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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 09, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 7

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r T?Cml-p ir licf f r
try o i t
Make lnaian x emiory a cmie
Bedmrn Opposed Evry Ef
fort Ik-cause oin une cwuu.
to Protect inwreaw.
Adair b Aaareaa m v--
prt,j,8 One of Most wem
oraMe Made for Indians.
tiiIF01!AH. Nov. I DurUf
,r linr .urpr th .roth of
'fov.mm.nt In Indian
rr'u rv inaemuch lh. In f
1 . lh Indian. '.cl. no !-
tf.' here a. gr.at oppo.lllo.. t
mii v ih Indian, a. well a
C0ThTaMon. of th. flv. civil:..
W H.MirKioii, invariably eJ
,J t .W. and well o.uallfl.4
'' TM. I'h.rohM delegate. In
,ir er noted (ir their abll.
t ,!oai:on .nt to th. .eat
..'government .?m. 41 ; jr..
T " ' i .1.1 rf. ita.
, col. William V. Adair, at
lion. Ona of th. moat l1 arfu
ni.nti mad. at th. national capital
waa that d.llvtred on th. Slat day
of January. )7. by CoUmal Adulr.
In relation to tl.a eipfJiemy and la
allty of organlalng the lndin Ter
ritory Into a turrltury of th United
Siatet. to b. culled th Territory of
Oklahoma.'' t'' argument bring
made tefor the cvmmltte on tr
rltorlee of the hou. of representa
tive of the lirlteil Slate. Colonel
Adair waa noted for hi oratorical
ability, and th. cloalng paragraph
of h' lengthy argument are given
Indian, a Proad People.
'They (the IndUnai are a proud
and aplrlted people, and human na
ture, ever true to telf, hue done
aa much for them In that regard na
for any other people on earth. K-x-paiianc
haa proved that they can
not be- mail, rave aa tha African.
They would ruther die. Although
fha.li h'al,irv tvrltfAll na 11 Wr 111
their own blood, ahow that In the
lie t 200 year over t, 000. 000 of their
rare haa been awept out of existence,
leaving behind them but the rem
nant or barely too. 000 aoula. MI
the fire nf pairluUnni and of pride
and liberty burna aa brightly tilav
In their bnaon.g aa It did In tho.-p of
their ancratora when Colunibua dis
covered America. Their natural In
allnola In lhat particular are nnt In
ferior to thou, of your more enlight
ened race, and certainly If they are
true to themeelve they cannot real
ly Injure anyone elae. They love
their country and their homea, and jjiav had their renowned rhara 'tore
tliv are oroud of their ,rac, and
why ehould thy not b.T Th. aim.
Uod that rreutej th. white man alio
created the Indian, and while
providence. In a phyalcal point '
view, em to have ordained a dtf
ftirenee of accountability of th
race here. th. Indian believe there
will be no dlffetuc. In the great
hereafter; and that, though It may
b. tru. that ll.ey. Ilk. the balance
of the arth, may b. doomed to die,
yet they prefer to die a natural
death and do not wtah to go before
their time. Bhuuld they h. drapla.d
for having thoa. rirtuaa that all
honut peopl. ha. approved and
lhat haN. characterlael lh. giraiaal
men and nation that ever lived? I
know and have fait It force, lhat
there ar. a few mig"lded and mis
informed people who regard the In
dian aa an Inferior race by nature.
Hut we thank find for the hop. that
your government and lh. great
iiiai'j of your peopl are our
frluirli. Your great government,
tvhane troude:'t bouai la thnt la a
friend to the weak, cannot afford to
aa'Tlflce thla human race and tar
niHh your goon nam. An Impar
tin I poatylty will hold your govern
ment renpoiiii'.hlf fur lt a.icred trual
that Clod ha placed In Its or rr
the IndlBn. who bold your bon U
for Vrotectlon. and whmte hletory.
although written bv their enetrl'a
tell a atnrv in which tharo I much
to awaken the sympathy and ecit
the admiration of an Impartial
Many Notable) Redmcn.
"Your race ha had It great
name and Its great hero., the
memory of whom you Jueily cherlah
and reverence.. The Indian are no
lem true than the white to the emo
tion's of liu mar. nature. They al)
whnae re.Knn.'.i Ihev love nnd whn.i
geutu. patrlotiam and fldelltjt they
admlra with a reeling or
pride, which lni!ra them with me
proud ptrlt ot honor. Why hould
thav not be pre ml of King l'hillp or
I'okanokel. the Hclplo Afilcanua or
hla tribe; of T.cumeeh, who fought
for til country and died Ilka the
great Ionda in battle and fell In
glory j!h hl face to th. foe; of
I'ontlao, who.e military aklll and
genlu. and fute. were not unlike
thoa. of th. firot Napoleon; rubeo
la, who could only be captured by a
uperlor fore, under a whit. ria;
ir Hilly Howler, who whipped the
government In the everglade, of
Florida for alx year and provel to
b. worth IRO.OOO.onO to your gov
ernment, and who waa able to Imua'
that be ou genera led lleoeral Bolt
and Taylor and many other of vour
ableit general; of Weiitherford.
who with greatly Inferior force
whipped (Jener'il Jackeon In eeveial
pitched baitleji. and with unlv '!
war club" and tninehiiwka muled the
walla and raptured the forte of ar
llllerv of Jackaon. and who. ufer
a public rewanl f"r hie head, Rave
hlmaelf UP to die for hla peopl nnd
waa apnrcd for hta vulor, and who.
tlen.rul Juckein dncUre.l when be
n prealdrnt In till city.' to the
ltrltloh nilnlalnr. win thn giftileit
geneial he b.id ever fought, I'aken
ham not exi epte.l.
'Have not the deacendaiita of
uch people the a claim on
eominon humanity for ex'eten'e? In
the name of common Jo Ice. let me
plead for our people Oalher teem
together under tlie.ir own vine and
fig tren. in- homea of their own In
the Indlnn eonntrv. Keen vour
good faith with them. Kd'iiMte
Ihem up to the .tundard of your own
peopl. tllve them their own ohol
to ny dunce of their govern
ment, nod the day will come nn
they niuv bava the honor of adding
one more bright etar to the flag or
your great nat.on."
IttiiNvr J ml- roo.
rniNt'll, UltOVK. Kan.. Nov.
After practicing law for nearly 19
year In Kana. Judge Maloomb H.
Nichulaun, one of the limit widely
known Jurlnta In th atnle, died at
hla home here on November I. Th
Judge wna one of the laat, of tna
old guard" Of lawyer politic ana
prominent both In Ihelr urofenelon
....I In .ff.lr. nf a'uln In til
and 'HP
r'armer ami dairymen from nil
lover Tul county ami emtern okla
tioma will com to Tulan lomorrow
to attend the flrat atinual of
th. Whit Pity Jeraey Kiirtii. ownel
by Glenn T llraden, prealdent or the
Oklahoma Natural U company.
Thla farm I located amith and eie'
of Kendall college, and In on of the
finely developed agricultural place
of Tulaa rnuniy Seventy or tu"r
heada of Jeraey. all native to TuU.i
county, will La old anil according; I
Sunday Dinner at
Davis Cafe
Turkey Dinner
Davis Cafe
308 E. Second Street
Phone Cedar 1429
In II ('. Htehblti', the manager, thla
will be the mean of Inducing many
farmer to place Jerea on their
farm. I Ul eli.forii tli Hli'-t"-Krienmn
breedeia bn'e been In the
mulorlty In lnl county but the Jer
Hey tm cii,i'ing the blin k ai I
white row hind.
To lWii Campalirii.
The dndlcatlop futiil of the Young
Woim n' Christian - clutlon will
be diecuened by repren-ntatlve of
'he civic, aoclul and young women'
cluti of Tu'ea ( mpper on Tueday
evening In the yin of the amoela
tlon building. I'ifili and flmyenne.
1 he hour la i 3o p. m
Verdict for $4. not) wag awarded
llet M lllicy agulnal Kred J. Keyer
hern and Tony A Katon. lining hul
nee a the Nlchola Tmnefer com
pany, by th Juiy in auperlor court
Sat unlay
The plaintiff hrought action
airJtltut the defendant for damga
aa the reaull of n accident Hea
mid end Main treei, December (,
11. in which ahe wn Injured when
truck bv an aiitomolille driven by
! n agent of the defendant tm
I uvea of I'.'fi.OOO were naked In th p-
; tlllnn.
ft I Mf
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