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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 09, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 17

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Gdall paper boosts
Klege football -ir
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Everybody Says:
Oh! You
The Full, Clear Tone
of each individually toned instrument is pro
duced by the all-wood violin tone chamber and
the famous Pathe Sapphire Rail. The music
flows from the records; isn't scratched off.
NO NEEDLES TO CHANGE on a jeweled PATHE. The Sapphire Ball never
wears out.
PLAYS ALL MAKE RECORDS And plays them better.
RECORDS DO NOT WEAR OUT Every PATHE record is guaranteed to play
1,000 times.
ALWAYS READY TO PLAY As soon as you slip on a record.
THE PATHE CONTROLLA Enables you to play any record loudly or softly
with the same Sapphire Ball.
And in addition, the PATHE has all the features of other talking machines.
Yet the PATHE costs no more than an ordinary phonograph.
Large Variety of Beautiful Rugs
Very Popular Priced
Sixes 3x6, 6x9, 7,x9, 8Vi10V,
Axmintter Rugs in an extra heavy
quality. New and conventional
Axmintter Rugs in teamed
and seamless Oriental and
conventional patterns. An
extra good value.
Seamless Tapestry Brus
sels Rugt, very pretty line
of pattern.
in Knnsl.
Cash or Time Payments
Wilton Velvet Rugt, extra special value, very
serviceable and pretty color
Extra Special Value in Good Grade Linoleum
Good quality Linoleum is one of the most important furnishings of the home and you
may put the utmost confidence in Linoleum that comes from our store for it has
wearing qualities. You may select from a new and most complete line, very
attractive patterns and the pattern that you will prefer for your bathroom or
kitchen. '
Genet Furniture Co.
New 116-18 S. Boston
rhottr 7S
Second-Hand 115 E. First
Dione Onajr ttlx
Odorless Gas Heaters
umt ww if f j! a ff yr f mfm S "
"The Gas Heater With the Glowing Heart:
No olhfr Gas Heater it like the Lawson Odorless,
more heat than any ordinary Gas Heater.
4 .
There is an Economical size for largest to the small-
est size room.
No. 0 heats room
No. 10 heats room
No. 20 heats room
No. 30 heats room Li
Price. $6.00 to $20.00
Set Up in Your Home
Compart The lawmoti Odnr
tMkrm op ttlir apaiw. 7
firm out more boat than or
dinary M mUiTTm. two or
Lhmt timra lt alar and price.
Thn aW )arfcft flat top -
Mra rna to fbt
top for boiltnff inu,
Ir-J-r, Vrt a aappiy
whOa ear atorfc la
km mm
These magic words proved a mighty magnet drawing thousands of people to the $75,000 Grand Opening
Sale at the North Main Department Store yesterday. "People actually came to this sale from all over the north
ern part of the state. The, public is forcibly reminded of the good old days before 1914 when thousands flocked
to the big bargain sales that until yesterday were only pleasant memories of the dim past. The North Main De
partment Store received a warm welcome from the buying pubhVat their grand opening Saturday.
The first day of our sale was a success beyond our fondest hopes and highest expectations. Your 30-cent dol
lar again looked like the dollar of your daddy's because it once again had an actual purchasing power of al
most 100 cents. The big North Main street store with 10,000 square feet of floor space was crowded, packed
and jammed to the four wal's. There was a crowd, buv you were jostled by a plea ed. good natured People.
Expressions of wonder, delight and amazement at the extraordinary values were taard on all sides. The big
opening was conducted with perfect satisfaction to everybody.
Monday morning at 9 a. m., we will again turn loose to the masses the mistiest avalanche of majestic bar
gains ever gathered under one roof in the history of Tulsa. Never again in all your lives will you have such a
golden opportunity to dress in such rich raiment at so trifling a cost. Leave the field, leave the home, stop
everything, drop everything COME MONDAY.
At 9 a. m., sharp Monday morning the very second the doors open we will actually place on sale a lot of dress
gingham for 1 cent per yard. Limit 7 yards to each customer and sale last 7 minutes only.
GO stylish poplin Dresses; value QQ
up to $10.50. Sale price JnJa0
One lot ladies' Waists; value up to QQ
$2.50. Sale price tUl
50 dozen nsjsj's flannel Shirts;
$3.50 value. Sale price
50 dozen men's flannel Skirts;
$2.50 value. Sale price
J3.00 value inen'H sleeveless Q
Sweaters. Sale price.... pl.aOi
50 dozen ladies' Union Suits; pood (T -J Q
weight; $2.25 value. Sale price. . tDJLa L J
Men's extra heavy rope stitch Sweater Coats ;
$13.50 value. Sale &H QQ
price P I OO
Men's extra heavy fleece line Union Suits;
$3.00 value. Sale P" QQ
price P leaO
Men's $2.50 value extra good Q
Overalls. Sale price tpJ-aU
5,000 yards of Lace and Em- "I .-)
hroiderv. on sale, vard JL U t
Small boys' Overalls.
Sale price
Full size, hod Comforts.
Extra special
Extra good cotton Itlankets.
500 dozen Canvas Cloves.
Pair ?
Men's Unionalls; $1.50 value.
Sale price
Men's Union Suits; $2.50 value
Sale price
$2.00 value, two-piece ribbed
Underwear. Garment
Extra good, extra heavy Outing;
value to .15o yd.; sale price, 25c and
Ladies' black Hose; 35c value. ,
Sale price, pair
Men's 25c and 35c Hose.
Sale price
Children's Hose; 35c value.
Sale price
Up to $2.50 value men's dress
Shirts. Sale price
Up to $1.50 value men's Caps.
Sale price
Kxtra Sprcial llargainn from All
Little men's Unionalls.
Sale price
Gauntlet Canvas Gloves with leather Qp
palms. Sale price fxtC
Canvas Gloves with leather palms. OQp
Sale price OU V ,
$6.00 value men's new Fall Hats. AO
Sale price P&VO
$1.25 men's leather Gloves.
Sale price
$1.50 value leather Gloves. QQ
Sale price JOt
$2.00 value leather Cloven.
Rale price , .
$3.5"0 value leather Gloves. JQ AO
Sale price t4aS.iO
Ieather Auto Gloves.
$1.00 value men's Belts snd
Suspenders. Sale price
. 39c
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Department
500 new fall dresses on sale Monday. Serges,
tricotines, velvets, and tricolette.
$18.50 value winter dresses; sale price. . .$8.98
$22.50 value dresses; new styles; sale
price $10.98
$27.50 value dresses; braid and em
broidery trimmed; sale price $13.98
$32.50 value dresses; extra good style;
sale price .$16.98
$37.50 value dresses; vefy latest models $18.98
$42.50 value dresses; sale price $21.P8
$47.50 value dresses; sale price $23.98
$55.00 value dresses; sale price. ...... .$27.98
$65.00 value dresses; sale price. . :' $32.98
Up to $75.00 value fancy silk velvet and
tricotine dresses; sale price $34.98
These are new winter styles.
House dresses and aprons worth $2.50;
sale price $1.24
House dresses and aprons worth $3.50;
sale price $1.98
$5.00 value gingham dresses; sale price. .$3.48
$8.00 and $10.00 value gingham dresses;
sale price -.. . . . $3.48
$8.00 and $10.00 value gingham dresses;
sale price , . . ." $5.98
$1.50 value boudoir caps; sale price 98c
$3.00 value boudoir caps; Kale price $1.19
$2.00 value middies; sale price $1.19
$2.50 value middies; sale price $1.19
$3.50 value middies; sale price $2.49
$2.00 value children's dresses; sale price 98c
$3.00 value children's dres.nes; sale price $1.98
$4.00 value children's dresses; sale price $2.98
$6.50 value hats; sale price $2.98
$8.50 value hats; sale price $3.98
$10 00 value hats; sale price $4.98
$12.50 value hats; sale price $5.98
$15.00 value hats; sale price $6.98
$18.50 value hats; sale price. $R.98
$20.00 value hats; sale price'. ..... . . . . .$9.98
Fancy strings of beads, including pearl;
sale price 69c up
$5.00 value hp.ts, Monday only, special .. $1.98
One lot of ladies' French serge suits, fur
trimmed; $85.00 value; sale price. . . .$39.75
$12.50 value ladies' fancy dress skirts;
sale price : $6.48
$15.00 value ladies' fine all-wool skirts;
sale price $8.98
$18.50 value ladies' classy dress skirts;
sale price $1 1.48
$20.00 value dress skirts; sale price $12.49
One lot ladies' French Sage Suits, fur trim
med, $85.00 value; sale price $39.75
Heatherbloom petticoats; extra special ,. $1.39
$8.50 value silk petticoats; sale price $4.98
$13.50 value silk petticoats; pleated
flounce; sale price $8.98
$7.50 value georgette waists; sale priye. .$3.98
$9.00 value georgette waists; sale price. .$4.98
$1 1.00 value jfforgette waists; sale price. $5.98
Fancy voile waists go at $1.19
Silk camisoles $1.25 up
$6.50 value silk teddies; sale price $3.75
$8.50 value silk teddies; sale price $4.98
$10.00 value silk gowns; sale price $4.98
All our silk kimonos on sale as follow:
$10.00 value silk kimonos; sale price. . . .$5.98
Men's and Boys' Clothing Department.
Underwear Department.
Genuine Mane's men's union suits; $2.75
value; Hale price $1.98
$2.00 value boys' Hane's union suits;
sale price $1.25
$3.00 value men's fleece lined union suits;
sale price $2.25
$2.50 value men's ribbed union suits;
sale price $1.79
$2.0 value ladies' unions; sale price. . . .$1.19
$1.50 value children's union suits; Hale
price 98c
$1.25 value children's union suits; sale
price 79c
Men's Shirt Department
Men's silk shirts: value $12.00; sale price $4.98
$2.00 valuenuidras shirts ; sale price $1.23
$3.00 aim" men's dress shirts; sale price $1.79
$4.00 value men's dress shirts; sale price $2.48
Men's flannel shirts; extra special $1.25
?3.00 value men's flannel shirts ; sale price $1.79
$4.50 value men's flannel shirts ; sale price $2.98
$5.50 value men's wool shirts; sale price. .$3.48
I'.est work shirts on earth; sale price. . . . 98c
Men' Work and Drss Pants and Overall.
Men's heavy blue overalls, $2.60 and i
$3.50 value; sale pVfce ,..$1.69
Men's $2.50 value khaki pants; sale price $1.75
Men's heavy moleskin pants; sale price. . .$3.98
Men's good durable work pants; worth
$3.75; sale price $2.23
Men's $5.00 value dress pants; sale price $2.98
Men's $6.50 value dress pants; sale price $3.98
Men's $8.50 value dress pants; sale price $4.98
Men's $10.00 value dress pants; sale price $8.98
Men's $12.50 value dress pants; sale price $7.48
Sweater Department
Men's extra heavy cotton sweaters; $3.00
value ; sale price
Men's wool mixed sweaters; $5330 value;
sale price
Men's rope stitch sweaters; $6.00 value;
sale price
$8.50 value men's sweaters; sale price.. $498
$10.00 value men's sweaters; sale price. .$6.98 r
$12.50 value men's sweaters; sale price.. $7.98
Ladies' pure wool; extra special $3.49
Ladies' sleeveless sweaters; special $2.98
Hoy's heavy sweaters; sale price $1.49
Ladies' $9.00 value sweaters; sale price. .$5.48
Hosiery Department
Ladies' silk hose $1.25
Ladies' pure silk hose; special $2.48
$1.00 value ladies' lisle hose; sale price. . 69c
Ladies' lisle hose; 65c value; sale price.. 49c
Ladies' lisle hose; sale price 35c
Men's-wyol hose- 35c
75c value men's wool hose; sale price. . . . 49c
$1.25 value men's wool hose; sale price.. 74c
35c value men's cotton hose; sale price. . . 15c
OOr value boys' and girls' hose; sale price 39c
One lot children's hoso, pair 19c
Boys' Clothing.
$8.50 value boy's suits; sale price $4.98
$10.00" value boys' suits; sale price. .... .$6.98
$12.50 value boys suits; sale price $7.98
$15.00 value boys' suits; sale price $9.98
$18.00 valrre boy's suits; sale price $11.98
Thousand pairs boys' knickerbocker pants;
sale price 98c and up
We have thousands of articles specially suitable for Christmas Gifts. Beautiful line of novelties which lack
of space forbids us to mention.
First 100 women making a purchase of $1.00 or more will receive one of our handy shopping bags as a souve
nir free of charge without cost.
no fJepaitiiient
1071-109 North Main Street.
Between Archer and Brady Streets.

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