
Best Compound Lard, large
size pails, per pail
Best Rolled Oats, large size pkg.
regular 3fc seller, per pkg ,
Fine Parlor Matched, large size
boxes, 6 boxes 2Tc ; dozen
Standard Sweet Corn,
2 cans for
Choice Rio Coffee,
per pound
24 c
P.est Compound Iird, medium AQ Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco, OJt
sized pails, per pail ipliUi 2 cans for .-. LdJj
Arm & Hammer Soda, full pound nr
packages, 4 packages for aweJv
Best White Laundry Soap, OPt
r bars for wOC
Best Axle Grease, 9c box,
Star or Horse Shoe Tobacco,
pound plugs, per plug
Standard Canned Tomatoes,
2 cans for
Best Canned Kraut, large size
regular 20c seller, 2 cans for .
3 boxes for

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