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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 10, 1919, FINAL EDITION, OIL SECTION, Image 9

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A Splendid View of One of the Crack Oil Leases in the Garbcr, Oklahoma, Field, and the Pride of Colonel Getty
1 :S?1.-- v,r,ltr"
. v. . - : . . ..- .J
f 1 . '
.'1 , r n I
Mlnnchnma Oil company' pnlebrnted holrtlndu on Iho John Pfvoly f.rni. lo. itl.rl In (he nouihraM 0r Ihr HnulhrMnf of nerlion M-22-4
fu 1,1 anil one In wlii.:h (olon tietty, tho well known Cijlfornlu opiTiitm- has ulwnyn tnkvn a purttcular i.erM.pmil Iritrr.'Mt.
Summer Will Bring One of
T Greatest Demands for Oil
Mid-continrnt , Producers Tre-
dict Great Run on the
Market in 1920.
Automobiles, Trucks and Air
planes Growing in Their
Output Daily.
Next imnriKr will '"'
MtetaruUr ruraWay markrt on
llfht olki thai lh:a country has ever
Thia la nnrc than a prophecy, it
tl the out .in J f""t prediction of
erne of the l.tcir-'xt oil men In the
mld-contlnrnt tuhl men. who are
In a position t- know what they are
talking kooii'..
Thl U the roson:
BUtiaiUs khow that there are
more than twice a many automo
tllei and other Internal i.-ombuatlon
motor vehlil.s In the Untie Stale
trlay thaji il.c re were before tha
war. Motor vehicle factorlea are
at the priwi.t time prepartnir to
teuble their output. Thl nie.in
iwlhin more nor lena than that the
demand for motor fuel Is two-fold
today what it waa before tha war
and will be twice tomorrow what It la
j.iW' 7 - t ."."VI' '', .I 'i 4 Hdi, ,V'--"- i ' -'. 4vV-
P'irlrfSf f -M0 . A -jvt' LPC AT E D AT A LL. M
The world la becoming motorian.l
o rapidly that It 1 running away
from ila motive power. It I becom
ing niotorlreil in apite of 1 1 I f
ThnuaanJa of motor trucka built for
war piirpoava are being uecd in
ordinary ctiani.el of Ira.le that
might otherw.ae have gotten mIook
without them.
The cry of "more epaed" which
waa once on tha lips of pleamire car
driver Alone ba been rautlit up
by the men at the ma.l of big- b.ini
nea concern, with ihe rfHult tha'
monwter truck now glide aloim
emooth aeplialt, where awkward
drNV once lumberel heavly over
oohblralon. Not only haa the cry
of "more Kpt-ed" i everlierate.l up
and down the tretn and mart of
trade; It. ha been echoed out to the
hill, the farm and the country
sides where tnounand of kerosene
driven traetor move aturdlly over
vam expauaiM of Krotind where
hoiaea once labored In thu traces
"More Npeed' And fleet airplane
streak their ay acron the track-
lej. teert of the sky. Av!tlon. u
thinK In Itaelf with pomiblliileM fnr
the oil man an Illimitable aa space
Itself. In 10 years alrplanx w I;
proliahlv be a. prevalent in automo
bile are today. They will eonnume
aa much gasoline as uulomoblitts do
today und yet the automobile will
The world Is motor-mad. It will
forego alcohol If It can have gaso
line and the man who stands with
his hand on the tap of a gasoline
tank -will rule In that world which
was once dominated by tho iuut
bald man of (lie white upron.
The world hum with the purr of
rnotois. Yi'i, but how long will the
energy which gives life tu tills ac
tivity continue ?
Wtioiv Will the Oil t'mie l'Tn?
Where will the gaolne come
from to run these myriad automo
bile and an plane muni.'"'' Where
will the keroitno .ouie from to
drive thene waiins ofvinl-like trac
tors over the w Lie reaching cx
panan of tha tul 111 lunssT
(III In the Teka fiel'lnT An Alad
din's cavtte which may vnnlmi over
night. (Ml n the I.'Uliitna fields'.'
An elaborate .Mwrlnc which t lie "li
men here nrtuallv hope will materi
alise beyond all expectation. Hut If
the mid -continent field HhouM
cease to function the world would
1' It wlih a light oil famine
which would bsve autoinollnn, alr
1 1 .i l ami fai in tractor "as silent
ti n I'.'ilnled ship upon a painted
.-MA . nty-f ivc per crnl of the
world' light oil I produced in the
I niteil Stales, nil. I of that uiianllty
fully three-foiirllis b drawn fro:'i
the well of the mid-cotitinnnt field.
I if course thld h nothing to do
with the heavy fuel oil which '
fcuind abundantly In other place
Hft he molor world will nlwum
have It expectant eye fixed up"ti
the m Id -continent field as the one
steady, rn!tent s'lirce of Its llfe'H
hlood. Naturally phenomenal oil
dlM.'Overl.a elHewiiere In time mav
modify thl status. Hut whether the
utreiini of light olJ from iho inll
contlnent Held pour onward m the
sea of fortune or eland stalled and
s'agnant In lu pool, the oil Indu'Ty
here 1 ' bound to prosper
It is simply a matter of greater
production at lower price or lower
priNTiNrr.n on paor right.
Oklahoma Affords Greatest
Opportunities for Oil Men
Hy W. H. riK'K.
The reason that t'k.ulioma hoi
flrat place In the eallination of the
oil f l ii l or ii 1 1 y aa dm .irri and be1
field for drilling operations I well
illustrate. I ii., developments during
the lnt week or in day li will
show plainly that the opportunity
for making money was never , alter
than now, Ilia the wide read of
new del rlopnu nl and new exten
sions of old pools gives a man of
even limited mentis and with short
capital a chame to get Into the
game aa eav a ever In the his
torv of the great nild-cnn tlnent
tfe4re (Jixxl Stuff.
Keglnnlng with the diuige where
there are unlimited poMxiliilltiea,
with the only drawback bring the
near approach of D.11, ut which
time Ihe trlli. il relation may he
dim ii n tin ii I'd, and the -a.- now I
log developed ho thrown uhI.Io, Ih
en My ax a good pla. e o play the
game, Localise in Npitu of the Ire
ii 1 1' ii .1 ii ii n price pniil at the lajt
Kale of (Kge bluff there 1 alwava
an opportunity to get drilling con
tract that are lust lis likely lo prove
gou.l a some of the highest priced
muff Dial la ml hi. principally on c-,
count of the geological dope, will, h
HornetFiics gois wrong, even in the
The Pnnge royalties are almost
prohibitive an.l elfmlnate all chance
of a sudden fortune, because If the
wells are larke enough and the Ini
tial produitlor is In excess of 100
- ; or -.11 n
T,r,1 VSS-- " " M
atul n m til. Ii H .n an. i rpnrti-l to
barrels, one fifth royalty is exuded
as trthiite to the Iniihui. and 'hl
means ihn .o per .cut of 'II dl
pioililieil miiHI g., to ilia intfci of
Hie lllhe II I- a good, respect i hlc
place in npeiiie, nei ert h.-M'H . a nd
I "handy" to Tulsa. Il n ih I I"
and Ton a i'll the three i.es towim
III the north p:.M of liklahomi
Ti ll It llirougli The W.icbl.
The purpoM.. ot this aitic e I '
shnw the h nl !a I'lh I v of l.lc-lv hmli
Ing stuff, an. I asxiaied nlioye. their
are many oppi Nun It !ca tu gel di II
lug contracts ft o it t the present ow n
rts of usage I., nits, ami tins can he
ai'com plished . i.sily l.y lns. i I Ihk a
want ad on th. nil piige of The
World, nod K Is pretty a "re to bring
resnlt Immediately The main
thing, however, for u new man Is
that he inns! familiar " hiniMcf
with the country and he en n do 1'ils
by li'iliiii to I'l.whnska. the rmintv
seat, and get a map pi ". riy up to
dite. and Ihei luyervlew the Indian
agent, who Is . 1 1 f the best In ihe
entire ;ovci timent service, and
while deiole.l lo the Interesi of the
Indian, i neverihelrss anxious to
further said li Uresis by having as
much ilevelupiiK nt work done as
t'liamxi for New Men,
The nrt thing for the stranger to
do la lo drive . ver the country and
line up n his own mind the let
possible chances for connecting up
with some of the trends, which, aft
er all, I mill h better than the best
-a Kf
(se4e -
Im pro.l nt-lnM oil from Uir.M. iiii.I four
geological leoi't ever Wll'tetl The
trend i II 1 1 he t,glle, ,,ut .is rami)
til ll Ntl.tliK.'i as by h iiceiine Iv
has driven inn lht. Krniiti.l even
day I. n Iho I.. i I n ) e.u s. and per
haps ea-ltl. 'I Ills Is pl.Heil I) the
f.i. I thai w hen Ihe fiisi well . au.e
In on the tnwr.id'e of It ur k Inn ni'i t
all of the ohi-llMieis ho had
dlllled In that lie. k of Ihe wood
had paeaed it up l,;li one n cord.
and it letnalned for stiangein and
new people in Ihe gime In get most
of the I IK stuff
Wcntli nt .li'iiuings.
The new pool boh i Ii of Jennings
offers the het p. ssihle eh, nice fir
the ac'iuireinei.t of vast Health In
the oil game heinuse wells mi h as
the hllek .V Jones well, which made
I .H.'.ft barrels fiom ihe Harilesi llle
Kind, nr.- Hut ii.dicalli e . of one well
I Is. hut are the beginning af
something that Is worth while and
will make mlllionalics of the hold
eis of leases in the right direct on
The natural trend of all pools In
Oklahoma anu Texas Is from tbe
tinilliweM to the southeast The
. leeks In this clnllyi make a south
cast direction, and ueuallv crrnks
lead the w a V In ii 1 1 Inn Is of the
mbl -continent field This Is a i
l me In Kansas a w ell a Texas and
I JUI1K..U1.I, and In this c ise with the
. rt-ki- running Inward the oithrast
II would look as though the we I
drilled by Thorns Mil. k In .-l'J-1 In
Ihe year HI I. where there wa
more than ll'l feel of llartlesvllla
hii lid. Is going to he pretty close In
the big stuff when once outlined
There are flu HC'Mlon southeast
of the Slick well that hve never
been touched, and there are lery
few test on Ihe remainder of the
acreage In thu direction that have
proven laliutes mai is lo say
there arr
few test that have been
tST - A jt 4 H "u t rv A'ri 6
iiiuln. Il Ih 'im of Hie l'nl "ull'il
11.11. If . Il.lt f IK'I.ell
counii'v, and tlita
stall. .. . f t lie i a
to condemn the
Is .'lily one n-
I poKMlhlllllen of
Am. the. ii n 1 1 v lute, est tnir is' Is
thai of the Mat'li 1 'll company In
I'll I H who h has made as mil. h
as Jte barrwls The owncis haie
Mia acres o le.hei aiound this well,
and iw n at that arc not likely t"
h ive a I the producing w'uff cor
lalieit hxperis seem lo llunk that
the March i in company well is
about (Me same formation 'is lite
'Vuii v and Yalcetuff This will it mil
'e ilrill.tfl In ami then t will lie pos
sible In sav as to Hie depth ..f sand
and the rhsnces for a real pool, bn;
ll look lit lb ixekcnl writing as n
mlghiv Impoitatil well, and It can
easily lie S'liinlse.l (list s 'on there
will he deirliks nil the way along
the railway lia.'k from t'lishlng t
ll 'lCMHISslllg,
III this c.inneit l.m II should be
stated l)iat tin pnselblllilra for new
wells snd new development In th
i-ounlrv west of Vslo are getllnu
better nrry da, hut for a trauger
or a new man In the game the
chances are uo very good, as tha
acreage Is cloeA Held hy irng
people, who wilirako lher time lii
deropltig an I who will do much
deeper drilling before' the game Is
played out tu the end of the atrlng.
It looks as though the walls near
th town of 4'asey were never dlllled
det p enough and that a deeper aan.1
would dcvelou In much larger .uan-
Hillings I'nuiLlsliiie.
The recent discovery of a navlnt
sand north of the Millings field
where the trei d lakes a northeast
direction. Is also of great Intereat.
but the rrsl oil pool north of Hil
lings will never be uncovered much
1 1 'TTLr- H
proprrtlu III tliu iiii.I-.-hmu.
short of 4, duo foot. It I a romfos
to know that in the years to oom
there will be a possibU chance for
wells at this depth, u depth that
seemed pi oliihltiv a few years ago,
Ion not now. That this la true in
the vicinity of l'onca tty and
.Newknk Is pun en hy the recant
.Hilling, and ifiiinii of these days a
much closer connection between
lila. k well and I'onna City on tba
north und Hillings ami (iarber M
the Hunt Ii, will he shown.
Kolljvllln I)i- rvca Attention.
The recent drilling in th vicinity
of Kcllyvllle, v here many new wells
Inn e been found In townships 11
and 15 Id, Is a good Illustration f
Ihe great possibilities In Oklahoma,
ami were their no other pools to at
tract attention tjis Stuff south Of
Kellyvllln would be considered
great find and much would bs made
of It. A It U now, tha develop
ment around tlrggH haa absorbed so
much attention that the oil men ar
lint giving range 10 near the plaf
Unit It deserves flood walla ara ba
in discovered aa far south aa W
lepks, and the chances ara that It
will go much further In tha aouth r
southeast direction.
It opens vaal possibilities) to
stranger or lo nil men hers and far
years to coma there will be drilling
galore. That It will finally be founi
that there la oil in paying quanti
ties all the wu-y from' 1 4-1 aouth aad
east la almost a foregone conclualoa.
Just now there la th highest water
In the history of Oklahoma in tka
Halt creek valley and tin one pan
gel near tnatiy of (tie drilling walla
In 14-i unless he has a boat or hy.
droplane. The frequent high water
In the Palt creek valley haa kept
hack developments for years aad
the chancea are there will ba muck

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