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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 09, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 11

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mm m mii m , bsi
r h - m la m. m. a m
and Deep Monotony .Prevails
;a Guardsmen and Cora
,'lcs in Third Regiment
Merely "Waiting."
; the Soldiers to Picnic
ami Challenge Them to
Foot bull Game.
Il!y i-.ri, HKpniCK)
. ,rr t'oticapondent.
, viTTV Nov. 8- "There la
f'"'1 ' ....Ill Th.
llCetl III!
( Hi. nun bi-
Inn- ln-i'ti encountered to
I I t- mi
, Hii. I' ll cause of the monot
',, i ,, k cf Hti enemy. The
I,..: .- .-in to be I" belllK
. ,, i ( m tint rontrury they
,i dleiiosliton to ironc
tiers whom dovernnr
..r;...,',,i.l. i-d out "to keep or
.,,,: i!,e s'rikltiK minera."
' r m held k l.IK barberAie
i.... extended an
rll. c.l '''".'. " ,
I, u Tin tr
,'l ii.mi til lo ucocit Ui hoapl-
r the enemy."
i,,-.r, th- j.U'k wloldera liava
I MMT.ll rnninnil lemon
I al practice; ror (runic
tin nu n. One (tamo haa
. . .. .i . . i 1 1. . . .-
i iiliiM"'! io date ami ui" I"""'"
fr hi, ih" soldiers. Thla miRht
..1 i in- only battle" of the
sl.'-' from loncsomenesa for thr
( huni" nnd 'h'' dlfftrulty aome
I.,, .-iinks nr f liifJiiiK I" cOoklnK
h n-nh K ihi-ra I" not a (rrcnt
lufciisc for ootnpsiltit. All the
- r heated with K nl 1' v"1
,t nf l.inilliriff.
:,t i hriiM..l.iKli-nllv "I'euklnR
lie i oil') nrrii'cri linn uivn ui nm
' ' i... c..i
liiiizi'i11". c oniinanucti i' ,..
,riis lv Mol'herren or uiiraiii,
,,).,. ,-.1 atraii'trU'ully In woven ao
cit ii'tora. no Ihat In the event of
mt. nti.vk or outbreak, the
Lnltimeti ct.uld ni'k,y ,liKe "''P"
put down tho trounie.
So trouble IH expected, aaiu
I M. I'll, rrrn, "but n -a aro pre
,, fur cmor!fnrU'a. The miners
i tr(ke, m i" na fur an w can a
iiin. m xtiivlnic at their homes.
kiM lniu rr nf the mine property,
in nil' cmit-rally In 1 It-nryotta.
I ilie ulli'-r rominunlllea, have act-
vi-rv fili nillv 'o tho Ki'r'. "nil
tru-t Hi it notlilnir will happen to
r thr friendly roliiUoim estab-
ii'-l '
The (III let In IH'lirrvailna'
L. . . . .... .w-
t t ntiu orueriy inn im
nl'Mi.ii riiiinil tli iiiKfl In tnia
I. ili.ii many are hrclnnlnfr to
jilir win n they will ho ornered
ie ai'iln. All lilndd nf ritmora are
i 'I. hut the iiiuirent tmllfferenoe
lh" pir! uf the miner ninkos It
.unslhle In f.ireciint whnt will hap
here, i r how limit ihe rfRlmunt
it iwiiiiin to K'inrd the propertlea
la uenerally believed by the
inlMinn tli.it when volunteera be
gin to appear here to work the Idle
mloea the atrikeia may attempt trou
ble. No orginlted attucka are ex
pected, but a 40 per cent uf the
men living In th Ut tuna are of forelxn
nntlonalliy, and acuuatomed to In
dividual or guerilla method of fo
menting trouble, atepa are being
taken to Copa with any development".
Hut deaplte the four houra of drill
each day, with Itmpecllon on' euuh
Haturd.iy, and the other routine of
camp life, the guardamen are find
ing it a real job to keep contented.
The poealbllily nf lota of excitement
thati rauaed almoal Hfi per rent of
the munibera of the different com
panlea to answer inoblllxatlon call
10 daya iik. haa not muterlalled.
Hence, there. 1h a feeling of unrest
and dlaaatlfa'tloii ever) where
among the men, not at the guard,
the food or camp llfn, hut over the
dally (rrlnd of guarding aometlng
that apparently doe nut reo,tilre lin
ing watched.
"Who ataited thla old coal war.
anyway'.' 1 wlali that fellow hew In
would atart aomethlng, or we fel
lowa will dlo of Inertia," one alrap
ping Tulaan remarked.
"hcii 1ii W io lloiii.?"
Another Iniiulred, when do go i
home?" Still another oueile, "1li
we have to eat Thanks-Mug ar
ChrlKtmna dinner down here .'"
"l-ordy, but Ihla 1m a iiulet plaie
to abut up 1,IHI I) red blooded men
Almont to a man. the guardamen
bellrvo that they will have to atay
in the coal fluid part. If not all win
ter. They eay that moat of the atrlk
lng miner have either n "neat egg"
laid away, ur have been able to atock
up their liirdera. The rlaaa nf minera
who have gurdonx, amne chlrkemt, a
few plga and a cow, however, are
aadly In th minority It act-ma that
moMt nf tla miner ronalder am h
tonka menial and heneuth their dig
nity, and aa ni"t of them have Inrve
famlllea, the hnuaewlfe la too tmn
to junk after amh IhlitKx.
Merrhanti of llenryittii any lhat
the minera In the Hnnryetta f l M
were among; Ilia bml paid In the
nation, and tlifct their little aback
In the hllla. vulleya and laolalril
placiti, are all well furnnihcd
Aa an evidence of their good clt
la.inablp,' the minera have kaued
the following atiitcmenl:
Minera IHH'laro loyally.
II KN It V KTTA, Nov .- I'm
much aa the governor nf Ihe a'alo
of Oklahoma ban aunt the nnH""
al guurd Inlo tho various coal luUi
Ing cenlrre of Oklahoma '
aerve peare In connection wltli th
coal alrlke, which went Into et
feet October SI. we, the under
HiKiied committee, have been an
tlnirlred lo laeue tlie follow in
atatcment In bi half of the tnlneia
of lleur)etta and okiutilgen coun
ty: ,
There ahnulil he no uueatltin n
to the loyalty of the miners to
their country, which has been tuliy
Woman's Says Nobody Can
Come to Her House With
out Hearing Good
of Tanlac.
"Nobody can rotnn to my house ;
without hearing about the good Tan- I
lac haa done me, and I am always I
einglng Ita pralaea to my friends." (
auld Mrs. K. Kmnie of 280& C'anul ,
atreet. Houston. Texae. j
"I had not been a well woman for !
fifteen years,"' she continued, "and 1
seemed to be Retting worse till the
time. 1 had no appetite and the lit- j
tin I did eat soured on my aloniach i
and the gnu that formed made me ,
dlr..y so 1 was afraid of falling. My
nerves were In such a wretched i
alnie that 1 could hardly eleep and
when 1 closed my eyes I could nee i
millions nf stars and flnshoa of light. I
"My condition got to be bo aerloiia :
that my aim got me to try Tanlac, I
although I had tried about every- j
thing without getting any relief.
Since taking Tanlac my Improve
ment has been constant, I eat A
hearty meal now and my food la glv
Ing ma atrength. My nervea are
quieter and my sleep la aound nnd
restful, thoae headachea are leaving
me and I feel stronger and better I
thnn f have In years. Several of my 1
friends nre tnkinit Tanlac on Iny j
advice nnd are benefiting by It us j
much na I nm." I
Tanlac la sold In Tulsa exclusively
by Quaker Drug company. Advt. j
"The Post
This post isn't piftcil with eternal life Rut it is
treated, with Distilled Creosote and will last as
long as you need a fence post.
L B. Crcosotcd Fence Posts
Arc Made of Long Leaf
Yellow Pine Only
1. It is decay-proof strong and durable.
2. It offers a good firm bed for staples.
3. It i.s strong enough to turn stock.
1. It sets rigid and straight in the ground.
5. It is good to look at smooth and neat.
It gives from 25 to 40 years' service
Minnetonka Lumber Co,
OTIS L. SNOW, Manager.
801 liwit Third. riiom- OMgi 20S
November Specials at Harlow's
Get a Hat for Nothing
Come Se for Youraelf and One Look Will
Convince You
Every hat below cost. Heautiful assortment uf
polk bonnets, French turbans and nifty novelties
of Kold lace and fur combinations. KJegant pat
tern haUs of paradise and ostrich trimmings.
Wonderful and original picture hats; unbe
lievable values at (I "I Q QQ
and below. tPlO.tO
Think of it, all our best hats, $2.").:J.") and $1T,
$1.98 1 $13.98
500 KioY Hat Below Cost
Plume and Veil at One-Half Price
Ready to Wear
lust received, a line of Children's Sample Coats.
bought them right, saving at least 50' ; . Women's
Coats, Suits and dresses all priced at large reductions
to make room.
Ouiiiik iins fur women,
ev.ra inl
'Iiil'ln n'a ulecplng
PlMlflllM ,
"in, -us fcungalow aprons bought
I fun. ili,. raiso
Children sweaters, nil colors, small alzea
A re il vii lue nt
Ml Ntilo nf Sllp-Ovcr SweutiTB Niw In Slock, Spt Tliitu
! ii, nils; fme r
f"r e...,.f,,ri. .
$1.69 and up
98c and up
$1.48 and up
I K'T.i h, :iy outing; light and dark;
, 1 1 ' I
H"i" huii-lln, 3d Indira
I 1 1 : i ' i- iir. ss gltichain:
'-"""ful patterns
It la Only a yui-alliui of a IVw Daya Till Vimi Niitl Thrill
Cotton Illankets, (IO76, In tan
Bray and white
I'lalds. r. f! x H 0 . a dandy
good value at
Kjtra heavy plaids.
6S0 ;
I'laza lilnnkals. 668U. heavy
mined wool
I'lalds find crays In all wool and wool mixtures, BlixHil; (it
r .vulu: $9.98, $11.50, $13.50
We have Just received a shipment of Sweaters, 1'aliner Comforts.
t;et our prices un them before you buy. t
A real stock of slip overs, priced
to suit your needs
Children's sweaters In a special lot,
all colors Monday only
$6.98 to $19.98
Shoe Department
Complete line of Peters solid leather shows for the
w'holo family1. Shoes are too high to buy poor ones.
!''"' vVeaiherMM atltrhdowna for boys and plrls: the most wear
money. J a r
' ''! 1 sire,
$3.50 and up
1 I wr.
8Vi to 11 $4.00
12 to 2...t $4.50
2V to 7 . $5.00
hlch top boots In brown, erav and I, lack: high and !"
n lir prlcea repreaent one-third flf i0 1
to one half saving $5.98 aiK. Up
inn si: siioi s
We are Tulsa's I'lreest distributors of f'-lt
dive you any sljle or color at
than what others charge.
Children's felts, hltrh or low tups. In red
or blue, soft soles or with heels
Women's felts, any kIj or color.
Rpecl.il v;ilues In small ai.es
Men s fel's, all desired colore and
st les. per pair
leather boudoir sllpmrs; K'ood finality
and colors, p, r pair
Tinted satin boudoirs, all the shades
you want . p, r pair
Indian Moccasins for men, wAmen
and children .
h'liiee rboi a and ran
from one font Hi to one In If ei
98c and up
$1.69 and up
$1.69 and up
$1.25 and up
demons! i a ten and afknow Ie laed;
and their it iisoluiely no reason
why the nilt era of Hits, or nr
oilier mm ii. .o nf the country,
should ,e ,ulraff to III,' puti!C
.is a law - li.l.i t :iik eleiucrit, mere
ly liecause llie h:ie rxer.'lseo
thi.ir const Itiii.oiin : i-ikM lo s'llKc.
W e want to ii-sure the i itUem
of I Ii i ri ! in and K i n n I -; '
i nuuU . us oil a Ihe I . 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1
e have th. Iiitlii'"! iiK.n'1 foi
tlui law In c, i no-pci't, mid ih.it
Hie lUIX'.iliiM In co o. CI It.. Willi
the cl' ii II. I , nil nt y t, 1 1 it'iit I t '.
the fur! In si iMiii! In i a 1 1 hii;
till- I-IH llllo . rf'c t h,llll I tl he
un wi.irv. , in i In r v. ant toa"-
! Ii,- i,iill:c a lute that ii n
d,-r no en cm, Hi.in, ,- will Hi., law
V in 1. 1 1 lojl of ulil chill' let he con II
I, I i.l 1 1 1 ,', I l, lilt- III I It,-1 .-I II lid wo CN '
lend a , ,i ,,l. 1 1 c c "in,- h, 'he
I i nn 1. :il I I ,, I I , i! . t l 'oii
nli , ly Il Ii th, iii and m nn, oh, u
I OS I IS I 1 l 1 1 N Nt.. I' I' Mil
Guess What It Is
will mean a great deal to you
from now oil
mctior.s TRANrcm ajid
Oatlm. r.'VIni; l.tf.at Uo.fsf
Vtn. .nd fsepi tens IHtk.rt for
Moua.hold Oaodt.
W Hold Frnmlte Abne rroftU.
rkaij U711I
LJKItK la an offer hm ked by one of your personal
ft lends a man whom ymi have known for a
Ion,; lime, and In whose bone-iiy you have Implicit
confidence. This mini Is your local druaglst. Ha
Hill till you Hi it be has been sellina; lwit' Halve,
formerly ,sle,l limit's t'tiri', ever since he haa been
In luis;n,-i.i. under Hie strict aimrantiv. In nromutly
refund lh.' iiin Iiiim- ,r',e t,i anv d Isxat lef led user."
lie will ,n lo mo, -Take hutui. a bin nf Muni's
Siilte and if it Is nm successful in the treatment of
Itihiiif skin diHcii.cs. I will 1 1 m i 1 1 y ifund to you
your 1U cents "
lliint's Snlve l especially compounded for (ha
tre.ilnictit of lich, O'fciiui, Itluaworiii, Tt'tlrr, and
''other itchlnu slun iae:i--i
Th (lenet.il M.inaKer of the 1.11,' Valley Hnllway
Co. iloldfield, Nt-vtidii. A It fioodeuotiah writes;
"At one tlm 1 bail .1 very bad case i.f tUn'rua,
whi.h ttouhlcd in e for se en or elirtti years, and
fi !! Iioiich I tried all kinds of ini-dlcine and several
il"i l""i. I K"t no I, lief until I used lliinl's halve.
I! fm 1 11 v cured me "
let lets have been received, testifying aa to the curs-
Intel ful rente, IV
i. ,ui drui!ci"t irtiout Hunt's Kalve, formerly railed
bun this ad. and ask III in If the atatetnenta herein mads
Th"ii'iains "f
live to, t is ,.f ibl
1 1.. i, ! ful In
Haul's t tire. -Ii
HI e If, I i ,i I i'i I
Sold , all ii -tollable driiKKlats everywhere at 76 centa per bo. or Bent
due, I on re, ci, of stnmim or money order.
A. B. RICHARDS MEDICINE CO., Sherman, Texas.
Buy Where Buying Is Good
Never before have the people uf Tulsa and vieinity bad a belter opportunity of buying
hijrh-Krade mrrchaiuii.Hf at siicii prices as you will find in every department in our store.
For this season of the year when fall and winter me lvliaiulise are much in demand you
will be astonished to find Ihat we have such values as wt; offer. We do not sell our
merchandise by a WONDKKFUI. SAI,K, but we do sell our K"ods just as cheap as you
will ever Im able to buy honest K'X'ds. We Know a dollar spent in our store means a
dollur value to you.
Of l!roadcloth, Silvcrfune, Vebmr, Chinchilln, Velvet and Plush. Some of the colors
I'.rowu, Blue, Pekin; loose and belted models; larjre collars of fur and plush; izea
from : to 17. Price ranife
from ,
$5.00 1 $25.00
of fine Kroadcloth and Silvertoims, colors are Navy,
Prown, Purguntly and Pekin; various trimminys of
buttons ami fur; atrcs 11 to 17. Prices ranjfe from
$15.00 to $30.00
Materials are Velvets, Velours and Proadi'loths, in
colors, Blue and Brown; fur trimmed; ayes 2 to 10.
$3.50, $5.00, $7.50
ciiiumi:s s ash misses' silk dresses
of Tafl'etH, Satin, deoiRette CrVpe, Velvet and Silk and
Satin combinations; some of tho colors, Rose, Green,
Navy and Brown; aires (5 to 18. Prices raryr from
$12.50 to $20.00
Made of Rood materials In tlever styles with regular
waist line, full leathered or plaited skirts; pretty plaid
and check patterns. Special
$1.29 to $7.95
Fashionable Silks
A Attractive Values
SILK I'OKLISS Colors, Hose, Green, White, Navy,
Pink, Copenhagen and Taupe; beautiful material for
dainty waists and dresses; 16 inches d1 OpT
wide. Unusual values, per yard, 79c to. tj) LdO
DRESS SATlS beautiful array of Dress
Satins; all new rich colorings are shown; .'5(5 inches
wide; priced at, per
I11IK" mu Pfiunii, t iiilii..-t
$3.25 to $4.00
SILK FAILLE An excellent quality of this well
known fabric. The kind that Rives serviceable wear.
In colors of Blue and Copenhajrcn. f7f
Very special; priced, per yard tj)xlti
CREI'E Di: CIIISE A well-known silk fabric, popular
for all occasions of dress. All the dark colors for street
nnd liyht colorings for evening wear. Full 86 to 40
inches wide. -Priced at, per yard
$1.95 1 $2.25
CIIIFFOS TAFFETAS A very bright and lustrous
Chiffon Taffeta, very popular in dark colors for street;
also liyht colors for evening frocks; 36 inches wide.
Priced at, per yard
$2.25 1 $3.00
for the
School Boy
Clothes of striking individuality and service.
Hoys appreciate Rood clothing. They like clothes
comfort ami long wear. They are happiest when
their mother purchases the kind of clothes they can
tear around in and have a real boy's time witimut
fe,ar of ripping or tearing their clothes.
Special pains are taken in the making of Ol'I'CI.K
B1LT suits for boys; they are especially constructed
to meet th" tugging and pulling of outdoor winter
spoits, and als to meet the demand for the dress
up occasions.
A fine selection of patterns and fabrics to choose
from. Specially prieid
$7.50 to $20.00
Smart Hats for Fall and Winter
A large assortment of large and
small Hats; Gold and Silver Lace
with Moline Velvet combinations;
the very latest word in fall and
winter wear. Unusual values at
$15 to $25
A wonderful group of smart fall
Hats; Silver Cloth with Fur
combinations. Very specially
priced during this week
$10, $12, $15
Banded Sailors, large variety to choose from; all colors.
Special for the week
$10, $12.50, $15
Children's Hats In rnir display of children's you fill:
find anything that you may have in mind; wonderful
vahi's in Beavers, Velours and Velvets. Special prlcev
during the week
$5, $7, $10
Nynico rain ami dust-proof Hats; just the thing for the
fall sea-Hi ; wry attractive and serviceable; (ijpf f(
all colors POUU
1 i i'sif ) ( nrxtt li ptirlnu nt trill mean a great
Hdi infj to you
Tulsa's Popular
Priced Depart
ment Store
Exclusive Selling
Agency Queen
Quality Shoes

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